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Juno Recommends Funk / Rare Groove / Reissues : April 2024

Juno Recommends Funk

Juno Recommends Funk

Juno Recommends Funk/Rare Groove/Reissues : April 2024
1 May 2024
Cat: FF 45027. Rel: 06 May 24
CREAM (3:22)
Wild Kick (3:31)
Review: Weighty, bass-packed hip-hop editry from the form's current stylistic crown-bearers Krafty Kuts, who this time deliver yet another two curios for the heads to chew on. On this 7" comes a smoked-out, heads-down version of 'C.R.E.A.M.' by Wu-Tang, flipping the song instrumentally towards a mood of melodrama and vacillatory tension-release; the B contrasts with a soft-bellied version of Lou Reed come A Tribe Called Quest's 'Take A Walk On The Wild Side' aka. 'Can I Kick It?', with an instrumental take that'll make your ears point straight upwards.
 in stock $12.13
Cat: SCRULSD 003. Rel: 15 Apr 24
Destination? Funk! (4:30)
Camelot Chill (4:52)
Review: This is the third installment in the Local Sugar Diggers Series from Scruniversal in which old and rare records from the label head's friend's collections get reworked and edited. This one is a collab between ScruScru and an equally passionate digger from Cyprus known as Dwaal. Both tunes offer quite different looks but with great results. The first is the steamy and loose-limbed 'Destination? Funk!' with its squelchy bass and neat guitar riffs, while the flipside is a super deep and lush downtempo jam, 'Camelot Chill'. This one has romantic sax notes and gentle grooves with jazzy keys finishing it in style.
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 in stock $11.87
Cat: RESENSE 057. Rel: 01 Apr 24
Grits (4:52)
23h (4:33)
Review: It has been a while since Umbo released any new music but now he is back on the Austrian label Resense with a superb pair of edits on this essential little 45 rpm. Kicking things off is 'Grits' which is a hard hitting bit of b-boy funk and breaks with old school soul vocals and plenty of horn stabs powering it ever onwards and upwards. '23h' is a little more seductive but no less busy with tightly woven bongos and congas peppering the high speed funk groove. Fantastic stuff that we hope is the start of much more to come from edit king Umbo.
out of stock $13.46
Cat: MSH 104CLEAR. Rel: 08 Apr 24
Ashadwa (part 1) (4:25)
Ashadwa (part 2) (3:58)
Review: The Ethiopian Brothers transport you to a vibrant fusion world where Ethiopian jazz, Afro drums and funk all collide. Released in 1972, this single showcases the band's mastery of traditional Ethiopian rhythms intertwined with elements of Western funk and soul. 'Ashadwa' exudes infectious energy and is driven by lively brass sections and mesmerizing vocals weaved into the dynamic arrangements next to wah way guitars and steamy sax. It is a real dancefloor heater while a version comes on the flip without the vocals.
 in stock $13.98
Jazz Carnival (Full Length Unedited mix) (10:42)
Jazz Carnival (Yambee rework) (9:23)
Review: Reserved for Record Store Day comes this exciting new doublet from brilliant Brazilian jazz-funkers Azymuth, in the form of both an extended mix of their enduring major hit single from 1979, 'Jazz Carnival', and a fresh remix by Yambee, the duo of Ashley Beedle and Yam Who?. The original track was a rare slice of instrumental funk music, dare say instrumental music at all, to climb the UK charts and remain in its upper echelons for a solid twenty weeks. Though its initial popularity was lengthy, it has since then gone underground, becoming a throwback favourite of the likes of Kerri Chandler, Mr. Scruff and Gilles Peterson, to name but a few icons to play it back out over the years.
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 in stock $17.41
Cat: STRUT 299LP. Rel: 08 Apr 24
Djungi (5:40)
Raff (3:12)
Conga (4:55)
Avi-vo (3:38)
Malik (5:09)
Darkest Light (6:17)
Baba Hya (5:26)
Review: The Lafayette Afro Rock Band's superb Malik is a vibrant fusion of funk, soul and Afrobeat rhythms that was initially released in 1974 and now, alongside some of their other works, is getting reissued. The iconic track album showcases the band's infectious energy and dynamic instrumentation. It is packed with driving basslines, intricate percussion and hypnotic grooves that captivate from start to finish and transport you to the heart of a steamy dance floor. The band's mastery of blending African and Western musical elements shines through to make for an enduring musical document that is still widely celebrated for its infectious rhythms and influence on the funk and Afrobeat genres.
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out of stock $25.85
Midnight In Havanna (5:17)
Kinky Afro Cuban (4:51)
Review: Nestor Alvarez's Midnight in Havana on Original Gravity delivers an electrifying Afro-Cuban instrumental jam that transports listeners to the vibrant streets of Havana. With a mesmerising flute lead and dynamic jam sessions, the track exudes a captivating energy that feels like a theme song for the city's bustling nightlife. The infusion of Cuban soul adds depth and authenticity to the music, immersing listeners in its rich cultural heritage. On the B-side, Alvarez offers a creative cover version of the Happy Mondays' 'Kinky Afro,' reimagined with a Cuban twist. The fusion of Afro-Cuban rhythms and the iconic melody of the original song results in a fresh and exciting interpretation that showcases Alvarez's versatility as a musician. Fans of Latin and Cuban dance music are sure to eat this up.
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 in stock $12.65
Everybody Loves The Sunshine (5:35)
Everybody Loves The Sunshine (instrumental) (5:31)
Review: 'Everybody Loves the Sunshine' represents a pivotal moment for Roy Ayers and Ubiquity, marking a departure towards a funkier and more laid-back sound in 1976. With its languid tempo and dreamy atmosphere, captures the essence of summer with its joyful lyrics and hypnotic groove. Ayers' vibraphone melodies intertwine seamlessly with the band's instrumentation, creating a mesmerizing sonic landscape that resonates with listeners. The song's universal appeal lies in its ability to evoke a sense of warmth and nostalgia, making it a timeless classic that continues to enchant audiences across generations.
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 in stock $15.81
Cat: PTKF 30251. Rel: 01 Apr 24
Zion I
One More
Getting It Back
The Message
Rastafarian Folk Song
Review: To any funk digger worth their salt, Cymande have been a staple since their 70s heyday, but the Brit funk cult legends are enjoying a renewed presence since their triumphant return with reunion shows which cemented their legacy after decades being overlooked. Their story tracks back to this seminal album, a scintillating fusion which could only have occurred in Britain in the 70s as communities and cultures joined together to create one harmonious groove the likes of which had never been heard before. The whole album feels like a run of hits, from the celestial swirl of 'Dove' to the life-affirming horn blasts of 'Bra'. If you don't already have this track in your bloodstream, now's the time to catch up.
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 in stock $22.14
Cat: VAMPIC 450032. Rel: 08 Apr 24
Chick-A-Boom (3:48)
Cycles Of You (4:27)
Review: This 2024 edition marks the return of Joe Bataan, via the same track that made his name in 2004. Vampi Soul first welcomed the Latin Soul king to the label two decades back, facilitating the release of his 2005 album Call My Name. The pre-release singles for the album were 'Chick-A-Boom' and 'Cycles Of You', packed onto a single 7"; these quickly became DJs' favourites and have thus since remained long out of print. As it was twenty years ago, 'Chick-A-Boom' is a simultaneously upbeat but ghostly track, with Bataan's vocals quadrupling up in a wall of sound while providing the vibe equivalent of a Jackie Chan flick. 'Call My Name', meanwhile, goes heavy on the clavichord and synth whistle, as Bataan revels in a funereal theme, dancing, thundersticking into the great beyond.
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 in stock $12.65
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