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Juno Recommends Deep House: May 2022

Juno Recommends Deep House

Juno Recommends Deep House

Juno Recommends Deep House: May 2022
Cat: KTLP 001V1. Rel: 02 May 22
Deep House
Never Thought (feat Sunchilde - 623 Again vocal) (6:24)
Never Thought (feat Sunchilde - 623 Again instrumental) (6:25)
Get Lost In It (feat Lady Linn - Full vocal main mix) (7:03)
Get Lost In It (feat Lady Linn - instrumental) (7:02)
Review: Later this year Kerri Chandler will release Spaces & Places, his first album in 14 years. Interestingly, the whole album was made "on location", with Chandler taking a small, mobile studio to some of the world's most lauded clubs in order to gain inspiration. This album sampler boasts vocal and instrumental takes on two of the hottest tracks from the set. On side A you'll find 'Never Thought', a wonderfully rolling, bumping and extra-percussive affair recorded at London's Printworks that's rich in deep analogue bass, layered drums and effortless piano motifs. Turn to the flip for 'You Get Lost In It', a more melodious, warming and soulful number that sounds tailor-made not only for the Warehouse Project in Manchester, where it was recorded, but 4am dancefloors the world over.
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Cat: AOS 1016. Rel: 02 May 22
Deep House
Start This Over Again (feat Supercoolwicked) (6:05)
Jump (4:23)
Virgil (feat Mitchell Yoshida) (5:23)
Bend Who (feat Milf Melly & King Milo) (2:41)
Money Hit Da Floor (feat Supercoolwicked & Amir Hassan) (3:49)
Outer Jass Authority (feat Supercoolwicked, De'Sean Jones & Ian Finkelstein) (6:47)
Inner Luv (Intrumental mix) (6:50)
Aaayoooooo (feat Alister Fawnwoda) (5:01)
Multiple Orgasms (5:20)
Ice Cream (feat Alandra O Smith & Supercoolwicked) (5:03)
Can't Change (6:04)
My Momma & 'Nem Said I Don't Have To!!! (4:44)
Miss Hunn'nay (feat Mad Mike Banks) (5:36)
Whale Sex (8:23)
Review: It is no secret that we here at Juno HQ are huge fans of the one and only Alex 'Omar S' Smith. He is a machine when it comes to making music and barely a year goes by without another expansive new album form the Detroit badman. Here comes this year's and it has all the things you would hope for and expect: raw, unfussy but infectious house with dusty drums and 80s synths. Supercoolwicked is a frequently appearing guest who lends these tunes alluring vocal touches while the grooves themselves are subtly, effective tweaks on Smith's tried and tested template. We are here for it.
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Cat: MYS 005R. Rel: 25 Apr 22
Deep House
Opening (1:49)
Dark Intervals (8:11)
Innocence & Inspiration (8:07)
Are You With Me Love? (5:14)
Review: After shining a light on the Garage'n'Breaks of Persian and the Bump'n'House of Brian Bristol, Mysticisms' journeys to a source of love and inspiration, the epicenter of the 90s NYC club music's explosion and development.

Better known as the team behind The African Dream on Eightball Records, they feature on many early 90s NYC who's who of labels including Movin', Strictly Rhythm, Tribal and Oxygen Music Works.

Released as a 12", a 2 x 12" the want of a lot of US labels at the time to mirror the success of Hip Hop saw an attempt to grow House 'projects' from club EPs to being seen as artists via albums. The EP starts with Opening, with warm keys that serve to show this is not your average four tracker, before soon giving way to the deep intensity of Dark Intervals. Tight drums and keys pushing, the vocal samples and swirling atmospherics all yield to a bass calling for loud sound systems.

On the reverse, an immense, spiritual take of NYC music in Innocence And Inspiration. Double bass, swirling arpeggio, tight claps, whistle strings, ridin' jazz fused break-beats and then pure piano cuts through.

To close, Are You With Me My Love?, here included to provide a repost to the grooves that have gone before. A song for sunset and sunrise, with lilting keys, shanty samples, vocal questions and a melancholic horn refrain.

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out of stock $12.69
Rydim #1 (Mello) (6:19)
Rydim #1 (Deep & Nice) (9:47)
Rydim #2 (version) (6:21)
Rydim #2 (Late Night Horn) (7:01)
Rydim #2 (18 & Under (Aah)) (6:47)
Review: Way back in 1990, dub-loving deep house producer Bobby Konders joined forces with fellow NYC house artists Peter Daou and Boyd Jarvis as Rydim. Here the outfit's sole 12", which initially appeared on the legendary Nu Groove imprint, is finally reissued courtesy of Italian label Groovin'. It's full of timeless, bass-heavy deep house, with highlights including the chiming melodies, dreamy chords and chunky grooves of ''Rydim #1: Mello', the organ-sporting after-hours beauty of 'Rydim #1: Deep & Nice', the proto-house-goes-deep house haziness of 'Rydim #2 (version)' and the sparse, faintly foreboding throb of the pleasingly squelchy, intoxicating 'Rydim #2: 18 and Under (Aah)'.
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Cat: DIREC 013. Rel: 11 Apr 22
Deep House
This Is Real (Dazzle Drums mix) (7:13)
Music (Jazuelle Retro Rhapsody) (6:56)
The Spell (Mark E mix) (4:45)
Music (Luciano vocal mix) (10:44)
Review: Charles Webster's 2020 album Decision Time - the veteran East Midlander's first full-lengthi 19 years - was predictably good, but more downtempo and immersive than dancefloor-ready. This EP of remixes from the album is therefore long overdue. The EP-opening Dazzle Drums remix of 'This Is Real' is a luscious slab of jazz and bossa-tinged deep house soul perfection, while Jazuelle's 'Retro Rhapsody' version of 'Music' effortlessly joins the dots between laidback breakbeat, street soul and warming deep house sonics. Over on the flip, Mark E reimagines 'The Spell' as an analogue-rich chunk of gently dreamy deep house hypnotism, while 'Luciano' channels the spirit of Matthew Herbert's greatest micro-house productions on an undulating, soul-enriching full vocal take on 'Music'. Grown-up fare that sounds as good at home as it does in the club.
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Cat: BARN 080AB. Rel: 25 Apr 22
Deep House
Acid Distortion (2:51)
Bhuka (feat Kamohelo) (4:16)
Nowhere Good (feat Bella Boo) (5:24)
Grona Dalen (4:07)
Edgeware Rd (3:25)
'Atra (feat Kristian Harborg) (4:45)
Out Sailing (feat ManTear & Inre Frid) (4:55)
Grape (4:29)
Hold On (3:38)
Sottopassaggio (feat Miljon) (5:43)
One Two (4:19)
Stone Age Jazz (5:54)
Cacti Is Plural (5:32)
Roman Plumbing (feat Kristian Harborg) (3:10)
Ostende (7:33)
Regret Lasagna (4:56)
Jeremy Irons (4:03)
Les Levres Rouges (4:06)
out of stock $55.58
Paolino & Gianni Bini - "Love" (Classic mix) (6:33)
Sasha - "Key To Heaven" (6:14)
Paramour & Adrian Morrison - "Transmutation" (7:51)
Open Spaces - "The Far Side Of The Mood" (5:46)
Review: Rebirth's fresh new 12" is a various artists affair that looks back while striding forwards. It is full of the sort of bliss out, dreamy, soft-edge deep house that is perfect for the warmer months and outdoor dances. Paolino & Gianni Bini lead the way with the effortlessly hazy and lush feeling 'Love' (Classic mix) while Sasha's 'Key To Heaven' is a perfect prog house tune that harks back to the heyday of Renaissance. Paramour & Adrian Morrison then link for the more dark and driving 'Transmutation' which has train track drums and suspensory chords always building but never bubbling over. Open Spaces run out with the widescreen and chunky dub house of 'The Far Side Of The Mood.'
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Cat: NAR 002. Rel: 25 Apr 22
Deep House
Atomic Air (6:31)
Lost Revenue (6:21)
Token (5:41)
One Step Forward (7:08)
Tali (6:34)
Black Box (6:48)
Power To You (6:57)
OP OP (7:04)
Review: The increasingly prominent AnOTR pair make a big statement here with this limited new album Expo Series sone on the No Art Red label. It showcases the sort of house sounds that have made them one of the hottest new breakout acts - all driving baselines and retro video game synths with slinky tech grooves and fresh samples. 'Atomic Air' opens up at a slick speed with ducking and diving beats and mystic chords while 'Tali' is a more stripped back and serene deep house kicker. 'Power to You' then bumps with a nice piano line and 'Op Op' comes out and effective EP.
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Cat: SVD 011. Rel: 25 Apr 22
Deep House
Aura (Kai Alce remix) (6:14)
Aura (Voigtmann remix) (7:57)
Aura (Silverlining Double dub) (11:42)
Review: Silverlining's debut LP, Simulacra, was released earlier in 2021 to wide critical acclaim and support by diggers the world over. One of the most loved tracks was undoubtedly Aura, a keyboard driven, Detroit-inspired jam with a succinct but feverish vocal. For the eleventh edition on the South Londoner's sought-after series, Silverlining has pulled together three sublime remixes of the aforementioned. The first is by Detroit native and Atlanta resident, Kai Alce, who harnesses the original's latent deepness, building an entirely fresh, jazz-driven groove. Next up, is an acid-laden revision by London legend, Voigtmann, who keeps it dark and dirty for the first half of the remix, until he drops in some surprises from the original towards the latter end of the track. The flip sees Silverlining returning to Aura for his Double Dub, that pulls the track into authentic 90s deep house territory before drifting off seamlessly into 5 minutes of ambience.

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out of stock $11.92
Arctic Vibration (4:34)
Arctic Vibration (Osunlade Yoruba Soul mix) (5:09)
Review: Detroit born/Phoenix based Steve Crawford next up on Norm Talley's Upstairs Asylum featuring a killer Yoruba Soul remix.
 in stock $13.50
Cat: RNTR 043. Rel: 11 Apr 22
Deep House
Transmission (6:32)
Sable Sun (with Jon Sable) (6:57)
Tremors (5:37)
Red Light (6:41)
Review: Three years after he concluded a run of fine EPs on Delusions of Grandeur, Ben Sun has brought his musically rich, hard-to-pigeonhole fusion of deep house, jazz-funk and nu-disco to Razor N Tape Reserve for the very first time. He's in fine form, too, skipping between deliciously detailed, musically expansive deep house-disco (the spacey synth solos, rubbery bass, cut-glass strings and nods to Metro Area of 'Transmission'), supremely spacey deep house (Jon Sable hook-up 'Sable Son'), tributes to Chicago house-influenced late 1980s deep synth-pop ('Tremors', which sounds like a cross between Dream 2 Science and the Pet Shop Boys more melancholic moments) and squelchy piano house ('Red Light').
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 in stock $16.41
Cat: TOYT 131. Rel: 14 Apr 22
Deep House
Mangabey - "GUFM" (Folamour remix) (6:55)
Felipe Gordon - "Tell Me Something True" (Pontchartrain remix) (6:55)
Demuja - "Brissy" (5:48)
Sano & Kapote - "Sabrosito Tool" (7:29)
Review: Munk and Kapote's Toy Tonics label can just do no wrong. As well as the essential Support Ukraine Compilation there have been drops this year from Sam Ruffillo and Digital Ivan, and now they're following up the Lost Gomma Mixes 12" with this selection of versions from the Toy Tonics archives. First up Mangabey gets a swirling, psychedelic soul treatment from Folamour, before Pontchartrain gets into a heady deep house stew with Felipe Gordon's 'Tell Me Something True'. Demuja gets the beats bumping and the chords fuzzed out on the killer 'Brissy', while Sano and Kapote round the record off with the cool and deadly piano stabs of 'Sabrosito Tool'.
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out of stock $12.69
Cat: PLE 654036. Rel: 18 Apr 22
Deep House
Do It All Night (7:46)
Do It All Night (Honey Dijon remix) (6:14)
Review: Despite being the First Lady of Detroit dance music, DJ Minx has yet to find fame outside of her home city. 'Do It All Night', her first single for Carl Craig's Planet E label, may just change that. First featured on one of the label's compilations a few years back and now getting a deserved single release, the track is a rolling, heavily electronic house workout marked out by addictively soulful vocals extolling the pleasures of dancing all night. Minx's original version comes accompanied by a heavier, more energetic and thoroughly sweaty revision from Chicago native Honey Dijon. Her version is a darker, warehouse-ready revision that sounds a little like a tougher, more tooled-up take on Kerri Chandler's turn-of-the-century electronic house sound
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 in stock $12.69
Cat: LAU 1201. Rel: 11 Apr 22
Deep House
Lauren (extended) (6:38)
Lauren (instrumental) (6:37)
 in stock $16.41
Cat: SNF 070. Rel: 18 Apr 22
Deep House
Me & You (5:50)
Take Me Back (7:01)
Odyssey (5:50)
Lost In Time (7:26)
 in stock $15.35
Cat: LPY 04. Rel: 11 Apr 22
Deep House
Feel No Hate (6:49)
Don't Think (7:39)
Here In My World (6:31)
No Hassle (5:42)
Review: Fans of Jean F. Cochois (Elias/Jeremy/Drain Pipe) & the Driftwood label, sit up and take note. Catalan producer Adria came to our attention after his sublime contribution to Chikyu-u's digital sideline. Here, he delivers four ultra deep & dubby house tracks, in a similar vein to Driftwood but without the hefty price tag usually associated with the label. Adria is a producer to watch in 2022!

out of stock $11.64
Cat: HEIST 059. Rel: 11 Apr 22
Deep House
Chant Des Oiseaux (feat BeBelle) (6:08)
Skelp Tune (8:08)
Cop Show (7:19)
Henri Rousseau (feat BeBelle) (6:42)
Review: Preapre to be whisked away to someone peaceful and calm with this new EP from Nebraska on Heist Recordings. The opener 'Chant Des Oiseaux (feat BeBelle)' has lush organic chords, watery sounds, bird calls, jungle frogs and much more making it exotic and humid as the drums roll. 'Skelp Tune' ups the ante somewhat with a more taught bassline and floor pumping house sound while 'Cop Show' is a retro disco number with police sirens and hip swinging claps over fat and fleshy kick drums. Last of all is 'Henri Rousseau' (feat BeBelle), another fresh house sound with worldly samples.
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out of stock $10.11
Cat: TOOL 1068. Rel: 25 Apr 22
Deep House
Steels (5:20)
Steels (Catz N Dogs remix) (6:22)
out of stock $15.35
Cat: RSD 022. Rel: 25 Apr 22
Deep House
Transcultural Dance (DEQ rework) (5:14)
From Over The Hills Beyond (6:56)
A Shade Of Victory (5:27)
Review: Blair French returns to Rocksteady Disco with an EP of Afro Cosmic dance floor heat. Picking up from where he left off with his The Art Of Us LP and his recent Razor-N-Tape EP, this 3-tracker sounds like being happily lost in a hot jungle after crash landing your spaceship near a secret party. Tons of drums, chants, flutes, and basslines for those extra special slinky sleazy parties. Limited vinyl pressing, don't sleep.
out of stock $14.29
Cat: FMP 0037. Rel: 18 Apr 22
Deep House
Cranes In The Sky (extended vocal) (9:53)
Cranes In The Sky (DJ Pope Funkhut reprise) (8:27)
Cranes In The Sky (Joe Goddard remix) (9:41)
Cranes In The Sky (Star One KDA Meltdown dub) (4:46)
 in stock $15.35
Cat: PRONTO 000. Rel: 11 Apr 22
Deep House
Shafty Riptide (6:32)
Corners (5:26)
Review: Marcellus Pittman and James Curd go head-to-head on this new collaborative split, hearing two tracks from the Chi-troit musicians and their ability to fuse each other's approaches to minimal house. 'Shafty Riptide' has in it the sonic equivalent of lapping waves; 'chained chords inhale and exhale against the beats, while farty arps bring up the bottom end. 'Corners' takes on a jazzier and folktronickier mood, with odd timings urging on a much more subdued soundscape.
out of stock $13.76
Cat: PURISM 13. Rel: 18 Apr 22
Deep House
What U Want (2021 Late Nite cut) (6:57)
What U Want (Chris Stussy & Djoko remix) (8:47)
What U Want (7:08)
Review: Originally released back in 1994, this was Italian house veteran Enrico Mantini's last appearance on UMM before Flying Records ceased to exist. One of his most highly sought after releases on the secondhand market, it has been played by underground heroes such as Zip over the years. On the A side, we have the deep and emotive mood music of "What U Want" (2021 Late Nite cut) with its classic Stateside swing - a true zeitgeist of a golden era. Over on the flip, new school heroes Chris Stussy & Djoko remix get onboard for a modern reshape followed by the original.
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out of stock $16.15
Cat: YJ 003. Rel: 02 May 22
Deep House
Patrice Scott - "Mood Swings" (6:38)
EDB & Gary Superfly - "The Fifth Floor" (7:12)
Review: Detroit legend Patrice Scott joins forces with EDB and Gary Superfly, delivering a two track tidbit of digestible house curios. Scott's A-sider 'Mood Swings' sonically charts the feeling of melancholic ups and downs via minimal house, nailing the dubiousness of the mood with careful portamentos between strung notes, and blue-noted piano to garnish the ivorian cupcake. 'The Fifth Floor', meanwhile, upends things into a much wider, galactic spacefaring affair, as broken beat drums and acid squelch ground pie-in-the-sky flareups of synth.

 in stock $15.61
Cat: WOLFEP 064. Rel: 25 Apr 22
Deep House
Hafenluft (5:19)
Mad Fox (6:03)
Tinger (feat Nephews) (6:19)
Be Alright (6:01)
Disk Yard (5:07)
Nur Wir (3:59)
Review: Given their confident style, the artist lurking behind the Retromigration moniker already has an impressive track record, and the take on U.S style deep house and J Dilla style instrumental hip-hop they show here is sure to please both DJs and punters alike . Check first the echoing strings, synth chords and twinkling pianos of deep and steppin' house jam 'Hafenluft', before admiring the swirling deep house jazz of 'Mad Fox' and the more driving but similarly jazzy 'Tinger'. Elsewhere, 'Be Alright' is a mid-tempo number that combines deep house elements with flashes of '80s synth funk, while 'Disk Yard' and 'Nur Weir' are dusty, stoner-friendly head-nodders.
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 in stock $13.24
Cat: ENVLP 00215. Rel: 08 May 23
Deep House
Dance Reaction (6:14)
Pina (6:07)
Caught Up (7:39)
Evidence (4:44)
Miura (6:45)
Soft Hoop (4:43)
Orange Alert (5:42)
Square Pattern Aura (5:38)
Atmosphrique (6:35)
Machine Vibes (5:27)
Strut (5:33)
Let's Get (6:23)
 in stock $34.40
Cat: RB 107. Rel: 25 Apr 22
Deep House
Mega Chords (7:34)
Our Signal (6:27)
Telephone (7:17)
Paris Metro (5:23)
Review: Like many producers of club-focused music, Dec Lennon AKA Krystal Klear found himself a little disorientated during the lockdown phase of the pandemic, with the music he made - some of which is showcased on this EP for Running Back - feeling like dancefloor-focused daydreams about a utopian future that may never arrive. You can hear it in opener 'Mega Chords', a hugely colourful, clean and densely layered slab of nu-disco/Balearic deep house fusion, the rushing, Italo-disco-influenced sparkle of 'Our Signal', and the throbbing, trance-infused throb of 'Telephone'. Best of all though is 'Paris Metro', a chunky slab of moody-but-uplifting techno/house/electro-disco fusion.
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out of stock $10.58
Cat: BF 003. Rel: 11 Apr 22
Deep House
Believe In You (extended mix) (7:49)
Believe In You (extended dub) (1:36)
Believe In You (AMF New Yorkshire remix) (7:01)
Believe In You (acappella) (7:13)
Review: Sheffield's Adelphi Music Factory are making no bones about their mission to keep classic piano house music alive. Their drops on the likes of Shall Not Fade and Beat Factory tell you all you need to know, and now they're back on the latter with another slice of peak time crowd-pleasing magic. 'Believe In You' is a vocal led epic to get everyone in hearing distance shaking in celebration, and there's a full complement of mixes from the 'Extended Mix' to the 'Extended Club' to suit your situation. AMF's 'New Yorkshire Remix' rounds the EP off with some proper tuff stuff - a bumping garage take for those who like their house a little spicier.
...Read more
out of stock $13.24
Mogwaa - "Sin Chamba No Gana" (7:20)
Bong Soup - "Dr Eggman" (5:44)
Will Dimaggio - "Yep Yep (Beat)" (6:22)
Logan Sturrock - "Kekschen" (7:48)
out of stock $14.02
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