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Djs: Most Charted - Deep House

Djs: Most Charted - Deep House

7 May 2014
Cat: AOS (1975). Rel: 14 Apr 14
Deep House
  1. Leave
  2. Romancing The Stone!
  3. Frogs
  4. Surpass
Review: Despite some FXHE releases containing playful artistic references to the films that undoubtedly referenced the titles, this Romancing The Stone double pack from Omar S is sadly lacking in any MS Paint renditions of the Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner 90s vehicle of the same name. It does however contain four more fine examples of the fact no one does it quite like Omar S. Lead track "Leave" sets the tone, as ripples of percussion emerge from a pool of simmering sonic emotion and embarks on a masterclass in slow build dancefloor revelation at breakneck pace. "Romancing The Stone" pulls from the same palette of anthemic Omar S productions as "Here's Your Trance, Now Dance" and "Psychotic Photosynthesis" as a lead array of synths, keys and chords weave with supple grace over crunchy drums - watch out for the track finishing abruptly. On the second 12", "Frogs" dovetails from a simple disco guitar loop into fucked up abstract acid techno territory with little prior warning whilst "Surpass" finds AOS ending with some anthemic maximal piano house.
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Cat: WORKSHOP 19. Rel: 14 Apr 14
Deep House
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
  5. Track 5
  6. Track 6
  7. Track 7
  8. Track 8
  9. Track 9
Review: It seems surprising that this debut album from Kassem Mosse should appear with little fanfare, but that's apparently how the acclaimed German producer wanted it. Predictably, it's rather good. Rippling with fuzzy analogue warmth, crusty drum machine rhythms, toasty keys and alien electronics, it offers a selection of undulating deep house cuts in his inimitable style. At times - such as on the soulful shuffle of "Untitled A1" and jazzy "Untitled D1" - it sounds a little like vintage Moodymann; at others, Mosse's techno influence is much more apparent (see the wonky throb of "Untitled D1"). Throughout, Workshop 19 is formidably atmospheric.
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Cat: PPU 059. Rel: 07 Apr 14
Deep House
  1. Puzzles In Life
  2. Videophone To Space
  3. Cruise Till The Sun Shines
  4. Los Alamos Motel
Review: If you've ever got a few hours to spare, check out Legowelt's discography - the Dutch analogue fetishist is astonishingly productive (and, of course Legowelt is simply one of Danny Wolfers' many pseudonyms). Here, he adds another label to the growing list with a surprise appearance on Andrew Morgan's Washington D.C-based Peoples Potential Unlimited imprint. Unsurprisingly, Wolfers explores many of his favourite themes on Puzzles in Life, merrily skipping between melodic, bubbling deep house (the excellent title track), slo-mo Detroit futurism ("Video Phone To Space"), super-slo stargazing boogie (the superb "Cruise Till The Sun Shines") and woozy, intergalactic ambience ("Los Alamos Motel"). In many ways, this is an unusual turn from PPU, but it's a calculated gamble that's more than paid off.
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 in stock $15.39
Cat: WLS 08. Rel: 21 Apr 14
Deep House
  1. Get Down
  2. S & S
  3. Relaxed Groove
  4. I Kill The Love
Review: Back for more so soon? Yeah! Baby is back! Wilson records has Fabio unleashing House Legend Gene Hunt and not so newbie Chiwax and Lobster Theremin veteran, Stevie Murphy for the fourth edition of the 'not a trilogy anymore' Split Grooves series. Its the perfect mix to brew an appetite for some dance floor destruction. We have Mr. Gene Hunt taking on the A side with his twisted tracks 'Get down' and 'S and S'. Over to the B side, our cherished friend, Steve Murphy's groove is anything but relaxed! Crank up the volume and don't expect to stay glued to your seat. This one's special. No surprise when its laid out on a 180 gram vinyl. For the lovers!
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out of stock $8.84
Cat: MCDE 1211. Rel: 02 Jun 14
Deep House
  1. Raw Cuts (Marcellus Pittman remix)
  2. Raw Cuts (Mike Huckaby remix)
  3. Raw Cuts (Recloose remix)
Review: Given the "contemporary classic" status of Danilo Plessow's Raw Cuts series - arguably a string of 12" singles that helped redefine deep house for a new generation - the announcement of a surprise remix 12" is enough to make even the most level-headed DJs go weak at the knees. Pleasingly, said remixers more than live up to the hype. Marcellus Pittman's version - smooth and deep, but with enough raw disco cut-ups and wonky Detroit swing to impress those who like it raw - is particularly good, though Mike Huckaby's locked-in deep house groover is not far behind. There's also a superb version from Recloose, whose crackly, shuffling beats, sweeping pads and soulful vocal samples recall his earliest productions for Planet E.
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 in stock $11.12
  1. Rick Wade - "Giggin'"
  2. Wil Maddams - "Warm Organic"
  3. Gene Hunt - "Feel It"
  4. Dudley Strangeways - "Woods For Trees"
Review: Leeds based vinyl-only imprint Albion Records return with Council Estate Soldiers, a third label offering and their first split artist release! Side A delivers a slap across the cheeks with Deep House heavyweight Rick Wade leading the barrage on "Giggin" which perfectly encapsulates his well honed and iconoclastic sound; crisp percussion effortlessly carries the track alongside a devilishly deep bassline that hits deep. Young Brit Wil Maddams follows with "Warm Organic" which is the sensation you get from listening to the production as classic keys and accompanying synth reverberate a classic House sound which seems to have been lost over the last couple of years. On the flipside, Chi town legend Gene Hunt steps up and delivers an impressive sharp, hard hitting track which you find yourself unconsciously rocking away to manically throughout whilst Dudley Strangeways ends proceedings in emphatic style on the synth happy "Woods For Trees".
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Cat: TARTALB 003. Rel: 14 Apr 14
Deep House
  1. Intro
  2. Itzehoe
  3. Superswiss
  4. Running
  5. Jazz 104
  6. Tamboule Fudgemunk
  7. Quackeljochen
  8. Ohne Erdung
  9. Muholland Drive
  10. Drums Of Death
  11. Vino Rosetto (album mix)
  12. Speed Metal Jesus
  13. Buchsenoffner
  14. Jane (Fur Hannah)
  15. Medley Of The Drifters (skit)
  16. Outro
Review: Riding high on the buzz he has generated in the last twelve months, Max Graef delivers this album to Tartelet as a man very much in demand. His style, fuelled on the foundations of sampling funk and soul to a brilliantly modern end, has more space to breathe on this LP, but still the fundamentals remain. "Itzehoe" struts on a lazy jazzed-out sizzle of drums and beautiful Rhodes notes while "Tamboule Fudgefunk" punches its way through woozy synth work and a righteous beat and "Drums Of Death" struts on a perfect disco groove replete with live instrumentation, but there's a wealth of other tempos and styles all shot through with the homespun jazz charm that Graef has made his own of late.
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out of stock $36.78
Cat: WOJD 01. Rel: 10 Mar 14
Deep House
  1. Royal Dilemma
  2. Royal Insanity
  3. Change 4 Me
  4. Exit #1
  5. 4 Red
Review: ** REPRESS ** Wild Oats come through with the double plated goodness, as the oft-hinted label debut of Jay Daniel arrives in the shape of the Karmatic Equations EP. A resident at Detroit party Fundamentals alongside Kyle Hall, Jay Daniel has been a hot tip ever since he made his 12" debut last year in illustrious fashion with the rugged Scorpio Rising EP for Theo's Sound Signature label. Since then, Daniel has become an increasingly regular presence on the European club circuit - recently making his debut at Panorama Bar - lauded by FACT and dropped a guest mix on Benji B. So you could say there was a sense of expectation surrounding young Jay's next release. The five track Karmatic Equations is likely to be as popular as that SS release, further refining Daniel's rugged approach with C Side cut "Change 4 Me" and the bumping final track "4 Red" likely to be the cuts most selectors pull for again and again. Housed in a full colour reverse board record sleeve and full colour centre labels, Daniel's EP for Wild Oats precedes the promised launch of his own Watusi High label later this year.
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out of stock $18.81
  1. Ny*AK - "U Don't Understand"
  2. Jumping Back Slash - "Bloodlines"
  3. Thatmanmonkz - "Imgettingtiredofyou"
  4. Lay Far - "Many Sided"
out of stock $9.11
  1. Fred P & Jordan - "There Is A Place"
  2. Reggie Dokes presents Koomba Project - "Promises"
  3. Lapien - "Shiver"
  4. XDB - "Nabet"
  5. Ernie & Satore - "Memories Of Polokwane"
  6. 2DeepSoul - "Ikaite"
  7. Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana - "Make Me Feel" (feat Mykle Anthony)
  8. Petr Serkin - "Venus Shuttle"
Review: Ten years of Deep Explorer... The celebration started with "The Capsule remixes 10" that was released 2 months ago, now is closed with this "Far & Beyond", a double pack vinyl where the brothers and heads of the label (Dubbyman & Above Smoke) make their own selection of exclusive material into groove and dark deepest house tunes from artists worldwide.
 in stock $8.26
Cat: LT 004. Rel: 14 Apr 14
Deep House
  1. Pacific Paradise
  2. I Can't
  3. Dry Thoughts
  4. Withoutyou
Review: There's been a lot of discussion recently about "new age house", a decidedly tropical take on analogue deep house with distinct influences from classic ambient house and 1980s new age compositions. Here, Lobster Theremin follows in the footsteps of Mood Hut, Confused House and Future Times (amongst others) with a formidably atmospheric EP from Route 8 (AKA producer Gergely Szilveszter Horvath). Opener "Pacific Paradise" is particularly good, offering an enveloping plunge into ocean-deep waters (think dreamy chords and snappy drum machine rhythms). That said, the darker, fuzzier "I Can't" and "Dry Thoughts" - all bumpin' beats and subtle melodies - are just as good and demonstrate the Budapest-based producer's range.
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out of stock $10.55
  1. Soul Element - "How Bad I Want Ya" (feat Peven Everett)
  2. Soul Element - "How Bad I Want Ya" (feat Peven Everett - Glenn Underground remix)
  3. Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana - "Memento"
  4. Ernie - "Tormenta Tropical"
out of stock $10.25
Cat: D3E 002. Rel: 16 Jun 14
Deep House
  1. Qunu
  2. Days Of Days
  3. Chicago To Detroit
Review: REPRESS ALERT: After kicking off with a delightfully classy deep house EP from Chicago's Strong Souls, D3 Elements presents its second EP from Brian Harden. This long anticipated EP is reminiscent of his upbeat, melodic style that is his trademark after releases on Relief Records, Underground Therapy, NiteLife Collective, Moods And Groove and House 4 Life records.The Black 3 EP opens with "Qunu", a rhythmic homage to South Africa's Nelson Mandela. A complex piece filled with tribal percussions and vibrant melodic sounds that will keep you dancing. "Qunu" creates an addictive rhythm of warmth and color. "Days of Days" is a euphoric affair with lush chords, enticing percussions with a rising bass line. Light and airy with a compelling groove, it's a masterful example of genuine house. "Chicago To Detroit" closes out the release and lives up to it's title, touching on what makes house music from the two Mid West cities so very compelling.
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out of stock $9.11
Cat: MERC 015. Rel: 31 Mar 14
Deep House
  1. Space Flower Girl
  2. The Only Life I Know
  3. Beautiful Day
  4. Leanin'
Review: Back in 2010, Mark E's then-still fledgling Merc label introduced the world to the talents of Chicago Damn with Hold On, a two track exercise in dancefloor pressure that hinted a real talent had been unearthed. That has most certainly come to fruition with subsequent Chicago Damn material for Wurst, Quintessentials, Wolf Music and the producer's own eponymous label. It's great to see the Merc unison in effect once again some four years on, and any DJs that still pull for Chicago Damn's album of last year will most certainly be interested in the four tracks here. From the plucked disco guitars that sit so well on lead track "Space Flower Girl" it's evident that Chicago Damn is supremely confident with his productions right now, and the delay laden approach is really effective on the ugly edit style saunter through latin disco that is "Beautiful Day".
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out of stock $9.11
Cat: BK 008. Rel: 10 Mar 14
Deep House
  1. Life Recorder - "Track Mood"
  2. Life Recorder - "Toms Of Times"
  3. Semerka - "Kandinsky"
  4. Semerka - "Kandinsky" (Fudge Fingas remix)
out of stock $8.55
Cat: DEEPEXPLORER 031. Rel: 21 Apr 14
Deep House
  1. Orion 70 - "The Little King"
  2. Aybee - "In Every Way Feat Omega"
  3. Dozie - "Sensuality"
  4. Orion 70 - "Technoir"
Review: Dubbyman's Deep Explorer label eases into their 31st release with Sounds From The Void a celebration of the production palette of Deepblak founding father Armon Bazile. All four tracks here are pulled from the Deepblak digital archives, with a pair of Orion 70 productions complemented by an Aybee cut and refix of Dozie. First up is the rattling, broken flex of "The Little King", an Orion 70 production from 2007 that's been pressed on vinyl for the first time and sounds just as fresh! "In Every Way" presents Aybee at his most soulful, with a restrained production that gives Omega's vocal the centre stage it deserves. A similar mood pervades Aybee's Midnight Creep refix of Dozie's "Superstar" whilst the taut and punchy "Technoir" from Orion 70 rounds out proceedings in a steadfastly futuristic vein.
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out of stock $11.68
  1. Aaron Arce - "Pressure"
  2. Bipo - "Why?" (extended vocal)
  3. University Of Love featuring MBG - "Vostok 3" (MBG deep Trip)
  4. DJ Trax - "Deep Modern Jazz"
  5. Natureboy - "Euro-Disney" (part 1 & 2)
  6. Dose Of Paradise - "Latin Dream"
  7. Project Democracy - "Is This Dream For Real?" (feat China - psychedub)
  8. Level 3 - "Around The Way (Unknown)"
  9. Caucasian Boy - "In From Behind (Boom Boom Ina Bedroom)"
  10. Manhattan Project - "Saturday Luv"
  11. Vissal - "Get Up On Your Feet" (edit)
  12. The Poets - "Emotion"
Review: Parisian label My Love Is Underground team up with fellow French operation Favourite Records to step into the compilation game with this crucial triple vinyl release put together by Jeremy Underground Paris. Since the label's emergence back in 2010, My Love Is Underground have been at the forefront of championing 90s house music with the supreme knowledge and digging skills of Jeremy Underground Paris leading to a raft of killer reissues as well as music from contemporary producers who tap into this classicist sound. As the title suggests, My Love Is Underground: 12 House Tracks Selected By Jeremy Underground Paris contains a bounty of rare, forgotten and unknown house gems, with Aaron Arce's Jhelisa sampling "Pressure" setting the tone for what to expect. Look out for the wonderfully crunchy "Euro-Disney (part 1 & 2)" from DJ Nature's old Natureboy alias.
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out of stock $31.36
Cat: HM 01. Rel: 24 Mar 14
Deep House
  1. Hardmoon's Theme
  2. Hiss 1
  3. Nobody's Talking
  4. Raal
Review: "Hardmoon London is a new independent platform solely focused to release music by the analog militants who are struggling against the loudness war of digital industry and want to spread the love of that warm, distorted sound exclusively through vinyl or special tapes. The tracks we are going to release are recorded directly on tape without ""the help"" of computers, so that interference, mistakes, and noise are all going to be apart of what's pressed straight onto the 180 grams of throttling hammers grinding away. It's all enclosed within in a special printed sleeve!
The first release comes by way of courtesy from the mysterious Hissman who captures, with his name, the vey essense of the tape's sound: Hissssss... that's the sound you hear when a tape starts rolling.

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out of stock $9.11
Cat: FINA 015. Rel: 07 Apr 14
Deep House
  1. Bang Bang Boogie (feat Mechanical Soul Brother)
  2. Mental State
  3. Roboto Moves
  4. You’re Mine
Review: FINA Records marks its fifteenth release this March/April with Borrowed Indentity's 'Bang Bang Boogie', a four-track single of rugged house and disco grooves. Romanian born now Germany based Borrowed Identity has been releasing gradually creeping out his electronic compositions since late 2011, releasing through reputable imprints such as Supplement Facts, Pets Recordings and Quintessentials to name a few. Picking up support along the way from leading names such as Mike Huckaby, Move D, Brawther and Delano Smith. Here we see Borrowed Identity join the FINA Records roster, a fitting placement for his soul-laden electronic sound. Title cut 'Bang Bang Boogie ft. Mechanical Soul Brother' opens the record, a stab fuelled Chicago house number, employing an amalgamation of organic piano chords, fluttering pads, cutting bass tones and soulful vocal snippets to create a classic house piece, skilfully crafted. Following we have 'Mental State', which again tips its focus to the foundations of house with a gritty acidic bass hook, retro cowbells, shuffling snares and Juno strings, while a seemingly improvised sax melody in the latter stages adds a further charm to the arrangement.
On the latter half of the release we see Borrowed Identity display his diversity as a producer, with 'Roboto Moves' veering into dub territories, animated by dubbed out synth stabs, ethereal bass and a sharp bass hook. We then see the release rounded off with an infectious disco track entitled 'You're Mine', which blends organic rhythms and gospel-style vocals with slap bass licks and funk infused guitar lines to truly close the package in style.
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out of stock $7.70
Cat: MM 34. Rel: 31 Mar 14
Deep House
  1. 3 AM Jazz Club
  2. Thinkin
Review: In terms of making an impressive head turning debut, few can top Dan Shake. With his bow on Mahogani, the London-based producer becomes the first artist to release on Kenny Dixon Jnr's iconic label with no prior affiliation to Detroit. The story goes that whilst in attendance at last year's Dimensions festival, Shake handed KDJ a CDr filled with his productions and soon after found himself signed up for release on the man's label! As you'd expect Dan Shake fits right in on the label with this pair of simmering motor city heaters with the lead track "3 AM Jazz Club" coming across like a sharper Dani Plessow production.
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out of stock $14.82
  1. Back 2 Black (Cuthead remix)
  2. Read My Mind (Fantastic Man remix)
  3. Walk Away (Ben La Desh remix)
out of stock $7.70
  1. James Duncan - "Untitled #2" (7:14)
  2. G Marcell - "Peace Awaited" (6:58)
  3. Gari Romalis - "We Here" (6:52)
  4. Satore - "Tribute To The Roots" (extended mix) (5:53)
Review: Spreading their reach with a various artists release for their fifth bout, the Hizou Deep Rooted crew have a clear vision of the kind of heavy-lidded, keys-rich house music they want to push. James Duncan is in fine form with the hooky looping and sturdy groove of "Untitled #2", while G Marcell lets the Rhodes lead the way in the light and airy funk of "Peace Awaited". On the flip Gari Romalis brings a rougher kind of sound that leans heavy on the dusty drums to create an intense, slow burning atmosphere, leaving it to Satore to finish off with some killer keys played in a subtle style that makes "Tribute To The Roots" an unmissable gem on the end of the record.
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out of stock $13.11
Cat: SECRET 013. Rel: 07 Apr 14
Deep House
  1. What It Is
  2. Drum 1
  3. Unsettling
Review: Having opened proceedings on 2014 with that killer induction from Amir Alexander, Secretsundaze continue to treat the 12" format kindly with a return for the man Flori. Jamie Taylor's been responsible for some of the club-turned-label's finest hours thus far, both with regular partner Ethyl and on a solo flex with the 2012 release Lucy EP. The three tracks on Within Reason are Flori in floor focused mode, something apparent from the very off as "What It Is" grunts along with low slung muscular intent. Complementing this, "Drum 1" percolates away whilst a synth line worthy of Theo Parrish worms its way into your memory, whilst "Unsettling" glides blissfully across the entirety of the B Side - this last one is particularly special.
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out of stock $10.25
Cat: 4LUX 1401. Rel: 21 Apr 14
Deep House
  1. Gang Gang (Alden Tyrell & Gerd remix)
  2. D-Sibe (Marquis Hawkes Basement Jams mix)
  3. About The Groove
  4. D-Sibe (Marquis Hawkes Cocktails On The Lawn mix)
out of stock $9.97
  1. Ernie - "Hoth Stuff"
  2. Brian James - "Kiss The Sun"
  3. Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana - "Contrasts" (feat Mykle Anthony)
  4. Natan H - "Negev"
out of stock $9.97
Cat: DPC 049. Rel: 14 Apr 14
Deep House
  1. Sunday Night (part 1)
  2. Falling Down
  3. Mr Dave Smith Does Acid
  4. Searching
out of stock $7.98
Cat: CFR 008. Rel: 28 Apr 14
Deep House
  1. Zoned
  2. Brazilian Nuts
  3. Zoned (DJ Nature remix)
Review: Red Rack'Em's first release of 2014 comes on City Fly Records, also home to artists like Flori and Kez YM, and Daniel Berman provides them with a three-track 12" complete with a DJ Nature remix of the A-side. "Zone" is a woozy deep house trip with psychedelic vocals and loud interrupting drums, while "Brazilian Nuts" keeps things in a cosmic zone, introducing fragments of electro rhythms and sub-throbbing urban basslines. DJ Nature disco's up his remix of "Zoned", letting light chords set a soft tone while stripping the original of its futuristic elements, creating something a little more grounded in traditional house music aesthetics.
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out of stock $9.41
  1. The New Tower Generation - "Hidden Banana Bug"
  2. The New Tower Generation - "Hidden Banana Bug" (KRL remix)
  3. 7 Citizens - "Muse" (Fluff mix)
  4. Anaxander - "Lets Go Party"
  5. Steven Wobblejay - "Souljay"
  6. Steven Wobblejay - "Souljay" (Mazzomba remix)
  7. Pablo Valentino - "When I Was A Kid"
  8. Pablo Valentino - "When I Was A Kid" (Glenn Astro remix)
out of stock $19.37
Cat: MHR 001. Rel: 21 Apr 14
Deep House
  1. Janeret - "Wild Tunnel"
  2. Bastien Carrara - "Morning Deep"
  3. Supertape - "Nothing Else"
  4. Fabe - "High Stakes"
Review: Mile High Records comes up with a first various artists release including Janeret, Fabe, Supertape and Bastien Carrara. Specially designed for sweaty dancefloors, this versatile 4 track compilation treats different aspects of house music. From deep and spacy cuts to smashing 90's groove.
out of stock $7.70
Cat: SUSH 30. Rel: 07 Apr 14
  1. Free To Explore
  2. Dusk
  3. A Moment Frozen
  4. Still Searching
  5. Behind The Shadows
  6. No Words
  7. Get A Clue
  8. Below The Horizon
  9. Contrast
  10. Panacea
  11. Time Stands Still
Review: Delano Smith has been an integral part of Detroit's musical landscape for nigh on 30 years, but it's only recently that the producer has begun to explore the album format. Back in 2012, Smith released the debut album An Odyssey for Sushitech which was a fine representation of the Detroit-via-Chicago producer's contribution to techno pretty much since its birth. His relationship with Yossi Amoyal's label has only strengthened in the ensuing period, and its little surprise to see that the Sushitech boss has coaxed a second album out of Smith. Entitled Twilight, the eleven track album will please fans of the Mixmode Recordings boss no end, mixing smooth, hypnotic deep house and snappy techno with just the right amount of basement soul and melodic complexity.
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out of stock $37.05
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