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Coming Soon: Deep House

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The Middle
The Middle (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: CMSR 002. Rel: 28 Oct 19
  1. The Middle
  2. Toast 2 Luck
  3. General Hot
  4. The Enegy Above
  5. Keep Pushing
  6. Skipping Rocks
  7. The Middle (Kaidi Tatham remix)
coming soon TBA
We Are The Future
  1. We Are The Future (instrumental - 2019 Rebuild)
  2. 20,000 Leagues (2019 Rebuild)
coming soon $13.79
Me (double 12")
Cat: CRMLP 041. Rel: 15 Nov 19
  1. Star (Start)
  2. Finferli
  3. Costes
  4. Tina
  5. N 62
  6. Me
  7. We'll Be Together
  8. Spektre II
  9. Elf
  10. Clark
  11. Shuttle (End)
coming soon $20.82
Specks Of Gold Vol 1
Cat: SPECK 1. Rel: 25 Oct 19
coming soon $22.45
Boilermaker EP
Cat: 13 EP001. Rel: 08 Nov 19
  1. Say
  2. Victims Of A System
  3. Whenever You Feel Down & Out
  4. Victims Of A System
coming soon TBA
Alright! EP
Cat: FINE 13. Rel: 25 Oct 19
  1. Johannes Albert - "The Prance Johannes Albert"
  2. Johannes Albert - "Antoni’s Groove"
  3. Tilman - "July Joy"
  4. Tilman - "The Theme"
coming soon TBA
Corpo Di Lavoro (Camille/Kai Alce mixes)
Cat: AR 004. Rel: 04 Nov 19
  1. I Love My House
  2. You Have Time
  3. Made In China (unreleased)
  4. You Have Time (Camille's Deal)
  5. You Have Time (Kai Alce NDATL interpretation)
Review: Adeen Records 004 installment comes from Alexander Robotnik. This all new material ep starts with the techy "I Love My House." A catchy retro feel groove record that's electro as only Mr. Robotnick can do. The next song is called "You Have Time" with a sure-fire crowd pleasing remix from NDATL's own head honcho Kai Alce. The next is "Made In China," and our staffs favorite. While Camille's version of "You Have time" is a dark deep jazzy version in comparison to Kai's more clubby feel, The last track is the original version of the song by Alexander himself. Three original songs and 3 innovative producers, What's there not to love?

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coming soon TBA
Helfand EP
Helfand EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: AXS 3. Rel: 25 Nov 19
  1. Mimis
  2. Helfand
  3. Adax_PCP
  4. Scalex
Review: We are proud to present another debut on Axces Records, this time from label head Alfredo92. The A side kicks off with Mimis, an explorative bass driven track with crisp snares and bubbling synthesizers. Next up is the title track Helfand, whose experimental sounds and textures take things in a mystic IDM like direction. On the B side we Adax_pcp, a hypnotic club cut which further explores complex pulsating outernational rhythms. Finally to seal the deal we have Scalex, a twisted dancehall tune with splashes of futuristic sound design.

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coming soon TBA
One single Thought
One single Thought (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: UZURI 030. Rel: 16 Dec 19
  1. Steady Stare
  2. Let Us In
  3. Mystic Strings
  4. Someday
Review: we are pleased to welcome the New Jersey native , Joey Anderson to The Uzuri Recordings roster after his excellent remix for the maestro - Larry Heard back in 2018 . All of Joey's usual trademarks are here- acid swirls , melody , cinematic textures - music by a dancer for dancers .

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coming soon TBA
Joyful (LP)
Cat: BIS 41LP.
coming soon TBA
All U Gotta Do Is Listen
Cat: HZ O11. Rel: 29 Nov 19
  1. All U Gotta Do Is Listen
  2. Night Time Is The Right Time
Review: The crew behind the Hizou label is rightly chuffed that they've managed to secure this two-tracker from Andres, a Detroit producer whose releases - whether aimed at deep house dancefloors or hip-hop heads - are rarely less than superb. The two tracks the label has selected are suitably strong, too. Check first A-side "All U Gotta Do Is Listen", a warm and hazy chunk of break-driven mid-tempo deep house rich in jazzy samples, swirling crowd noises, chunky bass and dewy-eyed instrumentation. Andres' vintage influences are explored further on flipside "Night Time Is The Right Time", a P-funk influenced deep house bumper whose swinging drums and elongated organ chords casually tip a wink to classic New Jersey garage.
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coming soon $10.81
Compendium EP
Cat: IBL 14. Rel: 04 Nov 19
  1. The Analysis
  2. Transcendental Rumble
  3. Helix
  4. Sweat Lodge Breathing
coming soon $11.63
Breaking Dreams
  1. Breaking Dreams
  2. Breaking Dreams (Rick Wade Motor City mix)
  3. The Pass
  4. The Pass (M-Phunk remix)
Intérprete: Vincent Inc
coming soon $10.01
Nadir (12")
Cat: ANIARA 27.
coming soon $10.81
Tape (Dudley Strangeways remix)
Tape (Dudley Strangeways remix) (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: RR 002.
  1. Tape (Dudley Strangeways remix)
  2. Tape
  3. Porta Rain
Review: Romana Records 002 Magnus Asberg steps up again with 2 originals its a bit deep modular meet tech from Magnus Asberg and a monster remix from Dudley Strangeway from Leftback Records

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coming soon TBA
Let Me EP
Let Me EP (12")
Cat: ASQ 004. Rel: 01 Nov 19
  1. Let Me (Rave mix)
  2. Terror Barrier
  3. Higher Power
coming soon $10.81
Time & Space
Cat: HYPE 081. Rel: 15 Nov 19
  1. Take Anymore (feat Quails - club mix)
  2. And Go
  3. System (Power mix)
  4. Time & Space
coming soon $10.28
I Wanna Know
Cat: VISIO 028. Rel: 04 Nov 19
  1. I Wanna Know
  2. I Wanna Know (dub)
coming soon $10.81
On A Different Note
On A Different Note (limited trifold 3xLP)
Cat: SUSH 42.
  1. Ohne
  2. Darum
  3. Rau
  4. Es
  5. Vogel
  6. Alter
  7. Anruf
  8. Wir
Review: Here is something we've been all waiting for! With some timeless releases on his back catalogue, Perlon and Hartchef Discos to name a few, Audio Werner is joining the mighty Sushitech family and finally releases his debut album!

There's always something brilliant and hypnotic about the groove of Audio Werner and this album takes the brilliant sound of the master even further, crossing between proper deep techno and the more shuffled rhythms that we love.

On A Different Note is a triple gatefold 12" with eight fresh and well produced tracks. Extreme quality from both Sushitech and Audio Werner, per usual... Essential release!
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coming soon $28.40
NYC Connexion EP
  1. Pompa Sonic
  2. Tranz Mekanica
  3. Cielo Dance
coming soon $12.17
Crystal Maze EP
Crystal Maze EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ACIWAX 25. Rel: 11 Nov 19
  1. Aztek Zone
  2. Medieval Zone
  3. Crystal Dome Acid
  4. Future Zone
  5. Industrial Zone
Review: Acid Waxa are thrilled to present the debut release of AYU Acid aka Sheffield laddies Christopher Rave and Tich Off Me Nut in this Crystal Maze EP of highly infectious, feel good acid bangers!
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coming soon TBA
Jazz Carnival: Space Jazz mix (Global Communication remix) (remastered)
Cat: JD 047. Rel: 08 Nov 19
  1. Jazz Carnival (Space Jazz mix - Global Communication remix) (2:00)
  2. Jazz Carnival (LP mix)
Review: We hear on the grapevine that there could be some seriously desirable Global Communication vinyl reissues on the way in 2020. To tide us over until then, Far Out has decided to reissue one of the legendary West Country duo's most celebrated and sought-after remixes: their 1996 "Space Jazz" remix of Azymuth classic "Jazz Carnival". Pritchard and Middleton's version is a spacey deep house epic of intergalactic proportions, with subtle elements of the Brazilian band's loose and languid '90s re-recording of the track (the B-side "LP Mix") weaving in and out of a warm, rich and hypnotic groove. It's one of the most dancefloor-friendly of all Global Communication remixes - many were straight ambient or downtempo rubs - but also one of Mark Pritchard and Tom Middleton's finest.
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coming soon $11.63
Pipa Traxxx Vol 2
Cat: PIPA 002. Rel: 18 Nov 19
  1. Mezca
  2. Kerec Perec
  3. A Neat Little Jazz Riff
  4. Let There Be Dance
coming soon $10.01
AESTHETIC 07 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: AESTHETIC 07. Rel: 06 Jan 20
  1. Formulate
  2. No 800
  3. Exteria
Review: The funking, bumping sound of Aesthetic continues to bolster the impact of parent label Constant Sound, bringing a more colourful palette to realm of minimal tech house. The latest Aesthetic release comes from emergent talents Josh Baker & Alfa, working in collaboration to summon up some sprightly grooves to put a spring in your step. "Formulate" is especially bouncy, not least thanks to those nimble synth lines, while "No 800" takes things in a tougher direction without losing that groovy swing and rich sense of melody. "Exteria" completes the set with a particularly funky concoction that heads towards the deeper end of the night.

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coming soon TBA
Flight Mode
Cat: MOSCOW 030. Rel: 25 Oct 19
  1. Flight Mode
  2. Project X
  3. Flight Mode (Archie Hamilton remix)
coming soon $10.55
Hollow EP
Hollow EP (12")
Cat: HHS 001. Rel: 08 Nov 19
  1. Hollow
  2. Hollow (Djebali remix)
  3. GUM
  4. Ups
coming soon $10.55
Marble (12")
Cat: RS 1914. Rel: 01 Nov 19
  1. Marble
  2. Ya Better Jam
coming soon $10.55
SOS 001
  1. Martin Bausch - "Drum Me"
  2. Grainbelt Jones - "Bump My Ish"
  3. Symon - "Durban MDMA Life"
  4. Julian Bainbridge - "Who’s To Say"
coming soon $10.28
Once Upon A Passion
Cat: BARN 067LP. Rel: 01 Nov 19
  1. Can't Leave You Like This
  2. She's Back!
  3. Tuesday
  4. Hotel Europa (feat Gnucci)
  5. Your Girlfriend
  6. Stars
  7. Way Chill (feat Def Sound)
  8. Do The Right Thing (feat Axel Boman)
  9. Flightmode
coming soon $21.62
Epsilon (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CB 013. Rel: 06 Jan 20
  1. Epsilon
  2. Noseblunt
  3. Turning Point (club mix)
  4. Turning Point (Deep mix)
Review: The mightily talented Berlin beatsmith Nick Beringer comes to Constant Black with the kind of rigourous grooves that have found favour with labels like Skylax, MyHouse YourHouse and Raum...musik. Beringer's sound is a perfect fit for Constant Sound's deeper cousin, matching crafty sound design and razor sharp sequencing with that all-important minimal tech house groove. Things get playful and freaky on "Noseblunt" and decidedly uptempo and techy on the club mix of "Turning Point", but throughout Beringer's sharp sense of tension and release, not to mention his ear-snagging sound design, bind these four deadly cuts together as one immensely satisfying package.
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coming soon TBA
  1. Cognitive Bias
  2. Open Source
  3. Sea Level
  4. Mighty Mezz
coming soon $14.05
Wild Slide
Wild Slide (double 12")
Cat: BRASSIC 113LP. Rel: 15 Nov 19
  1. Boys & Girls
  2. Inside
  3. The Sky Is Too Low
  4. Alto (edit)
  5. Without The Feeling (feat Chaney)
  6. Right Now (feat Chaney)
  7. Harder Than Gold
  8. Overboard (feat Chaney)
  9. Bender
  10. Back From The Desert
  11. Wild Slide (feat Chaney)
coming soon $22.71
Big Time Crush
Cat: DWLD 002. Rel: 21 Oct 19
  1. LoveUm
  2. Buoyant Beat
  3. 4U
  4. RBZ
coming soon $10.81
Cosmic Evolution EP
Cat: MBEP 212. Rel: 25 Oct 19
  1. In This Life (feat Miles Bonny)
  2. Cosmic Evolution (feat Chaplyn)
  3. I Found My Way (feat Alita Dupray)
  4. Long Time Funkin (feat Tracy Lynch)
coming soon TBA
Evolution Of Light
Cat: PS 003. Rel: 08 Nov 19
  1. More Blessings
  2. Another Path
  3. Sacred Sun
  4. A Century Of Love
  5. Soul People For Life
  6. Salvador
  7. Brisbane
  8. Energies Collide
  9. Focus
  10. Love Alliance
  11. Paradise Essential
  12. Resonate
Review: In recent years Fred Peterkin has been focusing on releasing music under his now more familiar Fred P alias rather than the Black Jazz Consortium pseudonym with which he first made his mark back in the late 2000s. Here he dons the latter alias once more for a triple-vinyl album that counts amongst his most alluring, evocative, musically intricate and ear-pleasing full-length excursions to date. It's largely a warm, positive and calming affair, with Peterkin wrapping glistening jazz guitars, dreamy chords, spacey effects, scat vocals and jazz-funk basslines around grooves that variously touch on broken beat, Motor City deep house, Latin house and the kind of languid, organic rhythms more associated with the productions of Osunlade and Ron Trent. In a word: sumptuous.
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coming soon $31.91
Litmus Test
Litmus Test (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: WPW 006. Rel: 11 Nov 19
  1. Road To Hana
  2. 6AM Again
  3. We Met At The Sun
Review: Scott Boutin aka Blue Soul has been with us since the label was in it's infancy. This 3 song 12" properly showcases Bluesoul's otherworldly dub house acid disco sound that is uniquely his own. Mastered by Dietrich Schoenemann at Complete.

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coming soon TBA
They Can't Understand It
  1. They Can't Understand It (Louie Vega Roots NYC remix)
  2. They Can't Understand It
coming soon $10.28
Mandatory Trip
Cat: HHS 002. Rel: 29 Nov 19
  1. Mandatory Trip
  2. Mandatory Trip (Tripmastaz remix)
coming soon $10.55
Blumpted (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CB 011.
  1. Blumpted
  2. Panash
  3. Hobbs
Review: Bodeler & Saenz next on CB, Massive sunwaves track.

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coming soon TBA
  1. Low Ratio
  2. Infinite Rainbows
  3. Evolve
  4. Kuiu
coming soon $11.89
Nymphony Records Compilation Vol 8
  1. Bolton - "Superwoman"
  2. Goof - "JAM"
  3. Dirty Feet - "Minerve S647"
  4. Naconda - "Le Ciel C'est La Mer"
  5. Cac' & Walt' - "Reggie Green"
  6. Kenobeat - "Scissors"
coming soon $12.97
Underground Sound Of Italia
  1. Alfonso Bottone - "Encore"
  2. Francisco Di Gianni - "Minimax"
  3. Raoul & Katsuto - "Oceanic Waves"
Intérprete: Nasty Boy
coming soon $14.87
Waves Reach
Cat: FMB 015. Rel: 01 Nov 19
  1. Waves Reach
  2. Dust
  3. Dust (Private Press remix)
  4. Waves Reach (Voiski remix)
coming soon $10.55
Chernobyl (12")
Cat: BONVIVANT 005. Rel: 26 Nov 19
  1. Chernobyl
  2. La Rusa
  3. Dialogue Beat
  4. Rhythm Mood
coming soon $10.01
Lost Souls
  1. Lay Back
  2. Golden
  3. Truth
  4. Trumpen
  5. Out The Box
  6. Lost Souls
  7. Turn
  8. Rest In Peace
  9. Those Days
  10. Tape Jam
coming soon TBA
Watcha Want From Me
Cat: MR 003K. Rel: 28 Oct 19
  1. Watcha Want From Me (Mochi Men remix)
  2. Watcha Want From Me (extended version)
  3. Watcha Want From Me (Young Pulse vocal dub)
coming soon $11.63
Long Time Coming EP
  1. The Buddy System - "Dumptruck Dub"
  2. Marky Star - "Takin' Your Mom Out"
  3. Dav - "Just Bring It On Honey"
  4. Sounds Of The Suburbs - "Love, Innit"
coming soon $12.44
Time & Space
Time & Space (140 gram vinyl double 12")
Cat: GRM 004. Rel: 25 Nov 19
  1. Time & Space (intro)
  2. Nasha's Groove
  3. 7 Hills
  4. Magic Carpet
  5. Walking In Bogota
  6. Try To Breathe
  7. Jazz Traveller
  8. Barreirinha Jam
  9. MJ In Kobe
  10. Time & Space (outro)
Review: "Time & Space", Jorge Caiado's debut album, took a 7 year creative cycle to be conceived and finished. It's the synthesis of a prolific period dedicated to exploring the many facets of House music.

Since his first release on Balance, back in 2012, Jorge has captured the attention of several father figures of the electronic music universe such as Chez Damier, Move D or Andrew Weatherall, but "Time & Space" is not about the legacy so far but totally about original repertoire composed specifically for the album format.

"Time & Space" is a journey into sound where the artist brings the vitality of jazz back to House with the help of 2 other fine musicians.

Another essential soundtrack to Lisbon's vibrant electronic music scene just landed!

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coming soon TBA
Nasha's Groove EP (Brawther mix)
Nasha's Groove EP (Brawther mix) (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: GR 035. Rel: 04 Nov 19
  1. Nasha's Groove
  2. Nasha's Groove (Brawther Deeeeep dub)
  3. Tangram With My Sister
  4. Passeio Alegre
Review: Since his debut on Balance blessed by Chez Damier (2012) that Jorge Caiado has released a very consistent number of EPs (8) supported by the likes of Move D, Andy Weatherall, Fred P or Josh Wink.

This new one - Nasha's Groove - is rather special because it announces his much awaited debut LP "Time & Space" and pays tribute to a long time studio companion recently passed away: his legendary dog Nasha.

And if House is a feeling that brings one nation nation under a groove, then having Brawther on board for remix duties makes it the perfect family affair. On B side you're offered 2 original tracks not featured on the vinyl LP.

So now: play it and feeeeel it until the album is out!

Read more
coming soon TBA
The Matter At Hand EP
Cat: JJR 011. Rel: 22 Nov 19
  1. The Matter At Hand
  2. A Hundred Dreams
  3. Vandalised
coming soon $10.55
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Coming Soon: Deep House