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  1. Hello Planet Earth (Breath mix)
  2. In Music I Trust
  3. Walking In The Dark
  4. Confusion
  5. Human
  6. True Romantics
  7. Traum
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coming soon $11.99
Drums In A Grip
  1. Drums In A Grip (Frank De Wulf 2020 remix)
  2. Drums In A Grip (CJ Bolland remix)
  3. Drums In A Grip (Wax Doctor remix)
  4. Drums In A Grip
coming soon $10.90
LIES 148
LIES 148 (12'')
Cat: LIES 148. Rel: 28 Aug 20
  1. Forensic Evaluation
  2. Stay Asleep
  3. Speed Psychosis
  4. Deep Thought
  5. Meant Beforehand
  6. Permanent Change
coming soon $19.62
Self Assembly Of Myriad Heterostructures
  1. Self Assembly Of Myriad Heterostructures
  2. Self Assembly Of Myriad Heterostructures (Mick Wills remix)
  3. Self Assembly Of Myriad Heterostructures (dance mix)
coming soon TBA
Timescape (limited 1-sided 12")
Cat: 000-SHADOWACID-000. Rel: 21 Aug 20
  1. Timescape
coming soon $12.28
The Recurring Dream
The Recurring Dream (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: LIT 003. Rel: 12 Oct 20
  1. Mind Wipe
  2. Our Mission
  3. Praying For Better Days
Review: Spellbinding, moody and raw. Christian AB back on the tools, this time producing from his caliginous cave. This is music from the future.
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coming soon TBA
Tsunami Records Sales Pack 002
  1. Christian Wunsch - "NWO"
  2. PEARL - "Redemption"
  3. Anharmonic System - "Perturbation Theory"
  4. Christian Wunsch - "DMT"
  5. Oscar Mulero - "Iron Plate, Canvas, Tar"
  6. Christian Wunsch - "Bleeding Walls" (Regis remix)
  7. Christian Wunsch - "Bleeding Walls" (Sabotak remix)
  8. Christian Wunsch - "Bleeding Walls" (Orphx remix)
coming soon $11.45
Vol 1
Vol 1 (12")
Cat: HOT 001.
coming soon TBA
Drama Queer
  1. Alessandro Adriani - "SOUL" (Voodoo mix)
  2. Lokier - "For Me"
  3. E-Bony - "It's A Show"
  4. Cardopusher - "Lux Aeterna"
  5. PRZ - "Tranceiiim"
  6. Silent Servant - "Mirror"
coming soon $11.45
Family Of Waves EP
Cat: DE 276. Rel: 04 Sep 20
  1. Gravitational Field
  2. Scalar Property
  3. Family Of Waves
  4. Diffusion Of Heat
Review: Berlin-based, Dutch-born Steffi possesses near-boundless prowess. As a DJ, she's proved her effortless mastery of disco, house, electro, and techno; as helm of labels Klakson and Dolly, she's long maintained her status as tastemaker; as a producer, she has graced us with three solo LPs and numerous 12"s. Dark Entries is now honored to unveil the debut of her project Crushed Soul, a moniker she had used only once in 2013 for an Ostgut Ton compilation track. The mutual esteem of Steffi and DE has been previously fruitful, with Steffi providing a remix for Cute Heels' 2016 EP on DE, but this is their first full-length collaboration. The Family of Waves EP represents both familiar and novel pastures for Steffi. While her love of electro and classic Detroit techno have been oft-evident, here we witness the darker shades of new wave and industrial creep to the forefront. This turn for the twisted feels not just natural, but predestined, an inevitable succumbing to morbid forces. But Steffi also views Family as "a playful association...a mix of my past and new modern waves". There is a kernel of whimsy, even joy, lurking within the record's temporal jumblings. The A-side opens with "Gravitational Field", which juxtaposes its gnarled bassline with unearthly percussives and a recurrent resonant gong. The wild sonic palette speaks Steffi's singular voice. "Scalar Property" continues the paranoid propulsion with an unhealthy dose of what can only be described as Metroid-funk, its staccato bass jabs interlaced with ghastly vocal pads. The B-side contains a diptych of slower tracks that juggle reference points both retro and futurist. In "Family of Waves", a churning EBM-esque bassline battles acerbic yelps. On this track, the collision of past and present is most pronounced, as if A Split Second were covering Mike Parker. "Diffusion of Heat" closes the EP with what feels like a perfect synthesis of Steffi's musical passions: funky, warbling chord stabs; intricate rhythmic diversions; the ecstasy of repetition. Here, disco, new wave, and techno marry harmoniously, if only to inform us of the disharmony of our present. All songs have been mastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios. The sleeve and accompanying postcard were designed by Eloise Leigh using video art stills by Goldenliustra.
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coming soon $12.28
Planet Rhythm Sales Pack 008
  1. A Man Is No Island
  2. Die In A Forest
  3. Poisoning The Well
  4. Tears In A Rain
  5. Tracking Happiness
  6. Case History
  7. State Of Being Violin
  8. Self Portrait Suspended
  9. Oppression
  10. Our Deepest Fear
  11. Chose To Defy
  12. Nonviolence
coming soon $10.90
Sombras EP
Sombras EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ISLA 24. Rel: 05 Oct 20
  1. Confusion
  2. Copas
  3. Sombras
  4. Delirio
Review: **All proceed of this record will go to AFRORACK, a Chicago audio arts organization dedicated to providing modular synthesis education for African American youth.** The enclosure of night promises freedom of another kind. Subterranean fantasies are consecrated in flesh. The voice calls and is answered by a beating pulse. They swell and break in rapturous cycles. On Sombras, Dosis operates from this intimate space, conjuring electroid visions rooted in techno, zynth-pop and nuova-beat.
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coming soon TBA
Dubious Scars EP
Cat: TPN 016. Rel: 18 Sep 20
  1. 1nspiration Delicti
  2. Crackland
  3. 90s Adlibs
  4. Funfair
  5. Rehabilitate The 2000s
coming soon $10.09
Enne (12")
Cat: POM 47.
  1. Enne
  2. NMHS
  3. Aux II
Intérprete: MUSAR Recordings
coming soon TBA
  1. Wrong Assessment - "Rebirth" (Cosmin TRG remix)
  2. Wrong Assessment - "Morfosi"
  3. Wrong Assessment - "Neglect"
  4. Wrong Assessment - "Rebirth"
  5. Ilario Alicante - "Rotate" (Slam remix)
  6. Electric Rescue - "Forwer" (Setaoc Mass remix)
  7. SLV - "Gizeh" (Keith Carnal remix)
  8. SLV - "Trip"
  9. Yan Cook - "Concrete Forest"
  10. Yan Cook - "Spor"
  11. Yan Cook - "Quatro"
  12. Yan Cook - "Loophole"
coming soon $11.18
Santanico EP
Cat: RARE 008.
  1. Santanico Pandemonium
  2. Moustic
  3. Colonial
coming soon $13.08
Millenium EP
Millenium EP (limited transparent vinyl 12")
Cat: tbc. Rel: 07 Sep 20
coming soon TBA
No Defeat No Retreat
Cat: DC 229. Rel: 31 Aug 20
  1. Park People
  2. No Defeat No Retreat
coming soon $10.37
Distorted Mind
Cat: BS 06. Rel: 04 Sep 20
  1. Corp - "Distorted Reality"
  2. Corp - "Time Machine"
  3. Tonnovelle - "Mind Blending Chemical"
  4. Tonnovelle - "Mkultra"
coming soon $12.82
Medusa EP
  1. Dorian Gray - "The Ninth Gate"
  2. Dorian Gray - "Magic Spell"
  3. Dorian Gray - "The Medusa Nebula"
  4. Potomac - "Indistrial Junk In Muddy Waters"
  5. Hypallage Project - "Cruise"
coming soon TBA
Outbreak EP
Cat: XRD 001.
  1. Blipz
  2. Grandjah
  3. Outbreak
  4. S-Unit
coming soon $12.54
Total 20
Total 20 (2xCD)
Cat: KOMPAKTCD 160. Rel: 28 Aug 20
  1. Robag Wruhme - "Calma Calma"
  2. Soela - "White Becomes Black"
  3. Michael Mayer - "Agita"
  4. Jurgen Paape - "Vox Acris"
  5. David Douglas - "Lose Control"
  6. Kiwi - "Hello Echo" (feat Bestley)
  7. Sascha Funke - "Atze"
  8. Jonathan Kaspar - "Licht"
  9. Voigt & Voigt - "Schopper Da Leu"
  10. Steve Moore - "Frame Dragging"
  11. Weval - "Doesn't Do Anything" (Silicon mix)
  12. Jorg Burger - "Surprise Yourself!"
  13. Agents Of Time - "Drive Me Crazy"
  14. Michael Mayer - "Higher"
  15. Kolsch - "Remind You"
  16. Jonathan Kaspar - "Young"
  17. Enzo Elia & Aldebaran - "Low Red"
  18. Yotam Avni - "It Was What It Was"
  19. Anna & Kittin - "Forever Ravers"
  20. Christian Nielsen - "Gold"
  21. Marc Romboy - "Stalker"
  22. Blackrachas - "Giorno Di Pioggia"
coming soon $10.90
Everything (12")
Cat: MPM 34.
  1. Everything
  2. Social Distance
coming soon TBA
Sipoor (12" reeditado)
Cat: PH 69. Rel: 31 Aug 20
  1. Sipoor (6:09)
  2. Teroof (6:29)
  3. Bad Time Story (5:30)
Review: When we saw this new one by power duo Red Axes appearing on Phantasy Sound, we thought it was about time. The Israeli duo's distinct brand of indie-dance would surely be right at up Erol Alkan's alley - and they deliver the goods yet again on the Sipoor EP. The title track is undoubtedly the most 'techy' we've ever heard them, on this deep and tunnelling rave journey. Bleepy aesthetics make a return on "Teroof" but merge wonderfully with their renowned brand of punk funk. Finally on the flip, we have the brooding "Bad Time Story" going out all guns blazing, with some euphoric 303 acid over thunderous toms - it's something that sounds like Hardfloor meets Barnt.
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coming soon $9.27
Superwoman (12")
Cat: ARTSCORE 012. Rel: 02 Oct 20
  1. Superwoman (feat Sticky Icky)
  2. Oslo
  3. Lost Friends
  4. Full Clip
coming soon $9.81
Libertine 15
  1. Erasing The Future
  2. Slave Of Ordinary
  3. Conflicting Creatures
  4. Dry Tears
  5. Les Mots
coming soon $14.73
Tetra (CD)
Cat: SAHKO 015.
  1. Koentsyymi
  2. Tutkat
  3. Tele
  4. Vitamin A
  5. Rakenne
  6. Kefeidi
  7. Kryoskopia
  8. Anksiolyytti
  9. Rakenne 2
  10. Vitamin B
  11. Creuzfeldt Jakob
  12. Kuvio 4
  13. Valo
coming soon $17.19
Steel City Dance Discs Volume 17
Cat: SCDD 017. Rel: 21 Aug 20
  1. Ghosting
  2. My Blunt
  3. Smooth Alligator
  4. Now I'm Sick
  5. Polygon Lover
coming soon TBA
How We Woke Up In Boomland
  1. Dode Ondergrond
  2. Consumer Recreation
  3. Smokey Swamp
  4. Vertical World
  5. APU
  6. Some Body Some Thing
  7. Helix Five
  8. I Heard You
  9. Dark Suits & Uniformes
coming soon $28.36
The Most Famous Unknown Remastered V7
  1. Masters Of Rave AKA Marc Acardipane - "Are You With Me" (Energie Hallen mix)
  2. Nasty Django AKA Marc Acardipane - "King Of Ffm" (King Of Ffm (Godfather mix))
  3. 6 Pack AKA Marc Acardipane - "Drunken Piece Of Shit" (Drunken Piece Of Shit (mix 1))
  4. White Breaks AKA Marc Acardipane - "White Line"
coming soon $10.64
The Neverending Gever (remix)
  1. The Neverending Gever (CUB aka Regis & Simon Shreeve version)
  2. Maurice (Answer Code Request remix)
  3. Abadei (Luigi Tozzi remix)
  4. Abadei (SHXCXCHCXSH remix I)
  5. Abadei (SHXCXCHCXSH remix II)
  6. Maurice (Amandra remix)
coming soon $25.63
  1. 105 (with Nauker)
  2. 115
  3. 128
  4. 118
coming soon $12.54
Deep Soul Calm EP
Deep Soul Calm EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: FTV 001. Rel: 21 Sep 20
  1. Deep Soul Calm
  2. Identity
  3. Deep Soul Calm (The Vast Profound remix)
Review: Casey's musical career spans over three decades having taken up producing in 1989 after a love affair with Acid House. He made his vinyl debut in 1990 with fellow city band, Shades of Rhythm (recording under the name Frenzied Bass) on a limited-edition release called The Fenland Bass EP. In 1991 Casey was signed to Richie Hawtin's Plus 8 records in Canada, where between 1991 and 1995 he released several singles under the names 0733 and VFT.In 1995 Casey set up his own label, Fine Balance Records, where he released a couple of limited edition melodic Techno EP's under his own name. He has also been releasing on the well acclaimed label "For Those That Knoe".

The Vast Profound on remix duties is Wil Russell (of duo Pop Out And Play), who writes melodic deep house and techno. Wil's previous releases are on labels Alola, Lucky Sun, Opilec, Visitor, Audiophile etc.
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coming soon TBA
Back In Black EP
Cat: DC 228. Rel: 24 Aug 20
  1. Jack The Garage
  2. Back In Black
coming soon $10.37
Graphic Depictions
Cat: LIES 151. Rel: 18 Sep 20
  1. Graphic Depictions (LP 1)
  2. Depressive Technoid Slop
  3. Demoni
  4. Used Rubbers
  5. Depraved Human Indifference
  6. Onscreen Atrocities
  7. Apocalypse Sutra
  8. Every Year People Disappear
  9. Blod El Dod (LP 2)
  10. Romans Are Dead
  11. DerBezirk
  12. Skin Flute
  13. Electronic Screams
  14. Suck For Bucks
  15. Simulcast
coming soon $28.64
Affects (hand-numbered purple vinyl 12" in spray-painted sleeve limited to 200 copies)
Cat: KIMOCHI 43. Rel: 10 Sep 20
  1. Anxiety Sensitivity
  2. Intolerance Of Uncertainty
  3. Emotional Distress Endurance
  4. Observation Via
  5. Open Attention
  6. To Presence
Review: Eho Kates is a new project by techno luminaries Todd Gys and Brendon Moeller. For trainspotters already familiar with their revered back catalogs, this outing is sure to offer some unexpected twists. The record is a grainy, caustic blend of atmospheric intensity, rhythmic dexterity, and occasional moments of sublime grace. Completely fresh, outsider sounds made with a beginner's mind and unbridled enthusiasm for sonic exploration.
Read more
coming soon $16.35
Atmospheres EP
Atmospheres EP (translucent blue vinyl 12")
Cat: DPTX 023.
  1. Mortis
  2. E-Smith
  3. Tagwona
  4. The Mind, A Galaxy
coming soon $11.45
Mod Ik EP
Mod Ik EP (12")
Cat: BITTA 008. Rel: 04 Sep 20
  1. Mod Ik
  2. Miea
  3. PK 9
  4. HL
coming soon $10.64
  1. Consciousness
coming soon $19.62
Paloma vs Virus 002
  1. Lowtec - "Museum Of Natural History Of Life"
  2. Marvin Dash - "Lost In The Woods"
  3. Hans Nieswandt - "Groove Y'All"
  4. Eric D - "Clark From E'vry Mountain Top"
coming soon $11.99
Total 20
Total 20 (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: KOMPAKT 420. Rel: 28 Aug 20
  1. Jurgen Paape - "Vox Acris"
  2. Jorg Burger - "Surprise Yourself!"
  3. Michael Mayer - "Agita"
  4. David Douglas - "Lose Control"
  5. Sascha Funke - "Atze"
  6. Voigt & Voigt - "Schopper Da Leu"
  7. Jonathan Kaspar - "Young"
  8. Christian Nielsen - "Blush"
coming soon $26.17
Amalgamated Metals C/D
Cat: EQ 1.7.C/D. Rel: 25 Sep 20
coming soon TBA
Train Dance
  1. Train Dance
  2. Club Fetish
  3. Expectation Game
  4. Realize
Intérprete: Evan Michael
coming soon $11.18
Barcelona EP
Cat: ISO 106EP.
  1. Barcelona
  2. Concept1
  3. Night Time Comes
  4. Me Not Need
  5. Alpha Omega Strings
  6. Depth Climbe
coming soon $11.18
Arcadian Falls
Arcadian Falls (orange marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: VOLT 003. Rel: 21 Aug 20
  1. Arcadian Falls
  2. Mazy
  3. Chiral Thunder
  4. Abstrkt
coming soon $13.08
House Of Trouble
Cat: SYNT 003. Rel: 24 Aug 20
  1. Mala Herba - "Lilija"
  2. Exhausted Modern - "Plexiglass"
  3. Pluto Junkies - "Remote Control"
  4. Ngly - "Meditation"
  5. Fade Accompli - "City Of Conflict (Instinct Is Survival)"
  6. Bianco Negativo - "Tensione Emotiva"
  7. Radiation30376 - "Git"
  8. Mchy I Porosty - "Insect Politics"
  9. Fallbeil - "Gillet Am Brett"
  10. Dyktando - "Vowels"
  11. Retrograde Youth - "Overused"
  12. Joshua Cordova - "Salio Mal" (feat Zoya Zerkalski)
  13. Astma - "Mizygumo"
coming soon $22.10
Rules Of The Industry
Cat: DRMSCP 002. Rel: 21 Aug 20
  1. Rules Of The Industry
  2. Ambient Era
  3. A Sense Of Urgency
  4. Proof Of Existence
coming soon $11.73
WH 011
WH 011 (12")
Cat: WITHHOLD 011. Rel: 07 Sep 20
  1. 303#001
  2. 303#002
coming soon TBA
Functional Combinations & Collaborations Vol 1
Cat: NSR 022. Rel: 17 Aug 20
  1. Scam Pan (feat Giom) (6:26)
  2. Murmurs (feat Alleged Witches) (6:10)
Review: Yila, an ex-Londoner based in Ljubljana collaborated with two Dj's: French London based Giom and Slovenian Alleged Witches.

The combinations were the focus; each person bringing their unique style, this natural melding deciding the genre without confines, guided by the Dj's understanding of what works in the club.

Sprinklings of nostalgia meet a future thinking fusion of dance music with a focus on slick production. There is a subject matter; not expressed through the contrived mind but through a subconscious sonic delivery, allowing the political nature of the music speak for itself.

Mastered by Brian Sanhaji @ Calyx

Read more
coming soon $9.27
Hold Dat EP
Cat: TEC 111. Rel: 11 Sep 20
  1. Hold Dat
  2. Push
  3. Brain
  4. Open Letter
coming soon $10.09
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Coming Soon: Techno