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Coming Soon: Disco/Reediciones

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Disco / Reediciones

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VID (Very Important Discotecas)
coming soon $9.45
Venus (reissue)
Cat: WWSCD 35. Rel: 31 Jul 20
  1. Venus
  2. Morpheus
  3. I Love You
  4. Plan
  5. Take A Chance
  6. Automatic Collect, Automatic Correct
  7. Be Yourself
  8. Prophet
  9. Metamorphism
  10. Equivalent
coming soon $22.87
ST's Greatest Mixes Vol 2 (remastered)
Cat: IMT 8052644. Rel: 31 Jul 20
Intérprete: Vincent Inc
coming soon $44.14
Sahara (CD)
Cat: STS 0792.
  1. Fall In Love
  2. Sahara
  3. Every Song I Sing
  4. I Won't Last A Day Without You
  5. TNT
  6. Eternally (instrumental)
  7. Smile
  8. Say Cheese
  9. I'm The One For You
  10. If I Ever Lose This Heaven
  11. Take Me Home
coming soon $17.08
People Need People
coming soon TBA
Lugares Comunes
coming soon $11.55
Love Sensation & 6 (remastered)
Cat: IMT 8052645. Rel: 31 Jul 20
coming soon $39.94
Italo Disco
Cat: 581022. Rel: 27 Jul 20
  1. Mr Flagio - "Take A Chance"
  2. My Mine - "Hypnotic Tango"
  3. Clio - "Faces"
  4. Charlie - "Spacer Woman"
  5. Capricorn - "I Need Love"
  6. Wet - "That’s The Game"
  7. Doctor’s Cat - "Feel The Drive"
  8. Wish Key - "Orient Express"
  9. P Lion - "Happy Children"
  10. Vivien Vee - "Remember"
Review: Italo-Disco, (at times abbreviated as Italo) is a music genre which originated in Italy and was mainly produced from the late 1970s to the late 1980s. The origin strongly tied to marketing efforts of the ZYX record label, which began licensing and marketing the music outside Italy in 1982. The genre faded in the early 1990s.

Italo disco evolved from the then-current dance music (including hi-NRG) and developed into a diverse genre. The genre employs drum machines, synthesizers, occasionally vocoders and usually sung in English.

This compilation contains some of the long lost tracks of the genre restored for the first time on CD. Vivien Vee "Remember" and Capricorn "I Need Love," are early work by Italian pioneer Claudio Simonetti (Goblin). All tracks digitally remastered along with its booklet, the original artwork and the original recording and extended versions.
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coming soon TBA
In Loves Time: The Delegation Story 1976-1983
  1. Heartache No 9 (12' version)
  2. Put A Little Love On Me (12' version)
  3. Oh Honey (12' version)
  4. Where Is The Love (We Used To Know
  5. The Promise Of Love
  6. DRLIN' (I Think About You)
  7. Honey, I’m Rich
  8. You’ve Been Doing Me Wrong
  9. Welcome To My World
  10. We Can Make It
  11. Someone Oughta Write A Song About You Baby (single version)
  12. Mr Heartbreak
  13. Blue Girl
  14. Let Me Take You To The Sun
  15. Sho Nuff Sold On You
  16. Stand Up (Reach For The Sky)
  17. It’s Your Turn (12' version)
  18. You & I
  19. In The Night
  20. Urn On To City Life
  21. 12th House
  22. In Love’s Time
  23. (I Figure) I’m Out Of Your Life
  24. I Wantcha’ Back
  25. What Took You So Long
  26. Singing (12' version)
  27. Dance, Prance, Boogie
  28. Dance-time Usa
  29. Tell Her 1
  30. If You Were A Song
  31. No Words To Say
  32. Feels So Good (Loving You So Bad)
  33. Gonna Bring The House Down
coming soon $16.30
Cat: QVR 0126. Rel: 07 Aug 20
coming soon $14.46
Greatest Ever 70s
Cat: 405053 8606874.
coming soon $5.78
Dreimal Um Die Sonne
  1. Keine Angst Vorm Fliegen
  2. Wohin Kannst Du Gehen Mit Deiner Sehnsucht In Der Hand
  3. Durch Die Tranen In Das Gluck
  4. Der Bluff
  5. Jedes Wort
  6. Du Bist Gerannt
  7. Weck Mich Auf
  8. Du Bist Meine Liebe
  9. Dreimal Um Die Sonne
  10. Schalala
  11. Am Seidenen Faden
  12. Ich Wander Durch Die Sterne
coming soon $16.56
Disco Para Adultos
coming soon $11.55
Disco Fox Hits
Cat: MUS 813192.
coming soon $13.93
Cameron's In Love & 4 (remastered)
Cat: IMT 8052647. Rel: 31 Jul 20
coming soon $39.94
Burnin' (CD)
Cat: BBE 586ACD. Rel: 31 Dec 20
coming soon $14.46
A Hot Summer Night
  1. Intro
  2. MacArthur Park
  3. Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger)
  4. Unconditional Love (feat musical Youth)
  5. Romeo
  6. Don't Cry For Me Argentina
  7. On The Radio
  8. Forgive Me
  9. Sisters Dialogue: One Night Only/Stop In The Name Of Love
  10. Woman (with Band introductions)
  11. ‘Bad Girls’ Medley: Dim All The Lights/Sunset People/Bad Girls/Hot Stuff
  12. Last Dance
  13. She Works Hard For The Money
  14. State Of Independence (with Mimi)
coming soon $19.97
3L (CD)
Cat: 332020 172.
coming soon $18.66
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Coming Soon: Disco/Reediciones