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Coming Soon: Drum And Bass/Jungle

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Drum And Bass / Jungle

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In My Life
In My Life (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: VIVID 06.
  1. In My Life
  2. Dead Drop
  3. Keep Steppin
  4. C'mon
Review: Since breaking through with the colossal 'Anybody From London' on Hotline Recordings five years ago, Boris English AKA Borai has proved to be one of British dance music's more cultured hardcore and jungle revivalists. He's at it again here, too, filling his Vivid label debut with a quartet of sub-heavy, breakbeat-driven bangers dripping in saucer-eyed, rave-style samples. He begins with the sharp riffs, pitched down Amen breaks and booming bass of 'In My Life', before upping the tempo on bustling breaks roller 'Dead Drop'. English doffs his cap to spacey early drum & bass on loose-limbed flipside opener 'Keep Steppin', while closing cut 'C'Mon' is an insanely weighty, pitched-down hardcore bomb.
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Intérprete: INSTINCT
coming soon TBA
Dangerous Curves
Dangerous Curves (limited hand-numbered 180 gram vinyl 12" picture disc)
Cat: TEMPOSPEED 03. Rel: 29 Jan 21
  1. Dangerous Curves
  2. Game Play
Review: After releases from Krust and DJ Trace, new Tempo Records sub-label-cum-project SPEED returns with 'Call & Response' originator Source Direct. The results are every bit as heads down, rolling and hypnotic as you might have hoped, with two tracks of equally crisp, spacey goodness.

The title number takes us down a jazzy avenue, sun-kissed crooning guitar chords layered over the top of a deeply textured arrangement, resplendent with timeless futurist melodies and sharp, hi-end percussion. 'Game Play', meanwhile, goes straight for the meatier palette, electric guitar riffs set at a grizzly low-end and the beats themselves seemingly packing gnashing teeth. Make no mistake of it, this is classic Source Direct stuff, but that only goes to show just how forward his productions have always been.
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coming soon $14.25
Destruction (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: VIVID 05.
  1. Destruction
  2. The Source
  3. Back Up
  4. One Time
Review: New Jersey's Toothgrinder have been active since 2010, hitting their stride with their debut album Nocturnal Masquerade in 2016 and following it up sharply with Phantom Amour. Quite rightly their breakthrough album, it saw the band amp up all aspects of their sound, from the powerful pop-minded harmonizing to the hyper-sheen of the guitars. Embracing an electronic attitude to production that adds a hi-tech finish to their full-fat, emo-tinged songs, it's a perfect document of a band with a lot to say and an irrepressible energy. Now repressed dude to popular demand, the album once again takes up three sides, with the fourth given over to an etching.
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Intérprete: INSTINCT
coming soon TBA
Come In
Come In (140 hram vinyl 12")
Cat: VIVID 04.
  1. Come In
  2. Check One
  3. Five
  4. Hold Tight
Review: Following some essential drops from the likes of Etch and Yosh, Vivid welcome Tamoshi into the fold for some sweet and cerebral trips through cut up breaks and moody soundscapes. "Come In" keeps things meditative thanks to harmonious pads lingering in the distance behind the amen chops, while "Check One" has a certain cheekiness not least round the low end. "Five" gets a little breakstep wriggle in its groove, but there's just as much focus on the other old-skool tropes that make up Tamoshi's sound. "Hold Tight" gets further towards 2-step rhythmic accents as it charges forth, sealing the deal on a laser-focused, bassweight record for all the breaks heads to get lively to.
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Intérprete: Burnski, INSTINCT
coming soon TBA
Meet At Infinity EP
Meet At Infinity EP (140 gram vinyl 12" + sticker & insert)
Cat: WSR GHW1. Rel: 29 Mar 21
  1. Meet At Infinity
  2. Kepler438
  3. They Live
  4. Hidden Dimension
Review: 2021 sees another new artist join the Well Street ranks - Ghost Warrior comes with 4 razor sharp and clinical rollers that push the boundaries of the 170bpm genre.
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coming soon TBA
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Coming Soon: Drum And Bass/Jungle