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Juno Recommends Brokenbeat / Nu Jazz Best of 2018

Juno Recommends Broken Beat Nu Jazz

Juno Recommends Broken Beat Nu Jazz

Juno Recommends Brokenbeat/Nu Jazz Best of 2018
3 Dec 2018
Cat: 677863 0. Rel: 01 Oct 18
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Locked & Loaded (7:46)
Altitudes (7:03)
On The Run (8:07)
The Seed (7:11)
Review: Back in 2016, legendary Afrobeat drummer Tony Allen approached techno pioneer Jeff Mills with the idea of working together. A series of live gigs and off-the-radar studio sessions followed, with the first fruits of their joint efforts finally appearing on this must-have 10". As you'd expect, the duo's collaborative work combines Allen's traditional Nigerian polyrhythms, traditional Afrobeat instrumentation, and the far-sighted, sci-fi inspired electronic futurism that has always marked out Mills' work. The result is a quartet of cuts that could arguably be described as retro-futurist Afro-tech - all delay-laden beats, basslines and organs subtly sparring with gentle acid lines, Motor City electronics, beguiling deep space textures and shimmering, 31st century motifs. It's arguably Allen's stylistic contributions that dominate, but that's no bad thing.
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out of stock $11.12
Cat: EGLO 36. Rel: 26 Mar 18
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Do Better (6:47)
Technology (2:42)
Circle (3:31)
Sun, Star, Solar (1:13)
Ridin' Round (Sky High) (4:34)
Family (3:50)
La Neta (5:37)
Biggest Joke Of All (5:24)
Underwater (3:18)
Rest In Peace (1:13)
Talk (4:44)
Gave Me My Name (5:18)
Review: Eglo come through with Yellow Memories, the long awaited debut album from Queen bee Fatima! First popping up on the label run by Alex Nut and Floating Points with a vocal contribution to Kleer by FunkinEven, Fatima's been an undeniably soulful presence on Eglo ever since and they've been teasing fans about the idea of a long player from the singer for what seems lie an aeon! Twelve tracks deep, Yellow Memories features button pushing credits from Eglo mainstays Floating Points and fLako along with Sound Signature boss man Theo Parrish, Sa Ra Creative Partners producer Computer Jay, Stones Throw artist (and Madlib's younger brother) Oh No and the wonderfully named Scoop DeVille. Fatima fans will recognise a few of the tracks on the album, with "Techno" and "Circle" issued last summer whilst the Family 12? released earlier this year featured the fLako produced cuts "La Neta" and "Family". Sink in and soak it up!
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 in stock $19.60
Cat: MUKAT 056. Rel: 12 Mar 18
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Kirk Degiorgio Presents As One - "Amalia"
Butti 49 - "Spiritual Rotations"
Review: For the fourth volume in Mukatsuku's ongoing Jazz Classics series, label boss Nik Weston has decided to reissue two lesser-known gems from the nu-jazz era. On side A you'll find Kirk Degiorgio in As One mode, laying down a sublime chunk of sultry jazz bliss that comes laden with virtuoso horn playing and some superb keys-work from then session player Jamie Odell (AKA Jimpster). It was recorded almost 20 years ago, but sounds timeless. Equally as impressive is Butti 49's "Spiritual Radiations", a bright-and-breezy, soul-flecked chunk of jazz positivity that sounds like Rotary Connection jamming with Kyoto Jazz Massive.Juno copies come with an exclusive hand-numbered obi strip not available at other stores plus branded sleeve & sticker.DJ support so far from Spiritland,Faze Action,Nicola Conte, Kalita Records Chris,Nick Emanative,Simon S,Steven Tang and Kay Suzuki
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out of stock $8.75
Cat: JAL 248V. Rel: 06 Jul 20
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Intro (1:08)
Love That I'm In (feat Andy Cooper) (3:58)
Since You've Been Gone (3:21)
Entitled To That (3:43)
Get Down On You (3:35)
Push On (4:05)
Main Event (feat Andy Cooper) (3:37)
Hold You Close (3:43)
Buzzsaw (feat Andy Cooper) (3:54)
Allergic Interlude (1:23)
It Won't Be Me (feat Andy Cooper) (4:35)
Funky Feeling (3:03)
Remedy (feat Dr Syntax) (3:33)
Get On The Floor (3:05)
Review: The Allergies' debut album introduced the world to the way they effortlessly fuse funk, soul, disco, hip-hop and breaks into dancefloor-ready nuggets of ear candy. Taking classic sounds and reshaping them for the modern age is the signature that won them plaudits across the globe. Not ones to rest on their laurels, it hasn't taken long for them to deliver more of the goods on their second full-length album. As well as taking the successful formula of the first record and expanding on their sound, the band enlisted two giants of underground hip-hop to bless mics on the album as well. After a hugely successful collaboration on their debut LP, once again the dynamic lyricism and production skills of the inimitable Andy Cooper (Ugly Duckling) are present and correct in this new collection.
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out of stock $14.57
Cat: 000. Rel: 11 Jun 18
Track 1 (6:36)
Track 2 (6:55)
Review: This tasty 12" sees Italian crate diggers Twice and Volcov each have a go at reworking a 1979 jazz-funk workout from one of krautrock's lesser-celebrated outfits. The original - which, in case you fancy looking it up, isn't actually called "Tomah" - is a brilliant fusion of Brazilian influenced rhythms, sparring electric piano solos and relentless bass. Twice's A-side version maintains the essence of the original, expertly rearranging and extending the various solos to create a mind-altering chunk of breathless dancefloor bliss. Volcov takes a slightly different approach on the flip, turning it into a rolling samba-house groover complete with fluttering clarinet solos. Both versions are superb, and sound like summer anthems in the making.
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out of stock $12.70
Cat: 2043 BLACK. Rel: 14 May 18
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Sunday Avuncular (7:56)
Bauxite, Gypsum & Limestone (6:14)
Mononymous Persons (5:37)
Review: Tathan, Mensah and Dego get brow deep in bruk science once again with three supreme grooves. "Sunday Avuncular" is a rampant fire that's sparked with minimal elements but suddenly whips up into a full uptempo storm. "Bauxite, Gypsum & Limestone" is the smooth talker of the set with its soulful boogie tones and a momentum that gets more and more direct as the track develops. Finally "Mononymous Persons" concludes this special 12" with a staccato beat and groove so wet 2000 Black should consider selling special branded towels. Exceptional.
out of stock $9.27
Cat: ACRELP 011. Rel: 15 Oct 18
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Keep On (10:36)
Potential (5:03)
Errors (10:03)
Breath (feat Kaya Thomas-Dyke) (7:27)
7th October (4:10)
Kyoki (6:02)
Nucleus (6:39)
Brian (2:39)
out of stock $29.40
Cat: BWOOD 0175LP. Rel: 12 Feb 18
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Maisha - "Inside The Acorn" (5:51)
Ezra Collective - "Pure Shade" (6:31)
Moses Boyd - "The Balance" (5:33)
Theon Cross - "Brockley" (3:36)
Nubya Garcia - "Once" (5:25)
Shabaka Hutchings - "Black Skin, Black Masks" (6:59)
Triforce - "Walls" (5:07)
Joe Armon-Jones - "Go See" (7:38)
Kokoroko - "Abusey Junction" (7:03)
Review: We Out Here, Brownswood Recordings' latest compilation, was born out of a desire by label boss Gilles Peterson to capture the essence of London's contemporary jazz scene. To ensure a sense of there "here and now", Peterson invited some of the city's brightest young bands and musicians into the studio in August 2017, recording the results over three action-packed days. The resulting never-heard-before tracks are, for the most part, joyous and thrilling, and range from trad jazz, jazz-funk and Latin jazz to acoustic-electronic fusions and groovy, guitar-laden downtempo explorations. It feels like a glimpse of a scene on the rise, and we wouldn't be surprised if many of those involved become modern British jazz greats in the years to come.
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 in stock $16.69
Cat: MUKAT 059. Rel: 02 Sep 19
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Flying Fantasy (exclusive instrumental version) (4:35)
Rhodes E Serenidade (3:37)
Review: Small repress of the Modern Sun Records founder and experienced jazz-wise producer Marc Friedli AKA Skymark. A-side "Flying Fantasy" originally appeared on the Spanish producer's 2016 album "Resistance Sonore", but is here featured in instrumental form for the first time. If anything, it's better than the original version, largely because we get to revel in Friedli's mazy Fender Rhodes solos, rubbery jazz-funk synth bass and loose-limbed, West London style broken beats. You'll find plenty more jaunty jazz-funk vibes and liquid electric piano solos on B-side cut "Rhodes E Serenidade", which first slipped out way back in 2015. DJ Support so far from Dom Servini, Emanative,Red Greg,Kevin Beadle, Mike Chadwick,Dynamite Cuts & Rocafort Records so far
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out of stock $11.12
Cat: FW 175. Rel: 25 Jun 18
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
90 Degrees (4:08)
Something My Heart Trusts (4:41)
Burn & Rise (2:40)
Heaven (4:59)
Body Needs Healing (4:59)
Review: After her magnetic debut EP for Running Circle in 2017, Nottingham's Yazmin Lacey lands on our charts with her follow-up 12", a piece of work that sounds deeply accomplished and expansive for being her second EP to date. Largely roaming within the jazzo-sphere, When The Sun Dips 90 Degress is a beautifully seductive five-tracker, with the artist's voice reigning supreme over the cascading showers of piano keys and subtle electronics, somehow tapping into the Alice Coltrane sort of vibe. There's no harp here, but plenty of soulful charisma. Fear not thy devout jazz fanatic - this can get real deep and real smooth. It's a broken beat fan's dream some true. More from Lacey is, indeed, expected in the remainder of the year. Marvellous stuff.
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 in stock $13.51
Cat: FW 174. Rel: 05 Dec 22
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Joyous (4:52)
Your Dreams Don't Mean A Thing (5:03)
Sweet Kinch (0:51)
Cold (5:01)
Out Here On My Own (feat Children Of Zeus) (4:13)
Bien (2:30)
2Tone (6:04)
It's About Who You Know (5:14)
Outta Audah (2:22)
Soon Come (1:00)
It's A World Before You (feat Dego) (4:59)
Cupid (feat Uhmeer) (4:24)
Unique (0:59)
Review: The word 'legend' gets banded about rather a lot, but it is certainly applicable to West London scene stalwart Kaidi Tatham. Further confirmation of this elevated status can be found throughout "It's A World Before You", a staggeringly good album that marks the musician-producer's first solo set for some seven years. While rooted in the kind of warm, rich and life-affirming jazz-funk-fuelled broken beat workouts with which Tatham is most readily associated (and they're naturally superb), there's plenty of killer diversions dotted throughout. These include a couple of spacey, soul-flecked ambient rubs, a sublime collaboration with hip-hop/modern soul fusionists Children of Zeus, and a fine head-nodding hip-hop jam featuring rapper Uhmeer. In a word: essential.
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 in stock $26.22
Cat: EGLO 61. Rel: 01 Oct 18
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Only (3:23)
May I (3:30)
Dang (4:36)
Westside (4:20)
Attention Span Of A Cookie (3:32)
I See Faces (4:39)
Take It All (feat Roc Marciano) (2:58)
Somebody Else (3:43)
Caught In A Lie (3:33)
Waltz (2:56)
So Rite (3:28)
Movie (5:15)
Note To Self (1:02)
And Yet It's All Love (3:42)
Review: Fatima Bramme Sey has delivered some fine music over the years, but there's always been a feeling that there's still a genuinely killer album in her that's yet to come out. "And Yet It's All Love", her sophomore set following 2014 debut "Yellow Memories', could well be that set. Featuring 14 brilliant songs that variously touch on summery, sunshine-soaked soul-jazz, head-nodding, R&B-influenced modern soul, Afro-reggae (see the brilliant "Westside"), synth-laden goodness ("Attention Span of a Cookie", "I See Faces"), string-laden spoken word (Roc Marciano hook-up "Take It All"), piano-driven bliss ("Movie") and atmospheric soul-scapes (mournful "Note To Self"), it's undeniably a brilliant piece of work. It's the sort of album that could turn her into a star - and that accolade would be thoroughly deserved.
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out of stock $42.37
Cat: 2044 BLACK. Rel: 29 Oct 18
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Freddie Can't Run Away (5:04)
But You Bring It Up (5:34)
Is Crimbo Really Here (5:41)
In My Life (5:49)
Review: It's already been a great year for Kaidi Tatham, whose summer album "It's A World Before You" on First Word remains one of our favourite full-length sets of 2018. He's in great form once again on this follow-up EP for the 2000 Black imprint he co-helms with pal Dego. All four tracks bristle with his signature jazz-funk focused synthesizer solos and Herbie Hancock style flourishes, as well as plenty of sweaty, floor-friendly broken beats. Killer dancefloor thrills come in the shape of opener "Freddie Can't Run Away" (it's very reminiscent of his 2000s work as Agent K) and "Is Crimbo Really Here", while "But You Bring It Up" and standout "In My Life" both explore slower, deeper and more musically intricate pastures.
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out of stock $10.59
Cat: HR 12S 007. Rel: 28 May 18
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun (12" mix) (4:58)
Kitty Bey (6:28)
Review: It's been a while since we last heard from former United Future Organisation member Toshio Matsuura. He's released very little in the last decade, which is rather surprising given his experience and credentials. Here he goes full-on jazz-funk, serving up a superb cover of Rotary Connection favourite "I Am The Black Gold of the Sun". Unlike the better-known Nuyorican Soul cover from the '90s, Matsura's version feels chunkier, heavier and thrillingly raw, with eyes-closed guitar solos clustering around a guttural groove. Of course, the track's life-affirming piano riff is still present, and Dayme Arocena does a terrific job in providing a suitably wild, passionate lead vocal. The two tracks included on this limited 12 inch are exclusive to this Japan only release and did not feature on the Brownswood long player .
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out of stock $30.19
Cat: VR 178. Rel: 23 Apr 18
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Soulfrito Burnin' (9:55)
Soulfrito Chase (10:16)
out of stock $10.33
Cat: SOUL 012. Rel: 21 May 12
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
NOW (feat Juan Rozoff - Michal Skorutec remix)
Boogie (SOS remix)
NOW (feat Juan Rozoff - Patchworks remix)
You've Got To Have Freedom (feat Janice & Ange - Patchworks remix)
out of stock $10.59
Cat: GOND 12002. Rel: 27 Aug 18
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Colors (2:44)
The Creator Has A Master Plan (5:21)
Love Is Everywhere (4:26)
You've Got To Have Freedom (6:25)
Review: Matthew Halsall's Gondwana label is seeing a busy August what with the imprint flooding our jazz charts with reissues and, of course, new releases such as this wonderful collaborative effort from The Gondwana Orchestra and Dwight Trible. Trible's voice is like silk, running up and down the delicate waves of melodies from the collective, with "Colors" and "The Creator Has A Master Plan" both capable of making the toughest of audiences feel utterly uplifted. On the flip, "Love Is Everywhere" shines bright amid a flurry of flutes and intricate drum percussions, while "You've Got To Have Freedom" rides off a much smoother, deeper sort of vibe that's got a little funk at its core. Wicked.
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 in stock $11.86
Cat: ATALP 006. Rel: 02 Jul 18
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Welcome To Detroit/The Diary (3:55)
Workinonit (2:18)
Stop (2:29)
Dilla (mix 1) (6:46)
Dilla (mix 2) (6:03)
Raw Shit (2:57)
Official/Fall In Love (3:32)
Love (2:33)
So Far To Go (3:49)
ANGEL (6:17)
King (2:29)
Two Can Win (2:33)
Review: Leeds' Abstract Orchestra came through in 2017 with their debut album, Dilla, and it was clear form the start that the ATA imprint knew what they were doing. Led by Rob Mitchell (the saxophonist of The Haggis Horns), the hip-hop ensemble are poised to strike a chord among the house heads and the jazz-dance fanatics, tapping into the core of sample-based music and percussive rhythm. This LP, as the name implies, is a live, orchestral rendition of J Dilla's best and most coveted work; the tracks chosen come from a variety of the legend's recordings, such as Welcome 2 Detroit, Donuts, and the multitude of successive releases that have been released since his untimely passing, back in 2006. For an artist who dedicated so much of his life and passion to live music and organic percussion, this is the perfect ode and a touching way to get closer to the ideas that made these tunes so special in the first place. A collector's delight.
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out of stock $20.39
Cat: 22A 022LP. Rel: 18 Jun 18
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Expansions (6:53)
Yussef's Groove (5:49)
Togo (7:04)
SV Interlude (2:50)
The Shakedown (6:11)
Maria (4:35)
You Decide (6:09)
SV Disco (4:44)
Red Sky At Night (9:21)
Review: The Shakedown is the debut album from Tenderlonious and it features a dream team of top talent he named the 22archestra, who he leads in explosive fashion throughout. Bear witness to the full breadth of 'Tender's technical and compositional skills, spanning masterful executions in jazz, hip-hop, afrobeat, latin and freeform jazz. The 22archestra was conceived after he was invited to record at the legendary Abbey Road Studios. The whole crew was rounded up and the album was recorded during a single eight hour session - a testament to their musicianship and ability to nail a take, which has been equally honed on stage during their intense live performances.
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out of stock $37.87
Cat: HS 033VL. Rel: 11 Jun 18
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Nautilus (With Shawn Lee) (3:55)
Voices (with Hindi Zahra) (3:14)
Mustang (with Budos Band Horns) (3:29)
Mi Condena (with Chico Mann) (4:04)
Cuban Shirt (3:36)
Party Animals (with General Elektriks) (3:50)
White Birds (with Hindi Zahra) (3:49)
My One Girl (with Lateef The Truthspeaker) (3:50)
Ken Park (with General Elektriks & Tommy Guerrero) (4:45)
La Carretilla (with Shawn Lee & Budos Band Horns) (2:59)
Bad Bad Things (3:16)
Sunset Stroll (with General Elektriks) (3:45)
out of stock $20.66
Cat: EAS 019. Rel: 08 Feb 21
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Astri & Riflessi (3:49)
Zodyaco (5:02)
Libra Position (5:34)
Genti Del Mediterraneo (6:16)
Libra Position (reprise) (3:49)
Review: Two years ago, Early Sounds Recordings co-founder Pellegrino S. Snichelotto dished up a debut mini-album that brilliantly joined the dots between Daniele Baldelli style Afro-cosmic grooves and jazz-funk. This is his first outing since and explores similarly sunny and meandering sonic territory, beginning with the languid guitar solos, jaunty electric piano riffs and Tullio de Piscopo style percussion of "Astri & Riflessi". Smoother and deeper dancefloor jazz-funk flavours are provided by "Zodyaco", "Libra Position" is a dub-driven affair rich in spacey synth solos and heavy bass, and "Genti Del Mediterraneo" is a riotous dancefloor workout rich in crunchy Clavinets, elastic slap bass and wild electric piano solos. It is, then, every bit as essential as its fine predecessor.
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out of stock $23.83
Cat: AOTNLP 013. Rel: 02 Apr 18
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
The Promise (2:33)
Call Of The Forrest (3:14)
Crows Feet (4:37)
The Fly & I (1:37)
Winter Bound (6:25)
The Hive (4:16)
The Elderflower (4:26)
Honey Dreams (2:58)
Rain Clouds (3:32)
Honey For A Penny (2:22)
Review: Just when you thought Athens Of The North couldn't be more versatile and innovative, along comes another imagination-arresting, heart-melting concept piece from Warren Hampshire & Greg Foat. Following last year's Galaxies Like Grains Of Sand comes The Honey Bear, an album written to a fictitious children's story where every track tells a new chapter. Ranging from the lilting twangs and pastoral beauty of "The Promise" to the much darker, filmic synth-striking "Winter Bound" and natural soundscapes such as "The Hive", once again it's another fully immersive album that genuinely enshrouds you from start to finish. Not that we'd expect anything less from any of the mavericks involved in this release.
...Read more
out of stock $30.71
Cat: RESEARCH 02. Rel: 26 Feb 18
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
The Magnificent Moon (8:50)
Zwango Zop (4:49)
Im Blau (7:09)
Phase (6:16)
Two Horizons (6:05)
The Gloves Don't Bite (6:46)
Review: Narrowing down Melbourne band Mildlife's style into a genre is almost impossible, as they bond over the desire to push musical boundaries. No strangers to the local band scene, these four longtime friends have been drawing crowds through an epic journey at intimate venues and festivals for the best part of four years. Developing a dynamic live show centered around wild improvisation, they have left punters itching for their first full length studio album. Their debut entitled Phase captures the spirit of their performances, with six tracks that are a kaleidoscope of jams is the interplanetary path between jazz, funk and disco, The perfect amalgamation of cosmic electronics and soulful acoustic instrumentation.
...Read more
out of stock $25.16
Cat: 671643 0. Rel: 12 Feb 18
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Prayer (2:43)
Raven (4:47)
Bardo (7:07)
A Hundred Moons (4:10)
Strid (8:03)
Transient State (5:53)
Return To Text (5:17)
Reactor (6:12)
Window (5:15)
Review: Since bagging the 2014 Mercury Music Prize for sophomore set V.20, GoGo Penguin has become one of the most talked-about outfits around. The self-confessed "very modern piano trio" has succeeded largely due to their far-sighted ability to fuse more traditional jazz and classical music sounds with a surprisingly wide palette of influences, most notably dancefloor-focused 21st century electronic music. On A Humdrum Star, their fourth full length, the Manchester threesome has decided to take a "freer" and more "liberated" approach. The resultant music is every bit as exciting, entertaining and beguiling as you'd expect, with the full-throttle, high-octane dancefloor jazz of "Raven", atmospheric and undulating "Bardo" and gently jazz-funk influenced brilliance of closer "Window" amongst the highlights.
...Read more
out of stock $37.07
Cat: SCEP 424. Rel: 26 Feb 18
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Rio De Janeiro Blue (In The Invisible club mix) (5:50)
This Is What You Are (album version) (7:10)
 in stock $12.98
Cat: GONDLP 009SEBLK. Rel: 21 May 18
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Murmuration (4:11)
Garden Dog Barbecue (3:42)
Kamaloka (5:19)
Fort (3:17)
One Percent (5:34)
Home (5:15)
The Letter (6:08)
To Drown In You (6:22)
Shock & Awe (3:08)
Hopopono (3:53)
Break (4:26)
In Amber (5:46)
Wash (3:36)
Review: Before landing a privileged spot on the legendary Blue Note label, Manchester's GoGo Penguin had released a string of LPs, through Gondwana Records, that have become notoriously difficult to find. Moreover, they are respected by the very best of the contemporary DJs, including Worldwide FM's ever-present Gilles Peterson. This deluxe edition of V2.0, the ensemble's second studio album, will provide you both with a decently-priced copy of the vinyl edition, along with plenty of added bonus takes and interludes that were missing from the original cut. Thanks to subtle waves of electronica and improvisation, GoGo Penguin are putting the "contemporary" into jazz and, along with that, providing us with an LP that is changing conceptions of the genre for younger audiences.
...Read more
 in stock $30.19
Cat: CRC 03. Rel: 12 Nov 18
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Amethyst (feat Nubya Garcia) (6:00)
I Can See (6:51)
I Can See (Rings Around Saturn remix) (9:12)
Review: Synth-wielding Melbourne man Harvey Sutherland has been off the radar since releasing his superb debut album last year. While that was musically expansive, this three-track EP is even more ambitious. A-side "Amethyst", is an utterly brilliant, lilting Afro-jazz fusion of the highest order, with celestial horn riffs and starry-eyed pianos rising above a skittish, Tony Allen-meets-Ginger Baker rhythm. Turn to the flipside for "I Can See", a high-octane, 2000Black style workout heavy on spacey synths and sunset-friendly jazz guitars, and a killer rework of the same track by fellow Aussie Rings Around Saturn that re-imagines it as a bass-heavy chunk of deep space jungle.
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out of stock $11.12
Cat: STRUT 164LP. Rel: 14 May 18
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Tinoge (6:55)
An Angel Fell (8:31)
Land Of Ra (9:19)
Papyrus (7:37)
Soliloquy For Michael Brown (9:21)
Message To My People (7:45)
Warrior Dance (11:03)
Sunset (6:28)
 in stock $24.35
Cat: RREP 02. Rel: 08 Mar 21
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Phase II (part 1) (4:53)
Phase II (part 2) (6:33)
Review: Aussie audio explorers Mildlife made a big impression with their debut album, Phase, which earned copious amounts of praise from the likes of DJ magazine, Mojo, BBC Six Music and The Guardian. Buoyed by this unexpected success, they returned to the studio and recorded "Phase II" - an 11-minute journey split into two parts, here spread across both sides of a 7" single. A-side "Part 1" is a wonderfully languid affair, with the band adding spacey Moog solos and 1960s British spy movie guitars to a lolloping rhythm track that sits somewhere between soul and jazz-funk. The "Part II" flipside version is noticeably slower, groovier and more of a head-trip, with fluttering flute solos rising above the band's impeccable rhythm section and intoxicating aural textures.
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out of stock $15.88
Cat: WARPLP 275. Rel: 29 Jan 18
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Back To Nature (feat Kuauhtli Vasquez & Wixarika Tribe) (7:36)
Tell My Vision (feat Andrew Ashong) (4:16)
Shape The Future (6:19)
On It Maestro (4:13)
Tomorrow (feat LSK) (4:28)
Typical (feat Jordan Rakei) (4:41)
Tenor Fly (2:56)
Citizen Kane (feat Mozez) (3:49)
Deep Shadows (feat Sadie Walker) (3:57)
Gotta Smile (6:43)
The Other Ship (3:56)
out of stock $25.69
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