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THRPY 001 (12")
Cat: THRPY 001. Rel: 03 Jul 24
Noobkai (7:19)
Kistana (6:45)
Blunariz (15:07)
Review: Up and coming producer, Volodymyr Gnatenko's THRPY 001, released on the promising new label Rithmotherapy, features three tracks that exemplify what very well be the future of techno. 'Noobkai' opens the EP with a groovy techno beat infused with slight EBM elements and metallic sounds, complemented by melodic parts that create a compelling atmosphere. 'Kistana' blends Goa sounds with techno and trancey moods, creating a track that's both energetic and immersive, showcasing Gnatenko's ability to merge different influences seamlessly. 'Blunariz' finishes the record with a deep electro cut, characterised by moody, post-apocalyptic vibes that leave a lasting impression. THRPY 001 is a forward-thinking release that solidifies Volodymyr Gnatenko and Ritmotherapy as names to watch in the techno scene.
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Intérprete: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $18.81
2 (limited 12")
Cat: WWM 011. Rel: 01 Feb 23
Een (6:14)
Twee (7:15)
Drie (7:53)
Vier (6:45)
Review: Following his recent impressive release for Animals On Psychedelics,2 is the second appearance of rising Ukrainian talent Volodymyr Gnatenko on Treviso, Italy's Where We Met. It opens with the moving twilight breaks of 'Een' on the A-side, followed by the evocative slo-mo beats of 'Twee'. Over on the flip, Gnatenko finally ups the tempo on the tranced-out euphoria of 'Drie', with 'Vier' following in equally elevating and psychedelic fashion that will have you reaching for the lasers.
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 in stock $11.29
Ayakashi Committee
Cat: AOP 007. Rel: 01 Sep 22
Volodymyr Gnatenko - "Bakeneko" (6:48)
Kai Noob & Volodymyr Gnatenko - "Noppera-Bo" (6:15)
Volodymyr Gnatenko - "Umibozu" (7:02)
Kai Noob & Volodymyr Gnatenko - "Zashiki-warashi" (5:41)
Review: Carl Hardy's Animals On Psychedelics label doesn't rush things. It has taken several years to get to release number seven, but you won't find us comparing. It is a prime example of quality over quantity and here again with have another timeless, mind-melting release designed for whacked out dance floors at 5am. Vladimir Gnatenko is back once again after previous impressive outings and both his cuts are molten affairs with liquid synths and neon colours over supple drums. He also collaborates twice with Kai Noob on a pair of similarly tripped out techno wormholes.
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 in stock $11.82
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