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Rock (All)

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Power Up (Deluxe)
Cat: 194397 44472.
  1. Realize
  2. Rejection
  3. Shot In The Dark
  4. Through The Mists Of Time
  5. Kick You When You're Down
  6. Witch's Spell
  7. Demon Fire
  8. Wild Reputation
  9. No Man's Land
  10. Systems Down
  11. Money Shot
  12. Code Red
Review: Six years is ages for a band to go without releasing an album or doing very much. But for AC/DC, whose work rate has always been ridiculously high, it's a very, very long time. Between then and now, the band lost their lead singer, Brian Johnson, to hearing difficulties in the middle of their last tour, and saw drummer Paul Rudd arrested in New Zealand for 'attempting to procure a murder'. Talk about impetus to finally call time.

But then these are the guys responsible for one of history's greatest heavy rock triumphs, 1980s's Back In Black, released just months after formative frontman Bon Scott tragically passed. So it's no surprise Power Up, another post-traumatic release albeit an act of reunification with now (relatively) healthy Johnson and innocent Rudd returning, is among their best in the 40 years since. A comeback record that sounds exactly like AC/DC should - ballsy, bluesy, boozy riffs.
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Prep (pink vinyl LP)
Cat: BANT 19309.
  1. Turn The Music Up
  2. Wouldn't Wanna Know
  3. Years Don't Lie
  4. Carrie
  5. On & On
  6. Pictures Of You
  7. Don't Wait For Me
  8. The Stream
  9. Rain
  10. Danny Came Up
Review: The term 'yacht rock' is arguably among the most divisive to be coined in music over the last few years. For some, the idea of over-biting to beats while leaning against the sun-kissed bow of a multi-million super-vessel sounds pretty good. Others prefer to write the trend off as nostalgic session music, a kitsch reminder of how unabashed and slick pop once was.
We're in the first camp, not least when it comes to Prep - the London four piece known for applying a particularly sparkling sheen to their music, which is grounded in modern R&B and electronica, but has its heart, or at least feet, very much in the white chinos of days gone by. The track 'On & On' has already caused waves this year (no pun intended) with its laidback Metronomy-esque groove, and if you enjoyed that the rest of what's here will fall into place.
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Cosmic Dancer
Cat: 405053 863968.
Review: As one or two critics pointed out when the Angelheaded Hipster covers album arrived, Mark Bolan is something of a disputed musical genius who remains misunderstood by both naysayers and allies alike. The latter arguably downplaying the chart-topping pop-glam status he enjoyed during his 1970s T-Rex heyday, shortly before commercial and artistic decline led to mediocrity. Meanwhile, those who write him off as only relevant in that period forget the decade of broad work that preceded it.

What we can all agree on, though, is that he wrote some incredible songs that achieved universal adoration, and Cosmic Dancer ranks in the top flight. Nick Cave's contribution to the aforementioned tribute LP stays true to the source material, all emotionally charged lyrics set in heartbroken balladry. A delicate, piano-led ode to the narrator's lost youth, and a promise that despite the passing of time an energy will always prevail.
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Disconnected/Gain On Gains (feat Shrinkwrap remixes)
Disconnected/Gain On Gains (feat Shrinkwrap remixes) (140 gram vinyl 12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: SSS 001.
  1. Disconnected (Shrinkwrap remix)
  2. Gain On Gains (Shrinkwrap remix)
  3. Gain On Gains (Shrinkwrap dub)
Review:  A new label from Kinfolk records founder - and a 14 of a Soft Rock - Christopher Galloway is upon us.
This first release sees the beautiful sounds of Torn Sail/Huw Costin revamped by the mighty production force that is Mark Rayner and Matt Horobin, aka Shrinkwrap.
Shrinkwrap are a production team that have been in the wilderness for a number of years but are much lauded by The Idjut Boys - amongst others - which has seen them release on Discfunction and U-Star.
Being close friends with Huw Costin, they decided to get together and re-work the track Gain On Gains that featured on Torn Sail's 2017 long player, This Short Sweet Life.
These two re-works see Shrinkwrap take the original into an extended/after-hours bliss out of epic proportions and an ambient dub.
Added to the package is an unreleased on vinyl mix of Costin's Disconnected cut from 2015. This is a more folk-infused affair that once again ventures into epic territory thanks to the production skills of Rayner and Horobin.
A lovely EP to kick off this new label.
Watch this space...
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The Constant Sound
The Constant Sound (LP + booklet)
Cat: CR 9108CR9109.
  1. Time
  2. Come Out In The Sun
  3. Dancing Patterns
  4. Avalon
  5. Playtime
  6. Calico Bus
  7. The Constant Sound
  8. Ride A Pink Horse
  9. Peaceful Meadown
  10. Take A Look At Yourself
  11. Candy Egg
  12. Catch The Sun
Review: "This is bound to blow the mind of any genre fan, as it delivers on all the key areas and has no obvious weaknesses." Or so says the late-Patrick Lundborg, The Acid Archives author and preeminent historian of psychedelic music and culture, about this mythical and (until now at least) extremely unavailable album, the origins of which have been open to speculation since it first surfaced as a demo in the 1960s.

Now confirmed as members of the iconic outfit Wrecking Crew, alongside Pete Jolly, Lincoln Mayorga, and John Guerin (who would go on to be in Byrds), the dream team was assembled by Grammy-winning composer Allyn Ferguson, and the result is every bit as impressive as Lundborg claimed. 12 tracks that define surreal sunshine pop and lyte psych, this is the first time it has been commercially sold and the smart money is on these copies disappearing fast.

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Midnight Shift Demos
  1. Here Comes Love (demo)
  2. Mr Zak (demo)
Review: Continuing the label's special 7"s releases that capture the nascent 80s post punk, dub, funk and pop - as examined on releases by The Jellies, Woo, Phantom Band, 4AM and more - here a discovery of unheard demos from Dislocation Dance's Midnight Shift album.
As part of the eighties Manchester scene, the band's pop and jazz sensibilities have continued to garner attention, offering a rightful place in the city's rich music history.
With the closure of Richard Boon's New Hormones label in 1982, they came to the attention of Geoff Travis' Rough Trade. Creating a home studio in the basement of an old rambling farmhouse in Withington, Ian Runacres (guitar, vocals), with lyricist Paul Emmerson (bass), set to work creating demos to garner a deal.
Inspired by the funk-disco of Dr Buzzards Original Savannah Band debut album, Here Comes Love was written using Roland TR-606 drum machine, guitars, bass and (cheap) keyboard, its magical and lo-fi charmed quality melts hearts.
On Mr Zak, the fun Runacres had is evident. Written as an "indie" song, but with Aztec Camera and Burt Bacharrach on his mind, with Andy Diagram (trumpet) and Kathryn Way (vocals), hides a structure matching the album version, but which in its rudimentary instrumentation and production is unique and outshines the later version, to encase a specific period and innocence, of time.

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The Weathermaker Vault Series Vol I
The Weathermaker Vault Series Vol I (limited opaque white vinyl LP)
Cat: WM 124. Rel: 29 Jan 21
  1. Passive Restraints
  2. Electric Worry
  3. Run, John Barleycorn, Run
  4. Evil
  5. Fortunate Son
  6. Algo Ha Cambiado
  7. Spacegrass
  8. Precious & Grace
  9. Smoke Banshee
  10. Willie Nelson
Review: Here Clutch have managed to give us one of the best covers albums in a year dominated by either covers or live albums. It also contains an incredible version of 'Algo Ha Cambiado', one of the finest from legendary Argentinian blues maestro Norberto Anibal Napolitano (AKA Pappo), who doesn't seem to get the global recognition he deserves. Oh, and the record itself has a great back story.

This is both Clutch at their uncompromising best - paying tribute to their own heavy rock, blues and metal heroes - and most resourceful. Starting to release a series of rare digital covers from the decade-spanning outfit's archives as a means of connecting with fans during the pandemic, Weathermaker Music was soon born and now this is the micro-label's first album. As you would hope, it's sweat-soaked, guttural, rhythmically raw stuff, so best make some space for a dancefloor before putting it on.
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Take It Down To The Wire (Live 1985)
Take It Down To The Wire (Live 1985) (gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: OZITDANLP 9998.
Review: The establishment rued the day Mark E. Smith came along, whether they were in the political elite or the music industry itself. The Fall's lead singer is unarguably Manchester's greatest contribution to pop culture simply because of his biting wit and predisposition for calling spades spades, twats twats. Thankfully, though, he and his band were also responsible for some unbelievably good post punk fare, alongside some exceptionally frenetic live shows, meaning it's about more than just attitude.

Even if you caught the troupe on stage in the years immediately preceding Smith's death, aged 60, the energy was palpable. Perhaps logically, though, Take It Down The Wire Live 1985 captures the essence of both frontman and outfit as they were at their peak. Unforgiving, uncompromising, broken, hopeful and altogether priceless. All hail Britain's "strange kind of antimatter treasure," we really didn't know what we had until it was gone.
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Hyperspace (Deluxe reissue)
Cat: 735361. Rel: 29 Jan 21
Review: There's always an awful lot to talk about with Beck - an American rock icon whose enigmatic character is defined by the fact labels like 'American rock icon' are way too simplistic. Hyperspace couldn't be a more useful example, a record that turns its attention to a sci-fi R&B pop sound that's an immediate giveaway of Pharrell Williams' involvement as producer on more than half the album.

All of which would be jarring if this weren't Beck, a proper shapeshifter. Pulling it off with far more than aplomb implies, it's a warm, sexy evening ride through the e-funked up streets of LA on a warm night exceptionally juxtaposed with a lyrical flavour that's sorrowful and reflective, the product of both the artist's failing relationship at the time of writing and his well-documented understanding of the human condition.
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Don't Go Home Yet
Don't Go Home Yet (180 gram yellow vinyl LP limited to 295 copies)
Cat: ROXMB 010C.
Review: One of the greatest things about rock history is how many volumes from the most prolific artists are still waiting to be unearthed years later. Take this recording of Bruce Springsteen live from Capitol Theater in Prassaic, New Jersey, recorded on New Year's Eve 1977. Which should not be confused with that taping of The Boss and cohorts from the same venue a few months later, a much sought after album made from the original radio broadcast of the show.

Let's not split hairs between the two, and instead stick to the basics. Here we have one of America's all-time rock 'n' roll titans in what could be the prime of his career, if that didn't imply he's waned since, delivering a set list in the way only he can. Powerful and proud, fan or newcomer alike won't own this rare chapter, and we implore both to do something about that now.
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Where Does A Body End? (deluxe)
Cat: 796975
2x Deluxe Blu-ray housed in a 6-panel digipak + 8-panel fold-out insert
Notes: Where Does a Body End? is an intimate portrait of the band SWANS, from their roots as a brutal, confrontational post-punk band that emerged from the same early 1980s era NYC that gave us Sonic Youth (and, somehow, Madonna) through their ill-fated bid at mainstream success in the 90s indie-rock gold rush, through breakups and chaos (on and offstage) to their odds-defying current status as one of the most accomplished and ambitious bands in the world, one whose concerts are more like ecstatic rituals than nostalgic trips back through their most popular songs. SWANS has always been a collection of singular performers, but there's been one constant since its formation in 1982--singer, songwriter Michael Gira. With unfettered access to hundreds of hours of Gira/SWANS archives of never-seen-before recordings, videos, and photographs, the film brings us along the path they needed to carve for themselves. The film is many things, a musical history, a time-capsule, a tour diary, a concert film, but mostly it's the story of a life in the arts, frequently difficult, spanning decades without a safety net, creating the work because Gira says What else am I going to do? As bandmate Thor Harris notes, Michael is not a fearless person, but he is a fearless artist.

All DVDs and Blu-rays will be Region 0

Deluxe Edition is a 2 Disk Blu-ray Deluxe Edition With 156 Minutes of Bonus Material housed in a 6 panel digipak with original artwork by Hrvoje Karalic and an 8 panel foldout insert.
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Think Of Spring
Cat: 277901.
Review: In the bleakest of midwinters M. Ward's re-reading of Billie Halliday's 1958 album, Lady In Satin, wears poignancy on its sleeve, teaching us things can be beautiful again, even if they seem broken. By the time she made the record, Halliday had damaged her voice through alcohol and drug abuse, but her efforts were still mesmerising (albeit somewhat divisive). Now, more than 50 years on, a man with a larynx at the softer end of the spectrum takes on that playlist, reordering and rethinking in the process.

Save for 'The End of a Love Affair' all the parts of Halliday's masterpiece are here, but they sound resolutely different. Not least far quieter. Passion runs throughout, indicative of Ward's deep love for the source material and the emotional quality that pervades all his work. Instrumentally, it's no less committed, throwing all manner of unusual chord progressions and riffs our way via irregular tuning techniques. A stunning record that's testament to coverer and covered alike.
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Soul Monsters Vol 2
Soul Monsters Vol 2 (7" reeditado)
Cat: SM 002. Rel: 26 Feb 21
  1. Supremes - "Uptight" (2:50)
  2. Supremes - "Money" (2:58)
Review: A few weeks ago, the sneaky Soul Masters label launched via a must-have "45" featuring two 1960s soul bombs from Welsh sex-machine Mr Jones. For this sequel, the limited-edition imprint has dipped into the back catalogue of premier Motown legends and chosen two killer covers of songs first made famous by other artists on the iconic soul label's roster. On the A-side you'll find their storming version of Stevie Wonder hit 'Uptight (Everything's All Right)', a take that's just as stomping and horn-heavy as the more familiar original, with the added bonus of smoother soul vocals from the ladies and first time on 7 inch vinyl. Turn to the flip for their interpretation of Barrett Strong hit 'Money (That's What I Want)', a more fuzzy and sax-laden affair of a song that was famously also covered by the Beatles on With The Beatles.
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Sex Pistols Embroidered Logo Cotton Patch
Cat: 795244
Black & red embroidered logo patch
Notes: Sex Pistols Embroidered Logo Cotton Patch
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I'm Not Holding Your Coat: My Bruises & All Memoir Of Punk Rock Rebellion
Review: From disenchanted Catholic schoolgirl and glam maniac to instigator on the 1980s hardcore punk scene, NANCY BARILE discovered freedom at a time when punk music was new and dangerous. She made her place behind the boards and right in the front row as insurgents such as SSD, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Dead Kennedys and Black Flag wrote new rules and made history. She survived punk riots and urban decay, ran the streets with outcasts, and ultimately found true love as she fought for fairness and found her purpose. A unique insider perspective and life lessons from this national award-winning teacher on the dynamics of the DIY punk scene. Features over 50 live and candid photos of Bad Brains, Minor Threat, SSD, Andy Warhold and... Nils Lofgren. Includes an intro with IAN MACKAYE discussing the crucial role of women in early hardcore punk. 192 heavily illustrated pages. Softcover book.
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Stompbox: 100 Pedals Of The World's Greatest Guitarists
Notes: Stompbox: 100 Pedals of the World's Greatest Guitarists, is a deluxe celebration of the unsung hero of guitar music-the effects pedal.

Stompbox showcases the actual effects pedals owned and used by Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Frank Zappa, Alex Lifeson, Andy Summers, Eric Johnson, Adrian Belew, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Ed O'Brien, J Mascis, Lita Ford, Joe Perry, Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo, Vernon Reid, Kaki King, Nels Cline and 82 other iconic and celebrated guitarists.

These exquisitely textured fine-art photographs are matched with fresh, insightful commentary and colorful road stories from the artists themselves, who describe how these fascinating and often devilish devices shaped their sounds and songs.

A visual treat for obsessive collectors, guitar players, and music fans, Stompbox reveals the essential but lesser-known marvels behind some of rock 'n' roll's signature sounds.

Book features and structure:

100 Pedals. Featuring interview with the artist and a photos of the chosen pedal. The interview explores the artist's personal connection to their chosen pedal. The pedal photo receives a full page with the interview on the adjacent page.

5 Editorial Features:
* Fuzzed, Phased & Freaked Out: A Heavy History of the Guitar Pedal.
* Thinking Inside the Box: A Pedal Innovators Roundtable.
* Fuzzy Drums, Hairy Horns & Silky Keys: Why It's Okay to Love Guitar Pedals for Everything But Guitar
* Seeing Sound: The Art & Design of the Stompbox
* J's Big Muff Museum: Lee Ranaldo Talks Pedals With J Mascis.

Photographer and Art Director: Eilon Paz
Editorial Director: Dan Epstein
Editor At Large: James Rotondi
Foreword: Ed O'Brien (Radiohead)

Contributing Writers Tom Beaujour, Rich Bienstock, Matt Blackett, Anna Blumenthal, Elton Bradman, Rod Brakes, Chris Buono, Barry Cleveland, Matt Diehl, Dan Epstein, Tzvi Gluckin, Dave Hunter, Michael Molenda, Bill Murphy, Whitney Petty, Lee Ranaldo, Michael Ross, James Rotondi, Cynthia Schemmer, Josh Scott, Katherine Turman
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Stompbox Vintage & Rarities: 333 Cool, Crazy & Hard To Find Guitar Pedals
Review: A companion book to Stompbox: 100 Pedals of the World's Greatest Guitarists

Originally created to expand the sound of the electric guitar, stompboxes have become collectible, highly-fetishized objets d'art, often prized as much for their looks, quirks and history as for their sonic properties.

Photographer Eilon Paz and writer/editor Dan Epstein, the team behind Stompbox: 100 Pedals of the World's Greatest Guitarists, have scoured the globe in search of some of the rarest, weirdest and most iconic stompboxes in existence. Vintage & Rarities: 333 Cool, Crazy and Hard to Find Guitar Pedals features lustrous, exquisitely-detailed photographs of primitive fuzzboxes, one-off prototypes, whimsical boutique creations and elaborate multi-effects unitsimany of which have never been seen before, even by hardcore collectors.

Vintage & Rarities also features profiles of 25 pedal collectors from around the worldiincluding legendary musicians Adrian Belew, Henry Kaiser and David Torn, Beastie Boys producer Mario Caldato Jr., and celebrated pedal builders Oliver Ackermann (Death By Audio), Mike Piera (Analog Man) and Josh Scott (JHS), all of whom share their personal tales of stompbox addiction, while offering additional insight into these fascinating devices.

Created by Eilon Paz & Dan Epstein

On the Cover: Stompbox City. Original Collage by Morgan Jesse Lappin

Book dimensions: 8×10.3 inches.
436 pages.
Hard cover.

Shipping starts November 15, 2020
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coming soon $100.27
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Coming Soon: Rock (All)