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Listen Up! Vol 2
Cat: ABPLP 004. Rel: 21 Aug 20
  1. Bushwacka! - "Ambient Dub"
  2. Two Full Minds - "Acoustic Dustbin"
  3. Mashupheadz - "Blue Skies"
  4. Bushwacka! - "Oh So Good"
  5. Tokamak - "Set Up" (Bushwacka! remix)
  6. Layo & Bushwacka! - "Kipping"
  7. Bushwacka! - "Herbal"
  8. Bushwacka! - "So Lonely"
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est. release 21 Aug 20 $27.00
Apricot Morning (reissue)
Cat: TRULP 034RE. Rel: 28 Aug 20
  1. Apricot Morning
  2. Transatlantic
  3. Brand New Watusi (feat EQ)
  4. Search The Heavens (feat Alice Russell)
  5. Wider Than The Sky
  6. Primate Boogaloo (feat Aspects)
  7. Blackstone Rock
  8. Sweet Calling (feat Alice Russell)
  9. Trouble From The River
  10. Not So Blue
  11. Off The Beaten Track
coming soon $19.08
World's On Fire: Live At Milton Keynes Bowl (remastered)
coming soon $34.63
Red Curb (remastered) (reissue)
  1. Unexpected Situations
  2. The Backstroke
  3. Cape
  4. Wrest
  5. Red Curb
  6. Vapor
  7. June
  8. Remain
  9. 2 Creams
  10. Again
  11. Put Off
coming soon $58.87
Club Quarantane I
Club Quarantane I (limited splattered vinyl 2xLP box)
Cat: CQUQUTE 1. Rel: 25 Sep 20
  1. Don Williams - "Retaliation" (Further Decade mix)
  2. Adiel - "There Is No Way Out"
  3. O Wells - "Sleeper 2.1"
  4. Gian - "Serious"
  5. Solid Blake - "Hans Kalos Phones A Hotel"
  6. Marcel Dettmann - "G4"
  7. Hector Oaks Aka Cadency - "TRACK ID?"
  8. CcC - "Hektiks"
Review: Club Quarantane is a 36-hour virtual rave brought to you by RA, YouTube and creatives from all over the electronic music community. It has hosted various online parties with some high class DJ since soon after we all entered lockdown. The results have kept people together while the selectors have served up plenty of sweet musical memories, some of which are now available to keep, forever, in the real world, thanks to this first compilation on vinyl. Assured newcomers like Solid Blake sit next to vital mainstays like Marcel Dettmann for this top notch tech outing.
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coming soon $31.90
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Coming Soon: Breakbeat