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Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul charts

Bestselling Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul vinyl
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Pass The Courvoisier (reissue)
Pass The Courvoisier (reissue) (limited 7" reeditado)
Cat: F HPR 17. Rel: 11 Apr 22
  1. Pass The Courvoisier (feat Full Crate) (3:20)
  2. It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop (3:29)
Review: This one flew off the shelves so quickly, it's back in stock for a reissue in the very same year in which it was first released. Hot Plate Records owner and former Jurassic 5 DJ, Nu Mark, is no less prolific when it comes to his solo material, exercising his ability to draw in impromptu supergroups for mesmerising funk one-offs. For 'Pass The Courvoisier', Nu Mark enlisted a boorish band of fellow musicians, including Full Crate and Hassan Miniawa, to take the reigns on a strange selection of international instruments - from oud, to flugelhorn, to straws and nay - for an odd yet no less beguiling Pharrell Williams cover. On this reissue, though, it's revealed another cover was born of the same session: a X interpretation of Dead Prez' 'It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop'.
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 in stock $11.43
Lord & Dego 2
Cat: BLACKLP 009. Rel: 05 May 22
  1. Metonym & Synecdoche (4:33)
  2. Intention Not Action (3:33)
  3. I Wish You Knew (2:02)
  4. Autumn Winter 3033 (5:36)
  5. The Fire This Time (4:22)
  6. PMI (3:37)
  7. Non Negotiable (5:02)
  8. Faith Must Have Reason (3:43)
  9. St Vitus Dance (4:16)
  10. Democide (3:49)
  11. Massive Underdogs (feat Domu) (4:31)
  12. Dirty Sea (4:25)
Review: Less than 10 months have passed since the release of Matt Lord and Dennis 'Dego' McFarland's first collaborative album, but the long-serving duo have already readied album number two. The pair have been working together on-and-off for years and are clearly kindred spirits, at least musically. There's a warmth, looseness and pleasingly effortless feel about much of the material on show, which - like much 2000 Black crew material of recent years - adds luscious synthesizer and electric piano motifs to rubbery bass guitar parts and crunchy beats. It's naturally rooted in broken beat, but rhythmically also pays homage to jazz-funk, hip-hop, Azymuth-esque jazz fusion and boogie. It also includes an excellent, acid-flecked collaboration with mutual friend (and fellow bruk stalwart) Domu.
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 in stock $24.43
The World Is Still Chaos But I Feel Better
The World Is Still Chaos But I Feel Better (limited clear & gold swirl vinyl LP with obi-strip)
Cat: MMG 001671. Rel: 13 May 22
  1. OK Not Perfect (1:54)
  2. Durbin Was A Trap House (2:15)
  3. Johann (1:35)
  4. I Don't See You (2:20)
  5. 54 Spaceships (1:18)
  6. Coffee (1:53)
  7. I Miss My Friend Scraps (1:36)
  8. Talk To Friendly Walls (1:32)
  9. What Am I Gonna Do (0:44)
  10. Small Towns (1:42)
  11. Delonte Needed Help (1:30)
  12. Che's Theme (1:25)
  13. Someone You Can See (2:01)
  14. I Am Different (1:13)
  15. Lori Saved Me (2:19)
  16. Enjoy Your Little Philosophy (1:54)
  17. The Sun It Hurts (2:40)
  18. Spin Art (1:49)
  19. Dreaming (2:11)
  20. 5HTP (1:24)
  21. The Difference Between Dust & Powder (2:15)
  22. I Feel Better (0:48)
Review: North Carolina's L'Orange has been making his own path for a decade now. He makes music that is hazy and often a little delirious. This new album is him wanting to "confront my own creative process and day-to-day wellbeing managing mental illness in a healthy way for the first time." It is an inventive one from start to finish with a deeply personal vibe and additional vocals from none other than Nish Kumar, musical maverick Marc Rebillet and Mark Cox amongst others. The beats are deep and laced with soul, loose percussive jumbles and hooky melodies that linger long in the brain, and the heart.
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 in stock $20.79
Space 1.8
Space 1.8 (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: WARPLP 324. Rel: 03 Sep 21
  1. Space 1 (4:01)
  2. Space 2 (4:45)
  3. Space 3 (1:08)
  4. Space 4 (6:12)
  5. Space 5 (3:52)
  6. Space 6 (4:18)
  7. Space 7 (1:41)
  8. Space 8 (17:18)
 in stock $24.18
Live A Little
Live A Little (LP + MP3 download code with obi-strip)
Cat: PSY 021LP. Rel: 13 May 22
  1. There's No Telling (2:28)
  2. A Sign (2:53)
  3. Wondering, Waiting (3:14)
  4. Something Real (4:24)
  5. Treasure That I Treasure (3:33)
  6. Seconds Rolling By (3:45)
  7. Blind (4:25)
  8. Lightly (3:48)
  9. Leap (4:06)
  10. Clouds In Me (2:28)
 in stock $20.79
Modes (2xLP)
Cat: SNDWLP 144. Rel: 28 Apr 22
  1. The More I Get The Less I Have To Pay (feat Semisi Ma'ia'i) (3:42)
  2. Resolution (feat Joe Dukie) (6:24)
  3. Beecon (6:22)
  4. Your Life (feat Semisi Ma'ia'i) (3:39)
  5. With You (feat Allysha Joy) (4:02)
  6. Water (feat Troy Kingi) (5:10)
  7. Closer (feat Semisi Ma'ia'i) (4:05)
  8. Kawshun (feat Mara TK) (5:43)
  9. Grl (feat Leon) (5:52)
  10. Be Real (feat Ladi 6) (4:33)
  11. Scoop (feat Che Fu) (4:46)
  12. Windows (feat Nkechi & Tim Guy) (4:55)
  13. Bison (feat Toby Laing) (5:16)
Review: New Zealand's Julien Dyne has a highly developed strain of song-led house music which he's been cultivating over a run of albums for BBE and Soundway. Three years after his standout Teal, he's back with a new album featuring a heavyweight cast of collaborators and yet further developments in his instrument-embellished sound. You can't miss the honey-coated tones of Joe Dukie from Fat Freddy's Drop on 'Resolution', but there's also repeat appearances from Lord Echo, Ladi 6 and Mara TK, not to mention Che Fu and Troy Kingi. Balancing out a danceable sensibility with the passion for crafting beautiful songs, Dyne once again elevates his craft with stunning results.
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 in stock $19.75
At First Light
At First Light (12" reeditado)
Cat: EAKR 015. Rel: 29 Apr 22
  1. Move (3:38)
  2. Fonk Street (3:58)
  3. Arise (2:38)
  4. Cha-Cha's Interlude (1:07)
  5. Theme For Cha-Cha (4:06)
  6. Any Way You Want (2:08)
  7. Arise (reprise) (1:55)
 in stock $21.06
Beat Tape II
Beat Tape II (limited LP)
Cat: STH 2470LP. Rel: 13 May 22
  1. Slash (0:42)
  2. Look What We Do (feat JONES) (2:49)
  3. Beat 100 (feat Cola Boyy, Mocky & Marc Rebillet) (2:33)
  4. Beat 8 (1:30)
  5. Beat 5 (feat St Panther & Rae Khalil) (1:45)
  6. CGEOOL (feat Rae Khalil) (2:30)
  7. Don't Look (1:19)
  8. Money & Guns (0:24)
  9. Beat 2 (feat Oddisee) (2:17)
  10. Song 13 (feat The Koreatown Oddity) (1:13)
  11. Watch Me Heal (feat PawPaw Rod) (3:31)
  12. Green Grass (2:34)
  13. All That You Wanted (2:34)
  14. Falling (feat MadeinTYO) (1:26)
  15. Mag Ik In Je Huid (feat Faberyayo) (1:33)
  16. Beat 3 (feat St Panther) (2:31)
Review: Benny Sings heads back to his roots in beat making and hop hop here on Beat Tape II. He says that "First and foremost, I'm a beat-maker. When I write songs, I always start with the beat." That plays out across these perfectly designed fonts which are raw and organic, loose and catchy from the off. Guests spots from St. Panther, Kenny Beats, Cory Henry, Oddisee, and Koreatown Oddity layer in some sweet bars to this perfect suer soundtrack. It lasts just over half an hour but is so packed with detail it can be played don loop and reveal more each time.
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 in stock $16.63
Hit & Run
Cat: LMNKV 70. Rel: 22 Sep 21
  1. Hit & Run (4:11)
  2. Apache (4:52)
Review: Madrid-based Brighton boy Chip Wickham sure knows how to come up with exotic sounds. His name is perfect for the 60s spy theme style funk he cooked up for Lovemonk back in 2011. They proved so popular they quickly sold out and so the today 7" has now been repressed. 'Hit & Run' is exactly as it should sound based on the title - a soundtrack to a high-speed car chase in a 60s movie. 'Apache' then rattles and rolls with busy Latin percussive flair, tumbling drums and a sunny flute lead packed with joy. Both of these will inject any set with next-level vibes.
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 in stock $9.10
Crush (140 gram vinyl LP + booklet)
Cat: ZEN 259. Rel: 18 Oct 19
  1. Falaise (1:30)
  2. Last Bloom (1:30)
  3. Anasickmodular (1:30)
  4. Requiem For CS70 & Strings (1:30)
  5. Karakul (1:30)
  6. LesAlpx (1:30)
  7. Bias (1:30)
  8. Environments (1:30)
  9. Birth (1:30)
  10. Sea-watch (1:30)
  11. Apoptose (part 1) (1:30)
  12. Apoptose (part 2) (1:30)
Review: A new album from Sam Shepherd AKA Floating Points is always cause for celebration, but even by his standards "Crush" is rather special. Largely eschewing the ambient jazz soundscape shuffle of 2017's "Reflections - Mojave Desert", it sees the Shepherd showcase his musical dexterity in stunning fashion via cuts that wrap shimmering neo-classical strings around what sound like modular electronics and rhythms that variously touch on broken beat, off-kilter experimental D&B and Autechre-style IDM. Of course there are ambient and experimental soundscapes showcased, but it's the fact that the album contains a swathe of formidably dancefloor-focused cuts in the style that first made him standout that pleases us most. Highlights include recent single "LesAlpx", the dreamy "Anasickmodular" and the "People's Potential" style deep house intricacy of "Last Bloom".
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 in stock $17.42
Back To Black
Cat: 1734128. Rel: 24 May 07
  1. Rehab
  2. You Know I'm No Good
  3. Me & Mr Jones
  4. Just Friends
  5. Back To Black
  6. Love Is A Losing Game
  7. Tears Dry On Their Own
  8. Wake Up Alone
  9. Some Unholy War
  10. He Can Only Hold Her
  11. Addicted
Intérprete: Juno Classics, Aliwud
 in stock $20.54
5 (LP)
Cat: FL 00002. Rel: 17 Feb 20
  1. Up All Night (4:20)
  2. Don't Waste My Time (3:15)
  3. Foot On Necks (3:14)
  4. Why Why Why Why Why (4:02)
  5. Pink Sands (1:52)
  6. Let Me Go (3:18)
  7. Masterpiece (5:45)
  8. Add A Little Bit Of SAULT (0:20)
  9. Something's In The Air (3:12)
  10. Think About It (2:49)
  11. Wild Hundreds (part 5) (0:50)
  12. We Are The Sun (3:58)
  13. Wild Hundreds (part 55) (1:28)
  14. BABE (3:41)
 in stock $18.45
Promises (gatefold 140 gram vinyl LP + insert in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: LB 97LP. Rel: 22 Jul 21
  1. Promises (Movement 1) (1:16)
  2. Promises (Movement 2) (3:56)
  3. Promises (Movement 3) (3:16)
  4. Promises (Movement 4) (3:39)
  5. Promises (Movement 5) (6:06)
  6. Promises (Movement 6) (8:25)
  7. Promises (Movement 7) (3:26)
  8. Promises (Movement 8) (9:57)
  9. Promises (Movement 9) (5:43)
Last October, acclaimed saxophonist Pharoah Sanders turned 80 years young, and his input on this album is testimony to the fact he has clearly aged like a fine wine. Not that this is to suggest preceding outings were anything less worthy than this collaborative project, which sees Sam Shepherd, the British electronic artist better known to most as Floating Points, write nine spectacular arrangements which are then performed by said brass legend, alongside The London Symphony Orchestra.

The results are spectacular, and wildly far-reaching, albeit firmly rooted in jazz with classical undertones. From the movements that made this final cut, some are whisper quiet and delicate to the point of risking breaking off if you were handling haphazardly. Others are booming loud, musical jumbo jets landing at the end of another great crescendo. Whether hushed or monumental, though, we can feel every note and bar of this masterpiece.
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 in stock $24.94
Nitecap (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: FWM 006. Rel: 01 Apr 22
  1. Nitecap (4:52)
  2. Falling Notes (5:56)
  3. Cocomango (2:50)
  4. The Light (5:44)
  5. Pulling Closer (6:22)
  6. Tiny Keys (2:50)
Review: The Nitecap EP is the first collection of music created by jazz multi-instrumentalist Marquinn Mason and FWM Entertainment mastermind Stefan Ringer. This 6 track EP is striking to say the least. One can tell from the artwork this is something different. The stand out track for the DJs is "The Light". This one is straight forward space funk in a dance track. It has that big room sound reminscent of "Sexual Obsession". The title track "Nitecap" has to be the true stand out. Mason's jazz influence stands out over the organic broken beat rhythm section. The tone of this one is deep and introspective. "Pulling Closer" and "Falling Notes" are both unique cuts in their own right. Both tunes really show a different take on rhythm, bounce and energy and how those elements interact with melody to create something unlike most music you hear in the dance music space. The last two cuts, "Tiny Keys" and "Cocomango" are down tempo grooves with some soul and sauce thrown in. Perfect for background vibes for a kickback or just listening around the house.
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 in stock $13.00
This Beat
This Beat (hand-stamped 7")
Cat: VINDIG 499. Rel: 28 Apr 22
  1. This Beat (3:44)
  2. Ba Dada (2:50)
Review: The Jazzual Suspects's 'This Beat' is an ice cold and classic hip-hop cut that sampled Jack Kerouac's "The Beat Generation." IN the near decade since it first dropped it has remained a popular joint for beat lovers and now it makes it to its own 7" vinyl. A-side 'This Beat' is a loungey vibe with jazzy keys and spoken word vocals adding mood. The flip side cut 'Ba Dada' is just as smooth and laidback, with a funky little melody and louche boom-bap drums.
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 in stock $17.67
Endtroducing (180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 533516 0. Rel: 27 Oct 11
  1. Best Foot Forward
  2. Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt
  3. The Number Song
  4. Changeling
  5. Stem/Long Stem
  6. Mutual Slump
  7. Organ Donor
  8. Why Hip-Hop Sucks In '96
  9. Midnight In A Perfect World
  10. Napalm Brain/Scatter Brain
  11. What Does Your Soul Look Like (part 1 - Blue Sky revisit)
 in stock $26.51
Roseland NYC Live
Roseland NYC Live (180 gram audiophile vinyl 2xLP reeditado)
Cat: MOVLP 480. Rel: 05 May 22
  1. Humming (5:43)
  2. Cowboys (5:21)
  3. All Mine (8:22)
  4. Mysterons (0:27)
  5. Only You (6:05)
  6. Half Day Closing (5:01)
  7. Over (4:03)
  8. Glory Box (5:36)
  9. Sour Times (5:22)
  10. Roads (5:50)
  11. Strangers (5:21)
 in stock $29.11
Fragments (140 gram vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ZEN 279. Rel: 14 Jan 22
  1. Polyghost (feat Miguel Atwood-Ferguson) (1:52)
  2. Shadows (feat Jordan Rakei) (4:43)
  3. Rosewood (4:04)
  4. Otomo (feat O'Flynn) (6:09)
  5. Tides (feat Jamila Woods) (3:46)
  6. From You (feat Joji) (3:30)
  7. Closer (5:09)
  8. Age Of Phase (5:37)
  9. Elysian (2:57)
  10. Counterpart (5:28)
  11. Sapien (3:58)
  12. Day By Day (feat Kadhja Bonet) (3:37)
Review: Simon Greene aka. Bonobo is set to put forth yet another album from his own personal ether; 'Fragments' was born from actual sonic 'fragments' that were later repurposed into twelve full 'sonic affirmations'. A later escape into the wilds of California's deserts formed the bulk of this album's downtempo magnum opi; watch out for collabs with a foray of world-downtempo electronica acts including Jamila Woods, O'Flynn and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson. One of his most heartfelt albums, expect all from lilting future garage ('Rosewood') to rave-nostalgic slow builds.
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Intérprete: Fradinho
 in stock $23.66
Fragments (limited red marbled vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ZEN 279D. Rel: 14 Jan 22
  1. Polyghost (feat Miguel Atwood-Ferguson) (1:52)
  2. Shadows (feat Jordan Rakei) (4:43)
  3. Rosewood (4:04)
  4. Otomo (feat O'Flynn) (6:09)
  5. Tides (feat Jamila Woods) (3:46)
  6. From You (feat Joji) (3:30)
  7. Closer (5:09)
  8. Age Of Phase (5:37)
  9. Elysian (2:57)
  10. Counterpart (5:28)
  11. Sapien (3:58)
  12. Day By Day (feat Kadhja Bonet) (3:37)
Review: Simon Greene aka. Bonobo is set to put forth yet another album from his own personal ether; 'Fragments' was born from actual sonic 'fragments' that were later repurposed into twelve full 'sonic affirmations'. A later escape into the wilds of California's deserts formed the bulk of this album's downtempo magnum opi; watch out for collabs with a foray of world-downtempo electronica acts including Jamila Woods, O'Flynn and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson. One of his most heartfelt albums, expect all from lilting future garage ('Rosewood') to rave-nostalgic slow builds.
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 in stock $21.31
Carboot Soul
Carboot Soul (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: WARPLP 61R. Rel: 15 Oct 14
  1. Les Nuits
  2. Morse
  3. Ethnic Majority
  4. Jorge
  5. Finer
  6. Ease Jimi
  7. Argha Noah
  8. Fire In The Middle
  9. Survival
  10. Capumcap
Review: Having delivered a seventh studio album of a long and productive career as Nightmares On Wax last year, George Evelyn has been treated to the full retrospective programme by Warp in 2014. Earlier this year the label issued a best of, artfully punned NOW Is The Time, this week has seen Warp reissue in deluxe format all of Evelyn's six previous and widely loved long players. All of them are in stock at Juno and worthy of your time, though Carboot Soul is a particular favourite amongst the review team here. The Quincy Jones sample on opener "La Nuit" never sounded so good!
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 in stock $19.50
Tomorrow Comes The Harvest
Cat: 677863 0. Rel: 26 Sep 18
  1. Locked & Loaded (7:46)
  2. Altitudes (7:03)
  3. On The Run (8:07)
  4. The Seed (7:11)
Review: Back in 2016, legendary Afrobeat drummer Tony Allen approached techno pioneer Jeff Mills with the idea of working together. A series of live gigs and off-the-radar studio sessions followed, with the first fruits of their joint efforts finally appearing on this must-have 10". As you'd expect, the duo's collaborative work combines Allen's traditional Nigerian polyrhythms, traditional Afrobeat instrumentation, and the far-sighted, sci-fi inspired electronic futurism that has always marked out Mills' work. The result is a quartet of cuts that could arguably be described as retro-futurist Afro-tech - all delay-laden beats, basslines and organs subtly sparring with gentle acid lines, Motor City electronics, beguiling deep space textures and shimmering, 31st century motifs. It's arguably Allen's stylistic contributions that dominate, but that's no bad thing.
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 in stock $12.46
Dr Boondigga & The Big BW
Cat: DRP 013LP. Rel: 14 Sep 09
  1. Big BW
  2. Shiverman
  3. Boondigga
  4. The Raft
  5. Pull The Catch
  6. The Camel
  7. The Nod
  8. Wild Wind
  9. Breakthrough
 in stock $13.51
Yellow (gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: MVMTT 04LP. Rel: 23 Jul 21
  1. Mercury (5:44)
  2. Say Something (3:50)
  3. About That (2:15)
  4. Venus (6:34)
  5. Green Funk (2:01)
  6. Third Eye (2:48)
  7. May There Be Peace (1:28)
  8. Sun (3:06)
  9. Golden Green (4:05)
  10. Spectre (4:27)
  11. Rahu & Ketu (4:13)
  12. Yellow (2:02)
  13. Our People (4:46)
  14. Mercury (In Retrograde) (1:57)
 in stock $24.94
Sweet Path
Cat: MOS 7I. Rel: 11 Mar 22
  1. Sweet Path (4:04)
  2. Maze Of Sounds (alternate take) (3:46)
Review:  Earlier this year, veteran composer/producer Janko Nilovicjoined forces with Russian combo the Soul Surfers to deliver Maze of Sounds, a killer collection of fresh library funk sounds. This tidy "45" kicks off with one of the album's most potent tracks, 'Sweet Path', a wonderfully laidback and sun-kissed jazz-funk number rich in simmering strings, chunky bass, eyes-closed jazz guitar and some genuinely lovely group harmony backing vocals. Over on the flip you'll find a fine (and previously unheard) version of album title track 'Maze of Sounds'. This version frames the track as lusciously languid exotica, with slow-motion Hammond B3 lines and echoing guitars atop woodblock clicks, jazzy bass guitar and horizontal funk breaks.
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 in stock $13.51
Light Vessel Automatic
Cat: FRONTIER 001LP. Rel: 06 May 22
  1. June (4:35)
  2. Son Of Sunshine (3:24)
  3. Ending For Us (4:03)
  4. Light Vessel Automatic (2:40)
  5. Better Days (4:03)
  6. Purple Jack (4:29)
  7. Indecisive (4:36)
  8. Lovefields (4:06)
  9. Flawless (3:11)
  10. City Pulse (5:01)
  11. People Like Us (1:45)
  12. Jazzalude (8:24)
  13. Hollywood Swing (4:02)
 in stock $20.79
In A Space Outta Sound
In A Space Outta Sound (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: WARPLP 133R. Rel: 15 Oct 14
  1. Passion
  2. The Sweetest
  3. Flip Ya Lid
  4. Pudpots
  5. Damn
  6. You Wish
  7. Deepdown
  8. Chime Out
  9. Me!
  10. I Am You
  11. Soul Purpose
  12. African Pirates
 in stock $19.50
Late Night Tales: Limited Collectors Edition
Late Night Tales: Limited Collectors Edition (limited 180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: ALNLP 22. Rel: 31 Jan 13
  1. Flying Lotus - "Auntie's Harp"
  2. Nick Drake - "Three Hours"
  3. Terry Callier - "You're Goin'g Miss Your Candyman"
  4. Bjork - "Joga"
  5. Imogen Heap - "Cumulus"
  6. Songstress - "See Line Woman" (vocal)
  7. The Freedom Sounds - "Behold The Day" (feat Wayne Henderson)
  8. Shuggie Otis - "Aht Uh Mi Head"
  9. Thom Yorke - "Black Swan"
  10. The Cinematic Orchestra - "Restaurant" (exclusive cover version)
  11. Steve Reich - "Electric Counterpoint"
  12. Sebastien Tellier - "La Ritournelle"
  13. Burial - "Dog Shelter"
  14. Burt Bacharach - "South American Getaway" (exclusive cover version)
  15. The Cinematic Orchestra - "Talking About Freedom" (exclusive cover version)
  16. Will Self - "The Happy Detective" (part 3 - exclusive spoken word piece)
  17. Flying Lotus - "Auntie's Harp"
  18. Nick Drake - "Three Hours"
  19. Eddie Gale - "The Rain"
  20. Terry Callier - "You're Goin' Miss Your Candyman"
  21. The Freedom Sounds - "Behold The Day" (feat Wayne Henderson)
  22. DJ Food - "Living Beats"
  23. Shuggie Otis - "Aht Uh Mi Head"
  24. Thom Yorke - "Black Swan"
  25. The Cinematic Orchestra - "Restaurant"
  26. Steve Reich - "Electric Counterpoint"
  27. Bjork - "Joga"
  28. Imogen Heap - "Cumulus"
  29. St Germain - "Rose Rouge"
  30. Songstress - "See Line Woman" (vocal)
  31. Sebastien Tellier - "La Ritournelle"
  32. Burial - "Dog Shelter"
  33. Burt Bacharach - "South American Get Away"
  34. The Cinematic Orchestra - "Talking About Freedom"
  35. Will Self - "The Happy Detective part 3"
 in stock $20.79
Smile (gatefold double 12")
Cat: SML 1. Rel: 13 Jul 21
  1. Smile (12:30)
  2. Lost Keys (11:42)
  3. Dreamers Blues (Percussion By Jerry The Cat) (10:39)
  4. Lost Angel (9:33)
Review: On his latest expansive double-pack, Theo Parrish has decided to dip into his epic back catalogue. The four featured tracks are taken from two sought-after, hard to find EPs released in 1997 and 2001 respectively. Opener 'Smile' is arguably one of the Detroiter's most magnificent musical moments of all time: an epic slab of drowsy Motor City deep house built around idiosyncratic drum programming, ultra-deep chords, toasty bass and an effects-laden vocal snippet. 'Lost Keys' is a breezier and looser affair marked out by Latin style piano motifs, jazzy house beats and tactile bass, while 'Dreamer's Blues' is a languid, percussion-and-electric piano rich number that tends towards the hazy and jazzy. Finally, 'Lost Angel' is an ultra-deep affair whose spacey chords seem to stretch out eternity.
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Melodies (2xLP)
Cat: SNDWLP 091. Rel: 04 May 17
  1. Rhythm 77 (feat William Ricketts) (3:52)
  2. Blueberry Jam (feat Lord Echo) (3:30)
  3. Wang East (feat Toby Laing) (5:10)
  4. The Book Keeper (feat Toby Laing) (5:50)
  5. Thats Right (feat Bays Road Horns) (5:26)
  6. Terabu (feat Lucien Johnson) (3:32)
  7. Honest I Do (feat Lord Echo) (3:06)
  8. Cosmic Echos (feat Lord Echo) (5:07)
  9. Miracle Dance (feat Toby Laing & Lucien Johnson) (4:23)
  10. Sword Cane (feat Toby Laing) (6:09)
  11. Thinking Of You (feat Lisa Tomlins & Andy Christiansen) (7:01)
 in stock $17.67
LP1 (LP)
Cat: YTLP 118. Rel: 07 Aug 14
  1. Preface
  2. Lights On
  3. Two Weeks
  4. Hours
  5. Pendulum
  6. Video Girl
  7. Numbers
  8. Closer
  9. Give Up
  10. Kicks
Review: Young Turks clearly believe that Tahlilah Barnett, formerly known as Twigs (hence the FKA Twigs pseudonym) is a star in the making. They plucked her from obscurity last year and have since released a number of highly regarded singles. This debut album expands on her EPs to date, showcasing her woozy, intricate take on post-R&B. Naturally, her vocals - fragile and evocative, sounding not unlike Kate Bush on occasions - take centre stage, riding a bed of layered-up head-nodding rhythms, post dubstep grooves, trip-hop soundscapes, fizzing electronics and bubbling synthesizers. It's an intoxicating brew, all told, and one that delivers further proof of Barnett's immense potential.
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 in stock $21.06
The Breaks
The Breaks (limited gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 358677 2. Rel: 03 Sep 21
  1. Apache (2:21)
  2. It's Just Begun (feat Kamasi Washington) (4:44)
  3. Hot Wheels The Chase (3:11)
  4. Space Funk (3:20)
  5. Think (feat Vula) (3:25)
  6. Forty Days (2:20)
  7. Give It Up & Turn It Loose (feat Mr Switch) (2:52)
  8. Get On The Good Foot (feat Mr Talkbox) (5:32)
  9. More Bounce (3:23)
  10. Ashley's Roachclip (feat Cory Henry) (3:33)
  11. Dance To The Drummers Beat (4:50)
  12. Rated X (2:57)
  13. The Mexican (feat Mattiel) (4:02)
  14. Theme From SWAT (3:17)
  15. X Breaks (feat Mr Switch) (2:10)
Review: Jules Buckley is a Grammy award-winning composer, curator and conductor who has linked up with long time collaborative partners Chris Wheeler, Heritage Orchestra and percussion collective Ghost-Note for this lively new full length. The record has been two years in the making and pays homage to the pillars of hip hop and mainstays of the breaking scene, but with plenty of added flair. There are plenty of dance floor ready breaks, as well as more airy and upbeat soul groovers like the excellent 'Space Funk.' Though the backbones of these tunes follow familiar genres rules, the flair on top is what makes them so special.
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! low stock $25.74
Renegades Of Jazz Remixes
Cat: MSR 025. Rel: 04 Feb 21
  1. Brownout - "Flaximus" (Renegades Of Jazz Bboy edit) (3:39)
  2. Jungle Fire - "Comencemos" (Renegades Of Jazz remix) (4:26)
Review: Matasuna Records' latest release isn't a reissue of an ultra-deep Latin or Afro-funk gem from the dim and distant past, but rather fresh Renegades of Jazz reworks of cuts from two top-notch contemporary outfits, Brownout and Jungle Fire. It's the former who feature first, with Renegades of Jazz delivering a B-boy friendly dancefloor rearrangement of their horn-heavy soundtrack funk number 'Flaximus'. Turn to the B for a more expansive remix of Jungle Fire's Latin-funk and psychedelic rock inspired number 'Comencemos'. The revision is as infectious and tuneful as you'd expect, with enough low-end weight to suggest that it will sound suitably heavy over more sizable soundsystems.
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 in stock $10.92
Movements (12")
Cat: FW 233. Rel: 10 Feb 22
  1. Yellow (5:41)
  2. Change Must Come (feat Oliver Night) (5:12)
  3. Breathe (6:11)
  4. Swirl (1:13)
  5. We Can Do Everything (5:12)
  6. Coming Up (5:12)
 in stock $10.39
An Insight To All Minds
An Insight To All Minds (2xLP reeditado)
Cat: FW 228. Rel: 06 Apr 22
  1. Try N Follow (2:04)
  2. Intergalactic Relations (5:59)
  3. Interlude (0:24)
  4. Carry It Mongo Man (4:13)
  5. Chungo (feat Uhmeer) (3:59)
  6. Insight To All Minds (3:47)
  7. Nah Top Yuh Noise (0:23)
  8. DSXSWC (4:38)
  9. Rodney (5:00)
  10. Rain (6:27)
  11. Could It Be (3:43)
  12. Interlude 2 (0:08)
  13. Stro Kyat (feat Stro Elliot) (5:01)
  14. Tek Care (4:11)
  15. Enjoy Life (1:13)
Review: In our eyes, Kaidi Tatham can do no wrong. The long-serving keyboardist barely seems to sleep and releases a high volume of collaborations and solo records, but his quality threshold is so high that there's barely a duff track in his catalogue. Over the last few years he's developed a trademark sound that wraps Herbie Hancock style jazz-funk keys around crunchy broken beats, while also drawing influence from hip-hop, '80s electro, boogie, Latin jazz and slick deep house. An Insight Into All Minds, the veteran musician's fifth solo album, is naturally rooted in this trademark style, offering up a collection of cuts that bristle with positivity, pack plenty of punch, and are as well produced and life-affirming as you'd expect. It's a high bar, but it could well be his single best LP to date.
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 in stock $20.54
Cat: BBLP 401. Rel: 16 May 22
  1. Slow Intro (0:52)
  2. Life Hugger (3:23)
  3. Jazznouveau (4:08)
  4. Uncharted Waters (5:22)
  5. Baby Free Spirit (4:46)
  6. Monday Blue (4:36)
  7. Bass Kalimba Dance (1:00)
  8. Birthday Magic (4:37)
  9. Gare De Noir (4:23)
  10. Rajuraju (4:05)
  11. The Way To Kuusijarvi (6:12)
  12. Bad Trip Good (4:29)
Review: Hamburg-based label Bureau B welcome back Jimi Tenor for what is his third full length with them. The Finnish artist has played all over the world playing minimalist soundscapes while mostly releasing jazz and Afrobeat records over the past two decades. All of this new one was recorded in his Helsinki home studio with a real DIY spirit and a synthesizer, flute and saxophone. The simple set up has led to astoundingly good results with versatile grooves and plenty of good ties.
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 in stock $26.51
Dummy (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: 828 5221. Rel: 13 Mar 18
  1. Mysterons (4:59)
  2. Sour Times (4:13)
  3. Strangers (3:58)
  4. It Could Be Sweet (4:12)
  5. Wandering Star (4:51)
  6. Numb (3:58)
  7. Roads (5:07)
  8. Pedestal (3:39)
  9. Biscuit (4:49)
  10. Glory Box (4:54)
 in stock $22.10
Cat: LEWIS 084LP. Rel: 30 Nov 18
  1. After Midnight (4:42)
  2. I Didn't Know (3:39)
  3. Metanoia (4:04)
  4. Shimmer (4:34)
  5. Breathe (2:57)
  6. Life As One (4:18)
  7. We Lose (4:25)
  8. Filoxiny (3:44)
Review: Should you be that travel agent searching for the original sound of 60s-70s in your funk, soul, psychedelic rock and folk today, then Will Dorey, aka Skinshape, is your partner in time. Tracks on the album sometimes comes across as easy to compare with a stream of other admired acts like Air ("After Midnight") to Beck and Australia's Tame Impala on "Metanoia" and "Life As One". Throughout the LP, furthermore, Skinshape's fourth, it's hard to not escape hints of French inspirations in its sometimes jazzy inspirations, with flickers of the 1973 soundtrack to the film La Planete sauvage (Fantastic Planet) never too far off. A highly recommended listen!
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 in stock $18.70
Based On A True Story
Based On A True Story (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: DRP 007LP. Rel: 04 Feb 22
  1. Ernie (7:15)
  2. Cay's Crays (7:08)
  3. This Room (5:03)
  4. Ray Ray (7:42)
  5. Flashback (6:27)
  6. Dark Days (7:13)
  7. Del Fuego (3:30)
  8. Hope (6:12)
  9. Wandering Eye (12:04)
  10. Roady (7:01)
 in stock $17.42
Back In The Open
Cat: MG 064. Rel: 29 Oct 21
  1. Tonight We Rise (6:28)
  2. Lisbon Love (5:30)
  3. Welcoming Committee (8:31)
  4. Revolution (4:30)
Review: Moods & Grooves proudly welcomes the return of one of Detroit's best multi talented producers, Andres. "Out In The Open" released in 2002 established Andres's identity as many assumed he was an alias of Kenny Dixon Jr He's finally back with a full release for Moods & Grooves after a couple of dope remixes of Cool Peepl and Jason Hogans/Paul Randolph. "Back In The Open" chops up a classic hit along with a few unknowns that will keep the floors moving throughout the night.
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 in stock $12.22
Just Visiting
Just Visiting (limited 7")
Cat: FCB 141. Rel: 29 Mar 22
  1. Just Visiting (1:58)
  2. So Long (2:19)
  3. Ti Amo (1:58)
  4. Lost In Translation (2:34)
Review: Powerhouse US hip hop label Cold Busted has been serving up the beats to keep us on our feet for what seems like ever. Taking the reins here is MTBRD who hails from the UK and is a prolific studio hand. His take on the high-flying Jet Set series from Cold Busted is a glorious one with four soulful and well-constructed tunes that will appeal to his ever goring fan base. This one comes on the heels of his well-received Damn Fine LP last year and offers heavy boom-bap on the opener, shimmering electric piano on 'So Long' and cinematic design on 'Ti Amo' before infectious vocals define closer 'Lost In Translation.'
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 in stock $12.46
Samba De Sausalito
Cat: SEM 102. Rel: 31 Mar 22
  1. Samba De Sausalito (5:10)
  2. Samba De Sausalito (The Invisible Session rework) (5:09)
Review: Galathea's self titled debut long player from 2021 picked up high fan and critical praise around the world for its unique blend of tropical vibes and a wide array of genres. Oe of the many standout on it was the 'Samba De Sausalito' tune, which was originally composed by Nicaraguan percussionist Chose "Chepito" Areas. It now gets pressed up in slightly different form as with a new mix on the flip on this 7" on Space Echo. The a-side is a driving groove for the club with layered chords and hypnotic synths and the reverse is a different beast. It mixes up the original samba vibes with fresh Afro touches from The Invisible Session to explosive effect.
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 in stock $12.46
Boy (limited translucent green vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: CRCLP 1DX/HA 202201LPDX. Rel: 28 Apr 22
  1. Jouissance (4:48)
  2. Age Of Acceleration (5:01)
  3. Feeling Of Love (feat Dam-Funk) (4:26)
  4. Holding Pattern (3:57)
  5. Michael Was Right About You (5:06)
  6. Slackers (4:00)
  7. Type A (feat Sos) (3:03)
  8. Angry Young Man (4:44)
  9. Boy (3:22)
  10. Time On My Side (5:59)
Review: Mike Katz has been releasing music as Harvey Sutherland since 2013. The Melbourne-based bandleader has popped up on labels like Echovolt and MCDE in his time, but this marks a new step on in his evolution as an artist. With a warm and playful sound which touches on kosmische, boogie, synth-pop and funk, he rides strident rhythm pulses to explore melodious landscapes where the sun shines without fail. You can tell he's been on tour with the likes of Khruangbin and Hot Chip, not to mention steering an 11-piece band for Leroy Burgess on an Australian tour, but equally he's most definitely doing his own thing on Boy and there's boundless joy to be found in each and every track.
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 in stock $24.43
Cat: RODMUS 001. Rel: 31 Mar 22
  1. Stomp (3:32)
  2. Timeline (3:30)
Review: Joe Tatton is the bandleader of The New Mastersounds and he's recorded with the likes of Corrine Bailey Rae, but he also devotes a little of his time to a self-titled trio which last appeared with the Bang Bang Booglaoo single on ATA back in 2016. Now he's back with a new 7" for Rodina Music which once again features the delightful tinkle of his ivories, leading in with the low slung funk of 'Stomp'. It's an instrumental jam which lets Tatton's playing cascade across a fluid composition. On the flip 'Timeline' is a breezy song lamenting the grip of social media in a toe-tapping stylee.
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 in stock $10.39
Prayer For Peace
Prayer For Peace (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: GTVS 001. Rel: 04 Feb 22
  1. Prayer For Peace (7:30)
  2. Cadillac (6:02)
  3. Keep On Lovin' (4:41)
  4. Segue I (0:56)
  5. Vivid Energies (8:12)
  6. Tightrope (4:52)
  7. Segue II (0:37)
  8. Green Eyes (5:58)
 in stock $17.42
Raw Like Sushi (remastered)
Raw Like Sushi (remastered) (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 813320. Rel: 31 Jan 20
  1. Buffalo Stance (5:43)
  2. Manchild (3:54)
  3. Kisses On The Wind (3:52)
  4. Inna City Mamma (4:53)
  5. The Next Generation (5:06)
  6. Love Ghetto (4:30)
  7. Heart (5:07)
  8. Phoney Ladies (3:59)
  9. Outre Risque Locomotive (5:04)
  10. So Here I Come (4:09)
 in stock $17.48
Mama's Gun
Mama's Gun (gatefold 180 gram audiophile vinyl 2xLP + insert)
Cat: MOVLP 1124. Rel: 25 Jul 14
  1. Penitentiary Philosophy
  2. Didn't Cha Know
  3. My Life
  4. ... & On
  5. Cleva
  6. Hey Sugah
  7. Booty
  8. Kiss Me On My Neck (Hesi)
  9. AD 2000
  10. Orange Moon
  11. In Love With You
  12. Bag Lady
  13. Time's A Wastin
  14. Green Eyes
Intérprete: Juno Recommends Soul
 in stock $30.42
La Revancha Del Tango
Cat: XLLP 148. Rel: 10 Nov 01
  1. Queremos Paz
  2. Epoca
  3. Chunga's Revenge
  4. Triptico
  5. Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre)
  6. Una Musica Brutal
  7. El Capitalismo Foreano
  8. Last Tango In Paris
  9. La Del Ruso
  10. Vuelvo Al Sur
 in stock $24.94
Skin (gatefold LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: 194399 18611. Rel: 15 Oct 21
  1. I Don't Mind (2:45)
  2. 19th Floor (3:28)
  3. Poison (3:28)
  4. Trouble (2:58)
  5. When You Were Mine (3:28)
  6. To Lose Someone (4:07)
  7. Unlearn You (2:43)
  8. Kingdom (3:14)
  9. Feet Don't Fail Me Now (3:20)
  10. Wild Jasmine (3:30)
  11. Skin (2:58)
  12. Power (4:44)
  13. Theek Ache (2:05)
 in stock $22.62
To Believe
To Believe (heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: ZEN 226. Rel: 15 Mar 19
  1. To Believe (feat Moses Sumney)
  2. A Caged Bird/Imitations Of Life (feat Roots Manuva)
  3. Lessons
  4. Wait For Now/Leave The World (feat Tawiah)
  5. The Workers Of Art
  6. Zero One/This Fantasy (feat Grey Reverend)
  7. A Promise (feat Heidi Vogel)
Review: Given the rise in popularity in new school jazz in recent years, it seems a fitting time to welcome back Ninja Tune stalwarts The Cinematic Orchestra. "To Believe" is not only their first album in some seven years, but also one of their strongest releases to date. Opening with the poignant neo-classical/soul fusion "To Believe", the set sees Jason Swinscoe and company attractively saunter between jazz-electronica fusion (Roots Manuva collaboration ("A Caged Bird/Imitations Of Life"), pastoral jazz epics (the sunset ready epic that is "Lessons"), gentle downtempo songs ("Wait For Now/Leave The World"), ambient jazz ("The Workers Of Art") and slowly unfurling dancefloor workouts (killer closing cut "A Promise"). In a word: stunning.
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 in stock $18.19
Cat: ZENCD 279. Rel: 14 Jan 22
  1. Polyghost (feat Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)
  2. Shadows (feat Jordan Rakei)
  3. Rosewood
  4. Otomo (feat O'Flynn)
  5. Tides (feat Jamila Woods)
  6. Elysian
  7. Closer
  8. Age Of Phase
  9. From You (feat Joji)
  10. Counterpart
  11. Sapien
  12. Day By Day (feat Kadhja Bonet)
Review: Simon Greene aka. Bonobo is set to put forth yet another album from his own personal ether; 'Fragments' was born from actual sonic 'fragments' that were later repurposed into twelve full 'sonic affirmations'. A later escape into the wilds of California's deserts formed the bulk of this album's downtempo magnum opi; watch out for collabs with a foray of world-downtempo electronica acts including Jamila Woods, O'Flynn and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson. One of his most heartfelt albums, expect all from lilting future garage ('Rosewood') to rave-nostalgic slow builds.
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 in stock $9.10
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