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Rock / Indie / Folk / Metal / Punk / 50s / 60s Recommendations Best of 2017

Juno Recommends Rock/Indie

Juno Recommends Rock/Indie

Rock/Indie/Folk/Metal/Punk/50s/60s Recommendations Best of 2017
12 Dec 2017
Cat: XSS 170272-12. Rel: 27 Jun 05
Rock The Casbah (3:41)
Mustapha Dance (4:24)
The Magnificent Dance (5:39)
The Magnificent Seven (2:16)
out of stock $14.26
Cat: ES 002. Rel: 04 Jul 16
Linda Smith - "I So Liked Spring" (5:27)
Karen Marks - "Cold Cafe" (3:03)
Bruce Langhorne - "Leaving Del Norte" (1:56)
The Seraphims - "Conciousness Of Happening" (2:13)
Gary Davenport - "Sarra" (5:00)
Some Of My Best Friends Are Canadians - "Feeling Sheepish" (4:09)
The Rising Storm - "Frozen Laughter" (3:12)
Warfield Spillers - "Daddy's Little Girl" (4:50)
Joyce Heath - "I Wouldn't Dream Of It" (2:17)
Joe Tossini & Friends - "Wild Dream" (4:29)
Scott Seskind - "I Remember" (2:52)
Angel - "Driving (Down)" (4:28)
Nini Raviolette & Hugo Weris - "Slow" (1:05)
Nora Guthrie - "Home Before Dark" (2:38)
Once - "Joanna" (3:17)
Review: Sky Girl is the work of two noted (but arguably under-appreciated) crate diggers, DJ Sundae and Julien Dechery, and gathers together a veritable treasure trove of obscure material loosely connected by (in the label's own words) "the same longing sentiment". Its' fifteen tracks touch on a variety of hazy, down-tempo styles, and were recorded at various points between 1961 and '91. There's much to admire throughout, from the folksy psychedelic pop of The Rising Storm's "Frozen Laughter", and spoken word eccentricity of Scott Seskind's "I Remember", to the dreamy, eyes-closed ambience of Nini Raviolette & Hugo Weris' "Slow" and string-laden samba-folk of Nora Guthrie's "Home Before Dark".
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 in stock $30.36
Cat: ERC 036/MT 009. Rel: 02 Oct 17
Sudaniyya (Minimal mix)
Screaming (To Be With You)
Simple Helen
Shake The Mind
I Looked For You
Some Day Soon (Burn mix)
She Steals Cars
Rattling Ghosts
Take Me To The Beach
They Made Them Up
Review: Emotional Rescue and Malka Tuti recognise their shared passion for globe-trotting sounds and team up to present this album from C Cat Trance, a project from John Rees Lewis who was formerly of post punkers Medium Medium. It's no surprise to learn that this was a project of the 1980s, as all the hallmarks are there. With the same outernational attitude that made the work of Eno, Hassell, Czukay, Wobble and scores more so alluring, this collection shines a light on a true gem of the era and provides a fresh pressing of some stone cold leftfield party groovers like "Shake The Mind".
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out of stock $16.36
Cat: 889854 561116. Rel: 04 Sep 17
Oh Baby (5:47)
Other Voices (6:36)
I Used To (5:29)
Change Yr Mind (4:53)
How Do You Sleep? (9:10)
Tonite (5:45)
Call The Police (6:52)
American Dream (6:03)
Emotional Haircut (5:25)
Black Screen (11:49)
Review: Six years ago, an iconic and emotional concert at Madison Square Gardens marked the end of LCD Soundsystem. The accompanying documentary 'Shut Up and Play The Hits' delved into frontman James Murphy's reasons for the decision, with self-examination, a need for change and a fear of old age playing a part. Fast forward to 2017, and the surprise release of three singles accompanying the announcement of a comeback album triggers anticipation and a sigh of relief from fans everywhere. 'American Dream' meets expectations and at times surpasses them, with the familiar driving disco rhythms, strutting funk basslines and heartfelt morning-after-the-night-before ballads feeling like a well-needed catch up with an old friend. The current musical, social and political climates provide Murphy with platforms for his self-effacing and acerbic witticisms. This strong return to form was needed now perhaps more than ever, but simultaneously feels like they never left in the first place.
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 in stock $30.10
Cat: ALNLP 45. Rel: 24 Oct 16
Barry Woolnough - "Great Father Spirit In The Sky" (mix 1 - Gods Waiting Room part 1) (4:31)
David Holmes & Steve Jones - "The Reiki Healer From County Down" (exclusive track) (3:50)
The Children Of Sunshine - "It's A Long Way To Heaven" (2:00)
Spark Sparkle - "Slythtovery" (exclusive track) (2:43)
Alain Maclean - "Talking Judgement Day Blues" (2:55)
David Crosby - "Orleans" (1:35)
Buddy Holly - "Love Is Strange" (3:12)
After Dinner - "Paradise Of Replica " (Gods Waiting Room part 2) (2:47)
Lullaby Movement - "Ru-Ru (Sleep Little Baby)" (3:49)
Jeff Bridges & Keefus Ciancia - "It's In Every One Of Us" (exclusive track) (6:26)
Song Sung - "I'm Not In Love" (6:22)
Neo Maya - "I Won't Hurt You" (Gods Waiting Room part 3) (2:20)
BP Fallon & David Holmes - "Henry McCullough" (exclusive track) (4:55)
Documenta - "Love As A Ghost " (5:25)
Keith Fullerton Whitman - "Stereo Music For Acoustic Guitar, Buchla Music Box 100, Hewlett Packard Model 236 Oscillator, Electric Guitar & Computer" (part 1) (2:41)
Eat Lights Become Lights - "Into Forever" (Gods Waiting Room part 4) (5:25)
Geese - "Andrew Parsnip" (exclusive track) (3:54)
Die Hexen - "Gloomy Sunday" (exclusive track) (3:11)
David Holmes & Jon Hopkins - "Elsewhere Anchises " (feat Stephen Rea - exclusive track) (4:53)
Review: Treading an eclectic path through a twenty year career that's taken in everything from Detroit techno to vintage French ye-ye, from breakbeat-driven floor-fillers to krautrock epiphanies, David Holmes has made his name predominantly as an exemplary crate-digger and aesthete, whether soundtracking Steven Soderbergh movies or dishing our albums of his own. Thus, it comes as no surprise that this compilation - marking something of a personal journey for Holmes - is reflective of his status as an exemplary man of taste. Whether dispensing classics by the likes of David Crosby or Buddy Holly, unreleased original solo material or killer obscurities from everyone from modular synthesis cultist Keith Fullerton Whitman to Hollywood legend Jeff Bridges, this stylish nocturnal travelogue puts the listener resolutely in safe hands.
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 in stock $26.40
Phantom Band/Linear Johnson & The Protons - "Rush Rush"
Drums Off Chaos - "Drums Off Chaos"
Review: The sadly departed Jaki Liebezeit was the kind of drummer whose influence will be continually recognised over the decades to come. Best known for his work in Can, there are also many more sides to this singular sticksman, and Emotional Rescue has chosen to shine a light on his post-Can period living in Stollwerck. On the A side of this 7" curio is the sound of Phantom Band with Linear Johnson & The Protons. "Rush Rush" has a spiky new wave bent to it, but still Liebezeit's drumming stands out. The B side "Drums Off Chaos" need little explanation - it's the sound of one of the all-time drumming greats letting rip in a ferocious blast of percussive abandon.
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out of stock $8.97
La Flute Des Mornes (7:44)
La Ronde Des Ecoliers (6:47)
Crepuscule Tropical (5:38)
Balade Dans La Foret D'ajoupa (10:36)
La Baie Du Robert (7:47)
out of stock $20.59
Cat: GARZEN 006LP. Rel: 14 Aug 17
Ride The Sus (3:38)
Tantram Power (4:32)
What Is In Your Head (3:02)
Piper Work (4:21)
Tarzan Blues (3:25)
Relaxation (For Your Mind & Body) (1:45)
Cooked Banana (4:00)
Shlomit (3:35)
Loosen (3:59)
Shir1 (4:05)
Talmood (4:19)
Into Your Arms (2:29)
Review: Primarily known for their work in electronic and house music, Israeli duo Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi have always worked with a left-of-centre focus, an inclusive pulling together of disparate influence and patchwork sonics, framing everything with a largely club-ready sound. Throughout 'The Beach Goths', their roots and influences are audible all at once, retracing steps of post-punk, weird bleep, soundtrack, garage, psychedelia and more, skewed in such a way as to make this full-length simultaneously engaging, recognisable, and most of all - totally unusual and unique to them.
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out of stock $36.70
Cat: WARPLP 265. Rel: 04 Apr 16
Petals (2:31)
A Mineral Love (3:13)
Raxeira (2:49)
Town & Country (3:58)
Feeling (3:24)
The Way You Talk (feat Gotye) (2:41)
With The Thought Of Us (3:42)
Why So Serious? (feat Olivier St Louis) (4:45)
C'est La Vie (3:22)
Wren Tails (1:29)
Gasoline & Mirrors (feat Wax Stag) (5:41)
Saint Thomas (3:35)
Light Up The Sky (3:35)
Review: Stephen Wilkinson has now made some seven albums under the auspices of Bibio, all the while notably avoiding any kind of genre restrictions in his pursuit of a unique and affecting style that somehow embraces glacial ambience, folk, jazz, reggae and '70s rock along its path. 'A Mineral Love', meanwhile, takes a nature-inclined theme and uses it to create a delicate and seductive record that is as engaging as it is stylistically elusive. At all times though, a flair for melody and texture prevails throughout these ditties, ultimately creating something not unlike an imaginary John Martyn as produced by Four Tet in 1982 - and as strange and beguiling as that sounds.
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out of stock $20.33
Cat: HNRLP 010. Rel: 29 May 17
Psych/Garage Rock
Mangsebung (8:26)
Greven (6:03)
Meh-Teh (3:32)
Bardo (7:15)
Gangri (3:40)
Nautilus (4:57)
Sen Sen No Sen (8:25)
Shadows (6:20)
Review: That an album spends a relatively long time in gestation is not necessarily a bad thing, nor a mark of its quality. Fontan, the Swedish duo formed of Johan Melin and Jesper Jarold, released their second album 'Winterhwila' back in 2009. Their self-titled third full-length shows that its long period of development and perfection has benefitted it, and the band, greatly. Fontan is a record of widescreen psychedelic hypnotics, with lilts of space-age kraut-rock, ambient, hip-hop beats and cosmic disco with an impeccable kaleidoscopic backdrop of production. Overall, it's a pretty flawless album and undoubtedly one of the finest released this year.
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out of stock $25.88
Cat: STS 317LP. Rel: 04 Sep 17
Psych/Garage Rock
Peri Banu Vid Sjon (version) (5:05)
Aladdin Och Lampan (version 1) (7:12)
Achmed Och Peri Banu (version) (4:36)
Kalifen (version) (7:30)
Haxan (version) (7:02)
Achmed Flyger (version 1) (5:06)
Trollkarlen Och Fageldrakten (version 1) (5:44)
Achmed Flyger (version 2) (5:53)
Aladdin Och Lampan (version 2) (5:09)
Trollkarlen Och Fageldrakten (Verson 2) (9:30)
Review: It's either regrettable or fascinating when an artist established in one genre reinterprets an album by an artist established in another. Thankfully, Norwegian producer Prins Thomas' versions of Swedish psychedelic group Dungen's 2016 album 'Haxan' falls into the latter category. The new revisions respectfully hold on to the progressive and psychedelic leanings of the original analogue tapes on which they are based, whilst expanding them into a richer, warmer and more spacious production. Though it's not quite the Nordic disco/house we would normally expect of Prins Thomas, his 'Haxan' versions prove to be a compelling listen and are ultimately testament to the producer's musical versatility.
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out of stock $13.47
Cat: WIGLP 325X. Rel: 27 Feb 17
Keep Your Name (4:29)
Death Spiral (5:07)
Up The Hudson (7:31)
Work Together (4:21)
Little Bubble (5:05)
Winner Take Nothing (4:49)
Ascent Through Clouds (6:55)
Cool Your Heart (3:49)
I See You (6:05)
out of stock $26.14
Cat: B303/GNP 113 X. Rel: 10 Apr 17
Rene Touzet - "El Loco Cha Cha" (3:01)
Chuck Berry - "Havana Moon" (3:08)
out of stock $6.87
Cat: WEDGELP 00117. Rel: 13 Feb 17
Tiwayyen (3:44)
Sastanaqqam (3:22)
Nizzagh Ijbal (3:39)
Hayati (3:21)
Ittus (3:44)
Tenere Taqqal (4:26)
Imidiwan N-Akkal-In (3:33)
Talyat (4:13)
Assawt (3:38)
Arhegh Ad Annagh (2:46)
Nannuflay (9:33)
Nizzagh Ijbal
Tenere Taqqal
Imidiwan N-Akkal-In
Arhegh Ad Annagh
out of stock $24.56
Cat: CAK 121LP. Rel: 17 Jul 17
Mirage (5:09)
No Show (3:14)
Mona Lisa (4:25)
Pavement (2:20)
Don't Try (4:24)
Windows (4:14)
Embarcadero (2:46)
Girl Like You (3:45)
You & I (3:51)
Labyrinth (4:01)
Inside My Head (4:11)
WIWWTW (4:37)
(Be) (2:33)
Review: Far from his origins are a progenitor of chillwave and a man whose sound was synonymous with a certain kind of hazed-out and blissful abstraction, Chaz Bear has changed up his act considerably in the intervening in the years, embarding a funkier and fuller sound whilst also coming to the fore as a lead vocalist and personality. 'Boo Boo' is every bit as obsessed with the sounds and styles of the '80s as ever, yet the cherry-picking here goes above and beyond anything he's attempted before, embracing the limber lustiness of Prince once moment and the ashen-faced dirges of early Cure the next - yet crucially amidst this indie-RnB hybrid there's a seductive yearning that remains Bear's calling card and separates these moods and cadences from any other hipsterati troubadour on the block.
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out of stock $31.67
Cat: BF 0104LP. Rel: 06 Nov 17
Take Me Back (3:24)
The World That We Live In (3:12)
Don't Forget A Mile (4:08)
What Do We Own (3:49)
Home Again (3:49)
Keep Moving (3:17)
Dig A Little Deeper (4:01)
Ain't Got No Business To Die (3:09)
The Boogey Man (3:29)
Troubles (4:02)
out of stock $20.59
Cat: 371500 2. Rel: 05 Oct 15
Drive To Our End (4:18)
Lackluster No (3:55)
We Are Golden (4:36)
No Controversy (4:01)
My Song 9 (4:07)
Queen Is Dead (5:50)
Evil (4:27)
Starmaker (5:11)
out of stock $21.11
Ngozi Family - "Hi Babe"
Musi-O-Tunya - "Musi-O-Tunya"
Witch - "You Better Know"
Blackfoot - "Running"
Dr Footswitch - "Everyday Has Got A New Dream"
Chrissy Debby Tembo - "Born Black"
Salty Dog - "Fast"
Teddy Chisi - "Funky Lady"
Crossbones - "Rain & Sunshine"
Born Free - "I Don't Know"
Five Revolutions - "Fwe Bena Zambia"
Amanaz - "Khala My Friend" (Reverb version)
Ricky Banda - "Who's That Guy"
Machine Gunners - "Changa Namwele"
Keith Mlevhu - "Dzikolino Ni Zambia"
Cosmos Zani - "Poverty"
out of stock $15.31
Diablo Rojo
Stairway To Heaven
Juan Loco
Senorita (bonus track)
Amuleto (bonus track)
Tamacun (live At The Olympia Theatre)
One/Take 5 (Medley)
Mr. Tang
Diablo Rojo
Live At The Olympia Theatre (DVD)
out of stock $17.94
Cat: ERC 046-2/MT 013. Rel: 04 Jun 18
Red Axes - "Shake The Mind"
Jamie Paton - "Take Me To The Beach"
Prins Thomas - "Sudaniyya"
Khidja - "Simple Helen" (feat Borusiade)
Review: Emotional Rescue and Malka Tuti serve up another round of top shelf remixes and revisions of John Rees Lewis' mid-late 80s project C Cat Trance, following in the wake of the Screaming Ghosts compilation. First up to bat are Red Axes, who bring a seductive line in loose and limber drumming to "Shake The Mind" that should suit the Fourth World dancefloor massive just fine. Jamie Paton brings a tough, clamouring intensity to "Take Me To The Beach," while Prins Thomas takes a truly spiritual approach when weaving the intricate arpeggios and percussion of "Sudaniyya." Khidja and Borusiade team up on "Simple Helen," presenting a dense and hazy trip into exotic territory with sinister undertones.
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out of stock $7.39
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