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Jazz Recommends Jazz May 2022

Juno Recommends Jazz

Juno Recommends Jazz

Jazz Recommends Jazz May 2022
3 May 2022
The Girl From Ipanema (5:13)
Doralice (2:45)
P'ra Muchucar Meu Coracao (5:05)
Desafinado (4:04)
Corcovado (Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars) (2:22)
Corcovado (Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars) (single version) (4:14)
So Danco Samba (3:36)
O Grande Amor (5:28)
Vivo Sonhando (2:56)
The Girl From Ipanema (single version) (2:48)
 in stock $10.07
Red Tribe (Jazz edit) (5:01)
Peaceful (edit) (3:50)
Review: Master grade edit kings and beat makers Black Cash & Theo AKA Thelonious Beats have a vast catalogue of essential sounds and much of it comes on their Galaxy Sound Co home label in the USA. Their latest is a remastered and limited 7" pressing of the glorious Red Tribe. The title tune is a jazzy number with slow motion beat jumbles and some superb chords and busy as you like guitar leads. On the flip is an edit of 'Peaceful' that comes on slowly but eventually has you in a nice groove with its funky bass and dousing of chords.
 in stock $11.65
Cat: CW 02. Rel: 18 Apr 22
New York Afternoon (3:54)
Keeper Of The Flame (6:03)
Review: This limited hand and numbered 7" features, for the first time ever in this format, Riche Cole's 'New York Afternoon.' On the a-side is the fantastic vocal version featuring Eddie Jefferson while the backside finds this 45rpm coupled with Eddie's wonderful sax skills on the superb jazz dancer that is 'Keeper of the Flame.' It's laced with free flowing chords and busy jazz drums while the groove never quits. The swinging sounds of the a-side might still be the highlight of this fresh little 7", though.
out of stock $17.22
Cat: AJX 641S. Rel: 18 Apr 22
Sumthin' Else (radio edit) (3:40)
Wiggle Wiggle (3:51)
Review: Chris Bangs is actually credited as being the man who coined the term 'acid jazz' and here he shares this new Acid Jazz 7" with Mick Talbot who was of course a founding member of the Style Council. Together they serve up a brace fo brilliantly cheeky but functional jazz cuts to get dance floors in a spin. 'Sumthin' Else' has an almost samba shuffle and plenty of florid trumpets lighting up the busy groove. 'Wiggle Wiggle' then goes direct for your ass with its raw boom bap and noodling chords all finished with some big horn work
out of stock $11.40
Agent Sentimental (4:03)
Postcard From Bangladesh (4:09)
Review: Funk fans will of course know that The Vicious Seeds fail from St. Petersburg and for a while now they have been turning out 45s that mix up raw cinematic grooves and deep funk instrumentals. For this newest 7" they sign up vibraphonist Pavel Chiznik who brings with him plenty of flair on top of the well versed rhythm section. These two cuts explore some airy, uplifting and summery jazz vibes a la Roy Ayers with dope beats and plenty of sample-friendly drumbreaks. Add in a load of funky basslines, some carefully psyched-out guitars and lush vibes and you have a vital little 45rpm.
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out of stock $11.65
Cat: SIR 023. Rel: 02 May 22
Raag Bhairagi (11:16)
Sapana (The Dream) (11:11)
Song For Francesca (6:31)
Raag Kafi (10:00)
Review: Amancio D'Silva is one of those musical legends whose ability to output new music was thought to have naturally dwindled after his passing in 1996. Think again: the Indian jazz guitarist and spiritual drone composer here posthumously delivers a slew of Carnatic explorations in voice, guitar, piano, and electronic raga-inflected hums that have never before seen the light of day. Recorded in 1982, 'Raag Bhairagi', 'Sapana', 'Song For Francesca' and 'Raag Kafi' are intended as sonic expressions of the unconscious mind, conveying its utterances and flutterings when in its resting state.

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 in stock $27.03
Egypt Strut (6:40)
Dawn (12:17)
Ramadan (4:18)
Oriental Mood (4:45)
A Farewell Theme (10:10)
Review: Shut has been busy with a great series of reissues of Sun Ra's historic recordings in Egypt. All good things must come to an end, though, and so it does with The Sun Ra Arkestra meets Salah Ragab in Egypt which was recorded with help from the Cairo Jazz Band and first put out back in 1983 on Greek label Praxis. The Arkestra first met Salah Ragab at the home of Goethe Institut ex-pat Hartmut Geerken when they toured the island in December 1971 and later bonded again in 1983. It was then that they got together for these recordings where they played Ragab compositions, 'Egypt Strut' and 'Dawn' amongst others.
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 in stock $28.08
Cat: MRBLP 229. Rel: 03 May 21
Belladonna (11:42)
Summer Rain (8:14)
Remadione (3:46)
Mayday (5:40)
Suspension (6:10)
Hector's House (4:34)
Review: British trumpeter and bandleader Ian Carr put out his most revered album in 1972. Its iconic fusion of jazz and rock has become a sought after rarity. Featured musicians include members of bands like Nucleus, Brian Auger's band, Soft Machine and Stan Tracy Group, and they all help lend the record a psychedelic, proggy aesthetic, with swirling melodies making for moody but funky tunes. Tracks like 'Mayday' put expressive solos and complex arrangements front and centre, while 'Suspension' is a more laidback joint for sinking into. The gorgeous meandering lilt of 'Summer Rain' is our personal favourite.
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 in stock $22.24
Tippin' The Scales (6:00)
Rainy Blues (5:08)
Nursery Blues (6:35)
Nicely (6:26)
Two For One (6:04)
Cabin In The Sky (5:33)
Review: American alto talent Jackie McLean released his Tippin The Scales album in 1979 on the legendary Blue Note. It was a post bob record that has rather remained under the radar in the years since, but will still cost you a pretty penny if you can find a second hand copy. The Tone Poet serve brings it back to the fore with a deluxe reissue package that allows the tunes to really shine. Jackie wrote two of them while Sonny Clark write three and one is a J. Latouche and V. Duke collaboration. The record was recorded on September 28, 1962 and is one of the more traditional records in McLean's oeuvre.
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 in stock $35.51
Cat: HJ 007LP. Rel: 11 Apr 22
Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures - "The Earth Spins Faster Than Words" (5:11)
Billy Bang Sextet - "The Nagual Julian" (5:48)
Hamiet Bluiett - "Bouka" (5:31)
Beaver Harris 360 Degree Music Experience - "Aladdin's Carpet" (5:11)
Paul Motian Quintet - "Hide & Go Seek" (4:26)
Tony Scott - "Spirits Return" (4:58)
George Russell - "Cubano Be, Cubano Bop" (10:28)
Dannie Richmond Quartet - "Olduvai Gorge" (2:42)
The Andrew Cyrille Trio - "A Tribute To Bu (Take 1)" (5:29)
Hamiet Bluiett - "Rain Shout" (2:05)
Hamiet Bluiett - "Nu Tune" (3:31)
Max Roach Quartet - "Mwalimu" (8:11)
Nana Vasconcelos/Antonello Salis - "Ondas (Na Ohlos De Petronila)" (6:22)
Review: One uptick we've seen of late is labels delving into the catalogues of other labels, sharing in the love. 'Hyperituals Vol. 1' is one such brilliant example; Italy's Hyperjazz, the nu-jazz pushers with a mantra of championing "hyper-intense" genre-shedding music, here look in at fellow, older Italian imprint Soul Note. On the front of jazz, they were Italy's very own CBS, with over 300 LPs to their name. Thoroughly plundering their decade-spanning backlog, Hyperjazz here reissue and sonically pay tribute to only the label's most spiritual, international and ritualistic ends.
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out of stock $37.37
Don't Get Too Hip (10:58)
Curtain Call (5:26)
Deep In A Dream (6:00)
The Mobe (6:21)
My Reverie (5:34)
On The Bright Side (7:16)
Review: Hank Mobley was a magnificent jazz saxophonist who struck a smooth tone somewhere in between the snarl of John Coltrane and the dulcet purr of Stan Getz. This album was originally recorded in 1957 and released as The Hank Mobley Quintet Featuring Sonny Clark in 1984. It features Kenny Dorham on trumpet, Sonny Clark on piano, Jimmy Rowser on bass and Art Taylor on drums, and it serves as a perfect, mellow trip through the hard bop era. It's also long overdue a repress after last being available in limited quantities back when the 1984 issue first came around.
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 in stock $40.54
Big P (3:57)
Shades Of Blue (5:48)
So What (6:02)
If You Could See Me Now (4:59)
Tiny's Blues (3:28)
Milestones (3:36)
Django (8:40)
Maria (3:01)
Western Renion (4:26)
Review: The New Jazz Orchestra was a British jazz big band that first formed in 1963. The band featured Clive Burrows and was directed form 1964 to 1968 by Neil Ardley. Decca has already reissued their superb debut album Le Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe recently to great acclaim. Now comes this second reissue of their Western Reunion London 1965 album on nice heavy wax. It features them covering classic like Miles Davis's 'Shades of Blue' in sympathetic fashion while there are also more introspective pieces like 'If You Could See Me Now' and high energy big band jazz swing bangs like 'Tiny's Blue.'
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 in stock $31.53
There Is A Place (It's Not Here) (3:27)
All We Know (7:25)
Bone & Soil (5:05)
Myriad (5:45)
There Is You & You (6:53)
The Healer (9:46)
Noor (6:06)
The River Doesn't Like Strangers (10:50)
Hiaro/Hadali (4:35)
Review: Shabaka Hutchings' new label Native Rebel Recordings welcomes understated innovator and educator Chelsea Carmichael for a superb debut album. The River Doesn't Like Strangers is a fresh serving of innovative jazz that finally makes its way to vinyl and features plenty of her hypnotic and warm playing, smart improvisation and subtle sound work. Cultural powerhouse Shabaka Hutchings himself wrote a set of songs for the record which were then perfumed with Chelsea playing alongside Eddie Hick from Sons of Kemet, Dave Okumu from The Invisible and Tom Herbert from The Invisible and Polar Bear.
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 in stock $24.65
Cat: DOL 779HG. Rel: 18 Apr 22
My Funny Valentine (5:23)
I Hear A Rhapsody (4:36)
Dream Gypsy (4:34)
Stairway To The Stars (bonus track) (4:13)
Romain (5:22)
Skating In Central Park (5:22)
Darn That Dream (5:08)
I'm Getting Sentimental Over You (bonus track) (6:57)
 in stock $13.52
Sunrise From West Sea (part 1) (16:50)
Sunrise From West Sea (part 2) (18:01)
Review: An overlooked spiritual classic in two parts, Yamash'ta & The Horizon were a one-off project consisting of a hat-trick of musicians seeking to perfect their craft. In 1971, Hideakira Sakurai, Masahiko Satoh, Stomu Yamash'ta and Takehisa Kosugi gathered in Japan to perform an invite-only concert to a handful of friends. Deep and distinctive electric shamishen becomes a sonic centrepiece over the course; handled by Sakurai, the sound is haunting, like a lone voice amidst a sea of percussive nymphs. Sloshing koto, percussion and eruptions of awe from the crowd all dominate the moments of downtime; a timeless snapshot of Fluxus Japan.
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 in stock $30.21
Cat: TLM 028. Rel: 23 May 22
Rough Time (4:29)
Mystic Blends (5:33)
That Feeling (5:08)
Pathways (4:58)
Review: Future Jazz Ensemble is a project from Italian producer Nicola Penna, aka Nasty Boy, who has also recorded for Sahko Records and ANMA. Aside from some self-released records, this is the first official offering from the project which offers a noirish sound nodding to nu-jazz in in its subtle assimilation of electronic processes into a jazz context. Skittering drum machine patterns collide with snatches of instrumentation, with noirish Rhodes chords as a common thread binding everything together into a moody, musically dexterous whole. If you cherish fresh approaches which hold true to the roots of jazz culture, you're sure to love this record.
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 in stock $15.88
Cat: VAMPILP 254. Rel: 18 Apr 22
Sambrasa (3:41)
Aleluia (3:13)
Samba Novo (2:44)
Clerenice (2:15)
Duas Contas (2:40)
Nem O Mar Sabia (2:28)
Arrastao (4:23)
Coalhada (3:03)
Joao Sem Braco (3:43)
Lamento Nortista (3:18)
A Jardineira (1:56)
Review: Sambrasa Trio's Em Som Maior from 1965 is a samba jazz great. Somehow, it has never before been reissued on vinyl thankfully Vampisoul right that wrong here. The band was made up of some well known musicians but in the early days of their careers. Airto Moreira was on drums, Humberto Clayber played double bass, and Hermeto Pascoal was the keys man and they all played a blinder with this sunny, shuffling tunes. Flute, harmonica, and percussion all help bring these compositions to life as they twist and turn through up tempo rhythms and more soft, soothing grooves. his record helped usher in a new era of Brazilian music and we are very much here for it.
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out of stock $25.42
Cat: AR 155VL. Rel: 18 Apr 22
Aawoya (4:54)
Suban (3:21)
Adesane (3:53)
Adesane (part Two) (2:19)
Mokole (4:52)
Bassa Bassa (5:02)
Amale (4:56)
K33 Momi (5:35)
Yafo Nu (3:57)
out of stock $23.85
Cat: 387618 8. Rel: 18 Apr 22
RTG (2:46)
If I Should Lose You (4:29)
Drummer's Song (3:52)
Introspection/Thelonious (4:37)
A Beautiful Friendship (3:17)
In The Morning (For Sister Leola) (6:08)
Tea For Two (3:20)
Lullaby Of The Leaves (5:10)
Feed The Fire (6:13)
Old Folks (6:11)
A Place Of Power (3:10)
In The Middle (4:27)
out of stock $16.70
Cat: AS 139. Rel: 18 Apr 22
Pleasure Palace (3:19)
AF (3:30)
Blessed (4:25)
In Response To (3:17)
Reflections (4:15)
Song For Helena (6:44)
Soprano Song (3:28)
JJ (7:10)
No Side Effects (2:37)
out of stock $21.72
Cat: MOVLP 2954C. Rel: 02 May 22
What It Means To Miss New Orleans? (7:13)
I Know About The Life (5:17)
Georgia On My Mind (4:52)
Embraceable You (4:40)
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (5:18)
How Deep Is The Ocean (5:25)
Lush Life (8:33)
Deja Vu (5:08)
Angel Eyes (7:55)
All Too Soon (5:56)
Ain't Misbehavin' (5:14)
Review: While he may have been known as a wildcard within the breakout years of free jazz in the 60s, Archie Shepp also had the capacity to temper his errant fluctuations into the more tender end of jazz musicianship. On this 1992 album he teamed up with pianist Horace Parlan, bassist Wayne Dockery and drummer Steve McCraven for a series of ballads. Expressing the vocals of the songs they covered through his powerful but delicate sax playing, Shepp proved he was more than just a noisy upstart, and the whole quartet delivers a career-best performance.
out of stock $33.12
Cat: 278653. Rel: 18 Apr 22
Ceremony (5:36)
All Roads Lead To Los Angeles (feat Jaleel Shaw) (4:40)
Blaming Mercury (3:30)
Window To A Shimmering World (2:34)
Chemical X (4:21)
A Ring On Each Finger (6:30)
Kamishinjo (feat Jacob Mann) (3:19)
Inner Crooner (1:35)
Wax Hands (feat Brandee Younger) (3:45)
You've Got To Pull It Up From The Ground (feat Theo Croker) (4:14)
Review: Experimental jazz outfit High Pulp have picked dup plenty of fans from day one. Most of them have been waiting around eagerly for a debut album and finally it has arrived. Pursuit of Ends arrives via Los Angeles's ANTI- Records and finds this group of self-proclaimed outsiders in fine form as they brig their own unique, rule breaking approach to jazz. It is a record of freeness and rawness with defiant sounds, liberating grooves and elements of everything from punk to electronic music, hip hop to shoe gaze and rock. It is well versed in traditional jazz but very much has its eyes set on a future sound, Sublime.

...Read more
 in stock $23.85
Adhesion (6:05)
Phillys Dance (4:59)
Line On The Sea (4:02)
Never Die Miles (5:01)
Japan Beauty (4:15)
R40 (4:26)
Sukhumvit Street (5:34)
Track 8 (5:15)
Review: Japanese jazz expert Yusuke Shima is back with a fourth volume of his Silent Jazz Case series. It comes on Urban Discos Japan and fathers eight modern and seductive pieces that fuse contemporary and classic sounds into some super smooth tunes. 'Adhesion' could be a tune by Roerbt Galloper on any of his collaborative albums, 'Line On The Sea' then gets much more edgy and angsty with freeform playing and wild saxophones leading the charge over devilish drum work and 'Japan Beauty' brings back to airy and spring time feels with lush flutes.
out of stock $42.92
Cat: 387824 2. Rel: 11 Apr 22
Illusion (2:56)
Pretty (6:18)
Magic Cup (6:10)
Skylark (8:17)
Black Nile (4:54)
Wisdom (9:25)
1960 What? (12:23)
1960 What? (Opolopo remix) (8:26)
But Beautiful (5:36)
Lonely One (5:42)
Water (4:02)
Feeling Good (3:03)
 in stock $25.97
Cat: LAUNCH 232. Rel: 02 May 22
Sun Ooze (5:51)
Creator Of Creation (7:52)
Transmission (3:42)
Nights With Kurupi (4:34)
Jaguar (4:50)
Urm The Mad (6:02)
Love Divine (3:54)
Orpheus (5:02)
 in stock $21.19
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