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Miditech Midiface 16x16 USB MIDI Interface
Cat: 784414 Rel: 10 Oct 20
USB MIDI interface
Notes: 19" USB MIDI Interface with 16 x MIDI IN and 16 x MIDI OUT ports, works Class Compliant without driver with MAC OSX, Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10.

The Midiface 16×16 is based on Ploytec's GM5 technology, which means extremely good timing and perfect Sys-Ex stability. When USB3.0 is used for the connection, MIDI flow is further prioritized. This ensures stable and reliable real-time performance for your DAW.
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MRP:$345.00 SAVE 28%
coming soon $249.38
Miditech MIDI 4Merge / Filter MIDI Merger & MIDI Filter
Cat: 784440 Rel: 10 Oct 20
MIDI merger
Notes: 4 in 1 MIDI merger in a black aluminium cabinet. This product merges the incoming MIDI data of maximum four MIDI keyboards into one DIN MIDI out. Power supply is an optional normal DC USB power adaptor.
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MRP:$87.56 SAVE 30%
coming soon $60.98
Miditech USB MIDI Host
Miditech USB MIDI Host (USB MIDI host)
Cat: 784446 Rel: 10 Oct 20
Notes: The USB MIDI Host is a simple, but very useful MIDI Tool to convert MIDI data from an class compliant USB MIDI device to a normal MIDI device with the 5pin DIN MIDI port. The power comes from a standard USB DC power adaptor, which is optional.

The usage is very simple: Just connect your USB drum trigger pad, USB controller or USB MIDI keyboard to the USB MIDI host. It will get power from the USB MIDI host device and convert all incoming USB MIDI data and transmit it to DIN MIDI port. The will work with the most class compliant USB MIDI devices, which needs no driver to work.

The USB DC power adaptor is optional.
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MRP:$103.24 SAVE 22%
coming soon $80.58
Miditech Midiface 2x2 USB MIDI Interface
Cat: 784393 Rel: 10 Oct 20
MRP:$57.50 SAVE 17%
coming soon $47.91
SynthRotek Sound Study MIDI 2 CV Console Version
Cat: 778343
MIDI to CV module
Notes: The Sound Study Modular Midi 2 CV is a 4hp USB MIDI to CV and Gate converter. It has a bunch of different modes that it can operate on, like monophonic, duo monophonic, and many more!

The Midi 2 CV is class-compliant but uses an unusual USB setting (1ms poll-rate in low-speed mode) not well supported on Windows.

Optimal latency is obtained with OS X >= 10.6.3 ; iOS ; or Linux >= 2.6.

On other systems, the Midi 2 CV will work but messages will be delayed by up to 8ms.

Conversion modes:
Monophonic with velocity
Monophonic with velocity and square oscillator
Dual monophonic
CC conversion
Monophonic with CC
Quad triggers
Quad gates
Monophonic CVCVpalpalwith MIDI clock output
Technical characteristics
Range and standards:

CV outputs: 0 to 4V, V/Oct (4 octaves).
Gate outputs: Positive V-trig, ON = 5V ; OFF = 0V.

Resolution: < 2mV.
8 points calibration curve for non-linearity compensation.
Temperature dependency: +/- 2 cents within the 10- C to 80- C range.
Output impedance: 220O (rule of thumb: 2 cents drop per connection to a CV input).
Power supply:

USB-bus powered, current draw < 20mA.
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MRP:$107.16 SAVE 19%
coming soon $87.11
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