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Antiposition (LP limited to 300 copies)
Cat: PEAK 19. Rel: 19 Feb 24
Hex (5:33)
Bizarre Servants (5:23)
Antiposition (5:52)
Sunken Skies (5:24)
Diminished Ark (5:30)
Sounding Bodies (7:33)
Review: Peak Oil welcomes UK duo Wrecked Lightship for 'Antiposition', a debut EP on the label from the pair of Laurie Osborne (once known as Appleblim) and Adam Winchester aka Dot Product. The pair refine their sound and bring a range of innovative rhythms here with elements of dub, d&b, tribal sounds and deft sound design across hard-to-define cuts. 'Hex' is a cosmic broken techno trip, 'Bizarre Servants' is a slower and heavier dub and 'Sunken Skies' is prickly and kinetic as it flirts with live sounding drum & bass tropes and 'Diminished Ark' as well as with wispy sine waves, refracted melodies and barely there rhythms.
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 in stock $24.56
Gamma Tag
Gamma Tag (CD limited to 150 copies)
Cat: NE 103. Rel: 21 Feb 24
Every Voice At One
Gamma Tag
Stalking Star
Review: Seven arresting, original new exercises from E-Saggila aka Canadian producer Rita Mikhael. She wears her love of dub on her sleeve - see the slow motion skank of 'Amnesiac' aming others - but not in the usual reassuring, bubbling echoes of dub techno, aiming for something much more angular and alarming. "Breaks remain staccato hammers," says the blurb, with maximum accuracy, "and kicks are cast to negate cardiac systems," while the rhythms veer from off kilter to nailed down and the sonics vary from the lush to the caustic. This territory to the left(field) of electronica is over saturated with identikit productions, but Mikhael does it like you've never quite heard before.
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 in stock $19.28
On My Way
On My Way (12")
Cat: INSTINCT 28. Rel: 27 Nov 23
On My Way (5:15)
Don't Stop Now (4:40)
Find Da Cure (5:46)
Extender (4:50)
Review: DJ Crisps is starting to make some handy garage moves after a couple of various artists' appearances and a fine EP on Time Is Now Germany in July. Now they link up with Oldboy who appeared on Burnski's other label Vivid back in 2022. As you should expect these are four hardcore and rudely garage cuts with plenty of swagger, naughty samples and bass-face potential. 'On My Way' is the standout with its shuffling one-two drum punch, distant police sirens and warped basslines underneath a timeless and irresistible female vocal full of soul. A summer scorcher for sure alongside three more very useful weapons.
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Tags: UK Garage | Bassline
 in stock $13.47
Arcade Addict
Cat: JTR 714. Rel: 23 Jan 24
Arcade Addict (3:11)
Proper Tings (3:04)
Intérprete: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $13.47
Cat: HDB 150. Rel: 27 Jan 23
Hospital Chapel (7:54)
Streetlands (13:18)
Exokind (12:16)
Review: Is there any artist in electronic music that releases as little music yet remains as highly revered as Burial? We can't think of any. As it happens, this new Streetlands EP is actually the hallowed UK producer's second outing of 2022 after the ambient offering Antidawn back in January. As always it finds him back on Kode9's Hyperdub label. 'Hospital Chapel' is eerie atmosphere and lo-fi samples, 'Streelands' is another sparse ambient cut that is full of melancholy and 'Exokind' is the soundtrack of a faraway planet with distant solar winds and only the smallest of microbial activities for you to tune into before a signature angelic vocal brings the beauty.
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 in stock $7.39
Amorphous Mass
Cat: LIVITY 063. Rel: 20 Feb 24
Big Saver (4:03)
Inner Seem (5:02)
An Amorphous Mass (4:46)
Muni Ce Boa (3:46)
 in stock $14.26
Back Then I Didn't But Now I Do
Cat: INC 026. Rel: 14 Feb 24
Crystal Eyes (3:47)
Luna Dance (3:24)
Float (4:35)
Level Skip (3:51)
Live (3:40)
Dream Reality (2:14)
Hold & Release (4:56)
Slip (5:22)
Run It (4:52)
Hearing Colors (3:35)
 in stock $20.86
Fast Fists Fest
Fast Fists Fest (12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: ANSIA 007. Rel: 23 Feb 24
Hassan Abou Alam - "Ma3rafsh" (5:27)
Toupaz - "Bona Fide" (5:24)
Oyubi - "Tomy’s Siren" (4:17)
YaMA - "Vroom" (4:37)
EQ Why - "Juke Lil Ma" (feat Traxman) (4:28)
 in stock $15.31
Aurora (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: PSI 011. Rel: 14 Feb 24
Aurora (3:11)
Ruminate (4:57)
Review: Few are aware that the historic city of Bristol is still home to secret cabals of subaquatic explorers, the most open secret among which is the Challenger Deep crew. From the depths, one of their many regiments, duo Inner Echo, break the surface tension with two new ones, 'Aurora' and 'Ruminate'. Both tracks are masterclasses in deep dubstep, the first revelling in a low-bubbling lead line that leans heavy on the harmonics, the latter preferring a subtle ambience of piracy and novel Atlantean exploration.
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 in stock $12.66
II (limited gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: MTR 036LP. Rel: 01 Aug 13
The Mark (interlude)
Bad Kingdom
Let In The Light
Clouded (interlude)
Damage Done
This Time
Review: Given the hype that surrounded the release of the first Moderat set back in 2009, we can surely expect more of the same for this second outing from Apparat and Modeselektor. Those familiar with the first album's woozy blend of IDM, Thom Yorke indebted vocal dreaminess, porchlight techno and post-dubstep rhythms will immediately feel right at home. Online reviews have focused largely on II's atmospheric warmth, and the way in which the Berlin-based trio seems to have refined their sound. Both are valid critiques; certainly, there's a maturity and musical complexity to the album that betters much of their previous works. It's not much of a dancefloor set, but that's entirely the point; this is locked-in headphone listening for the wide-eyed generation.
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! low stock $20.06
Dyrge EP
Dyrge EP (double 10")
Cat: ACRE 074. Rel: 25 May 18
Bitch & Moan (3:39)
Leeroy (3:40)
Dyrge (4:22)
Yuliya (3:42)
 in stock $11.09
Chemz (12")
Cat: HDB 134. Rel: 21 May 21
Chemz (12:29)
Dolphinz (9:04)
After his surprise drop with music writer and producer Blackdown on the Keysound label last month, the enigmatic Burial is now back with a fresh new EP all of his own. It comes on his longtime home of Hyperdub and features two more of his deft designed, ghostly deep dubstep post-nightbus joints. 'Chemz' is a strict raver filled with rushed up sounds, plenty of dance floor love and big hooks that is many different tracks, moods and vibes all rolled into one. As always, these Burial sounds look back to go forwards and do so in thrilling fashion.
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 in stock $12.66
Crooks & Lovers (10th Anniversary Expanded Edition)
Cat: HFLP 004X. Rel: 18 May 21
Tunnelvision (1:48)
Would Know (3:18)
Before I Move Off (4:12)
Blind Night Errand (3:24)
Adriatic (1:29)
Carbonated (4:21)
Ruby (4:01)
Ode To Bear (4:06)
Field (3:00)
Mayor (4:03)
Between Time (1:47)
Maybes (3:47)
William (4:07)
Vertical (4:11)
Taps (3:13)
Review: 10 years old... Depending when you were born, this reissue of Mount Kimbie's benchmark-setting album will either make you feel a little old or open up a whole new musical world. Either way, it's aged incredibly well as the duo took the dubstep essence and reinterpreted it through more of a hip-hop and beatmaker context. Sketches, all conjured up with heavy levels of emotion and textures, Crooks & Lovers still sounds like no other album and hints at some of the more melodic beat work (think Flume) that came a few years later. Highlights include the gentle lollops of 'Would Know', the glitchy dark garage funk of 'Blind Night Errand' the Clark-like dreamy skips and bubbles of 'Ode To Bear' and the overwhelming emotion of 'Maybes'.
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 in stock $27.45
Burial (heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: HDBLP 001. Rel: 04 May 07
U Hurt Me
Distant Lights
Southern Comfort
Broken Home
Night Bus
Intérprete: Barbarix, Emika
 in stock $20.06
Oil Of Every Pearl's Un Insides
Oil Of Every Pearl's Un Insides (gatefold red vinyl LP + poster + MP3 download code)
Cat: TRANS 368X. Rel: 07 Dec 18
It's Okay To Cry (3:52)
Ponyboy (3:15)
Faceshopping (3:55)
Is It Cold In The Water? (3:31)
Infatuation (4:43)
Not Okay (1:49)
Pretending (5:56)
Immaterial (3:50)
Whole New World/Pretend World (9:10)
Review: The best thing since Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful", Denmark and Norway's Aqua, to '90s R&B, Trance and '00s Dubstep combined is Sophie's Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides. With more meta-references than you can poke a brain at, the album and its hyper-array of sounds is set to light up the couture cosmo of New York City as much as it is a teenager's bedroom south of the border. In effect, Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides is one of the most colourful excursions through music you can have, striking off a plethora of pop music iterations, to rave, deep ambient and the most experimental of dance music. A seriously defining album by one of modern day music's greatest minds. Roll out the red carpet.
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 in stock $26.15
EXIT 1002
EXIT 1002 (clear vinyl LP)
Cat: EXIT 1002. Rel: 24 Jan 24
Heart Drive - "It's Ok" (3:19)
Instra; Mental - "Hanger" (5:25)
Synkro - "Graisse" (5:33)
Madison Willing - "Youth" (3:15)
Lewis James & Kid Drama, - "Flawless" (feat Alia Fresco) (4:41)
Joe Seven & Consequence - "Noreso" (7:27)
Sinistarr - "Lose Track" (4:39)
Currency Audio - "Adder" (3:39)
Review: Exit Records has already very much made sure of its permanent place in the history of contemporary electronic music but now it cements that by achieving a rare milestone: EXIT 100. It marks the occasion of its centenary release with "a celebration of innovation and creativity," which is nothing less than you would expect from this always forward-looking bass label. The four-part series is packed with gems and this second installment has ice-cold, late-night rollers, dreamy broken beat bliss-outs, mechanical and minimal rhythms and stripped-back steppers.
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 in stock $24.82
Trip EP
Trip EP (12")
Cat: MYOM 002. Rel: 27 Nov 23
Trip (8:09)
Airlock (4:55)
Sick Flips (7:10)
Space (4:41)
Review: Make Your Own Meaning continues to convey its unique techno message with a new statement of intent from label head Lurka. The artist has been busy of late and continues to be on a roll with another fascinating four tracker that genuinely serves up some original sounds and rhythms. 'Trip' gets things underway with organic percussive patterns stacked up over drilling bass to make for a prickly groove. 'Airlock' is similar but darker and heavier and 'Sick Flips' keeps the nimble feel going with dancing perc, rigid synths and scratchy sound effects all coalescing over broken drum patterns. Last of all is another dense, busy and multi-layered melange of tiny percussive sounds, synths and clipped rhythms that will make any floor move.
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 in stock $13.99
What I Breathe
What I Breathe (white vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: LFTRT 01. Rel: 15 Feb 24
Hand In Hand Through Wonderland (5:29)
I Can Remember It So Vividly (4:26)
Love Reigns (4:58)
Understand (feat Brendan Yates) (3:46)
Patience (feat Nia Archives) (4:19)
Without The Sun (4:22)
Spirit Wave (5:18)
Breathing (4:52)
Intercity Relations (4:42)
Time Change (feat Novelist & D Double E) (3:07)
Distant Conversation (5:15)
Metaphysical (4:57)
Lost In Harajuku (4:35)
 in stock $28.50
The Very Bass
The Very Bass (hand-numbered 180 gram black & white split-coloured vinyl LP limited to 100 copies)
Cat: UKM 117COLOR. Rel: 21 Sep 23
Next Page (4:39)
Niech Idzie (feat Bryndal) (3:48)
Serce (4:03)
Who Knows (feat Krzaquu) (3:30)
Znikam Na Chwile (feat Mila) (3:41)
Niezatapialny Sound (feat Cheeba) (3:55)
Plansza (feat JupiJej & Marceli Bober) (3:10)
Halas (3:41)
 in stock $35.39
Gentle Confrontation
Cat: HDBCD 064. Rel: 06 Oct 23
Gentle Confrontation
Let U Go (feat Keiya)
Deja Vu (feat Ritchie)
Prelude Of Tired Of Me
Glitch The System (Glitch Bitch 2)
One Way Ticket To The Midwest (Emo) (feat Corey Mastrangelo)
Cards With The Grandparents
While They Were Singing (feat Marina Herlop)
Try For Me (feat Eden Samara)
Tired Of Me
Speechless (feat George Riley)
Disjointed (Feeling Like A Kid Again)
I'm Trying To Love Myself
Saying Goodbye (feat Contour)
Scepticism With Joy (feat Mouse On The Keys - bonus track)
Review: Loraine James continues to trust her instincts and serve us some of the most honest and original music within the leftfield electronic sphere right now. Having recently paid tribute to the work of Julius Eastman on Build Something Beautiful For Me, now she retunes to Hyperdub with the record she claims the teenage version of her would have made. The label text makes explicit reference to the likes of DNTEL and Telefon Tel Aviv as well as math rock, but James is also way out in her own zone metabolising such influences into unique expression. There are some wonderful guest spots from the likes of RiTchie, Marina Herlop and Eden Samara, while James herself centres her voice for some of the album's most poignant moments. Gentle Confrontation is another outstanding chapter in James' ever-intriguing story.
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 in stock $14.26
Nothing To Declare
Nothing To Declare (gatefold clear vinyl LP + MP3 download code in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: HDBLP 062. Rel: 18 Aug 22
Nothing To Declare (2:37)
Totally Spies (feat Lafawndah) (2:20)
Nightflame (feat Orion Sun) (3:18)
Anthology (3:10)
Discipline (2:58)
BlessGrips (2:10)
Easy Jet (1:15)
Candace Parker (feat Muqata'a) (2:44)
No More Kings (3:03)
Capitol (feat Alli Logout) (3:03)
Sixteen (2:45)
Spirit Airlines (2:09)
Crown (2:36)
More Victories (feat M Tellez) (2:34)
Seven (1:27)
Lead Level 15 (feat Ase Manual) (0:09)
Review: 700 Bliss are DJ Haram and Moor Mother, and together they've come together to deliver a guttural take on noise rap. Packed to the brim with fuzz, like gravel clogging a phone line, Haram and Moor's vocal deliveries are clownish and playful, and hear back like mere fragments of thought, pushing against the notion of a sustained narrative. Lafawndah, Muqata'a, Alli Logout and M. Tellez all feature on various vocal and production appearances, while techno is even ticked off on a few Afro-diasporic dance music forays ('Anthology'). A postmodern revisionist history of dance music in LP form.
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 in stock $13.21
Compro (heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: ITLP 04. Rel: 12 Apr 23
Cerroverb (5:27)
Session Add (6:17)
Rev8617 (3:46)
50 Euro To Break Boost (4:50)
Via Sub Mids (6:27)
Soundboy Ext (4:42)
Dial 274 (6:00)
VLI (5:43)
Flyby VFR (5:16)
Muk FM (5:32)
Kozmic Flush (5:15)
Calimance (Delay mix) (4:02)
Review: Skee Mask, who only recently was found out to be called Bryan Muller, comes through with his second LP to date, making a wonderful follow-up to 2016's Shred. Compro is, ironically, comprised of a much more explorative palette of sounds, with many corners of the album veering off into otherworldly ambient, often through a striking new-age sensibility. The most impressive element of this album is its flow and evolution across its 12 tracks, sounding a lot more like one single-minded thought rather than a collection of disparate dance-not-dance tunes. The quality of the recording is noticeable, too, with tracks like "Rev8617" or "Via Sub Mids" sounding professional, both in vision and style. Through an intricate collage of breaks, samples, polyphonies, and subtle electronic manipulations, Skee Mask has truly mastered his own art, and is giving a new direction to the wider 'UK rave' sound. BIG.
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 in stock $31.67
What I Breathe
What I Breathe (gatefold yellow vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: LFTLP 03. Rel: 05 Aug 22
Hand In Hand Through Wonderland (5:16)
I Can Remember It So Vividly (4:25)
Love Reigns (4:58)
Understand (feat Brendan Yates) (3:44)
Patience (feat Nia Archives) (4:17)
Without The Sun (4:24)
Spirit Wave (5:16)
Breathing (4:47)
Intercity Relations (4:46)
Time Change (feat Novelist & D Double E) (3:05)
Distant Conversation (5:16)
Metaphysical (4:58)
Lost In Harajuku (4:33)
Review: Mall Grab's new album showcases the full gamut of the acclaimed producer's sound across 13 hefty new cuts. The Aussie himself says of the album that it is "deeply personal and an exploration of all influences, sounds and sides of the Mall Grab project." He only dropped out of university six years ago but since then has grown into a new school DJ star who has found solace in making music. There is lots of rawness here, energetic techno, powerful house and warehouse-ready dynamite that has become his MO in the many top clubs of the world he so frequently headlines.
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 in stock $25.88
Process (heavyweight vinyl LP + CD)
Cat: YTLP 158. Rel: 03 Feb 17
Plastic 100C (5:14)
Blood On Me (4:08)
Kora Sings (4:13)
(No One Knows Me) Like The Piano (3:37)
Take Me Inside (2:23)
Reverse Faults (4:14)
Under (4:39)
Timmy's Prayer (4:24)
Incomplete Kisses (3:54)
What Shouldn't I Be? (3:33)
Plastic 100C (CD)
Blood On Me
Kora Sings
(No One Knows Me) Like The Piano
Take Me Inside
Reverse Faults
Timmy's Prayer
Incomplete Kisses
What Shouldn't I Be?
Review: Having previously worked with SBTRKT, Kanye West, Drake, Jesse Ware and Frank Ocean, amongst others, Sampha is no newcomer. This, though, is the British singer, songwriter and producer's debut album, and it's something of an understated gem. One particularly enthusiastic reviewer called it "an R&B album for the ages"; while that may be pushing it a bit, there's no denying that Process is an impressive collection of tracks. The beats are inventive, the electronics crisp, the samples carefully chosen, and the musical touches pitched just right. At the centre of it all stands Sampha, delivering thoughtful, heartfelt and sometimes poignant lyrics in his wonderfully evocative voice.
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 in stock $20.60
Swaying (12")
Cat: NOUS 036. Rel: 08 Feb 24
Hi Tec Perc (4:05)
Dadolata Mix (4:46)
Rubbery Smack (4:25)
Tochi (5:46)
 in stock $14.26
Liquid DNB Like Ambient Grime 2
Cat: SNKR 048. Rel: 14 Feb 24
Like Ambient Grime 2 (02 Garage mix) (5:19)
Like Ambient Grime 2 (06 dubstep mix) (7:53)
Like Ambient Grime 2 (2011 Techno mix) (6:52)
Like Ambient Grime 2 (22 Grime mix) (3:00)
Review: The ever-intriguing Luke Murray comes in hot n' heavy on his latest for Sneaker Social club - Liquid DnB-Like Ambient Grime 2. Although somewhat stylistically misleading: you won't hear any liquid d&b-like ambient grime on this record, the irreverent title does Murray's deeply informed UK soundsystem anachronism justice and flips the bird at genre pedants. Over four chronologically-referenced flips of one tune, he traverses dark, tunnelrunning two-step, lumbering dubstep annihilation, techno steppers a-la-Gast and lacerating future grime with great ease and NRG. Four system warheads to suit all tastes!
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 in stock $14.26
Cruising The Bass Nebula
Cat: AFT 010. Rel: 12 Apr 23
Cosmic Dance (5:00)
Digitise You! (5:37)
Bubble Funk (5:08)
Bubble Funk (Radioactiveman remix) (5:25)
 in stock $20.33
Steppe EP
Steppe EP (12")
Cat: CTRLFRK 005. Rel: 09 Jun 21
Pumice (5:25)
Pumice (Flundra mix) (5:39)
June-O (5:16)
June-O (Ciel Venus remix) (5:44)
 in stock $12.94
Shock Power Of Love EP
Cat: LDN 083. Rel: 30 Apr 21
Blackdown - "This Journey" (VIP) (4:04)
Burial - "Dark Gethsemane" (10:02)
Heatmap - "Arklight" (Blackdown remix) (4:03)
Burial - "Space Cadet" (9:21)
Review: This surprise new EP finds celebrated music writer and producer Blackdown on the same EP as Burial for the first time since the latter remixed the former 15 years ago. There is a heavy Detroit influence in the far-sighted synths of 'This Journey' (VIP), with angsty vocal samples stitched into the bristling, swinging rhythm. Burial's 'Dark Gethsemane' bares all the producer's usual hallmarks - pitched up vocals, deft samples and a catchy 2-step shuffle. Blackdown then offers up a remix filled with chattery claps and UK funky rhythms to open the B-side, while Burial's 'Space Cadet' is another 2-step classic with its heady way up in the heavens.
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 in stock $9.49
Rituals (LP)
Cat: POLAAR 014. Rel: 05 Jul 21
Aether (5:28)
Coded Language (2:24)
Evidence (8:04)
Rituals (3:31)
Numen (5:38)
Sigui So (4:14)
A Thousand Years (4:42)
You Were Here (4:55)
Review: Besides a very limited edition version at the time, Flore's beguiling second album finally sees a full vinyl outing almost 18 months after its release. Forever weaving between the dots, French visionary Flore has always had a knack of mapping out whole musical universes ever since she emerged in the leftfield fringes of the breaks scene 20 years ago and Rituals is the best example of her widescreen vision so far. Eight tracks, eight explorations into the exciting hinterland between lofi, techno, beats and experimentalism, at points we're down in the gutter, slinking along to filthy distorted basslines ('Evidence'), the next we're spiralling away into the cosmos on a rocket fuelled by Weatherall ('You Were Here'), the next we're being slamdunked by rough, wonky techno ('Numen'), the next we're reloading and playing the whole darned thing again. And again. And again. Ritually.
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 in stock $20.06
Pool (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 3xLP)
Cat: ITLP 09. Rel: 09 Jun 21
Nvivo (5:35)
Stone Cold 369 (5:58)
LFO (4:58)
Rdvnedub (6:14)
CZ3000 Dub (6:19)
DJ Camo Bro (5:56)
Collapse Casual (4:28)
Breathing Method (5:54)
Ozone (4:56)
Rio Dub (5:43)
Testo BC Mashup (6:50)
Dolan Tours (6:37)
Absence (5:15)
60681Z (6:18)
Crosssection (4:46)
Harrison Ford (5:01)
Pepper Boys (6:13)
Fourth (5:27)
Review: Munich based producer Bryan Mueller aka Skee Mask presents his latest album titled Pool, via local imprint Ilian Tape which follows up his LP Compro which came out three years ago. There's an extensive collection of sonic experiments on offer on this one, such as opening cut 'Nvivo' which goes down an IDM route, to the glassy eyed rave euphoria of 'LFO', the intelligent drum and bass reductions of 'Rio Dub' and UK influenced steppers like 'Crossection'.
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 in stock $48.06
Rituals Remixed
Cat: POLAAR 019. Rel: 13 Sep 21
Evidence (Azu Tiwaline remix) (5:41)
Coded Language (Walton remix) (4:19)
A Thousand Years (Deena Abdelwahed remix) (4:38)
Congos (LCY remix) (5:12)
Coded Language (Hodge remix) (4:18)
Coded Language (3Phaz remix) (4:50)
Review: Following the release of Flore's remarkable album Rituals, here comes the all essential version collection. Maintaining the dot-joining, explorative spirit of the original LP, each remix sheds a whole new perspective. Highlights include Tunisian talent Azu Tiwaline's percussive hypnosis on 'Evidence', the far-away drums and leftfield jungle bumps and bashes of Deena Abdelwahed's take on 'A Thousand Years', LCY's pounding flip of 'Congos' and an all-out squat party-ready demolition session from 3Phaz on 'Coded Language'. Just when you thought the album was mindblowing enough...
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 in stock $20.60
Sktch (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: IT 048. Rel: 09 Jun 21
Sarec (5:45)
Wired (4:56)
Auxl (4:39)
Kjone (4:13)
Review: Ilian Tape staple Andrea returns to the imprint, marking a big one for the Munich-based operation with a massive album by Skee Mask also this week. As always, UK and rave influences are abundant throughout the talented producer's work and this one is no exception. This EP is called Sktch and features the cavernous, glacial and downright knackered dub techno of 'Sarec', followed by the sinister subterranean breaks of Auxl and the meditative deep dubstep frequencies of 'Kjones' which sees him delve deeper into off kilter territory.
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 in stock $13.73
Wam Barzz
Wam Barzz (12")
Cat: PMAWS 005. Rel: 02 Jul 15
Wam Barzz (4:24)
Loop W (3:13)
Sticky Fingerprints (7:40)
Loop X (1:11)
Review: London bass house specialist Mickey Pearce returns to Loefah's Swamp 81 with a new collection of floor pulverisers; the sort of tunes that make trends and break necks. "Warm Barzz" itself is on the docile side, but "Loop W" rapidly enters the abyss in what is surely one of the oddest drum loops we've heard from the man. "Sticky Fingerprints" is a lo-fi kinda number with eerie background sonics but still a prime cut for the dancefloor, while "Loop X" is completely broken, a mass of percussion held together by the darkness below it. Large.
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 in stock $5.02
Pressure Acts
Pressure Acts (12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: RREP 09. Rel: 07 Apr 22
Sharehouse Stovetop (4:41)
Surf, Dive N Ski (5:02)
Ragazzo (3:27)
Pressure Acts (4:34)
Precise Packets (4:24)
T3 (3:25)
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Hallucinogen (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: WAP 387. Rel: 11 Dec 15
A Message (3:49)
Gomenasai (3:30)
Rewind (3:59)
All The Way Down (4:30)
Hallucinogen (2:21)
The High (5:43)
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Steamin (reissue)
Steamin (reissue) (green marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: PW 008GREEN. Rel: 03 Apr 23
Steamin (5:19)
Redbull (5:13)
Pax (5:48)
Pax (Four Tet remix) (5:24)
Intérprete: Field Day Festival
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Altered Roads Vol 2
Cat: ALTRD 002. Rel: 20 Jul 18
Lost Orbit (Chrome Drum VIP) (2:55)
Phenomena (6:27)
Beggars Belief (5:00)
Paging Dr Octagon (2:08)
Intérprete: Juno Recommends Bass
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Walking With Shadows
Cat: PMAWS 014. Rel: 15 Feb 18
Walking With Shadows (4:09)
AHH FFF SSS (5:37)
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Altered Roads Vol 1
Cat: ALTRD 001. Rel: 02 Mar 18
When The Soul Departs The Body (3:03)
Lore Of Samurai (4:06)
Flamingo Grove (6:43)
Defunkt Logic (2:35)
Intérprete: M50, Juno Recommends Bass
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Hard Food EP
Hard Food EP (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: TEC 100. Rel: 28 Feb 18
Riko Dan & Joker - "Hard Food" (3:32)
Riko Dan & Pinch - "Vibrations" (3:44)
Riko Dan & Walton - "Slap It Up" (3:26)
Riko Dan & Mumdance - "Hungry" (3:29)
Riko Dan & Ziro - "Alright Then" (4:06)
Pinch & Mumdance - "Big Slug" (feat Riko Dan - Walton remix) (4:35)
Review: To mark a century of releases, admirable Bristol imprint Tectonic has served up something rather special: an EP of future bass business that sees long-serving grime MC Riko Dan adding his flow to fresh beats from some of the label's heaviest hitters. Check, for example, the woozy "purple" synths, ragged sub-bass and stepping beats of the Joker-produced "Hard Food", the indsustrial-strength grime assault of the Pinch-produced "Vibration" and the sparse, clandestine rumble of "Hungry", where Riko Dan's gruff patois flow rises above a skeletal groove. Elsewhere, the Ziro-helmed "Alright Then" sounds like a club anthem in waiting, and Walton's remix of "Big Slug" - a previous club cut from Pinch and Mumdance - is an ethereal, string-laden treat.
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III (gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: MTR 064LP. Rel: 30 Mar 16
Eating Hooks (2:00)
Running (2:00)
Finder (2:00)
Ghostmother (2:00)
Reminder (2:00)
The Fool (2:00)
Intruder (2:00)
Animal Trails (2:00)
Ethereal (2:00)
Review: Gatefold 2LP ediiton: While their 50 Weapons imprint may be winding up, Modeselektor's Monkeytown imprint is still in full swing, releasing all sorts of interesting electronic music lately from producers as diverse as Robot Koch, Omar Souleyman and Howling. This time label head honchos Bronsert and Szary team up with good mate Sascha Ring aka Apparat for another session as well.. Moderat, of course! Highlights include the bittersweet and bass heavy pop inflections of "Bad Kingdom" featuring Ring's powerful vocals, the epically future beats of "Let In The Light" or "Ilona" and the upbeat dusty deep house of "Milk". Superb production on display throughout the album and don't forget to check out the killer remixes by Skee Mask and Benjamin Damage (amongst others) available soon as well.
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Siyathakatha (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: GQOM 004. Rel: 03 Feb 17
Newlands Mgido (6:18)
Umzabalazo (We Broken) (5:28)
Tribute To Gqom Oh! (outro) (2:07)
Umthakathi (5:13)
Bhenga Nezinja (feat Chaotic Boiz) (6:31)
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Cat: MTR 063LP. Rel: 30 Mar 16
Eating Hooks (2:00)
Running (2:00)
Finder (2:00)
Ghostmother (2:00)
Reminder (2:00)
The Fool (2:00)
Intruder (2:00)
Ethereal (2:00)
Review: Single LP Editrion: While their 50 Weapons imprint may be winding up, Modeselektor's Monkeytown imprint is still in full swing, releasing all sorts of interesting electronic music lately from producers as diverse as Robot Koch, Omar Souleyman and Howling. This time label head honchos Bronsert and Szary team up with good mate Sascha Ring aka Apparat for another session as well.. Moderat, of course! Highlights include the bittersweet and bass heavy pop inflections of "Bad Kingdom" featuring Ring's powerful vocals, the epically future beats of "Let In The Light" or "Ilona" and the upbeat dusty deep house of "Milk". Superb production on display throughout the album and don't forget to check out the killer remixes by Skee Mask and Benjamin Damage (amongst others) available soon as well.
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Skift Breaks
Cat: CC THREE. Rel: 13 Jul 21
Skift Break 1 (3:29)
Skift Break 2 (3:49)
Skift Break 3 (4:48)
Review: Who is DJ Skift? This is the question on the lips of every player in every shady alley, every cigar-stained working men's club and every illicit poker game across the land. No one is truly sure, but we know the music is grimier and sleazier than all three of those environments. Rough, gutter-chomping and prone to walloping switches, each DJ tool tickles a different itch; 'Skift Break 1' is a squat party in a bottle, all rowdy and lofi, 'Skift Break 2' is a nihilistic 21st century take on hardcore while 'Skift Break 3' flips UKG over and makes us tickle its mangey underbelly. Grubby in the best possible way.
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Sunbrnt EP
Sunbrnt EP (limited 12")
Cat: RFL 001. Rel: 19 Dec 22
Girala (5:44)
IL Tek (4:30)
Sunbrnt (4:48)
38197 Bass (5:37)
Yard II (3:26)
Review: Brand new Italian label Reflue launches with a remarkable five-track odyssey from co-owner Viola. A heady analog portrait of inner city intensity that ranges from electro to drum & bass - and blurring every possibly boundary in between - Viola's 'Sunburnt' takes us from the most visceral, physical body music ('Il Tek') to the most abstract, far-out head-tickling snapshots ('Yard II') with equal levels of style and sleaze, grittiness and prettiness. A bold opening statement.
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Michael (LP)
Cat: SWAMPLP 003. Rel: 18 Aug 16
Interlude One (3:08)
Why Would You? (4:04)
Polyester (6:00)
Interlude Three (1:05)
Cakes (2:00)
August (3:33)
Quite (bonus beats) (1:56)
Lately (3:43)
Interlude Two (1:45)
Old Habits (3:08)
Less (1:05)
Review: Having initially risen to prominence making bombastic bass music as Shortstuff, Richard Attley has spent the last few years re-defining his sound via the Mickey Pearce alias. Michael is his debut album, and sees him showcase the breadth and diversity of his production talents. So while there are numerous techno and post-dubstep dancefloor moments dotted throughout (check, in particular, "Polyester", "Quite (Bonus Beats)", "August" and album standout "Old Habits"), these are contrasted by a variety of atmospheric downtempo moments. Some of these are woozy, dreamy and positive, while others look to darker and creepier corners for inspiration.
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Intérprete: Juno Recommends Bass
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Absurd Memories
Cat: CRLP 001. Rel: 28 Sep 22
Gagnant (Swallow) (4:58)
Extinct Storm (Absurd Memories) (5:32)
Collapse Depth (5:57)
Persuasion Through Loops (6:42)
Other Forms (Rootkick) (3:27)
Home Of The Afraid (Mountainlude #1) (2:38)
Stone Throw (5:32)
Schadenfreude (6:48)
The End Is Important In All Things (1:17)
Review: We all have absurd memories but they are unlikely to be as beautiful as those in which Modeste invites us to share. Cannataci Records is a new outlet from Ripperton and Agnes Cannataci and offers up tons of empty space, bass, ambient synths and post-rave comedown sounds that are beautifully delicate yet emotionally impactful. The cavernous tracks come with exquisite vocal samples, plenty of hefty bottom ends but also meaningful melodies. There is an unpolished lo-fi sheen to much of the sound design that makes it all the more warm and lived in.
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Sweetz (limited 1-sided 10")
Cat: HDB 103. Rel: 29 Jul 16
Sweetz (7:08)
Review: Woof! Hyperdub bring together two of the most recognisable and enigmatic artists of recent times on this 10", as Zomby and Burial square down ahead of the former's new album for the label. Zomby's Ultra LP is undoubtedly one of this year's most anticipated albums and "Sweetz" suggests it may be a very moody affair indeed. Whilst rooted in UK dance, Zomby and Burial do look elsewhere for inspiration too. Just under seven minutes long, "Sweetz" veers through various sub-heavy soundscapes with intermittent rhythmic patters and a distinctive looped vocal sample whose pitch changes with dramatic effect.
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Intérprete: Juno Recommends Bass
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Yugen (LP)
Cat: RM 010. Rel: 09 Aug 16
Crystal Oblivion (4:19)
Ephemeral (2:59)
Cathedrals (3:21)
Celestial Mechanics (3:50)
End Of Stars (3:36)
USHDKNW (2:28)
Mermaids (3:57)
Under The Lake (3:44)
Shore (3:41)
Yugen (3:34)
Review: Glasgow grime producer Konchis engages his Jetsam alter ego for a wavier sonic serenade than we're used to from him. Tapping into his dreamier, more emotional side for an album length narrative, the Scottish scientist switches from tripped out swooning harmonies wrapped casually over Dilla-ish beats ("End Of Stars") to woozy cries over fuzzy synth riffs ("Cathedrals") to soul-jarring deep sea strangeness ("Mermaids"). Otherworldly, cosmic and mischievously off-kilter, Konchis has found the perfect muse in his alter ego right here. One of a kind.
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