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New releases last two weeks: Classical

Classical vinyl released in the last two weeks
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Octopussy (40th Anniversary Expanded Edition)
Cat: LLLCD 1637. Rel: 17 Apr 24
Gun Barrel & Airbase (CD1:Score Presentation - main Title)
Bond Look Alike
Fill Her Up
All Time High
009 Gets The Knife & The Property Of A Lady
Kremlin Art Repository & Sotheby’s
Magda & Spend The Money Quickly, Mr Bond
Gobinda Attacks
Easy Come, Easy Go
All Time High (instrumental)
That’s My Little Octopussy
Arrival At The Island Of Octopussy
Bond At The Monsoon Palace
Palace Intrigue
The Mysterious Octopussy
Bond Meets Octopussy
Yo-Yo Fight & Death Of Vijay (extended version)
Checkpoint Charlie & The Romanov Star
The Chase Bomb Theme (Film version)
Fight With Mischka
Follow That Car
The End Of General Orlov
Gorilla S & Death Of Grischka
The Bomb Arrives & Clowning Around
The Palace Fight (extended version)
Kamal Khan’s Death & Finale
All Time High - End Title
British Ambassador (Additional music)
Vijay’s Pungi
Gangaur Ghat
Let The Sport Commence
The Hunt Continues
The Floating Palace
All Time High (CD2: Soundtrack album)
Bond Look-Alike
009 Gets The Knife & Gobinda Attacks
That’s My Little Octopussy
Arrival At The Island Of Octopussy
Bond At The Monsoon Palace
Bond Meets Octopussy
Yo-Yo Fight & Death Of Vijay
The Chase Bomb Theme
The Palace Fight
All Time High (End Title)
All Time High (bonus track - extended instrumental version)
 in stock $55.00
Bass Works: As I Venture Into
Bass Works: As I Venture Into (limited borwn vinyl LP)
Cat: KR 59. Rel: 11 Apr 24
Alienruf I
Rhythm Sponge
Mini Gong
 in stock $21.27
Pieces (reissue)
Pieces (reissue) (limited LP + booklet in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: FTS 027. Rel: 09 Apr 24
Spirale (3:17)
Antichambre (2:38)
Images (5:33)
Le Rideau (1:26)
P 216 (6:22)
En Attendant L'Aube (3:52)
Le Tournant Des Temps (3:03)
Hivers 1 - Cap-Des-Rosiers (6:19)
Hivers 2 - Sol-Six D'Hiver (3:31)
14e Sie'cle (4:46)
Review: Danielle Boutet's Pieces is a mysterious artifact of Quebecois marginalia, self-released in 1985. Seeming to land squarely in the French no wave niche, yet nonetheless defying it through sinister inversions of the form, the reissued album comes as a reminder of Boutet's impressive command over atmosphere and narrative. Arabesque monologues in her native French soar over warblingly warm arpeggios, which sound ready-primed for traversals of Transylvania, while the more languid cuts make use of impressively synthetic emulations of what could otherwise sound like affectedly acoustic instruments, such as the "harmonica" on 'En attendant l'aube'. This is a welcome unearthing of an otherwise unconscious album, made in the space between REM sleep and authentic, out-of-the-limelight living.
Read more
Intérprete: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $29.58
The Depth Of Rain
Cat: IF 120CD. Rel: 09 Apr 24
The Depth Of Rain
Review: On his return to China in 2019 after a period away, Brock van Wey noticed a "strange, sound emitting item" on the table. It was a handmade 'steel tongue drum', a unique percussion instrument associated with spirituality and meditation in Asian culture. A few days later, van Wey recorded an extended jam of himself playing it, and later overdubbed electronic sounds, melodies, chords and textures. The result is The Depth of Rain, the long-serving ambient and drone artist's second Bvdub album of 2024. Where some of van Wey's ambient sets can tend towards the intense and claustrophobic, The Depth of Rain is a genuinely melodious, evocative and spring-like affair that ebbs and flows wonderfully throughout, providing entertainment and sonic bliss in equal measure.
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 in stock $17.39
World Of Work
World Of Work (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: WARPLP 370. Rel: 11 Apr 24
Into This, Called Loneliness (4:38)
The Bell Tower (5:52)
An Embroidery (3:56)
Life Of The Forbidden (2:02)
Wee Rosebud (2:03)
The Excess Of Sorrow, Laughs (4:46)
Turn To Stone (4:46)
Tenderfoot (4:46)
Crucifer (4:46)
SOS Song Of The Sword (4:46)
 in stock $23.61
Projections Of A Coral City
Cat: BALMAT 09. Rel: 09 Apr 24
Deep Call (6:31)
Hearts Aflutter (4:13)
Discovery (4:51)
Precipice (5:31)
Reach Out (5:55)
Review: Miami duo Coral Morphologic has linked up with Nick Leon for a debut collaboration here, Projections of a Coral City, which lands on the cultured Barcelona-based label Balmat. It's a lush listen that very much soothes mind, body and soul with its widescreen ambient synth scopes, suspensory pads and painterly strikes of sound. The mood is carefree and dreamy, occasionally rueful and introspective and always realised in a beautiful fashion. Here's hoping this might be the first of many collabs if this is the sort of work these artists can cook up together.
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 in stock $21.78
La Regne Animal (Soundtrack)
Cat: 801262 2934498. Rel: 10 Apr 24
Devant Toi (1:53)
Ombres (part 1) (0:51)
Ombres (part 2) (2:34)
Amour Et Guerre (part 1) (2:06)
Petit Moment (2:14)
Le Vol (part 1) (2:09)
Le Vol (part 2) (1:33)
Amour Et Guerre (part 2) (3:05)
Le Vol (part 3) (5:24)
Il Regno Animale (4:37)
 in stock $36.84
Cat: 505419 7935480. Rel: 18 Apr 24
Where Flowers Bloom (feat Konrad Golda) (4:32)
Bee (feat Marcin Zdunik) (3:55)
Orchid (feat Michal Zak) (2:51)
Cedar Tree (feat Jakub Josef Orlinski) (4:34)
Illusion (1:56)
Interlude (2:55)
Doubt (feat Lukasz Kuropaczewski) (5:45)
Magnolia (1:17)
Rain (feat Konrad Golda) (2:25)
The Garden Of Curiosities (4:52)
Epilogue (3:26)
 in stock $31.13
Symphonic Music Of Depeche Mode
Symphonic Music Of Depeche Mode (clear vinyl LP limited to 300 copies)
Cat: CLOLP 3235. Rel: 18 Apr 24
Never Let Me Down Again (4:23)
Enjoy The Silence (5:19)
Little 15 (5:30)
Stripped (3:57)
Walking In My Shoes (5:34)
I Feel You (3:35)
Policy Of Truth (3:47)
Useless (5:36)
Higher Love (5:17)
Fly On The Windscreen (4:55)
 in stock $29.06
Le Grand Passage
Cat: LOVE 131. Rel: 09 Apr 24
Le Grand Passage (I) (5:17)
Le Grand Passage (II) (2:11)
Le Grand Passage (III) (2:53)
Le Grand Passage (IV) (2:50)
Le Grand Passage (V) (2:36)
Le Grand Passage (VI) (4:10)
Le Grand Passage (VII) (3:08)
Le Grand Passage (VIII) (3:24)
 in stock $25.94
Emerson Enigma
Emerson Enigma (gatefold 2xLP with obi-strip)
Cat: SDR 232407LP. Rel: 18 Apr 24
Suite N1 Tarkus Enigma - Eruption + Stone Of Years - The Endless Enigma (part 1) (15:09)
Suite N1 Tarkus Enigma - The Endless Enigma (part 2) (8:21)
Knife Edge (Including Sinfonietta (Janacek) & Suite Francaise (JS Bach) (5:34)
Suite N2 Brain Variations - Variations On 2nd Impression - Benny The Bouncer (6:07)
Take A Pebble (13:38)
Trilogy (11:24)
Suite N3 Chorale - Chorale 3rd Bridge Piano Concerto N1 - 3rd Movement (6:51)
 in stock $34.77
Affinity (LP + booklet)
Cat: LPTUL 0006. Rel: 11 Apr 24
4th Of The 1st (3:07)
Times (2:55)
NY (2:48)
Cliff (feat Aga Ujma) (2:37)
RIP (2:22)
11249 (feat Jemima Coulter & Ailbhe Reddy) (3:26)
Bright (F) (3:00)
Fiel (2:52)
Write: Left (2:54)
16 (feat Sophie Gwen Williams) (4:04)
 in stock $27.25
Precious Collection
Precious Collection (limited pink & orange vinyl LP)
Cat: HDNTS 0007LPC. Rel: 17 Apr 24
Nudity (2:23)
Romanian Fantasies II (4:45)
New Beginnings (5:56)
Fishelekh Gefinen - To Catch A Fish (3:10)
Nign (3:31)
Kick Up In 9 (2:09)
Dobriden-Hamanul (5:05)
Feygele - Little Bird (2:32)
Flowers For Innocence (3:22)
Yikhes - Lineage (Donia IV) (3:31)
Hold Me Close (6:08)
Sholem Aleichem (2:07)
 in stock $24.39
Orchestras (gatefold 2xLP + insert)
Cat: 588374 0. Rel: 18 Apr 24
Nocturne Vulgaiew (with The Brussels Philharmonic) (4:09)
Lush Life (4:23)
Doom (4:23)
Rag (4:16)
Throughout (5:54)
Electricity (5:56)
Sweet Rain (5:56)
Richter 858, No 7 (7:03)
Beautiful Dreamer (3:49)
Lookout For Hope (with Umbria Jazz Orchestra) (7:08)
Levees (4:28)
Strange Meeting (6:21)
Doom (6:17)
Electricity (4:08)
Monica Jane (6:48)
We Shall Overcome (4:46)
Review: Bill Frisell's Orchestras, a collaboration with composer-arranger Michael Gibbs, showcases the transformative power of jazz when paired with symphonic ensembles. The album combines Frisell's trio with the Brussels Philharmonic and the Umbria Jazz Orchestra, resulting in a dynamic interplay between jazz intimacy and orchestral grandeur. Gibbs' masterful orchestrations, inspired by Gil Evans and cinematic scores, seamlessly enhance the trio's telepathic rapport. Frisell's signature shimmering sound blends effortlessly with strings and brass, creating a rich and expressive tapestry. Notably, the collaboration highlights the deep connection between Frisell and Gibbs, a legendary innovator in jazz arranging. Gibbs' intuitive writing draws out the trio's spontaneity and pushes them into uncharted territory. Frisell and Gibbs' mutual admiration and influence create a palpable energy throughout the album, showcasing the transformative power of collaboration.
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 in stock $36.32
Orchestras (live)
Cat: LC 00133. Rel: 18 Apr 24
Nocturne Vulgaire
Lush Life
Sweet Rain
Richter 858, No 7
Beautiful Dreamer
Lookout For Hope
Strange Meeting
Monica Jane
We Shall Overcome
 in stock $14.27
The Night Is The Night
Cat: LPTHA 31. Rel: 11 Apr 24
The Night Is The Night (4:22)
Tachzeri Elay (3:35)
River (2:39)
I Always Know (4:29)
Ich Vermisse Dich (4:44)
I'm Allowed To Love You (3:33)
I Beg (7:53)
Hide (9:20)
 in stock $20.24
Society Of The Snow (Soundtrack)
Society Of The Snow (Soundtrack) (2xLP + booklet with obi-strip)
Cat: MBMLP 1. Rel: 11 Apr 24
Leaving Home (1:23)
Crash (1:06)
Barren (1:32)
Alien World (3:00)
Flashback (1:04)
First Scout (1:30)
Susy Passes (8:19)
News Radio (1:01)
What Do I Become (2:21)
The Second Expedition (1:50)
Trapped (3:14)
Today Is My Birthday (2:14)
What's The Limit (1:51)
I See The Sky (1:23)
A Plan To Cross The Mountains (1:38)
Arturo's Death (1:55)
Setting Out (2:01)
Heading Back (1:13)
Take Home The Love (4:50)
Nando Returns (1:45)
Radio Failure (2:21)
Sleeping Bag (1:29)
Numa Accepts His Place (1:37)
Andes Ascent (4:11)
Onward (3:13)
Over The River (1:10)
Found (6:22)
Home (4:04)
Review: Michael Giacchino, a decorated Academy Award-r winning composer, delivers a commanding yet tender score for J.A. Bayona's moving film The Society of the Snow. It recounts the harrowing true tale of the 1972 Uruguayan flight that crashed in the remote Andes, and the ensuing battle for survival. Amid despair, the film champions hope which is a sentiment echoed in Giacchino's emotionally charged score. Balancing poignancy with optimism, the music navigates a delicate path that amplifies the film's power. Bayona and Giacchino's collaboration yields a cinematic masterpiece that will surely resonate as one of the year's most compelling narratives.
Read more
 in stock $36.32
Dinamarca (gatefold 2xLP + insert)
Cat: RGCVV 2024. Rel: 12 Apr 24
Llanura Infinita (3:16)
Cacador De Horizontes (4:40)
Uma Cancao Para Daniel (4:36)
Amigo (6:01)
Callisensvej 33 (4:59)
Fim-de-mundo (4:24)
Irene (6:06)
Dyrehaven (6:09)
Adeus, Vovo (2:00)
Augur (5:13)
O Pintor (5:13)
O Segredo Das Aguas (1:10)
O Fim (3:42)
 in stock $24.65
Rare Soundtracks & Lost Tapes (remastered)
Rare Soundtracks & Lost Tapes (remastered) (limited LP with obi strip)
Cat: TRS 30. Rel: 08 Apr 24
L'affaire Dominici (L'Affaire Dominici: Realise Par Claude Bernard-Aubert) (2:35)
Enquete (1:59)
Theme Principal (2:50)
Proces (1:19)
Theme Guitare (1:29)
Theme Orchestre (2:35)
Generique (1:32)
Un Homme Traque (Au-Dela De La Peur: Realise Per Yannick Andrei) (2:16)
Au-dela De La Peur (2:45)
Nostalgie D'un Amour Imaginaire (Musique Legeres: Bandes Magnetiques Inedites) (4:17)
Reverie (3:58)
Recherche Nostalgique (3:45)
Review: Earnest, atmospheric, romantic-gothic guitar pieces from Alain Goraguer, whose Rare Soundtracks & Lost Tapes hears a collection never heard before on vinyl. Goraguer is best known as a collaborator and ghostwriter of Serge Gainsbourg, as well as the scoring composer for the surrealist sci-fi animation film Fantastic Planet. At around the same time of the making of these two indelible compositions, Goraguer also wrote two similar, but less publicly-oriented scores, both of which appear on this record in a back-to-back fashion. An array of breathy flutes, eerie backing synth counterpoints, and shaky percussions all combine to cloud the glasses on this beautifully bittersweet album-length hypnosis.
Read more
Intérprete: Charles Maurice
 in stock $26.98
Murder By Death (Soundtrack)
Cat: 725324 1. Rel: 08 Apr 24
Main Title/House Of Twain/Sand & Wang (2:06)
M Perrier/Mushroom Idiot/Sam & Tess (2:11)
Broken Bridge (1:37)
Strange Weather (1:54)
Angry Cat & Cozy Fire (1:21)
I'll Park The Car/Cobwebs (2:01)
Yetta (3:26)
Trust & Change/No Kissing/Hands Of Time/Wang Is Wrong (2:31)
Jessica Marbles/Death Mask/Toast To Lionel (2:19)
Gather At Table (1:08)
Swords & Beans (1:08)
Lockin' It Up/Twain Tango (1:09)
Mirrors (0:45)
Butler's Demise (2:18)
Holy Merde/Empty Room/Gun Shots/Re-Entry (1:39)
Almost Midnight/12 Chimes/Knife In Twain's Back (1:39)
Mannequin/Dirty Work/Jilted/Fathered/Wang's Father/Gay Bar/Goodnight (1:08)
Deadly Steam/Scorpio/Gas Works/Think I'm Gonna Cry (2:10)
Getting Taller/Cross Off Snake (1:40)
Irving Goldman/Marvin Metzner/Poodle Session/Not Born With Beauty/Sam Enters (1:34)
Numero Uno/Openin' Up/Gwine Home (3:06)
End Title (1:35)
Review: Dave Grusin's score for the whodunit comedy Murder by Death masterfully blends traditional and modern elements. Grusin's intent to approach the comedic affair seriously resulted in a thematic and delightful score that captures the film's eclectic nature. Paying homage to British murder-mystery roots while pushing boundaries, Grusin created a unique and charming musical landscape. The score's first-ever vinyl release allows audiences to fully appreciate Grusin's artistry, highlighting the perfect balance between tradition and innovation that characterizes his work.
Read more
 in stock $29.32
Friends (Japanese Edition)
Friends (Japanese Edition) (limited 180 gram translucent natural clear vinyl LP)
Cat: 801287 1015719. Rel: 10 Apr 24
Unity Machine (feat Alessandro Martire) (2:57)
Variable Timing (feat Andrea Griminelli) (4:13)
Andromeda's Sky (feat Carlo Corrieri) (3:15)
Intimate (feat Hauser) (3:48)
Alen (3:36)
The Fifth Line (feat Andrea Bocelli) (3:24)
Arpmatic (feat Stefano Cantini) (4:21)
Ego (3:03)
I Am Here (feat Stefano Cantini) (4:03)
Till Here (3:48)
Once & Now (feat Stephan Moccio) (3:27)
 in stock $71.35
Lark (180 gram vinyl LP + booklet)
Cat: IMPX 60521. Rel: 11 Apr 24
Charconne (For Violin & Organ) (9:21)
The Lark (Poem In The Form Of A Rondo (9:20)
Sonata No 1, In A, 0P 13 (20:23)
Review: Jascha Heifetz's profound connection with the tumultuous ocean mirrors the intensity and subtleties of his renowned violin sound. He shows that on this nice heavyweight 180-gram album which, meticulously crafted, revisits Heifetz's career milestones with crisp attacks, imaginative phrasings, and mellifluous sustains. The repertoire juxtaposes iconic pieces from different eras and showcases Heifetz's discerning taste in all its glory. From Vitali's Baroque masterpiece to Faure's Romantic opus and Castelnuovo-Tedesco's modern tone poem, each piece complements the other seamlessly. Cut by Bernie Grundman and preserved without digital intervention, this LP encapsulates Heifetz's timeless artistry in a lovely package by Impex Records.
Read more
 in stock $65.38
Vol 1 & Vol 2
Vol 1 & Vol 2 (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: PCD 08. Rel: 17 Apr 24
Flesh Ribbons Streaming Water Spiders (5:35)
Solo French Horn In Stuffetta (6:58)
Giger's Bust Of Mantegna (0:14)
Grotesqueries Metallic Wallpaper (7:35)
Giger's Venusian Chestburster (3:58)
A Movement In The Cenobytes Journey To 15th Century Verona (10:58)
Giger's Balinese Green Vaults (5:04)
On Automated Feather In Salla Zodiaco (7:59)
Giger's Zodiac Fountains (12:08)
A Nymphs Posture In Azzure (5:48)
Zodiac Sign Fish (3:51)
Aquatic Flush Or Harpishord Vacui (11:14)
 in stock $39.43
Ad Astra
Ad Astra (translucent blue vinyl LP)
Cat: 196588 82381. Rel: 12 Apr 24
Per Aspera (intro) (1:20)
Chiaro Di Luna (3:20)
Capolavoro (3:16)
Frammenti Di Universo (3:51)
Saturno E Venere (feat Irama) (2:54)
L'infinito (2:51)
Opera (2:52)
Il Mondo All'incontrario (3:24)
Succede (3:18)
Who Wants To Live Forever (3:55)
Ad Astra (outro) (5:04)
 in stock $23.35
The Blue In You (Soundtrack) (remastered)
The Blue In You (Soundtrack) (remastered) (limited 180 gram blue vinyl LP + booklet)
Cat: SOUX 3941. Rel: 12 Apr 24
Couple's Theme: The Blue In You (3:32)
Seperation Theme: Break Up (4:43)
Sympathy Theme: In The Practice Studio (4:36)
Afternoon (5:38)
Night (3:03)
New Beginning (End Title) (4:29)
Rendezvous: Blue & Purple (main Title) (3:46)
Rendezvous: Sky Blue (main Title - Piano) (1:52)
Rendezvous: Marine Blue (main Title - Synth) (2:04)
Rendezvous: Prussian Blue (main Title - Guitar) (3:46)
New Beginning (End Title - Guitar version) (4:29)
 in stock $59.95
Sunset Into The Neon Lights (Soundtrack) (remastered)
Cat: SOUX 3951. Rel: 12 Apr 24
Sunset Into The Neon Lights (4:15)
Sunset (Sangmin's Theme) (4:44)
Is This The End? (4:36)
Pleasure 69 (5:33)
Just Like This (feat Lee So-ra) (3:59)
Love Theme From 'Sunset Into The Neon Lights' (4:42)
Neon (Kyu-hwan's Theme) (5:02)
Just Like This (version 2) (4:11)
Sunset Into The Neon Lights (feat Lee So-ra) (3:29)
Is This The End? (instrumental) (4:36)
 in stock $64.34
Saint Saens
Saint Saens (2xMQA-CDxUHQ-CD with obi-strip)
Cat: UCCG 45088. Rel: 11 Apr 24
Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4
Track 5
Track 6
Track 7
Track 8
Track 9
Track 10
Track 11
Track 12
Track 13
Track 14
Track 15
Track 16
Track 17
Track 18
Track 19
Track 20
Track 21
Track 22
Track 23
Track 24
Track 25
Track 26
Track 27
Track 28
Track 29
Track 30
Track 31
Track 32
Track 33
 in stock $34.24
City Of Light
Cat: IF 69LP. Rel: 09 Apr 24
Nothing (13:00)
Kashi (7:16)
Kala (12:59)
Above The Earth (11:03)
 in stock $28.29
All Of Us Strangers (Soundtrack)
Cat: HWD 1435921. Rel: 12 Apr 24
Overture (3:38)
Harry (3:04)
Park (2:34)
Come Back Soon (2:47)
Remember To Breathe (3:28)
Always Running Away (1:43)
Drifting Ove Rthe Edge (3:04)
Can I Hug You Now? (1:54)
Where Would We Go? (1:51)
Always Be Alone (2:24)
Don't Say It (3:04)
Diner (3:13)
Harry's Flat (6:44)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - "The Power Of Love" (4:35)
Review: Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch's All of Us Strangers soundtrack is a superb trip through plenty of highly atmospheric landscapes that blend delicate piano melodies with haunting electronic textures. Each track paints a vivid portrait, evoking a sense of introspection and emotional depth that only heightens the scenes in the movie. Levienaise-Farrouch's narrative captivates and guides the audience through a range of moods from tranquil introspection to moments of poignant intensity, and as such this soundtrack showcases her exceptional talent for composition and storytelling.
Read more
 in stock $33.99
Much Unseen Is Also Here
Cat: PELCD 251. Rel: 08 Apr 24
Behold A Voice As Thunder
Entrails Of The God Machine
An Angel Dissected
A Shadow Cast Upon The Deep
Invocation Of The Nameless One
Their Souls Asunder
Hence Shall They Be Devoured All Of Them
Other Woes Are Yet To Come
Review: Brian Williams' Lustmord project has existed in different forms for over 40 years, though it's only in the last couple of decades - when it has become a vehicle for his solo work - that new musical missives have become a regular occurrence. On Much Unseen Is Also Here, the former industrial musician turned soundtrack composer once again showcases his mastery of pitch-black sonics, creepy soundscapes and horror-inspired dark ambient workouts. As you'd expect, the sound design is incredible - listen on good quality headphones for the ultimate listening experience - while Williams' penchant for throwing in suspenseful chords, billowing aural textures and unsettling vocalisations adds further layers of paganistic mystery.
Read more
 in stock $15.56
C'E Ancora Domani (Soundtrack)
C'E Ancora Domani (Soundtrack) (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: 805609 9006906. Rel: 10 Apr 24
Intuizione (1:16)
Nella Citta (1:28)
La Domenica Pomeriggio (1:08)
La Lettera (1:08)
La Tavola (1:12)
I Vicini (0:48)
C'E Ancora Domani (1:21)
Lungotevere (2:07)
Irrequietezza (1:08)
Ansia E Dolore (2:45)
La Colonia (0:53)
Di Fretta (1:17)
Da Piccoli (bonus track) (1:45)
Di Notte (bonus track) (1:19)
So Sad (bonus track) (2:08)
I Ragazzi (0:25)
 in stock $23.35
Live & Let Die (50th Anniversary Expanded Edition)
Cat: LLLCD 1625. Rel: 17 Apr 24
Gun Barrel/Voodoo Ceremony (CD1: Score Presentation)
Live & Let Die
Bond To New York
Whisper Who Dares
Oh Cult Voodoo Shop
James Bond Theme
Bond Meets Solitaire (extended version)
Baron Samedi's Dance Of Death (Film version)
San Monique
Snakes Alive (Film version)
Bond & Rosie
Fortune Telling
Rosie Flees
Bond Drops In (Film version)
The Lovers
If He Finds It, Kill Him
Low Bridge
New Orleans
Just A Closer Walk With Thee/New Second Line
Filllet Of Soul New Orleans/Live & Let Die/Fillet Of Soul
Bond's Watch
Solitaire Gets Her Cards
Trespassers Will Be Eaten (extended version)
Boat Chase
Sacrifice (Film version)
Underground Lair
On The Train/Finale
Live & Let Die (CD2: Soundtrack album)
Just A Closer Walk With Thee/New Second Line
Bond Meets Solitaire
Whisper Who Dares
Snakes Alive
Baron Samedi's Dance Of Death
San Monique
Fillet Of Soul - New Orleans/Live & Let Die/Fillet Of Soul - Harlem
Bond Drops In
If He Finds It, Kill Him
Trespassers Will Be Eaten
Solitaire Gets Her Cards
James Bond Theme
San Monique (Early version)
Boat Chase (part 1)
Fillet Of Soul - New Orleans/Live & Let Die/Fillet Of Soul - Harlem (alternate)
Underground Lair (alternate Opening)
Sacrifice (extended album version)
Baron Samedi's Dance Of Death (extended album version)
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Zound Delta 2
Zound Delta 2 (180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: KR 115. Rel: 11 Apr 24
Zound Delta 2 (22:00)
Zound Delta 2 (version) (18:56)
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Zound Delta 2
Cat: KR 115CD. Rel: 12 Apr 24
Zound Delta 2
Zound Delta 2 (version)
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Duets (CD)
Cat: HUD 042CD. Rel: 11 Apr 24
Cuckoo (feat Nadine Shah)
Corydon (feat Tim Eriksen)
Down Where The Drunkards Roll (feat John Smith)
Rolling Hornpipe (feat Chris Vatalaro)
Polly Vaughan (feat Jon Boden)
I Wonder What's Keeping My True Love Tonight (feat Cara DIllon & Seth Lakeman)
Tibby Fowler (feat Patsty Reid)
The Greenland Whale Fisheries (feat Kris Drever)
Munchhausen (feat Chain Tannenbaum)
Flash Company (feat Martin Simpson)
Northern Frisk (feat Sam Sweeny)
The Fire (feat Seth Lakeman)
Bloody Gardener (feat Hay Hield)
Elfen Waltz (feat Evan Jenkins)
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Lamentate (gatefold 180 gram bio vinyl LP)
Cat: PCL 10292. Rel: 11 Apr 24
I Minacciando (2:50)
II Spietato (3:31)
III Fragile (3:48)
IV Pregando (2:10)
V Solitudine - Stato D'animo (2:02)
VI Consolante (3:34)
VII Stridendo (2:47)
VIII Lamentabile (4:19)
IX Risolutamente (3:55)
X Fragile E Conciliante (4:47)
Psalom For String Orchestra 1985/1997 (6:12)
Cantus In Memoriam Benjamin Britten For String Orchestra & Bell 1977/1980 (6:43)
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Cat: EF 115. Rel: 23 Apr 24
Remember This, O Mind I: Remember This
Remember This, O Mind II: Only A Day
Remember This, O Mind III: Even Your Beloved Wife
Archangels I: Queen Of Black Waters
Archangels II: Protection Vigil
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Haydn Cello Concertos In D & C
Haydn Cello Concertos In D & C (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: 505419 7816116. Rel: 11 Apr 24
Cello Concerto No 1 In C, Hob: VIIb/1: Moderato (8:11)
Cello Concerto No 1 In C, Hob: VIIb/1: Adegio (7:04)
Cello Concerto No 1 In C, Hob: VIIb/1: Allegro Molti (9:24)
Cello Concerto No 2 In D, Hob: VIIb/2: Allegro Moderato (9:23)
Cello Concerto No 2 In D, Hob: VIIb/2: Adagio (9:45)
Cello Concerto No 2 In D, Hob: VIIb/2: Rando (Allegro) (5:27)
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Four Nocturnes & Viola Sonata
Four Nocturnes: I - Donna Julia (7:52)
Four Nocturnes: II - Medora To Conrad (6:25)
Four Nocturnes: III - Incantation (8:35)
Four Nocturnes: IV - She Walks In Beauty (10:01)
Viola Sonata (12:02)
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Fargo Year 5 (Soundtrack)
Fargo Year 5 (Soundtrack) (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile white vinyl 2xLP + booklet)
Cat: MOVATM 413C. Rel: 10 Apr 24
Who Is Dot (6:23)
The Rancher (5:15)
Run (5:03)
Lorraine (5:03)
Horror (3:58)
Munch (4:22)
S5 Murder Theme (7:25)
Dot Part Deux (3:15)
Dot (Moving) (3:43)
Linda (5:31)
Fargo Season 5 Main Theme (Secret Suite) (4:45)
Fargo Season 5 Main Theme (5:34)
Fargo Season 5 Main Theme (Harp) (2:43)
Slow Tension (4:28)
Toxic (feat Lisa Hannigan) (3:25)
Simple Gifts (1:09)
Timpani Suite (2:50)
Kidnap (2:51)
Ranchers Open (3:40)
Fargo Metal (1:21)
Drums & Tennis (2:41)
Strip Club (1:55)
Review: Fargo Year Five is the fifth instalment of the acclaimed series Fargo and it debuted on screens back in November 21, 2023, and rolled out ten more gripping episodes. Continuing the tradition, Jeff Russo crafted the captivating music for this season, as he did for the preceding four. Notably, Russo clinched the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Music Composition for a Limited Series, Movie, or Special in 2017 for his exceptional work on Fargo. Besides his prowess in television composition, Russo is revered as one of the founding members of the band Tonic, showcasing his multifaceted talent across various facets of the music industry, and this score is as good as all the ones that came before it.
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Music For Film (Japanese Edition)
Music For Film (Japanese Edition) (gatefold translucent lime & black splattered vinyl 2xLP with obi-strip)
Cat: RBJE 2092. Rel: 15 Apr 24
Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (main Theme)
The Last Emperor: Endroll
The Last Emperor: Rain
The Sheltering Sky (main Theme)
High Heels (main Theme)
Wild Palms (main Theme)
Little Buddha: Acceptance
Snake Eyes (main Theme - long version)
Femme Fatale: Bolerisch
Babel: Bibo No Aozora
Hara Kiri (Ichimei): Small Hope
Yae No Sakura (Opening Theme)
The Revenant (main Theme)
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Pattern Damage
Cat: SFERIC 12. Rel: 09 Apr 24
Intro (1:07)
Forest Spirit (2:23)
Midnight (2:48)
Interlude (2:32)
Chances (2:44)
Desert (feat Marina Zispin) (2:51)
Lead Us (3:43)
When My Heart Is Lonely (Monks Orchard) (5:31)
Passage/Reversal/Fortune (feat Nwakke) (5:17)
Almost Nothing (feat Darkmarik) (3:33)
I Don't Sleep (3:35)
Anon's Song (2:53)
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Perceive Its Beauty Acknowledge Its Grace
Perceive Its Beauty Acknowledge Its Grace (gatefold translucent red vinyl LP (indie exclusive))
Cat: 6516811. Rel: 11 Apr 24
End Of Innocence (2:37)
As The Planets & The Stars Collapse (2:28)
Insecurities (4:36)
Managing My Breath, What Fear Had Become (3:10)
The Wounded Need To Be Replenished (2:42)
Body To Inhabit (7:28)
I’ll Do Whatever You Want (7:41)
Living (3:41)
Breathing (4:27)
Kiss Me Before I Forget (2:54)
Song Of The Motherland (4:46)
Review: British jazz musician Shabaka Hutchings releases his sophomore album 'Perceive Its Beauty, Acknowledge Its Grace', set to be another distinctive ribbon on top of his well-decorated jazz career including collaborations with Andre 3000 and being a member of Sons of Kemet. The LP marks Hutchings' return to music after giving up the saxophone a year ago. Here he returns to his original instrumental calling, the clarinet, but a wide array of wind and percussion punctuates his musings. Opening track 'End of Innocence', is a brief and understated clarinet and piano marriage. The reverberation of the keys softly drones behind the masterfully precise clarinet lead, with perfectly placed percussion sprinkled throughout. It's introspective, serene and understated - a supremely narrative feel that only instrumental jazz can give off. This pressing is the indie-exclusive red-coloured disc.
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Perceive Its Beauty Acknowledge Its Grace
Cat: 650431 1. Rel: 11 Apr 24
End Of Innocence (2:37)
As The Planets & The Stars Collapse (2:28)
Insecurities (4:36)
Managing My Breath, What Fear Had Become (3:10)
The Wounded Need To Be Replenished (2:42)
Body To Inhabit (7:28)
I’ll Do Whatever You Want (7:41)
Living (3:41)
Breathing (4:27)
Kiss Me Before I Forget (2:54)
Song Of The Motherland (4:46)
Review: Composer and multi-instrumentalist Shabaka Hutchings releases his sophomore LP Perceive Its Beauty, Acknowledge Its Grace', building on his increasingly impressive career working with Andre 3000, Sun Ra Arkestra and heading multiple bands - not least the, now dissolved, The Comet is Coming. The album marks the king's return to music, following his abandonment of the saxophone in 2023. Here he returns to his original instrumental calling, the clarinet, but a wide array of wind is on offer. The first single, the opening track 'End of Innocence', is a succinct clarinet and piano marriage. The reverberation of the keys softly emanates behind the masterfully controlled clarinet lead, with perfectly placed percussion sprinkled throughout. It's introspective, serene and understated - a supremely narrative feel that only instrumental jazz can give off.
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Perceive Its Beauty Acknowledge Its Grace
Cat: 6505035. Rel: 11 Apr 24
End Of Innocence
As The Planets & The Stars Collapse
Managing My Breath, What Fear Had Become
The Wounded Need To Be Replenished
Body To Inhabit
I’ll Do Whatever You Want
Kiss Me Before I Forget
Song Of The Motherland
Review: Shabaka Hutchings' Perceive Its Beauty is a profound and meditative musical journey that celebrates the richness and grace of African culture. Through a diverse ensemble of renowned musicians, Hutchings invites us to immerse ourselves in a sonic landscape that evokes the beauty and bounty of the Motherland. The album's meditative quality stems from the restraint and collective nature of its creation. The instruments seem to float effortlessly, creating a sonic cloud that carries echoes of Afro-Asian music and the tranquil sounds of nature. Yet, within this understated atmosphere, individual brilliance shines through. The artistry of Jason Moran on the piano and the ethereal voices of Moses Sumney and Eska add layers of nuance and emotional depth. In an era often marked by division and disharmony, Perceive Its Beauty offers a refuge of unity and peace. It invites us to transcend superficial boundaries and embrace the beauty and grace that resides within and around us.
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Shabason Krgovich Sage
Cat: IF 045. Rel: 11 Apr 24
Gloria (6:16)
Bruce (4:16)
Joe (4:27)
Old Man (3:45)
Don (3:50)
Patti (3:17)
Raoul (10:04)
Bridget (4:24)
Review: Joseph Shabason, Matthew Sage, and Nicholas Krgovich form a harmonious triangle, both musically and geographically. Hailing from Toronto, Colorado, and Vancouver respectively, they converged at Sage's barn studio nestled at the foot of the Rockies to explore their shared talent for finding beauty in life's mundane moments. Shabason, known for blending late 80s adult-contemporary and smooth jazz aesthetics into ethereal soundscapes, joins forces with Sage, who combines instrumental prowess with synthesis and field recordings to evoke the natural world's whimsy and profundity. Completing the trio is Krgovich, whose observational poetics add a relatable touch to their calm expressionism. Their collaborative album, warmly Shabason, Krgovich, Sage extends the wry and melancholic micro-miracles established in their previous works.
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Music From The Hobbit: Trilogy Collection (Soundtrack)
Old Friends (5:06)
Misty Mountains (2:32)
Over Hill (3:19)
A Thunder Battle (3:37)
Dreaming Of Bag End (1:45)
Song Of The Lonely Mountain (3:40)
The Quest For Erebor (3:18)
Feast Of Starlight (2:45)
Protector Of The Common Folk (3:30)
Kingsfoil (2:23)
I See Fire (3:33)
Sons Of Durin (4:26)
Review: For the first time ever, this new silver vinyl release combines the iconic music from all the three Hobbit films into a comprehensive collection all masterfully performed by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Howard Shore's award-winning compositions for this as well as The Lord of the Rings trilogy have captivated audiences worldwide, often accompanied by live film screenings. The meticulous attention to detail in bringing Tolkien's world to life through music is legendary, incorporating diverse musical styles and instruments to evoke the rich landscapes and characters of Middle-earth. From 'Song Of The Lonely Mountain' to 'Protector Of The Common Folk', this journey through cinematic composing is truly extraordinary.
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Shame On Dry Land Syndabocken (Soundtrack)
Welcome Dimman
Shame On Dry Land
Follow Me
Fredrik's Gone
Again (4:02)
Body Drop (5:09)
Moped Escape (4:27)
Karema Goodbye (3:57)
Voyeur (1:55)
Follow Him (2:05)
Standoff (2:13)
Reconciliation (3:10)
Love Theme (1:50)
Dress Rehearsal (1:59)
Kill Krum (2:29)
Believe (2:02)
Underwater Love (5:34)
Review: Shame On Dry Land (Syndabocken) is an award-winning Swedish movie that picked up the Guldbagge prize for best feature film soundtrack in 2024. That soundtrack has been written and produced by sometime Studio Barnhus associate and mythical young artist Baba Stiltz. It arrives on vinyl for the first time here and is a dense affair with plenty of esoteric stylings as you would expect of a man with a famously hard-to-pin-down sound. It goes from heavy and dark to airy and Mediterranean and needs to be heard nice and loud for the best effect.
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What Lies Beneath (remastered)
What Lies Beneath (remastered) (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 0219203 EMU. Rel: 11 Apr 24
Anteroom Of Death (4:05)
Until My Last Breath (4:21)
Naiad (6:59)
Dark Star (4:42)
Underneath (5:16)
Little Lies (4:33)
Still Of The Night (6:32)
Rivers Of Lust (4:15)
In For A Kill (4:03)
I Feel Immortal (4:27)
We Are (4:18)
Falling Awake (5:28)
The Archives Of Lost Dreams (4:26)
Crimson Deep (7:03)
Review: Tarja's What Lies Beneath, originally released in 2010 showcases her versatility as an artist. The album seamlessly blends genres, from symphonic rock to Europop, creating a dynamic and engaging listening experience. Tarja's powerful vocals take center stage, soaring effortlessly over the dramatic orchestration and infectious beats. The lyrics delve into themes of love, loss, and personal growth, resonating with listeners on an emotional level. Standout tracks include the anthemic 'Until My Last Breath' and the haunting 'Falling Awake.' The album's reissue in 2024 is a testament to Tarja's artistry and her ability to connect with audiences through her music.
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What Lies Beneath (Special Edition) (remastered)
Cat: 0219204 EMU. Rel: 11 Apr 24
Anteroom Of Death (feat Van Canto)
Until My Last Breath
Naiad (feat Marzy Nyman)
Dark Star (feat Phil Labonte)
Little Lies
Still Of The Night (feat Toni & Timo Turunen)
Rivers Of Lust
In For A Kill
I Feel Immortal
We Are
Falling Awake (feat Joe Satriani)
The Archives Of Lost Dreams
Crimson Deep
Dark Star (Tarja Lead vocals version)
Montanas De Silencio
If You Believe
The Crying Moon
Underneath (orchestral version)
I Feel Immortal (single version)
Falling Awake (feat Jason Hook)
Scorpions - "The Good Die Young" (feat Tarja)
Naiad (instrumental extended version)
Underneath (feat Jyrki Linnankivi)
If You Believe (Piano version)
Falling Awake (feat Julian Barrett)
Underneath (radio version)
I Feel Immortal (radio remix)
Until My Last Breath (single version)
 in stock $12.44
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