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Coming Soon: Balearic/Downtempo

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Balearic / Downtempo

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Smells Like Teen Spirit
Smells Like Teen Spirit (7" limited to 120 copies) (1 per customer)
Cat: PARK 1033. Rel: 30 Oct 20
  1. Smells Like Teen Spirit
  2. Summer Madness
Review: Essential cover version in a reggae style of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'' originally by Nivarna coupled with a sulty late night rendidtion of Kool & The Gangs classic 'Summer Madness' . So , so good !
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coming soon $14.45
Riddims Of Culture 2
Riddims Of Culture 2 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ERC 090. Rel: 24 Feb 20
  1. Riddim Of Inari (extended mix) (4:51)
  2. Mi C'Yaan (3:18)
  3. When Will You Come Down? (4:01)
  4. Picayune (3:13)
  5. Cricket (part II) (3:07)
  6. Ancient Nomads (4:07)
Review: REPRESS ALERT: Emotional Rescue continue to explore the fruitful early '90s exploits of The New Morning, a Munich-based crew who took their lead from the Afro-Cosmic scene pioneered in Northern Italy by DJs like Danielle Baldelli and Beppe Loda. On this second installment of spiritually charged, low tempo club killers, you get the chants and percussion of "Riddim Of Inari", tightly looped West African funk of "Mi C'Yaan" and the stunningly evocative "When Will You Come Down?". There's more rolling rhythmic business to be enjoyed on "Picayune" while "Cricket (part II)" amps up the distortion without losing the groove, and then "Ancient Nomads" seals off this volume in style with a slow, hard-slapping beat to get fully entranced too.
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coming soon $11.99
Riddims Of Culture 3
Riddims Of Culture 3 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ERC 091. Rel: 24 Feb 20
  1. Kongo Bina (Trance vocal) (7:19)
  2. Roots & Culture (4:24)
  3. Flatline (3:36)
  4. Satan (dub) (3:37)
  5. Riddim Of Inari (Tribal mix) (5:52)
  6. Anthems (4:06)
Review: REPRESS ALERT: Emotional Rescue take one final trip into the archives of The New Morning - the Munich-based Afro-cosmic project active in the mid-'90s. This third round of tripped-out dancefloor delights draws on a global panoply of sounds once again, starting in a mystical mood with "Kongo Bina" before firing up the party stove with "Roots & Culture" and slapping down a heavyweight chug on the fierce n' slow "Flatline". There's plenty more fireballs on the B-side, not least the looped-up funk of "Satan (Dub)" and the heavy hitting percussion of "Riddim Of Inari (Tribal Mix)". "Anthems" finishes the final volume of this valuable reissue series on a stirring, melancholic note with powerful choral voices and sentimental melodic refrains - the perfect emotional set closer.
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coming soon $11.99
Riddims Of Culture 1
Riddims Of Culture 1 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ERC 089. Rel: 09 Dec 19
  1. Capueira (3:02)
  2. Cricket Island (Tribal mix) (4:27)
  3. In Japan (5:29)
  4. Jay's Rhama (2:15)
  5. In Harmony (4:34)
  6. Infinite Chant (4:25)
Review: REPRESS ALERT: Ever the educators, Emotional Rescue are now turning their attention to the 90s "Afro-cosmic" scene - a sound that spread through Europe following the influence of Daniele Baldelli and his pioneering DJing in Italy in the late '70s. Munich's The New Morning were amongst the many crews inspired by what Baldelli was championing, and they created incredible, unusual dance music that easily stands up to modern standards for its inventive fusions of global influences and electronic technology. From the heady house throw down "In Japan" to the cosmic dancehall flex of "Jay's Rhama", there's so much to vibe off here, all of it highly compatible with the adventurous sounds creeping into DJ sets in the current era.
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coming soon $10.90
Cobra EP
Cobra EP (12")
Cat: ST 001.
  1. Jeena
  2. Dishoom
  3. Matum
  4. Cobra
Intérprete: Zukas, COYOTE
coming soon $12.82
The Horizon Problem
Cat: PHI 17. Rel: 21 Aug 20
  1. Proper Distance
  2. Comoving Distance
coming soon $13.08
Just A Little Lovin'
Cat: ARCH 002. Rel: 28 Aug 20
  1. Just A Little Lovin'
  2. Just A Little Lovin' (DJ Pippi & Willie Graff remix)
  3. Just A Little Lovin' (Seahawks Light & Love vocal remix)
Intérprete: Manu•Archeo
coming soon $11.73
Buena Onda: Balearic Beats
  1. Lucas Croon - "Japon"
  2. Sergio Messina & The Four Twenties - "Fly Away"
  3. J-Walk - "Find Another Breeze" (Gallo Tropical Hinterhof remix)
  4. Black Spuma - "Failure Day"
Intérprete: Manu•Archeo
coming soon $10.90
Summer Madness Part 1 & 2 (reissue)
Summer Madness Part 1 & 2 (reissue) (7" reeditado) (1 per customer)
Cat: FUR 7377. Rel: 31 Aug 20
  1. Summer Madness (part 1) (2:59)
  2. Summer Madness (part 2) (2:37)
Review: Ubiquity is back with another of its two part 7"s, this time from contemporary soul group The Soul Surfers. Experts at covering the greats, they recently turned their hand to a classic from The JB's, while this time out it is Kool & The Gang's classic "Summer Madness" that gets a deep-cut and sexy make over. Part 1 is a sensuous slow burner with downtempo drums and heavenly guitar playing, while part 2 has harder drum grooves and dreamy , psyched-out guitars. It's another ageless rework that you need in your life.
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coming soon $12.54
Feel Good EP
Cat: 731680. Rel: 11 Sep 20
  1. Feel Good
  2. Attrape-Reve
  3. Pili Pili
  4. Peter Pan
coming soon $14.45
Leng Records 10th Anniversary Sampler 1
Cat: LENG 050. Rel: 11 Sep 20
  1. Q&A - "Revolving Mirrors"
  2. Q&A - "Pulse"
  3. Lex - "Max Pen"
  4. Lex - "GP Score"
coming soon $12.54
Fall To Pieces
Cat: K7S 391CD. Rel: 04 Sep 20
  1. Thinking Of
  2. Close Now
  3. Running Off
  4. I'm In The Doorway
  5. Hate Is Pain
  6. Chills Me To The Bone
  7. Fall Please
  8. Take Me Shopping
  9. Like A Stone
  10. Throws Me Around
  11. Vietnam
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est. release 04 Sep 20 $10.90
A Left Undone EP
  1. Sketches
  2. Bassbenderz Theme
  3. Mere Karma Patterns
coming soon $13.08
Gentle Winds
Cat: GTD 010. Rel: 25 Sep 20
  1. Baby I Let You A Bath In
  2. Organic Transfer
  3. Blue Field
  4. Cosmic Kiss
  5. Gentle Winds
  6. Natural Living
coming soon $11.99
The Mountain (remixes)
The Mountain (remixes) (limited hand-numbered 10")
Cat: HR 008. Rel: 25 Sep 20
  1. The Mountain (Lexx remix)
  2. The Mountain (Chris Coco remix)
coming soon $11.45
Tape 1
Tape 1 (cassette)
Cat: tbc.
  1. Mini Golf Ter
  2. Mini Gold
  3. Thomas Taxi
  4. Night In Chora
  5. En Attendant Le Ferry
coming soon $11.99
Good Songs For Bad People
  1. Entering Drab City
  2. Working For The Men
  3. Hand On My Pocket
  4. Another Time
  5. Devil Doll
  6. Troubled Girl
  7. Just Me & You
  8. Problem
  9. Live Free & Die When It's Cool
  10. Standing Where You Left Me
coming soon $11.45
Mystic Chill
Mystic Chill (2xCD)
Cat: MUS 813262.
coming soon $14.45
Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine EP (repress)
Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine EP (repress) (transparent yellow vinyl 12")
Cat: REALITY 20191YELLOW. Rel: 07 Sep 20
  1. The River Experiment II (5:36)
  2. Back Home (5:08)
  3. Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine (5:14)
  4. The River Experiment I (5:32)
  5. Feel What I Feel (5:49)
  6. Poem (6:02)
coming soon $11.45
Hotel Costes
Cat: PS 101CD. Rel: 21 Aug 20
coming soon $11.73
Hotel Costes 2: La Suite
Cat: PS 102CD. Rel: 21 Aug 20
coming soon $11.73
Hotel Costes 3: Etage 3
Cat: PS 103CD. Rel: 21 Aug 20
coming soon $11.73
Igizeh (20th Anniversary Edition)
  1. Seti I
  2. Obsidian (feat Jennifer Folker)
  3. Creme Egg
  4. Glove Puppet (feat Jennifer Folker)
  5. Gizeh
  6. How Much Reality Can You Take?
  7. B2
  8. Fake It Till You Make It
  9. Sixty Sixteen (For Karina)
  10. Seti I (Radium88 remix)
  11. Obsidian (Asian dub Foundation vs Babu Stormz remix)
  12. Creme Egg (Banco De Gaia remix)
  13. Glove Puppet (Dreadzone Remix
  14. Gizeh (Animat Remix
  15. How Much Reality Can You Take (Jack Dangers dub)
  16. B2 (Dr Trippy remix)
  17. Fake It Til You Make It (100th Monkey remix)
  18. Sixty Sixteen (Andrew Heath remix)
coming soon $14.18
By Night EP
Cat: STRD V. Rel: 25 Sep 20
  1. Lies (feat TAV)
  2. Island Jam
  3. Don't Go Away
  4. Dub Go Away (version)
coming soon $12.28
Miami (cassette)
Cat: TRUI 37.
coming soon $10.90
Life Is Everywhere
coming soon $10.90
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Coming Soon: Balearic/Downtempo