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Imprints (12")
Cat: MBMV 002. Rel: 29 Sep 23
Daniel[i] - "Contemplate" (7:57)
MBM - "Crystalline" (6:23)
Polygonia - "Pearl Of Nian" (6:24)
Toki Fuko - "9128" (6:51)
Virya - "Dome" (4:56)
Review: MBMUSIC Ltd is a fledging label that serves up its first various artist release here. It is an enthralling five-tracker that opens up with the ocean-deep atmospheric techno of Daniel[i]'s 'Contemplate.' MBM then gets more busy with the percussive clatter of 'Crystalline' and Polygonia's aqueous dub techno roller 'Pearl Of Nian' is another unusual sound that draws you in deep. Toki Fuko's '9128' is more menacing and sounds like a deserted factory floor after all the staff have left and V?RYA's 'Dome' is a twitchy and restless broken beat excursion that has you looking over your shoulder.
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Intérprete: Tom Drew
 in stock $14.88
Hues Of Movement (feat Anthony Linell, Artefakt mixes)
Hues Of Movement (feat Anthony Linell, Artefakt mixes) (limited blue & white marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: SUBMR 006. Rel: 02 Apr 24
Shade (7:29)
Train (7:29)
Warble (7:29)
Train (Anthony Linell remix) (6:09)
Warble (Artefakt remix) (6:39)
Review: Following his impressive debut on Submersive's VA Osmotic Particles in 2021, Toki Fuko returns with his inaugural solo release on the label. His Hues of Movement EP comprises three original tracks and remixes by Anthony Linell and Artefakt, all of which embody Submersive's ethos of deep, hypnotic techno. Fuko impresses as always with his well crafted soundscapes blending electrical pulses with catchy drum sequences. Linell's Train remix fuses his style with Fuko's to make for a dub-influenced journey while Artefakt's 'Warble' remix takes things into darker worlds filled with unrelenting tension.
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 in stock $15.94
Spirit Medicine
Cat: AI 34. Rel: 01 Sep 23
Spirit Medicine (part One) (20:49)
Spirit Medicine (part Two) (20:35)
Review: The latest release on Astral Industries comes from Toki Fuko, otherwise known as Sergey Korotaev. With a catalogue reaching back to 2008, Korotaev has explored subliminal approaches to techno on labels like Joachim Speith's Affin and delivered albums to Space Of Variants and Lowless. From the ritualistic, immersive strain of machine music he has always dealt in, it's a natural progression towards the flickering, ethnological mantras he weaves on Spirit Medicine. The Fourth World tag is the most immediate one to reach for, but as with many artist operating in this field, Korotaev finds his own voice from within a panoply of sound sources, favouring a brooding, murmuring and mantra-like approach to composition which you could easily let your mind wander in for days.
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 in stock $23.39
Sanctum EP
Cat: LOA 006. Rel: 24 May 23
Sanctum (8:12)
Draft (5:32)
Drift (6:36)
Review: Moscow-based deep techno artist Toki Fuko arrives on Russian label Luck of Access with three cerebral tracks forming his glittering new EP, 'Sanctum'. Starting with the expanding and contracting spaciousness of the title track, 'Sanctum', Korotaev allows space for reverberating synthlines to extend outwards, skittering into the distance across the pulsating core of the track, exploring a reflective space that feels at once private and collective. For the second side, everything slows down to a patient, meditative pace. Luxuriating in a moment of slowed breathing, 'Draft' unfolds in a series of exhaling atmospheres, delicately punctuated with strokes of light, glistening on the surface of a rippling body of water. The final track, 'Drift', moves downstream, driven by a winding ambience and decorated with flurries of unravelling organic percussion. At the heart of each of these tracks is a force that feels eternal, held in undulating patterns that continue long beyond their end.
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 in stock $15.68
Narration (12")
Cat: AFFIN 055LTD. Rel: 23 Aug 22
Ajna (11:42)
Narration 4 (7:00)
Black Hole (8:59)
Narration 2 (8:52)
Review: The Affin label has always done a fine line in deep techno. That is the case again here with the label's 55th outing. It comes from Toki Fuko and opens with the spine tingling depths, ambient pads and dub chords of 'Ajna.' Theer is then a blissed out and roomy roller in the form of 'Narration 4' and mystic, misty pads and fathom deep bass on 'Black Hole' that sinks you way below the surface. Last of all is 'Narration 2' which has a slippery late night rhythm and frosted pads up top.
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 in stock $15.68
Arbores (2xLP limited to 200 copies)
Cat: TRLP 05. Rel: 27 Mar 23
Pinus (15:32)
Quercus (4:34)
Alnus (18:22)
Fraxinus (10:05)
Tilia (6:51)
Acer (16:44)
Betula (3:49)
Review: Troekurovo Recordings is a production team made up of Toki Fuko, Vadim Basov and Evgeny Vorontsov and they have been hidden away deep in some enchanted Russian forests recording music. Now they are putting out the results on this superb double pack. This project started back in 2016 as a live experimental jam and is now an annual tradition made on loads of analogue gear on the banks of a canyon that was formed many years ago by a melting glacier. The locale provides inspiration - from the fresh country air to the meteor showers often visible overhead - for the music making which is strictly "no preparation, no pre-programming - hardware, friends and live improvisation only."

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 in stock $17.01
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