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SynthRotek LPG Low Pass Gate Module (black faceplate) (fully assembled)
Notes: The LPG is a West Coast Synthesis staple! The dual Low Pass Gate creates organic percussion timbres, paving the way for sonic exploration with a Buchla/Subotnick vibe.

The LPG has two low pass gates in one module. Its unique non-linear qualities emulate percussion timbres like congas, bongos, plucks, etc. The LPG is vactrol based, which creates natural-sounding decays. When the CV input is pinged by short/fast envelopes, it results in more organic sounds like bongos. The slide pot functions in two ways: when the the CV input is not patched, it attenuates/mixes the audio signal. When the CV jack is patched, it attenuates the output level and changes the timbre of the audio signal.

Each LPG channel can be used as a VCA. VCA mode bypasses the low pass filter and resonance and doesn't color the sound of your input audio. The vactrol gives the VCA a living, breathing, non-linear response.

A number of vactrols were tested for this module, and the pre-tested NSL-7053 yielded the most positive results. The NSL-7053 has a slower response and a more exponential response curve. The VTL5C4 has a slightly faster response and a more linear response curve. Vactrols have a lot of variance, so even if you use the same vactrols for both channels, each channel may sound a little different. But the LPG will work with a number of different types/brands, including dual vactrols. In fact, each channel can be built with a different set of vactrols. (Note: VTL5C3 and VTL5C3/2 vactrols are not recommended in the LPG.)

Width: 4HP
Depth: 57mm
Current draw:
+12V: 45mA
-12V: 45mA
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Old Blood Noise Mondegreen Weird Delay Pedal
Cat: 782153 Rel: 24 Sep 20
Delay pedal
Notes: The Old Blood Noise Endeavors Mondegreen pedal is a digital delay hellbent on giving you something different than what you put in. It's delay. Into modulation. And it's weird.

A three-way toggle switch selects between three modes of modulated delay.
STUTTER: A delay with a percussive tremolo on the trails.
WHIRL: A modulated delay adding chorus on the wet signal.
SHEER: A delay with increasing octaves on the repeats.

9VDC - 2.1mm negative center pin adapter.
60 mA draw.
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EMW ADSR SH 4X Envelope Generator (black faceplate)
Cat: 775111
Quad EG based on the ADSR SH module
MRP:$320.17 SAVE 27%
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Empress Effects Buffer Plus Pedal
Cat: 782953 Rel: 30 Sep 20
I/O interface
Notes: The Empress buffer+ was designed to be the complete I/O interface for the pedal board, while maintaining the highest fidelity to your guitar's signal.

Signal loss due to long, un-buffered cable runs is an issue that has plagued guitar players for decades. The primary goal of the buffer+ is to eliminate this signal loss, ensuring that your tone is unchanged by your cables.

Additionally, all the connectivity of your pedal board is consolidated to make set up quick and easy. The buffer+ also has a very handy set of features that make life just a little better. Noise filters, input pads, switchable clean boost and input loading are all powerful tools available on the buffer+.

Input Impedance: 10k - 1Meg
Output Impedance: 510 Ohms
Frequency Response (-3dB): 5Hz - 40kHz
Power Input Voltage: 9V DC (Negative tip)
Power Input Connector: 2.1mm barrel connector (Negative tip)
Power Consumption: 86mA
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.02%
Signal to Noise Ratio: 105.3dB
Headroom: +9.4dBu
Enclosure Material: Die Cast Aluminum
Input connectors: 1/4" Jack
Output connectors: 1/4" Jack
Height (enclosure): 1.25"
Height with controls: 2"
Length: 4.5"
Width: 2.5"
Weight: 0.5 lbs
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Empress Effects Nebulus Chorus/Vibrato/Flanger Pedal
Cat: 783089 Rel: 30 Sep 20
Chorus/vibrato/flanger pedal
Notes: The Nebulus brings guitarists high quality chorus, flanger and vibrato effects in a really compact 4.5 by 3.5 inch pedal. To increase the tone range even further 3 variations on each effect are available for a total of 9 tweak-able modes. All this flexibility is easy to access via a preset system capable of storing up to 8 different presets.

The chorus mode offers a lush and warm sounding chorus, a fluid and dreamy multi-chorus, and a unique tremolo'ed chorus. The flanger setting has a classic tape flange, a 70's negative feedback type flanger, and the elusive thru-zero flange. Lastly, but certainly not least, are the vibrato sub-modes which include a standard vibrato, a classic vibe sound, and a rotating speaker effect.

Each mode includes a special switch which allows the guitarist to really tweak crucial settings and it also offers some bonus features like the ability to add compression to vibrato mode, for example. For further fine tuning, a tone switch is available offering warm, clean, and bright voicings to the effect.

This true bypass pedal offers the uncompromising sound quality that guitarists have learned to expect from Empress pedals in an incredibly small box. With chorus, flanger and vibrato all only one touch away, this pedal is an incredible value.

Input Impedance: 1Meg
Output Impedance: 1K
Frequency Response (-3dB) - 8Hz - 18.5kHz
Input Headroom: +10.8dBu
Output Headroom: +10.2dBu
Distortion: 0.40%
Signal to Noise: 102.7dB
Power Input Voltage: 9 - 12 V DC (Negative tip)
Power Input Connector: 2.1mm barrel connector (Negative tip)
Power Consumption : ~300mA
Enclosure Material: Die Cast Aluminum
Input connector: 1/4" Jack
Output connector: 1/4" Jack
Height (Enclosure only): 1.5"
Height (including controls): 2"
Length: 3.5"
Width: 4.5"
Weight: 1 lb
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EMW Gate Delay Module (black faceplate)
Notes: The EMW GATE DELAY module can induce a delay on a gate signal. The delay amount can be adjusted using the SET and RESET knobs on the front panel. A delayed gate signal or pulse is very useful to promote the trigger of envelopes and other modules in alternative moments in a patch, creating some very interesting and unexpected effects and modulations.

Eurorack (3U) form factor - 6 HP width
Power consumption: +12V [29mA] / -12V [0mA]
Weight: 64g
Depth: 50mm
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EMW 10V Level Converter Module (black faceplate)
Notes: 8-cannel voltage converter

Eurorack (3U) form factor
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J Rockett Archer Versatile Overdrive & Boost Pedal
MRP:$260.05 SAVE 17%
coming soon $216.71
ADDAC System ADDAC402B HRG Expansion Module (red faceplate)
Cat: 776312
MIDI expansion module
Notes: ADDAC402B MIDI Expansion allows full I/O Midi control of ADDAC402 plus access to a powerfull midi interface, with:

Midi Sync:
Allows the module to synchronize with any external MIDI device’s Clock, including transport messages like play, stop and continue.

5 CV inputs (Fills 1 to 4 and Assign) to MIDI Notes and/or CC messages, the Note and CC number can be independently configured via the Configuration Menu.
These CV inputs can be sent on independent MIDI Channels, for ex: Fills 1 to 4 on MIDI Channel 1 and Assign on MIDI Channel 2.

MIDI Controller:
All panel controls (9 knobs, 4 toggle switches and 11 push buttons) can be sent to MIDI Out as CC controls as any standard MIDI controller. The individual CC numbers can be configured through the Configuration Menu.

MIDI to Gate:
All 4 Gate outputs can be controlled/sequenced from an external MIDI device.
For ex: we can configure Gate 1 to be responsive to CC 1, Gate 2 to CC 2 and so on. Everytime CC 1 gets a value of 127 Gate 1 will be turned ON, if it gets a 0 value Gate 1 will be turned OFF.

MIDI Control:
All panel controls (9 knobs, 4 toggle switches and 11 push buttons) can be controlled/sequenced from MIDI CC controls. This allow full automation of the module via MIDI
The individual CC numbers can be configured through the Configuration Menu and includes a midi learn feature for easier configuration.
Also controllable via MIDI is the change of Presets and Modes.
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Fulltone Supa-Trem Jr Amp-Style Opto Tremolo Pedal With Boost
Cat: 782881 Rel: 26 Sep 20
Tremolo pedal
Notes: The logical progression to the beloved Supa-Trem1 is here!

It's a much, much smaller than the ST-1 at only 3.9" wide x 4" deep, and more intelligent version of the epic Supa-Trem1. Sporting True-Bypass,Tap-Tempo, external Tap jack, Half/Double hold feature, up to 15dB boost, true Square, Sine, and the natural heartbeat-like Warble wave-forms! It also can do speeds so slow that a full cycle takes around 10 seconds, and fast speeds beyond 220bpm. The heart of the ST-1 is still there, the warm Analog Devices JFET preamp. And this pedal is so small it will fit in your pocket, and with its top-mounted jacks, will fit in any little spot on your board. Don't forget, just like the ST-1, the Jr also works as an incredible clean boost with the Mix control turned down!

3 switchable waveforms:
Square, (modified) Sine, and (heartbeat-like) Warble wave-forms. Digital Brain (for the oscillator only) with 100% analog signal path. Unlike the ST-1, the Jr can do speeds so slow that a full cycle takes around 10 seconds, and fast speeds beyond 220bpm. The heart of the ST-1 is still there, the warm Analog Devices JFET preamp. And this pedal is so small it will fit in your pocket, and with its top-mounted jacks, will fit in any little spot on your board. Just like the ST-1, the Jr also works as an incredible clean boost with the Mix control turned down!
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Eurorack Hardware Modules AMIX Active Audio & CV Mixer Module (black faceplate) (fully assembled)
Notes: The AMIX module from Eurorack Hardware has three channel (active) powered mixer in 2HP for Eurorack. Great for both Audio and CV sources. Matte black panel with white graphics. Max gain of 1.
Current Draw: +12=15mA, -12=10mA, +5=0
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Analogue Systems RS-100N Lowpass Module
Cat: 777029
low pass filter module
Notes: This low pass filter is a very good -24dB/octave Moog filter, based on the classic Moog cascade with selected, low-noise transistors. Being the successor of the RS-100, the new "S" version features several improvements regarding stability, tracking, distortion behavoiur and also the frequency range.

Two signal inputs, resonance, manually and voltage controlled cutoff frequency. Frequency range 10Hz to 35kHz with CVs applied. The transistors used in the filter cascade are low-noise and have been selected and matched in pairs to improve the frequency response over the whole frequency range. A better stability guarantees, after a one minute heating time, that the filter can be used as a clean and well tracking sine wave oscillator.
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ADDAC System ADDAC213A Eurorack Bridge Module (black faceplate)
Notes: A pair of ADDAC213As acts as a simple one-cable bridge between different cases. By itself the ADDAC213As can send/receive 8 CV or audio signals between your cases, but can be expanded to bridge two cases for up to 24 signals at the same time.

Use a pair of ADDAC213As to send & receive 8 CV or audio signals between distant points in your case, between two separate cases, or between your case and a friend's case. Less clatter, less spaghetti, faster connection! There's nothing better than being able to connect that controller skiff with just one cable to your main system. At a gig, in the studio, when jamming with a friend, give yourself a gift by grabbing a pair of ADDAC213As.The modules can be installed in normal position or a 180 degree position to fit any need and any case design.

Each ADDAC213A module can be connected through a ribbon cable connection on its backside with up to two ADDAC213Bs. Each ADDAC213B module added expands the channels options of the ADDAC213A by adding 8 more channels. With two 2 ADDAC213Bs connected to each ADDAC213A module, you'll have a total of 24 channels going between your cases with a simple one-cable bridge. Between the ADDAC213A pair and the ADDAC213B, your cases never looked so elegantly connected together!

The ADDAC213As are always sold as a pair of 2 modules and an included ribbon cable.

Each module can be installed in normal position or at 180 degrees.

. Format: Eurorack
. Width: 6 HP
. Depth: 2.4 cm

Passive / Does not draw current
Ribbon Cable: 50cm or 100cm ribbon cable
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ADDAC System ADDAC111 Ultra .WAV Player Module (red faceplate)
Cat: 776121
.wav player module
Notes: The ADDAC111 ULTRA .WAV PLAYER is the long awaited upgrade to the praised ADDAC101 .WAV PLAYER.

While keeping all functions of the original, there's more dedicated controls as well as a few new functions.

For this version, Micro SD Cards were used- this decision was made in order to help the hardware construction and make it only 3cm deep.

An Expansion module, ADDAC111B, was also created to allow users to recall the first 8 files through dedicated trigger signals. This allows sequencing of files.

The Loop Size, Start Point and Sample Rate defines how the loop is played.

Loop Settings defines if sample is looping or playing only once.

File Access if it advances to the next or previous file.

The VCA section controls the overall volume of the module.

And finally the Envelope Follower generates a CV voltage related to the amplitude of the audio signal pre-VCA.
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SynthRotek MST SYSTEM 84 Modular System
SynthRotek MST SYSTEM 84 Modular System (modular synthesiser system)
Cat: 778518
analog modular synthesiser
Notes: Housed in Synthrotek's 84HP Skiff Boat, the MST SYSTEM 84 is a very powerful analog monophonic FULLY modular synthesizer. Includes a power brick.

Powered by Synthrotek's Case Power Red, the MST SYSTEM 84 has the following amperage specs: +12V @ 2A, -12V @ 500mA, +5V @ 1.5A

MST MIDI to CV Converter
MST '07 Buffered Multiple
MST Noise Sample and Hold / Track and Hold
MST VCO (x 2)
MST 4-Channel Audio/CV Mixer
MST Low Pass Filter
MST Dual Envelope
DLY Module
MST Stereo Output Mixer
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SynthRotek FOLD Module (black faceplate) (fully assembled)
Cat: 778207
wavefolder/ring modulator module
Notes: Synthrotek's FOLD is a combination Wavefolder and Ring Modulator. The FOLD changes the shape of a waveform in order to create harmonics and find new timbres and sonic palettes. The Ring Modulator circuit mixes two waves together to make metallic, bell-like tones, big bass lines and Dalek sci-fi robotic sounds. Patch your folded wave into the ring mod (or vice versa) for sonic euphoria!

Module width: 4HP
Module depth: 60mm
Current draw:
+12V: 50 mA
-12V: 40 mA
+5V: 0 mA
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Old Blood Noise Signal Blender Parallel Effect Blender/Mixer/Router Pedal
Cat: 782163 Rel: 24 Sep 20
Effect blender/mixer/router pedal
Notes: The Signal Blender provides a number of parallel routing solutions through its use of a pair of send/returns, primary input and output, switching, and volume control.

Signal Blender can be used as a:
Parallel effect blender
3-to-1 mixer
1-to-3 splitter
Active ABY in either direction
Volume level setter

and more.

A courtesy 9V power outlet and phase correction switches for both Sends add further versatility to this box. Clever switching allows for latching or momentary on/off action.

The Signal Blender uses standard 9V center negative power, and has a current draw of 31 mA.
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Keeley Vibe-O-Verb	Ambient Reverberation Machine Pedal
Cat: 782480 Rel: 25 Sep 20
Three mode reverb pedal
Notes: This three mode reverb lets you hear what some of the most classic effects sound like on just the reverb. Allowing you to create new sounds and textures like never before.

All of the Delay Space in the reverb engine for the pedal are in the Fibonacci series. What does this mean for you? You'll probably make more money, look better (see golden ratio below) and find true happiness. But what this means for Keeley is a secret pleasure in defining a reverb that is unique and possibly more musical. Since great works of art like Debussy's La Mer have been crafted by using the Golden Ratio, why not create lengths of time defined by such ratios? 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34...

Harmonic Reverb
This mode is like a vintage Brownface Amp or our DynaTrem, Harmonic Tremolo on the reverb. Imagine choppy waves of tremolo on your verb! All with the a delicious hint of Vibe! Dynamic Dimension Canyons?!

Vibrato Reverb
Pitch Bending Reverberation Machine. From mild chorus to spacey bayou tones! Too grande to call our modulated chorus, this is one for modern psychedelics. For this one you have to imagine maybe both the source and the reflective wall moving! Maybe even accelerating with respect to each other.

Phaser Modulated Reverb. Maybe the most mild but in a way that lets you appreciate some of the space around notes. This notch filter in your reverb space gives the illusion of the reflecting wall morphing from carpet to wood, then to steel and then glass. Round and round. Get the idea? Dynamic reflections in an all new space.
Enjoy these "Lost Reverbs" Vibe-O-Verb, reverbs that never were- until now.
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Keeley Verb O Trem Workstation Powerful Reverb & Modulation Machine Pedal
Cat: 782482 Rel: 25 Sep 20
Reverb/modulation pedal
Notes: The Keeley VoT reverb and tremolo combo gives players a simple and beautiful sounding way to end their pedal boards. Reverb and Tremolo often sound best at the end of your guitar rig, after effects like compression, fuzz or overdrive. The Keeley VoT Workstation gives you the famous Keeley spring and plate reverbs as well as modulated tube amp tremolos. This immaculate pairing provides you with everything you need for a small, compact pedal board.

When you go minimalist, you still consider Reverb and Tremolo.

So if you're doing a small gig with a compact board or you just want the captivating power of tremolo and reverb at the same time, the Keeley VoT Workstation is a simple and beautiful sounding solution.

The Keeley VoT Workstation is a high-end Dual DSP effect workstation. Each effect, reverb and tremolo are given their own effects engine. This allows us to create rich and ornate filtering. These are studio quality sounds we that have been crafted over the years, refined by working musicians and studio engineers.

Keeley knows and develops reverb spaces. Fat, juicy, sonically rich spaces. Keeley 2 Spring Reverb is the real deal. It's so good sounding, they install it in The Amp now. In fact Keeley reverb has been developed in many other brand's pedals.

There are 8 petals to this flower: 2 Spring, 3 Spring, Plate, Hall, Chamber, Room, Fugue, and Slapback!

Each Keeley VoT Workstation reverb allows you to control:

Level - Output Volume Level for the reverb channel

Decay - this is the length of the reverb trails, the size of the ambient space. External Expression Control port on rear of unit.

Morph - Pre-Delay - The earliest reflections, sometimes heard as a slapback. This is great for setting up a reverb space that sounds huge, or you can dial it in so that it plays well with fast, percussive notes.

Effect Level - This is your Blend Control- how loud you want the reverb in your guitar mix.

A Lotus Flower of Tremolos- you have eight blooming tremolos in the Keeley VoT Workstation!

8 Vintage Tremolo modes: Sine Wave, Square Wave, Harmonic, Dynamic Harmonic, Pitch Vibrato, Ramp Trem, Les'Rotary Speaker, U-Vibe

Level - Output Volume Level for the tremolo-modulation channel

Rate - Speed of modulation, with on-board Tap Tempo, external tap input jack.

Depth - amount of volume change in effect. THROB.

Morph - Controls a variety of aspects including filter points, wave shape, duty cycle, tweeter/woofer control, etc. Instruction manual lists exact details.

VoT - Lotus
The VoT Workstation Tremolo allows you to have on-board Tap Tempo or you can use an external tap switch or generator. Expression pedal control gives you foot controlled access to the Reverb Decay control. This allows you blend the perfect amount of reverb into your guitar mix.
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Mordax Data Multifunction Tool Signal Analyser & Generator Module (black)
Notes: The Ultimate Eurorack Utility Module (and a whole lot more!)

The DATA is a digital platform for testing, measurement, and signal generation in Eurorack modular synthesis systems. It is a modular tool kit, with functions applicable to any system and style.

Use the DATA's scope to view the interactions between your control voltages and audio signals, allowing you to master your modules by understanding their voltage ranges, control shapes, and parameter responses. Use the DATA's dual waveform generator to dial in a precisely scaled LFO for CV control, or use the waveform's frequency "note mode" to effortlessly make dyads (two note chords). Use the DATA's clock program as a master clock or to divide or multiply an incoming clock signal, sending four different clock outs to gate modules directly or as control to sequencers.

The possibilities of the DATA are basically unlimited; with the included microSD you can update the DATA's firmware and we can continue to refine and create new programs.
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coming soon $434.51
ADDAC System ADDAC102 VC FM Radio Module (red faceplate)
Cat: 773955
FM radio module
Notes: This is Version 2 of this module, updated in order to be skiff friendly.

With the ADDAC102 FM Radio you'll be able to tune-in FM radio. Besides the ability of station broadcasts as sound generators for your synthesis, you can also have a lot of fun with the fact that its a great noise generator- the static picks up all kinds of great electromagnetic interference.

It provides controls like tune, volume and seek (all of them controllable through CV input) and there's two outputs for stereo sound.
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coming soon $325.62
EMW MIDI Oscillator 103 Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 774608
MIDI oscillator module
Notes: The new EMW MIDI Oscillator 103 is a very practical module. It responds directly to MIDI signals and generates 3 waveforms: Sawtooth, Square, and Sub-oscillator. The sub-oscillator waveform features a unique sound characteristic, ideally designed to fit in the mix together with other waveforms. The MIDI learn function allows for an easy adjustment to any MIDI channel. The module also has an adjustable GLIDE control, PWM and frequency modulation with level adjust and Trigger/Gate outputs in order to activate envelope generators, sequencers, etc.
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MRP:$177.72 SAVE 19%
coming soon $143.75
EMW Voltage Controlled Filter S100 Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 774621
voltage controled filter module
Notes: The EMW VCF - S100 is a Roland style 24db/oct low-pass resonant filter. It's sound and response were designed to be as close to the System 100M filter as possible. This module has a 2-CH input audio mixer with individual input level control and two modulation inputs with individual input level control. Self-oscillation is very linear and ranges from 10Hz to beyond 20KHz.
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MRP:$194.71 SAVE 21%
coming soon $153.55
EMW Voltage Controlled Filter SH-5X Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 774625
voltage controlled filter module
Notes: EMW's version of the Roland SH-5 VCF
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MRP:$223.46 SAVE 20%
coming soon $179.69
EMW Voltage Controlled Filter MG24 Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 774633
voltage controlled filter module
Notes: The EMW VCF MG24 is a Moog style 24db/oct low-pass resonant filter. Its sound and response were designed to be as close to the Minimoog filter as possible. This module has a 2-CH input audio mixer with individual input level control and two modulation inputs with individual input level control. Self-oscillation is very linear and ranges from 10Hz to beyond 20KHz.
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MRP:$211.70 SAVE 19%
coming soon $170.97
EMW 200 Filter Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 774648
filter module
Notes: The EMW-200 Filter module is the same found on the EMW-200 synthesizer and its circuit is very similar to the one used on the old EML-200.These filters have a 6 db/oct attenuation curve and they sound amazing. No other filter can create a 'dark' sound atmosphere like these ones. It is a great addition to any modular synthesizer setup, specially for those designed to work with sound design and electronic music.

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MRP:$95.40 SAVE 19%
coming soon $77.32
EMW VCO102 Analog Voltage Controlled Oscillator Module (black faceplate)
Notes: The EMW VCO 102 is a Voltage controlled oscillator with two waveforms (SQUARE and SAWTOOTH) that incorporates all analog technology. Its transistor core circuit design guarantees a vintage and powerful sound. This oscillator was designed to produce very precise waveforms and have a good stability and 1V/octave frequency tracking over five octaves.
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MRP:$163.35 SAVE 23%
coming soon $125.23
EMW Analog Noise 3X Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 774774
noise generator module
Notes: The EMW ANALOG NOISE 3X module is a classic noise generator that uses all analog circuitry to produce a dense and pure noise sound. It's transistor based thermal noise source works by amplifying the little thermal noise generated by the random movement of atoms on the semiconductor junction. This method guarantees a totally random noise source like the ones used by vintage machines.
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MRP:$90.17 SAVE 23%
coming soon $69.69
EMW VC Wavetable LFO Module (black faceplate)
Notes: The EMW Wavetable LFO is a very useful module for generating complex modulation signals. It has an exclusive selection of 31 internal waveforms, ranging from simple waveforms to noises, rhythmic and asymmetrical shapes.
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MRP:$207.78 SAVE 22%
coming soon $162.27
EMW Voltage Controlled Low Frequency Oscillator Module (black faceplate)
Notes: The EMW VC LFO is a low frequency oscillator module with 4 waveforms: SINE, TRIANGLE, SAWTOOTH, and SQUARE (with pulse width control). You can use it to alter the frequency or the pulse width of a VCO, change the VCA amplitude to produce vibrato effects or in any other modules modulation input to alter its ehavior over time. This is a very useful module and a great tool in any modular setup.
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MRP:$124.15 SAVE 19%
coming soon $100.19
EMW Digital Noise Module (black faceplate)
Notes: The EMW Digital Noise is a digital noise generator that works great for creating a wide range of noise sounds such as Atari-like tones, synthetic drum sounds, explosions, etc. The frequency of the generator can be either set by the Frequency knob or modulated by any CV signals patched into the Mod In input. There's also a switch available on the front panel that let's you select the frequency range (low / high).
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MRP:$98.01 SAVE 20%
coming soon $78.41
EMW Arcade Noise Generator Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 774771
noise generator module
Notes: The EMW ARCADE Noise is a very unique digital noise generator that can create a wide range of sounds, which covers old video game consoles and arcade machines, dense digital and dark noisy sound atmospheres. It has several CV inputs for controlling the generator algorithm, frequency, reset point and operation mode. The module can also be connected to a standard VCO to create noises that can be played together with that VCO, a very powerful feature.

Eurorack (3U) form factor - 8 HP width
Power consumption +12V [37mA] / -12V [0mA]
Connectors: 3.5mm
Weight 113g
Depth: 50mm
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MRP:$163.35 SAVE 21%
coming soon $129.60
EMW Multi Low Frequency Oscillator Noise Module (black faceplate)
Notes: The EMW MULTI LFO-NOISE is another very interesting module: it has a selection of 8 waveforms, including noise, in order to maximize the modulation capabilities of your modular synthesizer setup. When used in conjunction with another LFO (via a DC mixer), the resulting waves can be very varied and random.

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MRP:$90.17 SAVE 19%
coming soon $72.96
EMW Pot Action Recorder Module (black faceplate)
Notes: The EMW POT ACTION RECORDER is a very useful module that allows the user to create personalized modulation waveforms. It records the user's action on a potentiometer and generates 5V (-2.5 to +2.5V) control voltages that mimics the action applied to the potentiometer. The action recording can occur at any point and it is incorporated to the voltage output instantaneously. The playback speed can also be slowed down or increased.
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coming soon $153.55
EMW Triple Low Frequency Oscillator Module (black faceplate)
Notes: The EMW LFO 3X TRI was designed to be used independently or in conjunction to generate complex modulations when its outputs are mixed together thru a DC Mixer. The three LFOs have slightly different frequency ranges in order to maximize its usage and fit perfectly in any modulation scheme that uses Low Frequency Oscillators.
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coming soon $74.06
EMW Boozy Voltage Controlled Filter Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 774642
voltage controlled filter module
Notes: The EMW Boozy VCF is a specially designed 6dB/oct voltage controlled filter with an unique and interesting sound. It was not designed to replace any standard VCF module but it's ideal to create more sound variations in a modular system. When the cut off frequency is adjusted to it's minimum the sound is not completely muted. This feature summed to its special resonance actuation curve adds one more option to your timbres.
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MRP:$117.61 SAVE 19%
coming soon $94.74
EMW Stereo VCA Voltage Controlled Amplifier Module (black faceplate)
Notes: The EMW 'VCA' module is a high quality Voltage Controlled Amplifier. It features a three channel audio mixer (with individual level controls), two CV inputs (Env and Mod) with independent inputs and level controls, as well as a Initial Level (Bias) control.
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coming soon $92.56
EMW Voltage Controlled Amplifier 101 Module (black faceplate)
Notes: The EMW VCA 101 is a high quality Voltage Controlled Amplifier with a two channels audio mixer and envelope level adjust. The input mixer is a helpful and versatile resource when dealing with more than one input signal.
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MRP:$98.01 SAVE 20%
coming soon $78.41
EMW Alias DVCO Module (black faceplate)
Notes: The EMW Alias DVCO is a digital oscillator that makes no claims to sound clean or refined. The Alias is a digital noise machine ready to put the Nyquist theorem to the test. For crunchy aliasing glitch at an awesome price, look no further.
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MRP:$137.21 SAVE 21%
coming soon $107.81
EMW Triple Voltage Controlled Amplifier Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 774896
voltage controlled amplifier module
Notes: VCA 3X is a simple yet great solution for synth users looking to add more VCAs to their setup in a single and compact module. This module features 3 VCAs with individual Signal and CV inputs and outputs.
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MRP:$155.51 SAVE 19%
coming soon $125.23
EMW Vactrol Voltage Controlled Amplifier Module (black faceplate)
MRP:$116.31 SAVE 23%
coming soon $89.29
EMW AR3X Triple Attack Release Generator Module (black faceplate)
Notes: You can never have enough modulation sources so that's why EMW created the AR 3X: a versatile module that can produce up to three independent linear Attack-Release envelopes. Each envelope generator has its own Attack and Release controls and a LED indication that lights according to the envelope intensity. Like all EMW modules, the AR 3X works with 2.5 to 15V Gates or Triggers signals.
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MRP:$129.37 SAVE 21%
coming soon $102.36
EMW Dual Low Frequency Oscillator Module (black faceplate)
Notes: The EMW LFO 2X has two totally independent LFOs in only 6HP rack space. Both LFOs feature triangle and square wave outputs, a switch to control the frequency range (Fast/Slow), frequency adjust knobs and LED indication. LFOs are essential tools when working with modular systems since they are the kind of modules that can be used in every patch to modulate parameters of other modules.
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MRP:$90.17 SAVE 23%
coming soon $69.69
EMW Fixed Filter Bank Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 774768
filter bank module
Notes: The EMW Fixed Filter Bank adds color and different shades into the sounds. It contains 8 bandpass filters used to attenuate or accentuate frequencies throughout the audio range.This module can easily modify the waveforms produced by an oscillator, creating very interesting and dynamic variations. When the controls are djusted to accentuate the frequency range, resonances are produced, resulting in very unique sounds. This is an essential module to achieve more flexibility and exclusive timbres with your modular setup.

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MRP:$172.50 SAVE 19%
coming soon $139.40
EMW Resonant Filter Sequencer Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 774769
filter sequencer module
Notes: Resonant sequenceable filter with 8 fixed frequencies

50 mm deep
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MRP:$241.76 SAVE 19%
coming soon $194.94
EMW MIDI Oscillator Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 774615
MIDI oscillator module
Notes: The EMW MIDI Oscillator is a digital oscillator based on the EMW WCS-1 synthesizer. It responds directly to MIDI signals (C1 to C6) and generates 3 waveforms: Sawtooth, Square, and Sub-oscillator.The sub-oscillator waveform is not a simple square wave. it has it's own unique shape and sound characteristic, ideally designed to be mixed with the another waveforms.

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MRP:$116.31 SAVE 20%
coming soon $92.56
EMW Multi Band-Pass Voltage Controlled Filter Module (black faceplate)
Notes: The EMW 3-CH MULTI BAND-PASS FILTER is a filter specially designed to alter the sound of waveforms, giving them an alternative coloration and adding movement to the sound. The module has three parallel resonant band-pass filters with independent frequency modulation capabilities. The 3 modulat ion inputs (with dedicated attenuators) can be used to add a lot of movement to your patch. The Multi BP Filter is great filter for creating formant sounding patches.

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MRP:$205.17 SAVE 19%
coming soon $166.62
EMW Multiwave Digital Oscillator Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 774606
digital oscillator module
Notes: The MULTIWAVE DIGITAL OSCILLATOR is a MIDI controlled oscillator with 40 waveforms in the main osc. section + 8 sub-osc. waveforms. It uses a multi-algorithm structure to produce very dynamic waveforms, with CV control over many key parameters. Spreaded over the 40 internal waves there are synthesis methods like wavetable modulation, FM, wave distortion, formant shifting, timbre stretching and windowed sync. This allows the module to create a large timbral palette.
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MRP:$368.52 SAVE 19%
coming soon $297.30
EMW Analog Sample & Hold Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 774885
sample & hold module
Notes: The EMW S&H is a very complete module that features an exclusive EMW design which incorporates a wide range oscillator (that controls a Sample & Hold circuitry) and an internal LFO oscillator with 2 waveforms. It also has an analog noise generator and Gate and Trigger outputs. It can be controlled by either the internal clock or any external oscillator / LFO.
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MRP:$189.49 SAVE 21%
coming soon $149.20
EMW Voltage Controlled Amplifier S700 Module (black faceplate)
MRP:$124.15 SAVE 20%
coming soon $99.09
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