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TALLA 2XLC Vinilo y CD

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases by Talla 2xlc
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Technoclub Retroheroes Vol 2
Cat: ZYX 831422. Rel: 21 Jun 24
Uplifting Trance
Matt Darey & Li Kwan - "Point Zero" (CD1: DJ Tandu aka Ayla mix)
Veracocha - "Carte Blanche"
Ayla - "Ayla"
The Quest - "C-Sharp"
Morpheus - "Signs"
Vincent De Moor - "Fly Away" (extended vocal mix)
Marc Dawn - "Expander" (Flutlicht remix)
Cygnus X - "Superstring" (Rank 1 remix)
Nu NRG - "Dreamland" (Rank 1 re-edit)
Lange &. Firewall - "Sincere" (Lange mix)
Watergate - "Chi Mai" (Ayla remix)
DJ ELB - "Relieve My Pain" (DJ Tandu & Allan McLoud remix)
DJ Tandu & Ayla - "Outburst"
Talla 2XLC - "The Dragon" (feat Bogart & Gable - extended mix - CD2: Talla 2XLC mix)
Alpha Breed - "Epic Future" (Talla 2XLC extended remix)
Plastic Angel - "Schatten 2021" (Talla 2XLC & Para X extended remix)
Talla 2XLC - "Eternal Spirit" (extended mix)
Triple Concept - "Tonetwister" (Talla 2XLC remix extended version)
Talla 2XLC - "Transmission" (extended mix)
Traveller - "Bright Sign" (Talla 2XLC extended remix)
Talla 2XLC - "The Rebel" (extended mix)
Talla 2XLC & Yakooza - "City 2 City" (Talla 2XLC extended mix)
Ultra - "Free" (Talla 2XLC & Para X extended mix)
Jonah - "Sssst...Listen" (Talla 2XLC remix extended version)
Dito - "Shadows" (Talla 2XLC remix extended version)
Talla 2XLC - "Into The Wormhole" (extended mix)
Talla 2XLC - "No Fate" (extended mix)
 in stock $15.60
Welcome To The Future
Welcome To The Future (limited turquoise & black splattered vinyl 12")
Cat: MAXITTR 004. Rel: 01 Dec 23
Uplifting Trance
Welcome To The Future (extended mix) (7:21)
Welcome To The Future (Schiller extended remix) (6:25)
 in stock $19.10
All The Dreams I Share (The Vocal Album)
Cat: TTR 210002. Rel: 01 Dec 23
Uplifting Trance
Talla 2Xlc - "Journey's End" (CD1:)
Talla 2xlc & Gid Sedgwick - "Destined From The Start"
Dj Sakin & Talla 2xlc - "Nomansland (David's Song)"
Pulsedriver - "Cambodia" (Talla 2XLC mix)
Talla 2xlc & Clara Yates - "Stay"
Talla 2xlc & That Girl - "Nothing Compares To You"
Talla 2xlc & DJ TH & Cari - "Just As You Are"
Talla 2Xlc - "All The Dreams We Shared"
Talla 2Xlc - "The World In My Eyes"
Thoba & Gid Sedgwick - "Wolf Cry" (Talla 2XLC remix)
Talla 2xlc & Junk Project - "Omnia"
Talla 2Xlc - "The Spring Is My Love"
D Devils - "The Anthem Of Forgotten Dreams" (Talla 2XLC vocal remix edit)
Kosmonova - "Missing You" (Talla 2XLC remix)
Danny Fervent & Gid Sedgwick - "Life Is 4 Living" (Talla 2XLC remix)
Talla 2xlc & Maria Nayler - "Love Waits"
Talla 2xlc & Susanne Teutenberg - "My Favourite Mistake"
Talla 2xlc & Alexandra Badoi - "Revive My Light" (CD2:)
Talla 2xlc & Airwalk3r - "Enough For Me"
Talla 2xlc & D72 - "I Will Fly"
Talla 2xlc & Junk Project - "Chaiyya Chaiyya" (feat Saloni)
Talla 2xlc & Sarah Lynn - "Love Is Wide Awake"
Talla 2xlc & Binary Finary - "Believe In Everything" (feat Sylvia Tosun - Steve Allen remix)
Talla 2xlc & Clara Yates - "Shadow Left Behind"
Dito - "Shadows"
Talla 2xlc - "Keep The Fire Burning" (feat Carl B & Katie Marne - extended mix)
Talla 2xlc - "Rise" (feat Skye - Photographer remix)
Talla 2xlc & Jilliana Danise - "What Could Be Better" (radio edit)
Talla 2xlc & Christina Novelli - "I've Been Gone So Long"
Ram & Talla 2xlc & Natalie Gioia - "Shine"
Talla 2xlc & Clara Yates - "Back To Life" (Xijaro & Pitch mix)
Talla 2xlc & Jes - "Spread Your Wings"
Talla 2xlc & Gid Sedgwick - "Forever Young"
 in stock $16.69
Bliss (limited translucent vinyl 12")
Cat: MAXITTR 002. Rel: 15 Feb 23
Uplifting Trance
Bliss (extended mix) (7:27)
No Fate (extended mix) (8:19)
Review: Everything about this one from the title to the art work screams trance. The music matches up too with TALLA 2XLC's 'Bliss' offering the sort of turbo charged techno drums and richly emotional, over the top synth work that will get hands in the air that any big main room will devour. On the flip, things get ramped up even further with big walls of synth texture all topped over with rushes of trance energy on 'No Fate.' This is a potent two tracker that comes on nice limited translucent vinyl.
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 in stock $16.96
The Oasis
The Oasis (limited clear vinyl 12")
Cat: MAXITTR 001. Rel: 27 Sep 22
Uplifting Trance
The Oasis (extended mix) (6:32)
The Oasis (Zyrus 7 extended mix) (6:07)
 in stock $18.83
Bday Bash EP
TALLA 2XLC presents RRAW!
Cat: MAXITCP 001. Rel: 13 Mar 23
Uplifting Trance
Wonderful Dayz (extended mix) (6:20)
The Promise Land (extended mix) (6:15)
 in stock $16.96
Techno Club Vol 72
Cat: ZYX 831442. Rel: 26 Jul 24
coming soon TBA
Techno Club Vol 70
Techno Club Vol 70 (mixed 2xCD box set + LED wristband + stickers)
Cat: ZYX 831262. Rel: 07 Nov 23
Uplifting Trance
John O'callaghan - "Riverside" (CD1: mixed By Talla 2XLC)
Dj Eternity - "Living For Today"
Dj Sakin & Talla 2xlc - "Nomansland (David's Song)"
Cold Blue - "A Beautiful Mind"
Aly & Fila & Alex MORPH - "Eye Of The Storm" (feat Cheryl Barnes)
Solarstone - "Sovereign" (Ultimate remix)
Andy Dux & Oliver Bach - "Vampires @ Night"
Talla 2xlc - "Breath Of Life"
Talla 2xlc & Junk Project - "Black Sky"
James Dymond - "Layan Bay"
Ronski Speed & Sygma - "U Found Me" (feat Fragile)
John Askew - "Afterburner"
Talla 2xlc & Torsten Stenzel - "The Wave (Is Coming)" (York Back To The Roots mix)
Dj Th & Martin Drake - "Spring Blossom"
Yoshi & Razner & Cari - "Running Over The Rainbow"
Allen Watts - "Pressure"
Bixx - "Take The Risk"
Talla 2xlc & Gid Sedgwick - "Forever Young"
Jes - "Forever Young" (Morgin Madison remix - CD2: mixed By Jes)
Matt Fax - "Shield"
Almero - "Somebody"
Jes - "Pushing On"
Somna - "The Woo"
BT - "Paper Chairs" (Alex Sonata & TheRio remix)
Giuseppe Ottaviani & Ilan Bluestone - "Futuro"
Aly & Fila & Jes - "Sunrise" (Rank 1 remix)
York Presents Taucher - "Infinity" (Patrik Humann remix)
Talla 2xlc Presents Rraw! - "Faced"
Sunbeam - "Outside World" (Bart Skils & Weska remix)
Fisherman - "Wisdom"
Andrew Rayel & Jes - "From This Day On" (Ben Gold mix)
Solarstone - "Vision"
Jes - "Love My Way" (Craig Connelly remix)
Ray Reverse - "Highway"
Talla 2xlc & Jes - "Spread Your Wings"
Review: 26 years on from the release of the very first Techno Club mix CD, the popular series has reached its 70th instalment. There's a celebratory feel about it, too, with series founder (and Teutonic trance behemoth) Talla 2LXC being joined by rising star Jes (who handles disc two) and the CDs coming packaged with stickers and a light-up wristband (ideal for creating that 'rave at home' vibe). Musically, it's tons of fun, with Talla 2LXC using his mix to surge between uplifting, hands-aloft cuts by John O'Callaghan, Cold Blue, John Askew and Ronski Speed & Sigma, as well as loads of his productions and collaborations. Jes takes a similar approach on her mix (CD2), flitting between her own tracks, remixes and collaborations and fine cuts by the likes of BT, Matt Fax, Sunbeam and Solarstone.
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 in stock $24.22
Techno Club Vol 68
Techno Club Vol 68 (mixed 2xCD + smartphone holder)
Cat: ZYX 831082. Rel: 03 May 23
Uplifting Trance
Tillmann Uhrmacher - "On The Run" (Talla 2XLC extended remix - CD1: mixed By Talla 2XLC)
DJ Tiesto & Ferry Corsten presents Vimana - "Dreamtime" (Johan Gielen extended remix)
Talla 2XLC - "Ragnaroek" (remix)
Allen Watts - "Mainframe"
Aly & Fila & Emma Hewitt - "You & I" (Ciaran McAuley remix)
Cold Blue - "Redemption"
Ronski Speed & Bixx - "There Is Purpose" (feat That Girl)
The Noble Six - "Rings Of Saturn"
DJ Eternity - "Indigo"
Talla 2XLC presents Rraw! - "The Promised Land"
Alex Di Stefano - "Injection"
Will Rees - "Natural World"
Talla 2XLC & DJ Robyn - "Endorphene Express"
Ram & Cari - "What Matters"
Double Motion - "Voice Of Nature"
James Dymond & James R K Freeman - "Opus 2"
DJ Sakin & Talla 2XLC - "Protect Your Mind (Braveheart)" (Protect Your Mind (Braveheart), (extended mix) - DJ Sakin & Talla 2xlc)
Ciaran McAuley - "Together We Rise"
Metta & Glyde vs Yoshi & Razner - "Connecting Minds" (CD2: mixed By Metta & Glyde)
Kenny Palmer - "Temple Of Storms"
Steve Dekay & HMBL - "Starship"
Metta & Glyde - "Shadow"
Nicolas Menicou - "What's Left Of Me"
John O'Callaghan & Bryan Kearney - "Exactly" (Ralphie B remix)
Racoon - "Elements"
Lost Knowledge - "Inner World"
Artena - "Let Me Fall"
N Sking - "Port Island"
Metta & Glyde - "Special Place"
Harshil Kamdar - "Dunes Of Sahara"
Christian Millan - "Ella," (Yoshi & Razner remix)
Yoshi & Razner - "A Neverending Dream" (remix)
Ciaran McAuley & Susana - "Daring To Love" (Asteroid remix)
Ed Sanchez & Cederquist - "Natsukashii"
Craig Connelly & Christina Novelli - "Black Hole" (Ferry Tayle remix)
1st In Line & Darren Porter - "Thoughtcrime"
$21.80 SAVE 25%
 in stock $16.35
Techno Club Vol 71
Techno Club Vol 71 (mixed 2xCD)
Cat: ZYX 831312. Rel: 29 Jan 24
Uplifting Trance
JOHN O'CALLAGHAN - "Flow Through" (CD1)
SOLARSTONE - "4ever" (Photographer remix)
ALEX MORPH & AIMOON PRES NORTHERN STORM - "Starburst" (extended mix)
TALLA 2XLC & LYD14 - "Killer Zone" (extended mix)
BIXX - "The Sky Is The Limit" (extended mix)
CIARAN MCAULEY - "Love Wins" (ALEX MORPH extended remix)
DJ ETERNITY - "I Never Let You Go" (extended mix)
TALLA 2XLC & AIRWALK3R - "My Best Decision" (extended mix)
GIUSEPPE OTTAVIANI & JOHN O'CALLAGHAN - "Cloudsurfer (A Dreamstate Anthem)"
TALLA 2XLC PRESENTS RRAW! - "Change" (extended mix)
ALLEN WATTS - "Lost In The Music" (extended mix)
RALPHIE B - "Homestead" (Metta & Glyde extended remix)
DARREN PORTER, BIXX & NATALIE GIOIA - "Cry For Peace" (extended mix)
TALLA 2XLC & DOUG LAURENT - "Im Rushin'" (Reloaded)
FERRY TAYLE X CRIS GREY - "Echoes Of The Nile" (extended)
TALLA 2XLC - "Black Hill" (extended)
METTA & GLYDE - "Everything Is Energy" (extended mix)
TALLA 2XLC - "Journeys End" (extended mix)
TINLICKER - "Maandag" (CD2)
DENNIS SHEPERD, AUROSONIC & LTN - "No Borders" (extended mix)
JORDAN GILL & OOVATION - "Elysium" (extended mix)
SCHILLER MIT JETTE VON ROTH - "Der Tag, Du Bist Erwacht" (Martin Roth remix)
SEAN & DEE - "Titan" (extended mix)
TINLICKER - "Lost" (feat RUN RIVERS - extended mix)
DENISE SCHNEIDER - "You Can't Stop Us" (extended mix)
SCHILLER - "Ruhe" (extended mix)
RUSLAN DEVICE & KATSU - "6am" (extended mix)
ENERGY 52 - "Cafe Del Mar" (extended mix)
CHRIS BEKKER & JUAN DEL CHAMBO - "Love Rave" (extended mix)
SCHILLER MIT HEPPNER - "Leben I Feel You" (Aly & Fila extended remix)
ESTIVA - "Adamas"
DRIFTMOON - "Bittersweet"
SCHILLER - "Ein Schoner Tag" (Kay Cee Mischung)
$21.80 SAVE 25%
 in stock $16.35
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