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New releases last four weeks: Broken Beat/Nu Jazz

Broken Beat/Nu Jazz vinyl released in the last four weeks
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Collectors Edition Vol 1
Cat: SKKB 022. Rel: 20 May 24
Chi-Town Stories (7:45)
Chillin' Woman (feat Mz Mosea) (3:59)
The Mourning Sun (7:50)
Hygge (6:15)
Review: Abacus (Austin Bascom) is a household name in the Chicago house and techno scene for over 30 years now. He has been on some of the best labels of all time like Prescription, Fragile, Balance and Guidance records. As you can imagine, Collectors Edition Vol 1 is full of classy house music to say the least. 'Chi-Town Stories' is a blend of super smooth and uplifting prime time floor business. We absolutely think you will adore this track. 'The Mourning Sun' is a stunning ambient house beauty that will have you dancing with your eyes-closed. 'Hygge' finishes things off on a sexy house vibe. There is really something for everyone on this. Abacus stands for quality for those who know.
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Intérprete: Dave Lee ZR, Rafa Santos
Tags: 90s House
 in stock $14.57
No Ordinary Love (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Cat: PMKA 1008. Rel: 13 May 24
No Ordinary Love (4:22)
Let Go (4:13)
Review: Japanese stars Akiko and Yukihiro Fukutomi came together to cover SADE's anthem several years ago but it now makes its way back to fresh wax courtesy of Record Store Day 2024. They infused it with dark, mysterious jazz and contemporary influences and Akiko's enigmatic vocals intertwine flawlessly with the minimalist arrangement. On the B-side, their original 'let GO' offers a spiritual journey through dub-techno realms where the synergy between Akiko's emotive delivery and Fukutomi's masterful production creates a captivating sound. This release epitomises the pair's creative chemistry and innovative approach to blending diverse musical elements into a seamless, immersive new realm.
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 in stock $18.80
Closer (CD)
Cat: CDIL 2118. Rel: 25 Apr 24
 in stock $13.24
Le Mie Regine
Cat: MVC 001127. Rel: 01 May 24
Brivido Caldo
La Vie En Rose
The Lady Is A Tramp
Gli Uomini Non Cambiano
Rolling In The Deep
La Voce Del Silenzio
Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend
Vacanze Romane
I Will Survive
Ave Maria
New York New York
Messaggio D' Amore
 in stock $16.42
Flowers EP
Flowers EP (12" reeditado)
Cat: SS 048. Rel: 13 May 24
Andrew Ashong & Theo Parrish - "Flowers" (8:55)
Andrew Ashong - "Take It Slow" (7:11)
Andrew Ashong - "The Way She Moves" (short version) (5:21)
Review: At first glance, the pairing of Forest Hill resident Andrew Ashong and Sound Signature boss Theo Parrish would seem strange. But the duo have worked together previously with the Ghanaian born vocalist (and supposed owner of a vinyl collection that would make most record shops look like a car boot sale) lending his soulful tones to Parrish's excellent nine minute plus translation of the Hot Chip and Spiritualised affiliated About Group. Whereas that collaboration was more about Ashong's voice being just one element of a production that was undoubtedly Parrish, the three tracks present on the Flowers EP look to showcase what a talent the Londoner is. Those trademark dust filled stacatto rhythms are present in the opening title track, but they never swamp Ashong's killer vocal delivery, while "Take It Slow" is bonafide D funk of the highest order. After the brutal, divisive nature of Theo's kung fu experimentalism on the Any Other Styles EP, these three tracks show him in a wholly new light and hopefully Parrish and Ashong will be making much more music together.
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 in stock $15.10
Aunts & Uncles
Aunts & Uncles (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: BEDITS 002. Rel: 30 Apr 24
Aunts & Uncles (7:15)
Free (8:12)
Review: B EDITS brings vibrant energy with their double sided single, blending disco, nu-disco, jazz, and afrobeat influences. On Side 1, 'Aunts & Uncles' delivers infectious Latin-influenced party vibes, perfect for igniting the dance floor with its lively rhythms and playful melodies. On Side 2, 'Free' treats listeners to jazzy nu-disco goodness. This track radiates with joy and sophistication, boasting impeccable production that highlights its infectious groove. With a touch of soul, 'Free' is filled with warmth and charm. For those wishing to find well produced dance music that is Latin inspired, look no further as this is a celebration of dance, culture and pure musical enjoyment.
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Tags: Afrobeat | Jazz Funk
 in stock $15.35
London Hooligan Soul
Cat: AJX2LP 730. Rel: 25 Apr 24
Portobello Cafe (5:46)
Come On (6:05)
Soho Cab Ride (5:13)
I'll Fly Away (5:24)
Jah Jah Call You (5:36)
Mark's Lude (0:35)
I Don't Know (5:17)
Sister Song (6:20)
A Beautiful Space (7:06)
Steppin' Into Eden (5:27)
Peckings (2:56)
Uschi's Lament (4:21)
Review: The Ballistic Brothers' London Hooligan Soul, originally released in 1995 and now reissued in 2024, is a timeless masterpiece that effortlessly blends trip-hop, acid jazz, and downtempo vibes. From the smooth vocals of 'Portobello Cafe' to the funky horns of 'Soho Cab Ride,' each track delivers a unique sonic experience while maintaining a cohesive soulful atmosphere. 'I'll Fly Away' seamlessly combines breaks and killer basslines, while 'Jah Jah Call You' dives into dub territory with a steady groove. 'I Don't Know' adds a touch of strange easy listening by roughing up familiar samples, while 'Sister Song' infuses rhythmic excitement inspired by Brazilian beats. 'A Beautiful Space' oozes with downtempo funk, while 'Steppin' Into Eden' smoothly transitions into breakbeats. The old-school dub of 'Peckings' exudes joy, while 'Uschi's Lament' closes the album on a mellow, jazzy note. With its eclectic grooves and soulful funk, London Hooligan Soul is a brilliant album that captures the essence of 90s music.
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 in stock $29.65
Back To Bahia Vol 4
Cat: MCWR 018. Rel: 20 May 24
Laguna (4:12)
Just Beyond The Sun (5:32)
Review: Celebrated composer, producer, techno talent and ambient craftsman John Beltran is a real Detroit don and now he is back on one of the city's own labels, Motor City Wine, with Volume 4 of Back To Bahia on 7". This one finds him going even deeper than before, starting with 'Laguna', which will soon uplift you with its Afro-Brazilian drums and live bass from James Simonson next to lush keys. 'Just Beyond The Sun' then gets fully Balearic with its mix of sultry trumpet, shuffling and Latin-tinged rhythms and wispy cosmic chords. A real delight.
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 in stock $15.10
Handful Of Soul (reissue)
Handful Of Soul (reissue) (gatefold translucent blue vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: SCLP 506SEBLUE. Rel: 24 Apr 24
A Child Runs Free
No Mercy For Me
Slow Hot Wind
This Is What You Are
I Can't Keep From Cryin' Sometimes
Rio De Janeiro Blue
A Handful Of Soul
On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever)
Never Die
No Trouble On The Mountain
Review: Handful of Soul was a successful album that sold over 300,000 copies when first released back in 2006. Now reissued by Schema Records in a special edition double vinyl set on blue transparent wax, it reminds us of Mario Biondi's remarkable voice. Hailing from Catania, Sicily, it resonates with soul and rhythm & blues influences and contemporaries like Gregory Porter. The record traverses jazz and soul, offering captivating vocal melodies and dance-worthy rhythms and is supported by trumpeter Fabrizio Bosso and his High Five Quintet who showcase an exceptional interplay among top Italian jazz musicians and deliver instinctive jazz performances.
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 in stock $37.07
Grand Soleil
Cat: LRR 005. Rel: 15 May 24
Sunclock (2:41)
Michel Chevalet (3:30)
Clouds (3:01)
Croire (4:29)
Mermaids (4:35)
Prayers (3:29)
La Defense (2:52)
Review: It's been a minute since we heard from Blackjoy, Jerome Caron's flagship project of mellow, jazz-minded compositions and beatdowns. His last long player Erotis dropped in 2010, no less. Now he returns on Les Rythmes Ruban with a sumptuous new excursion into downtempo pastures which picks up the thread of nostalgic French lounge refinement associated with acts like Air. Just soak up the melancholic chord progressions of 'Michel Chevalet' and you'll find yourself taken away to somewhere very pleasant indeed. There are sweet vocal cuts like 'Clouds' and much more besides on this rich and fulsome record from a seasoned pro.
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 in stock $28.87
Video Game Lofi: Secret Of Mana
Video Game Lofi: Secret Of Mana (180 gram vinyl LP in holographic sleeve)
Cat: CURE 0024V. Rel: 07 May 24
Angel's Love (2:40)
Tell A Strange Tale (2:39)
Into The Thick Of It (3:34)
Holy Intruder (3:15)
A Wish (2:39)
Eternal Recurrence (3:55)
Eight Ringing Bells (4:01)
Star Of Darkness (3:31)
Whisper & Mantra (3:09)
Pure Night (3:19)
The Wings No Longer Beat (2:19)
Close Your Eyelids (1:49)
 in stock $38.93
Lullaby Renditions Of Outkast
Lullaby Renditions Of Outkast (clear green vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: LP 9760. Rel: 07 May 24
BOB (3:19)
Rosa Parks (2:56)
Andrew Bissell - "Hey Ya!" (2:56)
The Way You Move (3:26)
Land Of A Million Drums (3:31)
Roses (3:18)
The Whle World (3:43)
Player's Ball (3:38)
Elevators (Me & You) (3:39)
Atliens (3:14)
Spottieottiedopaliscious (3:46)
So Fresh, So Clean (2:54)
Ms Jackson (3:33)
Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik (3:10)
 in stock $38.93
A Family Gathering: Chapter 2
Cat: MP 12002. Rel: 25 Apr 24
Never Gonna Leave (feat Bembe Segue) (4:06)
Anybody Out There (instrumental) (3:09)
Technicolor Sunshine (feat Bembe Segue & Vanessa Freeman) (3:11)
Anybody Out There (with Kaidi Tatham - Mr Scruff remix) (5:18)
Together (G&D Boccaccio remix) (5:58)
Review: Italian entrepreneur and music aficionado Franco Fusari is behind Bread & Souls, a project that sees him collaborating with Mark de Clive-Lowe. They have curated an album featuring esteemed artists like Bembe Segue, Vanessa Freeman, Paul Randolph, Rich Medina, and Tommaso Cappellato which is why it is called Bread & Souls: A Family Gathering, smart, huh? Here comes the second of four proposed chapters with future broken beat and nu-jazz classics including 'Never Gonna Leave' with Bembe Segue and saxophonist Teodross Avery, and soulful winner 'Technicolor Sunshine' featuring Segue and Freeman. Remixes by Mr Scruff, Kaidi Tatham, and Italy's G&D add even more diverse flavours to this summer-ready package.
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 in stock $16.94
Fear Itself (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Fear Itself (Record Store Day RSD 2024) (limited opaque black & apple red vinyl 2xLP with obi-strip)
Cat: GET 51517. Rel: 07 May 24
Intro (1:41)
You Flunked (3:15)
Me-O-Mi-O (3:59)
Fet Off It (3:17)
That's How It Is (1:55)
That Bullshit (2:47)
Follow The Funk (3:53)
Who's It On (3:44)
I Din't Mean To (3:42)
We Got It Like That (2:58)
A Little Something (1:32)
This Is How We Rip Shit (3:14)
Lose In The End (3:17)
Thoughts Of The Thoughtful (3:16)
Chained Minds (3:10)
Be Thousand (2:40)
Review: For Record Store Day 2024, Hieroglyphics presents Casual's 'Fear Itself as a double LP in an opaque black and apple red pressing, accompanied by a full-colour obi-strip. This debut album from Oakland-based crew Hieroglyphics, featuring Del the Funky Homosapien and Souls of Mischief, was originally released in 1994 on Jive Records. Packed with contributions from the crew, including beats by Domino, Del the Funky Homosapien, Jay-Biz and Casual himself, the LP receives its first proper reissue here so offers fans a chance to revisit an influential hip-hop classic in all its glory.
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 in stock $41.04
The Almighty
The Almighty (limited orange marbled vinyl 2xLP + insert)
Cat: DIV 005. Rel: 25 Apr 24
Love (feat Dee Alexander) (7:50)
Compassion (feat Ari Brown) (6:35)
Perspective (Peace & Love) (6:57)
Duality Suite I & II (8:46)
Duality Suite III Divine Masculine/IV Divine Feminie (14:27)
The Almighty (feat The Celestial's) (18:24)
Review: Isaiah Collier & The Chosen Few's latest release, The Almighty, embarks on a profound musical odyssey, echoing the spiritual journey of its creators. Collier's compositions transcend mere melodies, delving into the depths of human experience and interconnectedness. With the venerable Dee Alexander lending her emotive vocals to 'Love', the album sets a poignant tone of universal love and empathy. Collier's collaboration with mentor Ari Brown on 'Compassion' exemplifies a beautiful exchange between teacher and disciple, further enriching the album's narrative. In 'Perspective (Peace & Love),' Collier steps into the vocal spotlight, paying homage to jazz luminary Pharoah Sanders while weaving percussive rhythms reminiscent of ancestral heritage. The centerpiece, 'The Duality Suite,' intricately explores the harmony of opposing forces, reflecting the delicate balance inherent in nature and humanity. Culminating in the title track, 'The Almighty,' Collier's mastery of saxophone and orchestration reaches its zenith, orchestrating a symphonic crescendo symbolising resilience and devotion to the transcendent. With echoes of their previous works, The Almighty represents a refined evolution of Collier & The Chosen Few's sonic signature, merging elements of jazz, spirituality, and cultural heritage into a cohesive musical composition. Through intricate and heartfelt performances, the album serves as a poignant reminder of the divine energy permeating all existence.
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 in stock $33.37
Here's To Another Day And Night For The Lwa Of The Woke
Here's To Another Day And Night For The Lwa Of The Woke (CD in embossed sleeve with obi-strip)
Cat: CD-TZA-4048. Rel: 08 May 24
Who D? Who Don't?
Congregation Cluib Theme
Torch Of Angels
Message From Invisibles In Appearance
Forget It! You Already Knew!
Ear To The Ground, Nose In The Air
An Incendiary Touch
The Family Shadow
On The Air
A Design For David Hammons
Style Move Of See Me Notes
Elisbet Flying About
Moon In Virgo
 in stock $19.60
Glow (LP + sticker)
Cat: RESLP 033. Rel: 15 May 24
I (1:28)
Keylers In De Storm (2:36)
Glow (5:05)
Voor De Wind (2:53)
De Mond Spreekt Vies (3:03)
High Pressure On The Galloping Horse (4:15)
Dense Smog Everywhere (0:57)
 in stock $29.65
Let The Monster Fall
Cat: BLV 8441. Rel: 26 Apr 24
Rise Again
Back From The War
Dirty Love
Shake My Fear
Let The Monster Fall
The Worm
Soleil (feat Clara Yse)
Carry On
Sun Fall
The Rhythm Changed
Dawn Diver
Start Over Again
 in stock $12.18
Suave Bruta
Cat: RLAB 001. Rel: 17 May 24
Nenita (3:30)
Lo Dudo (2:31)
Por Si Las Moscas (3:30)
Olvidemos Manana (1:43)
Tiemblas (2:46)
Dulce De Mar (4:00)
Sabana Y Banano (3:12)
Brisa (2:53)
Al Pelo (4:06)
Tutande (3:47)
Deja-Vu (2:18)
 in stock $25.41
Musik Fur Animierten Tonspurfilm
Gunther Nagels (3:51)
Graceful (2:16)
JB's Bag (4:33)
Akzelerator (2:06)
Cinema (5:49)
Wolkenkrabber (3:57)
Moody Shuffle (2:38)
Guillermo Brown (4:38)
FKR (6:09)
Lockdown (Totaal) (4:03)
Review: The Belgian modern classical folk band's 12th album is the soundtrack to a series of short, abstract animation films by Rudy Trouve, who also acted as a creative director during the recording process. These took place according to conceptual guide lines set by Trouve. Sometimes the starting point was a play on words or a random chord sequence, sometimes a specific atmosphere, but the playing field was always kept deliberately limited. Hence, the musicians were forced to build a musical structure with minimal means, with the pieces then cut up, sampled, drastically restructured and pasted together again, a method that had been applied earlier on the retrospective album Hineininterpretierung (2017). The result is a work of art that is both visually and musically stunning. The music is often sparse and atmospheric, with a strong emphasis on texture and space, it's hard to categorise but is definitely a unique and captivating album.
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! low stock $19.05
PYG (7" + insert)
Cat: HR7S 302. Rel: 07 May 24
PYG (4:00)
Preparing For Summer (5:31)
 in stock $19.60
Surreal Estate
Surreal Estate (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: ENCSE 1. Rel: 09 May 24
Trainpiece (6:00)
Cinema Green (2:13)
Twister (5:49)
Strange Charm (13:14)
Tarang (3:05)
Dub Tune (9:37)
Gamelan Melodica (3:59)
Lalit (5:08)
Boogie Electric (3:48)
Guitar Comet (7:35)
More Bodies (5:12)
 in stock $35.49
Fresh Squeeze
Cat: LFSPT 2006. Rel: 07 May 24
Cadillac Converter (3:45)
Fresh Squeeze (3:50)
Sticky Beets (3:27)
Interlude (No 1) (0:24)
Afrenetic (4:28)
Grease On The Range (3:43)
Interlude (No 2) (0:40)
818 Don't Hate (4:54)
Son! (2:47)
Slick (3:15)
Interlude (No 3) (0:46)
Clapper Dapper (3:43)
Lo-Fi Beats To Study To (3:35)
Outro (0:40)
Review: Fresh Squeeze is a brand new full-length from Miami-based soul jazz trio Fat Produce, an outfit that is comprised of guitarist Addison Rifkind from The Soul Vaccinators, drummer Michael Duffy and world-renowned bass player Rene Camacho. All 14 of these cuts are soul-drenched and jazz instrumentals steeped in funk and hip-hop traditions and they were all made live and in the moment with no overdubs after the event. That lends the record a lived-in and authentic energy as it veers into Afro-tinged sounds like 'Affrentic,' straight-ahead soul-jazz cuts like 'Sticky Beets' and the compelling 'Slick.'

Read more
 in stock $29.13
Mestizx (CD + booklet)
Cat: IARC 0079CD. Rel: 02 May 24
Balada Para La Corporatocracia
Saber Do Mar
Bless Thee Mundane
Writing With Knots
 in stock $14.30
Mestizx (gatefold LP + insert with obi-strip)
Cat: 1726347. Rel: 02 May 24
Invocacao (4:47)
Destejer (4:02)
Balada Para La Corporatocracia (4:13)
Turbulencia (2:18)
Mestizx (4:26)
Barro (3:24)
Saber Do Mar (3:36)
Bless Thee Mundane (1:28)
Descend (2:22)
Writing With Knots (4:48)
Sirinus (5:33)
 in stock $31.51
Mestizx (limited gatefold 'red moon' red smokey vinyl LP + fold-out insert with obi-strip)
Cat: IARC 0079LPI. Rel: 02 May 24
Invocacao (4:51)
Destejer (4:01)
Balada Para La Corporatocracia (4:14)
Turbulencia (2:19)
Mestizx (4:28)
Barro (3:22)
Saber Do Mar (3:36)
Bless Thee Mundane (1:19)
Descend (2:26)
Writing With Knots (5:08)
Sirinus (5:43)
 in stock $27.81
Flaming Swords
Flaming Swords (eco mix vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: FIG 1. Rel: 25 Apr 24
Flaming Swords (2:18)
Save The Phenomenon (1:47)
Nos Embranchements (2:23)
Days Of Pleasure (1:42)
My Rebel (2:10)
Little Bad Miracle (1:13)
I'm A Place (2:03)
Less To Be (1:36)
Porn Of Love (2:01)
Boite A Serpents (1:50)
Paging Agent Starling (1:39)
4000 Rooms (1:53)
Constantly Rare (1:56)
Wrong Item (1:53)
One Hope (2:02)
The Trick (1:30)
To Be Gone (1:23)
Clues Not To Read (4:28)
 in stock $22.78
Like The Sky I've Been Too Quiet
Cat: NRRLP 8. Rel: 26 Apr 24
Not In An Anthropological Mood (4:44)
First Notebook Of Songs (8:29)
Forgive Me My (5:18)
Seal (2:44)
El Kebda, Let It Go (5:04)
We Made It To The Underpass (1:44)
Our Mother Is Our Daughter Is Our Mother (3:43)
(Sister Said) Home Is A Direction (8:40)
We're Still At The Underpass (1:42)
Call It Luck If You Want To (5:50)
Call Her By Her Name, Enheduanna (3:13)
Growing Sense Of Wonder (3:28)
I Walk Again, Eyes Towards The Sky (4:16)
Review: Released on Shabaka Hutchings' Native Rebel Recordings, like the sky i've been too quiet is a full-length from vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Ganavya. A former collaborator of Wayne Shorter, here she enlists help from the likes of Kofi Flexxx, Carlos NiNo and Floating Points to create the perfect backdrop for her nebulous vocals, one that will find favour with fans of spiritual jazz. This, however, is nothing like your standard standard fare; this album's impeccable electronic embellishments and sublimely sensitive ear for recording and timbre make it unlike anything we've ever heard in the spiritual jazz or electronica traditions.
Read more
 in stock $27.81
From The North: Gogo Penguin Live In Manchester
Cat: 196588 81051. Rel: 03 May 24
Wave Decay (5:07)
Ascent (4:30)
Friday Film Special (4:10)
Everything Is Going To Be OK (4:45)
Unbroken Thread Of Awareness (2:56)
You're Stronger Than You Think (3:06)
Parasite (5:51)
Review: Capturing GoGo Penguin at a pivotal moment, From The North showcases the trio's ongoing musical evolution and is a minimal masterpiece. This limited-edition vinyl features re-arranged tracks from their EP Between Two Waves and latest album Everything Is Going to Be OK and it was recorded at Old Granada Studios in Manchester, a venue that has played a key part in their musical journey. Originally formed in 2012, the trio's emotive, break-beat minimalist style garnered critical acclaim from the off. With nominations for the Mercury Music Prize and a signing to Blue Note Records, they've released a string of celebrated albums that has backed up that early hype and now, with XXIM Records, they embark on a new chapter, blending ambient sounds with their signature style to great effect.
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 in stock $23.83
Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre) (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Santa María (Del Buen Ayre) (6:13)
Chunga’s Revenge (5:05)
 in stock $22.23
Tales Of The Facade
Cat: LPCND 33301. Rel: 09 May 24
Retopia (feat Chase Guerin) (3:02)
Delayed Green (2:13)
Silhouette (3:29)
Pyramid (4:44)
We Are More (feat J Hoard) (4:39)
Peace Of Mind (feat Kokayi & Debo Ray) (3:23)
Ginger Ale (0:44)
Day By Day (feat Zacchae'us Paul & Cisco Swank) (4:02)
Pen & Paper (4:00)
Infinity (feat Georgia Anne Muldrow) (5:23)
Something In The Air (feat Zacchae'us Paul & Melanie Charles) (4:47)
Homeland Heroine (1:14)
 in stock $25.41
Slow Down
Cat: MILS 011LP. Rel: 13 May 24
Fools Good (2:33)
Goldenseal (1:39)
In The Dark (1:51)
Slow Down (1:50)
No Surprises (1:49)
Area Codes (2:37)
Faith (2:22)
Follow The Numbers (2:58)
Grazin' (2:01)
Ruse (1:59)
String Ups (2:19)
Review: The latest installment in The Madlib Invazion Music Library Series, Entry #11, showcases the talents of composer and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Henkel, whose work was sampled on Freddie Gibbs' Bandana album with Madlib. This collection of decelerated rare grooves offers a laidback yet sophisticated blend of jazz and soul-infused library music. Henkel's stripped-back performances on guitar, trumpet, synths and more are deceptively nuanced, creating a cohesive and fulfilling listening experience. Created for easy clearance in film, television, and sampling, these tracks invite listeners to immerse themselves in their atmospheric textures and subtle melodies. Whether enjoyed for contemplative listening or as a source of inspiration for creative projects, Entry number 11 adds another eclectic gem to The Madlib Invazion Music Library Series.
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 in stock $26.74
Caeke (180 gram pink vinyl LP limited to 200 copies)
Cat: ZZZV 24003. Rel: 09 May 24
I Love My Life (Again & Again) (4:03)
Are You Sleeping? (3:34)
You & Me & Them (4:16)
Walk Me Home (3:08)
You Don't Dance (extended version) (5:32)
Halloj, Kan Du Hore Mig? (2:54)
Always There (3:50)
Sometimes You Get Lucky (4:48)
Review: Danish electronic pop act Hess Is More's CaeKE marks a return to pop's borderlands after detours into orchestral and experimental sounds. Minimalist and mellow, the new album eschews sprawling ensembles for a DIY space of piano, drum machines, and vintage synths all of which frame Hess' wandering voice with eccentric poetry. Balancing maturity with childlike curiosity tracks like 'I Love My Life... Again and Again' exhibit a subversive lightheartedness amid mellow existentialism. The album is a reflection on fatherhood and life's changes since the early 00s that finds Hess embracing a new melody-one that harmonises seriousness with carefreeness, introspection with outward expression.
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 in stock $25.96
Joola Jazz
Cat: BM 033. Rel: 15 May 24
Bombolong (4:19)
Bukut (4:30)
Btwinen (feat Dioba) (7:03)
Jazz Griots (feat Alibeta) (4:52)
Niini (5:23)
Nuit A Yaounde (feat Amaiah) (5:03)
Ajamat Computer (3:45)
Bumiro (4:49)
! low stock $27.01
Trash Can Lamb
Trash Can Lamb (LP + MP3 download code limited to 150 copies)
Cat: SODA 015LP. Rel: 16 May 24
A Tarp, Billowing (1:48)
Bare-Eyed Crush (3:41)
Not Recluse (5:08)
How, On Earth (3:00)
Aire 4 (1:13)
Sprite Loop (2:44)
Shaking Off The Ice (4:23)
J With A Feather (3:52)
Twix Loop (1:53)
Buzzy On Accelerants (5:31)
Review: Trash Can Lamb is the layers solo work from Akron-based multi-instrumentalist Keith Freund. With two decades of musical exploration, Freund, known for his work with Trouble Books and Lemon Quartet, crafts an eclectic blend of analogue synthesis, piano, bass, saxophone, and field recordings. This album delves into experimental realms, melding 8-bit delays with acoustic elements that give rise to great ethereal melodies. Handmade electronics coalesce with wistful piano and saxophone melodies to make for a juxtaposition of chaos and tranquillity. Freund captures the essence of a backyard at dusk, where the cacophony of nature meets the serenity of twilight.
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Hold Your Horses
Hold Your Horses (green marbled vinyl LP + MP3 download code in die-cut sleeve (indie exclusive))
Cat: CLMN 12058LPC1. Rel: 02 May 24
All Aboard (2:55)
The Early Bird Catches (3:06)
Eyes On The Prize (5:17)
Not For The First Time (2:37)
PS EmmyLou (3:48)
One Hand One Bounce (3:46)
Onwards & Upwards (3:52)
Family Song (Sing-A-Long) (3:28)
8th Movement (3:41)
Incredible Wonderful (3:40)
There Is No Rush (5:04)
Alighting Lullaby (2:24)
Review: Karate Boogaloo's latest album, Hold Your Horses, offers a captivating collection of original instrumental tunes from Melbourne, Australia's vibrant soul scene. The album's lead single 'One Hand One Bounce' sets the tone with its spacious and introspective vibe, all moody dynamics that draw the listener in. Drawing from influences like Booker T & The MG's and The Meters, Karate Boogaloo infuse their music with a blend of cinematic tension, whimsical melodies, and eerie discordance, all underpinned by heavy funk grooves. The band's chemistry, developed over 15+ years of friendship and musical collaboration, shines through each track, creating a cohesive, immersive listening experience. Recorded live with no overdubs, Hold Your Horses captures the raw energy and spontaneity of Karate Boogaloo's performances. The instrumental palete, limited to drums, guitar, bass and organ, establishes a consistent tone while allowing for neat shifts and nuanced execution.
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Hold Your Horses
Hold Your Horses (LP + MP3 download code in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: CLMN 12058LP. Rel: 02 May 24
All Aboard (2:55)
The Early Bird Catches (3:06)
Eyes On The Prize (5:17)
Not For The First Time (2:37)
PS EmmyLou (3:48)
One Hand One Bounce (3:46)
Onwards & Upwards (3:52)
Family Song (Sing-A-Long) (3:28)
8th Movement (3:41)
Incredible Wonderful (3:40)
There Is No Rush (5:04)
Alighting Lullaby (2:24)
Review: Karate Boogaloo are pioneers of Melbourne's cinematic instrumental soul scene, with roots deeply entrenched in the city's DIY soul movement, the quartet's musical journey from high school pals to seasoned collaborators evident in their cohesive sound. Following their acclaimed release Carn The Boogers, Hold Your Horses offers a distinct blend of instrumental funk that we find irresistible. Recorded live with a strict no overdubs policy, the album captures the band's raw energy and tight-knit chemistry. Each track seamlessly flows into the next, blending tension, melody, and funk. Bassist Henry Jenkins, the mastermind behind the band's sound, leads the recording and mixing process, ensuring a consistent sonic aesthetic across the College Of Knowledge catalogue. The collaborative songwriting approach allows the band to expand upon their strengths as musicians and friends. Stylistically, Hold Your Horses draws inspiration from deep funk, European film music and instrumental soul, showcasing a restrained yet dynamic instrumental palette.

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Hold Your Horses
Cat: CLMN 12058CD. Rel: 02 May 24
All Aboard
The Early Bird Catches
Eyes On The Prize
Not For The Last Time
PS Emmylou
One Hand One Bounce
Onwards & Upwards
Family Song (Sing-a-long)
8th Movement
Incredible Wonderful
There Is No Rush
Alighting Lullaby
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Millennial Breeze
Cat: MARCELLP 007. Rel: 10 May 24
Saurus (5:37)
Gates Of Biskolom (4:51)
Manifeest (5:09)
Jump Ennea (4:29)
Millenial Breeze (5:46)
 in stock $27.01
Disco Not Disco: Leftfield Disco Classics From The New York Underground (25th Anniversary Japanese Edition)
Cat: STRUT 204JLPC. Rel: 08 May 24
Yoko Ono - "Walking On Thin Ice" (re-edit) (7:19)
Liquid Liquid - "Cavern" (5:22)
Loose Joints - "Tell You (Today)" (vocal) (6:59)
Ian Dury & The Seven Seas Players - "Spasticus Autisticus" (version) (6:57)
Material - "Over & Over" (long version) (5:38)
Was (Not Was) - "Wheel Me Out" (7:11)
Dinosaur - "Kiss Me Again" (original edit) (6:53)
Don Cherry - "I Walk" (3:14)
Common Sense - "Voices Inside My Head" (6:29)
Nicky Siano - "Move" (5:46)
Indian Ocean - "School Bell/Tree House" (10:12)
Intérprete: Jac The Disco
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Jazz Cats Volume 3
Jazz Cats Volume 3 (limited gatefold translucent violet vinyl 2xLP with obi-strip limited to 300 copies)
Cat: SDBANULP 39LTD. Rel: 02 May 24
Oriana Ikomo - "NEVER FORGET" (3:24)
Moodprint - "Eartha" (3:45)
Kin Gajo - "Exit, Gajo!" (1:23)
Adja - "Told You So" (4:50)
Bodies - "Brioche" (2:11)
Orson Claeys - "Conversations" (4:01)
Bodem - "Kleine Mars" (3:28)
HONEY - "Bossa Dolce" (5:05)
Azmari - "Sheep Party" (5:57)
Le Ministere - "De L'Amour" (5:20)
Ciao Kennedy - "Parcifal" (part 1) (6:06)
Echofarmer - "Beginning Would Have Been Outside" (4:14)
Kassius - "Escapism" (3:56)
Bruno X Soet X Moene - "OTT" (3:30)
 in stock $34.42
New Graffiti
New Graffiti (LP + insert)
Cat: LPNORSKEALBUMKLASS 079. Rel: 02 May 24
Mahogany Nights (4:25)
New Graffiti (feat Stella Mwangi) (4:49)
Hang On To Your Pearls (2:10)
Is This Mic On (The Poetics) (4:23)
This Is No Shared Experience (2:07)
Coltrane In The Car (3:06)
Midnight Blue (feat Myrna Braza) (5:01)
Ask Him (5:06)
One Last Thing (3:58)
Unwarranted (3:44)
A Different Life (bonus track) (4:37)
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Ace Ure Bra
Ace Ure Bra (180 gram vinyl LP + insert limited to 125 copies)
Cat: LPDR 018. Rel: 08 May 24
Worynea CP
Aves Mes
Ci Med
Visa Cocapcar
Era Ige
Va Varia
Inea Nue
 in stock $18.00
Lord Knows (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Cat: NR 034LP. Rel: 27 Apr 24
You Don't Really Know (3:18)
Anywhere You Wanna Go (3:38)
Losing Sleep (2:14)
Swamp Groove (3:22)
Fk Spiders (2:43)
Matrix (5:08)
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Melloghettomental (Theo Parrish production)
Cat: SS038 ABCD. Rel: 13 May 24
Can't Keep Running Away (12:41)
U Bring Me Up (5:21)
Why Wait (3:58)
Melloghettomental (8:50)
Review: Theo Parrish has green-lit a couple of back catalogue reissues from his Sound Signature label this month and this one originally came back in 2010 and found him on production duties and Bilal Love on the vocals. The Melloghettomental EP is an archetype Parrish offering - dusty, lo-fi beatdown and house fusions with muted but meaningful chords and aching vocal hooks. You get all that on blissed-out opener 'Can't Keep Running Away', superbly soulful live bass work on 'U Bring Me Up' and heavier, more griding grooves but still sublime vocals on 'Why Wait'. The title cut is an off-grid mix of sci-fi melodies and diffuse chords, shimmering drums and low slub bass. Sublime.
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Black (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: ICLR 018LP. Rel: 16 May 24
Loveless (3:33)
Black (4:58)
Cynthia's Passing (12:13)
Love You Much, Love Too Much (5:34)
On Top Of The World
Camden Crawling (5:22)
Blake's Shadow (3:43)
One Hundred Deaths (5:48)
Belgrade Meltdown (2:23)
To Disappear (9:04)
Rest In Peace (5:38)
Review: As compelling as it is unexpected, the ever-prolific Kevin Richard Martin of The Bug fame steps forth with a deeply eerie, lovelorn platter of wheezy dub techno haze, gauzy half-step and hollow, heart-rending ambience, dedicated to Amy Winehouse. In his words: "whilst randomly watching Asif Kapadia's moving bio doc 'Amy', on a long distance flight (...) i realised the scale of her greatness and the tragedy of the circumstances that led to her untimely death" and with 'Black', he offers up a gentle, reverent eulogy to the late singer, calling to mind Burial's charred LDN isolationism, Actress' sparser work, and even what Martin himself refers to as Mark Ronson's 'poptastic' productions, as on fever-coded upright bass shuffler 'Camden Crawling' and 'Black', an ingenious, spectral harmonic flip of Winehouse's Back To Black. A perfect ode to a misunderstood icon.
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Onegin (180 gram clear vinyl LP + MP3 download code (indie exclusive))
Cat: 634457 108561. Rel: 16 May 24
Tatyana's Dream I (1:48)
Tatyana's Letter (6:10)
To Love All Ages (4:25)
Onegin (4:11)
Devils (4:55)
Where Have You Gone (5:36)
Tatyana's Dream II (1:16)
Tatyana's Soul (7:52)
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Why Can't We Live Together (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Cat: LANR 042. Rel: 27 Apr 24
Why Can't We Live Togheter (feat Janine Rainforth - previously unreleased version) (4:15)
Man Of Tribes (remastered 12" version) (6:40)
Why Can't We Live Togheter (live) (4:36)
Man Of Tribes (live) (5:53)
Mouse 'n Me (live) (4:06)
 in stock $23.83
Don't Disturb This Groove (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Cat: GRGALP 0014. Rel: 20 May 24
Ooh La La La
I Can't Help It
Don't Disturb The Groove
Um Amigo
Best Of My Love
You Are The Universe
No Woman No Cry
 in stock $42.90
Chorus (CD with obi-strip)
Cat: HVNLP 222CDJ. Rel: 08 May 24
Future Life
Return To Centaurus
 in stock $25.16
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