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New releases last two weeks: Breakbeat

Breakbeat vinyl released in the last two weeks
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Boca 45 Tools Vol 2
Boca 45 Tools Vol 2 (limited 7")
Cat: COLDBEER 002. Rel: 13 May 24
Kick That (3:04)
Unwind Your 909 (3:02)
Review: Legendary Bristol-based funk and breaks master Boca 45 is back with more of his battle-ready DJ tools. This 7" takes the form of a second volume of Tools on the Cold Beer Music label and it offers a brilliant brace of cut n' paste, surefire party starters and floor fillers. 'Kick That' has old school feels with classic piano chords from a certain Fatboy Slim tune that really will get the floor going mad. 'Unwind Your 909' taps into another iconic sample, this time from a sax, with break-neck breaks and plenty of chopped-up energy.
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Intérprete: The Allergies
 in stock $15.62
ART 001
ART 001 (translucent grey marbled vinyl 12" limited to 100 copies)
Cat: ART 001C. Rel: 14 May 24
Are You Ready (5:01)
Chaber (5:19)
Azeotrope (5:33)
Automatik (5:52)
 in stock $16.42
Milk! EP
Milk! EP (12")
Cat: PP 43. Rel: 09 May 24
Eden 123 (Sunday Club)
Clubbers Paradise (Be A Cyberspace Cadet mix)
Holistic Heaven (International)
Frequency Ov Truth
 in stock $18.00
This EP Is Not Called: Memoirs Of A Crust Monster
Higher (4:45)
Lost In Space (6:40)
Out On Luvvv (5:33)
Money Talks (4:38)
Review: Salford's finest DJ Absolutely Shit delivers part two of his 'Memoirs Of A Crust Monster' series, this time entirely disavowing that the series is even named as such at all. Why the sudden change of heart, we don't know; perhaps it's an attempt at committing the good times to memory. Aiding these mnemonic sonics come four new utter heaters of the yellow-grinning variety, whether that be the opening 'Higher' - which blows us away with its candid echoings-out-before-the-beat-drops - or the high-reg bleep-breaks 'Out On Love', a truly experimental rib-tickler of a track that proves the experimentation inherent in breakbeat, one that only geniuses of the sound could attest to - should they move beyond its surface cliches and go on to nail the essential form.
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 in stock $16.42
Loose Caboose (remastered)
Cat: MC 064. Rel: 07 May 24
Loose Caboose (7:04)
Crazy Train (5:03)
Loose Caboose (Bassbin Twins remix) (10:23)
Review: Loose Caboose by Electroliners is a quintessential mid-90s west coast classic that embodies the essence of breakbeat and house music fused with a rave attitude. The title track, 'Loose Caboose,' is a timeless anthem that resonates with American ravers from that era, leaving an indelible mark on dancefloors with its infectious energy. On the flip side, 'Crazy Train' further solidifies the EP's reputation for delivering dancefloor devastation with its powerful beats and wicked energy. The Bassbin Twins remix of 'Loose Caboose' on the B-side adds a new dimension to the track, elevating its trippy vibe to new heights. Overall, Electroliners' Loose Caboose EP is perhaps the pinnacle of west coast breaks.
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 in stock $14.30
Fonk! EP
Fonk! EP (12")
Cat: 5511 002. Rel: 09 May 24
KAIR - "Fonk!" (6:43)
KAIR - "Vem Mulher" (6:22)
Raf & Rod - "Chiringuito Brasileno" (12:17)
Raf & Rod - "Contra La Corriente" (6:05)
Review: The 5511 label uses its latest EP to showcase the sounds of some upcoming Brazilian artists. KAIR kicks off with 'Fonk!' which is a fulsome house sound with retro pads and bold drum patterns, then 'Ver Mulher' gets even more old school with some big drum breaks and hats of old school electro sleeve in its all-out dancefloor assault. On the flip, Raf & Rod step up with the deeper, more slinky sounds of 'Chiringuito Brasileno' which has a nice bump to the beats but cosmic feels in the pads. 'Contra La Corriente' is then an even more spaced-out sound but with a set of driving drums that keep you locked.
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 in stock $15.35
For Unconventional Ears
Cat: ERROR 303. Rel: 13 May 24
Age Of Love
Open Your Eyes
2 Words
Scar Vibes
 in stock $19.60
Childhood Odyssey
Cat: TUNEZ 005. Rel: 13 May 24
Am Aura (7:33)
Sleep Paralysis (6:16)
Song Of Time (Spiritual mix) (7:27)
Human Potential (8:55)
 in stock $15.62
Cat: OTIHEP 001. Rel: 16 May 24
Obligatory Ambient Intro (2:28)
Kiran's Bike (4:00)
Making Love To A Ghost (3:13)
Bullet Train (feat Sonia Calico) (5:15)
Enchante (3:43)
Review: Raji Rags brings his unique brand of melodically infused breakbeat to new label OTIH. His Congratulations EP makes its debut release and after the amusingly titled 'Obligatory Ambient Intro' comes the exotic synth charm of 'Kiran's Bike' and kinetic drum workout that is 'Making Love To A Ghost.' 'Bullet Train' (feat Sonia Calico) is more dark and dirty with busy synths panning about the mix and last of all is 'Enchante', which merges celestial synths with vulnerable string sounds. It all adds up to a unique EP.
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 in stock $25.96
Amigos 001
Amigos 001 (3xLP)
Cat: DDC 003. Rel: 20 May 24
Sueezo - "Shangri-La" (6:37)
Admo - "It's Inside" (5:36)
Arno & DJ Dope - "Lemme Know" (6:03)
DJ Tjizza - "D-Campo" (6:38)
Alexis Cabrera - "Unrequested Advice" (7:33)
Felipe Valenzuela & Dorian Paic - "Persistence" (6:40)
R&I (Ritacco & Igna) - "The Wave" (6:49)
Phillipp Boss & Dennis - "Das Atmen" (5:44)
Munir Nadir - "Make" (6:14)
Otis - "Somatic Static" (6:44)
Pizzicatto - "Mijares" (6:10)
Roy Johnson 1971 & Nebari - "Williams Janis" (5:47)
Review: Dias De Campo goes big with its third release: Amigos 001 is a bumper triple vinyl album that proves a few things - one, that the label already has a lot of friends, and two that they all know how to make some super fresh house. Many of these names are not familiar which makes this collection all the more interesting. There are tight tech beats with astral pads from Admo, dubby late night rollers from Felipe Valenzuela & Dorian Paic, more intense and ghetto-fried joints from Phillipp Boss & Dennis and much more besides. As a source of some vibrant and innovative sounds for Das looking for an edge, this comp is a must-cop.
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 in stock $37.60
Cat: SILKYBEATS 002. Rel: 16 May 24
Tiago Walter - "Musica Electronica" (4:34)
James Andrew - "Turbo Shandy" (5:54)
Mtty - "The Elongator" (5:13)
Duncan Thomas - "Edzy & Eggsy" (6:36)
Review: Velvet Velour's new outlet, Silky Beats, is back with a second brilliantly tasteful EP of superbly silky deep house and minimal sounds. This time out for top notch beat makers all feature with Tiago Walter kicking off. His wispy melodies and neon pads detail a feathery minimal beat while James Andrew's 'Turbo Shandy' is a playful mix of rasping synth textures and sci-fi synths over a loopy beat. Mtty pumps things up a little with a nice warm garage house shuffler in the form of 'The Elongator' and Duncan Thomas shits down with the dreamy pads adn laidback feels of 'Edzy & Eggsy.' A superb 12".
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Tags: Tech House
 in stock $14.57
Cat: TSOL 011. Rel: 09 May 24
No Tantrums (feat MC Pryme) (6:52)
Ochtend Glunderen @ Wildeburg (8:10)
LSD (Love Saves The Day) (8:22)
Ghetto Mind Groove (feat Rocky) (7:16)
Review: Dutch producer Boris Werner's latest EP titled Hypnotherapy, lands at the Spanish label Limousine Dream. The record begins with the chunky house burner 'No Tantrums' that features MC Pryme laying some vocals over the track. 'Ochtend Glunderen' has a great mix of spacey sounds while still remaining focused and directed at a peak time dancefloor. For the second side, 'LSD (Love Saves The Day)' works a hedonistic tribal beat over some top tech house business. Lastly, 'Ghetto Mind Groove' is a clever change of pace that features a nice broken beat. Rocky Mc's over the top and helps get the party started right. Boris Werner is an experienced producer who know what kind of dance music works in the clubs.
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Tags: Tech House
 in stock $14.30
Here (12")
Cat: FLOWER 3. Rel: 20 May 24
Rock On (5:53)
LIT (6:56)
XiQi (feat Fan Tastic) (5:51)
XiQi (Welwert remix) (6:10)
 in stock $15.35
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