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Stiletti Ana

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  1. DJ Fett Birger, Shakarchi & Straneus - "Geography Plus Two Burgers" (Ostepop Dream mix) (7:46)
  2. DJ Fett Birger & Stiletti Ana - "Geography Plus Two Burgers" (Boot Sound USA remix) (7:53)
  3. DJ Fett Birger - "Geography Plus Two Burgers" (Flanger USA bonus beats) (3:48)
Review: For their latest vinyl missive, Malmo's Geography Records crew have allowed Sex Tags eccentric DJ Fett Burger free reign. In typical fashion, he's handled everything, including the distinctive artwork, contributing two original tracks and a remix of Shakarchi & Straneus' 2013 jam "Either Way". It's this that kicks off the EP, the Sex Tags man turning it into a faithfully wide-eyed chunk of loose-limbed, new age influenced deep house warmth. "Beef Sound USA Remix", produced with little-known Finn Stiletti Ana, is a quirky fusion of relentless disco cowbells, hammered-out drum machine beats, hardcore-era synth sounds and dreamy chords. Finally, he goes solo on "Flanger USA Bonus Beats", dropping the kind of dense, disco-influenced drum machine jam that will get dancers sweating when dropped mid mix.
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out of stock $10.08
358 Men (2xLP)
Cat: CULT 10. Rel: 20 Jun 18
Deep House
  1. Intro (1:36)
  2. Time Computer (4:35)
  3. Win Some Lose Some (5:41)
  4. Smell The Gasoline (13:01)
  5. 358 Men (intro) (2:32)
  6. 358 Men (7:25)
  7. Brain Dead (5:04)
  8. Rhythm Twist (4:40)
  9. Outro (0:48)
out of stock $14.74
out of stock $11.12
Plih (12")
Cat: SC 005. Rel: 17 Sep 14
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Plih
  2. Plih (Stiletti Ana remix)
  3. I Got The Master Unit
  4. I Got The Master Unit (Ender mix)
Intérprete: Ender
out of stock $8.01
Machine Soul (white vinyl 12")
Cat: KCKUPLP 151005. Rel: 27 Nov 15
  1. Jori Hulkkonen - "Crashcourse In Violence" (7:07)
  2. Randy Barracuda & Stiletti Ana - "Mlipuke" (live Automation mixxx) (6:22)
  3. Hannu Ikola - "Tall Buildings" (6:15)
  4. Mono Junk - "Looking For" (5:59)
out of stock $9.05
Mlipuke (12")
Cat: RAT 09. Rel: 22 Sep 16
  1. Mlipuke II (7:07)
  2. Mlipuke I (4:24)
  3. Mlipuke III (4:30)
  4. Mlipuke (Clatterbox remix) (6:31)
Intérprete: Ali Renault
$9.82 SAVE 55%
 in stock $4.42
Cat: UNTZUNTZ 006. Rel: 14 Jun 17
  1. Standard Moderne (13:46)
  2. Anaska (7:48)
  3. Universet (6:29)
Review: Norway meets Finland in this barbed disco soundclash as Skatebard and Stiletti-Ana go toe-to-toe on this alluring, dubbed-groove triptych. "Standard Moderne" flickers with a playful harmonic bassline while stern synth stabs wash over the top with heavy reverb. "Anaska" takes us deeper again with a soft-brushed shuffle, woozy pads and another restrained-but-uplifting bassline. Finally "Universet" has much more of Stiletti-Ana's spiked-out gothic charm as the iced-out synths take much more of a prominent lead. This is the two sound of countries working together.
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out of stock $9.05
Cat: CLICHE 062. Rel: 02 Sep 15
  1. Universe Carrier (6:43)
  2. Trough The Skyline I Heard Ur Voice (5:28)
  3. Silver (5:40)
  4. Motors (6:10)
  5. They Knew Their Time Was Cumming (6:54)
  6. Time We Left This World Today (part 2) (7:05)
out of stock $9.82
Saturn 02 (hand-numbered 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: MMS 002. Rel: 03 Apr 18
  1. Saturn 02 (8:54)
  2. Saturn 02 (Pedro Vian mix) (5:52)
  3. Saturn 02 (Stiletti Ana Ambient mix) (7:30)
Review: Finnish eccentric Stiletti Ana already has an impressive track record, having spent the last four years releasing music on a wide variety of intriguing underground labels, in the process collaborating with fellow Scandinavians DJ Fett Burger and Skatebard. Interestingly, the influence of the former comes through loud and clear on "Saturn 02", a nine-minute, deep space affair that's as lo-fi, dubbed-out and hypnotic as they come. It's percussively loose but heavy, with held chords and weird noises helping to cultivate an out-of-your-mind vibe. Turn to the B-side and you'll find two tasty remixes: a cheerfully spacey, heavily electronic nu-disco interpretation from Pedro Vian and a sublime ambient rework from Ana himself (another obsession he shares with the Fett family).
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Intérprete: M50
 in stock $12.15
Cymbals (12")
Cat: HST 11. Rel: 21 May 18
  1. Cymbals (10:59)
  2. Cymbals (Light mix) (7:50)
Intérprete: Dj Prophet, M50
 in stock $8.53
Cat: HST 10. Rel: 20 Sep 17
  1. Stone Riders (Beat mix) (8:08)
  2. Stone Riders (Ambient mix) (7:45)
Intérprete: Skudge
$7.50 SAVE 25%
 in stock $5.62
Tree EP (limited hand-numbered 12")
Cat: HPTY 005. Rel: 16 Oct 15
Deep House
  1. Hi Ace (18:12)
  2. Before Leavin' (10:55)
  3. U_I_Tapemixx (8:31)
Review: Although Finland's Trevor Deep Jr has remained in the shadows since his debut on HPTY, back in 2011, he has landed himself a couple of winning positions on Delsin and Germany's Nsyde, respectively. His brand of deep house has been very much appreciated over here at Juno HQ, and we love it particularly for its wide-eyed approach and sensibility to the darker, more techno end of things. "Hi Ace", for example, is an interstellar house tune with a pulsating kick drum, distant pads and a melancholic air - a true beauty. Stiletti Ana features with Trevor on these tunes, and the pair work up a chimerical house storm in "Before Leavin", but the party tricks are brought out in the bumpier shot that is "U_I_Tapemixx". All killer, no filler.
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out of stock $10.33
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Stiletti Ana
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