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New releases last two weeks: Deep House

Deep House vinyl released in the last two weeks
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Collectors Edition Vol 1
Cat: SKKB 022. Rel: 20 May 24
Chi-Town Stories (7:45)
Chillin' Woman (feat Mz Mosea) (3:59)
The Mourning Sun (7:50)
Hygge (6:15)
Review: Abacus (Austin Bascom) is a household name in the Chicago house and techno scene for over 30 years now. He has been on some of the best labels of all time like Prescription, Fragile, Balance and Guidance records. As you can imagine, Collectors Edition Vol 1 is full of classy house music to say the least. 'Chi-Town Stories' is a blend of super smooth and uplifting prime time floor business. We absolutely think you will adore this track. 'The Mourning Sun' is a stunning ambient house beauty that will have you dancing with your eyes-closed. 'Hygge' finishes things off on a sexy house vibe. There is really something for everyone on this. Abacus stands for quality for those who know.
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Intérprete: Dave Lee ZR, Rafa Santos
Tags: 90s House
 in stock $14.57
Conscious Dream (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Cat: KMLP 004. Rel: 07 May 24
Starlight Strobe (4:23)
Moments In Time (5:21)
Wanna Move U (4:34)
Octo-matic (4:14)
Sunbeams (6:02)
This Time (3:19)
We Got The Groove (3:59)
Been Waiting (5:22)
Tonight (4:16)
Glow In The Dark (3:58)
Do You Remember? (4:42)
Moonlight In Dub (4:08)
 in stock $31.76
Flowers EP
Flowers EP (12" reeditado)
Cat: SS 048. Rel: 13 May 24
Andrew Ashong & Theo Parrish - "Flowers" (8:55)
Andrew Ashong - "Take It Slow" (7:11)
Andrew Ashong - "The Way She Moves" (short version) (5:21)
Review: At first glance, the pairing of Forest Hill resident Andrew Ashong and Sound Signature boss Theo Parrish would seem strange. But the duo have worked together previously with the Ghanaian born vocalist (and supposed owner of a vinyl collection that would make most record shops look like a car boot sale) lending his soulful tones to Parrish's excellent nine minute plus translation of the Hot Chip and Spiritualised affiliated About Group. Whereas that collaboration was more about Ashong's voice being just one element of a production that was undoubtedly Parrish, the three tracks present on the Flowers EP look to showcase what a talent the Londoner is. Those trademark dust filled stacatto rhythms are present in the opening title track, but they never swamp Ashong's killer vocal delivery, while "Take It Slow" is bonafide D funk of the highest order. After the brutal, divisive nature of Theo's kung fu experimentalism on the Any Other Styles EP, these three tracks show him in a wholly new light and hopefully Parrish and Ashong will be making much more music together.
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 in stock $15.10
Global Essence Sampler Part 2
Cat: DISRWAX 008. Rel: 08 May 24
Barce - "Jazztroit " (feat Roger Versey) (5:22)
Dan Piu - "Ocean" (6:06)
Zarenzeit - "Heard Echoes" (4:10)
Barce - "Jazztroit" (feat Roger Versey - Melchior Sultana remix) (5:52)
Dan Piu - "Whispers Of Goodbye" (6:15)
Zarenzeit - "We Are All The Same " (4:17)
Review: Deep Inspiration Show Records is back with a second part of its Global Essence Sampler and it is another 12" that offers great nourishment for mind, body and soul. Barce from Spain featuring Roger Versey opens up with some slow but heavy house grovers awash with rugged synth loops. Dan Piu's 'Ocean' is an aquatic and dubby roller for bliss doit vibes, and Zarenzeit taps into dreamy old school Italo house on 'Heard Echoes.' The same three artists appear in the same order on the flip with three other originals which tap into deeper Detroit schools of house, Balearic and electro stylings.
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Intérprete: Rafa Santos
Tags: Minimal
 in stock $16.69
B2B2 (12")
Cat: SGR 007. Rel: 08 May 24
Bawrut - "Freedom" (6:44)
Lele Sacchi - "Flim Flam" (6:13)
Review: The second instalment of Stolen Goods' Back to Back series brings together two stalwarts of the scene: Italian veteran Lele Sacchi and Italo-Spanish beat master Bawrut. Known for their contributions to the electronic dancefloor landscape, both artists deliver peak-time bangers primed for club euphoria. Bawrut's track showcases his signature blend of retro-future rave, drawing on his extensive experience with labels like Life & Death and Correspondant. Meanwhile, Sacchi, with nearly three decades of DJ experience, infuses his production with funky deep grooves and killer stabs, epitomizing peak-time monster attitude. With nods to acid house and electro-techno, this release epitomises Stolen Goods' ethos of delivering messages From Clubbers to Clubbers, promising dancefloor ecstasy for discerning audiences.
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Intérprete: Rave Energy
 in stock $19.60
Back To Bahia Vol 4
Cat: MCWR 018. Rel: 20 May 24
Laguna (4:12)
Just Beyond The Sun (5:32)
Review: Celebrated composer, producer, techno talent and ambient craftsman John Beltran is a real Detroit don and now he is back on one of the city's own labels, Motor City Wine, with Volume 4 of Back To Bahia on 7". This one finds him going even deeper than before, starting with 'Laguna', which will soon uplift you with its Afro-Brazilian drums and live bass from James Simonson next to lush keys. 'Just Beyond The Sun' then gets fully Balearic with its mix of sultry trumpet, shuffling and Latin-tinged rhythms and wispy cosmic chords. A real delight.
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 in stock $15.10
Southland Mystic EP (reissue)
Cat: HM 030B. Rel: 20 May 24
After Midnyte (6:03)
Lost Groove (3:55)
Puffed Tribe (7:16)
Badlands Oasis (5:54)
Review: The original only dropped last year but it soon sold out so here comes a reissue of this gem from Simoncino, known for his nostalgic house vibes, in collaboration with Benedek, a Los Angeles-based producer whose music blends atmospheric synths with elements of Balearic, proto-house, and deep boogie. The EP is a strong offering with standout tracks like 'Puffed Tribe' which combines Paul Simpson and Charles Webster influences, 'After Midnyte,' with its glistening guitars and glossy synths, and 'Badlands Oasis,' offering a more spacey and psychedelic vibe. Benedek's style bridges the gap between retro and futuristic, delivering a collection of tracks that evoke both nostalgia and anticipation.
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 in stock $13.51
Billy Lo
Cat: CMSR 015. Rel: 10 May 24
Pain (feat Billy Lo) (5:46)
Chill @ 2 (Darren Abrams mix) (4:51)
Let Ur Body Werk (Darryl Tiggs mix) (4:17)
Sho Me Ur Luv (Darren Abrams - Rodney Hightower mix) (6:39)
Flavors (Darryl Tiggs - Darren Abrams mix) (5:24)
Do Ur Thang (Darryl Tiggs mix) (4:35)
Review: Billy Lo keeps it high-class on this expansive new 12" from the French folks at Cosmocities. It is house music that is couched in the traditional US style but with plenty of his own unique embellishments. Importantly, the melodies are meaningful and fresh and add everything from bittersweetness to joy to the dusty, paired back and nicely undercooked grooves. 'Let Ur Body Werk' is the sort of steamy sound that will get close-knit backroom crowds all in a sweat and up close and personal and 'Sho Me Ur Luv' brings a little US garage skip to the analogue drums. Spoken words elevate each tune to work on mind, body and soul in equal measure.
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Intérprete: Paul Starey, Mosaik
 in stock $17.21
GALL 014
GALL 014 (limited 12")
Cat: GALL 014. Rel: 08 May 24
U Up (5:43)
U Dancin (5:36)
U Perfect (5:20)
U Burnin (6:54)
Review: The Bitter End label and eponymous production outfit is back with a new and limited 12" of brilliantly dazzling electro, disco and some other unnameable sounds. It's fresh in its fusion of the new with the old and opens with 'U Up', an electro-tinged cut that glides through the cosmos with characterful synth sounds and plenty of colour. 'U Dancin' then brings wispy pads and smeared vocals to a twitchy technoid groove and 'U Perfect' brings out some spangled metal sounds and dubbed out low ends before 'U Burnin' closes with lurching beats and hefty bass under raw percussion. It's experimental body music that cannot fail to get you going.
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 in stock $16.42
MBK 002
MBK 002 (12")
Cat: MBK 002. Rel: 16 May 24
Bodeler - "Technyke" (6:57)
Bodeler - "Technyke" (Franco Cinelli remix) (7:58)
Nicola Brusegan, Camilo Gil - "Take A Groove" (6:27)
Nicola Brusegan, Camilo Gil - "Take A Groove" (Jorge Caiado remix) (6:12)
Review: Renowned producer Bodeler makes his mark on the newly emerging Minimal Brooklin label with a masterful display of minimalism on his A1 cut, then respected Argentinian Franco Cinelli remixes and delivers something immersive. On the B-side, Nicola Brusegan and Camilo Gil unite to create a soulful deep house track complete with lush chords and pulsating basslines, and this one is paired with a remix from Jorge Caiado that is sure to electrify dance floors thanks to his knack for crafting statement-making sound and pulsating acid vibes.
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Tags: Minimal | Acid House
 in stock $20.92
Ten Years Of Seven Villas (Part 1)
Pablo Bolivar - "Tali" (6:31)
Yarosslav - "Boundaries" (Iron Curtis No Boundaries mix) (6:54)
Krissky - "Candelaria" (6:08)
In2Deep - "Vine Of The Soul" (Powel remix) (7:51)
Anton Lanski - "Never Knew Her" (6:00)
Agather Pher - "Light Shadow" (6:08)
Review: Pablo Bolivar's Seven Villas label has released a slew of top-quality deep house and dub techno music since its inception ten years ago in 2014. The label continues to be one of the top labels in Europe currently for deep listening dance music. This compilation celebrates the history of the label and is part one of the three EP's that will honor the Spanish imprint. This brilliant collection features the beautiful 'Tali' by Pablo Bolivar as well as Germany's Iron Curtis dancefloor burning remix of 'Boundaries' by Yarosslav. To close out the first side of the 12", you have the dark and mysterious dub techno gem 'Candelaria' by Krissky. The B-Side is equally as great with Powel's gentle tech remix of melancholy star 'Vine of the soul' by n2Deep. Then you have Anton Lanski who is also featured giving us the emotional 'Never knew her'. Closing the EP out is tech brilliant 'Light shadow' by Agatha Pher. This is a great example of a label showcasing the perfect songs that exemplify their labels sound.
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Intérprete: Kisk
 in stock $15.35
Alright Alright
Cat: GCV 020. Rel: 14 May 24
Centric House - "Alright Alright" (Micky More & Andy Tee remix) (6:20)
Micky More & Andy Tee, Don Carlos - "The Music Of Your Mind" (feat Taka Boom) (7:36)
Review: Groove Culture taps into an effortlessly timeless house sound with this new remix 12". It sees the in house production team step up on the B-side to remix Micky More & Andy Tee, Don Carlos, Taka Boom's 'The Music Of Your Mind' and the result is a super smooth, soulful roller with passionate vocals and disco sprinkled percussion. Ahead of that, Centric House's 'Alright Alright" (Micky More & Andy Tee remix) is a piano-laced and joyous house bumper with elastic bass and hands in the air energy.
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 in stock $15.62
You Are In My System
You Are In My System (blue vinyl 12")
Cat: KT 030VB. Rel: 09 May 24
You Are In My System (extended club mix) (5:52)
You Are In My System (DQ dub) (5:36)
Review: Some serious house action going on here with the legendary deep house pioneer Kerri Chandler linking up with Dennis Quin and Troy Denari for their own unique take on the 1998 house classic 'You're In My System'. The original has been a key part of many of the best DJs' record bags for decades and now it gets a contemporary twist. Chandler brings his signature soulful keys and pounding kick drums - all using the same hardware that was used on the original, we're told, while singer-songwriter Troy Denari adds his new vocals to the track. On the flip is a paired back and warm, deep, driving DQ dub, all pressed up on nice blue vinyl.
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Intérprete: Paul Starey
 in stock $16.42
Eyi Yato (remixes)
Eyi Yato (Sol Power All-Stars remix) (7:29)
Eyi Yato (Eddie C remix) (7:17)
Eyi Yato (Mad Professor dub) (6:00)
Eyi Yato (8:17)
Review: Sol Power Sound is back in a big way with a reissue and remix EP from the legendary Nigerian Ju-Ju king, Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey. The double A-side EP features 'Eyi Yato', a tune from 1981, that captures Chief Commander and his band at their absolute funkiest. It's as if there's something in the name itself - 'Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey' - that commands an almost godlike, daresay tyrannical command over each conjunctive performance here; every one of the All-Stars' parts play back as though they've puppeteered to an autocratic degree, resulting in a funky tightness that only obedience to the most just of authorities can muster. The original, with its boinging jews' harps and wahhing guitars, is the patent highlight; but we're sure you'll be no less pleased to learn of the (double-time! dub disco!) Mad Professor flip (...!) that's on there too (winky face).
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 in stock $15.62
Praise Sampler
Cat: SL 121823. Rel: 07 May 24
Myrna Summers & The Combined Choirs Of The Refreshing Strings - "So Much To Live For" (Joe Claussell Underground Ministry) (5:14)
Bishop Jeff Banks & The Revival Temple Mass Choir - "Jerusalem" (Joe Claussell Hymn) (8:36)
Review: 'Praise' was first released under the Joaquin 'Joe' Claussell banner in 2013 as a full package of CD-bound gospel-house transcenders. Part of the Gospel Music According To Joe Claussell series, the moment marked the apogee of the DJ and producer's stint in the world of edits and overdubs, after which he'd move into spiritual house musics of a less sample-based making. Now, however, we return to 'Praise' with two special edits cut to a limited edition 12" sampler, harkening a return to the form and a bigger box set in the series to come, a decade on; first we're met with Myrna Summers and her choir on 'So Much To Live For', which lays bare the holy-ghostly hooks and kick-clapped stamps; then there's a similar edit of Bishop Jeff Banks' 'Jerusalem', which whips out the Hammonds and sopranos for the B.
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 in stock $21.18
Remixed (12")
Cat: PRONTO 011. Rel: 14 May 24
Sunday Queen (Art Of Tones remix) (5:19)
Sublime Mind (Byron The Aquarius remix) (4:37)
Tried For Love (feat Robert Owens - Terrence Parker remix) (8:12)
Walk With Me (Rick Wade remix) (5:57)
Review: Smooth house master James Curd has a bunch of his succulent sounds remixed by a heavyweight roster of remixes here. First up Art of Tones layers in freewheeling synth loops and tough disco claps to his remix of 'Sunday Queen'. 'Sublime Mind' gets the Byron The Aquarius treatment and becomes a cosmic star-gazer with zoned-out pads and sweet beats. Add in some signature soul from Terrence Parker and another perfectly tracky house tool from the always-on form Rick Wade and you have a classy EP.
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 in stock $15.62
Bondage Games Pt 10
Bondage Games Pt 10 (12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: BOND 12074. Rel: 15 May 24
Dachshund - "Keep On" (6:43)
Sascha Dive & Pornbugs - "Digital Dusk" (6:12)
Markus Homm & Brad Brunner & AG Swifty - "Take Out" (6:18)
Alex Ranerro - "Gotiva" (7:18)
Review: Germany's Bondage Records presents the tenth edition of Bondage Games, featuring four select contributions from some excellent producers in electronic music. On Side-1, Dachshund's 'Keep On' delivers a deep techy house vibe with a sexy loop, perfect for late-night gems. Following up is Sascha Dive & Pornbugs' 'Digital Dusk', a grooving techy house track that sets drives a heady atmosphere. Side-2 introduces Markus Homm, Brad Brunner, and AG Swifty's collaboration 'Take Out', a catchy tech house gem while the compilation closes with Alex Ranerro's 'Gotiva', a deeper, more ominous track leaning towards progressive house elements. Bondage Games 10th edition promises a collection of deep dancefloor grooves, tailor-made for darker clubs. With its diverse range of tracks, this release gives a DJ alot of great choices.
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! low stock $13.51
Idealism Forever (remastered)
Idealism Forever (remastered) (limited neon green vinyl 2xLP + 1-sided etched LP + poster in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: MRCLP 003. Rel: 07 May 24
Magnets (3:51)
Zdarlight (5:45)
I Want I Want (3:33)
Idealistic (4:11)
Digitalism In Cairo/Departure From Cairo (5:47)
Echoes (3:35)
The Pulse (4:23)
Moonlight (2:54)
Anything New (5:01)
Pogo (3:45)
Jupiter Approach/Jupiter Room (6:18)
Home Zone (2:09)
Apollo-Gize (2:17)
Faust (1:16)
Hot Spot (3:24)
Kontakt (4:13)
Maya (2:02)
Indoor Sunshine (4:07)
Review: Celebrating two decades since they burst onto the scene with an era-defining album, Digitalism unleashes their Idealism Forever as a special 20th-anniversary edition. This milestone release encapsulates the duo's pioneering blend of electronic euphoria and indie sensibilities with plenty of scuzzy sonic filth. From the anthemic energy of 'Pogo' to the nostalgic charm of 'Zdarlight,' each track brims with vim and vigour and harks back to this unique time when electro, indie and dance music all collided. Remastered to perfection, the album's big beats and infectious melodies are sure to captivate both longtime fans and new listeners alike.
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 in stock $46.34
Beat Generation EP
Cat: FROSTED 207. Rel: 07 May 24
Beat Generation (8:02)
Beat Generation (Horns mix) (5:51)
Fair & Square (7:19)
Mother Of Funk (7:36)
Review: Frosted has pulled off a big one here as they snap up the one and only Chicago house gangster, long-time vinyl advocate and BBQ king, DJ Sneak. His debut on the label goes big, as the man often does, with 'Beat Generation' showcasing his mastery of drum loops and smart filters. It's unrelenting and funky in its own low-key way then a Horns mix brings some extra fun. 'Fair & Square' has an old school feel with sweet little guitar riffs stitched into the arrangement next to yelping vocal as the dusty drums roll on. 'Mother Of Funk' has a deeper feel and will lock you into its warming embrace.

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Intérprete: Paul Starey
 in stock $14.57
FrescoEdits 10
Cat: FRESCO 10. Rel: 15 May 24
FrescoEdits - "Little Love" (5:02)
FrescoEdits - "Philadelphia" (5:56)
Rogue D - "Pensi A Me" (6:11)
Kings Of Groove - "You Got The Funk" (5:36)
Review: It's ten up for the FrescoEdits Iabel with this latest entry into their esteemed series and as always there are plenty of irresistible beats on offer. The in-house FrescoEdits add their touch to the glorious, string-laced and funky disco of 'Little Love' and bring bumping beats and funky guitar riffs to 'Philadelphia'. Rogue D's 'Pensi A Me' is a super smooth heart melter for dancing in the open air as the sun begins to fade, while Kings Of Groove's 'You Got The Funk' is a soulful, slapping house cut with cosmic synth energy and hooky vocals that will always bring the good times.
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Intérprete: Kisk
! low stock $15.62
Cat: MOUR 001. Rel: 20 May 24
Oh Crazy Baby (2024 version) (6:38)
Music Love Dance (feat Okuali) (5:26)
Oh Crazy Baby (LTJ Xperience remix) (7:20)
Intérprete: Ltj xperience
 in stock $15.35
Gelato Italiano Vol 2
Pleasure Voyage - "Brazilian Bikini" (5:55)
Club Paradiso - "Yele Yele" (5:16)
Daddario - "Run Dat Shit" (5:00)
Steal Tapes - "Star" (6:39)
Sparkling Attitude - "Metro Attitude" (5:04)
Jellyfish - "Elephant Riddim" (5:12)
Review: Gelateria Fisotti, nestled in Otranto in Apulia, Italy, first birthed the Gelato Italiano project in 2023. Their aim was to concoct a soundtrack that "would be able to enter the Gelateria spaces as a protagonist." This compilation series is a diverse one with different flavours fused from the DNA of disco, house, Italo and funk. Now, with its second volume, the new collection boasts another great mix of artists from Italy and beyond including Daddario from Bologna, while Milan delivers Steal Tapes, Rimini contributes Club Paradiso and Sparking Attitude, Lecce presents JellyFish, and Budapest offers Pleasure Voyage. Each track exudes a summery vibe that strikes a perfect balance between body music and emotive sweetness.
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Intérprete: LEGO EDIT
 in stock $16.69
The Velvet Edge
Cat: LD 009. Rel: 20 May 24
Roger Dodger (6:34)
The Paddle (6:30)
Fan Man (7:52)
Only The Phony Will Be Lonely (6:03)
Review: San Fran's new school house tastemaker Gene On Earth is back with a new nugget of irresistible club goodness, this time on his own Limousine Dream which is cruising towards its tenth EP in some style. First out of the blocks is 'Roger Dodger' which is a cosmic and liquid tech groove to get you moving. Then comes 'The Paddle' which is a nice mix of warped and percolating synths and freaky vocal samples that bring the colour. 'Fan Man' is an astral tech house cut that surges on fresh progressive synth lines and last of all is the more kinetic, glitchy and amped up tech of 'Only The Phony Will Be Lonely'.
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Tags: Tech House
 in stock $14.57
Mellow Magic Worldwide Pt 1
Cat: BSBF 1205MMW. Rel: 07 May 24
Gold Suite - "Crush" (6:48)
Visions Of Eden - "When It Has Past" (5:08)
Murrin - "Maybe Tonight" (6:20)
Review: Be Strong Be Free debuts a new series here, Mellow Magic Worldwide, which will offer up a series of DJ weapons that have been produced by "worldwide studio buds." The first one opens with some superb tackle from Gold Suite whose brilliant 'Crush' is a slow-burning 80s jam and emotive rollercoaster that has made a real impact during road testing experiments. On the flipside is the mysterious Mancunian Visions Of Eden who debuts on vinyl with a lush deep house jam 'When It Has Past that has a subtle Balearic charm. Lastly comes Murrin who heads up the Puca Sounds label and co-runs Berlin party Fandango. His 'Maybe Tonight' is a late-night cosmic delight.
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Intérprete: Jac The Disco, Gratts
 in stock $12.98
My Legs Are Numb EP
My Legs Are Numb EP (yellow marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: SNF 119. Rel: 16 May 24
My Legs Are Numb (6:04)
Sander's Journey (5:59)
Do You Ever Miss Me? (5:47)
A Perfectly Calmed Felipe (5:25)
Review: Felipe Gordon has long been a familiar presence on Shall Not Fade and now the cultured producer unveils his seventh release with the independent Bristol mainstays. His latest effort is My Legs Are Numb EP, a superb outing that very much embodies Felipe's signature style. His captivating house sounds is laid bare from the off with the Moodymann-channeling deep house intensity of 'My Legs Are Numb' and the more laid-back melodic vibes of 'Sander's Journey'. There is extra drive to the drums of 'Do You Ever Miss Me?' and a fine sultry sax that melts the soul and 'A Perfectly Calmed Felipe' is a nice jazzy vibe to end on.
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Intérprete: Kisk
 in stock $14.82
Home (yellow vinyl 12")
Cat: SMR 39. Rel: 07 May 24
Gorje Hewek, Amonita & Makebo - "Never Been" (7:40)
Gorje Hewek & Volen Sentir - "Otoko" (6:54)
Gorje Hewek & Bakka - "Huracan" (6:16)
Gorje Hewek & Volen Sentir - "Ghosts" (Blurredub) (6:24)
Review: Gorje Hewek perfectly taps into the Shanti Radio sound with a new EP that is deep, exotic and dreamy house music of the highest order. First up is 'Never Been' which is a collaboration with Makebo & Amonita that lays up shakers, keys and rolling bass into a tropical sound. With Volen he creates the yawning synth work and light and airy grooves of 'Otoko', then gets more textural with the twinkling tech and fuzzy synths of 'Huracan' with Bakka, and last of all he links with Volen Sentir for the hypnotic charms of 'Ghosts (Blurredub)'.
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 in stock $17.74
Pan's Grotto Jam EP
Cat: LZR 004. Rel: 09 May 24
Pan's Grotto Jam (6:40)
Vaquera Blues (5:43)
Reverse Mary (6:57)
CJ's Place (6:13)
Review: The super cool Leizure label is back with more super cool house, this time from US don Huerta. 'Pan's Grotto Jam' is a balmy opener that's doused in silky synth puddles and has smooth drum breaks powering it along. 'Vaquera Blues' is a little more tech-y: the drums are crisp, the synths both sci-fi and abstract yet cosmic and pensive and 'Reverse Mary' then take off with a cascading wall of bubbly synth arps and nimble bass notes. 'CJ's Place' might be the best of the lot - both dynamic and deep and packed with fresh synth sounds and alluring patterns.
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 in stock $14.57
Ginzu Edits #2
Ginzu Edits #2 (limited hand-stamped 12")
Cat: GINZU 002. Rel: 09 May 24
Gil Scott-Heron - "Grandma's Hands" (6:27)
Luther Vandross - "Until You Come Back To Me" (7:52)
Review: Chicago DJ and producer JayCee Indamix is back to take care of the second instalment of the Ginzu Edits series. Up first is legendary New York street poet and soul innovator Gil Scott-Heron whose lovely 'Grandma's Hands' gets a funky rework with some busy broken beats and layers of extra instrumentation. On the flip is another classic, this time from the great Luther Vandross. His 'Until You Come Back To Me' becomes a deep and funky house cut with soaring vocals framed in a soulful groove with lots of special effects adding a contemporary twist.
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 in stock $15.10
Thrust (12")
Cat: DBS 1. Rel: 13 May 24
Tingle's (5:10)
Special (Instramental) (5:21)
Thrust (8:25)
Review: If a new talent from Detroit pops up on the radar, there's an instant magnetism due to the clout the city carries in terms of machine music. JR Disc doesn't disappoint one bit, capturing the raw energy of the city's house and techno legacy in a sincere and original way. The sort of grit you hear caked on the drums on 'Special (Instramental)' can't be faked, likewise the hard-edged soul pinging out of the metallic chords that course through 'Thrust'. This is serious gear for those who like their Motor City workouts over any other kind of house or techno, keeping the vibe tough and funky at all times.
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 in stock $19.05
Fonk! EP
Fonk! EP (12")
Cat: 5511 002. Rel: 09 May 24
KAIR - "Fonk!" (6:43)
KAIR - "Vem Mulher" (6:22)
Raf & Rod - "Chiringuito Brasileno" (12:17)
Raf & Rod - "Contra La Corriente" (6:05)
Review: The 5511 label uses its latest EP to showcase the sounds of some upcoming Brazilian artists. KAIR kicks off with 'Fonk!' which is a fulsome house sound with retro pads and bold drum patterns, then 'Ver Mulher' gets even more old school with some big drum breaks and hats of old school electro sleeve in its all-out dancefloor assault. On the flip, Raf & Rod step up with the deeper, more slinky sounds of 'Chiringuito Brasileno' which has a nice bump to the beats but cosmic feels in the pads. 'Contra La Corriente' is then an even more spaced-out sound but with a set of driving drums that keep you locked.
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Parallax (12")
Cat: ADID 106. Rel: 07 May 24
Parallax (7:11)
Dreamland (7:22)
Nathan Katz & Molac - "Flamingo" (7:06)
Moonlight (6:54)
Review: Now well into three figures, Lee Burridge's mighty All Day I Dream has firmly established is own house music sub-genre. It's a place where sunny grooves, dreamy pads and deep beats all coalesce into music that is soul enriching and perfect escapist. Nathan Katz has mastered all that on this new Parallax EP which begins with the wispy pads and plaintive keys of the title track. 'Dreamland' is a supple and sublime roller, then he links with Molac for 'Flamingo', a track with jittery arps that ride up and down the scale to beautiful effect. Finally, 'Moonlight' shuts things down with an alluring an sensuous vocal over meditative beats.
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MINDHELMET 14 (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: MINDHELMET 14. Rel: 09 May 24
Euro Night
Lion, Ne Kaufen
Review: London's Mindhelmet label continue on strong with the whopping 14th top-up to their vinyl-only 12"s series. This time they welcome Cologne's very own Johannes Kolter to the fore, for four originals compared to his usual penchant for edits. Glitzy sonic skylines come portrayed on the likes of 'Euro Night' and 'Eternity', with hints of Italo and electro-pop conjuring mental glimpses of high-end fashion houses and handbags, while 'Crashy' revels in a skilful use of speed garage swing reminiscent of MJ Cole's production approach; finally, closer 'Lion, Ne Kaufen' indulges a muted chord sequence for a eventidal rave vibe.
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Tags: Tech House
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Fine Rise EP
Cat: DIRT 151. Rel: 15 May 24
Heel Goed (7:00)
Lift Adrift (5:16)
Fine Rise (5:44)
Asanti (5:43)
Expanding Signal (5:24)
Review: Ben La Desh shows off his elegant take on deep house on the Dirt Crew label here with five well appointed tunes. 'Heel Goed' has loopy, subtle broken beat loops taking you on a trip through the cosmos next to swirling pads and daubs of colour. 'Lift Adrift' is a gorgeous tune laced with ambient beauty and 'Fine Rise' is warm, comforting and inviting. The drums are paced and the pads are spaced out. There is some meticulous drum programming to 'Asanti' that again heads off up amongst the stars and 'Expanding Signal is a perfect back room sound for cosy and intimate dancefloors.
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Set Fire To Me
Set Fire To Me (marbled vinyl 12" (comes on different coloured vinyl, we cannot guarantee which colour you will recieve)))
Cat: SRLTD 104. Rel: 09 May 24
Set Fire To Me (Vick Re Imagined Time Traveler version) (11:27)
There It Is (feat D Millz - Kai Alce vocal remix) (9:34)
Set Fire To Me (Vick beats N Life vinyl mix) (5:51)
Review: Back in 2020, Vick Lavender unveiled his 'Time Traveller Mix' of 'Set Fire To Me', a superb cover of Willie Colon's Latin classic of the same name. It never appeared on wax at the time - it was, sadly for vinyl enthusiasts, digital-only - so this 12" is sure to be in demand. Naturally, it kicks off with that fine re-imagining - a brilliant blend of layered Latin percussion, intergalactic electronics, sunset-ready chords, jammed-out Rhodes motifs and rolling deep house grooves. This time round, he's also added a more stripped-back, drum-heavy version (the 'Beats N Life Vinyl Mix'), while the EP also boasts another previously digital-only treat: Kai Alce's deep house-meets-broken beat tweak of D Millz collaboration 'There It Is'. In a word: essential!
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Plan B
Plan B (12")
Cat: SATYA 015. Rel: 10 May 24
Orange Tent (6:44)
Cristina Lazic & Francesco Mami - "Les Filles" (6:29)
Plan B (6:56)
Plan B (Sepp remix) (7:58)
Review: Undeniable new progressive house from Cristina Lazic, debuting for Lisbon's Satya Records, whose stated M.O. is a 'commitment to the truth'. Whether the truth can only be articulated in language or is more abstractly feel-able in sound, Lazic's tendency is clearly towards the latter idea; her productions are slick and watery and deep, evoking groundswells of depth we didn't know before existed under our feet. From the opener, 'Plan B' - an undulatory groover of repeated chords and synaptic stabs - to the collaborative 'Les Filles' with Francesco Mami - a deeper-into-the-dark-trance peaktime house roller - all here is most befitting of a psychedelic experience undergone after dark, in a wilderness, with the best of friends.
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Tags: Tech House
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Spend The Night
Cat: FULLC 003. Rel: 14 May 24
Spend The Night (H-Man dub) (7:16)
Spend The Night (Archie Hamilton remix) (6:34)
Spend The Night (VIP dub) (6:07)
Spend The Night (Disco edit) (5:37)
Review: The Full Circle label is building up a fine head of steam early on and this third EP is a throwback garage classic. It's a re-release of a cult gem from Danny J Lewis with the steamy vocals of Danielle Gaga. 'Spend the Night' has it all - the hooky and soulful vocal, the dry percussive drums, the infectious swing and the lush chords. As well as the H-Man dub, there are other versions including one from tech house tian Archie Hamilton, a super smooth VIP dub and a Disco Edit that layers in some cosmic arps and leaves the great original vocal intact.
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Intérprete: Paul Starey
 in stock $14.57
BSLTD 02 (12")
Cat: BSLTD 02. Rel: 09 May 24
Multiline (7:00)
Le Danseur (5:53)
Arcadeair (5:00)
Your Cat Is Calling My Name (4:54)
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Where Love Lives (30th Anniversary Edition) (remastered) (Record Store Day 2020)
Where Love Lives (Classic mix) (6:55)
Where Love Lives (Mo' Knuckles mix) (5:57)
Where Love Lives (cut To The Bone mix) (5:05)
Review: Alison Limerick's 'Where Love Lives' is the sound of a generation, a reminder of one of the most vital cultural movements of the last 100 years. It is a perma-hit that unites all ages, colours and creeds, even now, 30 years after it first got hands in the air and tears in the eyes on dance floors of cult clubs around the world. To mark the occasion it gets a special remaster treatment and 12" release for Record Store Day. The Classic Mix - which is still the best - kicks off, followed by a big piano version from Mo Knuckles and a darker, more stripped back Cut To The Bone mix.
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Melloghettomental (Theo Parrish production)
Cat: SS038 ABCD. Rel: 13 May 24
Can't Keep Running Away (12:41)
U Bring Me Up (5:21)
Why Wait (3:58)
Melloghettomental (8:50)
Review: Theo Parrish has green-lit a couple of back catalogue reissues from his Sound Signature label this month and this one originally came back in 2010 and found him on production duties and Bilal Love on the vocals. The Melloghettomental EP is an archetype Parrish offering - dusty, lo-fi beatdown and house fusions with muted but meaningful chords and aching vocal hooks. You get all that on blissed-out opener 'Can't Keep Running Away', superbly soulful live bass work on 'U Bring Me Up' and heavier, more griding grooves but still sublime vocals on 'Why Wait'. The title cut is an off-grid mix of sci-fi melodies and diffuse chords, shimmering drums and low slub bass. Sublime.
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Northshore Obsessions EP
Cat: GHR 003V. Rel: 13 May 24
Blind Energy (6:47)
Blind Energy (Manuel Sahagun's remix) (6:16)
U Got Me (6:17)
When We Want (6:47)
Review: Greenhouse Recordings label head and long-time master of deep house Andrew Macari steps up to his own imprint with a bunch of fine originals. The opener is a deep tech cut with steely drums that are tight and compelling and offset by smooth chords. Manuel Sahagun then steps up to remix and brings a touch of jazz to his chords which swirl around over heavyweight bass rumbles. 'U Got Me' is then a house sound that harks back to the DIY heyday of Nottingham with its bumping drums and lush chord work and 'When I Want' closes out with more fresh synths and an alluring female vocal.
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Intérprete: Superbreak
 in stock $12.98
Flux (LP)
Cat: ES 005LP. Rel: 08 May 24
River (2:07)
Go Winter (3:38)
Meeelt (with Felipe Gordon) (9:18)
Turista Loco (with Digitalluc & Xev) (4:51)
Take Six (5:31)
Cacatuidae (with DJ Krille) (5:17)
Cachalote (5:40)
Yum Yum (4:24)
Review: German beat maker Made In M makes his first appearance on ear-sight with some gorgeous sampladelic house music which should appeal to fans of that cut-up dusty soul vibe Max Graef et al were pushing some years back. It's an evergreen sound soaked in warmth, where the sweetness of the source material is the priority, and the bulbous low end and lazy drums just fall into place around them. These are jams to set a mellow mood without compromising on weight - just dig into the heady funk of 'Meeelt' featuring Felipe Gordon and you'll find all the knock you need, while the Rhodes licks and stirring strings take your mind sky high.
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Vibes Alive
Cat: QUINTESSE 90. Rel: 15 May 24
Crush (feat Kayczwe - Hitman On Set remix) (6:21)
Haibo (feat Sololo) (6:27)
Just Saying (4:39)
Review: Some 31 years after he made his debut, Alton Miller continues to be a reliable source of high quality deep house. Here, the storied Detroiter returns to Quintessentials, an imprint he first appeared on two years ago, with another strong batch of emotive, deep and immersive club cuts. The real standout - for us, at least - is A-side 'Crush (Hitman on Set remix)', where Ron Trent style hand percussion hits, drowsy electric piano motifs, eyes-closed vocal snippets and the dreamiest of pads rise above unfussy deep house beats and a warm, evocative bassline. Elsewhere, Sololo features on sunset-ready deep house box jam 'Haibo', while 'Just Saying' is a jazzy, percussive and bass-heavy workout tailor-made for increasing energy levels out on the dancefloor.
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Foret Nebuleuse
Cat: OENLG 001. Rel: 07 May 24
Lucas Moinet - "The Djoon" (937 main mix) (9:17)
Lucas Moinet - "Dance Culture" (dub mix) (6:28)
Daerin - "Foret Nebuleuse" (7:49)
Daerin - "Hypnose Des Bois" (6:19)
Review: Oenologie makes a classy debut here with an EP of timeless house sounds that lean on jazz, soul and darker vibes for their character. It comes from a pair of talents who take one side each with Lucas Moinet kick-off. 'The Djoon' (937 main mix) is all feel-good drums with plenty of playful skip, neat melodies and slinky finger clicks. 'Dance Culture' (dub mix) then rides on more dreamy and late-night vibes but still with fresh melodies and a rich sense of atmosphere. Daerin's 'Foret Nebuleuse' is darker cut with a searching lead synth unfurling over slow-motion beatdown drums. His second cut 'Hypnose Des Bois' is another mystic one that layers up exotic melodies and warped basslines into something ready to hypnotise.
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 in stock $15.35
The Lost Dubs Vol 1
Cat: TMD 01. Rel: 10 May 24
Love Is Needed (5:58)
Holdin' On (5:17)
Baby's Right (5:57)
Keep It Movin' (7:18)
Review: While nowhere near as celebrated as some of his NYC contemporaries, Tommy Musto made some incredible music at the turn of the 90s, flitting between breakbeat-driven, techno-tinged heaviness and heady, sample-rich house. The Lost Dubs Volume 1 takes us back to that period via a quartet of contemporaneous cuts recently unearthed in the producer's vaults. There's much to admire throughout, from the driving, bass-heavy hedonism of 'Holdin' On', a track propelled forwards by insatiable organ riffs and breathless beats, and the extra-percussive early morning headiness of 'Baby's Right' - all delay-laden Rhodes licks, funky bass guitar, mazy synth solos and Masters At Work style house beats - to the Victor Simonelli style saucer-eyed warmth of 'Love Is Needed' and the sleazy, Kenny Dope style heaviness of 'Keep It Movin'. Genuine buried treasure!
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Intérprete: Paul Starey, Mike O'Mara
 in stock $15.62
In Search For The Good
Cat: LEMAN 002. Rel: 07 May 24
Miracles (Kai Alce Ndatl vocal mix) (7:04)
Miracles (Kai Alce Ndatl Flute dubstrumental mix) (7:21)
Miracles (feat Peter Jericho - main mix) (5:18)
All One's Hopes (7:07)
Review: Mystic V debuted last summer with 'Ever Since That Day I Met You' and now they're back on Leman with a follow-up that comes heavily endorsed by a remix by Atlantan legend Kai Alce. The latter's NDATL mixes of 'Miracles' come in vocal and instrumental versions, both bursting with the life-affirming, soul-stirring sounds we all know and love from the US legend. Let's not forget the original version of the track though, which opens up the B-side in a dreamy cascade of piano keys and honey-coated vocals above a smooth and funky bassline you could sink your teeth into, it's substantial. It's a masterclass of deep house, neatly contrasted by the techier strains of 'All One's Hopes' to make for a thoroughly fulfilling EP from a rising talent.
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Intérprete: Rafa Santos
 in stock $18.00
NFY 005
NFY 005 (12")
Cat: NFY 005. Rel: 09 May 24
Eastside Boogie (5:12)
Vision (6:06)
 in stock $14.57
Bad For Me
Cat: NCM 020. Rel: 10 May 24
Bad For Me (Eddie Fowlkes dub mix) (5:19)
Bad For Me (Ron Carroll club mix) (5:36)
Bad For Me (Emanuell Groove mix) (4:52)
Bad For Me (Mannywya Deep dub mix) (5:52)
Review: The inimitable Santonio Echols/Next Generation have penned many a great soulful house hit and one of them is 'Bad For Me' which now arrives as a remix package on the NCM Label out of Detroit. First up is Eddie Fowlkes's dub which brings nice warm, smeared chords and allows the vocal to pop out of the mix and bring the sunshine. Ron Carroll's club mix has a little more direct energy in the drums, then the Emanuell Groove mix is a funky one with steamy sax notes up top and nice loose drums. Last of all, the Mannywya Deep dub mix slows things right down to a late-night crawl.
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Kalahari Sunrise (remastered)
Cat: SR 002. Rel: 16 May 24
Kalahari Sunrise (4:57)
Kalahari Sunrise (Sunrise mix) (7:41)
So Beautiful (7:32)
So Beautiful (Anna-Log mix) (6:29)
Review: Squid Recordings is a dead new label that is only onto release number two with this one but a great one it is too. It takes the form of a remastered reissue of James 'Nylon' Thomas aka Nylosphere's 'Kalahari Sunrise' which first landed more than two decades ago. He has released on the likes of Rush Hour, Velocity and his own Nylon Recordings, and is now back with new music having first retouched this classic. It features a pair of quite different tunes, both well produced and punchy with twisted sonics and analogue driven sounds that still cut it today.
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Childhood Odyssey
Cat: TUNEZ 005. Rel: 13 May 24
Am Aura (7:33)
Sleep Paralysis (6:16)
Song Of Time (Spiritual mix) (7:27)
Human Potential (8:55)
 in stock $15.62
Picha (feat Jamie Paton remix & dub)
Cat: EES 046. Rel: 13 May 24
Picha (7:22)
Picha (instrumental) (6:42)
Picha (Jamie Paton remix) (6:30)
Picha (Jamie Paton dub) (6:38)
Review: Odopt is back on Especial and this time is in collaborative mode with Sebastian Hoyos aka Sano, who is a regular on the likes of Matias Aguayo's Comeme and Munich's Public Possession. The pair cook up a fine globally-minded club trip that comes with another label return, this time from remixer Jamie Paton. The original 'Picha' first started as a sketch in 2016 then became a demo in 2019 now finally arrives on wax. It's a raw percussive workout with razor-sharp snares and plenty of cowbells. Next to an instrumental comes the Paton remix and it is a trademark deep and dubwise piece of work with widescreen dynamics.
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