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Tin Man

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Co Ops Vol 2 (heavyweight double 12" in screen-printed sleeve limited to 200 copies)
Cat: COUNTER 010. Rel: 07 Mar 18
  1. Boddika - "Broken Wave" (6:35)
  2. Yogg - "Close Enough" (7:25)
  3. Patrik Skoog - "Mind Control" (5:10)
  4. Distant Echoes - "Under The Influence" (7:30)
  5. BNJMN - "Red Tide" (6:41)
  6. Inland - "Fluxus" (7:15)
  7. Cassegrain & Tin Man - "Opal Stare" (5:37)
  8. Pharaoh & Yogg - "The Great Attractor" (8:26)
Review: Ed Davenport's Counterchange imprint is back with a label compilation that demonstrates a wide variety of techno derivatives by a stellar cast. From scene legends such as UK innovator Boddika (with his hypnotic and textural epic "Broken Wave)" and elder statesman Patrik Skoog with the functional, peak-time cyclicality of "Mind Control". For more heady and atmospheric flavours, they have you covered courtesy of Puglia's Distant Echoes on the utterly sublime "Under The Influence" while Acing Seas main men Cassegrain team up with the inimitable Tin Man on the heady acid epic "Opal Stare".The harder edged, dancefloor ready weapons are provided by label head honcho Davenport on the retro, bleep driven "Fluxus", while BNJMN's abrasive "Red Tide" hammers the message home on this true beast that reaches near tribal moments.
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Intérprete: Paleman
 in stock $19.75
Acid Test 014
Cat: ACIDTEST 014.
  1. Nostalgic Oblivion (John Tejada remix)
  2. Distand Buildups (AAAA remix)
  3. Whining Acid (Tin Man Sweet Harmony mix)
  4. Whining Acid (Tin Man Weepy mix)
coming soon $9.20
Cat: GA 14. Rel: 16 Feb 17
  1. Undertow Acid (9:56)
  2. Drenched Acid (6:50)
  3. Oily Acid (7:40)
Intérprete: Ben Sims
 in stock $10.55
Acid Acid Acid (reissue) (gatefold 4xLP)
Cat: ATLP 08. Rel: 27 Jun 18
  1. Flip (15:02)
  2. Forever (9:07)
  3. Confusion's In (6:08)
  4. Acid Supreme (8:44)
  5. Giving It To You (6:11)
  6. Love & Sex (5:52)
  7. Come Feel The Acid (7:52)
  8. Bass Tunnel (3:20)
  9. Hot Juice (5:13)
  10. Acid Acid (8:28)
  11. Heated Acid (13:26)
  12. Crisp & Cosey Acid (5:02)
  13. Jack It Acid (7:54)
Review: Since it first appeared in stores back in 2005, Tin Man's triple-vinyl debut album, Acid Acid, has become something of a sought-after item. Main man Johannes Auvinen has responded to demand by preparing this freshly expanded reissue, which boasts an additional fourth record containing previously unreleased material recorded during the original album sessions. These tracks are actually rather good - especially the 13-minute epic "Heated Acid" and trance inducing "Crisp & Cosey Acid" - and naturally fit with the rest of the material on show. As you'd expect, the emphasis is on wild TB-303 acid lines and jacking drums throughout, with Auvinen delivering a range of brutal, blistering club tracks and deeper, even more psychedelic dancefloor rollers.
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 in stock $46.53
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Tin Man
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