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Coming Soon: Minimal House/Tech House

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Minimal House / Tech House

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Numbers (Kolsch remix)
Numbers (Kolsch remix) (limited blue tranparent vinyl 1-sided 12")
Cat: 3000 GRADSPECIAL00612. Rel: 22 Jan 21
  1. Numbers (feat Odd Beholter - Kolsch remix)
coming soon $11.94
616 Lab #2
616 Lab #2 (12")
Cat: 616 LAB 002. Rel: 26 Mar 21
  1. 212
  2. 186
  3. 229
  4. 189
coming soon $14.22
Truth Only Exists In Paradise
Truth Only Exists In Paradise (gatefold triple 12")
Cat: ADAMLP 001. Rel: 05 Mar 21
  1. II Pleure Rythmique
  2. Erodyca Melouse
  3. Green Times
  4. Faster Five Physics
  5. IP Swing
  6. S3K Vs S1MK II
  7. Think Music
  8. Going O
  9. Soul Vaseline
  10. D Room
  11. Kronkolonie
coming soon $43.21
After World
After World (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: AE 12LTD. Rel: 08 Mar 21
  1. Silent Vibrations
  2. Astral
  3. Drifting Sand
  4. Uninhabited
Review: Atmospheric dub-influenced techno from Japan is on the menu tonight. Altone signature sound of minimalistic & hypnotic soundscapes is ever-so present - and despite repetitive mechanical elements, it still feels warm and organic. The four track EP begins with 'Silent Vibration'; a steadfast and unhindered sub harmonies. Its a meditative journey into a rough glacial terrain. 'Drifting Sand' starts off enigmatic & intriguing - with slow chord development and gradual introduction of harmonious pads. The flipside begins with 'Astral'; a dub techno groove-fest with shimmering chords and hazy soundscapes. The final track 'Uninhabited' is a mind-altering voyage into the unknown. Overall this is a must-have for any fans of Basic Channel - or our own previous releases. A dub techno delight.
ae Recordings LTD is an offshot from its legendary Thule Records motherhub The offshot will ensure quality techno for the mind and soul from Thule members and friends - wherever they might be.

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coming soon TBA
AESTHETIC 13 (140 gram vinyl 12")
  1. Dudley Strangeways - "Mutual Core"
  2. Loht Vostok - "La Luz"
  3. TIJN - "Amorpheus"
  4. Jean Bressan - "Apartment 303"
Review: The latest transmission from Aesthetic is a various artists 12" that introduces some fresh names as well as welcoming some familiar ones. Dudley Strangeways is up first with "Mutual Core", a soothing balm of a deep house production with a hazy late morning mood. Loht Vostok ramps thing sup with "La Luz", a crisp and uptempo tech house trip with mellow synth parts to offset the urgency of the drums. TIJN takes things in a decidedly subtle direction with the gentle lull of "Amorpheus", and then Jean Bressan gets into a seriously immersive groove on the shimmering "Apartment 303".
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Intérprete: TIJN
coming soon TBA
Quiver (140 gram vinyl 12")
  1. Quiver
  2. Level Up
  3. AM Rhythm
Review: Adam Nahalewicz made an impressive debut with the warm, bubbling house cut he dropped on Recycle, and now Aesthetic have snapped him up for an EP that expands on the promise of that sole track. "Quiver" leads the way with a wonderfully dynamic strain of bumping tech house peppered with fluid sound design and pinprick textures, while on the flip "Level Up" brings a fresh dose of warm, melodic synth work into the mix while still riding that oh-so crisp groove. "A.M. Rhythm" is equally melodious, albeit a little smoother on the rhythm side of things and with a gentle nature that should suit the up all night crowd beautifully.
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Intérprete: Burnski, TIJN
coming soon TBA
AESTHETIC 14 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: AESTHETIC 14. Rel: 01 Feb 21
  1. Gruia - "Privind De Sus"
  2. Ciphr - "Rolling Stoned"
  3. Benjamin Joseph - "Vice"
  4. Rodrigo - "Mineral"
Review: We might all be locked at home with no prospect of any serious dancefloor action before the end of the year, but when we do get allowed out again, boy will there be plenty of high grade weaponry for DJs to choose from. Aesthetic's 14th EP is one such offering, with four artists all serving up one tech house track each. And what good stuff it is too, with Gruia keeping it light and airy but locked to supple beat, and Ciphr inviting us deep down into a dubby, stripped back cavern of deft sound design and lovely wooden hits. On the back side is Benjamin Joseph's more urgent and direct 'Vice' and a mind melting number from Rodrigo that bends space and time.
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coming soon TBA
Jalucinations EP
  1. Post Jalisco
  2. Post Jalisco (Tom Ellis remix)
  3. Conscious
  4. A17
coming soon $14.22
Superbia (12")
Cat: AR 053. Rel: 24 Feb 21
  1. Boss Axis & Rauschhaus - "Clueless"
  2. Iff De Zoete - "Wildboys"
  3. Noraj Cue - "'t Hek Van De Dam"
  4. Luis M - "Mother Earth"
  5. Stil & Bense - "Tschuess"
  6. Unique Repeat - "Origami"
coming soon $12.80
Remix EP
  1. Data Memory Access - "Automatic Flint" (remix)
  2. Bakked - "Automatic Flint" (remix)
  3. Francy Rizzi & Lapucci - "Automatic Flint" (remix)
coming soon $15.07
Kill Bill EP
Kill Bill EP (yellow marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: AC 003. Rel: 12 Feb 21
  1. Kill Bill
  2. Fornicate
  3. One Night In Shinjuku
  4. Augustine
coming soon $12.80
The Archivarius EP
Cat: ANTAM 006. Rel: 08 Feb 21
  1. The Archivarius
  2. What Is Inside
  3. The Archivarius (Mehdi M remix)
  4. Triatlon
coming soon $13.93
Turbolento EP
Cat: ANTR 005. Rel: 05 Feb 21
  1. Croma De Cron
  2. Dallastermal
  3. Cap Cigar
  4. Joglar De Nit
coming soon $12.80
Time To Choose
Cat: APRAPTAMUSIC 029. Rel: 29 Jan 21
  1. Time To Choose
  2. N0W
  3. The Universe
  4. Spiritual Gansta
  5. The Industry
  6. Interlude
  7. Free The Children
  8. Indigo Talk
  9. Awaken (feat Katrina Smith)
  10. Vision Board (feat Katrina Smith)
  11. Off The Grid
  12. Aramentena (feat Katrina Smith)
coming soon $29.56
Feeling+ (12")
Cat: ARR 040. Rel: 05 Feb 21
  1. Feeling+
  2. Samosa Boy
  3. Feeling+ (Franco Cinelli remix)
  4. Acid Exercize
coming soon $12.80
Beast In My Bass EP
Cat: ATWT 009. Rel: 22 Jan 21
  1. Beast In My Bass
  2. Daylight
  3. She Gave Me The Funk
  4. Accepted
coming soon $12.80
Onions EP
  1. Hello Rave
  2. Basement Memories
  3. Onions (feat Senah Gbessaya)
coming soon $11.94
Braniac Edits
Cat: BBSR 007. Rel: 05 Feb 21
  1. Think About It
  2. The Philosopher
coming soon $9.95
Get Back EP
  1. The Strings Talk
  2. Get Back
  3. Tribute To Mike Huckaby
Intérprete: TIJN, Politics Of Dancing
coming soon $11.65
Endless Explorations Part II
Cat: BERGAMON 13. Rel: 05 Feb 21
  1. Light Way
  2. Constant Time (feat Chris Stussy)
  3. Late For Dinner
  4. Always Wondered
coming soon $12.80
Reflection (12")
Cat: BAR 004. Rel: 19 Feb 21
  1. Standby
  2. Reflection
  3. Standby (Frazer Campbell remix)
  4. Reflection (tijn remix)
coming soon $11.10
Special Things
Special Things (limited 12")
Cat: BVD 016. Rel: 25 Jan 21
  1. Special Things
  2. Drag
  3. Ohmme
  4. Rhodesia
coming soon $11.10
Nobody Is Not Loved
Cat: 405053 8654448. Rel: 14 May 21
coming soon $14.78
Nobody Is Not Loved
Cat: 405053 8654479. Rel: 14 May 21
coming soon $14.78
Vimto Paradox EP (feat Tim Schlockermann remix)
Cat: BMVMT 003. Rel: 25 Jan 21
  1. Waiting For Rob
  2. Waiting For Rob (Tim Schlockermann remix)
  3. Vimto Paradox
  4. Cap Snatching
Review: BODY MVMT is three releases in now and really hitting its stride. The label, an extension of Robert James' party brand, is all about quality electronic music; house, techno, electro, disco... reflecting the ethos of Rob's popular shindigs. On this third release, The Vimto Paradox, British producer Harry Wills steps up with three original cuts, plus a remix from his buddy Tim Schlockermann. Harry's back catalogue includes releases with Holding Hands, Subsequent, Orbital London and tons more. His penchant for analogue funk evident across his excellent discography and this fresh new EP...
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Intérprete: Robert James
coming soon TBA
BORDEL 005 (180 gram vinyl 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: BORDEL 005.
  1. GRUV A
  2. GRUV G
  3. GRUV H
coming soon $11.94
ZG (limited 12")
Cat: BOSLTD 004. Rel: 05 Feb 21
  1. G1
  2. G1 (Zenk remix)
  3. Z2
  4. Z2 (Prajescu remix)
coming soon $12.50
The Blue Bus EP
The Blue Bus EP (limited 180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BM 004. Rel: 22 Feb 21
  1. Devendra
  2. The Blue Bus
  3. Padang Padang
  4. Kaleidoscope
Review: 4th release of Botanic Minds Original Series. 12" 180g Vinyl Only. Limited copies and no repress!

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coming soon TBA
BQDTRX 101 (limited hand-stamped 12")
Cat: BQDTRX 101.
  1. Christopher Ledger - "PGenerative"
  2. Dana Ruh - "Believe 2020"
coming soon $11.94
Organic Reach
Cat: BRSR 001V. Rel: 08 Feb 21
  1. Organic Reach
  2. Layer 3
  3. Proggy Tips
coming soon $15.91
FFF (12")
Cat: CARAC 002. Rel: 22 Jan 21
  1. Rohe (with Badeo)
  2. Kahn
  3. Loos
  4. Kahn (Giacomo Pellegrino remix)
coming soon $15.07
Em Casa EP
Em Casa EP (12" limited to 150 copies)
Cat: CARPET 06.
  1. Jogar Em Casa
  2. Jogar Em Casa (Saudade remix)
  3. Reminiscencia Do Trance
  4. Bom E La No Meio
coming soon $16.21
Medievibes EP
Cat: CNT 004. Rel: 05 Mar 21
  1. Reflex Track
  2. Doree Mie
  3. Very Useful Human
  4. Trop C'est Trop
coming soon $13.93
Body Buzz
Body Buzz (12")
Cat: CHIWAX 032. Rel: 01 Aug 21
  1. Body Buzz
  2. A Drum Machine Is Drum Machine
  3. In My Fridge
  4. Love Affair
coming soon $9.66
Fuckeristic EP (remastered)
Cat: CTZ 048. Rel: 12 Feb 21
  1. Poetry (Shit Again mix)
  2. Poetry (The Year 2000 remix)
  3. Soaked
  4. Mobile Square
coming soon $15.07
Suddenly Remixes EP
Cat: SLANG 50301. Rel: 05 Mar 21
  1. Ravi (Shanti Celeste remix)
  2. Sunny's Time (Kareem Ali remix)
  3. Sunny's Time (Logic1000 remix)
  4. Like I Loved You (India Jordan remix)
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est. release 05 Mar 21 $13.07
Uber Ich EP
Cat: CLONK 004. Rel: 25 Jan 21
  1. Ghita Liviu - "Foge"
  2. Ghita Liviu - "Moon" (Bruno Pronsato remix)
  3. Stefano Razzo - "Feel"
  4. Stefano Razzo - "Feel" (Andrea Feriln remix)
coming soon $14.22
MOONLIGHT 001 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MOONLIGHT 001. Rel: 08 Mar 21
  1. Jay Tripwire - "Esssit Musiue"
  2. Magnus Asberg Vs Sound Of The Suburbs - "Sunset"
  3. Microman - "Inga Aviseringar"
Review: It's time to get to know Club Magnus, a new label that launches with Moonlight 001, a various artist collection that brings together some fresh contemporary talents across three forward thinking cuts. Jay Tripwire opens up with his scintillating tech house sounds embellished with all the usual acid and after party freakiness. Magnus Asberg then keeps you on your toes with his nimble drum work and the cyborg electro funk of 'Sunset' (vs Sound Of The Suburbs) while Microman closes with the more dark, involving and intense techno convulsions of 'Inga Aviseringar'.
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coming soon TBA
International Wafter: The remixes
  1. International Wafter
  2. International Wafter (Ciel's vocal Refix)
  3. Morion Sensor (Roza Terenzi remix)
  4. Magenta (Seb Wildblood remix)
coming soon $11.65
20 Years Cocoon Recordings
20 Years Cocoon Recordings (limited 6xLP box set + insert)
Cat: CORLP 049. Rel: 19 Feb 21
  1. Rampa - "2000"
  2. Emanuel Satie - "Departure"
  3. Solomun - "We'll Never Have Today Again"
  4. Gregor Tresher - "Nostalgia (Is The Enemy)"
  5. Joseph Ashworth - "Eavesdrop"
  6. Pig & Dan - "Trauma"
  7. Josh Wink - "Nuclei"
  8. Ricardo Tobar - "El Eterna"
  9. Tiga & Roman Flugel - "Look To The Sky"
  10. Planetary Assault Systems - "Raww"
  11. Jacek Sienkiewicz - "Digitavi"
  12. Andre Galluzzi & Daniel Stefanik - "The Regulator"
  13. Extrawelt - "Murder Ballet"
  14. Petar Dundov - "Overtone"
  15. Sebastian Mullaert - "Kikaqu"
coming soon $111.44
CA 001
CA 001 (12")
Cat: CA 001. Rel: 15 Feb 21
  1. Bloodtype
  2. Dodji Malo Vamo
  3. Gravitational Pull
coming soon $10.81
Flubber EP
Flubber EP (white vinyl 12")
Cat: CT 003V. Rel: 30 Apr 21
  1. Jabba
  2. Bija
  3. Flubber (Nathan Pinder remix)
  4. Flubber
coming soon $13.36
Manipulate Our Reflections (incl Relic remix)
  1. Manipulate Our Reflections
  2. Vvoid
  3. Manipulate Our Reflections (Relic remix)
Review: Having impressed with his 2019 debut album on Negentropy, the breaks/tech-house/minimal techno fusion of Rhythm Tension, Zweizig has been given a chance to showcase his wares on Constant Sound's popular Constant Black offshoot. The headline attraction is undoubtedly opener 'Manipulate Our Reflections', a spaced-out chunk of hypnotic late-night science that wraps wonky, Villalobos style electronic noises and pulsing pads around a locked in (but also surprisingly swinging) tech-house groove. Relic provides a chunkier and groovier remix that boasts darker noises and a more beefed-up sound, while bonus cut 'Vvoid' is a twisted, undulating acid-jacker.
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coming soon TBA
Rame (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CB 018.
  1. Rame
  2. Melkor
  3. Caterpillar
Review: Malaga's Cuartero is next up on Constant Black, bringing a finely honed minimal house sound that fits into the label's shadowy club aesthetic perfectly. "Rame" is a driving, insistent slice of stripped down house with plenty of subtle wriggles and textures gurgling away under the surface. "Melkor" has some tougher drums, not least around the low end, but the same economy of sonics is applied here where the beat takes the lead and the FX skirt and skitter around the beat. "Caterpillar" has a tougher, less swung accent to its beats, but the chunky drum machine patterns are still executed with that stern focus that makes a minimal track pop off in the mix.
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coming soon TBA
Dogwood (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CB 020. Rel: 01 Feb 21
  1. Dogwood
  2. Laurel
  3. Willow
  4. Whitebeam
Review: Constant Sound's vital Constant Black offshoot welcomes Nike Maxen for a fine debut that comes after the artist has impressed already in 2020 with EPs on Mellow, Talman and Honne Music. The sounds on offer are classy and heady, with opener 'Dogwood' pairing dreamy pads and sparse percussion with a nice rolling and dubby beat. 'Laurel' picks up the pace but remains supremely smooth, and 'Willow' again gets you even more upright with its punchy kicks, but the languid pads keep things deep. Closer 'Whitebeam' is an icy cool tech house number with heady loops and superb bass warmth. This is another functional but characterful offering from this label.
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coming soon TBA
Mate (140 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: CB 021. Rel: 08 Mar 21
  1. Mate
  2. Hayes
  3. Catchy
  4. PR-33
  5. Magnitude
  6. Dark Faces
  7. Goldfinger
  8. Nothing Personal
Review: Silat Beksi has been busy this year. Remarkably, this expansive double-pack on Burnski's Constant Black label - officially his second full-length excursion and first for six years - is the Ukrainian producer's fifth vinyl missive of 2020. Mate is a fluid, off-kilter and sonically detailed affair, with manipulated jazz samples, oddball spoken word snippets and pots-and-pans percussion mingling with outer-space tech-house grooves, bouncy deep house rhythms, the eccentric stereo panning of Ricardo Villalobos and the locked-in hypnotism of Eastern European minimal techno. It's a sonic palette that guarantees thrills throughout, with Beksi doing a brilliant job of showcasing his distinctive production style.
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coming soon TBA
Contact (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CS 025.
  1. Contact
  2. Afterglow
  3. Movement
  4. Pulse
Review: Kepler has already been on a barnstorming run over the past 12 months with key drops on Pleasure Zone, Hoarder and Discotech amongst many others, not to mention his killer garage excursions as 0113. Now he shores up on Constant Sound with some fizzing, energetically charged techno that packs a punch and dazzles on top thanks to an acute sense of melody. DX7 organ basslines collide with cosmic arps and a thumping rhythm section on "Contact", while "Afterglow" takes things a little deeper without dropping the tempo. "Movement" revels in a cascade of interwoven synth lines, while "Pulse" takes a leaner, clubbier route without losing that up-for-it rush around the upper 120 BPM range.
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Intérprete: Burnski, Kepler
coming soon TBA
Take A Leap Of Faith (incl Relic remix)
  1. Take A Leap Of Faith
  2. Take A Leap Of Faith (Relic remix)
  3. Point Loma
  4. Limerence
Review: Dutch producer Chris Stussy has been seriously busy in the past couple of years dropping slick and slender tech house on labels like Eastenderz, Rutilance, Djebali and Moscow Records. Now he appears on Constant Sound with yet more sophisticated dancefloor gold. "Take A Leap Of Faith" leads the charge with a driving yet delectably dubbed out take on peak time tech house, peppered with vocal slices and a cheeky acid rub. Relic offers up a remix that straps a sharp, swinging garage house beat to the track with excellent results. "Point Loma" is a funky workout with some cracking slap bass hits, and "Limerence" gets a little quirky without losing that immersive atmosphere of the lead track.
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coming soon TBA
Metodic (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CS 027. Rel: 01 Feb 21
  1. Metodic
  2. Adjuvant Register
  3. Candva Cumva
Review: Burnski's Constant Sound imprint continues its fine run of form via a rock-solid EP from prolific Romanian duo NTFO. Continuing the vibe of the pair's original recent releases, opener 'Metodic' sits somewhere between driving European tech house and chunky, melody-rich deep house - all restless bass, spacey aural textures, reverb-laden lead lines and crispy drum sounds. Flipside opener 'Adjuvant Register' opts for a warmer but no less impactful or hypnotic blend of tech-house and deep house elements, while closing cut 'Candva Cumva' is a forthright and funky take on the more intergalactic end of the tech-house spectrum.
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coming soon TBA
Transform EP
Transform EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CONVENT 01. Rel: 26 Mar 21
  1. Transform Dub (J Gabriel version)
  2. Transform Dub (Steve O'Sullivan version)
  3. Transform Dub (Frazer Campbell version)
  4. Transform Dub (Arkajo version)
coming soon $12.80
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Coming Soon: Minimal House/Tech House