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Studio Equipment

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Behringer Eurorack Go Case
Cat: 772854
eurorack case
Notes: The EURORACK GO was engineered specifically to protect your favorite synthesizer modules and similar 3U electronics. With 2 rows of 140 HP useable mounting space (for a total of 280 HP), the rugged aluminum chassis features 96 sliding nuts for ultra-easy positioning of your precious gear. In the studio or on the road, the EURORACK GO is the ideal way to protect your rig - wherever the gig takes you.

One of the features that separates EURORACK GO from competing products is the massive, ultra-low noise power supply. The auto-ranging universal switch-mode supply works anywhere in the world and uses 32 keyed power connectors to protect your valuable modules from accidental reverse power hookup.

Designed for rugged reliability, the all-aluminum chassis houses an adjustable support plus oversized rubber feet to provide 0-50- setup capability and ensures rock-solid stability for use on a wide range of surfaces.

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Behringer 3 Tier Eurorack Module Stand Case
Cat: 780468 Rel: 27 Jul 20
module stand case
Notes: Behringer Eurorack Stand 3-Tier; desktop stand for mounting up to 3 Eurorack 104 cases (item 463669), or 3 Behringer synthesizers (e.g. Pro-1, Wasp Deluxe, K-2, Neutron, Model D, Cat).

Variable width (70 HP, 80 HHP or 104 HP); rugged aluminum/steel construction.
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Behringer Eurorack Rack
Behringer Eurorack Rack (19" Eurorack rack mount)
Cat: 780464 Rel: 27 Jul 20
rack-mount kit with power supply
Notes: The EURORACK RACK is ideal for any Behringer Eurorack-style synthesizer or equipment. This desktop/rack-mount kit converts a 19" rack into an 84 HP Eurorack chassis. A compact 4 HP power supply with two flying bus boards are included together with a 3A universal power adapter. 52 sliding nuts allow you to easily position your modules so you can freely position your synth wherever you need it.
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Befaco Minijack To Jack Cable (1m, pack of 3)
Cat: 784176 Rel: 08 Oct 20
Minijack to jack cable
Notes: The Minijack - Jack Cable is a high quality 1 metre audio cable that features both 1/4 Inch Jack and 1/8 Inch minijack connections.

High Quality Shielded Cable

Mono 1/4 inch jack connector

Mono 3.5mm minijack connector

Length: 1 Metre
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Coming Soon: Studio Equipment