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Vladislav Delay

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Vladislav Delay

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Explode (CD)
Cat: MDM 55032. Rel: 17 Feb 05
  1. Do Protest
  2. Explode Baby
  3. All Lies On Us
  4. A Distant View
  5. Causing A Taifun
  6. Restrict
  7. Break Doors
  8. Useless
  9. Recorded
  10. Slow Living
  11. Distributor
  12. From Morning On
 in stock $13.75
Nordub (limited gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 889854 06341. Rel: 06 Apr 18
  1. If I Gave You My Love (5:30)
  2. How Long (7:01)
  3. White Scarf In The Mist (6:42)
  4. Strange Bright Crowd (6:48)
  5. Norwegian Sword Fish (4:33)
  6. Was In The Blues (6:03)
  7. European Express (5:18)
  8. Dream Drifter (5:37)
  9. Rock-Stone Noah Bingie (5:30)
  10. Politically KKKorrrekkkttt (7:02)
  11. Neil Five (bonus track) (4:51)
 in stock $19.95
Multila (2020 remaster)
Multila (2020 remaster) (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: KEPLARREV 01LP. Rel: 17 Mar 20
  1. Ranta (4:33)
  2. Raamat (7:17)
  3. Huone (22:07)
  4. Viite (7:45)
  5. Karrha (11:55)
  6. Pietola (16:23)
  7. Nesso (3:18)
Review: Sasu Ripatti's legendary Vladislav Delay alias has been at the forefront of experimental electronics since the late '90s. While the project shifts in style with every album, the lasting impact of "Multila" looms large over his discography. Originally released on seminal dub techno label Chain Reaction in 2000, Multila gathers together two 12"s that take the emergent dub techno blueprint of the time and disassemble it through a frankly mind-boggling ecosystem of sequencing and processing. The rhythms are frequently slippery, the sonics imbued with a grainy, tactile quality, and the mood is heady and evocative. As beguiling now as it was on release, this is a rightly hailed landmark in electronic music history - collectors and newcomers alike, don't sleep on this one.
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 in stock $25.94
Untitled: Cirka 2014
Cat: DETUND 40. Rel: 02 Sep 19
  1. Track 1 (7:45)
  2. Track 2 (6:44)
  3. Track 3 (6:18)
  4. Track 4 (5:09)
  5. Track 5 (7:52)
  6. Track 6 (5:30)
  7. Track 7 (4:09)
  8. Track 8 (6:01)
Review: Master of ambient spaces and far out places, long-time Finnish producer Sasu Ripatti (aka Vladislav Delay) blesses us once again with another release, this from his 'Visa' period of unreleased tracks.

The first track out of the gate is a recognizable Vladislav Delay piece, but instead of gently flowing rivers of sound, instead we have a series of stiff, machine-like rhythms applied to his classic infinitely deep pads and ambient environmental sounds. It just continues to pile in more elements until becoming almost indistinguishable from his natural, organic flow. From there we move into somewhat more familiar territory but still unusually stripped down and mechanical for a Vladislav Delay joint. It's fascinating to see such an intricate songwriting process laid bare in such a way, often exposing each individual, nearly bottomless sound in isolation.

Deeper into the album, things veer into decidedly more abrasive and synthetic territory, at times becoming an almost unrecognizable artist for a moment, only to be eventually subsumed under layers of shifting ambience that could only be Sasu.

This austere minimalism makes these tracks some of the most hypnotic since the early 90s excursions, but at the same time seems to have left its organic, analog roots and melded with the harsh gridlocked modern sequencer. ~Clint Anderson
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 in stock $15.95
Vantaa (CD)
Cat: RN 136CD. Rel: 26 Nov 11
  1. Luotasi
  2. Henki
  3. Lipite
  4. Narri
  5. Vantaa
  6. Lauma
  7. Levite
Intérprete: Max Bondi
 in stock $22.23
Roadblocks (orange marbled vinyl LP)
Cat: DETUND 43. Rel: 02 Oct 20
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
  5. Track 5
  6. Track 6
  7. Track 7
  8. Track 8
Review: Some years back former Sun Electric member (and regular Ricardo Villalobos collaborator) packed up his Buchla synthesizer and headed to Vladislav Delay's studio. While the Finnish producer has previously mined these experimental analogue recordings for single releases, Roadblocks marks the first time he's turned them into an entire album of unusual, leftfield techno treats. The eight tracks are wild and wonderful concoctions in which unusual percussion sounds are overlaid with buzzing electronic sounds, odd modular bleeps, fractured snapshots of 1970s synthesizer melodies and all manner of Radiophonic Workshop style sounds. This is techno from another dimension altogether, combining cutting edge experimental instincts and contemporary production nous with noises that sound as far-out now as they would have done when the Buchla was invented.
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 in stock $17.68
500 Push Up
Cat: SR 499V. Rel: 21 Aug 20
  1. (513) (7:17)
  2. (512) (5:19)
  3. (520) (5:08)
  4. (514) (6:56)
  5. (521) (5:10)
  6. (519) (5:20)
  7. (522) (5:03)
Review: 18 months ago, the unlikely but dream team combo of electronic experimentalist Vladislav Delay and legendary Jamaican rhythm section Sly & Robbie came together for some studio sessions in the Caribbean. Now we are finally treated to the nine track resulting album, 500-Push-Up. Plenty of drums, bass, vocals and field recordings are all distilled into a hazy, lo-fi sound world where dusty rhythms and howling synths make for dark and menacing dubs that come from the dead of a dystopian night. This is the second record Sasu Ripatti has made with this cult dub outfit and is another winner that fuses the best of all members of the partnership into sometime entirely new.
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 in stock $16.87
500 Push Up
Cat: SR 499. Rel: 21 Aug 20
  1. (513)
  2. (512)
  3. (520)
  4. (514)
  5. (521)
  6. (519)
  7. (522)
  8. (516)
  9. (528)
 in stock $12.83
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Vladislav Delay
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