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Coming Soon: Disco/Nu-Disco

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DB7 004
DB7 004 (40 gram vinyl 7")
Cat: DB7 004.
  1. Percy
  2. Bolass'd
Review: dane//close. Mismos jefes linch mob. Desapareciendo peso pesado. I Don't Want. Punk ganguelo. Love Destroyer. Enamorado encarnado. Tiempo de Descansargracias hermano i!

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coming soon $8.46
A History
A History (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: CLUBSWE 005V. Rel: 31 May 19
  1. A History
  2. A History (dub mix)
  3. A History (acappella)
coming soon $10.33
Love Will Save The Day
  1. Love Will Save The Day
  2. Love Supreme
Intérprete: Andrea passenger
coming soon $10.06
Playin' With Fire (Daniel Maunick remix)
Cat: ST 002. Rel: 19 Aug 19
  1. Playin' With Fire
  2. Playin' With Fire (Daniel Maunick remix)
  3. Shining
Review: Difusion's Jamie McShane & Daniel Maunick hook up with the extremely talentented vocalist Ant Thomaz on two original killa tracks that brings their love of Jazz/Funk,Soul & House music all together.Includes a heavy remix from Daniel Maunick, producer of Azymuth, Marcos Valle, Incognito and many others! This is the first release of the newly relaunched Straight Talk Records, back after a 20 year hiatus, with 3 tracks full of soul & fire!

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coming soon TBA
I'm Going Higher
I'm Going Higher (white vinyl 7")
Cat: QQT 001. Rel: 28 Jun 19
  1. I'm Going Higher
  2. I'm Going Higher (instrumental)
coming soon $23.30
Stone Town
  1. Stone Town (extended version)
  2. Stone Town (One Era remix)
  3. Stone Town (Sofa Talk remix)
  4. Stone Town (Radius ETC Great Lakes Pyramid remix)
  5. Stone Town
Intérprete: Dimitri From Paris
coming soon TBA
DB12 003
DB12 003 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: DB12 003. Rel: 12 Aug 19
  1. We're Gonna Make It
  2. Glide Right
  3. Gerry
  4. All The Feeling
Review: DJ Si Si Si Gracais arriva. Psychedlic discoteca. Traballante. Perso classico. La mente si scioglie. We get the funk ya. Los Angles incontra Rimiini. Sole. Sole. Sole Arawa !!

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coming soon TBA
Soopastole Edits Vol 1
coming soon $10.58
Take It Easy 002
Take It Easy 002 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: TIE 002. Rel: 24 Jun 19
  1. Blow Your Mind
  2. In Flagranti - "Kachi Kachi" (feat Ayakamay - DJLMP edit)
  3. Tiger Cat
  4. Angry
Review: After the first release by Dirty Channels and huge supports from Palms Trax, The Black Madonna, Annie Mac, Rampa, Disclosure, Tom Trago and many others, Take It Easy is back! The second release of the label connected to the well-know party Take It Easy in Milan, comes from the party and label co-owner DJLMP. For his debut EP, DJLMP shows his eclectic vision of the club music, passing throw disco samples, house music and percussive vibes. "Blow Your Mind" open the EP with an epic and dreamy filtered sample. On a2, DJLMP gives his dancefloor and house vision of "Kachi Kachi" by the brilliant In Flagranti. Edging in a little 80's sauce to meet with tought and gritty dancefloor attentions "Tiger Cat" is a clear highlight on the record. "Angry" close the EP with its disco percussions and trumpets. Perfect tool to cross between house and disco tracks.

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coming soon TBA
Hippie Crack
Hippie Crack (2xLP)
Cat: JFLP 01. Rel: 10 Jun 19
  1. The Spirit
  2. Bananashake
  3. Time Has Changed
  4. Martha
  5. Honey
  6. Goldenmalz
  7. Hope
  8. Simson Funk
coming soon $20.12
Moods Of Music
Moods Of Music (1-sided 140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: RLVD 020. Rel: 24 Jun 19
  1. Moods Of Music (extended mix)
Review: Big Love label owner Seamus Haji started the Re-Loved imprint to flaunt his love for boogie / disco / nu disco tracks and has built a strong reputation for delivering the goods. So much so, that now 2 hot names on the nu disco scene have signed this latest single 'Moods Of Music' to the label.

Dr Packer you'll know from his ubiquitous re-works for Salsoul, Glitterbox and Defected Records. Mark Lower you'll also be familiar with in his own right and his work under the Barry & Gibbs moniker, both names topping the Nu Disco charts. On this collab they've come up with an infectious bassline that drives the groove along aided by a hooky rhythm guitar, underpinned by a strong brass section and punctuated by a spoken word vocal discussing the 'Moods Of Music'.
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coming soon TBA
Flying Steps
Cat: OUTRUN 006. Rel: 28 Jun 19
  1. Flying Steps
  2. That Skank
coming soon TBA
Dytomite Starlite Band Of Ghana
coming soon $24.63
# Dubplate Action
# Dubplate Action (1-sided 12")
Cat: EDITDUB 10. Rel: 28 Jun 19
  1. Dr Superman - "Can You Dub It" (unreleased disco instrumental)
  2. Iyicko - "Tied Up On Love" (unreleased dubplate mix)
  3. Lee Alfred - "Rockin-Poppin Full Tilting" (unreleased dubplate mix)
coming soon $13.51
City Life
City Life (7")
Cat: ESCRT 025.
  1. City Life (feat Fonda Rae)
  2. Fantasy
Intérprete: JKriv (Razor-N-Tape)
coming soon $7.68
Voice Inside (The Backwoods, Craig Richards remixes)
Cat: NAAR 016. Rel: 02 Sep 19
  1. Voice Inside (French version)
  2. Voice Inside (The Backwoods remix)
  3. Voice Inside (English version)
  4. Voice Inside (Craig Richards Authority Clash remix)
Things I see. Things I hear. Things I say. Things I wish I'd said. Things I do. Things I'm meant to do. Things I wish I'd done. Things I love. Things that make me love. Things that make me smile. Returning to Not An Animal for the 4th time, Ess O Ess create the 'Voice Inside' on NAAR 16.

Instantly tom rolling into a neo-electro commodity, 'Voice Inside' undulates with lustrous vocals that stand as the tracks core. Pads cling to bleeps and guitar chunks that evaporate with alternating delays. 'Voice Inside (French)' adds a sensual linguistic twist, although the elements remain the same, they feel so different. 'Voice Inside (Dub)' completes the A, stripping tones back and chopping the duration to find yet another gorgeous avenue.

On the flip, Backwoods Remix adds to the original atmosphere with a face scrunching bass-line and pulsating 4/4 kicks that embraces the not so distant future. Last but by no means least, the mighty Craig Richards' signature 808s pound on the remix to close the B. Pulling darker tones to pitch shifted vocals, this minimalist beat composition is perfectly suited for vigorous floors.

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coming soon TBA
Barkhan Dunes EP
Cat: PAC 007. Rel: 07 Jun 19
  1. The Price You Pay (For Loving That Way) (1:00)
  2. Kites At Nemoto Beach (1:00)
  3. Sundowning (1:00)
coming soon $8.46
Never Gonna Leave You (remixes)
coming soon $8.46
Auidny (reissue)
  1. Auidny
  2. Njoo El Leyl
coming soon $13.24
Kubatana (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: FAR 039. Rel: 24 Jun 19
  1. Kubatana
  2. Hapana
  3. Kubatana (Rudy Midnight Machine mix)
  4. Kubatana (Paradise dub)
Review: Faze Action return with Zeke Manyika to present "Kubatana", which aptly means "Together" in Zeke's native Shona. This second release, in a series of four 12"s, features live horns and flute with the lead track taking influences from the late 80s South African Proto House sound. The result being an uplifting slice of original African House for the modern dance floor.
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coming soon TBA
Wanna Get Back Your Love
Cat: BST X062. Rel: 08 Jul 19
  1. Wanna Get Back Your Love (extended mix)
  2. Wanna Get Back Your Love (mix 1)
  3. Wanna Get Back Your Love (mix 2)
Review: Another classic remastered Disco / Cosmic Balearic Classic from Best Record Italy, originally released in 1983 on F1 Team records. This one includes the original versions from the original 12" release plus the special extended mix.
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coming soon TBA
Flashback (coloured vinyl LP)
Cat: LPOBJ 007LE.
  1. Flashback
  2. Personal Space
  3. For Promotional Use Only
  4. Fear Of Missing Out
  5. Subliminal
  6. Dying Swan Act
  7. Gammon
coming soon $27.02
Afrojaws EP
Afrojaws EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CM 001. Rel: 15 Jul 19
  1. Ole Ole
  2. Heavy Salsa Pushka Bassline
  3. Untitled I
  4. Untitled II
Review: Musical blog and house party "Craft Music" from Saint Petersburg launches a new label.
For the first release they've invited talented musician Funkyjaws from Grodno. His music has been releaseed by labels such as Kolour LTD, Shadeleaf Music, Pusic (Austria) and others.

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coming soon TBA
Dis Gurl
Dis Gurl (7")
Cat: OUTRUN 001. Rel: 28 Jun 19
  1. Dis Gurl
  2. Partly Cloudy
coming soon TBA
Fonk Poetry
Cat: OUTRUN 005. Rel: 28 Jun 19
  1. Fonk Poetry
  2. I Luv U
coming soon TBA
Still Blind (Lauer, Jamie Paton mixes)
Cat: EES 033. Rel: 08 Jul 19
  1. Still Blind
  2. Still Blind (Lauer remix)
  3. Still Blind (Jamie Paton remix)
  4. Still Blind (Jamie Paton dub)
Review: Especial is delighted to present Phil Gerus to the label, with his personal ode to relationships, Still Blind. After acclaimed boogie, disco and italo tinged 12"s for the likes of Public Release, Superior Elevation, Leng and Sonar Kollektiv, here we present Gerus' first solo full vocal performance - eschewing samples as a natural development.

Progressing confidently from his early excursions, Still Blind finds funk'd rhodes, Prophet 5 synth, guitar, slap bass and Linn drum all wrapped around a killer pots'n'pans groove, then sent to vintage cassette. His heartfelt vocal, give a knowing, memory inducing cry that marries past and present as some Downtown NYC meets Europop, discoidiant dream.

In best presenting Gerus' first vox it seemed natural to ask Especial family member, friend and confidant Mr Philip Lauer to once again get behind the mixing desk. Still Blind is just made for his melodic wunder; with an increasing penchant for all things synth-pop, his ubiquitous arpeggio heavy but beautiful tight, rising hats, nuanced dub programming, hands high strings, plus a way with melody that brings the reversion to dance floor transcendence.

The 80s bromance complete, the flip is handed on a dubplate(r) to label remixer, designer and visionary, Jamie Paton to turn out another of his deep, drudge, dub outs. Coming as both vocal remix and dub - again conjoined in "discomix" style for the brave (dead) heads - this is Paton at his brooding, echo laden best. Rising and falling, Gerus' refrain acting as dub melody around symphonic heavy bass. Tune in and dub out.

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coming soon TBA
Italian Dance Wave Otto
  1. Marcello Giordani - "Viserbella Sunset"
  2. The Carribean House - "Pavone Nero"
  3. System Olympia - "Scandalous"
  4. Gallo - "Not Enough"
Intérprete: Benjamin Fröhlich
coming soon $10.06
O Fenomeno Do Menino EP
Cat: GOP 007. Rel: 08 Jul 19
  1. Arp Stylax
  2. Ciclon Redux
  3. Crmil Memotron
  4. DJ Magma
coming soon $10.58
Autonomy (LP)
Cat: 4GN3S 02. Rel: 05 Jul 19
  1. Downturn
  2. Coercion
  3. Electric Light
  4. Autonomy
  5. U O K
  6. Infinity
  7. We Are The Prey
  8. Wisdom
  9. New Politik
  10. All The Queens
coming soon $20.12
MAGICBIRD 001 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MAGICBIRD 001. Rel: 19 Aug 19
  1. Keep Doin' It
  2. Schapelle's Boogie
  3. I Love U2
Review: New label alert! Magic Bird coaxes Golden Fleece into giving up some quality original material, plus a road-tested eclectic bomb with this three track EP.

Golden Fleece has been making left of centre dance music for some years now, releasing on labels such as Eskimo, Redux and Mixed Blood Cuts.

The EP leads with the truly epic piano houser Keep Doin'It, with it's house piano-heavy riff complimented perfectly with it's rolling bassline and killer synth line, a real gem. On the flip we settle into the hypnotic chuggy dance floor groover that is Shappelle's Boogie, a super-chunky hypnotic trip that keeps on giving! I Love U2 gifts us with the cheekiest of edits that serves as a reminder that dance music doesn't have to be one dimensional. Top drawer.

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coming soon TBA
Does The Devil Cry Tears EP
Does The Devil Cry Tears EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: VOV 11. Rel: 10 Jun 19
  1. Sing Hallelujah
  2. The Fear Of Fear Itself
  3. Wigwam Embargo
  4. My Guitar Plays Itself
Review: Eleventh release on the much sought after Vinyl Only label.

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coming soon TBA
Dance Power
Cat: DSND 005. Rel: 03 Jun 19
  1. Dance Power
  2. Walking On Air
coming soon $12.18
Downtown Wedgeee
  1. Downtown Wedgeee
  2. Bad Monks
coming soon $11.39
Lovetime Guarantee (reissue)
coming soon $11.39
Lovetime Guarantee (reissue)
Lovetime Guarantee (reissue) (coloured vinyl 12")
Cat: BW1 217541147 COLOUR.
coming soon $11.39
Dessert Island Discs 018
Dessert Island Discs 018 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: DID 018. Rel: 08 Jul 19
  1. Herb Flavor - "The Real Thing"
  2. Ted Empleton - "Dingo Jingo"
Review: Dessert Island Discs returns from a hiatus on an unchartered dessert island somewhere in the south pacific with two new disco edits in keeping with the labels 11 previous releases. On the "Us" side is Herb Flavor with his new track "the Real Thing". Herb may be a newcomer to the label but he is certainly no stranger to dance floors world wide. On the flip "Them" side Ted Empleton makes a stunning return with "Dingo Jingo" which is every bit as good as his first outing on the label, his amazing edit of "fly Robin fly" titled simply "fly Robin". Expect to hear more releases in the coming months.

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coming soon TBA
Sundae (7")
Cat: OUTRUN 004. Rel: 28 Jun 19
  1. Sundae
  2. Subtle Groove
coming soon TBA
Circle (7")
Cat: OUTRUN 002. Rel: 28 Jun 19
  1. Circle
  2. Frequency
coming soon TBA
Hot & Spicy Vol 3
Cat: HNS 003. Rel: 10 Jun 19
  1. Labor Of Love
  2. Tokyo's Delight
  3. Coco Nutz
  4. Samantha's Glide
coming soon $10.58
Work (LP)
Cat: 405053 8488937. Rel: 21 Jun 19
coming soon $20.12
A Bath Full Of Ecstasy
A Bath Full Of Ecstasy (limited clear vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: WIGLP 375X. Rel: 21 Jun 19
coming soon $26.75
A Bath Full Of Ecstasy
Cat: WIGLP 375. Rel: 21 Jun 19
coming soon $23.84
Hotmood Volume 9
Cat: HOTMOODS 9. Rel: 28 Jun 19
  1. Kiss Me
  2. Beautiful
  3. Nice Type Of Nasty
  4. Different Types
coming soon $16.16
Hotmood Volume 10
Cat: HOTMOODS 10. Rel: 28 Jun 19
  1. Esta Noche
  2. Shabba
  3. Looking Back
  4. Wanna Be Lost
coming soon $16.16
Bare Hits From The Manctalo Diskotek
  1. Radio Lunacy (Il Bosco Took It To The Bat And Made Him edit edit)
  2. Tokio (Il Bosco's edit Of Flemming Dalum's Centre Neptune edit)
  3. Monkey (Il Bosco's Hardly An edit edit)
  4. Happy Kids (Il Bosco's Not Even A Fuckin' edit At All edit)
coming soon $10.58
DB12 002
DB12 002 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: DB12 002. Rel: 29 Jul 19
  1. Indovina Key - "Suy Taysik"
  2. Guillaume De Bois - "Sequence Fiction"
  3. Cherrystones - "Grunts Breakfast"
  4. Maybe Tonight - "Tribuna Politica"
Review: Duca indeitro. Bianco returnez. Indovina Key chiiiiiiii? Guillaume Des Bois benvenuto Mambo fratello. Cherrystones tut u la laggenda. Grunt discoso. Finale con Banzi. Vecchio e nuovo. Duca presenta !!

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coming soon TBA
Don't Stop Lovin'
Cat: MAXI 102312.
  1. Don't Stop Lovin' (long version)
  2. Don't Stop Lovin' (short version)
  3. Don't Stop Lovin' (Flemming Dalum remix)
  4. Don't Stop Lovin' (Victor Ark ZYX remix)
coming soon $15.36
Don't You Want My Love (remix)
Cat: GLITS 011R. Rel: 31 May 19
  1. Don't You Want My Love (Joe Claussell 1986 Reel To Reel edit)
  2. Don't You Want My Love (Cratebug More Love remix)
Intérprete: Luke Solomon, LEGO EDIT
coming soon $9.27
Hold On Pretty Woman
Cat: BBE 513ALP. Rel: 16 Aug 19
coming soon $24.63
Baby Come On
Baby Come On (limited 12")
Cat: BST X059. Rel: 10 Jun 19
  1. Baby Come On (extended version)
  2. Baby Come On (instrumental dub version)
Review: Limited edition re-mastered reissue of the massive italian soul disco cut from 1983 produced by Maurizio Sangineto (Sangy Productions), including the extended instrumental dub version instead of the short radio edits.
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coming soon TBA
Artículos del 51 al 100 de 196 en la página 2 de 4
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Coming Soon: Disco/Nu-Disco