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Juno Recommends Deep House September 2021

Juno Recommends Deep House

Juno Recommends Deep House

Juno Recommends Deep House September 2021
Cat: SSMDC 008. Rel: 23 Aug 21
Deep House
The Whistle Song (Cinthie remix) (6:36)
The Whistle Song (Re-directed) (8:04)
Review: The latest release from Director's Cut, the late, great Frankie Knuckles collaboration with long-time studio companion Eric Kupper, offers two fresh remixes of one of the Godfather of House's greatest moments, 1991's 'The Whistle Song' (itself a Kupper compositon, fact fans). Cinthie does a superb job with her A-side remix, re-inventing the track as an immersive, saucer-eyed slab of rushing piano house that just oozes emotion from start to finish. By the time she introduces the track's famous whistling synthesizer melody, you'll be happily lost in the music. Over on the flip you'll find Kupper's 'Redirected' revision, which naturally makes much more of the whistling lead line and the colourful chords and counter melodies he and Knuckles promoted on the Director's Cut project. Fine versions of a classic cut... don't sleep!
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Cat: NDATL 001. Rel: 16 Aug 21
Deep House
Feeding (feat Kemi) (6:43)
Decay (6:50)
Floating (6:59)
KZRC Tyme Dub 1 (5:52)
Review: Atlanta house head Kai Alce is the centre-point of his local scene, but also a revered artist worldwide. His NDATL label is a gold standard when it comes to deeper grooves and now it reissues a remastered version of his The Floating EP. They cuddly depths of 'Feeding' immediately sink you in and 'Decay' then showcases Kai's unique drum programming with a real sense of skip and funk. The title tune has percussion draped organically over lush keys and soulful vox and 'KZRC Time Dub1' is another fine fusion of jazzy keys and louche beats.
out of stock $12.22
Cat: ORN 030. Rel: 09 Aug 21
Deep House
New Speak (7:21)
Old Speak (5:41)
New Speak (Nail remix) (6:38)
Review: Harvey Jones is on a roll this year, landing releases on Ranges and Echocord and promptly following them up with this refined joint for Ornate Music. He's got a full bodied take on tech house that favours deep, meditative moods but expresses them through bold, richly rendered synth lines and crisp but warm drums. 'New Speak' has a taut house groove powering it, but the mellifluous ebb and flow of the chord line keeps things soft and sensual, while 'Old Speak' plumbs into a dub techno irrigation system without shirking it's responsibilities to the dancefloor. Nail's remix of 'New Speak' amps up the bump, hitting that sweet spot where chunky house music can still cool you down.

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Cat: NDATL 013. Rel: 16 Aug 21
Deep House
Take A Chance (vocal) (6:51)
Take A Chance (Larry Heard vocal) (7:10)
Take A Chance (Fingers Ambient vocal mix) (7:27)
Take A Chance (Fingers Ambient instrumental) (7:26)
Review: When it comes to producing deep, sophisticated, musically rich deep house, few are quite as capable as Kai Alce. Even so, there's still something extra-special about "Take A Chance", a thoroughly deep, soulful and lilting excursion full of rolling, African-influenced percussion, eyes-closed trumpet solos and warm, evocative vocals. Alce's hero Larry Heard provides the remixes, firstly under his given name (a typically deep, soulful and dreamy interpretation) and secondly as Mr Fingers. It's these "Ambient Acid" versions - built around restless, lopped electronics and the original's sublime trumpet - that really stand out. Brilliant from start to finish.
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Cat: REKIDS 183. Rel: 17 Jan 22
Deep House
Lock Down (4:36)
The Blame Game (Table Top Idea) (7:21)
Break Free (5:20)
You Mutha Fuka (3:22)
Way Back Then (6:00)
Air We Breathe (Revisited Cassette demo) (7:28)
Break Free (instrumental) (5:11)
If It's All In Your Mind Let It Out (7:26)
Hallucinations Ejaculations (5:30)
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Cat: DSO 003. Rel: 23 Aug 21
Deep House
Boy (5:36)
Wanna Get (4:48)
Review: Mystery act DSO's previous 12" singles were packed with playable treats that added vocals borrowed from classic '80s and '90s soul gems to lovingly crafted deep house grooves. Volume three in the shadowy series takes a similar approach, wrapping the sexiest of classic R&B vocals around luxurious grooves that sit somewhere between shuffling tech-house and more classic-sounding deep house. Choose between 'Boy', a rather lovely Brandy revision full of deep analogue bass, rising and falling electronic melodies and crispy house beats, and 'Wanna Get', a more party-focused workout that re-imagines hip-house for the 21st century.
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Cat: NDATL 032. Rel: 16 Aug 21
Deep House
Build A Bridge (DJ Beloved BPM mix) (7:02)
Build A Bridge (DJ Beloved BPM instrumental) (4:58)
Build A Bridge (original NDATL radio) (3:58)
Build A Bridge (Jihad Muhammad Bang The Drum remix) (8:06)
Build A Bridge (Jihad Muhammad Bang The Drum Piano dub) (7:20)
Review: Few labels have as unique a house sound as Ka Alce's Atlanta imprint NDATL. It is deep, smoky, warm and with jazzy chords and soulful vocals that are all rooted in Black music. Miranda Nicole is next up with a new single that comes with some superb remixes. DJ Beloved's BPM mix is a supple roller that lets the vocal take centre stage. As well as an instrumental is the gorgeous original with its loungey chords and plaintive melodies. On the flip is a more driving but just as deliciously musical Jihad Muhammad Bang The Drum mix plus a final dub. Exquisite.
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Cat: ADR 001. Rel: 23 Aug 21
Deep House
Loving You (Roberto Rodriguez remix) (6:47)
Loving You (Roberto Rodriguez Percapella) (6:31)
Loving You (Ian Pooley dub) (7:16)
Loving You (Ian Pooley remix) (6:45)
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Cat: GRN 02. Rel: 16 Aug 21
Deep House
Bringing The Old School Back (feat Toro Moratto) (7:55)
It's All About The Feeling (7:34)
These New Times (feat Aroop Roy) (6:51)
Vibralove (6:10)
Review: Milan-based label Groovin welcomes Felipe Gordon with a tribute to classic Chicago house, created through the lens prodigious producer from a new generation. Known for his releases on Slowdancing, Razor N Tape and Shall Not Fade, he brings the jazzy vibes once again on the Bringing The Old School Back EP, which does exactly what is says on the tin. It features the emotive late night mood music of the title track (ft. Toro Moratto) that starts things off on a low slung vibe, followed by the ultra deep basement stomp of 'It's All About The Feeling'. Over on the flip, there is a collaboration with British producer Aroop Dee whose vocal delivery compliments the smoky jazz bar loops of 'These New Times' just perfectly.
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Cat: TSOLLP 1. Rel: 16 Aug 21
Deep House
Sweely - "Shut Up & Stay Home" (6:25)
James Andrew - "Fantastic Bombastic" (6:42)
Huerta - "Steve's Limo Track" (5:58)
Anderson - "Freak Sound" (6:30)
Gene On Earth - "BHDD" (9:50)
Liquid Earth - "Yorbalinda Breaks" (6:24)
Voodoos & Taboos - "Golden Age" (5:39)
Sugar Free - "Hazme Sonar" (4:37)
Roza Terenzi - "Snow Dive" (5:02)
Dyed Soundorom - "Up There" (7:18)
DJ Pipe - "Mini Abstract" (6:03)
Noiro - "Achtung, Achtung!" (6:33)
Taslo Valve - "High Sprockets" (6:20)
Review: Gene on Earth has spent the last few years establishing Limousine Dream as an outlet for his productions but has now decided to get other like-minded producers involved. The Sound of Limo, an expansive compilation of previously unheard treats, is his way of introducing us to his new family of artists. There's plenty to set the pulse racing throughout, with highlights including the bouncy and spacey deep house flex of Sweely's 'Shut Up & Stay Home', the pumping, warehouse-ready vibe of Huerta's suitably intergalactic 'Steve's Limo Track', the dreamy breakbeat-house bustle of Liquid Earth's 'Yorbalinda Breaks', the hypnotic dancefloor deepness of Sugar Free's 'Hazme Sonar' and the lolloping, laidback headiness of Roza Terenzi's superb 'Snow Dive'.
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out of stock $34.55
Cat: GUCLSSQS 17. Rel: 16 Aug 21
Deep House
Anglo Saxon Brown - "Disco Music" (6:13)
Asha - "I'm Gonna Dance" (6:23)
Bohannon - "Zulu" (6:03)
Ethnic Stew - "Smoke" (2:41)
Soul Train Gang - "Soul Train" (5:57)
Review: For as long as he has hands, you suspect that Glenn Underground will be turning out edits of the tunes he holds most dear. He is now up to the 17th volume of his on-going series and the quality levels never dip. Opener 'Disco Music' is rightfully very pleased with itself as it ticks all the boxes, but Asha's 'I'm Gonna Dance' hits different with its deeper sound, seductive vocal and cool funk bass. 'Zulu' is a straight-up stomp-a-thon and 'Ethnic Stew' is raw and busy, while Soul Train Gang's 'Soul Train' hurries along at one hundred miles an hour. It's bustling disco-funk gold.
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Cat: MJ 004. Rel: 30 Aug 21
Deep House
Your Love (feat Leroy Burgess) (6:48)
Your Love (feat Leroy Burgess - DJ Aly dub mix) (8:05)
Soul Minimal (Stephan Hoellermann remix) (6:23)
My House (Ron Trent & Chez Damier mix) (7:04)
Review: The Master Jams label has been active for five years now, but this is only its fourth release. And mores the pity to be honest because they always serve real deal house music direct from the source in the United States. They don't come much more revered than Chez Damier, the former Prescription man turned Balance label boss. His house sound is deep, soulful, perfect. The four cuts here show that with vocal stunner 'Your Love' melting your heart, the DJ Aly dub making things more club ready then a Stephan Hoellermann remix and Ron Trent & Chez remix closing out the flip with two lovely house jams.
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Cat: MINDHELMET 04. Rel: 16 Aug 21
Deep House
Sweely - "Forbidden Fruit" (4:33)
Henry Hyde - "What You Said Is Exactly What I Think" (6:34)
Nathan Pinder - "Brain Freeze" (5:35)
DMC - "Nik Nak" (5:50)
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Cat: PRIVATESOCIETY 02. Rel: 30 Aug 21
Deep House
On The Beach (reprise) (3:15)
On The Beach (10:13)
Mystical Sunshine (Fred P Reshape) (8:04)
Mystical Sunshine (Fred P Tribal dub version) (5:32)
Review: Private Society is the new, limited run, vinyl only, hand stamped white label series from the one and only master of the deep, Fred P. The American has been operating in this mode for many years but always finds great new territory, as he does again here. 'On The Beach' is a downbeat cut with jazzy cymbals and the sort of lush pads and heavenly vibes the artist is best known for. A short reprise is provided for jobbing DJs while the flip features two versions of 'Mystical Sunshine.' One is a colourful and synth laced jam and the other is heavier and more dubbed out.
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Cat: MYEDITS 003. Rel: 16 Aug 21
Deep House
Track 1 (5:41)
Track 2 (5:40)
Review: The already much-loved Moxy Edits label is back with a highly anticipated third release. This latest 12" is another hardcore slammer with edgy house beats in the style of DJ Sneak and Derrick Carter defining the two tracks. The first has some party-starting and block-rocking beats with big horns and bigger vocals. It's one to make you sweat for sure. On the flip, more dramatic percussive rolls, hard edge hip hop breaks, firing horns and New York vocals add up to an explosive bit of dance floor weaponry that's as fun as it is functional.
 in stock $13.30
Cat: BERG 015. Rel: 09 Aug 21
Deep House
Illusions (5:21)
Sound Crazy (feat Ben Tidy) (6:30)
Ads Mood (5:14)
Review: The Bergerac label welcomes Tommy Rawson an EP of timeless house here that takes its sonic cues from various different worlds. Super opener 'Illusions' is all about a lovely boogie-synth bassline and hip swinging claps. Its neon chords are soothing and the drums nice and warm. 'Sound Crazy (feat Ben Tidy)' is a more contemporary house jam with plenty of skip in the Afro-tinged drums work and last of all, 'Ads Mood' gets jazzy. The finger clicks, spinning cymbals and gentle patter of toms all make for a perfect loose and fluid groove designed to get floors moving.
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out of stock $11.69
Party Here! (The Chicago Night Life mix) (8:56)
Party Here! (Da After Set dub) (5:36)
Let Me Show U Tha Scene (12:37)
Under Tha Sun (6:22)
Review: Deep house, gospel house, garage house, you name it, Roy Davis Jr can do it. And what's more, the house mainstay has been doing it for decades. This reissue on Groovin Italy was originally put out in 1995 on Downtown 161and still bangs. It epitomises the musical house of the time, with plenty of subtle samples making each groove come alive. 'Party Here!' (The Chicago Night Life mix) is a heady roller with dreamy keys which then becomes a smooth downtempo jam on the Da After Set dub. 'Let Me Show U Tha Scene' is all rough-hewn drums and diva soul samples with a loose beat, and 'Under Tha Sun' brims with piano warmth. Timeless stuff.
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Cat: PSSSH 002. Rel: 09 Aug 21
Deep House
La Nota (4:54)
Steve (4:44)
La Nota (JD Twitch remix) (5:41)
Review: Berlin-based Dauwd Al Hilali is now a veteran of the European house scene. He has landed on the likes of Ghostly International, Pictures Music and Kompakt but is now focusing on his Psssh label. The second offering is another intoxicating take on house music with wooden percussion and rickety drums opening up 'La Nota.' 'Steve' is a much more direct affair, with hammering house drums softened by spaced out pad work. To round out the EP, JD Twitch remixes 'La Nota' into a clattering techno banger with whirring machines and caustic textures.
out of stock $10.37
Cat: SNF 061. Rel: 23 Aug 21
Deep House
Dreaming Of A Disco (6:09)
Imaginary Laughter (6:28)
Private Paradise (8:03)
Sunset Jam (4:45)
Review: The ever-impossible to pin down Shall Not Fade label welcomes back Baltra for a first EP since his last full outing in 2019. The NYC artist's Dreaming Of A Disco EP manages to be both fuzzy, lo-fi and nostalgic but also forward looking and fresh. He opens with hazy disco loops and shimmering 80s chords underpinned by a funky bassline that cannot fail to hook you in. There's a more pumping and sweaty house groove on 'Imaginary Laughter', blissed out Balearic vibes on 'Private Paradise' and gorgeously airy and organic jazz-funk stylings layered over a nice raw four-four beat on closer 'Sunset Jam.'
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Cat: SBLP 002. Rel: 30 Aug 21
Deep House
Soul Wun - "96 To Albert Park" (7:01)
TURF - "Easy Way Out" (4:42)
Joe Cleen - "Chainsmoker" (5:59)
Jesse Bru - "Yellow Sunshine Machine" (7:40)
Felipe Gordon - "Avalancha" (5:01)
Erik Ellmann - "Private Talk" (5:25)
Kristy Harper - "Blissful Denial" (6:24)
Amy Dabbs - "Nebel" (6:30)
Fede Lng & Mojeaux - "Mackie Acid" (feat Raw takes) (4:27)
Two Half Circles - "Daisy's Groove" (4:29)
The Revenge - "High Time" (4:57)
Metropolitan Soul Museum - "Four Dancers" (7:37)
Review: A reflection of the London label's commitment to curating the best in underground dance music, Dancing With Friends is SlothBoogie's outlet to open minds and offer a warm embrace to their fans throughout their 11 year journey. After the success of the inaugural compilation this time last year, they are back with volume two featuring TURF with the funked up disco loops of 'Easy Way Out' reminiscent of classic Chitown tunes by Paul Johnson or DJ Sneak, the likes of Felipe Gordon and Kristy Harper also appear with some proper late night mood music on 'Avalancha' and 'Blissful Denial' respectively, and veteran of the scene The Revenge is in fine form as always on the low slung dirty acid jam 'High Time'.
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 in stock $28.70
Cat: LT 113. Rel: 30 Aug 21
Deep House
4real (6:23)
4real (Crackazat remix) (5:04)
4real (edit) (4:16)
 in stock $12.49
Cat: RH-RH 1. Rel: 09 Aug 21
Deep House
Funky Souls (original mix) (5:36)
Funky Souls (Club 246 mix) (4:41)
out of stock $11.17
Cat: WOLFEP 058RMX. Rel: 23 Aug 21
Deep House
Keep It Dxy (Don Carlos remix) (8:25)
Keep It Dxy (Manny D Sleazy Sunday mix) (4:17)
Review: Manuel Darquart is actually a couple of Kiwis named Louis Anderson-Rich (aka Louie From The Club) and Sean Whitaker, who nowadays live in London. They are back on local imprint Wolf Music after their debut for the label last year with this 10' featuring a couple of nice reworks of the track 'Keep It Dxy'. On the A side, we have got Italian Don Carlos' remix which takes the track into sunny balearic territory, while over on the flip you can enjoy the low-slung broken beat swing of Manny D's Sleazy Sunday mix.
out of stock $13.30
Love Will Find A Way
Love Will Find A Way (St David Luv' Choice remix)
Love Will Find A Way (Nico Lahs remix)
I'm Not Dreamin
Review: During last year's extended pandemic lockdown in Italy, Bari-based producers Rhythm of Paradise, Nico Lags and St David decided to join forces on a collaborative project for the very first time. The results can be heard on this rather good EP, which slickly combines elements of classic Italian deep house and soulful house in cheery, sun-kissed ways. In its original form, 'Love Will Find a Way' is a warming deep house number full of crunchy machine drums, positive-sounding chords, strong female vocals and fluid piano lines. St David provides the first remix, basing the action around spacey pads, sustained electric piano chords and a squelchy synth bassline, before Nico Lahs provides a more hypnotic, thickset take. Slick and soulful number 'I'm Not Dreamin' completes a rock-solid package.
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Cat: DEEPPA 03. Rel: 16 Aug 21
Deep House
Farewell, Koichi (intro) (1:42)
Take Me Back (5:42)
Hear Me Up (5:21)
Last Night I Dreamt About The Sun (4:20)
Louis The Third (6:03)
World Filled With Light (outro) (3:20)
Review: Mr. Ultrafino sent out a message with this new album which explains that Darryl Baalki is a super private person. He grew up just with his mother and his father's music collection. He believed it contained the entirety of the history of recorded music and went about making new sounds using samples of it. Whether that is true or not we don't know, but the music is quality. It's spiritual, deep, enchanting, jazzy house with a broad spectrum of emotions. There are late-night lullabies like 'Louis The Third' and more bumping but still cuddly cuts like 'Hear Me Up' amongst many highlights.
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