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Juno Recommends Balearic / Downtempo: April 2024

Juno Recommends Downtempo

Juno Recommends Downtempo

Juno Recommends Balearic/Downtempo: April 2024
Cat: IIB 073. Rel: 08 Apr 24
Beside Boa Linn (3:32)
Going Out To Feel It (3:26)
Don’t Hide Away (4:06)
Evening Fixture (4:32)
Walk In Romance (3:03)
Dreams On Hold (3:30)
Review: NT is Nail aka Neil Holliday, one half of Bent and a master of UK tech house. But here he shows a different side across six majestically Balearic groovers. That draw on everything he has done before to send you out to sea on gentle waves of shining synth goodness, downtempo bliss and dreamy, chubby, soft focus drums. 'Beside Boa Linn' is a soothing summer sound to kick off then 'Going Out To Feel It' is a spiritual house cut for sundown, and 'Don't Hide Away' is slow motion disco brilliance. The trip continues with the star-gazing 'Evening Fixture', Eddie C style guitar licks of 'Walk In Romance' and romantic lullaby 'Dreams On Hold.'
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Cat: DB 001LP. Rel: 29 Apr 24
Le Funk Et Moi (5:27)
Jezebellearic (feat Alfredo) (7:46)
Spring Calling (7:01)
Re-Birth (5:48)
Pedestal (Jezebell Dizzy Heights dub) (7:49)
Thrill Me (6:07)
Hush Hush (5:43)
Hypnorise (6:04)
Concurrence (5:16)
Swamp Shuffle (3:57)
Jezeblue (11:24)
Red Shift (Jezebell Inner Child mix) (5:27)
Vibrations (6:36)
Trading Places (3pm) (6:27)
Burning Bush (6:49)
Bed Heads (6:09)
Review: Everyone likes a good mystery, don't they? Well, this artist is new to us and so is this label. Thankfully, the style isn't. Balearic music has taken off in the last half-decade. The style can be a hodge podge of genres like Latin, house, dub, folk, ambient, funk, jazz and more. Jezebell - Jezebellearic Beats Volume 1 is a great example of this style but more importantly, honoring the vibe of the culture where this music would play. Many of these honor original songs but turn them into a mix of Balearic remixes mixed with original elements too. Like the Lionel Richie sample of 'All Night Long' in the smoothed out sounds of 'Jezebellearic" (feat Alfredo)' or the Michael Jackson 'Thriller' parts in 'Thrill Me'. A few of these inject some electronic music into them like the acid line 'Re-Birth' and the beautiful melody touches in the Dizzy Heights dub of Pedestal. 'Hush Hush' is a spaced-out remix of Kajagoogoo's 'Too Shy'. Overall, you a creative and unique album that we think you will like very much.
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Cat: DE 317. Rel: 08 Apr 24
Theros (4:01)
Blue (3:07)
Argonauts (4:28)
Shoal (4:44)
Notte Estiva (5:44)
Review: Costantino Luca Rolando Kiriakos, an influential figure in Athens' electronic scene since the 80s, showcased his diverse talents as a composer, sound engineer, and installation artist under his Coti K. alias on this EP from back in 1994. The five tracks he offered up all explore Balearic-ambient bliss-scapes and now get reissued on Dark Entries complete with their smooth breaks, cosmic pads, and lush pianos. Reflecting his Hellenic roots, track titles like 'Argonauts' and 'Theros' bring global ambient vibes and spoken word by Konstantinos Bhta and cello by Nikos Veliotis all help add their magic to this nostalgic journey with a Mediterranean twist.
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 in stock $16.62
Maiden Voyage (original 8'07>5'23 version) (5:52)
Maiden Voyage (Spiritualized Electric mainline mix) (6:40)
Funk In The Fridge (8:03)
7'39 (Link & E621 Appliance Of Science mix) (9:37)
Maiden Voyage (Grid mix) (8:51)
Maiden Voyage (Brook mix) (7:50)
 in stock $31.38
Cat: HYR 7280. Rel: 29 Apr 24
Bodily Synesthesia (5:17)
Lunar Wind (7:16)
Bewitched By The Sea (4:53)
My BlueBell (6:35)
Last Waltz In Perugia (3:08)
Gimlet (6:11)
It's Too Easy To Love You (4:43)
Your Magic Touch (5:45)
Indigo (2:26)
Review: Sensory Blending is a new collaborative album from Italian collective Aura Safari and Finnish musician Jimi Tenor, born from an impromptu studio session after a Hell Yeah party in Perugia. Despite never having met, their synergy results in a vibrant record brimming with musicality and indelible melodies. Tenor, a psychedelic space-jazz-funk virtuoso, joins forces with Aura Safari's skilled musicians, known for their label regularity and sublime Island Dreams album. From the seductive opener 'Bodily Synesthesia' to the dramatic finale 'Indigo,' Sensory Blending offers a seamless fusion of talents, hinting at potential live performances later this year.
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Cat: 556893 1. Rel: 29 Apr 24
Humming (6:23)
Cowboys (4:58)
All Mine (3:56)
Mysterons (5:36)
Only You (5:21)
Half Day Closing (3:57)
Over (3:16)
Glory Box (5:17)
Sour Times (4:59)
Roads (4:42)
Strangers (5:14)
Undenied (4:02)
Numb (4:48)
Western Eyes (4:17)
Review: There are some live albums which become as important to a band's legacy as their studio efforts and Roseland NYC Live is just that for Portishead. Given the Bristol group's considered catalogue, there's less competition for this 1998 release to stand out, but it also renders the stark brilliance of all the key players and the extended ensemble in sparkling clarity, not least thanks to the addition of a full-blown orchestra. Recorded in the wake of their second album and now reissued as an expanded edition to commemorate 25 years, it captures the band's early phase at its smoky, cinematic, head-nodding best. From every string swell to dusty backbeat, Rhodes lick to wobbly scratch, all fronted by Beth Gibbons' angelic voice, this is the live album done properly.
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Cat: LENG 067. Rel: 29 Apr 24
Punta Allen (Faze Action remix) (6:22)
Libre De Amor (feat Locke) (5:30)
Prezend (Ruf Dug remix) (5:21)
Super Awake (6:02)
Review: A fresh collaborative dance effort from the fine folks over at Leng, centring on reworks of the brilliant debut album Waving by producer Lex (Alex Andrikopolous). Released in 2022, we're now two years ahead, and come met with this fine array. Kicking things off with a glorious Faze Action remix of 'Punta Allen', on which guitars, steel pans and clap-slaps abound, we're soon further into the mid-rave movements of 'Libre De Amor', a new one with Locke, followed by the acidic additives of Ruf Dug's version of 'Prezend'. Finally, another original, 'Super Awake', surfaces as the cascading coda to an all-out suite of neo-Balearic delights.
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out of stock $14.24
Cat: MH 033. Rel: 22 Apr 24
Lemuria (5:54)
Atlantis (5:40)
Mantarraya (5:31)
Eros (5:00)
Review: There are not very many labels that are as successful and revered in electronic music as Mood Hut is, coming up with gem after gem after its inception in 2012. 'Water Seeds' by Oro Azul offers four tracks that range from sub-aquatic, mellow and relaxing to tribal percussiveness that really takes things to another level. A little more chilled out than their normal output, perhaps, but certainly not a massive departure, there are some serious island vibes here.
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Cat: PAULINST 0023LPE. Rel: 08 Apr 24
Closer (3:40)
Can You Look In The Mirror? (3:15)
I Can't Dream Anymore (3:02)
Give Me A Sign (3:18)
I Care (4:02)
Stay With Me Through The Night (3:35)
Shoulda (4:27)
Deeper (3:46)
In The Fire (3:54)
Forever (3:57)
Review: Fabiana Palladino's long-awaited debut album brings plenty of smooth and high gloss sound back to the fore. Following the end of a significant relationship, Palladino uses the album to delve into themes of love, loneliness, and relationship norms and in the process crafts a ten-track album that superbly blends r&b, soul, pop, and disco influences from the 80s and 90s with a contemporary twist. Self-produced and featuring collaborations with notable musicians like Jai Paul, Pino Palladino, Rocco Palladino, Steve Ferrone, and Rob Moose, the album is a classy journey through shapeshifting sonics and intimate introspection, marking a significant milestone in Palladino's musical journey.
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 in stock $24.53
Cat: DSPPR 80. Rel: 08 Apr 24
Extraordinary Measures (1:33)
Synesthesia (4:43)
For The People (3:54)
Tokyo Ame (4:51)
3BlueHidrotape (3:13)
RGB (4:09)
Leap Year (3:32)
Interstellar (8:21)
Serenity Test (2:29)
Review: New from London-based DJ, producer and label boss Chris Coco comes a full LP's worth of zoneout utopics in the mode of atmospheric downtempo electronica. Made to be played "in two sessions on an old fashioned vinyl disc," Daydream Utopia is a sonic exegetic of a very particular sound, perhaps one informed by city pop, enviro-ambient and disco (the Japanese electronic influence is exemplified by the track 'Tokyo Sound'), and/or any and all other regional motifs, from the South Asian raga come surreal cut-ups of 'Leap Year' to the blissful, Mark Knopfler's-80s-style beatless meanderings of 'Serenity Test'.
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 in stock $20.84
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