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New releases last four weeks: Classical

Classical vinyl released in the last four weeks
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Reflections On A Moonlit Lake
Cat: SPM 2606. Rel: 02 Apr 24
Mirror Island
Dawn Across The Southern Ocean (remix)
Papnui Lagoon (remix)
Lunar Shadow
The Belt Of Orion
Midnight Angel
Within The Darkness
Rising Moon
Reflections On A Moonlit Lake
Summer Night Rain
Review: Like many ambient and drone artists, New Zealander Rudy Adrian specialises in ringing maximum emotion from abstract electronics, experimental tones and immersive, widescreen soundscapes. As the title suggests, Reflections on a Moonlit Lake is another emotive exploration designed, in his words, for "rest, reading, meditation and sleep". For proof, check the slow-burn swell of opener 'Mirror Island', where echoing wood block hits and lapping waves rise above immersive chords and yearning melodies, the Pete Namlook-goes-to-the-South-Island flex of 'Lunar Shadow', and the faintly foreboding half asleep/half-awake haziness of 'Within The Darkness'. Impeccable ambience.
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 in stock $16.09
Atlantic Crossing
Cat: SCIE 3523. Rel: 05 Apr 24
Atlantic Crossing (part 1) (5:03)
Atlantic Crossing (part 2) (3:09)
Atlantic Crossing (part 3) (6:03)
Atlantic Crossing (part 4) (11:30)
Atlantic Crossing (part 5) (5:02)
 in stock $28.01
Wingwomen (Soundtrack)
Cat: WGNWMN 1. Rel: 28 Mar 24
Flying (3:32)
Quad (4:06)
The Skies Collapsing On To Us (3:12)
Time On My Hands (6:25)
A World That Can Exist (3:57)
Breathe In Me (6:49)
Together (7:30)
Dying (5:12)
Review: British band Archive unveils their soundtrack for the new French film Voleuses (Thieves) on NetFlix under the English title of Wingwomen, in the UK. The soundtrack offers a unique blend of electronic, avant-garde, post-rock and progressive rock and draws from diverse musical influences throughout, with the the London-based ensemble delivering an immersive landscape that mirrors the story of Carole and Alex, two adept thieves battling for liberation in the film. This one comes on audiophile vinyl and is a great accompaniment to the move itself.
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 in stock $20.75
Bach: Concertos
Concerto For Violin, Strings & Continuo In E Major: Allegro (4:45)
Concerto For Violin, Strings & Continuo In E Major: Adagio (5:24)
Concerto For Violin, Strings & Continuo In E Major: Allegro Assai (6:01)
Concerto For 2 Violins, Strings & Continuo In D Minor: Vivace (3:14)
Concerto For 2 Violins, Strings & Continuo In D Minor: Largo Ma Non Tanto (6:49)
Concerto For 2 Violins, Strings & Continuo In D Minor: Allegro (4:13)
Concerto For Violin, Strings & Continuo In A Minor: Allegro Moderato (3:18)
Concerto For Violin, Strings & Continuo In A Minor: Andante (6:46)
Concerto For Violin, Strings & Continuo In A Minor: Allegro Assai (3:10)
Concerto For Oboe, Violin, Strings & Continuo In C Minor: Allegro (4:29)
Concerto For Oboe, Violin, Strings & Continuo In C Minor: Adagio (5:19)
Concerto For Oboe, Violin, Strings & Continuo In C Minor: Allegro (3:12)
Review: In 2018, three-time Grammy Award-winning violinist Hilary Hahn returned to classical label-behemoth Deutsche Grammophon (her usual) for an official album of interpretations of J.S. Bach's violin concertos, in collaboration with Jeffery Kahane and the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. The much-celebrated fiddler laid down a stunning, full rendition of the concertos, all recorded at the Colburn School Of Performing Arts and which added to her huge repertoire. This stealth reissue from the classical music giant bolsters Hahn's rep once more.
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 in stock $31.13
Musica Automata
Musica Automata (hand-numbered LP + sticker + MP3 download code limited to 300 copies)
Cat: HLC 001. Rel: 27 Mar 24
Musica Automata (6:22)
Hybr Spiro (3:10)
Bel_exp I (5:51)
Bel_exp II (3:26)
PP2 Rubber 6 (0:50)
Vibi (1:50)
Ob Asa ST 5+7 (2:27)
Bomi (3:24)
PP2 Rubber 5 (2:11)
Mumb (1:08)
Terzo (6:02)
Qt (1:19)
 in stock $28.55
Octopussy (40th Anniversary Expanded Edition)
Cat: LLLCD 1637. Rel: 17 Apr 24
Gun Barrel & Airbase (CD1:Score Presentation - main Title)
Bond Look Alike
Fill Her Up
All Time High
009 Gets The Knife & The Property Of A Lady
Kremlin Art Repository & Sotheby’s
Magda & Spend The Money Quickly, Mr Bond
Gobinda Attacks
Easy Come, Easy Go
All Time High (instrumental)
That’s My Little Octopussy
Arrival At The Island Of Octopussy
Bond At The Monsoon Palace
Palace Intrigue
The Mysterious Octopussy
Bond Meets Octopussy
Yo-Yo Fight & Death Of Vijay (extended version)
Checkpoint Charlie & The Romanov Star
The Chase Bomb Theme (Film version)
Fight With Mischka
Follow That Car
The End Of General Orlov
Gorilla S & Death Of Grischka
The Bomb Arrives & Clowning Around
The Palace Fight (extended version)
Kamal Khan’s Death & Finale
All Time High - End Title
British Ambassador (Additional music)
Vijay’s Pungi
Gangaur Ghat
Let The Sport Commence
The Hunt Continues
The Floating Palace
All Time High (CD2: Soundtrack album)
Bond Look-Alike
009 Gets The Knife & Gobinda Attacks
That’s My Little Octopussy
Arrival At The Island Of Octopussy
Bond At The Monsoon Palace
Bond Meets Octopussy
Yo-Yo Fight & Death Of Vijay
The Chase Bomb Theme
The Palace Fight
All Time High (End Title)
All Time High (bonus track - extended instrumental version)
 in stock $55.00
Music For Save Rooms 1 & 2
Cat: EBS 2007CD. Rel: 05 Apr 24
Still Inside The Deku Tree (CD1: music For Save Rooms 1)
Save Room 3
Utopia & Oblivion
Save Room 6
Utopia & Oblivion (Return)
Spiegel Im Spiegel
Sky Music (CD2: music For Save Rooms 2)
Power Plant
Glass Castle
Out Back
Computer Terminal
Letter From Home
 in stock $12.98
Bass Works: As I Venture Into
Bass Works: As I Venture Into (limited borwn vinyl LP)
Cat: KR 59. Rel: 11 Apr 24
Alienruf I
Rhythm Sponge
Mini Gong
 in stock $21.27
Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts (Soundtrack) (Expanded Edition)
Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts (Soundtrack) (Expanded Edition) (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile red & purple vinyl 2xLP + booklet)
Cat: MOVATM 401R. Rel: 26 Mar 24
The Maximals (2:36)
Unicron/Scourge (2:00)
Autobots Enter (0:48)
What Are You (1:40)
More Than Meets The Eye (1:29)
Mirage (1:56)
Museum Heist (1:17)
Battle At Ellis Island (2:46)
Fallen Hero (1:43)
Chris Meets Mirage (1:55)
Arriving In Peru (2:22)
Hiding In Plain Sight (1:29)
The Cave (2:26)
Switchback Chase (4:19)
The Village (2:26)
Saving Elena (3:59)
One Last Stand (3:17)
The Final Battle Begins (3:15)
Unicron Approaches (1:27)
Home Team (2:16)
Volcano Battle (2:56)
No Matter The Cost (1:52)
Till All Are One (1:53)
Humans & Autobots United (2:27)
Here's My Card (2:22)
A Long Time Ago (6:20)
Calling All Autobots (3:34)
Airazor (2:39)
The Silos (3:34)
Finding The Hatch (2:05)
Meet The Maximals (1:04)
 in stock $35.55
Pieces (reissue)
Pieces (reissue) (limited LP + booklet in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: FTS 027. Rel: 09 Apr 24
Spirale (3:17)
Antichambre (2:38)
Images (5:33)
Le Rideau (1:26)
P 216 (6:22)
En Attendant L'Aube (3:52)
Le Tournant Des Temps (3:03)
Hivers 1 - Cap-Des-Rosiers (6:19)
Hivers 2 - Sol-Six D'Hiver (3:31)
14e Sie'cle (4:46)
Review: Danielle Boutet's Pieces is a mysterious artifact of Quebecois marginalia, self-released in 1985. Seeming to land squarely in the French no wave niche, yet nonetheless defying it through sinister inversions of the form, the reissued album comes as a reminder of Boutet's impressive command over atmosphere and narrative. Arabesque monologues in her native French soar over warblingly warm arpeggios, which sound ready-primed for traversals of Transylvania, while the more languid cuts make use of impressively synthetic emulations of what could otherwise sound like affectedly acoustic instruments, such as the "harmonica" on 'En attendant l'aube'. This is a welcome unearthing of an otherwise unconscious album, made in the space between REM sleep and authentic, out-of-the-limelight living.
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Intérprete: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $29.58
The Depth Of Rain
Cat: IF 120CD. Rel: 09 Apr 24
The Depth Of Rain
Review: On his return to China in 2019 after a period away, Brock van Wey noticed a "strange, sound emitting item" on the table. It was a handmade 'steel tongue drum', a unique percussion instrument associated with spirituality and meditation in Asian culture. A few days later, van Wey recorded an extended jam of himself playing it, and later overdubbed electronic sounds, melodies, chords and textures. The result is The Depth of Rain, the long-serving ambient and drone artist's second Bvdub album of 2024. Where some of van Wey's ambient sets can tend towards the intense and claustrophobic, The Depth of Rain is a genuinely melodious, evocative and spring-like affair that ebbs and flows wonderfully throughout, providing entertainment and sonic bliss in equal measure.
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 in stock $17.39
Far From The Maddening Crowds (Symphonic Rehearsals)
Cat: MODENALP 96. Rel: 28 Mar 24
Early (Symphonic Rehearsal mix) (5:15)
Already There (Symphonic Rehearsal mix) (3:21)
Offshore (Symphonic Rehearsal mix) (6:19)
Lost You Somewhere (Evolution Symphonic Rehearsal) (3:55)
From Blue To Green (Symphonic Rehearsal mix) (5:00)
Sunstroke (DC Symphonic Rehearsal mix) (4:56)
Leaving Town (Symphonic Rehearsal mix) (5:29)
Red Skies (Symphonic Rehearsal mix) (5:08)
Sunstroke (Symphonic Rehearsal mix) (4:47)
Offshore (DC Symphonic Rehearsal mix) (7:52)
The Drive Home (Symphonic Rehearsal mix) (5:42)
Review: Chicane's 1997 album Far From The Maddening Crowds not only reappropriated a famous Thomas Hardy literary title, it also helped lay the groundwork for a new form of breaks-driven trance music. Now on Modena comes a brand new version of the album, its Symphonic Rehearsals version: a full rerub consisting of total string versions of each track, with brand new string compositions written and performed by Joe Duddell (whose extant performance credits also include James, Elbow and Daughter). The new versions are utter tearjerkers, and not merely for the nostalgia value either; all build on the originally subtle apogees of the original LP, and remind us of why it was so well-received as a landmark release in the first place.
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 in stock $23.61
Far From The Maddening Crowds (Symphonic Rehearsals)
Cat: MODENACD 96. Rel: 28 Mar 24
Early (Symphonic Rehearsal mix)
Already There (Symphonic Rehearsal mix)
Offshore (Symphonic Rehearsal mix)
Lost You Somewhere (Evolution Symphonic Rehearsal)
From Blue To Green (Symphonic Rehearsal mix)
Sunstroke (DC Symphonic Rehearsal mix)
Leaving Town (Symphonic Rehearsal mix)
Red Skies (Symphonic Rehearsal mix)
Sunstroke (Symphonic Rehearsal mix)
Offshore (DC Symphonic Rehearsal mix)
The Drive Home (Symphonic Rehearsal mix)
Review: Complementing the main LP release of this career-bookending Chicane release comes the CD edition of the new symphonic edition of Far From The Maddening Crowds. The original trance uplifter LP blew us all away at its initial '90s moment, proving producer Nicholas Bracegirdle's fine talents to the world. Now, however, comes the full orchestral version, sating our tireless retroactive desire for symphonies after trance; every track on the original album hears a full-blown symphonic orchestral rerub, utilising the collective talents of members of the The Halle and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, and combining them with glistening SFX and studio embellishments to lend an epic neoclassical vibe to an all-out classic.
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 in stock $11.93
Figura (LP)
Cat: LPS 38. Rel: 26 Mar 24
Invisible Orchestra (4:23)
Veo Un Ciervo A Oscuras (3:56)
Ros Elavy (5:30)
Mirada Interior (4:57)
Eyes Form You (5:36)
Al Bosc, Cega I Visionaria (7:24)
Mise En Abyme (6:27)
 in stock $20.24
World Of Work
Cat: WARPCD 370. Rel: 05 Apr 24
Into This, Called Loneliness
The Bell Tower
An Embroidery
Life Of The Forbidden
Wee Rosebud
The Excess Of Sorrow, Laughs
Turn To Stone
SOS Song Of The Sword
 in stock $11.93
World Of Work
World Of Work (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: WARPLP 370. Rel: 11 Apr 24
Into This, Called Loneliness (4:38)
The Bell Tower (5:52)
An Embroidery (3:56)
Life Of The Forbidden (2:02)
Wee Rosebud (2:03)
The Excess Of Sorrow, Laughs (4:46)
Turn To Stone (4:46)
Tenderfoot (4:46)
Crucifer (4:46)
SOS Song Of The Sword (4:46)
 in stock $23.61
Projections Of A Coral City
Cat: BALMAT 09. Rel: 09 Apr 24
Deep Call (6:31)
Hearts Aflutter (4:13)
Discovery (4:51)
Precipice (5:31)
Reach Out (5:55)
Review: Miami duo Coral Morphologic has linked up with Nick Leon for a debut collaboration here, Projections of a Coral City, which lands on the cultured Barcelona-based label Balmat. It's a lush listen that very much soothes mind, body and soul with its widescreen ambient synth scopes, suspensory pads and painterly strikes of sound. The mood is carefree and dreamy, occasionally rueful and introspective and always realised in a beautiful fashion. Here's hoping this might be the first of many collabs if this is the sort of work these artists can cook up together.
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 in stock $21.78
Engelchen (limited LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: LAUNCH339 FTR765. Rel: 27 Mar 24
We Were Smuggling People's Lives (19:54)
The Gramophone Circle Parties (1:39)
Engelchen (4:56)
The Letter Burning (5:20)
Crepuscule (3:53)
Dolphin Square (1:01)
Engelchen Now (2:17)
 in stock $39.71
Xenopocene (orange splattered vinyl LP in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: LDOD 117. Rel: 05 Apr 24
Contact - Day 0 (3:18)
Concerning The Conduct Of The Search (3:51)
A Considered Reply - Day 1 (5:28)
Fractious - Day 10 (3:35)
Day 100 (2:36)
Starfire (feat RAP Ferreira) (4:36)
Intermission (1:03)
Float (feat The Breathing Effect) (3:09)
New Dae (4:05)
Lightness - Day 10K (3:10)
Six Thousand Years To Go (2:17)
 in stock $42.55
Black Aria II (reissue)
Black Aria II (reissue) (limted gatefold "starburst" orange & black splattered vinyl LP)
Cat: CLE 3711. Rel: 25 Mar 24
Overture: Winged Night Demon (1:20)
Abbandonment/Recreation (4:00)
Zemaragad (4:08)
Lamia (3:40)
Bridal Ceremony Of The Lilitu (2:51)
Dance Of The Succubi (2:16)
Unclean Sephira (3:45)
LCKR (1:23)
The Succubus Feeds (2:34)
Shiddin (2:32)
Demons (reprise) (3:07)
Lamenta Lilith (2:24)
Review: The long-gestating follow up to 1992's initial instalment, Black Aria II would finally arrive in 2006 after years of discussion from Misfits/Samhain horror-punk visionary Glenn Danzig, and further his exploration into the cavernous realms of modern classical dark ambience. Conceptually based around Lillith, the first wife of Adam, the material here is far more minimalist and starker than its gothic predecessor, while utilising a more varied array of instruments on top of the pre-established organ and strings, with more Eastern sonic influences to conjure a mercurial vision independent of the preceding volume. Complete with eerie chimes, chants and esoteric lamentations, the project marks one of Danzig's most intriguing works when compared to, say, his Elvis covers compilations, and offers a transportive, biblical, haunting narrative delivered almost exclusively via instrumental atmospherics and insidious gloom.
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 in stock $40.47
Twilight Of Europe
Cat: 234 THCYCLE. Rel: 28 Mar 24
Breath Of The Black Plague
Birth Of The Antichrist
Art Of The Dark Ages
Gothic Architecture
Malles Maleficarum
Fate Of The Templars
Rise & Fall Of Empires
Formulas Written In Blood
Walpurgis Nacht
 in stock $14.01
Twilight Of Europe
Twilight Of Europe (LP + poster)
Cat: 234 THCYCLELP. Rel: 25 Mar 24
Breath Of The Black Plague (4:45)
Birth Of The Antichrist (4:13)
Dungeons (2:58)
Art Of The Dark Ages (3:03)
Gothic Architecture (4:20)
Malleus Maleficarum (5:04)
Fate Of The Templars (3:43)
Rise & Fall Of Empires (4:58)
Formulas Written In Blood (2:40)
Walpurgis Nacht (2:20)
Ignorance (3:54)
 in stock $21.27
La Regne Animal (Soundtrack)
Cat: 801262 2934498. Rel: 10 Apr 24
Devant Toi (1:53)
Ombres (part 1) (0:51)
Ombres (part 2) (2:34)
Amour Et Guerre (part 1) (2:06)
Petit Moment (2:14)
Le Vol (part 1) (2:09)
Le Vol (part 2) (1:33)
Amour Et Guerre (part 2) (3:05)
Le Vol (part 3) (5:24)
Il Regno Animale (4:37)
 in stock $36.84
Cat: 505419 7935480. Rel: 18 Apr 24
Where Flowers Bloom (feat Konrad Golda) (4:32)
Bee (feat Marcin Zdunik) (3:55)
Orchid (feat Michal Zak) (2:51)
Cedar Tree (feat Jakub Josef Orlinski) (4:34)
Illusion (1:56)
Interlude (2:55)
Doubt (feat Lukasz Kuropaczewski) (5:45)
Magnolia (1:17)
Rain (feat Konrad Golda) (2:25)
The Garden Of Curiosities (4:52)
Epilogue (3:26)
 in stock $31.13
Symphonic Music Of Depeche Mode
Symphonic Music Of Depeche Mode (clear vinyl LP limited to 300 copies)
Cat: CLOLP 3235. Rel: 18 Apr 24
Never Let Me Down Again (4:23)
Enjoy The Silence (5:19)
Little 15 (5:30)
Stripped (3:57)
Walking In My Shoes (5:34)
I Feel You (3:35)
Policy Of Truth (3:47)
Useless (5:36)
Higher Love (5:17)
Fly On The Windscreen (4:55)
 in stock $29.06
Le Grand Passage
Cat: LOVE 131. Rel: 09 Apr 24
Le Grand Passage (I) (5:17)
Le Grand Passage (II) (2:11)
Le Grand Passage (III) (2:53)
Le Grand Passage (IV) (2:50)
Le Grand Passage (V) (2:36)
Le Grand Passage (VI) (4:10)
Le Grand Passage (VII) (3:08)
Le Grand Passage (VIII) (3:24)
 in stock $25.94
Therapy (hand-numbered translucent green vinyl LP limited to 160 copies)
Cat: WS 020. Rel: 04 Apr 24
QX2021 (4:52)
Pure (Ride The World) (3:18)
Ending (feat Ethan Haman) (8:21)
Solace (feat Nailah Hunter) (3:36)
Isn't It True (feat Henry Solomon) (2:43)
#3 (Rhubarb) (7:14)
Interlude (1:15)
Aaaaaa (No More) (3:21)
#17 (2:02)
137 Riddle (4:42)
 in stock $31.13
Emerson Enigma
Emerson Enigma (gatefold 2xLP with obi-strip)
Cat: SDR 232407LP. Rel: 18 Apr 24
Suite N1 Tarkus Enigma - Eruption + Stone Of Years - The Endless Enigma (part 1) (15:09)
Suite N1 Tarkus Enigma - The Endless Enigma (part 2) (8:21)
Knife Edge (Including Sinfonietta (Janacek) & Suite Francaise (JS Bach) (5:34)
Suite N2 Brain Variations - Variations On 2nd Impression - Benny The Bouncer (6:07)
Take A Pebble (13:38)
Trilogy (11:24)
Suite N3 Chorale - Chorale 3rd Bridge Piano Concerto N1 - 3rd Movement (6:51)
 in stock $34.77
Affinity (LP + booklet)
Cat: LPTUL 0006. Rel: 11 Apr 24
4th Of The 1st (3:07)
Times (2:55)
NY (2:48)
Cliff (feat Aga Ujma) (2:37)
RIP (2:22)
11249 (feat Jemima Coulter & Ailbhe Reddy) (3:26)
Bright (F) (3:00)
Fiel (2:52)
Write: Left (2:54)
16 (feat Sophie Gwen Williams) (4:04)
 in stock $27.25
The Nightcomers (Soundtrack) (remastered)
Cat: ISC 502. Rel: 28 Mar 24
Main Title
The Smoking Frog
Bedtime At Blye House
New Clothes For Quint
The Children's Hour
Pas De Deux
Like A Chicken On A Spit
All That Pain
Summer Rowing
Quint Has A Kite
Act Two Prelude: Myles In The Air
Upside Down Turtle
An Arrow For Mrs Grose
Flora & Miss Jessel
Tea In The Tree
The Flower Bath
Pig Sty
Moving Day
The Big Swim
Through The Looking Glass
Burning Dolls
Exit Peter Quint, Enter The New Governess; Recapitulation & Postlude
Pub Piano (bonus)
 in stock $44.63
Scorpio (Soundtrack) (remastered)
Cat: QR 547. Rel: 28 Mar 24
Main Title
Target Zim
In The Aircraft
Reflections Of Cathood
CIA Tail
Susan's Apartment
I Have To Go Deep
Two Ways To Walk
I Picked You Up
The Big Wheel
The Imperial Vaults
In The Greenhouse
Zharhov Wags His Tail
Into The Underground
Cocktails At Heck's House
The Thief
Zharkov Bites His Tail
Nothing But Enemies
Boiler Room
Miff Dives
All Fall Down
Un Dia De Julio (vocal)
Into The Undergorund (Film version/Partial)
All Fall Down (alternate)
 in stock $20.24
Piano Piano 2
Piano Piano 2 (gatefold LP)
Cat: 650307 5. Rel: 28 Mar 24
Ghosts (3:25)
Spirals (4:00)
Champagne (4:22)
Spiders (3:20)
Rio (3:47)
Welcome (1:12)
Extra Lives (2:54)
Snow Falling (3:42)
Pluck (3:41)
No Surprises (4:10)
Song For No One (bonus track) (2:16)
Rio (Stripped - bonus track) (3:46)
 in stock $27.25
Precious Collection
Precious Collection (limited pink & orange vinyl LP)
Cat: HDNTS 0007LPC. Rel: 17 Apr 24
Nudity (2:23)
Romanian Fantasies II (4:45)
New Beginnings (5:56)
Fishelekh Gefinen - To Catch A Fish (3:10)
Nign (3:31)
Kick Up In 9 (2:09)
Dobriden-Hamanul (5:05)
Feygele - Little Bird (2:32)
Flowers For Innocence (3:22)
Yikhes - Lineage (Donia IV) (3:31)
Hold Me Close (6:08)
Sholem Aleichem (2:07)
 in stock $24.39
Orchestras (gatefold 2xLP + insert)
Cat: 588374 0. Rel: 18 Apr 24
Nocturne Vulgaiew (with The Brussels Philharmonic) (4:09)
Lush Life (4:23)
Doom (4:23)
Rag (4:16)
Throughout (5:54)
Electricity (5:56)
Sweet Rain (5:56)
Richter 858, No 7 (7:03)
Beautiful Dreamer (3:49)
Lookout For Hope (with Umbria Jazz Orchestra) (7:08)
Levees (4:28)
Strange Meeting (6:21)
Doom (6:17)
Electricity (4:08)
Monica Jane (6:48)
We Shall Overcome (4:46)
Review: Bill Frisell's Orchestras, a collaboration with composer-arranger Michael Gibbs, showcases the transformative power of jazz when paired with symphonic ensembles. The album combines Frisell's trio with the Brussels Philharmonic and the Umbria Jazz Orchestra, resulting in a dynamic interplay between jazz intimacy and orchestral grandeur. Gibbs' masterful orchestrations, inspired by Gil Evans and cinematic scores, seamlessly enhance the trio's telepathic rapport. Frisell's signature shimmering sound blends effortlessly with strings and brass, creating a rich and expressive tapestry. Notably, the collaboration highlights the deep connection between Frisell and Gibbs, a legendary innovator in jazz arranging. Gibbs' intuitive writing draws out the trio's spontaneity and pushes them into uncharted territory. Frisell and Gibbs' mutual admiration and influence create a palpable energy throughout the album, showcasing the transformative power of collaboration.
Read more
 in stock $36.32
Orchestras (live)
Cat: LC 00133. Rel: 18 Apr 24
Nocturne Vulgaire
Lush Life
Sweet Rain
Richter 858, No 7
Beautiful Dreamer
Lookout For Hope
Strange Meeting
Monica Jane
We Shall Overcome
 in stock $14.27
Higgs Boson
Cat: SOMA 043CD. Rel: 04 Apr 24
The Stark Effect
The Magus
Static Case
Ondes De Fase
Propeller Arc
Hadron Collider
These Questions
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The Night Is The Night
Cat: LPTHA 31. Rel: 11 Apr 24
The Night Is The Night (4:22)
Tachzeri Elay (3:35)
River (2:39)
I Always Know (4:29)
Ich Vermisse Dich (4:44)
I'm Allowed To Love You (3:33)
I Beg (7:53)
Hide (9:20)
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Society Of The Snow (Soundtrack)
Society Of The Snow (Soundtrack) (2xLP + booklet with obi-strip)
Cat: MBMLP 1. Rel: 11 Apr 24
Leaving Home (1:23)
Crash (1:06)
Barren (1:32)
Alien World (3:00)
Flashback (1:04)
First Scout (1:30)
Susy Passes (8:19)
News Radio (1:01)
What Do I Become (2:21)
The Second Expedition (1:50)
Trapped (3:14)
Today Is My Birthday (2:14)
What's The Limit (1:51)
I See The Sky (1:23)
A Plan To Cross The Mountains (1:38)
Arturo's Death (1:55)
Setting Out (2:01)
Heading Back (1:13)
Take Home The Love (4:50)
Nando Returns (1:45)
Radio Failure (2:21)
Sleeping Bag (1:29)
Numa Accepts His Place (1:37)
Andes Ascent (4:11)
Onward (3:13)
Over The River (1:10)
Found (6:22)
Home (4:04)
Review: Michael Giacchino, a decorated Academy Award-r winning composer, delivers a commanding yet tender score for J.A. Bayona's moving film The Society of the Snow. It recounts the harrowing true tale of the 1972 Uruguayan flight that crashed in the remote Andes, and the ensuing battle for survival. Amid despair, the film champions hope which is a sentiment echoed in Giacchino's emotionally charged score. Balancing poignancy with optimism, the music navigates a delicate path that amplifies the film's power. Bayona and Giacchino's collaboration yields a cinematic masterpiece that will surely resonate as one of the year's most compelling narratives.
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Dinamarca (gatefold 2xLP + insert)
Cat: RGCVV 2024. Rel: 12 Apr 24
Llanura Infinita (3:16)
Cacador De Horizontes (4:40)
Uma Cancao Para Daniel (4:36)
Amigo (6:01)
Callisensvej 33 (4:59)
Fim-de-mundo (4:24)
Irene (6:06)
Dyrehaven (6:09)
Adeus, Vovo (2:00)
Augur (5:13)
O Pintor (5:13)
O Segredo Das Aguas (1:10)
O Fim (3:42)
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Rare Soundtracks & Lost Tapes (remastered)
Rare Soundtracks & Lost Tapes (remastered) (limited LP with obi strip)
Cat: TRS 30. Rel: 08 Apr 24
L'affaire Dominici (L'Affaire Dominici: Realise Par Claude Bernard-Aubert) (2:35)
Enquete (1:59)
Theme Principal (2:50)
Proces (1:19)
Theme Guitare (1:29)
Theme Orchestre (2:35)
Generique (1:32)
Un Homme Traque (Au-Dela De La Peur: Realise Per Yannick Andrei) (2:16)
Au-dela De La Peur (2:45)
Nostalgie D'un Amour Imaginaire (Musique Legeres: Bandes Magnetiques Inedites) (4:17)
Reverie (3:58)
Recherche Nostalgique (3:45)
Review: Earnest, atmospheric, romantic-gothic guitar pieces from Alain Goraguer, whose Rare Soundtracks & Lost Tapes hears a collection never heard before on vinyl. Goraguer is best known as a collaborator and ghostwriter of Serge Gainsbourg, as well as the scoring composer for the surrealist sci-fi animation film Fantastic Planet. At around the same time of the making of these two indelible compositions, Goraguer also wrote two similar, but less publicly-oriented scores, both of which appear on this record in a back-to-back fashion. An array of breathy flutes, eerie backing synth counterpoints, and shaky percussions all combine to cloud the glasses on this beautifully bittersweet album-length hypnosis.
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Intérprete: Charles Maurice
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Unruh (CD)
Cat: 240 THCYCLE. Rel: 28 Mar 24
Track 1
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Unruh (LP)
Cat: 240 THCYCLELP. Rel: 25 Mar 24
Track 1 (18:14)
Track 2 (22:01)
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Murder By Death (Soundtrack)
Cat: 725324 1. Rel: 08 Apr 24
Main Title/House Of Twain/Sand & Wang (2:06)
M Perrier/Mushroom Idiot/Sam & Tess (2:11)
Broken Bridge (1:37)
Strange Weather (1:54)
Angry Cat & Cozy Fire (1:21)
I'll Park The Car/Cobwebs (2:01)
Yetta (3:26)
Trust & Change/No Kissing/Hands Of Time/Wang Is Wrong (2:31)
Jessica Marbles/Death Mask/Toast To Lionel (2:19)
Gather At Table (1:08)
Swords & Beans (1:08)
Lockin' It Up/Twain Tango (1:09)
Mirrors (0:45)
Butler's Demise (2:18)
Holy Merde/Empty Room/Gun Shots/Re-Entry (1:39)
Almost Midnight/12 Chimes/Knife In Twain's Back (1:39)
Mannequin/Dirty Work/Jilted/Fathered/Wang's Father/Gay Bar/Goodnight (1:08)
Deadly Steam/Scorpio/Gas Works/Think I'm Gonna Cry (2:10)
Getting Taller/Cross Off Snake (1:40)
Irving Goldman/Marvin Metzner/Poodle Session/Not Born With Beauty/Sam Enters (1:34)
Numero Uno/Openin' Up/Gwine Home (3:06)
End Title (1:35)
Review: Dave Grusin's score for the whodunit comedy Murder by Death masterfully blends traditional and modern elements. Grusin's intent to approach the comedic affair seriously resulted in a thematic and delightful score that captures the film's eclectic nature. Paying homage to British murder-mystery roots while pushing boundaries, Grusin created a unique and charming musical landscape. The score's first-ever vinyl release allows audiences to fully appreciate Grusin's artistry, highlighting the perfect balance between tradition and innovation that characterizes his work.
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Friends (Japanese Edition)
Friends (Japanese Edition) (limited 180 gram translucent natural clear vinyl LP)
Cat: 801287 1015719. Rel: 10 Apr 24
Unity Machine (feat Alessandro Martire) (2:57)
Variable Timing (feat Andrea Griminelli) (4:13)
Andromeda's Sky (feat Carlo Corrieri) (3:15)
Intimate (feat Hauser) (3:48)
Alen (3:36)
The Fifth Line (feat Andrea Bocelli) (3:24)
Arpmatic (feat Stefano Cantini) (4:21)
Ego (3:03)
I Am Here (feat Stefano Cantini) (4:03)
Till Here (3:48)
Once & Now (feat Stephan Moccio) (3:27)
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Keoma & Il Cacciatore Di Squali (Soundtrack)
Cat: CSC 030. Rel: 05 Apr 24
Keoma (instrumental) (4:45)
Keoma (Seq 1) (2:09)
Keoma (Seq 2) (0:45)
Keoma (Harmonica) (1:40)
Keoma (Seq 3) (1:28)
Keoma (Seq 4) (3:10)
Keoma (Seq 5) (1:07)
Keoma (Seq 6) (1:29)
Keoma (4:47)
Il Cacciatore Di Squali (Seq 1) (4:07)
Il Cacciatore Di Squali (Seq 2) (2:37)
Il Cacciatore Di Squali (Seq 3) (0:56)
Il Cacciatore Di Squali (Seq 4) (1:56)
Il Cacciatore Di Squali (Seq 5) (3:12)
Il Cacciatore Di Squali (Seq 6) (1:36)
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Nicole/Overwhelmed By The Unexplained
Cat: HMRLP 029. Rel: 26 Mar 24
Nicole (Nicole) (3:19)
Forests, Quatrain (4:10)
Diaphanous (3:17)
Raspberry Hands (3:41)
Last Trip (3:37)
Anders (Overwhelmed By The Unexplained) (3:26)
Dirty Is Just What Has Boundaries (feat Lynn Margulis & Anna L Tsing) (5:19)
Rain On Paliastomi (5:32)
Those Who Care (3:25)
Overwhelmed By The Unexplained (4:35)
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Hiroi Sekai To Semai Sekai
Hiroi Sekai To Semai Sekai (2xCD with obi-strip)
Cat: RINC 83. Rel: 05 Apr 24
Track 1 (CD1: Hiroi Sekai To Semai Sekai)
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4
Track 5
Track 6
Toy Box
Track 8
Track 9
Track 10
Track 11
Track 12
Track 13
Track 14
Track 15
Track 16
Track 17
Track 18 (CD2: Selected Works 1991-1993)
Track 19
Track 20
Track 21
Track 23
Track 24
Track 25
Track 27
Track 28
Track 29
Track 30
Track 31
Track 32
MSM #2
Track 34
Track 35
Track 36
Track 37
Track 38
Track 39
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Penny (Soundtrack)
Penny (Soundtrack) (limited numbered LP + insert)
Cat: DAK 018CINE3. Rel: 27 Mar 24
Penny (part 1) (17:19)
Penny (part 2) (15:14)
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Earth Mirror
Cat: BING 170CD. Rel: 26 Mar 24
Drowned Light
Dream Cairn
Odo Galse
Cat's Cradle
Circles Of Light
Review: Leeds-based duo Hawthonn express their inspiration from Coil in their artist name (a tribute to the late Jhonn Balance) and it doesn't take long listening to their music to hear that indelible mark on their sound. Earth Mirror marks Layla and Phil Legard's second album for the Ba Da Bing! label out of NYC after 2018's Red Goddess (Of This Men Shall Know Nothing). Weaving a compelling mixture of low, murmuring industrial tones and pastoral folk with an occult twist, the duo move through enveloping, atmospheric spaces. At times Layla Legard's voice cuts through the mist, and elsewhere we reside in instrumental pastures, but the mood remains haunting and evocative from start to finish, not to mention masterfully rendered.
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Lark (180 gram vinyl LP + booklet)
Cat: IMPX 60521. Rel: 11 Apr 24
Charconne (For Violin & Organ) (9:21)
The Lark (Poem In The Form Of A Rondo (9:20)
Sonata No 1, In A, 0P 13 (20:23)
Review: Jascha Heifetz's profound connection with the tumultuous ocean mirrors the intensity and subtleties of his renowned violin sound. He shows that on this nice heavyweight 180-gram album which, meticulously crafted, revisits Heifetz's career milestones with crisp attacks, imaginative phrasings, and mellifluous sustains. The repertoire juxtaposes iconic pieces from different eras and showcases Heifetz's discerning taste in all its glory. From Vitali's Baroque masterpiece to Faure's Romantic opus and Castelnuovo-Tedesco's modern tone poem, each piece complements the other seamlessly. Cut by Bernie Grundman and preserved without digital intervention, this LP encapsulates Heifetz's timeless artistry in a lovely package by Impex Records.
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