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Back Catalogue: Deep House

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Deep Blue (CD single)
Cat: AMR-08C. Rel: 11 Mar 08
  1. Blue Emotion
  2. Deeper Shade Of Blue (feat Michelle Jacques)
  3. Reminder
  4. Whisky & Soda
out of stock $7.28
Can't Stop Me (7 track CD single)
Cat: TIME 636CDM. Rel: 26 Jun 12
  1. Can't Stop Me (R3hab & Dyro remix)
  2. Can't Stop Me (club mix)
  3. Can't Stop Me (Tiesto remix)
  4. Can't Stop Me (USA club mix)
  5. Can't Stop Me (Afrojack & Buddha radio edit)
  6. Can't Stop Me (radio edit)
  7. Can't Stop Me (USA radio edit)
out of stock $8.33
Right Where You Are (CD single)
Cat: GEN 047CD. Rel: 17 Aug 06
  1. Right Where You Are (edit)
  2. Right Where You Are (2am remix)
  3. Right Where You Are (Tom Middleton Lub remix)
  4. Right Where You Are (Tom Middleton Biz emix)
  5. Right Where You Are (Hot Chip remix)
Review: Pure sassy raw soul in an assured mid tempo strut. Includes killer remixes by Tom Middleton who delivers a spaced out atmospheric vision while Hot Chip strip it down and mid pace the beat into an 8 minute K Soul voyage.
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out of stock $3.12
Heart Sequences (CD limited to 1000 copies)
Cat: ASW 6213CD. Rel: 20 Sep 97
out of stock $5.20
Underlined (CD single)
Cat: MANT 038PROMO. Rel: 10 Dec 08
  1. Underlined (Wagon Cookin' remix)
  2. Underlined (Wagon Cookin' dub mix)
  3. Underlined (Rapson remix)
  4. Underlined (Mr Beatnik Italic dub)
out of stock $5.73
out of stock $4.16
Sweat No Sleep (CD single)
Cat: ARC 022CD. Rel: 20 May 10
  1. Sweat No Sleep (club mix)
  2. Sweat No Sleep (Broken Soul dub)
  3. Sweat No Sleep (Mark De Clive Lowe Jazz rub)
  4. Sweat No Sleep (Atjazz Astro remix)
  5. Sweat No Sleep (Atjazz Deeper Drop)
out of stock $5.73
Wake Me Up! (CD single)
Cat: 747731. Rel: 28 Nov 13
  1. Wake Me Up (radio edit)
  2. Wake Me Up (instrumental)
out of stock $7.28
Cat: BOHEME0032. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. You Give Me (Love)
  2. Deepness Is Served
  3. This Time
  4. It's Right Here
  5. Skywatcher
  6. Magic Of Dusk
  7. Jazz On The 22nd Floor
  8. Hiding
  9. Crowns On The Tower
  10. Loveletters
  11. In A Distant Bar
out of stock $13.54
Test (CD single promo)
Cat: MANT 049CD. Rel: 10 Dec 08
  1. Test
  2. Test (feat Ben Hadwen - Atjazz Afrotech remix)
  3. Test (Atjazz Afrotech dub)
Review: Picking up where their remix of Atjazz and Robert Owen’s "Love Someone" from earlier this year left off, the Lithuanian duo build "Test" with intricate subtlety until a throbbing electronic bassline takes control. Toby Tobias, Atjazz, Leon Somov and Frisvold & Lindbaek are on remix duties to round off a stellar release.

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out of stock $3.12
Good God (CD single)
Cat: FLAME 011CD. Rel: 05 Apr 08
  1. Good God (original mix)
  2. Good God (Baggi Begovic & Soul Conspiracy remix)
  3. Good God (Infinitize remix)
out of stock $5.73
out of stock $5.20
Summer Nude (CD single)
Cat: UP CH5549. Rel: 07 Aug 08
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3 (instrumental)
  4. Track 4 (instrumental)
  5. Track 5 (Cargo remix)
out of stock $12.50
Cat: SAB 009. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Sergio's Trio
  2. No Heaven
  3. Nn Gg
  4. The Plow
  5. Gore Gore
  6. Die In Peace
  7. Keep On
  8. Tawoumga
  9. Tavern
  10. Two Hoboes
  11. Guy Doune
out of stock $12.50
A Night With Dick: The Dick Dickler EP (CD single in brown paper bag with condom)
Cat: MT 2222CD. Rel: 03 Oct 07
  1. The Bar
  2. The Eye Tattoo
  3. The Drive
  4. The Tapas
out of stock $10.41
Cat: SOMA 88CDS. Rel: 25 Sep 99
out of stock $6.24
The Trust Is Gone (CD single)
Cat: THE TRUST. Rel: 06 Sep 10
  1. The Trust Is Gone (original mix)
  2. The Trust Is Gone (Christo's re-rub)
  3. The Trust Is Gone (Deep Order remix)
Review: Musical maestro ‘Christo‘ joins the ranks with his debut Atjazz Record Company release, ‘The Trust Is Gone’. Christo has bridged the void between what we all knew as deep-house and the ever growing popularity of todays modern tech-house beautifully.

Touching on classic underground insrumental house inspired by artists such as Chez Damier, Ron Trent & Jordan Fields, this is a true peice of deep energetic work for dance floors and house headphoners worldwide. Mystery woman ‘Deep Order‘ known for her re-edits and 2 foot white beard steps up for an incredible floor filling Remix, and there we have it, the real deal. This is a fantastic collection of hypnotic grooves. Pure Deep-house!
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Intérprete: Atjazz
out of stock $5.73
Don't Lose The Magic (7 track CD single)
Cat: BARGS 01CDX. Rel: 09 May 08
  1. Don't Lose The Magic (Baggi Begovic & Soul Conspiracy remix)
  2. Don't Lose The Magic (The Cube Guys remix)
  3. Don't Lose The Magic (The Cube Guys dub)
  4. Don't Lose The Magic (Bobby Blanco's Block re-edit mix)
  5. Don't Lose The Magic (David Morales club mix)
  6. Don't Lose The Magic (David Morales dub)
  7. Don't Lose The Magic (David Morales reprise)
out of stock $4.16
  1. Bob Holroyd - "African Drug" (Joaquin Drugged Out Sketch mix)
  2. Afrikan Basement - "Hlanganani" (demo Sketch Idea)
  3. Diogal - "Sore" (Joaquin edit & Overdub version)
  4. Mampo - "Emarofo Tech" (Joaquin demo Sketch mix)
  5. Amadou Et Miriam - "Bara" (Joaquin Cosmic Arts version)
  6. Rail Band - "Mouodilo" (Joaquin edit & Overdub)
  7. Cosmic Ritual - "Abraxas" (Joaquin demo Sketch mix)
  8. Put Your Spirit Up (Joaquin Joe Claussell edit & Overdub)
  9. Other Souls & Things - "Mundo De Agua" (The Psychdelic Transfusion remix)
  10. Afrikan Basement - "Sangre"
  11. ITU High (interlude)
  12. The Brooklyn Heat & Soul Band - "Come & Fly With Me" (Joaquin Improvisational remix mix)
Review: The undisputed master of spiritual house music Joaquin 'Joe' Claussell presents Cosmicdelic Afrika: a collection of demos that the New York City based visionary is currently working on in the studio. The idea for the compilation was inspired by the concept of his event Share: the upcoming Share Afrika will see Claussell digging through his archives and bringing out compositions exploring Afrika, African Diaspora, dub and more. Beginning with the deeply magical and meditative vibe of "African Drug" (Joaquin's Drugged Out Sketch mix) by Bob Holroyd, the soulful and uplifting deepness of "Emarofo Tech" (Joaquin's Demo Sketch Mix) by Mampo or Cosmic Ritual's "Abraxas" (Joaquin demo Sketch mix) which is classic Claussell - reminiscent of work on his seminal Language album from the turn of the millennium.
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out of stock $19.54
Cat: DVSR044 09CDS. Rel: 18 Mar 09
  1. Equinox (Henrik Schwarz remix)
  2. Equinox (Henrik Schwarz dub)
  3. Equinox (Heavenly club mix)
  4. Equinox (Total Eclipse Of The dub)
  5. Equinox (original concept)
Intérprete: Far Out Recordings
out of stock $8.33
Cat: SR 12668CDX. Rel: 16 Jan 09
  1. Equinox (Henrik Schwarz remix)
  2. Equinox (Henrik Schwarz dub)
  3. Equinox (Hevenly club mix)
  4. Equinox (Total Eclipse Of The Dub)
  5. Equinox (The Original Concept)
out of stock $5.20
Walk A Mile In My Shoes (6-track CD single)
Cat: ZENCDS 179. Rel: 17 Aug 06
  1. Walk A Mile In My Shoes (radio edit)
  2. Walk A Mile In My Shoes (Tiga mix)
  3. Walk A Mile In My Shoes (Henrik Schwarz edit)
  4. Walk A Mile In My Shoes (Tom Belton S SSL edit)
  5. Walk A Mile In My Shoes (Timo Garcia & The Chesire Catz remix)
  6. Walk A Mile In My Shoes (Calbum version)
Review: Coldcut return with the stand-out single from their critically-acclaimed album, "Sound Mirrors". The pioneering duo take Joe South's classic 70s hit "Walk A Mile In My Shoes" and re-work it in the tradition which started with their own "Autumn Leaves" and incorporates Massive Attack's "Unfinished Sympathy" amongst others. And, as usual, Coldcut know how to pick a collaborator. Robert Owens should need no introduction. One of the true legends of house music, his career as a musical innovator (as well as the possessor of an all-time great voice) runs from pioneer days as one half of Fingers Inc in Chicago in the 80s right up to collaborations with Photek and London Elektricity, via any number of classic tunes including "Tears", "I'll Be Your Friend" and "Ordinary Son". The version of the tune included on the single ties the epic nature of Coldcut's production to a skipping, swinging house rhythm and the kind of anthemic build that leaves you exhausted. It's a truly beautiful piece of music, the contrast between the delicacy of Owens' voice and the weight of the orchestration perfectly realised. And that's before you've even reached the mixes. Tiga takes the original, strips out the music and replaces it with technoid pulses and a harder dancefloor rhythm, with the sweetness of Owens' voice cutting through the intensity. Henrik Schwarz (of Berlin-based Sonar Kollektiv) builds the original into a melancholy, jazzy number which still sets the foot tapping. Tom Belton goes straight for the disco-funk hands-in-the-air jugular, before Timo Garcia hardens up the kick for a full-on club odyssey.
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Intérprete: Boriqua Tribez
out of stock $5.73
In Da Club (Shake Sh*t Up) (6 track CD single)
Cat: DV 562.08CDS. Rel: 15 Jul 08
  1. In Da Club (Shake Sh*t Up) (Copryright main mix)
  2. In Da Club (Shake Sh*t Up) (Chocolate Puma club)
  3. In Da Club (Shake Sh*t Up) (Jimpster mix)
  4. In Da Club (Shake Sh*t Up) (Chocolate Puma dub)
  5. In Da Club (Shake Sh*t Up) (Jimpster dub)
  6. In Da Club (Shake Sh*t Up) (Jimpster instrumental)
out of stock $8.33
  1. You Are More Than Paradise (Theo Parrish Translation)
  2. You Are More Than Paradise (original mix)
  3. You Are More Than Paradise (Theo Parrish Translation long version 1)
out of stock $14.58
Space Politics EP (promo CD single)
Cat: AUTO 01CD. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Space Politics
  2. Atomosic
  3. Atomosic 2
Review: Hot new London based house label Autoreply welcomes Dan Curtin. Support from Anthony Shake Shakir (KMS, Seventh City, Klang Electronik) / Giles Smith (Dessous, Secretsundaze) / Sutekh (Souljazz, Minus) / Lakuti (Uzuri, Sud Electronic) / Mark Henning (Freude Am Tanzen, Einmaleins, Soma) / Colin Dale / Faze Action / Jay Shepheard (Compost Black Label) / Cesare vs Disorder (Resopal, Stock 5, Archipel) / Eddie Richards (Wiggle) / James Mowbray (Four:twenty) + more! Don't miss out.
Read more
out of stock $4.16
Soak Version 1.02 (CD single)
Cat: RICD 001. Rel: 05 May 07
  1. Dai Matsui - "Demo 2"
  2. Syu - "Never"
  3. Yosuke Ikeda - "Inside Down"
  4. Hide - "OKA" (demo edit)
  5. Ryo - "VA4B" (demo edit)
out of stock $7.28
I Cling (CD single)
Cat: MM137 CDM. Rel: 01 Dec 07
  1. I Cling (radio edit)
  2. I Cling (original mix)
  3. I Cling (Aril Brikha remix)
  4. I Cling (Yoruba soul mix)
  5. I Cling (Djinxx's Moods mix)
  6. Backin (bonus track)
out of stock $4.16
Think Twice (6 track CD single)
Cat: JUNO 7CD. Rel: 09 Feb 09
  1. Think Twice (Henrik Schwarz remix)
  2. Think Twice (Henrik Schwarz live edit)
  3. Think Twice (Mark E Pressure dub)
  4. Think Twice (Mark E remix)
  5. Think Twice (Confetti Bomb remix)
  6. Think Twice (The Detroit Experiment original 2002 version)
out of stock $5.73
Elle (2007) (6 track CD single)
Cat: DFTD 164CDX. Rel: 24 Aug 07
  1. Elle (Ame Piano mix)
  2. Elle (main version)
  3. Elle (original mix)
  4. Elle (Criola remix)
  5. Elle (EOL Ritual)
  6. Elle (Copyright re-edit)
out of stock $4.16
Delirious (CD)
Cat: FILT 031CD. Rel: 09 Jun 98
out of stock $5.20
Need U (100%) (CD single)
Cat: EGO 1600CDS. Rel: 31 May 13
  1. Need U (100%) (original mix)
  2. Need U (100%) (Waze & Odissey remix)
  3. Need U (100%) (Skreamix)
  4. Need U (100%) (radio edit)
  5. Need U (100%) (video)
out of stock $7.28
Truth (CD)
Cat: HOOJ 120CD. Rel: 29 Jun 02
  1. Truth (original mix)
  2. Truth (Weekend World remix)
  3. Truth (Chris Lum remix)
  4. Truth (Norther Lite remix)
out of stock $4.16
Cat: CHEKCD 031. Rel: 21 Nov 98
out of stock $3.12
Cat: NUX 137CD. Rel: 11 Sep 99
  1. Got To Find A Way (radio edit)
  2. Got To Find A Way (full length version)
  3. Got To Find A Way (instrumental version)
  4. Kariba (radio edit)
out of stock $4.16
Cat: NUX 146CD. Rel: 18 Mar 00
  1. Moving Cities (radio edit)
  2. Moving Cities (Cinematic Orchestra remix)
  3. Moving Cities (2 Banks Of A Stablehand instrumental)
out of stock $4.16
Kariba (CD)
Cat: NUX 126CD. Rel: 26 Sep 98
  1. Kariba
  2. Kariba (Ramajam dub)
  3. Kariba (Ramajam beats)
  4. Kariba (acappella)
out of stock $5.20
Remix EP (10 track CD single)
Cat: DV 525.07EP. Rel: 19 Oct 07
  1. Touched The Sky (feat Mia Tuttavilla - Stereo Phonic Headphone dub)
  2. Touched The Sky (feat Mia Tuttavilla - Joe's dub beats)
  3. Touched The Sky (feat Mia Tuttavilla - Quentin Harris remix vocal)
  4. Touched The Sky (feat Mia Tuttavilla - Quentin Harris Sky Is Falling dub)
  5. Touched The Sky (feat Mia Tuttavilla - Yass remix)
  6. Church Lady (feat Daniele - Dennis Ferrer dub)
  7. Church Lady (feat Daniele - Rocco Late Night mix)
  8. Church Lady (feat Daniele - Gamfreaks vs FEDO mix)
  9. Church Lady (feat Daniele - DJ Fatman Dark dub remix)
  10. Transitions (Sasse edit)
out of stock $11.45
Starlight (CD)
Cat: TCDS 019. Rel: 21 Jun 03
  1. Starlight
  2. Wild Party
  3. I'm A Very Busy Man
out of stock $5.20
Theme (CD)
Cat: FDMCD 001. Rel: 04 Feb 01
  1. Theme
  2. DJ edit
  3. Forward
  4. French Connection
out of stock $5.20
Floating (CD single)
Cat: BL 001CD. Rel: 06 May 08
  1. Floating (original)
  2. Floating (Beach mix)
  3. Close To The Sun (original)
  4. Sad (original)
out of stock $5.73
The Tie That Binds (CD single)
Cat: BARQLTD 029CD. Rel: 19 Mar 08
  1. The Tie That Binds (Jay Lumen remix)
  2. The Tie That Binds (original dub)
  3. The Tie That Binds (original vocal)
out of stock $5.73
Cat: DI 2325. Rel: 09 Oct 02
  1. Il Parlait Pas Francais (Fredrik Stark radio edit & remix)
  2. Il Parlait Pas Francais (Larry Heard "Super-Deluxe" club vocal mix & deep house mix(Fredrik Stark radio edit & remix)
  3. Il Parlait Pas Francais (Larry Heard "Super-Deluxe" club vocal mix & deep house mix))
out of stock $3.12
Future! (CD)
Cat: HOOJ 101CD. Rel: 26 Nov 00
  1. Future! (original mix)
  2. Future! (16B remix)
  3. Future! (Three'n'One presents 16C+ remix)
  4. Future! (Jaimy & Kenny D remix)
out of stock $5.20
Cat: GRAPHMAXI 001CD. Rel: 20 Jun 98
out of stock $5.20
Soak Version 1.04 (CD single)
Cat: RI 104. Rel: 08 May 07
  1. Hide - "Track 1"
  2. Ryo - "Track 2"
  3. Yosuke Ikeda - "You Can't Turn Me Away" (Get Money dub)
  4. Dai Masui - "Demo 4"
  5. Uhs - "Code 1"
out of stock $5.10
  1. Hide - "Untitled"
  2. Yosuke Ikeda - "Child'N'Boogie"
  3. Dai Matsui - "In The Sky" (demo)
  4. Ryo - "Root Down"
  5. Ryo - "Flying & Wind" (sample)
out of stock $5.73
  1. Phil Hooton - "Living The Dream"
  2. Digital Tendencies - "Bruk Up"
  3. Nermin feat Ayah - "Time"
  4. Nermin feat Ayah - "Give In To You"
out of stock $7.28
Talking Walls (CD single)
Cat: DFTD 194CDX. Rel: 27 Sep 08
  1. Talking Walls
  2. Stagger
  3. Talking Beats
out of stock $4.16
Destiny (7 track CD single)
Cat: SHR 022CD. Rel: 16 Oct 08
  1. Destiny (original version)
  2. Destiny (dub mix)
  3. Destiny (instrumental mix)
  4. Destiny (dubstrumental)
  5. Destiny (Audio Affinity Soulwritten remix)
  6. Destiny (Zoulactive Deepstiny)
  7. Destiny (original reprise)
out of stock $5.73
How Beautiful EP (CD single)
Cat: XQEB 1004. Rel: 09 Dec 08
  1. Overture
  2. How Beautiful
  3. Blackberry (Deep Sax dub)
  4. High Time (To Get Closer)
  5. Alternately
out of stock $16.66
Artículos del 1 al 50 de 2,182 en la página 1 de 44
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Back Catalogue: Deep House
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