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If there was such a term as ‘sound intelligence’ it would be attributed to Dan Mela. Through his extensive twenty years of experience, Dan has crafted an individual, experimental style - making him one of the most respected Indie-Dance Dj/producers. His expansive imagination and skill allows him to fuse different genres and the freedom to seamlessly blend even jazz into his electronic sets - performing live shows with revered Italian and international Jazz artists Christopher Thomas, Dario Deidda, Amedeo Ariano, Joyce Yuille, Marco Micheli, Stefano Calzolari in theatres including at the Blue Note. On his releases with New Yorker Label, ‘Streetvibes Recordings’ & ‘What Ever Not’ he collaborated and involved with artists such as Vakula, D'Marc Cantu, LTJ X-Perience, Lady Blacktronika Marcello, Napoletano. Among the most groundbreaking were his tracks - "I Don't Know Why" (What Ever Not - 2012) "Re-Troit" ( Streetvibes - 2003 and Compost - 2009 ) and “Caos Calmo'' / "Get What I Want" (Ethereal Sound ) by Anton Zap.
Dan has been part of the dj duo "RUDAN" since 2015 together with Okee Ru.They won the "Dimensions Festival Vinyl Mix” of 2016 award and performed on the Beach Stage in 2016, 2017 and 2018.
They are the mastermind behind ‘Adults Only +25" - a party based in southern Italy which has attracted artists from all over the world. The party has so far hosted Sadar Bahar, Joe Claussell, Daniele Baldelli, Red Greg, Lakuti, Tama Sumo and many more to come. Dan & Denis have performed in clubs and festivals such as Linecheck, Dimension Festival and Polifonic. At VIVA festival they performed for Boiler Room. From March this year, Dan has been hosting the radio show ‘Do You Love’ on the exciting London based radio station - ‘DoYou Radio’, creating a soundtrack to inspire your love and lust stories.
Cat: FTC 06. Rel: 22 Aug 22
Deep House
Movable (5:03)
In Ya Mind (6:26)
Turquise Wave (5:01)
Weed Or Majik (6:12)
out of stock $15.61
Cat: ATRRLTD 02. Rel: 03 Oct 22
Deep House
Higher (2022 Remaster) (5:58)
Higher (Hugo LX remix) (5:34)
Higher (DJOKO remix) (5:54)
out of stock $14.56
Cat: FWM 707. Rel: 05 Sep 22
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
Callin Me (feat Voyce Lashae) (5:44)
Heels On (4:54)
 in stock $14.29
Cat: FXHE TORI. Rel: 03 Oct 22
Hip Hop/R&B
Can't Explain (R&B mix By Omar S) (2:39)
Can't Explain (House remix By Omar S) (3:35)
 in stock $11.12
Cat: GR EP 001. Rel: 19 Sep 22
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
Cameron (2:20)
Hum (7:36)
Untitled (1:02)
November (6:04)
Fast Action (3:14)
Ta Teasha Love (1:31)
 in stock $17.99
Cat: SYNCRO 3712. Rel: 26 Dec 22
Deep House
Foward (12:26)
Motion (5:43)
Equals Progression (6:22)
 in stock $13.76
Cat: TSEP 888. Rel: 26 Sep 22
Deep House
Yamahumble (4:14)
Yamahigh (4:19)
Yamahard (4:39)
Yamajando (7:06)
Yamaheaven (5:29)
out of stock $15.35
Cat: NM 12. Rel: 19 Sep 22
Deep House
Cookies & Cream (6:39)
Gettin Started (4:48)
HOW (Horses On Woodward) (8:36)
Driven (6:25)
out of stock $13.24
Cat: 4EVR 009. Rel: 12 Sep 22
Deep House
Feel Your Touch (feat L Renee) (6:32)
Feel Your Touch (feat L Renee - Jimpster remix) (6:47)
I Keep Falling (feat Kenny Waston) (7:05)
Feel Your Touch (feat L Renee - MinorInvention edit) (5:05)
out of stock $20.11
Cat: ESC 009. Rel: 26 Sep 22
Deep House
Ritual I (5:51)
Ritual II (5:22)
Ritual III (8:48)
Ritual IV (1:33)
 in stock $15.87
Cat: APRON 47. Rel: 19 Sep 22
End Game (1:16)
HyperReal (4:09)
Quantum Prophets (5:03)
Irememberufromtomorrow (5:37)
Future Attractions (3:57)
SHE (feat Shepherd) (4:24)
The Lovers (6:23)
Infinity Mode (3:38)
Untitled Freek (feat Shepherd) (4:40)
Secret Colors (2:50)
out of stock $20.38
Circumpolar (6:50)
21 Ways (6:11)
Foreboding Self Pleasure (6:26)
A Dream Within A Dream (4:12)
Delta Oplus L (8:54)
The Prograde Direction (6:34)
Their Hidden Words (4:46)
Black Love On A Early Sunday Morning (5:26)
Future Shocked (5:29)
The Andromeda Strain (5:11)
Thanks 4 The Tracks U Lost (5:17)
All God's Children (5:12)
6 Days (4:54)
This Is From The Radiance (5:25)
out of stock $33.61
Cat: SRLTD 101. Rel: 05 Sep 22
Deep House
Feelin It (9:10)
Feelin It (beats) (10:29)
Fragile (bonus track) (3:16)
out of stock $17.47
Cat: BOOOM 002. Rel: 20 Feb 23
Deep House
Brandii (5:32)
Black Sunshine (5:32)
Chuckii (5:50)
No! (4:53)
out of stock $16.68
Cat: ERC 038R. Rel: 20 Feb 23
Deep House
Axis Of Love (8:27)
8th Ray (5:51)
 in stock $10.58
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