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Coming Soon: Dancehall/Ragga

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Robert Faceplant
coming soon $23.96
Hail The King
Cat: BDV19 45.
coming soon $26.89
If You Ask Me
Cat: DAP 1126. Rel: 18 Oct 19
  1. Leon Dinero - "If You Ask Me"
  2. Screechy Dan - "Bandits"
coming soon $8.78
Palm Tree Green
Palm Tree Green (green vinyl 7")
Cat: EASY 006. Rel: 08 Nov 19
  1. DJ Maars - "Roots Party"
  2. DJ Maars/ Tom Showtime - "Hungry Buster"
coming soon $10.64
Original Vol 1 (reissue)
coming soon $23.96
History Say
coming soon $20.76
Inna Duppy SKRS Soundclash
  1. DemNoBad
  2. Turn Up
  3. RichMiProud (feat RDL)
  4. Weed Patrol
  5. BunOut (feat G Sudden)
  6. Ipy Ipy
  7. IndependentGal
  8. Sniper Rifle
  9. DuppyKilla (feat Buddy Don)
  10. Weed Patrol (remix)
coming soon $8.51
Love Is A Pleasure
Cat: LR 0077. Rel: 25 Oct 19
  1. Love Is A Pleasure
  2. Love Is A Dub
coming soon $8.25
Ina South Africa
Cat: JAMWAXMAXI 21. Rel: 15 Nov 19
  1. Ina South Africa
  2. At The Reggae Party
coming soon $14.64
Gunclash Riddim
Gunclash Riddim (7" limited to 50 copies)
Cat: HSS 001. Rel: 21 Oct 19
  1. Gunclash Riddim
  2. It's (Not) House Riddim
coming soon $11.18
Soldier In Town
Cat: JAMWAXMAXI 22. Rel: 15 Nov 19
  1. Mikey Melody - "Soldier In Town"
  2. Soldier In Town (Firehosue Crew version)
coming soon TBA
Ai No Desire
Cat: HR7S 158. Rel: 01 Nov 19
  1. Ai No Desirte
  2. Mr Summertime (Slowly Rockers Uptown edit)
coming soon $33.00
Sidetrakx Volume #6
Cat: AOS 610.
  1. Love Me Like Cooked Food (feat Nardo Ranks)
  2. Secrets (feat John FM)
Review: Alex "Omar" Smith traditionally uses the "Sidetrakx" series to release music that doesn't fit with his club-rocking house and techno 12" series. Even so, few would have expected him to use the latest edition - the sixth in total - to offer up a dancehall cut featuring Jamaican singer and MC Nardo Ranks. "Love Me Like Cooked Food" features Ranks chatting and singing in Patois above a dancehall "riddim" rich in rubbery bass guitar, echo-laden machine drums and flanged guitar riffs. It may be a curveball, but it's rather good. Over on the flip, "Renault used car salesman" John FM guests on a lo-fi R&B/soul workout that also includes some deliciously tongue-in-cheek, poodle perm-sporting soft rock guitar solos.
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Intérprete: Andrea passenger
coming soon $8.25
Skinhead Moonstomp (reissue)
Skinhead Moonstomp (reissue) (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile orange vinyl LP)
Cat: MOVLP 2529C. Rel: 22 Nov 19
coming soon $22.35
Dance Hall Style
coming soon $7.44
Still Addict Of Sleng Teng Box Set
Cat: RREC 702630. Rel: 29 Nov 19
  1. Bounty Killa - "Right Off"
  2. VIP International Records - "VIP Sleng Tend Riddim"
  3. Boy Ken & Ranjin Taxi - "Antatachi Dare"
  4. VIP International Records - "VIP Sleng Teng Riddim"
  5. J Rexx - "Bassline Mafia"
  6. Ninja Man - "Bucky Marshal"
  7. Atooshi - "Run Weh"
  8. Sizzla - "Bagga War"
  9. Shiba Yankee - "Speed Junkee" (feat J Rexxx & Taitang)
  10. Horace Andy - "For Real"
coming soon $102.21
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Coming Soon: Dancehall/Ragga