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record store day 2024
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Back in stock: Dancehall/Ragga

Dancehall/Ragga vinyl represses and restocks
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New Fashion Way (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Cat: MBCD 194. Rel: 04 May 24
Blind Date
Lightning & Thunder (feat R Zee Jackson)
Me & My Daughter (feat Tabby Mighty Diamonds)
Big Talk Drifter
Ghetto Girl (Medley)
St Anne Collie (feat Vin Gordon)
Wisdom & Knowledge
River Bank (Medley)
New Fashion Way
Ali Button (feat George Dekker - Medley)
This Morning (feat Vin Gordon)
I Don't Know What To Do (feat AJ Franklin - Medley)
Blood & Fire (feat Fern Brooke)
Cool Runnings
Long Distance Love
Find Some Loving
Bring Back Some Love
Ganja Man
Track 19
Track 20
 in stock $11.64
Burn Your Tag
Cat: COOLUP 7006. Rel: 18 Mar 24
Burn Your Tag (3:46)
Burn Your Tag (riddim version) (3:46)
 in stock $15.62
Smokin' (12")
Cat: FD 015. Rel: 08 May 24
Smokin' (4:09)
Smokin' (Lvcchesi dub) (4:11)
UFO (5:58)
UFO (Lvcchesi dub) (6:08)
 in stock $23.83
Revelation Time
Revelation Time (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: DBQKLP 14. Rel: 10 Apr 24
Righteous Way (4:57)
Revelation Time (4:17)
Love Sound System (3:34)
Goldfingas Interlude (3:28)
What A Ting (4:19)
Calling Jahova (2:29)
Roadblock (1:50)
Earthman Style (3:29)
Serious Time (3:58)
Warrior (3:16)
The Juice Interlude (0:23)
Radics Roots (3:11)
Chant Down Babylon (4:27)
Caution (4:47)
Wicked Man (4:17)
The Meaning Of Dub (outro) (4:34)
Review: Four sides of cavernous, postmodern dub inna year 3000 style from the UK soundsystem circuit's hottest boyband: Mark Iration, Dennis Rootical & Rico O.B.F. The trio combine their years of experience crafting box rattling anthems, bringing a new irreverence, sparkle, and poppy playfulness to the classic UK roots template. This really shines through on cuts such as 'Calling Jahova' where washes of buzzsaw synth and Sheffield-type bleeps call to mind Gregory Isaacs' early 90s proto-grime oeuvre, and more austere bangers like the aptly named 'Serious Time', where trappy hi hat flurries and savage anvil snares offer up a taste of unashamed 00s steppa nostalgia, while also deftly channelling O.B.F.'s hip hop influence. Great cover too!
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 in stock $29.40
Catleya: Bogota Sessions
Catleya: Bogota Sessions (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: GCLP 2110. Rel: 13 Oct 21
La Marimba Del Monte (feat Absalon & Afropacifico) (3:21)
Piel De Piedra (3:44)
Pedacito De Coco (feat La Perla) (3:28)
Negra Soy (feat Monica Castillo & Mary Grueso) (3:20)
Guajiralta (2:59)
Recogela (feat La Perla & Troy Berkley) (3:59)
Viche, Tumbacatre Y Arrechon (feat Absalon Y Afropacifico - version) (4:01)
La Gaita De Las Aves (3:31)
El Mexicano (3:09)
Mariposafro (4:19)
Review: Jungle master Krak In Dub pays homage to Colombia and the rich array of music in the country with his new album, Catleya, which was recorded fully in Bogota. It features a red hot list of all the best current musical talents to be playing in the city and is a wild fusion of beats and Latin-American traditional rhythms and instruments, with elements of reggae, hip-hop, breaks and house sitting pretty next to cumbia and afrobeat, ska and bullerengue. It's a funky, playful and upbeat ride through the world's rhythms and is soaked with plenty of soul and sun.
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out of stock $25.16
Dee Jay Daddy (reissue)
Cat: PRPLP 058. Rel: 10 Apr 24
DJ Daddy (2:51)
Jennifer Lee (3:09)
Suzan A Gorgon (3:33)
Big Everytime (3:35)
Look How She Fat (3:37)
Style & Fashion (3:25)
Me & Evette (3:36)
Noahs Ark (3:23)
Jamaica Nice (3:16)
Walk Man Connection (3:23)
 in stock $24.63
2063 (12")
Cat: HLMEP 001. Rel: 04 Apr 24
Marina P - "2063" (3:46)
Marina P - "Collapse" (3:45)
Pupajim - "Blaze In The Jungle" (3:26)
Pupajim - "Blaze In The Dub" (3:34)
 in stock $16.42
For Me You Are
Cat: MRB 7120. Rel: 27 Mar 14
For Me You Are (feat Hollie Cook - Mungo's Hi Fi mix)
Say What You're Saying (feat George Dekker - Mungo's Hi Fi mix)
 in stock $8.47
Light Up The Ganja Plant
Cat: HPM 0138. Rel: 29 Nov 23
Randy Valentine & Sly & Robbie & The Taxi Gang - "Light Up The Ganja Plant" (3:27)
Sly & Robbie & The Taxi Gang - "Light Up The Bombo Claat" (3:29)
 in stock $14.82
Puffers Choice
Cat: SCOBLP 007. Rel: 14 Oct 16
Prince Fatty - "The Model" (3:34)
The Hempolics - "Love to Sing" (feat Solo Banton - Mungos Hi-Fi remix) (3:41)
Danny T & Tradesman - "Follow Me" (feat Dark Ange) (4:09)
Viktorious - "What A Ting" (feat Parly B) (4:00)
Disrupt - "Jah Run Tings" (feat Zeb & Scotty) (2:51)
Led Piperz - "Dub Invasion" (feat Solo Banton - Subactive remix) (3:37)
Mungo's Hi-Fi - "Raggamuffin Rock" (feat Sugar Minott & Daddy Freddy) (5:09)
Stalawa - "Buss Shot" (feat Delroy Melody) (3:12)
Naram - "Golden Rule" (feat Tenor Youthman) (3:12)
Mungo's Hi-Fi - "Give Thanks To Jah" (feat Mr Williamz) (4:09)
Bim One - "Dont Stop The Sound" (feat Macka B) (4:00)
OBF - "Dub Controller" (feat Charlie P - Future mix) (3:09)
 in stock $20.39
The Gentle Man
Cat: VPCD 2736. Rel: 14 Mar 24
Been There Before (feat Masicka)
Switch You On
Good Woman
I Believe (feat Patoranking)
Want You Now
Red Dress
No Curfew
Take It Or Leave It
Just Like That
Bridges (feat Jesse Royal)
You Must Pay (feat Capleton)
 in stock $12.70
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