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Juno Recommends Hip Hop / R&B: May 2024

Juno Recommends Hip Hop/R&B

Juno Recommends Hip Hop/R&B

Juno Recommends Hip Hop/R&B: May 2024
Cat: KH 4503. Rel: 13 May 24
Hip Hop/R&B
One To Grow On (Growin' Like Weeds) (4:44)
One To Grow On (As Tall As Manute Bol) (instrumental) (3:44)
Review: If you are a true boon-bap obsessive you will know that The U.M.C.'s 'One To Grow On' is a prime cut form that sounds heyday back in 1991. It sounds as good now though all these years later and is still the sort of dusty, infectious vibe that new school producers so often try and ape. You can't beat the OGs though and whether you go for the a-side with the hard bars or the more sunny and carefree flip with its sunny flutes and crisp breaks, then this is a 7" for you.
 in stock $16.78
Cat: HOMEHIT 014. Rel: 27 May 24
Hip Hop/R&B
DMX - "Party Up" (4:34)
Terror Squad - "Lean Back" (feat Fat Joe) (4:03)
Review: Two rowdy crunk classics reissued once again via Home Hitters. Focusing their efforts on keeping up the noughties' best but not yet forgotten hits in the genre, two new sickwarns top up the repertoire; first up is Fat Joe & Terror Squad's 'Lean Back', which brings a weighty crunk womp to a square command to lean back and rock away, envisaging a fresh new move for the floor-feet to repeat. Then there's the late DMX's 'Party Up', recalling the legendary rapper's icy, brash and woofy flows, which scrub starkly against a juddering array of militant electronic horns.
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 in stock $14.89
Cat: SWR 031. Rel: 27 May 24
Hip Hop/R&B
Tougher (live At Hollis Park version - Jorun Bombay remix) (2:38)
Who's House (Iive At Hollis Park version - Jorun Bombay remix) (4:03)
Review: Legendary edit king, scalpel master and studio wizard Jorun Bombay is back with more of his expertly articulated remixes. This time his latest 7" comes on Soundweight and finds him reworking a live at Holls Park version of 'Tougher.' It is super short but sweet with raw, bumping breaks, backspins, sleazy vocals and early-era electro stabs. On the flip is 'Who's House' (Iive At Hollis Park version - Jorun Bombay remix) which is a smoother, deep hip-hop roller with feel-good horns and plenty of characterful scratching. Two different but equally effective new joints from Jorun.
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 in stock $13.81
Cat: KK 702. Rel: 27 May 24
Hip Hop/R&B
Pharell - "Frontin" (feat Jay Z) (3:56)
Jay Z - "La La La" (4:24)
Review: Hip Hop Classics delivers two back-to-back partystarters produced by the Neptunes (Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo) at the height of their dyadic powers. Emblematic of the pair's sparse, crisp hitmaking sound - a formula that would do well to score them many a hit from the late 1990s and into the 2000s - we're first met with 'Frontin', an ultra-crisp flirtation in sound that not only established Williams' personal gravitas, but also laid down his snowballing association with Jay Z; and the latter's 'La La La' on the B, a lesser-known gangsta cut by the hova on which a phat Reese takes centre stage.
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 in stock $15.15
Cat: ES 765002. Rel: 13 May 24
Hip Hop/R&B
Strong Island (vocal) (5:06)
Strong Island (instrumental) (5:07)
Review: Another Record Store Day gem here, this time that looks to the golden era of hip-hop and one of its many classic tracks. It finds B-Boy and Empire Slate present a true gem from 1987 that is well and truly deserving of all the plaudits it has had over the years. The original mix is a masterpiece that has never before been released on a 7" format, but that wrong is now righted after 35 years. It has been condensed to fit on a '45 but retains all the glorious and fluid rap that defined the original, all freshly remastered for 2024 on heavyweight wax.

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 in stock $17.86
Cat: TIC 008RE. Rel: 06 May 24
Hip Hop/R&B
The Wu Tang Clan - "CREAM" (4:00)
The Charmels - "As Long As I've Got You" (2:57)
Review: Originally released in 1993 as part of their debut album Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), 'CREAM' epitomises the group's raw energy and streetwise storytelling, blending gritty lyricism with a haunting piano loop. Reflecting the harsh realities of inner-city life along with its infectious hook and vivid verses, it remains a standout track in the Wu-Tang Clan's legendary discography, revered by fans and critics alike for its authenticity and impact. For the B-side we get 'As Long As I've Got You' by The Charmels, a 1967 soul masterpiece that exudes timeless elegance and emotional depth and became the inspiration for Wu-Tang's groundbreaking hit.
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Cat: HHS 101X1. Rel: 06 May 24
Hip Hop/R&B
Life We Choose (3:49)
Nastradoomus (4:05)
Some Of Us Have Angels (4:17)
Project Window (4:51)
Come Get Me (3:59)
Family (3:43)
Quiet Niggas (4:22)
Blaze A 50 (2:37)
If I Ruled The World (5:06)
You Owe Me (4:10)
Review: The late great MF Doom is still sorely missed a few years on from his passing. Fortunately, there is a wealth of musical legacy to enjoy and continue exploring whether for the first time or as a reminder of his mad skills. To that end, this is a reissue of his NAStradoomus Vol 1 album. It comes as part of the 50th anniversary of hip-hop celebrations on special gold vinyl and includes the evergreen MF Doom remix of 'If I Ruled The World'. This special edition comes with a stickered sleeve.
out of stock $24.08
Cat: 016998 541418. Rel: 02 Oct 23
Hip Hop/R&B
Jump Around (3:37)
House Of Pain Anthem (2:39)
Review: Reissued, as it should, via the original label on which this ubiquitous single first made its mark on the world, House Of Pain's 'Jump Around' comes to our attention once more. A spiritual spin-off of Cypress Hill - the track's beatsmith DJ Muggs originally made the beat for the group, and it was only given to House Of Pain after being later rejected by Ice Cube - the song houses an undeniable demonstration of how samples themselves, when worked into the track in the right way, can work just as effectively as melodies in 'hooking' the listener. Notably, the high-pitched squeal, lifted from Chubby Checker's 'Popeye The Hitchhiker', occurs 66 times throughout.
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Cat: BB 1400200. Rel: 20 May 24
Hip Hop/R&B
Poetry (5:01)
My 9mm Goes Bang (4:21)
Review: KRS-One and Boogie Down Productions come together here for Record Store Day 2024 to present their early wonders 'Poetry' and '9mm'. 'Poetry' from 1987, which has a beat famously sampled in MF Doom's 'Doomsday', is an original now valued at L200+. The flip side features the earlier hit 'My 9mm Goes Bang', a precursor to gangster rap with Schooly D and Ice T influences. Remastered for 2024, the original mixes retain their legendary status here and it comes housed in iconic B-Boy labels and sleeves. These tracks represent the essence of early hip-hop and showcase KRS-One's enduring influence and Boogie Down Productions' groundbreaking contributions to the genre's evolution.
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 in stock $16.78
Cat: SWR 031RED. Rel: 27 May 24
Hip Hop/R&B
Tougher (live At Hollis Park version - Jorun Bombay remix) (2:39)
Who's House (live At Hollis Park version - Jorun Bombay remix) (4:04)
Review: Jorun Bombay is king of the edit and an expert wielder of his sonic scalpel and now he is back with a couple of new bits of work that are coming on plain wax but also here, on this limited translucent red vinyl 7". The Soundweight release features a reimagined live-at-Hollis Park version of 'Tougher'. It's a brief but potent track with raw, bumping breaks, gritty vocals, and hints of proto-electro. The B-side offers 'Who's House' (Live at Hollis Park version - Jorun Bombay remix), which is less ragged and a little more smooth and deep and detailed with feel-good horns and distinctive scratching. These two diverse yet equally compelling tracks showcase Jorun's expert touch and innovative approach.
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 in stock $15.96
Cat: LEX 010LPX. Rel: 27 May 24
Hip Hop/R&B
Born-A-MC (3:34)
Ghetto Pop Life (intro) (3:14)
Ghetto Pop Life (2:49)
Omega Supreme (3:13)
What U Sitting On? (feat Tha Liks) (3:45)
The Only One (3:24)
Take Care Of Business (feat J-Zone) (3:40)
That Brooklyn Shit (3:37)
Yoo-Hoo! (4:25)
Copy Cats (feat Prince Po From Organized Konfusion) (3:45)
Don't Do Drugs (3:23)
Medieval (feat The Pharcyde) (4:53)
Bush Boys (3:25)
Here We Go Again (4:20)
I'ma DooMee (Love Letter) (3:06)
Knuckle Sandwhich (2:03)
Review: The reissued Ghetto Pop Life remains a special release to DM + Jemini's fans that showed their ability to bridge the gap between hip-hop's mainstream and underground scenes. The duo's collaboration defies conventional hip-hop politics, focusing instead on delivering a leftfield album that blends playful beats with clever wordplay. Danger Mouse's production acts as a counterweight, crafting soundscapes that draw from hip-hop's history while avoiding regression into old-school tropes. The album's standout tracks, such as 'Born-a-MC' and 'The Only One,' feature infectious hooks and cinematic tones that capture the essence of a guilt-free block party vibe. 20 years later, this album still holds up very well.
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 in stock $24.89
Duel Of The Iron Mics (3:00)
CREAM (2:54)
Mystery Of Chessboxin' (1:47)
Can It All Be So Simple (3:17)
Uzi (Pinky Ring) (3:11)
Interlude (0:31)
Glaciers Of Ice (3:27)
Cherchez La Ghost (3:39)
Criminology (1:34)
Heaven & Hell (2:08)
Bring Da Ruckus (3:09)
Protect Ya Neck (3:32)
Incarcerated Scarfaces (1:40)
Shimmy Shimmy Ya (2:25)
Outro (0:37)
Review: El Michels Affair's Enter the 37th Chamber is a curious exploration of Wu-Tang Clan's iconic beats through live hip-hop instrumentation. While the reinterpretations offer unexpected detours and minor blasphemies, they maintain a sense of familiarity, the dynamic arrangements and hazy, psychedelic atmosphere capturing the sorrow and menace of classic Wu-Tang tracks from a different angle. Standouts like 'C.R.E.A.M.' and 'Criminology' reimagine the original compositions with new layers of instrumentation, while tracks like 'Protect Ya Neck' evoke the soulful vibes of Booker T. & the MGs. Although some interpretations may stray from the original spirit, Enter the 37th Chamber ultimately succeeds as a series of familiar touchstones filtered through El Michels Affair's unique sonic lens. It's a compelling listen for rap-geek curios and fans of sample-based music alike.
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 in stock $31.93
Cat: MILS 011LP. Rel: 20 May 24
Hip Hop/R&B
Fools Good (2:33)
Goldenseal (1:39)
In The Dark (1:51)
Slow Down (1:50)
No Surprises (1:49)
Area Codes (2:37)
Faith (2:22)
Follow The Numbers (2:58)
Grazin' (2:01)
Ruse (1:59)
String Ups (2:19)
Review: The latest installment in The Madlib Invazion Music Library Series, Entry #11, showcases the talents of composer and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Henkel, whose work was sampled on Freddie Gibbs' Bandana album with Madlib. This collection of decelerated rare grooves offers a laidback yet sophisticated blend of jazz and soul-infused library music. Henkel's stripped-back performances on guitar, trumpet, synths and more are deceptively nuanced, creating a cohesive and fulfilling listening experience. Created for easy clearance in film, television, and sampling, these tracks invite listeners to immerse themselves in their atmospheric textures and subtle melodies. Whether enjoyed for contemplative listening or as a source of inspiration for creative projects, Entry number 11 adds another eclectic gem to The Madlib Invazion Music Library Series.
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 in stock $25.43
Cat: STH 20774LP. Rel: 27 May 24
Hip Hop/R&B
Here's A Smirk (3:26)
Methods (4:08)
Jack The Mack (3:10)
Talk About A Girl (1:20)
Red Light Green Light (2:40)
Tell You Something (3:30)
Gatha Round (3:02)
Devotion (1:47)
Apple Juice Break (2:09)
My World Pe Premier (2:41)
Ice Cream Truck (3:39)
Charizma What (3:48)
Fair Weathered Friend (3:40)
Soon To Be Large (4:49)
Pacin' The Floor (1:16)
Review: Big Shots"by Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf, released posthumously in 2003, encapsulates the fleeting brilliance of a partnership tragically cut short. The album showcases Charizma's incredible lyrical work and Peanut Butter Wolf's precise, innovative beats, marking a poignant chapter in hip-hop. Their music, recorded between 1989 and 1993, before Charizma's untimely death, is a fusion of playful and profound, mirroring themes reminiscent of classic friendships in novels. The album combines the sunny disposition of West Coast rap with the intricate, thoughtful production styles akin to East Coast hip-hop, making it a unique hybrid that respects both traditions. Charizma's flow is agile and confident, navigating through beats with an old-school flair that still feels fresh and relevant. Tracks like 'Here's a Smirk' and 'My World Premier' exemplify this dynamic and his rise as a leading voice in the 90s rap scene. Big Shots is a celebration of what was and a poignant reminder of what could have been. The chemistry between Charizma and PB Wolf is palpable. This album not only highlights Charizma's talent but also solidifies Peanut Butter Wolf's legacy as a pivotal figure in the underground hip-hop community.
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 in stock $30.30
Cat: LEX 179LPX3. Rel: 27 May 24
Hip Hop/R&B
All (I) (3:07)
Locked Up (3:50)
Me (4:00)
Knuckle Sandwich (II) (3:47)
Born Again (1:15)
Brooklyn Bazquiat (3:47)
Walk The Walk (4:06)
Where You From (3:53)
Dear Poppa (3:10)
World Music (4:07)
Review: A new album that is not a new album. It was written more than 20 years ago but somehow never saw the light of day until now. It is soul and funk-infused hip-hop gem that follows on from Danger Mouse and Jemini's debut LP, Ghetto Pop Life, which itself is 20 years old in 2024. Inspired by the success of that album, Ghetto Pop Life, the duo went out on tour and also wrote Born Again but shelved it until now. The previously unheard record retains the debut's fun-loving, shit-talking innocence while adopting a more introspective tone. Jemini's free-flowing cadence and Danger Mouse's resonant instrumentals create a classic hip-hop record that blends light-hearted topics with personal, poignant lyrics about redemption and relationships.
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 in stock $41.12
Cat: HC 002. Rel: 06 May 24
Hip Hop/R&B
Limp Bizkit - "N2 Gether Now" (feat Method Man DNA edit) (4:13)
Joe - "Sweet Dreams" (DNA edit) (3:11)
Review: Spanish label Hace Calor returns with a couple more bits of dancefloor fire to get frat parties, student nights and plenty in between all going wild. These two classics take the form of the DJ Premier-produced banger 'N 2 Gether Now' from US shock nu-metal dudes Limp Bizkit, featuring legendary rapper and stoner Method Man. On the flip is 'Street Dreams' by Joe which is an equally huge r&b track that is defined by a sample that was first made big by the late, great Tupac. Specially edited for DJs with a new outro and intro to make their work a little easier, there's no doubt there is one handy weapon to keep in the arsenal.
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 in stock $12.44
Cat: KRUSH 1001. Rel: 20 May 24
Hip Hop/R&B
Yugure (feat DO)
Gouryu (feat Dopeness)
Hamaya (feat Jinmenusagi)
Yugure (feat DO - instrumental)
Gouryu (feat Dopeness - instrumental)
Hamaya (feat Jinmenusagi - instrumental)
Review: Ever-prolific Japanese beat king par excellence DJ Krush is back on it with this triumphant solo album, Saisei. From his roots in the trip hop boom of the mid-90s, Krush has maintained a presence in the culture by working with a huge variety of artists, producing for heavyweights and embracing alternative ideas and approaches. On this double-disc long player he's leaning in on his prowess as a producer, creating a blockbuster sized sound which adds cinematic heft to the boom bap beats and balances funk and soul instrumentation with powerful orchestration and electronic innovation. It's a rich, high-end result brimming with ideas, innovation and originality, but then what else would you expect from DJ Krush?
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 in stock $28.42
Cat: FRANKLIVE 01. Rel: 06 May 24
Hip Hop/R&B
Long Time Gone (Bob Dylan Cover) (2:26)
Thinkin' Bout You (3:20)
Strawberry Swing (3:29)
Forrest Gump (3:27)
Watch The Throne (Medley) (2:16)
Analog 2 (3:25)
Whip Appeal (3:01)
Voodoo (2:00)
Lovecrimes (5:01)
By Your Side (Sade Cover) (4:17)
Novacane (3:55)
White (2:28)
Acura Integurl (4:01)
Swim Good (4:00)
Super Rich Kids (4:35)
We All Try (3:18)
 in stock $30.04
Cat: KO 04. Rel: 06 May 24
Hip Hop/R&B
Just To Get A Rep (0:59)
Mama Said Knock You Out (1:57)
Family Affair (1:51)
My Name Is (1:38)
Din Daa Daa (2:08)
Peter Piper (1:46)
Review: On vinyl only comes the new Knockouts compilation, laying down six acapella utilities to add to the collective turntablist's belt. The Kunming, China label - owned and run by Sausage Fingaz - flaunts an unmatched hip-hop diggership, compiling six un-pass-uppable classics, including those of Mary J. Blige's 'Family Affair', LL Cool J's 'Mama Said Knock You Out', Eminem's 'My Name Is' and Run-DMC's 'Peter Piper'. Specially designed for mashups and remixes, these are exclusively sourced vocal grooves, always to be cherished and celebrated.
 in stock $14.61
Cat: BD 314X. Rel: 13 May 24
Hip Hop/R&B
Crying Through My Teeth (2:23)
The Evidence (2:19)
Chrysanthemums (2:34)
Sir Princess Bad Bitch (2:34)
East Coast Mami (2:21)
Chasing The Bus (3:07)
All Around Los Angeles (2:34)
Slow Dancing In The Kitchen (2:15)
So Fantastic (feat Grand Daddy IU) (1:29)
Eric Adams In The Club (feat Exaktly) (1:55)
Me & All My Niggas (1:37)
Iloveyoufrankiebeverly (2:56)
Career Day (2:17)
Carl Thomas Sliding Down The Wall (2:16)
Yvette's Cooking Show (3:19)
Let Go (2:01)
Review: Yaya Bey's upcoming album Ten Fold, promises to continue her streak of introspective and socially conscious music. Following the impactful releases of Remember Your North Star and Exodus the North Star, her new album delves deeper into her identity and creative expression. With 'Chasing the Bus,' the latest single from the album, Yaya delivers gentle falsetto vocals and wistful lyrics, reflecting on themes of being overlooked and underestimated, both in romantic relationships and within the music industry. The song serves as a poignant reminder for self-affirmation and letting go of the need for validation and Yaya's self-directed music video complements the track's introspective tone, showcasing her artistic vision and creativity, setting up Ten Fold to look like a compelling and thought-provoking exxperience.
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 in stock $24.35
The Manifesto (1:10)
Self Suicide (3:49)
Shit To Me (2:45)
The Alchemist (2:39)
Billy Webb's Lament (0:44)
My DJ (2:41)
Cheap Teeth (1:12)
The Maggot (3:06)
Safe Beats (1:28)
Soap Bar (3:37)
Reverend Love Tug (1:17)
Shotgun (3:24)
You Knows I Loves You (4:27)
Maggot's Stand Up (1:26)
Your Mother's Got A Penis (2:32)
 in stock $20.03
Cat: GET 51535. Rel: 13 May 24
Hip Hop/R&B
Housing The Joint (5:14)
We Get Ill (3:24)
Do It Do It (3:04)
Dedication To All B-boys (3:48)
Get N' Paid (2:46)
Dis Groove Is Bad (4:23)
Parkside 5-2 (5:50)
B-boy Rhyme & Riddle (4:52)
Saturday Night (5:29)
It's Krack (5:51)
Review: Schoolly D's cult Saturday Night! album gets a vibrant revival for Record Store Day 2024 in lemon pepper-coloured vinyl, courtesy of Get On Down. Originally dropped in 1986 on his own imprint, this release is a cornerstone of gangster rap's genesis and would go on to influence generations to come. Featuring ten tracks of pure grit and groove, Schoolly D's beats, all distinctively powered by the legendary TR-909 drum machine, remain timeless on this 1987 expanded edition. With Schoolly's raw and funky signature underlining each tune, this reissue pays homage to the King of Philly's influential sound and makes it a must-cop for all true hip-hop heads.
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 in stock $31.93
Latifah's Had It Up 2 Here (4:26)
Nuff' Of The Ruff' Stuff (3:49)
One Mo' Time (4:45)
Give Me Your Love (3:49)
Love Again (3:41)
Bad As A Mutha (3:58)
Fly Girl (4:03)
Sexy Fancy (3:55)
Nature Of A Sista (3:21)
That's The Way We Flow (3:21)
If You Don't Know (4:58)
How Do I Love Thee (4:57)
 in stock $27.06
Cat: BD 314. Rel: 13 May 24
Hip Hop/R&B
Crying Through My Teeth (2:23)
The Evidence (2:19)
Chrysanthemums (2:34)
Sir Princess Bad Bitch (2:34)
East Coast Mami (2:21)
Chasing The Bus (3:07)
All Around Los Angeles (2:34)
Slow Dancing In The Kitchen (2:15)
So Fantastic (feat Grand Daddy IU) (1:29)
Eric Adams In The Club (feat Exaktly) (1:55)
Me & All My Niggas (1:37)
Iloveyoufrankiebeverly (2:56)
Career Day (2:17)
Carl Thomas Sliding Down The Wall (2:16)
Yvette's Cooking Show (3:19)
Let Go (2:01)
Review: Yaya Bey's forthcoming album Ten Fold is poised to be a continuation of her introspective and socially conscious musical journey. Drawing from the momentum of her previous releases, the album promises to delve deep into Yaya's inner world, exploring themes of identity, creativity, and societal dynamics. Her latest single, 'Chasing the Bus.' shows Yaya's trademark gentle falsetto and reflective lyricism, addressing the feeling of being overlooked and underestimated, both in personal relationships and within the music industry. Through her music, she extends an invitation for listeners to join her on a voyage of self-discovery and resilience.
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 in stock $22.72
Cat: RSE 03891. Rel: 20 May 24
Hip Hop/R&B
YGM (2:57)
Little Math You (1:27)
Full Moon (2:47)
The Things That Hate Us (3:07)
Jewelry (2:45)
Get It To Get Her (3:44)
Domestic Dog (3:15)
Crewed Up (feat Stage One/St Paul Slim/Muja Messiah/YZ/Brother Ali/Toki Wright/Blueprint) (2:46)
What They Sittin' For? (1:41)
That's Not Beef, That's Pork (5:05)
The Old Style (feat cuts By DJ Plain Ole Bill) (2:54)
You Played Yourself (4:23)
Road To The Riches (feat cuts By DJ Plain Ole Bill) (4:44)
Review: Strictly Leakage by Atmosphere is a free internet download that serves as a gift to fans, showcasing the Minnesota duo's strengths in self-aware party-rocking and battle-rap aggression. The album, released as a complement to a series of EPs, features Slug's charismatic and confident delivery over Ant's sample-heavy production reminiscent of late 1980s and early 90s beats. Despite its party-centered themes, Strictly Leakage maintains a reflective and philosophical tone, with tracks like 'The Things That Hate Us' offering tongue-in-cheek commentary on indulgences and societal issues. Slug's storytelling prowess shines on tracks like 'Little Math You,' where he challenges perceptions of identity and authenticity in rap. Overall, Strictly Leakage is a testament to Atmosphere's versatility and creativity, making it a worthwhile reissue on vinyl for fans to get a hold of.
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 in stock $26.52
Cat: OVO 103. Rel: 13 May 24
Hip Hop/R&B
Definition Of Love (3:06)
If This Is Love (3:27)
Another Life (4:26)
Myrrh (3:12)
Celestial (2:51)
Time & Trust (2:26)
Push (feat Omah Lay) (2:32)
Holding In Place (3:30)
Extacy (3:20)
Lucid Dreamer (3:07)
Regardless (3:12)
Outro (If This Is Love) (feat Beau Nox) (1:56)
Hills (3:05)
 in stock $29.50
Cat: EMIV 2122. Rel: 27 May 24
Hip Hop/R&B
Hate (4:03)
Plastic (4:19)
Georgetown (feat John Agard) (3:25)
Polyfilla (3:39)
Desoleil (Brilliant Corners) (feat Sampha) (2:37)
Homerton (feat JNR Williams) (3:07)
Blood On My Nikes (feat Wesley Joseph & Athian Akec) (4:39)
Nobody Knows (Ladas Road) (3:38)
Still (3:25)
Loose Ends (feat Jordan Rakei) (4:55)
A Lasting Place (5:08)
Speed Of Plight (3:41)
The Cycle (3:34)
HGU (3:12)
Ottolenghi (feat Jordan Rakei) (3:53)
Review: Loyle Carner's recent headline performance at the Royal Albert Hall marked a monumental moment in his career, adding another prestigious accolade to his repertoire. With a sold-out crowd of nearly 5300 people, the evening was a transcendent experience, showcasing Carner's talent and conscious message. Accompanied by an extended band, Carner delivered a stripped-back, acoustic-at-times set that captivated the audience for over an hour and a half. Despite the grandeur of the venue, Carner maintained a balanced approach, ensuring that his message and vocals remained the focal point. Special guest appearances from Tom Misch and JNR Williams added to the unforgettable night, filled with captivating storytelling and politically and morally charged themes. Carner's ability to hold the audience's attention with his engaging stage presence was remarkable, making the large venue feel intimate. The inclusion of personal anecdotes and discussions about societal issues added depth to the performance, highlighting Carner's role as an artist with a purpose. A standout moment was the rare performance of 'A Lasting Place,' which showcased a new, reimagined direction for the track. Overall, Carner's performance demonstrated his influence as a force for change in the music industry, using his platform to promote values and morals that resonate with audiences.
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 in stock $36.27
Cat: ENNYEP 002LP. Rel: 13 May 24
Hip Hop/R&B
U Shld Heal (1:34)
No More Naija Men (2:12)
Charge It (3:04)
4am In Central (2:52)
Champagne Problems (2:17)
Take It Slow (feat Loyle Carner) (3:42)
Charge It (feat Smino - remix) (3:20)
 in stock $28.42
Cat: LPMMG 00190C. Rel: 13 May 24
Hip Hop/R&B
Intro (Work) (0:52)
Migrate (1:37)
Substance (1:57)
Hold Me Down (1:52)
Down There (1:52)
We Almost Lost Detroit (1:57)
My Spine (2:04)
Way Back (1:54)
Legend (1:49)
Spoiled Coffee (1:46)
The Turning Key (1:29)
What You Nee (1:52)
Ninety Two (Gone) (2:01)
Without Jan (Mom) (2:01)
Can It Be (2:01)
Invisible (1:56)
My Establishment (1:56)
Press Ya Luck (1:56)
Custom (1:56)
From One To Won (1:56)
Empty World (1:56)
Poverty's Pair Of Dice (1:56)
The Squeeze (1:56)
Born On Halloween (1:56)
Passin' Time (1:56)
The Question (1:56)
My Steelo (Check My Credentials) (1:56)
Too Much (1:56)
Bang Bang (1:56)
Outro (Change) (1:56)
Review: Skilled Trade by Apollo Brown offers a glimpse into the early work of the renowned producer, showing his talent long before his Red Bull Big Tune Championship win and signing to Mello Music Group. Released in 2007, this beat collection demonstrates Brown's mastery of simplicity in production, eschewing elaborate sample choices for familiar yet skillfully arranged material. Despite its simplicity, Skilled Trade exudes a timeless quality that highlights Brown's innate ability to craft instrumentals. Each track resonates with a raw authenticity that speaks to Brown's early genius, setting the stage for his future successes. For listeners unfamiliar with Apollo Brown's early work, Skilled Trade serves as a perfect introduction to his signature sound and artistic vision.
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Cat: LEWIS 11676EP. Rel: 27 May 24
Hip Hop/R&B
Advice (2:57)
The Process (3:00)
What You Wanna Do (4:04)
Do You Right (2:54)
Stand Still (2:30)
Talk About It (3:01)
Advice (instrumental) (2:57)
The Process (instrumental) (3:00)
What You Wanna Do (instrumental) (4:03)
Do You Right (instrumental) (2:54)
Stand Still (instrumental) (2:31)
Talk About It (instrumental) (3:00)
Review: Hometown Heroes are the slick supergroup made up of audiovisual evangelist DJ Yoda, soundsystem shocker Brad Baloo of The Nextmen, and legendary rhyme supplier Edo G hailing from Boston. With the former two names hailing from London, UK, this latest collab makes for yet another heady, across-the-pond communication in sound. The eponymous record, following up April's 'Talk About It' pre-release single, amounts to a nostalgic, scratch-heavy foray into chill boom-bap with Britcore production overtones, making for a niche but skill-flaunting sound, with much wisdom, advice and love poured in.
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