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ZMNT 004
ZMNT 004 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ZMNT 004. Rel: 17 Aug 20
  1. Back Up
  2. Echo Park
  3. Flip The Switch
  4. Ice So Bright
Review:  The Next Number on Zement is by Ole Mic Odd (aka Michael Padgett). He is a hardware operator and DJ from Los Angeles. He runs the label The New U.S. Government. Two slow gfunkish tracks for the slow people and two fast acid booty tracks that will blast your shoes off.
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coming soon TBA
You'll Never Work In This Town Again!!
You'll Never Work In This Town Again!! (2xLP limited to 200 copies)
Cat: FE 040. Rel: 10 Aug 20
  1. Thinking Of You
  2. Scaldy Fiver
  3. Tarmac Under Ten Tonne Sky
  4. Interesting & Unique Opinion!
  5. Illegal Trousers (Tweed Limit)
  6. Beilin Beo
  7. One Of These Days
  8. Sea Cave
  9. Dialup
  10. Walking Distance
  11. Weatherlore (Signs Of Rain)
  12. Suantrai Suaimhneach
coming soon $35.88
When Is Deep
When Is Deep (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: AE 11LTD. Rel: 17 Aug 20
  1. When Is Deep (Idealist remix)
  2. When Is Deep (Ben Buitendijk Remix)
  3. When Is Deep (Dot remix)
  4. When Is Deep (Thor & Octal Industries remix)
Review: The deep techno wonder When Is Deep by Anton Kubikov gets a remix job from stalwarts within the dub techno scene today. On the A side we have the Swiss techno sensation Idealist delivering an after-hours dancefloor essential, while Ben Buitendijk bring the tempo down into a meditative chillout extravaganza. On the B side the Israeli producer Dot offers an engaging atmospheric dub version of the track, while Thule/ae Recordings regulars Thor & Octal Industries join hands in deliver a no-nonsense Icelandic dub techno banger.

ae Recordings LTD is an offshot from its legendary Thule Records motherhub - under the strict control of veteran Thule members: Ohm, Octal Industries & Thor The offshot will ensure quality techno for the mind and soul from Thule members and friends - wherever they might be.
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Intérprete: Vincent Inc
coming soon TBA
We Meet Again
Cat: RWX 010.
  1. La Pas
  2. Big Little
  3. Welcome A
coming soon $10.06
We Are The Vineyard
Cat: VAREDG 002. Rel: 04 Sep 20
  1. Her Ra - "Let The Right One In"
  2. Vako Pachulia - "Eternal Activity Without Action"
  3. Solarmental - "Shadow Dance"
  4. Itch - "59904116"
coming soon $12.78
Warp Purpose Vol I
Cat: SR 007C.
  1. Bestial Arch (4:49)
  2. Roman Gold (4:47)
  3. The Aqueduct (7:03)
  4. Lit Messenger (4:57)
coming soon $6.80
Volume Seven
  1. The Spicy Inspector - "Amonal V"
  2. Taslo Valve - "Sperry Topsider"
  3. Solidwood - "Peaceful Town"
  4. Tom Joyce - "Arearea"
coming soon $10.34
Vol 1
Vol 1 (12")
Cat: HOT 001.
coming soon TBA
Vixere II/II
Vixere II/II (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MGM 10.
  1. Troglodyte Party
  2. Drek
  3. Mastodon
  4. The Foolish & The Senseless Alike
  5. Bodie
Review: Malin Genie is back with the second instalment in his immersive 12" project, Vixere. This edition kicks off with an instantly tougher demeanour compared to the supremely chilled first one, as witnessed by the straight-up tech thump of "Troglodyte Party". "Drek" teases things back down to a heady murmur with some squashed and subliminal minimal house for the back room crowd, while "Mastodon" brings back some of those vibrant industrial textures that stood out on "Duppy" from Vixere I/II. "The Foolish & The Senseless Alike" is a more chirpy, synth rich groover and "Bodie" closes this quality project out with a richly rendered ambient sound bath.
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coming soon TBA
Vixere I/II
Vixere I/II (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MGM 09.
  1. Aventijn
  2. KIAB
  3. Duppy
  4. Amulius Numitor
  5. Kring IV (locked groove)
  6. Kring III (locked groove)
  7. Kring II (locked groove)
  8. Kring I (locked groove)
Review: Malin Genie takes us deeper than deep on this new drop for his self-titled label. "Aventijn" opens proceedings up with a veritable plunge pool of submerged pads and steady ticking techno hypnotism - the perfect mind bath for all sub-aquatic travellers. "KIAB" has a dusty house groove to it, but it's still resolutely liquid in its demanour, while "Duppy" has a more pronounced edge and some intriguing metallic dub clangs at work in the mix. "Amulius Numitor" continues the dub techno theme without using any drums - just one massive gravelly chord pulse. Then the record trips on out for as long as you like with a batch of locked grooves for the trick-loving DJs to get creative with.
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coming soon TBA
Vileness (12")
Cat: NWHITE 004. Rel: 28 Aug 20
  1. Vileness I
  2. Vileness II
  3. Vileness III
  4. Vileness IV
coming soon $11.15
Untitled (12")
  1. Track 1 (DJ Sotofett's Subcortex mix)
  2. Track 2 (DJ Sotofett & E-GZR's Subcortex mix)
  3. Track 3 (SVN’s Total Tape mix - Clip 1)
  4. Track 4 (SVN’s Total Tape mix - Clip 2)
coming soon $11.69
Uncover 4 0
  1. Inigo Kennedy - "Stellation"
  2. Kessell - "Codebreaker"
  3. Stanislav Tolkachev & Albert Chiovenda - "Uncooperative Cog"
  4. Eric Fetcher - "Return Of The Archons"
coming soon $10.34
UNA 001
UNA 001 (hand-stamped 12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: UNA 001. Rel: 24 Aug 20
  1. Forgiveness But No Surrender
  2. Whippet
  3. The Sickness
  4. Silent Scream
coming soon TBA
UglyTruth (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: ZEIT 009.
  1. The E-Street
  2. Sfaari
  3. UglyTruth
  4. Uprising
coming soon $13.33
Tycho EP
Tycho EP (12")
Cat: SPILL 06. Rel: 31 Aug 20
  1. Neuron Network - "Eye Of The Beholder"
  2. One Step Beyond
  3. Zambique
  4. Transmute
coming soon $12.78
Two Sides (reissue)
  1. Matt Thibideau - "Evaporation" (6:05)
  2. Matt Thibideau - "Time Stands" (6:26)
  3. Mark Thibideau - "4v Cycle" (7:10)
  4. Mark Thibideau - "Late Train" (7:47)
Review: The Joule imprint continues to wreak havoc on our charts, and this latest collaboration between brothers Matt and Mark Thibideau is exactly the right thing for you if you're looking for some effective house grooves. Matt Thibideau's first two tracks, "Evaporation" and "Time Stands" are both effortlessly punchy deep house bangers with a strong dub-techno presence at their core, deep in the lower ends of the tracks; Mark's two licks are no different, both similarly laying down heavy 4/4 punches with mounds of echo and dubwise filtering. Smooth and elegant DJ tools.
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Intérprete: Rick Hopkins, Moreon
coming soon $12.78
Tsunami Records Sales Pack 002
  1. Christian Wunsch - "NWO"
  2. PEARL - "Redemption"
  3. Anharmonic System - "Perturbation Theory"
  4. Christian Wunsch - "DMT"
  5. Oscar Mulero - "Iron Plate, Canvas, Tar"
  6. Christian Wunsch - "Bleeding Walls" (Regis remix)
  7. Christian Wunsch - "Bleeding Walls" (Sabotak remix)
  8. Christian Wunsch - "Bleeding Walls" (Orphx remix)
coming soon $11.42
TRUElipS (limited 2xLP)
Cat: AVE 6610. Rel: 25 Sep 20
  1. ELEctreC
  2. STEPrapGAP
  3. MeanDreaMbeam
  4. TheMARTIANswing
  5. RadeDARKpaid
  7. JAZZmassLESS
  8. DREAMdanceVANs
  9. DeepFLYhigh_Master
  10. EsCAPEdeepCREEp.aif
  11. SpookyWOOKYchill
  12. AmbientRAND
coming soon TBA
True Love EP
Cat: REKIDS 162. Rel: 28 Aug 20
  1. True Love
  2. Want Me
  3. Safari
coming soon TBA
Tropicana (12")
Cat: INTERVISION 012. Rel: 11 Sep 20
  1. Tropicana
  2. SHmetro
  3. Nautilus
  4. SHmetro (Voiski dub version - Voiski remix)
coming soon $13.33
Trident (12")
Cat: COR 12168. Rel: 04 Sep 20
  1. Trident
  2. Pariah
  3. Witchcraft
coming soon $12.24
Traxx 2000-2002
Traxx 2000-2002 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: SAVAGE 001. Rel: 02 Oct 20
  1. Down Under
  2. Pre-Post
  3. Excuses
  4. Left Out
coming soon $10.34
Transparent Thoughts
Transparent Thoughts (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: THL 025. Rel: 07 Sep 20
  1. Transparent Thoughts
  2. Transparent Thoughts (Altitude remix)
  3. Transparent Thoughts (ThOr remix)
Review: Head honcho of Thule Records and an originator of the Icelandic techno scene Thor joins forces with Matt Thibideau, one of Canada's finest. The result is a masterfully crafted atmospheric glacial dub techno journey from beginning to the end. Transparent Thoughts EP includes, apart from the original, an astonishing home-brewed remixes by Matt Thibideau's project Altitude and by Thor himself. Altitude mix is deep, and has some serious dub treatment but still packing nice punch for the dance floor. Thor brings his signature sound to his rework; full of heavy dub-techno influences and a mix of techno and deep house beats. Essential for the serious vinyl-jockey. Thule Records is considered by many to be a pioneers in the field of dub-influenced techno music and was a starting point for many of Iceland's most renowned electronic musicians
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Intérprete: Vincent Inc
coming soon TBA
Transcendental Movements Vol 1
  1. Marow - "Inter 3"
  2. Konduku - "Fallout"
  3. Olaf Tonstein - "Algol"
  4. Ligovski - "Emeyo"
  5. Neel - "Alchemy"
  6. Varuna - "Current"
  7. Donato Dozzy - "C-Zone"
  8. Refracted - "Enord"
  9. Valentino Mori & Ligovskoi - "Regen"
  10. Lanoche - "The Rainbow"
Intérprete: Alexis Le-Tan
coming soon $23.66
Train Dance
  1. Train Dance
  2. Club Fetish
  3. Expectation Game
  4. Realize
Intérprete: Evan Michael
coming soon $11.15
Touchpad (12")
Cat: MFA 002. Rel: 04 Sep 20
  1. Touchpad
  2. Fracture
  3. Oil Slick
  4. Force
coming soon $11.95
Touching The Sublime
Touching The Sublime (limited 2xLP)
Cat: SSV 18. Rel: 21 Sep 20
  1. A Warm Place
  2. Pele & Surtr
  3. The Iliad & The Odyssey
  4. Hypoxia
  5. Tectonic Monument
  6. Idiis Mortii
  7. Entropy8
  8. Eyeless Through Space
Review: Tomas Jirku began his career in the golden era of minimal and glitch techno, helping to define the genres through releases on Alien8, Force Inc., Klang Elektronik, and Traum. Over the past two decades, Jirku has built a strong repertoire with his exploratory approach to music, experimenting across genres to develop a sound he can call his own.

"Touching the Sublime" is the culmination of this work, with material transformed through performance, experience and introspection. Inspired by his explorations of the remote wilderness that surrounds his home in Vancouver, Canada, Jirku evokes the philosophical concept of the sublime, where an overwhelming experience of awe confronts us with the limits of our rational minds. The album is a synesthetic auditory expression of Romantic era prose and stories of early alpinism. Bringing epic orchestral compositions and intimate guitar passages together with Jirku's unique sense of space and texture, "Touching the Sublime" draws from his most important collaborators and influences to create a uniquely personal result.

The album is accompanied by a limited edition photo book, where, as an accomplished photographer, Jirku has captured the landscapes and vistas that have been his inspiration.
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coming soon TBA
Total 20
Total 20 (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: KOMPAKT 420. Rel: 28 Aug 20
  1. Jurgen Paape - "Vox Acris"
  2. Jorg Burger - "Surprise Yourself!"
  3. Michael Mayer - "Agita"
  4. David Douglas - "Lose Control"
  5. Sascha Funke - "Atze"
  6. Voigt & Voigt - "Schopper Da Leu"
  7. Jonathan Kaspar - "Young"
  8. Christian Nielsen - "Blush"
coming soon $26.09
Total 20
Total 20 (2xCD)
Cat: KOMPAKTCD 160. Rel: 28 Aug 20
  1. Robag Wruhme - "Calma Calma"
  2. Soela - "White Becomes Black"
  3. Michael Mayer - "Agita"
  4. Jurgen Paape - "Vox Acris"
  5. David Douglas - "Lose Control"
  6. Kiwi - "Hello Echo" (feat Bestley)
  7. Sascha Funke - "Atze"
  8. Jonathan Kaspar - "Licht"
  9. Voigt & Voigt - "Schopper Da Leu"
  10. Steve Moore - "Frame Dragging"
  11. Weval - "Doesn't Do Anything" (Silicon mix)
  12. Jorg Burger - "Surprise Yourself!"
  13. Agents Of Time - "Drive Me Crazy"
  14. Michael Mayer - "Higher"
  15. Kolsch - "Remind You"
  16. Jonathan Kaspar - "Young"
  17. Enzo Elia & Aldebaran - "Low Red"
  18. Yotam Avni - "It Was What It Was"
  19. Anna & Kittin - "Forever Ravers"
  20. Christian Nielsen - "Gold"
  21. Marc Romboy - "Stalker"
  22. Blackrachas - "Giorno Di Pioggia"
coming soon $10.87
Too Many Daddies
Too Many Daddies (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: ACTREC 007.
  1. Hormone Database
  2. Iron Penis
  3. Octomom
  4. Baby Cluster
coming soon $12.50
Timescape (limited 1-sided 12")
Cat: 000-SHADOWACID-000. Rel: 21 Aug 20
  1. Timescape
coming soon $12.24
Three Trax
  1. Off Message
  2. Night Nurse
  3. Porcupine Groove
Review: Throughout his lengthy career, Steve O'Sullivan has proved adept at delivering "proper techno" tracks that are a cut above those of his contemporaries. He's at it again here on a pleasingly uncomplicated and on-point three-tracker for Rawax. A-side "Off Message" sets the tone, with O'Sullivan layering deep space chords and gentle intergalactic melodies atop a tough-but-rubbery beat. The sweatier and sleazier "Night Nurse" boasts fizzing, fill-happy drum machine percussion and deep space chords that recall the early years of Detroit techno, while "Porcupine Grove" is a snappy, pitched-up romp rich in crunchy TR-909 beats, faintly foreboding background chords and tight melodic loops.
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coming soon $11.15
This Tasty Volume #1
  1. Cesare Muraca - "Possibilities"
  2. Aymeric - "Initial Commit"
  3. Cesare Muraca - "365 Days"
  4. Aymeric - "Funky Things"
  5. Aymeric - "Tasty Bonus"
coming soon $12.24
The Struggle
Cat: TBC. Rel: 14 Aug 20
  1. Robert Hood - "The Struggle"
  2. Floorplan - "Save The Children"
  3. Floorplan - "Save The Children" (Detroit mix)
coming soon TBA
The Scan EP
  1. Planet
  2. Race
  3. Scan
coming soon $12.50
The Recurring Dream
The Recurring Dream (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: LIT 003. Rel: 12 Oct 20
  1. Mind Wipe
  2. Our Mission
  3. Praying For Better Days
Review: Spellbinding, moody and raw. Christian AB back on the tools, this time producing from his caliginous cave. This is music from the future.
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coming soon TBA
The Reasoning
Cat: PROS 004.
  1. Bromeliad
  2. Light Trails
  3. Miro
  4. Motive
coming soon $13.60
The Night Chemist
The Night Chemist (limited 12")
Cat: BT 48. Rel: 07 Sep 20
  1. Always Rock Dog Ya Mates
  2. Hum
  3. Night Chemist
  4. Soul Patch Assailant
  5. Lways Rock (Esplendor Geometrico remix)
coming soon $11.15
The Neverending Gever (remix)
  1. The Neverending Gever (CUB aka Regis & Simon Shreeve version)
  2. Maurice (Answer Code Request remix)
  3. Abadei (Luigi Tozzi remix)
  4. Abadei (SHXCXCHCXSH remix I)
  5. Abadei (SHXCXCHCXSH remix II)
  6. Maurice (Amandra remix)
coming soon $25.55
The Most Famous Unknown Remastered V7
  1. Masters Of Rave AKA Marc Acardipane - "Are You With Me" (Energie Hallen mix)
  2. Nasty Django AKA Marc Acardipane - "King Of Ffm" (King Of Ffm (Godfather mix))
  3. 6 Pack AKA Marc Acardipane - "Drunken Piece Of Shit" (Drunken Piece Of Shit (mix 1))
  4. White Breaks AKA Marc Acardipane - "White Line"
coming soon $10.61
The Hexachord EP
The Hexachord EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: OM 009.
  1. Pythagorean
  2. Do-re-me
  3. Solfeggio
Review: Starting their 2020 with a bang, OdD swiftly follow up their D Construction EP with another trio of reductionist sure shots for adventurous travelers in the minimal realm. "Pythagorean" lives up to its name with an intricately arranged pattern of percussive threads creating a kind of geometry that crystalises around a sturdy minimal groove. "Do Re Me" features plenty of tripped out FX sweeps and swishy pads that give this roller a dubbed out flavour perfect for the after hours. "Solfegio" switches things up with a crooked broken beat template and some pointed chord drops that really lift the track into an intriguing new realm - this is classy minimal with personality so don't sleep on it!
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coming soon TBA
The Depth EP
  1. Chevrolet (feat Josh Caffe)
  2. The Depth
  3. Jupiter Traxx
  4. My House My Rules
Review: When it comes to robust, far-sighted and futuristic machine music, Posthuman can usually be relied upon to deliver the goods. Here they make a now rare outing away from their I Love Acid label, offering up a must-check four-track on Lobster Theremin's nostalgia-tinted There Is Love In You offshoot. The long-serving UK duo hits the ground running with sweaty opener "Chevrolet", a weighty, bass-heavy, warehouse-ready affair featuring the distinctive vocals of Josh Caffe, before switching to mind-altering acid techno heaviness on "The Depth". Over on side B, "Jupiter Traxx" sees them eagerly join the dots between electro, breaks and hip-house, while "My House Rules" is vintage deep house taken to the outer realms of the galaxy.
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Intérprete: Alinka
coming soon $11.42
Thats Not A Knife EP
Cat: SLAM 013. Rel: 21 Aug 20
  1. Dreadlock Suicide
  2. I Turn On Fire
  3. As She Looses Her Grip
  4. Silian Rail
coming soon $10.87
Tetra (LP)
Cat: SAHKO 015LP.
  1. Koentsyymi
  2. Tutkat
  3. Tele
  4. Vitamin A
  5. Rakenne
  6. Kefeidi
  7. Kryoskopia
  8. Anksiolyytti
  9. Rakenne 2
  10. Vitamin B
  11. Creuzfeldt Jakob
  12. Kuvio 4
  13. Valo
coming soon $18.77
Tetra (CD)
Cat: SAHKO 015.
  1. Koentsyymi
  2. Tutkat
  3. Tele
  4. Vitamin A
  5. Rakenne
  6. Kefeidi
  7. Kryoskopia
  8. Anksiolyytti
  9. Rakenne 2
  10. Vitamin B
  11. Creuzfeldt Jakob
  12. Kuvio 4
  13. Valo
coming soon $17.14
Terminus EP
Cat: RS 2005. Rel: 21 Aug 20
  1. Impulse
  2. Terminus
  3. Void Control
  4. Curved Path
coming soon TBA
Technova EP
Technova EP (numbered 10" limited to 20 copies)
Cat: KIN 030.
coming soon $8.43
Technova EP
Technova EP (numbered clear vinyl 10" limited to 30 copies)
Cat: KIN 030CL.
coming soon $8.43
TechnoBase FM Vol 28
Cat: ZYX 830242.
coming soon $24.74
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