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Trift 46 EP
  1. Ingwa Jam
  2. Ad Hoc Address
  3. Yamaha Army
  4. Fluffy
coming soon TBA
The Tower EP
  1. The Tower
  2. Nocturnal Anxiety
  3. Untitled 5
  4. MOLKA
  5. MOLKA (Pawel Kobak)
  6. MOLKA (Calico remix)
Intérprete: Mourad Sliti
coming soon TBA
September EP
September EP (180 gram vinyl double 12")
Cat: INTERVISION 004. Rel: 31 May 19
  1. Leaving Earth
  2. September
  3. In My Dreams
  4. September (Anetha remix)
  5. Leaving Earth (Minimum Syndicat remix)
  6. Leaving Earth (Stephanie Sykes remix)
coming soon $17.75
De Ton Absence (Timothy J Fairplay remix)
  1. De Ton Absence (single version)
  2. De Ton Absence (Timothy J Fairplay remix)
Review: Label owner Dmitry Distant teems up with Canadian singer and producer Xavier Paradis aka Arnaud Lazlaud of Automelodi, while Timothy J. Fairplay provides pure dancefloor 808-bomb remix. Don't miss this one!

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coming soon TBA
Beacon Of Power
Beacon Of Power (mini LP)
Cat: PNKMN 032. Rel: 10 Jun 19
  1. Slug Street Disko
  2. Cutting Teeth
  3. NBD
  4. Pay No Mind
  5. Kicking Scratching
  6. Beacon Of Power
coming soon $14.04
Needs 006
  1. Eris Drew - "See You In Snow"
  2. Edward - "Mind Loop"
  3. D.Tiffany - "Sun Trip"
  4. Henry Hyde - "Every Day's A Good Day For A Swim"
Review: After their 1st birthday celebrations at the end of last year, 2019 will see Needs switch its attention to our planet and environment. The aim is to raise awareness of deforestation and climate change, and they kick things off with a record featuring Eris Drew, Edward, D. Tiffany and Henry Hyde.

2018 was a big year. After partnering with UN Women on their HeForShe gender equality campaign back in March (which featured a vinyl release and London fundraiser with Peggy Gou), they went on to celebrate their birthday with a record raising awareness for mental health which showcased the production talents of DJ Normal 4, Red Axes and Hodge.

Keep your eyes peeled for a series of events around the UK to coincide with the release. All profits donated to Cool Earth.

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Intérprete: Audio Soul Project
coming soon $9.01
Gregor Tresher Presents 10 Years Break New Soil: Part 3
  1. Petar Dundov - "Raindrops"
  2. Antipolar - "Absol"
  3. Karotte - "50 Rounds"
  4. Marco Effe - "Invisibe Mass"
coming soon $9.80
Orogenesis (12")
Cat: TERRAFIRM 3. Rel: 10 Jun 19
  1. Repeeto
  2. Radiant Bio Energy Field
  3. Lemon Duck Phase
  4. SKEW
coming soon $10.58
Forest EP
Forest EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MMU 002.
  1. Forest
  2. Nepenthes
Review: The second release from Music Makes Us is produced by a young, up and coming producer from Leeds. Einerlei has an unrivaled ability to create long revolving landscapes of techno, which over the course of the track take you on a journey, adding subtle elements as you listen, but retaining the core rif. This ability to create a whole piece of music out of a simple melody may seem simple in its delivery, but as you listen you notice the varying layers that make up these two driving dub techno tracks.
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coming soon TBA
Arts Gallery III
Arts Gallery III (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: ARTSGALLERY 003. Rel: 31 May 19
  1. Even My Dignity
  2. That Loyal
  3. Paragons
  4. Charioteers
coming soon $9.01
Darkmatter Inc 3x12" Sales Pack
  1. All Killer No Filler
  2. Darknet
  3. Come Closer
  4. Hype Beast
  5. Rejected
  6. Jungle Ting
  7. Hoary
  8. Epinephrine
coming soon $11.12
Body Business EP
Cat: CODEISLAW 016. Rel: 01 Jul 19
  1. The Day I Didn't Want To Wake Up (feat Tonia Nee)
  2. Be The Rave
  3. Infinite Universes
  4. End Train & Flaminia - "Zuppa"
coming soon $9.80
Section Roots Serie II (Hironori Takahashi, 65d Mavericks, Pelacha mixes)
  1. Inductors V2
  2. Diatonic Scale (Hironori Takahashi)
  3. Schematic Diagram (65D Mavericks)
  4. Inductors V1 (Pelacha remix)
Psychoskunk are back with the second chapter of Section Roots series by Error Etica. This chapter included a original track of the label's owner Victor Martinez (Error Etica) and 3 special remixes by the Japan techno artist Hironori Takahashi (Informa-Granulart-Stroboscopic Artefacts) and Pelacha owner of Redsonja Records and founder of Stelar Booking and the famous parties in Madrid Techno Cracks ,
As a special mention the masterful reinterpretation of English techno legend Nick Dunton /65D Mavericks (Surface Records / Inceptive / Poverty is Violence/Blueprint) of the original track: Schematic Diagram thats included only in digital live version that Victor interpreted in mythical club in Barcelona "Moog".

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coming soon TBA
Enter The System EP
Cat: DOLLY 032.
  1. Enter The System
  2. Enter The System (Forge mix)
  3. First Contact
  4. Wintage Gear
coming soon $9.52
Long Live Reality Volume 3.2 (Record Store Day 2019)
  1. Chose Thoughts
  2. Redefine Memories
  3. Break The Illusion
  4. Beyond Perception
  5. Eyes Open
coming soon $9.80
XX Part 1
XX Part 1 (double 12")
Cat: NHEOMA 021. Rel: 07 Jun 19
  1. Black Hole
  2. Togo Togo
  3. Dummies
  4. Synchro
  5. Morphology
  6. Unemotional
  7. 96.1 Mhz (2019 mix)
  8. Fresh Meat
coming soon $18.54
Between Rhythms IV
Between Rhythms IV (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: PLA 028. Rel: 10 Jun 19
  1. Honeymoon
  2. Strange Attractor
  3. Calling The Quarters
  4. Etoiles
Review: The 4th and final EP of music from Exquisite Corpse brings to a close this series of rebirth and definition. Together, Robbert Heynen, Debbie Jones and Tim Freeman released in just 2 years a stream of sacred, serotonin beats and hypnotic tribal rhythms that shape shifted dance floors.

Returning to the source, the debut Reassembling Reaility EP, with Hollywood. A confluence of steppa rim, spoken mystics, found sounds, synth-strings and rolling basslines. Join us.

Leading to Strange Attractor from the prized Dream Night Dance album, familiarity and progression. Euphoric onrush, bottom end pulsing, sentimental strings, serene keys, pitch shift, a master class of less becoming more. Aural injection.

Calling The Quarters off 1993's Inner Light album starts the final side in bestowing beauty; above so below, in front, behind, around. Raw, natural, fluctuating, moody, obscure. The mystery.

The release and series completes with Etoiles. Again (aptly) drawn from 1992's Dream Night Dance Music, the hallmarks' of this underrated project are there. Detroit bass, lazy hats, counter claps, harmonies for modern times.

Tribal. Ambient. Techno. The terms do not justify the music included. As it should be. Primal, sanctified, conscious, living. The journey ending.

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Intérprete: Noise In My Head
coming soon $11.11
Felling Above (BFX, Brice Kelly remixes)
Cat: MON 020. Rel: 22 Jul 19
  1. Feeling
  2. Feeling (BFX remix)
  3. Above (feat Kenethetic)
  4. Above (Brice Kelly remix)
Review: Exzakt is in the drivers seat again with this deep, dance floor ride that touches on a lot of various vibes along the way. Feeling & Above are tracks that marked Exzakt's return and are the first tunes he produced on this journey. Feeling is moody, pure electro with many layers which touches more on his classic, original sound. BFX puts his unique take on the same tune with exciting results. Bass driven beats with hints of 4/4 keep this song moves into new exciting directions. With Kinesthetic joining Exzakt, Above is a banger which starts when the bass kicks. Deep strings and driving sonic sounds move this track until the end. For the gran finale of the EP, Brice Kelly hands in one of the freshest Electro songs you will hear today. This is truly one for our time that will be an instant classic. Brice Kelly goes all in on this amazing journey through pure Electro goodness.
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coming soon TBA
Parallel Rave Fantasies
Cat: OCS 013. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. Cold Harbour
  2. Breach
  3. Process Aesthetics
  4. Parallel Rave Fantasies
  5. Definition
coming soon $9.80
Syrius (2xLP)
Cat: INTLP 007. Rel: 31 May 19
  1. Il Teorema Del Delirio
  2. Syrius
  3. 10.01
  4. Endless Truth
  5. Brzone23
  6. Arpini
  7. Athena
  8. Dromo Celeste
coming soon $20.12
#002 (12")
Cat: DDS 02. Rel: 31 May 19
  1. BNM789
  2. Yanardoner
  3. Nesia
coming soon $11.12
Draw EP
Draw EP (12")
Cat: MTNC 02. Rel: 07 Jun 19
coming soon TBA
Last Day Of The Collapse
Cat: ARTSCOLLECTIVE 030. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. The Collapse
  2. The Last Days
  3. Track 3 (Emmanuel Combo remix)
  4. Anomie
coming soon $8.74
Dumpster Diving Know How
Cat: CGI 020.
  1. The Most Complex Thing
  2. War Drums For Children
  3. Take A Deep Breath & Dive Into The Bin
  4. Architect Was Crazy
  5. Layering The Lies
  6. So Share A Lot, Please
coming soon $15.36
Congestion (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: GFEP 05.
  1. Starter Pack
  2. Congestion
  3. Bruhn Agitation
Review: Congestion EP is Frak's killer collab with the unconventional Go! Finger music platform. The Swedish trio shows off athletic skills producing fresh modern techno bangers, on the heels of a three decade trajectory, filled with countless highly appreciated releases. Some kind of "glorious habit", captured this time by the catchy Madrid label on vinyl. Bizarre 4/4 analogue-treated techno madness at its best! A brilliant vinyl slice of yesterday and today's nastiest Scandinavian floor-destroyer-dance-punk weirdo science.

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coming soon TBA
Mount Analog/Crimes of the future 7"
  1. Timothy J. Fairplay - "Plymouth Planetarium"
  2. Scott Fraser - "Wraith not envy"
Review: Exclusive 7" single in conjunction with Mount Alalog Los Angeles presenting Crimes Of The Future label bosses Scott Fraser and Timothy J. Fairplay with 2 exclusive cuts of leftfield house and electro psychedelia... very limited copies!
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Intérprete: Kid Who
coming soon TBA
Headwar (12")
Cat: DRV 021.
  1. Headwar
  2. Next Stop
  3. Non Profit
  4. Game On
Intérprete: Maxx Rossi
coming soon TBA
Salford Priors & Version
Cat: BOP 019. Rel: 07 Jun 19
coming soon $10.58
Incarn EP
  1. Frontinn - "Superficies Externas"
  2. Davis - "Surrounding The Fire"
  3. Vermelho - "3am" (ODD edit)
  4. Zopelar - "Show Trash"
coming soon $10.58
REITEN 0.006
  1. Sky Clair (remastered)
  2. Sky Clair (Claudio PRC Deep mix)
  3. Sky Clair (Uchi remix)
coming soon $9.80
Live From Yellowknife
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
coming soon $18.00
Warning! (12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: OOSSHA 002. Rel: 14 Jun 19
  1. Dreemscape '93
  2. Sleepless Moon (Queniv remix)
  3. Dreemscape '93 (Roger Gerressen Lo Fi mix)
  4. Sleepless Moon
coming soon $11.92
Atonal OCB Edit
Cat: TT 001Y. Rel: 31 May 19
  1. Atonal
  2. Soliton
  3. Kepler-303
  4. Kepler-303 (OCB edit)
coming soon $10.58
JACK 003
coming soon TBA
2 (LP)
Cat: LFI 016.
  1. S.Am
  2. Gar.Ske
  3. (((Noh)))
  4. Eps.Ans
  5. Tom.Pt
  6. Candy.Blp
  7. Detar.Hu
  8. Fa.De
  9. E.Ijyh
coming soon $21.18
Immute (LP)
Cat: EKS 018. Rel: 03 Jun 19
coming soon $19.06
Krasch 2
Krasch 2 (12")
Cat: KRASCH 2. Rel: 22 Jul 19
  1. Krasch 2 (Convextion remix)
  2. Krasch 2 (ERP remix)
coming soon $10.33
Gladio Means To Freedom
Cat: LIES 142. Rel: 24 Jun 19
coming soon $18.00
Routes (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: HARDGROOVE 27. Rel: 03 Jun 19
  1. Rave No Name
  2. Musikbox
  3. Strange Leader
  4. Routes
Review: Following releases on Machine and Revenge Techniques, this UK-based emerging talent cracks out four massive sounding cuts which fuse UK rave and Detroit influences for Ben Sims' Hardgroove imprint.

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Intérprete: Ben Sims, S-File
coming soon TBA
Remix 2
Remix 2 (1-sided 12")
  1. Front Row (Adriana Lopez remix)
  2. London Mrble (Klara Lewis remix)
coming soon TBA
Remix 4
Remix 4 (1-sided 12")
  1. Silent Below Deck (Solid Blake remix)
  2. The Marlton (Art Alfie remix)
coming soon TBA
Remix 5
Remix 5 (1-sided 12")
  1. Wall To Wall (MM/KM remix)
  2. Drift (Physical Therapy remix)
coming soon TBA
AE 09 (Sanasol mix)
AE 09 (Sanasol mix) (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: AE 09. Rel: 24 Jun 19
  1. Gus Gus - "Your Moves Are Mine" (Sanasol remix)
  2. Thor - "Black"
  3. Biogen - "Stream" (Sanasol Lost In Time remix)
Review: For their 9th offering, ae Recordings have a various artists release. What all these artists have in common is that they have undoubtedly been leading figures within the local scene for the last 25 years.

A-side features a long lost remix which Thor made for GusGus back in 2002. There has been loud demand for this one to appear on vinyl, so the waiting is now no more. Its a balearic, tasteful and will certainly be a regular in the DJ bags this season. The B-side starts with a minimalistic and dubby anthem from Thor. A solid composition as expected from the label honcho himself. A timeless dub techno remix from Sanasol of the Icelandic electronica wizard Biogen completes this 12" - a track that first saw release back in 1997.

ae Recordings, the infamous sublabel of Thule Records, has been a hub for techno talents in Iceland since 1999. The label was, and still is, known for bringing in fresh winds into the scene and this release doesn't stray away from the concept at all; although this time we're offering a delicious slice from the older times.
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Intérprete: Vincent Inc
coming soon TBA
They Will Come EP
Cat: LLC 001. Rel: 03 Jun 19
  1. Hatefull Peepshow
  2. They Will Come
  3. Wade The Revenge
  4. They Will Come (Moerbeck remix)
coming soon TBA
Liquiddity (Wata Igarashi remix)
Liquiddity (Wata Igarashi remix) (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MD 003. Rel: 17 Jun 19
  1. Liquiddity
  2. Fattal 22
  3. Nasty II
  4. Eternal Blue
  5. Eternal Blue (Wata Igarashi Crossing remix)
Review: Liquiddity is the third EP of menacing yet tender tracks by NYC's Aurora Halal on her Mutual Dreaming label. The four originals are heavy with a rising and falling intensity, each connected by a liquid emotional thread. The record ends with a vortex by Wata Igarashi and includes a second, funkier remix on the digital release.

Read more
coming soon TBA
Muck EP
Muck EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MGM 06. Rel: 29 Jul 19
  1. Alpha Decay
  2. Tachyon
  3. Muck
  4. Stocha
Review: The sixth installment on Malin Genie's self-titled label welcomes Will & Ink resident Yaleesa Hall into the fold. Regular collaborators Malin and Yaleesa have turned out plenty of joint 12"s in the past on Will & Ink and this very label, and they sound more comfortable and sonically aligned than ever on this mighty record. There's no messing with "Alpha Decay," a loose and lysergic dubby techno workout. "Tachyon" orbits a similar soundworld, but shears the fat away for a minimal palette that sounds powerful echoing around the ample space in the mix. "Muck" slips into freaky after hours house territory, and "Stocha" drops a massive Basic Channel dub techno chord around a whisper of a beat to devastating effect.
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coming soon TBA
  1. 16" Jupiter
  2. Es Ist
  3. Turbo
  4. Off-Centre
  5. Left Hand Pad
  6. Du Bist
  7. Zulu Crew '85
  8. Ich Bin
  9. 240
coming soon $16.16
coming soon $16.16
Seasick Acid
Cat: BK 038. Rel: 24 Jun 19
  1. Leeward Tripping
  2. Coastal Georgraphy
  3. Seasick Acid
  4. Seasick Version
coming soon $10.58
Dimensions (limited white vinyl 7xLP box + 20 page booklet)
Cat: TBC. Rel: 14 Jun 19
  1. A New Day
  2. Downbeat
  3. Slac
  4. F.U
  5. Dimension Intrusion
  6. Substance Abuse
  7. Another Time (Revisited)
  8. Theychx
  9. UVA
  10. Into The Space
  11. Mantrax
  12. Nitedrive
  13. Logikal Nonsense
  14. Train Trac 1
  15. Train Trac 2
  16. Last Tram
  17. The Day After (Mv's mix)
  18. Train Abuse
  19. Kaboose
  20. Computer Space
  21. Runner
  22. Santctuary
  23. Last Day
coming soon $264.84
Artículos del 101 al 150 de 420 en la página 3 de 9
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Coming Soon: Techno