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YEPECC Vinilo y CD

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The Sciences Of The Artificial
Cat: URC 003. Rel: 12 Jun 24
Minimal/Tech House
Trabuco - "Happy" (6:09)
Trabuco - "Signals" (6:22)
Yepecc - "UFO Camp" (5:39)
Kevin Kendall - "Volca Three" (7:22)
Kevin Kendall - "August 10" (4:14)
Victor Reyes - "Inspired By Nature" (5:42)
Review: Six dance tracks skillfully blending old-school vibes with contemporary sounds, spanning acid, breakbeat, electro and house, inviting listeners to dream of underground raves and enigmatic gatherings where ethereal battles against soulless algorithms unfold amid nocturnal dance. Highlights include Trabuco's 'Happy Spliff, a vibrant mix of New York house and early 90s-inspired techno, setting a nostalgic yet fresh tone. Trabuco's 'Signals' follows, delivering a spacey techno experience that feels both futuristic and retro. Yepecc's 'UFO Camp' seamlessly combines electro and acid for a sci-fi romp that transports listeners to otherworldly dimensions. Kevin Kendall's 'Volca Three' stands out with its rich analogue bass, adding depth and warmth to the compilation. The album closes with Victor Reyes' 'Inspired By Nature,' which offers a cool, bouncy finale that leaves a lasting impression. Overall, The Sciences of the Artificial is a refreshing take on retro styled techno and it is perfect for those seeking a blend of nostalgic and fun.
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 in stock $17.75
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