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Around (limited brown vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: LPRGM 1700C. Rel: 05 Jul 24
The O Of Adore (3:54)
Brief Description (1:46)
Rain, Sidewalk (2:28)
Shadow Walks Away (1:53)
Meteor Beach (2:43)
Mountain (4:47)
Candle (2:03)
Balcony (2:02)
Flame (2:52)
Curtains Open (1:34)
Eighty Eights (3:35)
A Burned Letter (2:18)
Wheel Broke (3:11)
The Suns Gliding! (4:07)
New (2:13)
Rings (6:37)
Review: Tom Verlaine stands as a true original among guitarists, with a style so distinctive that his solos are instantly recognizable. His self-taught, jazz-influenced approach, characterized by a lack of effects and a mesmerizing vibrato tone, sets him apart. His songwriting prowess further solidifies his status as a legend. Real Gone Music is presenting his last three solo albums on LP, including 2006's Around. This album follows the remarkable Warm and Cool, featuring stunning instrumentals that range from raga-esque explorations to post-rock vamps and abstract sketches. With old Television band-mate Billy Ficca on drums and Patrick Derivaz's new mastering for vinyl, Around is a testament to Verlaine's timeless talent. Jutta Koether's notes in the insert add a personal touch to this exceptional release.
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 in stock $42.47
Warm & Cool (remastered)
Warm & Cool (remastered) (translucent pink vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: RLGM 16991PMI. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Those Harbor Lights (3:07)
Sleepwalkin' (3:30)
The Deep Dark Clouds (3:04)
Saucer Crash (5:02)
Depot (1951) (5:27)
Boulevard (2:40)
Harley Quinn (2:39)
Sor Juanna (1:50)
Depot (1957) (1:45)
Spiritual (5:18)
Little Dance (3:12)
Ore (4:54)
Depot (1958) (1:43)
Lore (6:47)
Review: Tom Verlaine's seventh solo album, Warm And Cool, released in 1992, showcased his mastery of the electric guitar in an entirely instrumental setting. Best known as the frontman of NYC-based art punk pioneers Television, Verlaine's self-taught, jazz-influenced style and unmistakable vibrato tone shine throughout this album. Featuring former bandmate Billy Ficca on drums, Warm And Cool explores a diverse range of styles, from rock and jazz to country and surf rock. Verlaine's guitar work is original and with each solo bearing his distinctive musical fingerprint. Real Gone Music's vinyl release of Warm And Cool marks the first time the album has been available on vinyl in the U.S. The fresh mastering by Patrick Derivaz, a longtime collaborator of Verlaine's who also contributed bass to the album, brings new life to the 14 compositions. Simultaneously avant-garde and familiar, Warm And Cool stands as a contemporary masterpiece that transcends genre boundaries. Jutta Koether's poetic liner notes provide insight into the album's place within modern art and philosophy, adding depth to the listening experience. With its pink vinyl pressing and artful design, Warm And Cool is a profound musical journey that shows Tom Verlaine's enduring influence and innovation.

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 in stock $34.40
Souvenir From A Dream: The Tom Verlaine Albums 1979-1984 (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Cat: RCV 1726131. Rel: 27 Apr 24
The Grip Of Love (3:58)
Souvenir From A Dream (3:46)
Kingdom Come (3:42)
Mr Bingo (3:55)
Yonki Time (3:53)
Flash Llightning (3:53)
Red Leaves (2:48)
Last Night (4:36)
Breakin' In My Heart (6:11)
There's A Reason (3:40)
Penetration (4:02)
Always (3:58)
The Blue Robe (3:49)
Without A Word (3:18)
Mr Blur (3:25)
Fragile (3:28)
A Future In Noise (4:15)
Down On The Farm (4:49)
Mary Marie (3:25)
Present Arrived (5:06)
Postcard From Waterloo (3:32)
True Story (5:25)
Clear It Away (4:05)
Words From The Front (6:33)
Coming Apart (2:53)
Days On The Mountain (8:52)
Five Miles Of You (4:18)
Travelling (5:00)
O Foolish Heart (4:23)
Lindi-Lu (3:41)
Let Go The Mansion (3:05)
Dissolve/Reveal (4:42)
Miss Emily (4:42)
Rotation (4:13)
Swim (4:28)
 in stock $134.13
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