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Coming Soon: Post Rock/Experimental

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Post Rock / Experimental

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A Full Circle (Record Store Day 2020)
A Full Circle (Record Store Day 2020) (limited trifold double 10") (1 per customer)
Cat: LPGRON 165.
coming soon $33.70
Midnight Shift Demos
Cat: ERC 111. Rel: 09 Nov 20
  1. Here Comes Love (demo)
  2. Mr Zak (demo)
Review: Continuing the label's special 7"s releases that capture the nascent 80s post punk, dub, funk and pop - as examined on releases by The Jellies, Woo, Phantom Band, 4AM and more - here a discovery of unheard demos from Dislocation Dance's Midnight Shift album.
As part of the eighties Manchester scene, the band's pop and jazz sensibilities have continued to garner attention, offering a rightful place in the city's rich music history.
With the closure of Richard Boon's New Hormones label in 1982, they came to the attention of Geoff Travis' Rough Trade. Creating a home studio in the basement of an old rambling farmhouse in Withington, Ian Runacres (guitar, vocals), with lyricist Paul Emmerson (bass), set to work creating demos to garner a deal.
Inspired by the funk-disco of Dr Buzzards Original Savannah Band debut album, Here Comes Love was written using Roland TR-606 drum machine, guitars, bass and (cheap) keyboard, its magical and lo-fi charmed quality melts hearts.
On Mr Zak, the fun Runacres had is evident. Written as an "indie" song, but with Aztec Camera and Burt Bacharrach on his mind, with Andy Diagram (trumpet) and Kathryn Way (vocals), hides a structure matching the album version, but which in its rudimentary instrumentation and production is unique and outshines the later version, to encase a specific period and innocence, of time.

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coming soon TBA
Tautology (trifold 3xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: JNR 332LP.
coming soon $35.33
Kraut! Die Innovativen Jahre Des Krautrock 1968-1979: Teil 3
coming soon $22.82
Mare Vitalis (20th Anniversary reissue)
Mare Vitalis (20th Anniversary reissue) (gatefold 180 gram coloured vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: TSR 014.
coming soon $35.86
In The Spirit World Now: Synthetic Remixes
Cat: RR 74521. Rel: 13 Nov 20
coming soon $20.65
Westend (LP)
Cat: TCM 119LP. Rel: 30 Oct 20
coming soon $19.55
Versions Of The Truth
Versions Of The Truth (2xCD + DVD + Blu-ray box set)
Cat: KSCOPE 562.
coming soon $45.64
Random Roots
  1. Yara Ma Yha Who
  2. Terittitunnis
  3. Yohualticitl
  4. Beaivi
  5. Urcuchillay
  6. Maui Tikitiki A Taranga
  7. Kope Tiatie Cac
  8. Kim Un Kamuy
coming soon $10.61
Speedball Trio
  1. Butchershop In The Sky
  2. MandarinSsubway
  3. Owl Poke
  4. Granate Skin
  5. Ugly Boy
  6. Grind
  7. Paindance
coming soon $10.61
A Sunset Panorama (15th Anniversary reissue)
A Sunset Panorama (15th Anniversary reissue) (gatefold 180 gram clear & pink vinyl LP)
Cat: TSR 012.
coming soon $21.20
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Coming Soon: Post Rock/Experimental