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Coming Soon: Ambient/Drone

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Ambient / Drone

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Wander (repress)
Wander (repress) (limited cassette)
Cat: ZD 001R. Rel: 24 Aug 20
  1. Cicatrize (bonus track)
  2. Psalm (bonus track)
  3. Shenandoah
  4. Fernweh
  5. Wander
coming soon $10.61
Wander (repress)
Wander (repress) (limited CD)
Cat: ZD 001RCD. Rel: 24 Aug 20
  1. Cicatrize (bonus track)
  2. Psalm (bonus track)
  3. Shenandoah
  4. Fernweh
  5. Wander
coming soon $5.43
Baobab (2xCD)
Cat: XIRD 1422.
coming soon $32.35
Yann Tiersen & Shannon Wright
coming soon $14.13
Hidden Terraces
Hidden Terraces (limited cassette)
Cat: VAK 32MC.
  1. Morgenander
  2. Vidsyn
coming soon $10.06
Gli Spiriti Della Marca
Gli Spiriti Della Marca (limited cassette)
Cat: VAK 31MC.
  1. Gli Spiriti Della Marca
  2. San Lazzaro Lontano
  3. Fortuna Ritorna
  4. Chiusi In Un Armadio
coming soon $10.34
Schaduw Horizon
Schaduw Horizon (2xLP + inserts + sticker)
Cat: UTTER 6. Rel: 21 Aug 20
  1. Radar Bol (main Theme)
  2. Verlaten Dierentuin Wassenaar
  3. Geheimzinnige Helikopter Basis/Regen
  4. Liquidatie Bij Albert's Corner
  5. Men Spreekt Over Atlantis
  6. Valscherm Malfunction (Ongeluk)
  7. Spannings Bas
  8. Albert Helpt Met Inpakken
  9. Nachtelijk Konvooi Op De N44
  10. Moord Op De Kagerplas
  11. Verdwaald In De Waddenzee
  12. Schaduw Horizon (Aktie)
  13. Land In Zicht
  14. Voor Een Grotere Zaak
  15. Duinvallei (bonus track)
  16. Man's Land (bonus track)
  17. Verdwenen Weg (bonus track)
coming soon $26.38
Corduroy Road (reissue)
Cat: UNSEENRE 002. Rel: 21 Aug 20
coming soon $19.85
Phaedra (reissue)
Phaedra (reissue) (180 gram orange vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 850921.
coming soon TBA
Continents (remastered)
coming soon $12.78
Bruton Brutoff: The Ambient Electronic & Pastoral Side Of The The Bruton Library Catalogue
  1. Frank Ricotti - "Vibes" (BRS 6 - 1981)
  2. Johnny Scott - "Utopia Revisited" (BRJ 18 - 1980)
  3. John Cameron - "Trek" (BRM 9 - 1981)
  4. John Cameron - "Tropic 2" (BRM 9 - 1981)
  5. Frank Reidy & Eric Allen - "Reflections" (BRM 2 - 1978)
  6. Francis Monkman - "Stargazing" (BRI 2 - 1978)
  7. John Cameron - "Drifting" (BRI 3 - 1978)
  8. Les Hurdle & Frank Ricotti - "Dissolves" (BRI 3 - 1978)
  9. John Cameron - "Floatation" (BRI 9 - 1980)
  10. Orlando Kimber & John Keliehor - "One Language" (BRR 18 - 1984)
  11. Alan Hawkshaw - "Saturn Rings" (BRI 6 - 1979)
  12. Steve Gray - "Billowing Sails" (BRD 20 - 1982)
  13. Brian Bennett - "The Swan" (BRD 19 - 1982)
coming soon $20.12
Fuji Rama
Fuji Rama (LP limited to 200 copies)
Cat: 14903. Rel: 30 Oct 20
coming soon $45.67
Breathing Instruments
Cat: TTP 107. Rel: 14 Aug 20
coming soon $29.64
Touched Electronix 005
Touched Electronix 005 (CLEAR VINYL 2xLP)
Cat: TE 005.
  1. Humanoid - "Tower"
  2. 808 State - "Ariel"
  3. As One - "Believe Everything"
  4. Anders Ilar - "Clouds Are Made In Factories"
  5. Datassette - "Dog Chin"
  6. Octavcat - "Omnsrets"
  7. Dawl - "Turn Up The Sound"
  8. John Beltran - "When It Rains"
  9. Corporeal Face - "50 Monster"
  10. Kreggo - "Acid Has The Right To Children"
  11. Extrawelt - "Rhodes Thang"
  12. Tunik - "Furthur Journeys"
coming soon $29.09
Cat: TONE 070LP.
  1. Red Square
  2. Murmurations
coming soon $15.50
EP 2
  1. XYR - "Bamboo Haze"
  2. Beck Junghyun - "Flow"
  3. Ryuji Ono - "Should Be There"
  4. Mamazu - "Blueprint"
  5. Fortunato - "Sharihotsu"
  6. DJ Bowlcut - "Dream Valley"
coming soon $17.40
A Film Not Yet Made
A Film Not Yet Made (LP limited to 250 copies)
Cat: TRS 077. Rel: 17 Aug 20
  1. Empreinte Clarte
  2. Cordyline Deviant
  3. Arcane Septime
  4. Septime Cythere
  5. Acanthe Envol
  6. Figures Inertie
  7. Accord Etendu
  8. Estuaire Ephemere
  9. Septime Si Jamais
Review: We are extremely excited to bring you this first album from French composer/pianist, Julien Boulier, entitled, "A Film Not Yet Made". Just as the title suggests, the nine cinematically indicative and modern classically influenced tracks on this record will indeed transport you into a mysterious celluloid fantasy of sorts...of places and people not yet filmed, of emotions not yet brought to the inner screens of your mind. At times ethereal, and at others dramatic...the piano and other instrumentations ebb and flow in a filmic stream of beautiful dreams and imagery...fairytale like...windswept...romantic...and ultimately grandiose and life affirming. Put this music on and begin filming...!
Read more
coming soon $25.01
Stories Of Disintegration
  1. St. No
  2. 10439
  3. Sykkel
  4. Skopi
  5. Loss
  6. A Whimper
Review: Please lend your ears to this new pastoral and nostalgic beauty from Swoop And Cross, aka London based Portuguese composer/musician, Ruben Vale. Like a soundtrack to a melancholic and romantic silent film from long past, the tracks on Stories Of Disintegration wind their way into your subconscious, softly easing you into a state of memory and longing. As though you are watching your life on rewind...and waiting to hear what happens in the music. The languid and dreamy piano motifs are counter balanced by more rhythmic electronic flourishes, and together they form this very contemplative set of sounds. Put this album on late at night with someone that you love!
Read more
coming soon $24.74
Err On The Good Side
Cat: TFR 002.
coming soon $21.48
Avuls (cassette)
Cat: SUC 35. Rel: 11 Sep 20
  1. Avuls I
  2. Avuls II
  3. Avuls III
  4. Avuls IV
  5. Avuls V
  6. Avuls VI
coming soon $7.35
At The Dusk
coming soon $9.78
Dreams Beyond
Cat: SPOT 30052. Rel: 21 Aug 20
coming soon $19.03
Hemispherica Portalis: Portal Of 1000 Years
coming soon $18.22
Yenisei Crossing
coming soon $19.30
Polynomials (numbered cassette limited to 50 copies)
Cat: SP 001.
  1. Poly 01
  2. Poly 02
  3. Poly 03
  4. Poly 04
  5. Poly 05
  6. Poly 06
  7. Poly 01_rev
  8. Poly 02_rev
  9. Poly 03_rev
  10. Poly 04_rev
  11. Poly 05_rev
  12. Poly 06_rev
coming soon $8.43
Children Of Gary
Children Of Gary (numbered cassette limited to 50 copies)
Cat: SP 003.
  1. Parts 1-4
  2. Parts 5-7
coming soon $8.43
Odyssey A Sentimental Journey
Odyssey A Sentimental Journey (2x10" LP + booklet)
Cat: SMEERLAP 002. Rel: 07 Sep 20
  1. Something Summer
  2. Poetically Waxed
  3. It's Always Something
  4. Ruined & Wrecked, Four Days In Susukino
  5. If & Only If
  6. Untitled Woman
  7. Melancholic Dolphin
  8. Purity Is True Love
  9. Girlfriend Experience
  10. Odyssey, A Sentimental Journey
coming soon $20.40
Giardino Forico 1
coming soon $21.21
Touching The Sublime
Touching The Sublime (limited 2xLP)
Cat: SSV 18. Rel: 21 Sep 20
  1. A Warm Place
  2. Pele & Surtr
  3. The Iliad & The Odyssey
  4. Hypoxia
  5. Tectonic Monument
  6. Idiis Mortii
  7. Entropy8
  8. Eyeless Through Space
Review: Tomas Jirku began his career in the golden era of minimal and glitch techno, helping to define the genres through releases on Alien8, Force Inc., Klang Elektronik, and Traum. Over the past two decades, Jirku has built a strong repertoire with his exploratory approach to music, experimenting across genres to develop a sound he can call his own.

"Touching the Sublime" is the culmination of this work, with material transformed through performance, experience and introspection. Inspired by his explorations of the remote wilderness that surrounds his home in Vancouver, Canada, Jirku evokes the philosophical concept of the sublime, where an overwhelming experience of awe confronts us with the limits of our rational minds. The album is a synesthetic auditory expression of Romantic era prose and stories of early alpinism. Bringing epic orchestral compositions and intimate guitar passages together with Jirku's unique sense of space and texture, "Touching the Sublime" draws from his most important collaborators and influences to create a uniquely personal result.

The album is accompanied by a limited edition photo book, where, as an accomplished photographer, Jirku has captured the landscapes and vistas that have been his inspiration.
Read more
coming soon TBA
Cat: SR2D 1005. Rel: 09 Oct 20
  1. Bliss Of Landing
  2. Lhasa
  3. In A Silent Way
  4. Allayer
  5. Glider
  6. Aspiration
  7. Curved Colors
  8. Nazareth
  9. Fumio Hayasaka - "Piano Pieces For Chamber XII"
  10. Fluffy Asia
Review: First time on vinyl and remastered for vinyl by Kuniyuki Takahashi. Limited to 500 only copies,Japanese only issue...
Read more
coming soon $33.98
Aune (cassette)
Cat: SHIN 065.
coming soon $9.51
Ark (cassette)
Cat: SHIN 060.
coming soon $9.51
Flowers (LP)
Cat: SKRR 002.
  1. Morning Loop
  2. Crab
  3. Elsewhere
  4. Mad World
  5. The Forest
  6. Circles
  7. The River
  8. Flowers
  9. Deo
  10. African Skit
  11. Travel
  12. Serieus
  13. Bogfa
  14. Outro
coming soon $16.86
Voices (cassette)
Cat: SU 007CS.
coming soon $10.06
In Balance
Cat: SU 006CD.
coming soon $11.15
CZ 5000 Sounds & Sequences Vol II
  1. Closer
  2. Crawl Up
  3. Corendor
  4. Reconstruction
  5. A Postcard In Summer
  6. Pourquoi
  7. Dive Into Olive Oil
  8. Updraft
  9. Kaas
  10. Silence
Intérprete: Manu•Archeo
coming soon $17.40
Apotheosis (limited cassette)
Cat: RTR 026. Rel: 24 Aug 20
  1. Zake - "Evidence Of Things Not Seen"
  2. Jordan Christoff - "Matriarchy"
  3. Jordan Christoff - "Rippling"
Review: Contemporary ambient and drone composers zake and Jordan Christoff team up for a new split release titled 'Apotheosis'. The opening track, "Evidence of Things Not Seen" by zake patiently unfolds over the course of a 27 minute slow burner. The arrangement's warm nature is both comforting and restorative. Jordan Christoff contributes two deeply emotive and engaging tracks 'Matriarchy' and 'Rippling'. Both embody a sense of intrigue and intimacy, reassuring the listener that they are not alone in whatever they are experiencing.
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coming soon $7.88
Harbors (LP)
Cat: RM 4123. Rel: 21 Aug 20
coming soon TBA
Agglomeration Of Measurement
coming soon $21.74
Waking She Heard The Fluttering
coming soon TBA
Leaving Everything To Be Desired
coming soon TBA
Abies Firma
Abies Firma (limited CD + 20 page booklet)
Cat: R 70CD. Rel: 14 Aug 20
coming soon $18.48
Have U Seen Her?
Cat: 194397 56591.
coming soon $25.01
Takeliu (12")
Cat: RR 001. Rel: 07 Sep 20
coming soon $11.42
Sonoran Odyssey
Cat: RNST 12382.
coming soon $17.67
Hell's Canyon
coming soon $17.67
Short Stays
Short Stays (cassette)
Cat: RCA 005. Rel: 25 Sep 20
  1. Short Stay A
  2. Short Stay B
coming soon $14.68
Conte (clear vinyl LP limited to 100 copies)
Cat: PSR 049. Rel: 31 Aug 20
  1. Depart
  2. Conte
  3. Reflection
  4. Repeat
  5. Modular
  6. Centre
  7. Partial
Review: Sublime synth and guitar compositions from Echolog on this 7 track LP. I was first introduced to Otto's work via his Conversions tape on Constellation Tatsu, and on Conte he has created something really striking and unique. Each piece is filled with movement and melody beginning with the synth pulses of "Depart" and "Conte" to the slow motion ambient swells of "Reflection" and "Centre".
Read more
coming soon $23.92
Myscitismes (140 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: PLA 038.
  1. Trois Gouttes De Sang
  2. Guilane Djane
  3. Be Hedayat I
  4. Avaze Djodayi
  5. Gachtam
  6. Omid
  7. Shamgah
  8. Myscitisme I
  9. Delome
  10. Be Hedayat II
  11. Myscitisme II
  12. Gutta-Percha
Review: Vox Populi!'s cult and highly sought after debut LP is finally reissued here after 30 years. Recorded after their first single - Ectoplasmies (1983) - between 1984 and 1985, the original band of Mitra and her (then) 14 year old brother Arash and Axel Kyrou, evolved from 2 early cassettes and the 7"s' rudimentary, idiosyncratic and improvisational structures to more cohesive edges.

Living together, but with no formal music education, the nature of the disparate elements led to a sparseness of the recordings. Influenced by his mother, the concrete music pioneer, Mireille Kyrou and her work at GRM (State Institute for Musical Research), Axel challenged his creativity by utilising their Vox Man studio as an instrument.

Building on minimal synth, rhythm box, hand percussion and Persian poetry, they experimented with tape manipulation - layering the music with forward, backward and echo simultaneously - creating a leap in the band's development.

The dark nature Myscitismes was reflected in their increasing interest in industrial and ethnic music, with a great fascination for the religious traditional music of Tibet. Ceremonial, gothic, drone-folk, the progression is apparent; onward perceptions.

Read more
coming soon TBA
These Charms May Be Sung Over A Wound
Cat: PHNTM 015LP. Rel: 25 Sep 20
  1. The Viscid Substance
  2. Against All Tendernesses Of The Eyes
  3. For Either Deadened Or Undeadened
  4. For The Application Of Fire
  5. For An Inward Wound
  6. For A Swarthened Body
  7. Against Bite & Rend Of Snake
  8. For All Cleansings
  9. On Each Of The Six Fives Of The Moon
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Coming Soon: Ambient/Drone