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Mount Analog/Crimes of the future 7"
  1. Timothy J. Fairplay - "Plymouth Planetarium"
  2. Scott Fraser - "Wraith not envy"
Review: Exclusive 7" single in conjunction with Mount Alalog Los Angeles presenting Crimes Of The Future label bosses Scott Fraser and Timothy J. Fairplay with 2 exclusive cuts of leftfield house and electro psychedelia... very limited copies!
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Intérprete: Kid Who
coming soon TBA
Forest EP
Forest EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MMU 002.
  1. Forest
  2. Nepenthes
Review: The second release from Music Makes Us is produced by a young, up and coming producer from Leeds. Einerlei has an unrivaled ability to create long revolving landscapes of techno, which over the course of the track take you on a journey, adding subtle elements as you listen, but retaining the core rif. This ability to create a whole piece of music out of a simple melody may seem simple in its delivery, but as you listen you notice the varying layers that make up these two driving dub techno tracks.
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coming soon TBA
Multimorphic Live
  1. Live One
  2. Live Two
coming soon $10.64
Polieder (limited turquoise vinyl 12")
Cat: BWAX 002. Rel: 10 Apr 19
  1. Polieder (6:18)
  2. Polieder (Christian Wunsch rework) (5:57)
  3. Polieder (Gotshell rework) (5:28)
  4. Polieder (Krenzlin rework) (6:01)
Intérprete: Pushmann
$10.37 SAVE 30%
coming soon $7.25
Needs 006
Needs 006 (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: NNFP 006. Rel: 28 May 19
  1. Eris Drew - "See You In Snow" (6:15)
  2. Edward - "Mind Loop" (6:16)
  3. D.Tiffany - "Sun Trip" (7:54)
  4. Henry Hyde - "Every Day's A Good Day For A Swim" (6:18)
Review: The ever-charitable Needs project continues apace with another stunning cast of characters offering up their dancefloor creations to help a good cause - the environmentally-focused Cool Earth NGO. On this 12", Eris Drew delivers the uplifting breakbeat celebration of "See You In Snow", while Edward takes things deeper with the tripped out minimal house groove of "Mind Loop". D. Tiffany brings a particularly crafty approach to her own drum funk science on "Sun Trip" and Henry Hyde cools things down with the mellow, new age 2 step stylings of "Every Day's A Good Day For A Swim."
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coming soon $9.27
EP#1 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MYS 009X.
  1. #1
  2. #2
  3. #7
  4. #6
Review: In today's age we get mindful of life and love.

The now rare nights of the true hedoni$t.

A hero who's not afraid of the consequences.

Who is ready to live that full life.

To push the mind and senses of joy.

No rules. Just reality. Wildness. Nothing can be stopped.

Rule that Mystery.

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Intérprete: Piers Harrison, Sam Don
coming soon TBA
D Construction EP
D Construction EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: OM 008.
  1. Obelisk
  2. 1m Pendulum
  3. Hotep
Review: The brothers OdD return to their self titled label after a two year hiatus with more of that refined, off-centre minimalism they do so well. "Obelisk" is an epic scraping the 12 minute mark with a tapestry of intricate beat design and spacious atmospherics - one to take the dancefloor to some intriguing places deep into the morning. "1M Pendulum" has a more linear house groove, and a plethora of subtle tweaks and wobbles rumbling away in the lower register. "Hotep" closes the B side with a spaced out groover that teeters on the edge of ambient, albeit with a nagging house groove holding everything together.
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coming soon TBA
The Hexachord EP
The Hexachord EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: OM 009.
  1. Pythagorean
  2. Do-re-me
  3. Solfeggio
Review: Starting their 2020 with a bang, OdD swiftly follow up their D Construction EP with another trio of reductionist sure shots for adventurous travelers in the minimal realm. "Pythagorean" lives up to its name with an intricately arranged pattern of percussive threads creating a kind of geometry that crystalises around a sturdy minimal groove. "Do Re Me" features plenty of tripped out FX sweeps and swishy pads that give this roller a dubbed out flavour perfect for the after hours. "Solfegio" switches things up with a crooked broken beat template and some pointed chord drops that really lift the track into an intriguing new realm - this is classy minimal with personality so don't sleep on it!
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coming soon TBA
Dynamic Reflection Sales Pack 002
  1. Yan Cook - "Melter"
  2. Yan Cook - "Melter" (Philippe Petit remix)
  3. Yan Cook - "Bell"
  4. Yan Cook - "Chaser"
  5. Troy - "BH3"
  6. Troy - "BH3" (Takaaki Itoh remix)
  7. Troy - "Archer"
  8. Troy - "Northbound"
  9. Jeroen Search - "Elements"
  10. Jeroen Search - "Mirror Image"
  11. Jeroen Search - "Base Point"
  12. Jeroen Search - "Identity Matrix"
Intérprete: S-File
coming soon $10.90
Spazio Ai Veri
Intérprete: Andrea passenger
coming soon TBA
coming soon $10.09
Haven't You Heard (Fitzy's Fully Charged Mix)
Haven't You Heard (Fitzy's Fully Charged Mix) (hand-stamped 1-sided 12" limited to 250 copies)
Cat: 207425 7.
  1. Haven't You Heard (Fitzy's Fully Charged mix)
coming soon $15.55
Enne (12")
Cat: POM 47.
  1. Enne
  2. NMHS
  3. Aux II
Intérprete: MUSAR Recordings
coming soon TBA
Planet Rhythm Sales Pack 008
  1. A Man Is No Island
  2. Die In A Forest
  3. Poisoning The Well
  4. Tears In A Rain
  5. Tracking Happiness
  6. Case History
  7. State Of Being Violin
  8. Self Portrait Suspended
  9. Oppression
  10. Our Deepest Fear
  11. Chose To Defy
  12. Nonviolence
coming soon $10.90
  1. Consciousness
coming soon $19.62
HILEVRECS 003 (180 gram vinyl 12")
  1. Sanctuary
  2. Carpet Bagger
Review: Following his joint drop with Denham Audio, Bristol's Borai fires up the third installment of his Higher Level label with another two precision-tooled rave bombs. Building on a catalogue 10 years deep and a versatile production style that spans deep house, techno, garage and breakbeat, Borai has been busy feeding his heavyweight productions into the scene via his Club Glow project (also with Denham Audio) - first as a mixtape in 2018 and now expanding to encompass events too. As with much of his recent work, HL003 leans heavily on early rave tropes re-figured for flexible assimilation into open-ended, genre-agnostic club music zeitgeist. "Carpet Bagger" has a propulsive 4/4 thrust, but its nightmarish bass drops and stabs are pure darkside. "Sanctuary" (surely shouting out the seminal '90s Milton Keynes spot) takes a sweeter direction - silky smooth chords and diva vocal licks riding over a rolling Hot Pants break. This is classically informed rave tackle given a gleaming finish - heavy in the low end and bright on top for maximum devastation in the dance. Take note too - HL003 also welcomes a new artist into the fold for the sleeve design, Nuff Gal. The Bristol-based illustrator perfectly captures the playful energy of Borai's productions, ushering in a striking new aesthetic for Higher Level.

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coming soon TBA
UglyTruth (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: ZEIT 009.
  1. The E-Street
  2. Sfaari
  3. UglyTruth
  4. Uprising
coming soon $13.37
Taapion Records Sales Pack 002
  1. Shlomo - "The Harvest"
  2. Shlomo - "Here"
  3. Shlomo - "The Harvest" (Stephen Brown remix)
  4. Shlomo - "Here" (Conforce remix)
  5. PVNV - "Consortium"
  6. PVNV - "Intrasolaar"
  7. PVNV - "Consortium" (Sterac remix)
  8. PVNV - "Intrasolaar" (Shlomo remix)
  9. Shlomo - "Radiocative Sin"
  10. Francois X - "Dreaming Of The Tesseract"
  11. PVNV - "Pace Chemistry"
  12. Birth Of Frequency - "Child"
coming soon $11.18
AWRY Sales Pack 002
  1. Ruhig - "Lethargy"
  2. Ruhig - "Lethargy" (Sciahri remix)
  3. Ruhig - "Abode"
  4. Ruhig - "Nadir"
  5. Ryan James Ford - "Masthead"
  6. Serena Butler - "To Tilt The Fulcrum"
  7. Magna Pia - "Ys Ura"
  8. Wrong Assessment - "Calcare"
  9. Wrong Assessment - "Rebirth" (Cosmin TRG remix)
  10. Wrong Assessment - "Morfosi"
  11. Wrong Assessment - "Neglect"
  12. Wrong Assessment - "Rebirth"
coming soon $11.18
Lost In Hanoi
Cat: REBAR 003.
  1. Noi Bai
  2. Dong Xuan
  3. Train Street (10A Dien Bien Phu)
coming soon $10.90
Kemuri No Demo Part 1
Kemuri No Demo Part 1 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: UCT 002.
  1. GimAnsDub
  2. Invorch2-1
  3. Tell Me
  4. Chamaaf
Review: Utopia Club Tracks, the new 12" dancefloor subdivision by Utopia Records takes a dubbed out direction with legendary UK house producer Neil 'Nail' Tolliday under his 'Smoke' guise. Music for being eyes down in the smoke, these late night cuts expand on the sound of Basic Channel and Rhythm and Sound with extra groove and just enough elements to create a modernist house palette, essential for any DJ that goes deep.

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coming soon TBA
Righteous Invasion
Righteous Invasion (limited cassette single + MP3 download code)
Cat: HMS 002.
  1. Tactical Position
  2. Bleeding Out
  3. Golden Gun
  4. Righteous Invasion
coming soon $9.54
Empty (cassette + MP3 download code)
Cat: HMS 003.
  1. The English Coast
  2. Slow Riot HK
  3. Open Ground
  4. Dead Trees
  5. No One
  6. Letting Go Four Hands
  7. Samurai's Dog
  8. Pay & Repeat
  9. Endless Night
coming soon $9.54
Oasis (reissue)
  1. Oasis
  2. Flow Charts
  3. Object Code
coming soon $13.64
Electronic Landscape
coming soon $12.82
Three Trax
  1. Off Message
  2. Night Nurse
  3. Porcupine Groove
Review: Throughout his lengthy career, Steve O'Sullivan has proved adept at delivering "proper techno" tracks that are a cut above those of his contemporaries. He's at it again here on a pleasingly uncomplicated and on-point three-tracker for Rawax. A-side "Off Message" sets the tone, with O'Sullivan layering deep space chords and gentle intergalactic melodies atop a tough-but-rubbery beat. The sweatier and sleazier "Night Nurse" boasts fizzing, fill-happy drum machine percussion and deep space chords that recall the early years of Detroit techno, while "Porcupine Grove" is a snappy, pitched-up romp rich in crunchy TR-909 beats, faintly foreboding background chords and tight melodic loops.
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coming soon $11.18
We Meet Again
Cat: RWX 010.
  1. La Pas
  2. Big Little
  3. Welcome A
coming soon $10.09
Tappo Di Ferro EP
Cat: OPIA 008.
  1. Background Radiation
  2. Ihr Lied
  3. Zisco United
  4. Like A Train
  5. 9 Evolution
coming soon $12.82
M SYNC (12")
Cat: ELM 1013.
  1. M.SYNC
  2. Solidification Point
  3. High Purity
  4. Holy Waters (extended DJ mix)
Review: Leipzig producer Tim Schlockermann has yet to really make a name for himself, though his previous outings - most notably a solid EP of house/techno fusions on Kaizenrecordsberlin - have suggested a breakthrough 12" might be just around the corner. Whether this four-tracker on Elephant Moon is that release remains to be seen, but there's certainly plenty here to set the pulse racing. Check for example title track "M Sync", a deliciously funk-fuelled deep techno roller that makes use of squelchy acid bass and some deliciously glassy-eyed melodic motifs, and the hazy, summery and warm deep electro shuffle of "Solidification Point". He adds classic deep house warmth to a bouncy tech-house beat on "High Purity", while closing cut "Holy Waters (Extended DJ Mix)" is deliciously sparse and spaced-out.
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coming soon $11.45
Atmospheres EP
Atmospheres EP (translucent blue vinyl 12")
Cat: DPTX 023.
  1. Mortis
  2. E-Smith
  3. Tagwona
  4. The Mind, A Galaxy
coming soon $11.45
A Path of One
  1. Be Here Now
  2. Face Your Mirror
  3. The Rains Will Pass
  4. Lifted
coming soon $11.18
Outbreak EP
Cat: XRD 001.
  1. Blipz
  2. Grandjah
  3. Outbreak
  4. S-Unit
coming soon $12.54
Planet Rhythm Sales Pack 009
Planet Rhythm Sales Pack 009 (coloured vinyl double 12" + 12")
  1. Scalameriya - "Planetary Deflector"
  2. Scalameriya - "Undeciphered Language"
  3. Scalameriya - "Colonal Resort"
  4. Scalameriya - "Subterranean Transmitter"
  5. Klankman - "Can Not Use That Command On Overlapping Selections"
  6. Charlton - "Profiler"
  7. Thanos Hana - "The Injury Pattern"
  8. Rhyw - "MKFBTB"
  9. YYYY - "Relic"
  10. YYYY - "A Cry From The Plateaus"
  11. YYYY - "Instrument Of Self Evasion"
  12. YYYY - "Born To Breed"
coming soon TBA
Adventures Of The Black Sheep EP
  1. New York
  2. Magic Spliff
  3. Tek Bake
  4. Trance Waves
coming soon $14.45
Medula (cassette)
Cat: SILK 123.
coming soon $8.18
Modulated Waves (reissue)
coming soon $16.09
Keroual (12")
Cat: AR 12.
  1. Keroual
  2. Telegraph
  3. Synchopa
  4. Keroual (Zadig 'day Is Dying' remix)
coming soon $11.18
  1. Fearless
  2. Revolt
  3. Fearless (Crystal Geometry remix)
  4. Revolt (Buried Secrets remix)
coming soon $10.90
Knackless 4
  1. LEE - "Intermediate Piece"
  2. Bob Rose - "Lamcal"
  3. Tim Rosenbaum - "Dia (Drums)"
  4. FM Pause - "343 Title"
  5. Juergen Vonbank - "Tpebora"
  6. Bocu - "Lesotho Boomerang"
coming soon TBA
Paranoid London
Paranoid London (limited yellow vinyl LP)
Cat: PDONLP 001X.
coming soon TBA
Drama Chord
  1. Drama Chord
  2. Drama Chord (John Beltran remix)
  3. Drama Chord (Exos remix)
  4. Aetherius
coming soon $10.09
Limbic Resonance
Limbic Resonance (limited 140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: VR 009.
  1. No Morale
  2. Pathetic
  3. Love Note
  4. Understandings
  5. Control
Review: The 2nd release for Verdant in 2020 'Limbic Resonance' is a double A side 12 sharing the hearts and minds of 2 talented producers. The imprint once again provides a stage for a nascent artist; Nesa Azadikhah from Iran is a key voice for the underground scene in Tehran. Her unique style of music assimilates her culture and personal experiences with a worldly and studious appreciation of deep techno. Alison Marks, an established producer from London has an enviable catalogue of releases as herself, Lumina and as a member of Wallflower with Leah Floyeurs. Notably heard on Rebirth and Dogmatik her music is typically filled with warmth and soul.
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Intérprete: Placid
coming soon TBA
Mega Double 20
Mega Double 20 (cassette)
Cat: ACIWAX 29.
  1. Billy's House
  2. Grosse Pierre
  3. Baka
  4. Cocktail De Voix
  5. Une Drole De Blague
  6. Mais Quest Ce Que C'est
  7. Balle Rebondissante
  8. Boite A Gouter
  9. Les Voix De Billy
  10. Tous Les Matins Du Monde (Geo Balasta remix)
coming soon TBA
Inner Movement EP
Inner Movement EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ALB 011.
  1. Inner Movement
  2. Dizzy Freq
  3. Dizzy Freq (Domenico Rosa remix)
  4. Inner Movement (Titonton Duvante Flip)
Review: There's never a dull moment with the Albion posse, who continue to search far and wide to present consistently innovative twists on the house music template. This time around they've invited Italian producer Adriano Sorrentino from the DEMUT camp to drop some sparkling jackers with an old-skool palette but a forward-thinking spirit. "Inner Movement" is a sweet slice of melancholic techno rich in the synth department. "Dizzy Freq" is arguably the prize here though - a rough-hewn jacker with heavy sub bass and plenty of freaky analogue delights wobbling around on top. On the flip, Domenico Rosa delivers a funky, equally ghoulish version of "Dizzy Freq" and then the legendary Titonton Duvante lays down a sumptuous deep house take on "Inner Movement".
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Intérprete: Vincent Inc
coming soon TBA
Ballistic 008
coming soon $11.99
Too Many Daddies
Too Many Daddies (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: ACTREC 007.
  1. Hormone Database
  2. Iron Penis
  3. Octomom
  4. Baby Cluster
coming soon $12.54
How We Woke Up In Boomland
  1. Dode Ondergrond
  2. Consumer Recreation
  3. Smokey Swamp
  4. Vertical World
  5. APU
  6. Some Body Some Thing
  7. Helix Five
  8. I Heard You
  9. Dark Suits & Uniformes
coming soon $28.36
  1. Wrong Assessment - "Rebirth" (Cosmin TRG remix)
  2. Wrong Assessment - "Morfosi"
  3. Wrong Assessment - "Neglect"
  4. Wrong Assessment - "Rebirth"
  5. Ilario Alicante - "Rotate" (Slam remix)
  6. Electric Rescue - "Forwer" (Setaoc Mass remix)
  7. SLV - "Gizeh" (Keith Carnal remix)
  8. SLV - "Trip"
  9. Yan Cook - "Concrete Forest"
  10. Yan Cook - "Spor"
  11. Yan Cook - "Quatro"
  12. Yan Cook - "Loophole"
coming soon $11.18
Santanico EP
Cat: RARE 008.
  1. Santanico Pandemonium
  2. Moustic
  3. Colonial
coming soon $13.08
Stealth Mode EP
  1. Steath Mode
  2. Aloe Vera
  3. Blaze Freak
  4. Air & Space
coming soon $11.73
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Coming Soon: Techno