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Mingus Ah Um (Deluxe Edition)
Mingus Ah Um (Deluxe Edition) (limited numbered 180 gram 2xLP box set)
Cat: UD1S 2010.
coming soon $177.75
Klarkteknik 3rd Dimension BBD-320 Analog Multi-Dimensional Signal Processor
Cat: 782075 Rel: 24 Aug 20
Multi dimensional signal processor
Notes: Analog Multi-Dimensional Signal Processor with BBD Technology

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coming soon $150.49
ADDAC System ADDAC104 VC T-Networks Module (black faceplate)
Notes: Following the ADDAC103 T-Networks, this new module is also inspired by Twin T-Networks circuits used in many lengendary drum machines. A simple 4 voice module with frequency controls for each of the voices. This new module also features CV inputs with attenuverters for each voice Frequency. Due to the specificities of the circuit, and to keep the module at a low price, these inputs are not callibrated to 1v/octave.

At each voice input there's a gate to trigger converter so any input source is possible.
Audio inputs can also be used as an input, in this case and due to the nature of the gate to trigger converter, each voice can be used as very destructive filters.

The top 2 channels feature a higher frequency range, the bottom 2 channels feature a lower frequency range.
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coming soon $173.38
Sign O' The Times (Super Deluxe Edition) (remastered)
Sign O' The Times (Super Deluxe Edition) (remastered) (8xCD box + DVD in 120 page hard-back book sleeve)
Cat: 060349 7847563. Rel: 25 Sep 20
coming soon $177.75
ADDAC System ADDAC604 Dual Filter Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 776353
dual filter module
Notes: While developing the ADDAC105 4 Voice Cluster module, a new multimode filter to place after the summing mix stage- and the results were so postitive that it was released as a dedicated filter.

To make it more interesting, the circuitry was duplicated, to be able to use it in a stereo signal path.

To make it more versatile, a switch was added to set the working mode from Stereo to Dual Mono where both filters can be used independently.

In Stereo Mode the Left Cutoff is used to control the Right Cutoff.
In this case the Right Cutoff Knob and CV Input are simply bypassed and will have no impact on the Right Channel operation.
This allows immediate sync of both filter frequencies when the Stereo position is engaged.
Optionally there's a jumper in it's back that, when placed, connects the Right Controls back to the Right CV control allowing the possibility to control the offset of the Right Channel Cutoff.

Resonance is independent on both Modes and still has to be set manually to match both channels.

Both the Audio and CV inputs are normalled from the Left into the Right channels.
As standard plugging any input to the Right channels removes this connection.

Tech Specs:
4 cm deep
70mA +12V
70mA -12V
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coming soon $196.28
ADDAC System ADDAC106 T-Noiseworks Module (black faceplate)
Notes: This is the last module in Addac System's T-Networks series, a straight forward 4 voice module with frequency and decay controls for each of the voices. As the name already unveils , a noise source has been added, and 2 different circuits have been created, that explore the timbre of a t-network when used to filter noise.

There are 2 different circuits in this module, voices 1 to 3 have a pre-vca t-network filter while in voice 4 the t-networks filter applied post-vca.

At each voice input there's a switch which sets which type of input to use, this signal will be used to control an internal VCA hence why the type of setting defined here is important:
1. Trigger - Any incoming CV will be converted into a 1ms trigger as soon as it crosses it's fixed threshold.
2. Mute - This disconnects then incoming signal effectivelly muting the voice.

3. Envelopes - This can be used with CV sources as well as Gate sources and simply follows the input signal.

This incoming signal will then be processed by a slew circuit which adds a decay factor allowing the user to set the "Tail" of each voice.

Trigger mode is mostly dedicated for percussive sounds while the Envelope mode is open to any external enve- lope control and able to control noise swooshes, swirls, crackles and pops simply out of t-networks filtered noise.

Audio inputs are also welcomed to be used as a Trigger/Envelope input.

Diferences between voices:
The first 3 voices also feature a Timbre selector switch: Hat/Snare
In Snare mode all frequencies coming from the t-networks filter pass thru to the output .
In Hat mode it adds a High Pass circuit which removes the mid/bottom frequencies (characteristic of the snare strike) creating a higher spectrum output which is closer to a Hat timbre.
All of these 3 voices are also differently tuned from each other to offer more timbrical options.

Voice 4 is closer to a typical t-networks circuit but this time peculiar one where the noise is gated by the vca and then sent through the t-networks filter.

Hat and Snare are terms used very looselly here, they are timbrical references and do not in any shape or form try to effectivelly replicate the complex timbres of a real world Hat or Snare.
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coming soon $173.38
4ms Row Power 45 Power Solution module For Eurorack Systems (black)
Cat: 785962 Rel: 27 Oct 20
Power solution module
Notes: Row Power is a clean, regulated, and protected power solution for Eurorack systems. Row Power 45 provides enough power for two to three typical Eurorack rows (typically up to about 312HP):
+12V @ 2.0A maximum, 1.5A recommended
-12V @ 1.4A maximum, 1.2A recommended
+5V @ 1.5A maximum, 1.2A recommended

Simply plug a universal power supply (laptop style) into either of the barrel plugs on the 4HP panel. Connect your modules via flying bus cables or the Bus Stick. For custom power systems, the Row Power 45 has a set of easily soldered holes for using large gauge wire or MTA156 connectors to connect to distribution bus boards.

Multiple Row Power modules can be powered from a single power brick by daisy-chaining with an inexpensive barrel cable. The Row Power 45 can also be daisy-chained to 4ms Company's Pod enclosures. Each power supply is independently regulated and protected for ultra-low cross-talk between rows/pods.

The Row Power 45 is compatible with the 4ms Row Power Shield. This device (sold separately) attaches to the back of the Row Power 45 and monitors the amount of current being drawn, as well as the voltages of the power rails. The information is sent over Bluetooth to be displayed on a phone or tablet.

Electrical and Mechanical Specifications

Module Size:
4 HP Eurorack format module

Power Output:
Maximum average load under normal conditions: +12V @ 2.0A, -12V @ 1.4A, +5V @ 1.5A
Maximum average load under any condition: +12V @ 1.5A, -12V @ 1.2A, +5V @ 1.2A
Powered by laptop-style DC power supply: 2.1mm barrel, positive center, 15V-20V.

Included with the Row Power 45:
16-to-16 pin power cable
2 M3 Knurlie screws
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coming soon $165.75
Audio Technica ATH-M50X Limited Edition Professional Studio Monitor Headphones (purple & black)
Notes: As the most critically acclaimed model in the M-Series line, the ATH-M50 is praised by top audio engineers and pro audio reviewers year after year. Now, the ATH-M50x professional monitor headphones feature the same coveted sonic signature, with the added feature of detachable cables. From the large aperture drivers, sound isolating earcups and robust construction, the M50x provides an unmatched experience for the most critical audio professionals.

Critically acclaimed M-Series professional monitor headphones deliver accurate audio and outstanding comfort, perfect for long sessions in the studio and on the go. Contoured earcups seal tight for excellent sound isolation, with minimal bleed. And the pro-grade materials are durable, yet comfortable. Find out why online reviewers, top audio engineers, and cult followers agree, M-Series is an unmatched combination of audio and build-quality that gets the job done. Hour after hour, year after year.

Type: Closed-back dynamic
Driver Diameter: 45 mm
Magnet: Neodymium
Voice Coil: CCAW (Copper-clad aluminum wire)
Frequency Response: 15 - 28,000 Hz
Maximum Input Power: 1,600 mW at 1 kHz
Sensitivity: 99 dB
Impedance: 38 ohms
Weight: 285 g (10 oz), without cable and connector
Cable: Interchangeable cables: detachable 1.2 m - 3.0 m (3.9' - 9.8') coiled cable, detachable 3.0 m (9.8') straight cable and detachable 1.2 m (3.9') straight cable
Accessories Included: Protective carrying pouch, 6.3 mm (1/4") screw-on adapter
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MRP:$196.29 SAVE 17%
coming soon $163.56
EMW Noise Station Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 775430
noise station module
Notes: The NOISE STATION module is the definitive source of noises and filters to serve as the basis for creating percussion and noise related sounds. In its Generator section it has 7 independent noise sources with various tones and spectral distributions. In its analog Filters section there's 4 fixed filters and 2 variable filters. These filters alters the spectral distribution in many ways, allowing for the creation of very exclusive and powerful noise tones.

Eurorack (3U) form factor - 18 HP width
Power consumption: +12V [39mA] / -12V [17mA]
Weight: 195g
Depth: 50mm
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MRP:$202.83 SAVE 22%
coming soon $159.22
Couldn't Stand The Weather (reissue)
Couldn't Stand The Weather (reissue) (limited numbered 2xLP box set)
Cat: UD1S 2007. Rel: 09 Oct 20
coming soon $199.55
Nux Optima Air Acoustic Simulator & IR Loader Pedal
Cat: 778748 Rel: 31 Aug 20
acoustic guitar simulator/IR loader pedal
Notes: The Optima Air pedal is a programmable digital modelling acoustic guitar simulator for electric players. Plug in your electric guitar and morph it into any of 15 internal acoustic guitar models at will. An Impulse Response (IR) loader enables you to capture the tone profile of your favourite acoustic guitar and store it as a model that can be played from your electric guitar. To enhance the acoustic tone, the Optima Air is furnished with a foot-switchable studio quality preamp with 3-band EQ and a digital reverb section to generate ambience. The Optima Air also has an audio streaming USB interface providing, which can be used as a recording device and the USB can be used for remote editing via software which is downloadable for PC or Mac computer. Inputs and outputs include standard jack in and out, a D.I. XLR output, send/return effects loop, headphone output and aux line input for a myriad of connection possibilities. Optima Air is the acoustic guitar in a pedal for electric players either on stage or in the studio.

Power supply: 9Vdc, 500mA, negative centre (not supplied)
Sampling format: 24-bit, 48-kHz
Internal programmes: 15 models, 9 preset patches
DI output: XLR
USB computer interface: Micro USB port

The box for this item contains :

Optima Air pedal
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MRP:$208.07 SAVE 17%
coming soon $173.39
ADDAC System ADDAC805.VS2 VC Signal Router Module (black faceplate)
Notes: Inspired by our ADDAC701 VCO waveform mixing section, our new VC Signal Router also updates our legacy X-Fade/Panner to a stereo configuration that also allows 4 quadrant mixing.

Featuring two dedicated X-faders and a stereo VCA that can also be used as a third X-Fader. All controls have their own CV inputs and dedicated Attenuverters for precision control.

4 quadrant mixing is achieved by using the stereo Master as a X-fader between left and right channels, this way you can plug 4 audio sources and sweep/crossfade between each and any of them using the 3 x-faders. Plug any 4 sources (4 waveforms of a VCO, 4 LFOs, 4 envelopes...) and sweep through morph through or have them all mixed together.

For other configuration types Left and Right X-fader channels can be routed through the Master stereo VCA or sent directly to the outputs. A stereo Direct input can also be routed through the Master VCA or sent straight to the outputs.

The Mono Sum output always mix Left and Right outputs together allowing the possibility to use the module as a peculiar 6 channel mono mixer.

It can be used for both Audio or CV Signals.

Tech Specs:
4.5 cm deep
40mA +12V
40mA -12V
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coming soon $174.48
ADDAC System ADDAC701.REV2 VCO Module (black faceplate)
Notes: This is our new VCO, we discontinued our ADDAC701 VCO a few years back and since we've been wanting to release a more stable version with better pitch tracking increasing pitch reliability further minimizing the detuning issues of analog VCO's.

For this new revision we chose to use the modern version of the CEM3340 ic from CoolAudio and add the triagle to sine circuitry of our previous VCO. This new version is extremelly stable over 7 octaves.

We also added a new Mix section which allows mixing of all waveforms controlled by 3 knobs SIN/TRI, MIX and SAW/RECT.

Tech Specs:
3.5 cm deep
60mA +12V
60mA -12V
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coming soon $174.48
Flame uMLFO MIDI Clock To Analog LFO Module
Cat: 781484 Rel: 22 Sep 20
MIDI clock to LFO analog LFO module
Notes: The Flame uMLFO consists of 14 MIDI LFOs which are synchronized to the clock. The module also works with analog clock.

Additional analog clock and reset inputs allow to create pingable LFOs.

It is possible to adjust the frequency, waveform and phase of each LFO. 12 presets are selectable via MIDI keyboard. Thanks to Sysex it is possible to program new setups.
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MRP:$222.46 SAVE 17%
coming soon $185.38
EMW Voltage Controlled Filter MG24 Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 774633
voltage controlled filter module
Notes: The EMW VCF MG24 is a Moog style 24db/oct low-pass resonant filter. Its sound and response were designed to be as close to the Minimoog filter as possible. This module has a 2-CH input audio mixer with individual input level control and two modulation inputs with individual input level control. Self-oscillation is very linear and ranges from 10Hz to beyond 20KHz.
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coming soon $171.20
ADDAC System ADDAC703 Discrete Mixer Module (black faceplate)
Notes: Here's the second module of ADDAC System's 700's Heritage Series.

Inspired by Moog CP3 mixer, this is a totally discrete analog mixer and it's not, by any means, your standard breakfast mixer, although it can behave like one.

This is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Despite its harmless looks there's a dark snarly soul behind that panel that wants to take your sounds into a realm of gritty gnarly growls.

. Format: Eurorack
. Width: 8 HP
. Depth: 3 cm

. Max current: 60mA.
. Bus Board Cable: 8 × 2 IDC (Doepfer style) connector.

.black screws
.black fibre washers
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coming soon $196.28
SynthRotek Verb Reverb Module (black faceplate) (fully assembled)
Notes: The Synthrotek Verb is a reverb module like no other. This PT2399 unit offers a warm tape-saturated spring reverb sound, but the added flair of subtle modulation truly makes it shine. The input gain knob drops the input amount back to give cathedral-like sounds when the mix is high. Turn the modulation knob manually for pitch bends; patch in a slow LFO or envelope CV to emulate pitch bends reminiscent of a tape echo with a broken capstan. The mix knob is a very fast-responding cross fader circuit which allows audio rate inputs for further FM-like modulation. Add a subtle amount of reverb or crank the mix past 3 o'clock to knock the reverb signal into the rails.

Current Draw:
18mA @ -12V
87mA @ +12V
0mA @ +5V
Width: 4hp
Depth: 54mm ( 2.13in )
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MRP:$188.44 SAVE 19%
coming soon $152.66
ADDAC System ADDAC214 VC Rotator Module (red faceplate)
Cat: 776199
VC rotator module
Notes: This is the VC Rotator, a stepped routing module for any type of signal (audio, cv, gate, trigger...)

Similar to a VC switcher but in this case there's the same number of inputs than outputs so, instead of 4 to 1 or 1 to 4, this module is always 4 to 4 but it can be patched for 2 to 2 and 3 to 3 step actions.

All four inputs get routed to the four outputs depending on the CV and Clock controls and are divided into 4 routing steps:
1. routes all inputs to the same number output: 1:1, 2:2, 3:3, 4:4
2. routes all inputs to an offset of 1: 2:1, 3:2, 4:3, 1:4
3. routes all inputs to an offset of 2: 3:1, 4:2, 1:3, 2:4
4. routes all inputs to an offset of 3: 4:1, 1:2, 2:3, 3:4

Direction determines if the clock input goes forward or backwards.
Going forward it can be set to 2-3 or 4 steps using the Rotate knob offset, going backwards always sync to 4 steps even if offseted by the Rotate knob.
For 2 & 3 step action input 1 is normalled to input 3 and input 2 is normalled to input 4.

Reset resets the internal clock to the first step.

Pendulum, external sequencing or any complex CV actions can be achieved using the CV input and dedicated attenuverter.

4 leds monitor which input is routed to output 1.
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coming soon $173.38
EMW 8-Track & 16-Step Trigger Sequencer Module (black faceplate)
Notes: The EMW TRIGGER SEQUENCER module was primarily designed to control our DIGI-DRUM modules but i t can be used in several ways and in any modular system.This module let 's you create 4 di f ferent trigger sequences that can be used to trigger 4 different drum modules, envelopes, sequencers, etc. Its external clock input opens a wide range of applications. As an example, it can be clocked by a keyboard gate signal and then trigger several envelope generators according to the programmed pat tern. It is an easy to use, and a very useful module.
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MRP:$215.92 SAVE 22%
coming soon $169.03
Nagaoka JN-P150 Replacement Stylus For MP-150 & MP-150H Cartridges
Cat: 785945 Rel: 27 Oct 20
MRP:$260.41 SAVE 25%
coming soon $194.10
Audio Technica AT2020USB+ USB Large Diaphragm Condenser USB Microphone (chrome)
Cat: 783290 Rel: 31 Jan 21
Large USB diaphragm condenser microphone
Notes: The AT2020USB+ is designed for digitally capturing music or any acoustic audio source using your favorite recording software. The microphone offers the critically acclaimed, award-winning sound of the AT2020, with studio-quality articulation and intelligibility perfect for singer/songwriters, podcasters, voice-over artists, field recorders, and home studio recorders

Extremely Articulate Sound Reproduction
The AT2020USB+ features a built-in headphone jack with volume control that allows you to directly monitor your microphone signal with no delay. It also offers mix control that blends microphone and pre-recorded audio. The microphone's cardioid pickup pattern delivers excellent off-axis rejection, while its A/D converter with a 16-bit, 44.1/48 kHz sampling rate ensures extremely articulate sound reproduction.

Renowned Consistency
Audio-Technica's state-of-the-art design and manufacturing techniques ensure that the microphone complies with the company's renowned consistency and reliability standards.

Headphone mini-jack
The AT2020USB+ features a built-in headphone jack with volume control that allows you to directly monitor microphone signal with considerable amplification.

Powered by usb
The microphone is powered directly from your computer, via the USB port. A blue indicator light indicates that the microphone is working.

Table stand included
The AT2020USB+ comes with a table tripod, which keeps your microphone perfectly stable on your workspace.

AT8466 stand mount
The AT8466 stand mound is included and fixes onto the table stand. It enables the inclination of the AT2020USB+ towards you.

Element: Fixed-charge back plate, permanently polarized condenser
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Frequency Response: 20 - 20,000 Hz
Power Requirements: USB Power (5V DC)
Bit Depth: 16 bit
Sample Rate: 44.1/48 kHz
Volume Control: Mix control; Headphone volume control
Weight: 386g
Dimensions: 6.38" (162.0 mm) long, 2.05" (52.0 mm) maximum body diameter
Headphone Output Power: 130 mW (at 1 kHz, 10% T.H.D., 32 ohm load)
Headphone Jack: 3.5 mm (1/8") TRS (stereo)
Output Connector:USB-type
Accessories Included: Pivoting stand mount for 5/8"-27 threaded stands; 5/8"-27 to 3/8"-16 threaded adapter; soft protective pouch; tripod desk stand; 10' (3.1 m) USB cable
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coming soon $184.29
Flame uMGT MIDI To Gates Or Velocity Outs Module
Cat: 781487 Rel: 22 Sep 20
MIDI to gates/velocity outputs module
Notes: The FLAME uMGT converts 12 Midi notes (one octave) to gates or velocity outputs.
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MRP:$222.46 SAVE 17%
coming soon $185.38
TC Electronic TC2290-DT Delay Plug-In With Desktop Interface
Cat: 781361
Delay plug-in
Notes: Legendary Dynamic Delay Plug-In with Dedicated Desktop Interface and Signature Presets.

Max. delay time: 9999 ms
Sample rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz

Software Support
Operating systems: Mac OS X 10.13 Sierra or above, Windows 7 or above
Drivers: No additional drivers required, uses standard USB HID drivers
Plugin formats: AAX-native, Audio Units, VST2.4, VST3. 64 bit

USB Connection (DT version)
Type: USB 2.0, type micro-B

Power (DT version)
Power supply: USB bus powered
Power consumption: Max. 2.5 W

Physical (DT version)
Dimensions (HxWxD): 43 x 109 x 135 mm (1.7 x 4.3 x 5.3")
Weight: 0.4 kg (0.88 lbs)
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coming soon $193.20
EMW VC Wavetable LFO Module (black faceplate)
Notes: The EMW Wavetable LFO is a very useful module for generating complex modulation signals. It has an exclusive selection of 31 internal waveforms, ranging from simple waveforms to noises, rhythmic and asymmetrical shapes.
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MRP:$208.07 SAVE 22%
coming soon $162.49
EMW Resonant Filter Sequencer Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 774769
filter sequencer module
Notes: Resonant sequenceable filter with 8 fixed frequencies

50 mm deep
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MRP:$242.09 SAVE 19%
coming soon $195.20
ADDAC System ADDAC805 VC Xfade/Panner Module (red faceplate)
Cat: 776662
crossfader & panner module
Notes: This is ADDAC System's new crossfader / panner. It can be used to crossfade between 2 signals or pan a signal from left to right.

. Format: Eurorack
. Width: 4 HP
. Depth: 4.5 cm

. Max current: 60mA.
. Bus Board Cable: 8 × 2 IDC (Doepfer style) connector.

.black screws
.black fibre washers
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coming soon $174.48
Fulltone OCD Candy Apple Red Limited Red Edition of the Obsessive Compulsive Drive Pedal
Cat: 782854 Rel: 26 Sep 20
Obsessive compuldive drive pedal
Notes: Limited Red Edition of the Obsessive Compulsive Drive Pedal.
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MRP:$221.15 SAVE 17%
coming soon $184.29
Hungry Robot Clockable LFO Desktop Module
Cat: 780980 Rel: 17 Sep 20
LFO module
Notes: The Clockable LFO brings multiple waveforms, CV control, subdivisions, and wave symmetry in a simple, user friendly package. LFO speed can be controlled by the tap tempo pushbutton, clock input, or over-sized Speed knob. There are three waveforms that can be selected by toggle and further modified by the Level and Symmetry knob. The Symmetry knob shifts the wave form from a symmetrical wave to a ramp up or ramp down waveform (or when using square wave, acts a pulse width control). Clock In and Clock Out for syncing with other devices. All knobs on the Clockable LFO can be manipulated with CV. As with all Hungry Robot "Modular Boxes" the Clockable LFO can be powered with a simple 9V DC, Negative Center power supply.

-SPEED: Sets the overall speed of the LFO. Turning this knob will override any tap or clocked tempo. This control is still affected by subdivision.
-LEVEL: Sets the level of the LFO output. Ranges from 0-10V peak-to-peak
-SYMMETRY: Sets the symmetry of the waveform. Shifting from ramp-down to ramp-up on triangle and sin waves. Adjusts pulse width on square.

-SUBDIVISIONS: Selects subdivisions (x1,x2,#2). Automatically converts LFO speed.
-WAVESHAPE: Selects the waveshape of the LFO output (Sin, Triangle, Square)

-SPD CV: CV input for Speed. Allows for CV control of this parameter.
-SYM CV: CV input for Symmetry. Allows for CV control of this parameter.
-LVL CV: CV input for Level. Allows for CV control of this parameter.
-CLK IN: Will sync to external clock. Will override the speed knob.
-CLK OUT: Outputs a 5V clock signal at 50% duty cycle. Can also be useful as a gate signal for your ADSR
-LFO OUT: Two outputs of final waveform. Both outputs are buffered for minimal signal attenuation. 10V Peak-to-Peak

-CENTER PUSHBUTTON: On-board tap tempo. Will override the speed knob.

Dimensions: 4.7" x 3.7" x 1.96"
Power: 9V DC - Negative Center - 2.1mm Barrel
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MRP:$184.51 SAVE 17%
coming soon $153.75
Hungry Robot CV Keys Desktop Module
Cat: 780984 Rel: 17 Sep 20
CV module
Notes: The Hungry Robot CV Keys is the perfect utility for incorporating 1V/OCT, chromatic semitones into a modular system when it is not convenient to use midi keyboards or a midi-to-CV interface. This small pushbutton keyboard has just enough functionality for most modular users and provides very accurate 1V/OCT tracking. The CV keys has a full octave keyboard as well as octave switch allowing you to jump between octaves on the fly. The Hold button latches the gate signal for handsfree use. It uses last note priority, has two unique gate modes, two buffered outputs, and a Transpose jack that let you patch in an external sequence and transpose it chromatically through the CV keys.

-OCTAVE: Cycles between 6 octaves

-HOLD: When LED is lit, Hold is on. When Hold Mode is on, the Gate and Retriggered Gate will latch so you don't have to hold down the key
-KEYS: 13 note, single octave keyboard. Last note priority

-TRANSPOSE: Patching in a control voltage (i.e. from a sequencer) allows you to transpose the sequence according to the notes you play
-GATE: Standard 5V gate outputted when a key is played or when Hold mode is active
-GATE (Retriggered): 5V gate that retriggers with every new note played. NOTE: To retrigger an ADSR, you must use a short release setting
-CV OUT: Two buffered 1V/OCT outputs to patch to your multiple VCOs

Dimensions: 4.7" x 3.7" x 1.96"
Power: 9V DC - Negative Center - 2.1mm Barrel
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MRP:$184.51 SAVE 17%
coming soon $153.75
EMW VCO104 Analog Voltage Controlled Oscillator Module (black faceplate)
Notes: The EMW VCO 104 is a 100% analog voltage controlled oscillator with four waveforms: SQUARE, SAWTOOTH, TRIANGLE and SINE. Its transistorized core circuit produces very sharp and powerful analog waveforms. It has precise waveform generation, excellent stability with 1V/octave frequency tracking over five octaves. The VCO-104 from EMW is the ideal tool for a truly 'fat' analog sound generation.
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coming soon $167.93
EMW MIDI Step Sequencer Module (black faceplate)
Notes: The EMW MIDI STEP SEQUENCER module is a very straight forward 16-step MIDI sequencer that allows you to create complete pattern-based sequences very quickly. It has features such as octave control, reset, and hold inputs as well as a "Beat 1" trigger input that allows it to interface with other modules in many different ways. A pulse signal from a LFO patched into the to the "+1 OCT" input adds very interesting variations into the sequence.

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coming soon $176.66
KMA Audio Machines Cirrus Delay & Reverb Pedal With Tap Tempo & Modulation
Cat: 782222 Rel: 25 Sep 20
Delay & reveb pedal
Notes: Floating above your head, delicate and elusive yet dreamy and sweeping. Always in motion until it dissolves and merges with the all immersive atmosphere around it. Just close your eyes and let the KMA Audio Machines' Cirrus Delay and Reverb carry you across the open sky, onto its sonic cloudscapes.

Cirrus is KMA Audio Machines' first step into the fully digital realm. But KMA have come up with a special and versatile, dynamically modulated combined Delay and Reverb pedal that will forever change your perception of time and space.

Made up of a Delay side and a Reverb side, both sides of Cirrus sport the most important basic controls such as Time (up to 1.5 sec). Repeats for the Delay and Decay and Damp for the Reverb. Plus, each side has its own mix control as well. So far so good, but now it's time to jump down the sonic wormhole!

This little Spatial-Temporal Modifier gives you three different Delay AND Reverb modes, which all sport a special dynamic feature that is controlled by your picking attack. This enables you to create sounds that are certifiably out of this world! To set the sensitivity of how the sound reacts, every section has its own sensitivity control.

The different Delay and Reverb modes cover vastly different modulated areas.

Modulated Delay Mode (MOD) fluctuates the Delay signal for a dynamic dancing tape echo-inspired modulation that'll deliver everything from subtle sways, to crazy pitch-bends. The Sample & Hold Mode (S/H) adds a sequencer-like filter in front of the Delay line, perfect for synthy textures. Play softly for subtle filter action or hit it hard for more pronounced electro-vibes. The third Delay Mode (OCT) blends in a high octave as your notes decay for unique shimmery dimensions, shining through like tiny stars in the cloudy night sky.

Over to the Reverb section, Modulated Reverb Mode (MOD) will decorate your trails with silky smooth movement, whereas the two other Modes deliver either an opening Low-pass Filter (LP) or a closing High-pass Filter (HP). The harder you pick the more the Low-pass will open up and bring in those shimmering highs, as if you're opening and closing portals to far away galaxies simply through your playing. Contrary to that, the closing High-pass will cut your lower frequencies when picking harder which will create cool lo-f textures. However, the ambient party doesn't stop here!

A big part of creating a signature sound comes from your pedal order and we know that a lot of you like to get creative there. Well, the Cirrus obliges! Set the Order Toggle to "Reverb" to run the Delay into the Reverb or flip it to "Delay" to switch it the other way - either direction will give you worlds of inspired soundscapes. You even get another Toggle Switch to set the Delay Tap subdivision, so you can get the right rhythms rolling fast. Toggles are awesome!

Now, on to the footswitches - Tap-Tempo on the left (neat!) and the much-needed Bypass Switch on the right (classic!). But wait, we actually made these stompers cool - the humble Bypass and Tap-Tempo Switches are suddenly full of additional creative secrets!

Besides the standard latching mode, the Bypass Switch offers some cool, yet creative and simple to use options. When the pedal is off, you can engage the pedal momentarily by holding the Switch down for sudden bursts of ambience. When the pedal is on though, holding down the Switch maxes out the Decay, jumping you straight into infinite reverb wonderland. You can also hold down the Tap-Tempo Switch to max out the repeats for infinite echoes. Plus, you can even hold down BOTH at the same time to enter an endless cascading dream state!

The Cirrus has been equipped with an Expression Pedal input (standard TRS connection) and a Selector Switch, giving you complete hands-free control over whatever key parameter of Cirrus you want. In addition, an internal switch can turn the Reverb and Delay trails on or off to taste, plus the individual Reverb and Delay mix controls help to tailor your sound exactly as you see ft.

As the final piece of the tonal puzzle, a Serial FX-Loop was added, letting you put any pedal in front of the Delay/Reverb line, to further flavour your own signature sound.

Powered by an optional standard 9V DC (max.) PSU (negative center, 2.1mm, approx. 220mA current draw)

Every pedal is designed, assembled, silkscreened, tested and numbered by hand in our small workshop. We use external manufactured PCBs to guarantee our high quality standard and keep the price of our pedals reasonable. The use of an indestructible powdercoated die-cast enclosure ensures a maximum durability.
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coming soon $190.83
Keeley Abbey Verb Vintage Chamber Reverb Pedal
Cat: 782285 Rel: 25 Sep 20
Reverb pedal
Notes: Keeley Abbey Verb Vintage Chamber Reverb Pedal
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coming soon $162.49
ADDAC System ADDAC307 Heart Sensing Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 776307
heart sensing module
Notes: Another addition to the ADDAC300's Expressive Controls Series.

Preceded by the release of the ADDAC303 Muscle Sensing module, this is the second module made to take advantage of the physical body as a control source.

This module originated from a simple idea: using one's heart beat as a control source.

Using a clip-on sensor, that can be attached to a finger or an ear lobe, the user's heart rate will be aquired by sensing the blood flow passing under the sensor. This pulse will generate a trigger and an AD envelope.

Clip-on sensor will be provided with the module.

Tech Specs:
3.5cm deep
60mA +12V
10mA -12V
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coming soon $174.48
SynthRotek DS-M Analog Drum Synth Module (black faceplate) (fully assembled)
Notes: The DS-M is a full featured drum synth that can emulate virtually any drum sound!

The DS-M (Drum Synth Module) is a complex, modifiable, 100% analog drum synth loosely based on the Coron DS-8 and neatly packaged into an 8hp module.
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Fulltone OCD V2 Obsessive Compulsive Drive Pedal
Cat: 782848 Rel: 26 Sep 20
Drive pedal
Notes: The OCD has received many slight tweaks since its birth in 2004, often incorrectly identified as version 2, Version 3, Version 4. In reality there has always been only one version- Version 1, with very slight variations in a couple of values after that making them V1.0 through V1.8. On 6/15/2017 we released a new OCD, different enough that it warrants a V2 designation, an explanation, and a trip to your favorite dealer to give it another listen. Not a subtle change when turned on- not a subtle change when turned off (in E.B. mode).

The OCD was the first pedal to use Mosfets as clipping devices. Another first was their configuration as "hard clippers connected to v-ref" instead of to ground, as was the norm. These things contribute greatly as to why the OCD has such touch-sensitivity...why they react so well when the strings are hit hard or soft, and why they sound & feel different than all other pedals out there, 90% of which are just slight tweaks of the Tube Screamer.

NEW FEATURE: output buffer (when pedal is turned on in True-Bypass mode, or always when in Enhanced Bypass mode) which eliminates it from being influenced by effects that came after it. Translation, your sound remains consistent regardless of placement in today's more complex signal-chains, loopers, and pedalboards. This buffer also had a positive effect on the sound, it reduced loading on the pedal's hard-clipping stage, allowing more sustain of both the sound and the overtones.

NEW FEATURE: Class A configured discrete 2N5457 JFET input section, raising the input impedance to 1 mega ohms (previously 330K) and increasing the dynamics- resulting in significantly better interaction with both single coil and humbuckers.

NEW FEATURE Internal switch to choose between Enhanced Bypass & True-Bypass, and with no popping sound in either mode. No other company offers EB invented it.
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EMW Distance Recorder Module (black faceplate)
Notes: Our DISTANCE RECORDER MODULE module is a based on a SHARPr Distance Sensor device, an electronic component that produces a signal proportional to the distance of an object to the sensor's frontal surface.
This sensor works based on the principle of "Optical triangulation distance sensing", a technology under the patent "US5923427 A".

The module can record and play in loop any movement made with your hand or any other object in front of the module (5 to 30cm).
It can also operate in Free Mode where it continuously generates CV as a function of the distance of your hand to the sensor.
Other features include an adjustable speed modulation, speed range selection and Sync (trigger) IN and OUT in loop mode.
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SynthRotek Cosmic ECHO Squared Analogue Delay Pedal (fully assembled)
Notes: The Cosmic ECHO Squared is an analog lofi delay that will work with just about anything you plug into it. The dark, lush, moody tones of the ever-popular PT2399 IC provide an out-of-this-world experience. This pedal pushes the chip's limits so you can explore all the gritty elements drifting at the edge of long delay rates. It already outperforms other bucket brigade style echoes, but just to be sure, we added 2 momentary switches, Blast and Warp.

Contains PT2399 IC, a bucket brigade style emulation. This IC has 16-bit sampling for 30-300 milliseconds. After that, the sample rate goes down in relation to the delay length. This results in artifacts and noise being introduced into the audio for weird, cosmic, psychedelic sounds.

This big sister of the Cosmic ECHO is tailored to live guitar and keyboard performers. It has all the features of the original plus:

- Expression pedal input over Rate

- Blast and Warp are now momentary stomp switches

- Blast amount knob now accessible externally
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coming soon $173.38
Presonus AudioBox 96 Studio 25th Anniversary Edition Hardware & Software Recording Kit
Notes: Everything you need to record and produce
Start recording today with this complete, all-PreSonus® package! Based on the AudioBox USB® 96 audio/MIDI interface and award-winning Studio One recording and production software, PreSonus AudioBox 96 Studio is great for creating multitrack recordings, demos, live recordings, podcasts, field recordings for video and sound effects, and much more.

AudioBox USB 96: Simple, reliable, and portable.
The AudioBox USB 96 is the heart of the AudioBox 96 Studio. This simple, handy little audio/MIDI interface has just the right features for basic recording needs, including two combo mic/instrument inputs and zero-latency monitoring, so you can simply plug in and start recording right away. Bus-powered, built to travel, compatible with most recording software for Mac and Windows, and equipped with high-performance microphone preamplifiers and professional-quality, 24-bit, 96 kHz converters, the AudioBox USB 96 makes high-definition recording easy. Read more about the AudioBox USB 96.

Studio One Artist makes recording a breeze.
No other entry-level recording and production software is this easy to learn and use, yet is capable of creating studio-quality output. Studio One® Artist lets you work quickly and stay focused on your inspiration, offers unlimited tracks and plug-ins, and delivers features not normally found in entry-level DAWs. Access powerful editing tools without wading through menus. Load and save audio clips, MIDI files, and effects by drag-and-drop. Studio One makes it easy! Read more about Studio One Artist.

Capture every nuance with the M7 condenser microphone.
Get your mic collection off to a good start with the M7 large-diaphragm condenser microphone. Condenser mics are the overwhelming choice of recording studio professionals, enabling you to capture musical details, harmonics, and subtle nuances that would get lost with dynamic mics. Large-diaphragm condenser microphones, like the M7, tend to “warm up” a sound, making them the go-to microphone for recording vocals and a wide range of instruments.

Hear every detail with HD7 professional headphones.
PreSonus’ high-definition HD7 headphones take advantage of a patented, semi-open sound chamber to deliver exceptionally deep low frequencies with a balanced and yet powerful bass punch. Accurate midrange and extended treble response let you pick out the fine details of a mix or track. The lightweight, ergonomic design adjusts to any head size, offering a comfortable listening experience during long recording sessions. Read more about HD7 headphones.

Make your own magic.
At PreSonus, we want to make sure that our audio interfaces come with everything you need to craft your own mesmerizing spells in the studio. That’s why we include Studio One Artist with every audio interface product we make. But here in Louisiana, we have a word: lagniappe. It means "a little something extra," and it’s in that spirit that we also include the Studio Magic Suite of software with our audio interface products.
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Nektar Impact GXP49 USB MIDI Controller Keyboard
Nektar Impact GXP49 USB MIDI Controller Keyboard (USB MIDI controller keyboard)
Cat: 784009 Rel: 30 Sep 20
USB MIDI controller keyboard
Notes: The Nektar Impact GXP49 USB MIDI controller keyboard is designed for players: Experience 49 semi-weighted keys and instant access to performance controls including a real-time repeat engine, powerful Nektarine plugin patch management and Nektar DAW Integration. GXP gives you the keys to a great performance!

GXP Keys
PLAY - Treat your fingers to a dynamic semi-weighted keyboard with velocity and aftertouch that captures all aspects of your performances.

GXP Repeat Section
REPEAT - The Repeat Engine lets you create inspiring rhythmic elements with direct and intuitive realtime access from dedicated Repeat controls.

Impact GXP Transport
DAW CONTROL - Control essential DAW functions directly from Impact GXP using the dedicated transport controls. Supports 12 DAWs.

GXP Software Bundle
PRODUCE - All you need to create is included: Licenses for Steinberg's acclaimed Cubase LE Music Production Software and Retrologue virtual synthesizer.

At the core of GXP49 is a newly designed and carefully balanced keyboard action. Its 49 semi-weighted full-size keys with velocity and aftertouch deliver a nice, firm touch and great playability.

Impact GXP 49 Front left view
Choose from 5 different velocity curves to tailor Impact GXP's keyboard sensitivity to your personal needs. The curves cover a wide dynamic range from soft to hard touch. The default curve "normal" is optimized to deliver good control across the whole velocity range right out of the box. In addition, 3 fixed levels let you send fixed velocity values across the whole keyboard if needed.

Nektar Impact GXP49 Control

The streamlined no-fuss control panel is based on the successful Nektar Impact GX-series, enabling advanced DAW integration with extended transport control, track selection and volume control as well as options to open/close DAW windows and navigate songs. In addition, GXP88's user interface also has 14 assignable illuminated RGB buttons for direct MIDI program- and bank-selection.

Impact GXP is a MIDI controller as well as a DAW controller:
If you use MIDI software that's not supported by Nektar DAW Integration, you can also set up MIDI control yourself. The assignable buttons in the transport section can be configured to send out Program message or MMC (MIDI Machine Control) transport control. In addition, any of the 28 assignable MIDI buttons, the modulation wheel, keyboard aftertouch, foot switches and of course the big control knob, can be assigned to send out MIDI cc messages. The settings are stored over power cycling.

The GXP49 gives keyboard players all the right expression options needed for live and studio work. It offers large pitch bend & modulation wheels and connections for up to 3 optional external pedals: Connect any standard expression pedal to the first, and any standard footswitch to the second socket. And if you use an optional Y-cable adapter, the footswitch socket even supports two independent switches.

Impact GXP Pedal Connections
Impact GXP Back Panel
Impact GXP can also be used stand-alone with external MIDI gear: The rear panel includes a 5-pin MIDI out jack and an external power supply socket for powering the unit when not connected via USB.

GXP Repeat Section 2

The Repeat Engine is great for creating inspiring rhythmic elements: Simply press the dedicated Repeat button, play and get inspired.

The RGB buttons now give you direct one-button access to Repeat Rates, Accent, Interval, Swing and routing aftertouch or modulation to velocity. The large Data/Tempo Encoder turns into a dedicated tempo control, unless synchronization is set to external MIDI clock.

Choose from 5 different key trigger modes to change the repeat behaviour from interesting arpeggio-style effects with human feel to hard-quantized repetitive rhythms. Repeat is a fun way to experiment and create those famous "happy accidents", that make you come up with unexpected new ideas.

GXP Repeat Engine

Install Nektar DAW Integration and the 8 buttons right above the wheels let you take control of essential tasks in your DAW right from Impact GXP. Features cover extended transport control including goto and set locators, track navigation, volume control, launching windows and patch navigation - without ever reaching for the mouse.
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coming soon $185.38
Mega Man TM X 1-18: The Collection (remastered)
Cat: LMLP 078. Rel: 25 Sep 20
coming soon $179.92
Persona Dancing All Star P3D & P5D Soundtrack (Advanced CD Collectors Edition)
coming soon $161.39
Empress Effects Buffer Plus Pedal
Cat: 782953 Rel: 30 Sep 20
I/O interface
Notes: The Empress buffer+ was designed to be the complete I/O interface for the pedal board, while maintaining the highest fidelity to your guitar's signal.

Signal loss due to long, un-buffered cable runs is an issue that has plagued guitar players for decades. The primary goal of the buffer+ is to eliminate this signal loss, ensuring that your tone is unchanged by your cables.

Additionally, all the connectivity of your pedal board is consolidated to make set up quick and easy. The buffer+ also has a very handy set of features that make life just a little better. Noise filters, input pads, switchable clean boost and input loading are all powerful tools available on the buffer+.

Input Impedance: 10k - 1Meg
Output Impedance: 510 Ohms
Frequency Response (-3dB): 5Hz - 40kHz
Power Input Voltage: 9V DC (Negative tip)
Power Input Connector: 2.1mm barrel connector (Negative tip)
Power Consumption: 86mA
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.02%
Signal to Noise Ratio: 105.3dB
Headroom: +9.4dBu
Enclosure Material: Die Cast Aluminum
Input connectors: 1/4" Jack
Output connectors: 1/4" Jack
Height (enclosure): 1.25"
Height with controls: 2"
Length: 4.5"
Width: 2.5"
Weight: 0.5 lbs
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coming soon $174.48
Gratidao Infinita
Gratidao Infinita (limited gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: IMMLP 002S. Rel: 28 Aug 20
coming soon $163.56
Analogue Systems RS-100N Lowpass Module
Cat: 777029
low pass filter module
Notes: This low pass filter is a very good -24dB/octave Moog filter, based on the classic Moog cascade with selected, low-noise transistors. Being the successor of the RS-100, the new "S" version features several improvements regarding stability, tracking, distortion behavoiur and also the frequency range.

Two signal inputs, resonance, manually and voltage controlled cutoff frequency. Frequency range 10Hz to 35kHz with CVs applied. The transistors used in the filter cascade are low-noise and have been selected and matched in pairs to improve the frequency response over the whole frequency range. A better stability guarantees, after a one minute heating time, that the filter can be used as a clean and well tracking sine wave oscillator.
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Keeley Vibe-O-Verb	Ambient Reverberation Machine Pedal
Cat: 782480 Rel: 25 Sep 20
Three mode reverb pedal
Notes: This three mode reverb lets you hear what some of the most classic effects sound like on just the reverb. Allowing you to create new sounds and textures like never before.

All of the Delay Space in the reverb engine for the pedal are in the Fibonacci series. What does this mean for you? You'll probably make more money, look better (see golden ratio below) and find true happiness. But what this means for Keeley is a secret pleasure in defining a reverb that is unique and possibly more musical. Since great works of art like Debussy's La Mer have been crafted by using the Golden Ratio, why not create lengths of time defined by such ratios? 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34...

Harmonic Reverb
This mode is like a vintage Brownface Amp or our DynaTrem, Harmonic Tremolo on the reverb. Imagine choppy waves of tremolo on your verb! All with the a delicious hint of Vibe! Dynamic Dimension Canyons?!

Vibrato Reverb
Pitch Bending Reverberation Machine. From mild chorus to spacey bayou tones! Too grande to call our modulated chorus, this is one for modern psychedelics. For this one you have to imagine maybe both the source and the reflective wall moving! Maybe even accelerating with respect to each other.

Phaser Modulated Reverb. Maybe the most mild but in a way that lets you appreciate some of the space around notes. This notch filter in your reverb space gives the illusion of the reflecting wall morphing from carpet to wood, then to steel and then glass. Round and round. Get the idea? Dynamic reflections in an all new space.
Enjoy these "Lost Reverbs" Vibe-O-Verb, reverbs that never were- until now.
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EMW Voltage Controlled Filter S100 Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 774621
voltage controled filter module
Notes: The EMW VCF - S100 is a Roland style 24db/oct low-pass resonant filter. It's sound and response were designed to be as close to the System 100M filter as possible. This module has a 2-CH input audio mixer with individual input level control and two modulation inputs with individual input level control. Self-oscillation is very linear and ranges from 10Hz to beyond 20KHz.
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coming soon $153.76
EMW Voltage Controlled Filter SH-5X Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 774625
voltage controlled filter module
Notes: EMW's version of the Roland SH-5 VCF
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coming soon $179.93
EMW Pot Action Recorder Module (black faceplate)
Notes: The EMW POT ACTION RECORDER is a very useful module that allows the user to create personalized modulation waveforms. It records the user's action on a potentiometer and generates 5V (-2.5 to +2.5V) control voltages that mimics the action applied to the potentiometer. The action recording can occur at any point and it is incorporated to the voltage output instantaneously. The playback speed can also be slowed down or increased.
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coming soon $153.76
EMW Multi Band-Pass Voltage Controlled Filter Module (black faceplate)
Notes: The EMW 3-CH MULTI BAND-PASS FILTER is a filter specially designed to alter the sound of waveforms, giving them an alternative coloration and adding movement to the sound. The module has three parallel resonant band-pass filters with independent frequency modulation capabilities. The 3 modulat ion inputs (with dedicated attenuators) can be used to add a lot of movement to your patch. The Multi BP Filter is great filter for creating formant sounding patches.

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