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Juno Recommends Deep House: April 2024

Juno Recommends Deep House

Juno Recommends Deep House

Juno Recommends Deep House: April 2024
Cat: M45 006. Rel: 08 Apr 24
Deep House
Double A - "Super Badman Riddim" (4:00)
James Nasty - "Fan Dem Off" (3:54)
Review: The Mountain 45 label has been giving us some unique music that cross genres since its inception just a few years ago. Like previous editions, Double A contributes 'Super Badman Riddim' which is both catchy and clever. Featuring James Brown samples thrown in the mix takes this dub related track to the limit of fun. For the B-side, James Nasty's 'Fan Dem Off' with a peak time party song that should take the dancefloor to another level. These attention getters are ideal for being addictively fun and different. It's hard to categorise music like this, which is a sign of its originality.
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Cat: KT 033V. Rel: 15 Apr 24
Deep House
Let It (Give Me Back My Love) (feat AbbieLee) (5:55)
Another Dawn (vocal mix) (5:07)
The Bassline (Kerri Dark mix) (7:09)
The Breeze (7:57)
Review: New Jersey house don Kerri Chandler is rightfully lauded as a hero of the scene. He continues to pour his heart and soul into every record and imbue his music with real-world emotions that elevate his tunes. He is of course a master of a deep but driving sound that borrows from soul, funk and jazz in ignitible ways. The third volume of his Lost & Found EP series on his own label Kaoz Theory is packed with more gold, from the slinky depths of 'Let It (Give Me Back My Love)' to the soul staring vocal work of 'Another Dawn' via more paired back sounds on 'The Bassline' (Kerri Dark mix) and the percussive energy of 'The Breeze.' Yet another essential Kerri 12" for your collection.
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Cat: SHDW 01. Rel: 29 Apr 24
Deep House
The Messiah (7:12)
It Started In Chicago (5:49)
How Does It Feel (6:16)
Changes (6:07)
Review: Newcomers Shadow Pressings lift the lid on their vinyl releasing schedule with a debutante's bang, welcoming a first four-track EP release crafted by none other than an artist taking the label's name. Taking after Chicago and garage house, A-siders 'The Messiah' and 'It Started In Chicago' impress with their full-bodied reveries and beeping repetitions, but neither match the transcendent stringwork, chord progressive poignancies and vocal samply ingenuity of the B1 'How Does It Feel', sure, by our word, to become a modern classic. 'Changes' closes on an indeterminate progressive mood, bridging the gap between styles in a way we don't think we've heard before.
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Cat: UTS 17. Rel: 08 Apr 24
Deep House
That Was Fresh (7:38)
This Is It (6:04)
Feel (6:56)
I'm Fine, Thanks! (7:06)
Review: Kolter, hailing from Cologne, Germany, delivers a fresh - we don't use the word lightly - new four-tracker, 'That Was Fresh'. Centring nominally on the infamous literal breakbeat vocal sample, this EP plays out as a contemporary take on the breakdances and funk backbeats come electronic dance bangers of yore. Beginning with an impossible-missioned eponymous A-sider, before moving into flat beat electro house of 'This Is It' and the cascading metro-synths of 'Feel', before finally concluding on the retro trance rejoinder, 'I'm Fine, Thanks!', there's really something here for everyone.
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Cat: FVR 192. Rel: 15 Apr 24
Deep House
Kerri "Kaoz 6:23" Chandler - "Be There" (Kerri club mix) (8:42)
Slowhouse 2 - "Track 2" (6:26)
Truth - "Emotional" (4:51)
Passion Dance Orchestra - "Inner Dance" (9:57)
Abacus - "Blax Thanxs" (7:40)
Transient - "Higher" (feat Sherman Benton - club mix) (7:09)
Pure Science - "Ekeyz" (8:15)
N'Dambi - "Can't Change Me" (Ron Trent remix) (7:15)
Review: Swiss producer and DJ Lea Lisa gathers together some of her favorite tracks to play out with in a double pack compilation for Favorite Recordings. As you might be able to tell from some of the artists and tracks on here, Lea likes her house music deep, tracky, sometimes soulful and verging on proper techno. Featured here are key tracks like 'Ekeyz' from Pure Science, the club mix of 'Be There' by Kerri Chandler and 'Blax Thanxs' by Abacus. One very desirable addition is the early 90s gem 'Emotional' by Think. This very strong gathering of deep house tracks may be one of the best this year. Act quick and grab a copy.
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Cat: FUSE 057. Rel: 22 Apr 24
Deep House
Zero's Delight (7:01)
State Of Peace (7:34)
Kemickal Affairs (7:23)
Morning Krew (5:52)
Review: LOCKLEAD's Kemickal Affairs EP delivers four tracks designed to ignite dancefloors with an electrifying blend of house vibes. Side-1 kicks off with 'Zero's Delight,' a spirited and slightly jackin' house anthem that sets a fun and sexy tone. Following up is 'State Of Peace,' delving into a more techy and minimal groove, perfect for those seeking a deeper, more introspective vibe. Flipping to Side-2, the title track 'Kemickal Affairs' takes the listener on a journey through a deeper groove, reminiscent of 90s era house sounds but infused with a contemporary energy. Closing out the EP is 'Morning Krew,' characterized by its pumping bassline and seamless fusion of house and tech elements. With its dynamic range and infectious rhythms, Kemickal Affairs is destined to work well on any club floor.
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Frits Wentink - "Jellyfish" (6:55)
DJ Aakmael - "Track 117" (7:08)
Joe Babylon - "Hopp" (5:40)
Rick Wilhite & Jon Easley - "Jada's Pain" (6:23)
Review: Joe Babylon's cultured US label Roundabout Sounds has never rushed music out but when it does serve up new material it is always timeless and top quality. This latest EP is the first installment in the new All Hands series and it features some real house heavyweights. Frits Wentink kicks off with the mystic and lo-fi depths of 'Jellyfish, then DJ Aakmael layers up his soft edge chords and cuddly kicks drums with some muted horn motifs that bring the romance. The label head brings some upright drums and spoken word lyrics for a beautifully warm sound and last of all Detroit royalty Rick Wilhite links with Jon Easley for a final blissed-out and breezy deep house day dream.
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Cat: REKIDS 238. Rel: 01 Apr 24
Deep House
The Lunatics (The Lunatics club mix) (7:24)
The Lunatics (A Clinic Full Of Cynics dub) (8:25)
Review: Radio Slave making a record in tribute to the late, great Terry Hall was not on our bingo card for 2024, but the resultant workout - based on the much-loved vocal hook from 1981 workout 'The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum' - is both undeniably dancefloor-ready and fittingly forthright (the original song was, of course, a scathing commentary on Thatcher-era Britain). The EP-opening 'Club Mix' places at the vocal refrain at the heart of the action, surrounding it with hazy vocalisations, thunderous bass, heavyweight tech-house drums and horn sounds that offer knowing nods to the classic 2 Tone sound. The accompanying 'A Clinic Full of Cynics Dub' leans into the ska sound of the original more, placing echoing horns and steel pan sounds atop a deep, dubby bassline and unfussy house beats.
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Cat: NERO 061. Rel: 01 Apr 24
Deep House
Fred P - "Time Well Spent" (8:21)
Rest Symbol - "Etius Motif" (2:43)
Resonating - "J707" (6:05)
Patrice Scott - "Untitled" (Beat version) (8:55)
Review: Volcov steers the good ship Neroli towards more of that immaculately curated deep gear you know they do so well. The Inside series reaches part three with another heavyweight cast, leading in with the mighty Fred P on the crisp rhythms and considered chord movements of 'Time Well Spent'. Rest Symbol follows up with a powerful strain of synth orchestration which adds a moody intensity to the record, while Resonating creates a raw, seductive beatdown on 'J707' that will satisfy any discerning outboard house fiend. Patrice Scott then seals the deal with a submerged 'Beat Version' of an untitled track that course through snaking rhythms at a slower tempo perfect for some backroom scene setting or creative warm-up blending.
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Beatsbyhand - "Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless)" (feat Kali Mija - Atmos Blaq remix) (6:22)
Crackazat - "Busted" (6:03)
Atmos Blaq - "Kwa Mama" (6:33)
Kid Fonque - "2Sides" (Crackazat remix) (5:16)
 in stock $15.57
Seamus Haji - "Dance With Me" (feat Kathy Brown) (6:08)
Illyus & Barrientos - "Wait" (feat Phebe Edwards) (6:36)
Richard Earnshaw & Mr V - "This House Is Yours" (6:25)
DJ Meme - "Century" (8:08)
Review: Big Love records assembles four talented artists for the 5th edition of A touch of love. The compilation opens with Seamus Haji's 'Dance With Me', a spirited house track featuring Kathy Brown's powerful vocals and a driving beat. Illyus & Barrientos contribute 'Wait' featuring Phebe Edwards, a melodic house track with disco influences, soaring strings and rhythmic percussion. The B-side features Richard Earnshaw & Mr V's 'This House Is Yours', a party-ready disco house track perfect for the dancefloor. DJ Meme's 'Century' concludes the compilation with a deeper, more melodic offering. Together, these four tracks offer some great opportunities to make a dancefloor happy.
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Cat: NG 147. Rel: 22 Apr 24
Deep House
Part Of My Soul (feat Rimarkable) (7:19)
The Music (7:47)
Radik'Hall (7:40)
Cosmic Funk (7:33)
Review: Parisian producer Franck Roger lands on Nu Groove with 'Cosmic Tree' EP, a four-track outing of deep house perfectly at home on the legendary NYC label. Still going strong almost 35 years after its inception, it's nice to see the label is still welcoming fresh talent: Roger delivers a sultry, sauna-dunked steam on 'Part Of My Soul', one of the most contented-sounding house tracks we've heard in a while, thanks in part to the vocal stylings of Rimarkable; then there's the more repetitious ardour of 'Radik'Hall', 'Cosmic Funk' and 'The Music', all of which revel in the purely seductive potentialities of deep house production. "The music just turns me on!"
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Cat: SSM 068V. Rel: 08 Apr 24
Deep House
Sweet Talk (6:01)
Work On That Soon (7:30)
Oscar (7:22)
Dreamsville (5:51)
Review: London based Sosure Records releases their next house music 12". The 'Sweet Talk' EP by Physical Education carries four prime cuts of deep house business on one sweet piece of wax. Fans of Chicago house that are on the jazzy tip are sure to like the title track and 'Work On That Soon' for their ability to move people yet still be deep enough for the discerning house music heads. Our favourite of the lot just might be the ender 'Dreamsville' for its super cool bassline and catchy piano use. This is a strong four tracker that can do some dancefloor damage. A great find.
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Cat: CUNT 034. Rel: 01 Apr 24
Deep House
Work It! (6:39)
This Luv You're Giving Me (5:14)
Bring It Back (5:49)
What Does That Make You Feel? (6:05)
Review: Club U Nite Records has been making some great house records since making their welcomed comeback in 2018. Manhattan Project aka Mellow Man (Andreas Marek) is the label owner is here with his latest EP of new music. Work It offers four classy house tracks for the late-night dancefloor fanbase. No surprise by the title of the track 'Work It!', that it has all the makings of a classic Chicago-inspired track. For those who like Jasper Street Co. sound then you are sure to like 'This Luv You're Giving Me'. There are moments when these give us a gospel house vibe. The B-side has some deep groover in 'Bring It Back' while 'What Does That Make You Feel' verges on a more serene, ambient house vibe. If you are looking for smooth house music with some Chicago influence then look no further than Work It!
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Cat: SYNCRO 46. Rel: 08 Apr 24
Deep House
The Sound Exchange (6:45)
Sonic Tour (6:48)
The Kingdom (8:20)
Review: Fresh from delivering a fine album of drone and ambient excursions on his own Private Society imprint - the inspired Message To The Universe - Fred Peterkin returns to the dancefloor via a surprise outing on Synchrophone. As usual, what's on offer brilliantly blends deep house rhythms and textures with the kind of more spacey and dubbed-out elements more often heard in Detroit techno and hypnotic tech-house. A-side 'The Sound Exchange' is particularly potent, with Peterkin wrapping a typically tough-but-tactile groove in ghostly chords, hand percussion hits and echoing synth riffs. Over on side B, 'The Sonic Tour' is a brighter and more colourful riff on a similar sonic blueprint - albeit with deeper, heavier sub-bass and sustained synth strings - while 'The Kingdom' pairs a thickset groove with sweeping strings and twinkling pianos.
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Cat: MB 002. Rel: 08 Apr 24
Deep House
Am Forplay (6:12)
For Me (6:02)
Sweet Love (dub) (12:51)
Review: Alton Miller doesn't get spoken about as much as he should - he is a genuine Detroit pioneer who played the city's earliest house parties and decades later he is still turning out authentic and emotive deep house. Here he debuts on Mister Bear Records, a new imprint out of Berlin. First up is 'Am Forplay', a mid-tempo roller with heady chords slowly moving through the scales next to smoky vocal coos. 'For Me' is a more edgy and energetic sound with wispy pads darting about like fireflies over more percussive, tech-leaning drums. Last but not least is our standout - 'Sweet Love' (dub) with its delightful vocal and shuffling, cuddly deep house drums soon hypnotising you.
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Cat: SC 1243. Rel: 15 Apr 24
Deep House
Fusion To Illusion (5:02)
Piano Sunset (4:32)
Imagery (4:21)
Blue Water (3:23)
Lost In Palms (4:55)
The Crossing (4:35)
Sensitive (4:07)
Outro (3:10)
Review: The summer is almost here which means this is exactly the sort of record we want to be reaching for. It's a lush and tropical work of idealised disco grooves, deepest house, Balearic, smooth jazz and Mediterranean cool that cries out to be played loud while you sip on cocktails and dream of being somewhere utterly blissful and classy. Dreamy textures define each cut with nice fresh rhythms, glistening chords and lush melodies all sprinkled with delightful percussive detail. Big up to A Vision Of Panorama for serving up a beautiful album that is sure to soundtrack the warmest months of the year for many.
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Cat: NDATL 038. Rel: 29 Apr 24
Deep House
109 (6:28)
Imagination (6:44)
This Is Not A Game (Unxposd mix) (7:09)
102.5 (6:52)
Review: Atlanta's leading deep house outlet NDATL welcomes DJ Aakmael for its next outing and - as always with this producer - the results are smoky and seductive. His signature sound is all about cuddly, dusty drums with deft little melodies, horns or gospel samples that lodge in your mind while you move to his compelling grooves. That's true again here with a Latin-jazz-infused opener in the form of 'Track 109.' 'Imagination' is a truly hypnotic house sound and on the flip are 'This Is Not A Game,' a killer collab with label head Kai Alce, and '102.5' which has a bassline smoother than chocolate. Another doozy from Aakmael, then.
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Cat: VP 009. Rel: 01 Apr 24
Deep House
The City (5:25)
Sky (5:49)
1989 (5:17)
Willow Green (6:02)
Kip's Track (5:46)
Review: With recent missives for Royal Oak and Clone under his belt, Takuya Matsumoto makes his way to Vibes & Pepper with this sure shot grip of five gritty deep house joints crafted the classic way. The flanging hats on 'The City' tell you this is raw gear for the heads, but there's plenty of heart-warming goodness in the wandering basslines and lingering chords to ensure universal appeal. The floatier 'Sky' and Trax-ready '1989' keep up the vintage sound Matsumoto has perfected, but as the likes of deep and stripped-back 'Willow Green' demonstrate, he's also able to reach across a range of moods with his chosen studio approach and the results are golden every time.
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Cat: WOLFEP 074. Rel: 08 Apr 24
Deep House
Cloudin (6:51)
Only Well (5:54)
Just Take It (5:01)
Everybody Knows (4:51)
They Hatin (5:11)
You Win (4:45)
Review: Retromigration's Cloudin is a deep house 12" that offers a great blend of fun, jazzy, and serious tracks. Sometimes, all in the same track. It opens with the title track, which is a proper deep house effort that is techy and fresh, with tribal and psychedelic elements. This is followed by 'Only Well,' which is a jazzy funk track with a nice melody. The third track, 'Just Take It,' is a catchy, slick house track with an addictive melody and hints of disco. Side 2 of the album opens with 'They Hatin',' an urban groove track with cool sound effects, an old skool jazz feel and a 70s sound. The album closes with 'You Win,' a clever, different and unique track. Overall, Cloudin is a great 12" that shows that house music can be much more than just an evolution of disco.
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