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Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime charts

Bestselling Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime vinyl
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What You Want
What You Want (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: WRX 21. Rel: 19 Oct 21
  1. 0121 (5:17)
  2. My MC (5:18)
  3. Ain't Enuff (5:08)
  4. I Jus Can't (5:26)
  5. What You Want (4:23)
 in stock $12.75
Bad/Get Out The Way
Bad/Get Out The Way (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ZEN 12477. Rel: 08 Dec 17
  1. Bad (feat Flowdan) (3:36)
  2. Bad Riddim (3:38)
  3. Get Out The Way (feat Killa P & Irah) (3:41)
  4. Get Riddim (3:44)
 in stock $11.44
Tnght (LP)
Cat: WAP 337LM. Rel: 19 Jul 12
  1. Top Floor
  2. Goooo
  3. Higher Ground
  4. Bugg'n
  5. Easy Easy
Review: Making their debut on Warp, Hudson Mohawke and Lunice proudly cross their beams to rain down a sick and slick kind of future-crunk, aptly demonstrated in in the introductory nature of bass-rich teaser "Top Floor" with its juke leanings and menacing posture. There's a detuned nature to the recognisable bleeps and wails on offer here while the beats remain crunchy and steadfast. "Higher Ground" is more overt in its use of juke to create a twisted kind of hype, while "Bugg'n" drips and drops in a loping vat of sub bass and slow-mo strangeness, leaving you with one of the oddest takes on the contemporary mess of electronic beats.
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 in stock $9.89
Mind Control
Cat: MEDI 119. Rel: 18 Nov 21
  1. Mind Control (5:09)
  2. Emergence (4:52)
  3. Stronghold (4:16)
  4. Armada Bleeps (4:41)
Review: Deep Medi Musik continues on its mission to find the darkest, deepest and heaviest dubstep out there with a new bowel-rumbling release from Compa. It opens with the lurching drums and insistent stabs of 'Mind Control', a spacious wobbler with impossibly weighty bass. 'Emergence' then gets a little busier with zippy leads pinging about the mix and frosty static adding texture to the low end wub. 'Stronghold' is another bleak futuristic vision where all humanlike has been replaced by AI and 'Armada Bleeps' brings glassy texture, edgy chords and glitching breaks.
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 in stock $8.32
Unknown Territories
Unknown Territories (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: ITX 20. Rel: 05 Mar 21
  1. Space Water (2:40)
  2. Wings (4:07)
  3. Dread II (4:41)
  4. Rewind Riddim (4:49)
  5. Overload Destruction (4:37)
  6. Unknown Territories (4:59)
Review: Mancunian Walton heads to Munich label Ilian Tape for anther of his cutting edge EPs. No stranger to esteemed labels like Hyperdub and Techtonic, this soundsmith once again draws on ambient, techno, bass and IDM across six immersive and cinematic tracks. The first two are largely wide open, cavernous, ambient affairs in which to allow your mind to wander. The inventive rhythms and powerful drums then arrive on 'Dread II' and remain throughout the skittish synth energy of 'Rewind Riddim' and automated factory floor sounds of 'Overload Destruction.' 'Unknown Territories' ends on a more far gazing vibe with pensive pads over scattered kicks.
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 in stock $11.44
Ignorance Is Bliss
Ignorance Is Bliss (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: BBKS 015LP. Rel: 25 Jun 19
  1. Bullet From A Gun (2:53)
  2. Greaze Mode (feat Nafe Smallz) (2:49)
  3. Redrum (feat Key!) (3:56)
  4. No Sleep (3:14)
  5. What Do You Mean? (feat J Hus) (3:33)
  6. Going Through It (3:17)
  7. Same Old Story (3:23)
  8. Love Me Not (feat Cheb Rabi & B live) (3:25)
  9. Animal Instinct (feat Lancey Foux) (3:12)
  10. Glow In The Dark (feat Lay Z & Wizkid) (2:57)
  11. You Wish (2:49)
  12. Gangsta? (feat BBK) (3:21)
  13. Pure Water (3:08)
Review: Three years on from his last album, Skepta's profile has never been higher. Whereas he was once an underground hero railing against anti-grime sentiments and the misunderstanding of his art, he's now an international star with a string of guest spots on gargantuan US hip-hop hits to his name. Expectancy is high, then, for "Ignorance Is Bliss". Happily, we can confirm it's another strong set. His lyrics continue to bristle with intensity, while his flow and vocal delivery remain as distinctive as ever. As for the beats, they're heavy and punchy, variously doffing a cap to chart-bothering hip-hop, sleazy trip and distorted, sub-heavy grime. In other words, he may be a star, but Skepta's records remain as real as ever.
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 in stock $32.78
Polar Opposite
Cat: S7S 014. Rel: 22 Apr 22
  1. Malevolent (3:48)
  2. Kaleidoscope (3:04)
  3. Polar Opposite (3:29)
  4. No Future (3:19)
 in stock $13.01
Duploc Selects Y
Cat: DUPLOCLPY. Rel: 20 Apr 22
  1. Ninety - "Snake's Kiss" (4:40)
  2. Zygos - "Ditcher" (4:57)
  3. Mistah - "Shook" (5:34)
  4. 207 - "Japan Digital" (3:08)
  5. Idioteque - "Morality" (6:16)
  6. Ghostek - "Seek War" (3:58)
Review: Hold on tight for some low end wobblers here from this new EP, Duploc Selects Y, featuring six sizzlers from six different artists on the DUPLOC label. Ninety kicks off with the cancerous 'Snek's Kiss' with its low end snaking through a desolate urban landscape. Then comes the icy stepper that is 'Ditcher' from Zygos and Mistah's 'Shook' gets more edgy with unsettling leads and earth shattering drums. 207 offers crunchy drum textures and hefty bass weight on 'Japan Digital' and Idioteque's 'Morality' is another lurcher with scraping hits. Ghostek closed down with the dread-fuelled 'Seek War'.
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 in stock $13.27
E Girl Fantasy
Cat: RARE 16. Rel: 18 May 22
  1. Vice?! & Arkham Sound - "E Girl Fantasy" (4:41)
  2. Arkham Sound - "Drip" (4:42)
  3. Vice?! & Arkham Sound - "Everything & Nothing" (4:42)
  4. Vice?! - "Everything & Nothing" (instrumental) (4:43)
 in stock $13.27
Moonbeam Ryder
Cat: ZEN 12289. Rel: 31 May 11
  1. Moonbeam Ryder
  2. Heack Flex
  3. My Sense Of Smell Comes & Goes
  4. Tomorrow Morning
  5. No Krak Swing
Intérprete: Powlo Thirsty Ear
 in stock $9.89
Fire (gatefold grey vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: ZEN 275. Rel: 27 Aug 21
  1. The Fourth Day (feat Roger Robinson) (1:57)
  2. Pressure (feat Flowdan) (3:48)
  3. Demon (feat Irah) (3:48)
  4. Vexed (feat Moor Mother) (3:44)
  5. Clash (feat Logan) (3:07)
  6. War (feat Nazamba) (4:30)
  7. How Bout Dat (feat FFSYTHO) (3:47)
  8. Bang (feat Manga Saint Hilare) (3:03)
  9. Hammer (feat Flowdan) (3:28)
  10. Ganja Baby (feat Daddy Freddy) (3:15)
  11. Fuck Off (feat Logan) (3:24)
  12. Bomb (feat Flowdan) (4:46)
  13. High Rise (feat Manga Saint Hilare) (4:17)
  14. The Missing (feat Roger Robinson) (4:35)
 in stock $23.42
Fire (limited gatefold red & yellow vinyl 2xLP in screen-printed sleeve)
Cat: ZEN 275NCOL. Rel: 27 Aug 21
  1. The Fourth Day (feat Roger Robinson) (1:48)
  2. Pressure (feat Flowdan) (3:39)
  3. Demon (feat Irah) (3:41)
  4. Vexed (feat Moor Mother) (3:38)
  5. Clash (feat Logan) (3:05)
  6. War (feat Nazamba) (4:28)
  7. How Bout Dat (feat FFSYTHO) (3:48)
  8. Bang (feat Manga Saint Hilare) (3:01)
  9. Hammer (feat Flowdan) (3:27)
  10. Ganja Baby (feat Daddy Freddy) (3:17)
  11. Fuck Off (feat Logan) (3:08)
  12. Bomb (feat Flowdan) (4:40)
  13. High Rise (feat Manga Saint Hilare) (4:13)
  14. The Missing (feat Roger Robinson) (4:38)
 in stock $24.96
Glass Swords
Glass Swords (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: WARPLP 217. Rel: 07 Oct 11
  1. Glass Swords
  2. Flash Back
  3. Surph
  4. Hover Traps
  5. City Star
  6. Globes
  7. Ultra Thizz
  8. Death Mountain
  9. Cry Flames
  10. After Light
  11. Ice Tunnels
  12. All Nite
  13. Crystal echo
 in stock $16.13
Sunburst (12")
Cat: WAP 300. Rel: 30 Sep 10
  1. Neko
  2. Dragonfly
  3. Beast Nite
  4. Chew
  5. Hyperthrust
Intérprete: Ennio Styles
 in stock $13.17
Conflict Of Interest
Cat: 019029 5024390. Rel: 19 Feb 21
  1. Fine Wine
  2. Mozambique (feat Jaykae & Moonchild Sanelly)
  3. Fire & Brimstone
  4. Hop Out
  5. IC3 (feat Skepta)
  6. Autobiography
  7. Good Hearts (feat Aida Lae)
  8. Dead To Me
  9. 10,000 Tears (feat Ed Sheeran)
  10. Sonya (feat Emeli Sande)
  11. Proud Family
  12. Skengman (feat Stormzy)
  13. No Mercy (feat Pa Salieu & Backroad Gee)
  14. Crud (feat Giggs)
  15. Squeeze (feat Miraa May)
  16. Little Bo Peep (feat Dave, Hamzaa & Wretch 32)
Review: Having spent the last decade offering up occasional albums on a variety of imprints, grime veteran Ghetts now finds himself signed to a major label. Warner Brothers has high hopes for Conflict of Interest and listening back it's easy to hear why. Ghetts is at his lyrical best throughout, spitting rhymes that are far more mature, thoughtful and arguably impactful than he would have been capable of earlier in his career. Musically, the grime rhythms are punchy and weighty, and the synth-heavy backing relatively sparse and ghostly. Throw in guest appearances from some seriously heavy hitters - Stormzy, Emeli Sande, Ed Sheeran, Dave, Giggs and Skepta included - and you have a seriously good set that could well propel Ghetts further towards international superstardom.
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 in stock $9.52
Conflict Of Interest
Conflict Of Interest (2xLP + insert)
Cat: 019029 6523243. Rel: 12 Nov 21
  1. Fine Wine (5:01)
  2. Mozambique (feat Jaykae & Moonchild Sanelly) (4:47)
  3. Fire & Brimstone (3:07)
  4. Hop Out (2:57)
  5. IC3 (feat Skepta) (3:53)
  6. Autobiography (6:48)
  7. Good Hearts (feat Aida Lae) (3:12)
  8. Dead To Me (3:49)
  9. 10,000 Tears (feat Ed Sheeran) (4:37)
  10. Sonya (feat Emeli Sande) (4:35)
  11. Proud Family (5:36)
  12. Skengman (feat Stormzy) (4:25)
  13. No Mercy (feat Pa Salieu & Backroad Gee) (3:29)
  14. Crud (feat Giggs) (5:26)
  15. Squeeze (feat Miraa May) (2:46)
  16. Little Bo Peep (feat Dave, Hamzaa & Wretch 32) (6:28)
Review: Ghett's Conflict Of Interest album late last year was one of grime's finest. It now makes its arrival on wax and still hits hard. There are plenty of hugely evocative and biographical stories in this record that make it all the more real and impactful, from tales of street life to memories of his childhood to worries about being a parent. Those many different sides to Ghett's personality are reflected by the artwork which shows him at different ages all at once. The dark production makes for long and shadowy moods but guest spots from the likes of Emile Sande and Ed Sheehan bring a lighter soul sound that will have you singing along.
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 in stock $26.54
Cat: YTCD 060. Rel: 23 Jun 11
  1. Heatwave
  2. Hold On
  3. Wildfire
  4. Sanctuary
  5. Trials Of The Past
  6. Right Thing To Do
  7. Something Goes Right
  8. Pharaohs
  9. Ready Set Loop
  10. Never Never
  11. Go Bang
Review: Since donning the SBTRKT mask, one time broken beat producer Aaron Jerome has become far more famous for the booming intensity and restless rhythms of his productions than the sweet soul he was previously most famous for. It's something of a pleasant surprise, then, to see Jerome returning to his musical roots on this SBTRKT debut LP. While the trademark shuffling dubstep rhythms, future garage grooves and hurried broken beats remain, they're underpinned by a thick vein of sassy soulfulness - thanks in no small part to the fragile vocals of Sampha - and an overriding atmosphere of melodic beauty. It's a wise move on Jerome's part, because SBTRKT is a far better album than many would have expected; in fact, it's a bit of a belter.
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 in stock $7.28
Fabriclive 53: Drop The Lime
Cat: FABRIC 106. Rel: 09 Sep 10
  1. Supra1 - "Ghoster"
  2. Nouveau Yorican - "Jackit" (Drop The Lime remix)
  3. Mele - "Bombay" (Nadastrom remix)
  4. Egyptrixx - "Everybody Bleeding"
  5. Drop The Lime - "Thwomp Stomp"
  6. Wefa - "Ewid Disco"
  7. Drop The Lime - "Hot Sauce Grillz"
  8. Maurice - "This Is Acid"
  9. Untold - "Anaconda"
  10. Autoertique - "Bubonic" (Drop The Lime remix)
  11. Berou & Canblaster - "Terence Hill" (French Fries remix)
  12. Slik Wick Crew - "911 VIP"
  13. Drop The Lime - "Sex Sax" (club mix)
  14. Bill Haley & His Comets - "(We're Gonna) Rock Around The Clock"
  15. The Strangeloves - "I Want Candy"
  16. Foamo - "Centavo"
  17. Zombies For Money - "Kolkata" (Sticky version)
  18. Sam Tiba - "Barbie Weed"
  19. Mosca - "Square One" (L-Vis 1990 remix)
  20. Adonis - "No Way Back"
  21. Femme En Fourrure - "Dirty Blonde" (Drop The Lime remix)
  22. Tom Piper & Blaze Tripp - "Brrrap!"
  23. Baobinga - "State Of Ghetto Jackin'" (feat DJ Nasty - TRG remix)
  24. Ac Slater - "Calm Down" (part 3 - feat Drop The lime)
  25. Little Jinder - "Youth Blood" (Villa remix)
  26. Drop The Lime - "Set Me Free" (feat Carrie Wilds - Reso remix)
Review: Pigeonholes are gracefully obliterated, and Drop
The Lime’s signature all-in-the-box DJing style
encompassed, on the thrilling, adventurous
‘Fabriclive 53’.
· As with all Drop The Lime mixes, the most unlikely
beats and artists suddenly make perfect sense
alongside one another: the raw 303s of Maurice
introduce acid to Untold’s future bump, Drop The
Lime’s own housey summer hit ‘Sex Sax’ steps and
twirls to the swing of Bill Haley & His Comets, and
the glittery synth pop of Little Jinder fades into the
melodic grace of Reso’s dubbed-out ambience.
· Filled with teasings of Drop The Lime’s newest
work, and of course his unmistakable vocals,
overall the mix is every bit as rare and passionate
- and unpredictable - as the charismatic artist
· Online - Banner ads to run on major dance music
websites, such as Big Shot, Resident Advisor and FACT.
Eflyers to established mailing lists, Fabric, Hyponik & Wild
Music. Facebook & Google ad campaign.
· Further Marketing - Posters displayed in Fabric
nightclub (averages approx 6000 visitors per week).
· Tourdates - August 13 Fabric London, 20 Twisted Pepper
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 in stock $5.72
Fabric 50
Fabric 50 (mixed CD)
Cat: FABRIC 99. Rel: 07 Jan 10
  1. Hudson Mohawke - "Joy Fantastic" (feat Olivier Daysoul)
  2. Alec Wizz - "Drummin'" (Louis Benedetti Drumminpella)
  3. Nubian Mindz - "Bossa Boogie"
  4. Madd Slinky - "Lost On Tenori Street"
  5. Altered Natives - "Rass Out"
  6. Zomby - "Little Miss Naughty"
  7. Uncle Bakongo - "Afar"
  8. Zomby - "Light Cycle"
  9. Deep Groove - "The Clock" (Ben Klock's Timepice)
  10. DJ Bone - "We Control The Beat"
  11. The Deatchments - "Circles" (Martyn's Round & Round mix)
  12. Joy Orbison - "Brkln Clln"
  13. Cooly G - "Feeling You"
  14. Martyn - "These Words" (feat dBridge - Roska's Speechless mix)
  15. Kode 9 - "Oozi"
  16. Roska - "Without It"
  17. Martyn - "Friedrichstrasse"
  18. Levon Vincent - "Air Raid"
  19. Martyn - "Is This Insanity" (feat Spaceape - Ben Klock mix)
  20. Martyn - "Seventy Four" (Redshape mix)
  21. Actress - "Slow Jam"
  22. Zomby - "Mercury's Rainbow"
  23. 2562 - "Flashback"
  24. Martyn - "Vancouver"
  25. Jan Driver - "Rat Alert"
  26. Dorian Concept - "Trilingual Dance Sexperience"
 in stock $5.72
Fabriclive 61
Fabriclive 61 (mixed CD)
Cat: FABRIC 122. Rel: 12 Jan 12
  1. Distal - "Venom" (part 2)
  2. F - "Slow Down"
  3. EQD - "Equalized"
  4. Henry & Louis - "Love Like" (feat Prince Green - Pinch remix)
  5. Pich & Shackleton - "Romms Within A Room"
  6. Deleted Scenes - "Natural Law"
  7. Pinch & Quest - "In Dreams"
  8. Boddika & Joy Orbison - "Swims"
  9. DJ G - "Uncertain"
  10. Roly Porter - "Hessra"
  11. Photek & Pinch - "Acid Reign" (Pinch Dubplate version)
  12. Pinch & Loefah - "Broken"
  13. Emika - "Double Edge" (Pinch remix)
  14. Roska - "480 BC"
  15. Addison Groove - "This Is It VIP"
  16. Goth Trad - "Mach"
  17. Distance - "Blue Meanie"
  18. Jakes - "Get Serious"
  19. Jakes - "A Case Of The Bleeps"
  20. Om Unit - "Pressure"
  21. Illum Sphere - "Promise A Secret"
  22. Distal - "Venom" (part 1)
Review: Having arguably kick started Bristol's love affair with dubstep via his Context and Dubloaded parties and Tectonic label, Pinch has since proven himself to be one of the most astute and open-minded producers in the bass music scene. It's perhaps fitting, then, that he should get the honour of mixing the latest volume in the acclaimed FabricLive series. It's also fitting that FabricLive 61 sees him at his most versatile, mixing up a range of bass music flavours, from atmospheric dubstep slow burners and dreamy soundscapes (his brilliant collaboration with Quest, "In Dreams") to acid-tinged 4/4 bangers (Joy O and Boddika's anthemic "Swims"), snappy future garage from the likes of Roska, and even a dash of bombastic footwork courtesy of Addison Groove.
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Intérprete: Boywonder
 in stock $5.72
Fabriclive 62: Kasra
Fabriclive 62: Kasra (mixed low-price CD)
Cat: FABRIC 124CD. Rel: 15 Mar 12
  1. Rockwell - "Underpass" (Alix Perez VIP)
  2. Foreign Concept - "Detuned Souls"
  3. Dub Phizix - "Handmade"
  4. Phace & Noisia - "Micro Organism"
  5. Hybris - "The Cleaner VIP"
  6. Sabre, Stray & Halogenix - "Oblique VIP" (feat Frank Carter III)
  7. Mortem - "Uprising"
  8. Alix Perez - "Myriads" (Jubei remix)
  9. Break - "Soundwaves"
  10. Judda - "Pressure Plate VIP"
  11. Dub Phizix - "Codec"
  12. Hybris - "Make My Drink"
  13. Kasra & Enei - "So Real"
  14. Enei - "Machines"
  15. Enei & MC Drs - "Obsession" (Foreign Concept remix)
  16. Bladerunner - "Back To The Jungle VIP"
  17. SPY - "New Beginning VIP"
  18. Noisia & Phace - "MPD"
  19. Foreign Concept - "Mob Justice" (Enei remix)
  20. Commix - "Version"
  21. Klute - "We R The Ones" (Ulterior Motive remix)
  22. Xtrah - "Regain Control"
  23. Icicle & Rockwell - "Resources"
  24. June Miller & Proxima - "Killswitch Engage"
  25. MC Drs - "Count To Ten" (feat Enei)
  26. Mark System - "Pursuit"
  27. Mikal & Break - "Play This Game"
  28. Enei & Riya - "No Fear" (Spectrasoul remix)
  29. Stray - "Timbre VIP"
Review: As the driving force behind much-loved label Critical Recordings, Kasra is a regular visitor to Fabric's bass music parties. It's perhaps fitting, then, that he's been given the chance to mix the latest installment in the ongoing FabricLive series. It's a fluid, entertaining and in many ways adventurous mix, touching on many styles of drum and bass, from the experimental, side-stepping grooves of Hybris and Foreign Concept to the blistering jungle of Enei and Riya and the dubstep/D&B fusions of Stray. Along the way, expect moments of shimmering light, moody darkness and heavy dancefloor intensity - not to mention essential cuts from Commix, S.P.Y and Break (the ragga-jungle revivalism of "Soundwaves").
Read more
 in stock $5.72
Fabriclive 90
Fabriclive 90 (mixed CD)
Cat: FABRIC 180. Rel: 18 Nov 16
  1. O$VMV$M - "Thin Joe"
  2. Jabu & SKRS - "BwoyTestVIP"
  3. ManonMars - "Nuke The Threat"
  4. Gantz - "Shaitan"
  5. Kahn - "Polar" (feat Rider Shafique - Gantz remix)
  6. Mungo's Hi Fi - "Rules Of The Dance" (feat Charlie P - JD remix)
  7. Lamont & Boofy - "Walkin' Round Ere"
  8. Gantz - "Temple Meads"
  9. Ishan Sound & Rider Shafique - "Highest VIP"
  10. Boofy - "LVX93"
  11. Pinch & Kahn - "Send Out"
  12. Jamakabi - "Hot It Up" (Kahn & Neek remix)
  13. Jook - "Juice"
  14. TMSV - "Shallow Breath"
  15. OBF - "Ram Dance"
  16. The Bug - "Fuckaz" (feat Spaceape)
  17. Youngstar - "Bongo" (Kahn & Neek remix)
  18. Kahn & Neek - "Acting The Goat"
  19. Gemmy - "The Set Up"
  20. Hi5Ghost - "Scorpion's Mask"
  21. Young H - "We A Talk" (feat Dread MC & Rider Shafique - Ishan Sound remix)
  22. Lemzly Dale - "No Long Talk" (Kahn & Neek remix)
  23. Commodo - "S Is For Snakes"
  24. Kahn & Neek - "Damascu"
  25. Jabu - "Hungry Ghosts" (feat Chester Giles)
  26. VMOS & Boofy - "Dial Ton"
  27. Sir Spyro - "Topper Top" (feat Teddy Bruckshot, Lady Chann & Killa P - Kahn & Neek remix)
  28. Kode9 & The Spaceape - "Ghost Town"
Review: The 90th installment of the long-running FabricLive series comes from Kahn & Neek, AKA Young Echno members Joe McGann and Sam Barrett. The 28-track mix-up is naturally heavy on material from friends and collaborators (Jabu, Pinch, Ishan Sound, Gemmy etc.), plus a swathe of their own productions and remixes. It offers a whirlwind tour of the Bristol duo's influences and inspirations, taking in paranoid, dubbed-out ambience, stoned trip-hop, sub-bothering grime, post-dubstep intensity, hard-to-define madness (Gantz's brilliant "Temple Meads"), dancefloor-burning ragga revisions, and mutant, wide-eyed post-R&B (the fantastic "Dial Ton" by VMOS and Boofy). In other words, it perfectly encapsulates the duo's club-rocking DJ sets, not to mention where Bristol's bass scene is right now.
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 in stock $5.72
  1. George Next - "Are You Real" (3:52)
  2. Red - "Shiftless" (4:01)
  3. Radio Etc - "Solid Ground" (3:40)
  4. Bulu - "Monark" (3:28)
  5. Totsouko - "Straboun Doesn't Like To Be Mentioned" (4:18)
  6. Raj Pannu - "Gatka" (6:10)
 in stock $13.27
Smile & Wave
Cat: NHS 426CD. Rel: 20 Sep 21
  1. Ain't Nobody
  2. Reach Out (feat Charlotte Haining)
  3. Smile & Wave
  4. Listen Up
  5. Sanctuary
  6. Pressure (feat Cleveland Watkiss)
  7. Underdog (feat DJ Marky)
  8. Piano Skit
  9. Baby Angel Face (feat Eva Lazarus)
  10. Explode
  11. Soul Silhouette (feat Signing Fats)
  12. Hands, Lights, Flames, Phones (feat Fox & DRS)
  13. Problem Skit
  14. Take Me Home
  15. Stranger
  16. Smile More
 in stock $6.77
Ultra (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: HDBLP 033. Rel: 02 Sep 16
  1. Reflection (4:53)
  2. Burst (2:10)
  3. Fly 2 (with Banshee) (5:29)
  4. E.S.P. (3:00)
  5. I (2:03)
  6. Glass (4:30)
  7. Sweetz (with Burial) (6:59)
  8. Her (4:51)
  9. Quandary (with Darkstar) (4:23)
  10. Freeze (2:17)
  11. Yeti (2:18)
  12. SDYF (with Rezzett) (5:33)
  13. Thaw (3:55)
Review: Zomby returns to Hyperdub with his first album in three years, trailed in high profile fashion by that Burial collaboration "Sweetz." That particular tune is one of Ultra's headline attractions, alongside eyebrow-raising collaborations with Darkstar, Banshee and Rezzett. What really impresses, though, is the skewed, left-of-centre nature of the mask-wearing producer's heavy, post-grime rhythms, sparse but sparkling synth work, and the breathlessly cut-up R&B vocals dotted throughout the set. Interestingly, there are subtle nods towards new wave synth-pop, ghetto-tech, spacey ambient and alien IDM, making Ultra Zomby's most intriguing and consistently on-point album to date.
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Intérprete: Juno Recommends Bass
 in stock $20.81
In Blue
In Blue (gatefold translucent blue vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: HDBLP 055. Rel: 24 Dec 20
  1. Around Me
  2. Come
  3. Destroy Me
  4. Blood (4:01)
  5. In 2 U (4:07)
  6. Levitating (3:25)
  7. Forever (5:00)
  8. Blue To Black (4:18)
  9. Take (4:40)
  10. No Return (5:20)
  11. You (3:59)
  12. End In Blue (5:47)
Review: Mixed entirely during lockdown in his new Brussels home, prolific British producer Kevin Martin aka The Bug teams up with Berlin-based American Dis Fig, whose haunting yet seductive croon narrates a backdrop of paranoid electronic dub on In Blue. This is an album that captures a persevering sense of malaise and dread, that is so reflective of the times we are living through at present. From the grayscale industrial dub of 'Destroy Me' where Dis Fig's vocals flow hypnotically through layers of time based effects, to the low-slung subterranean sway of 'Levitating', the similarly contorted noise terror of 'Blue & Black' and the bittersweet closing track 'End In Blue' which perfectly encapsulates the "tunnel sound" the pair aimed to capture on this strong release.
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 in stock $18.72
Siren Spine Sysex
Cat: HDBCD 059. Rel: 24 Sep 21
  1. Anti Chessst
  2. Convaerge Iana
  3. Humancargoe Estt
  4. Recall (Throate Achres)
  5. Met Path Thoth
  6. 8 Megapxl See Thru Phone
  7. Thurs Jung Youtz
  8. Her In
  9. The Most Beautiful Irish Song
  10. Leith Tornn Carnal
  11. Auld Peop
  12. Iaosiphsean Powers
  13. God Aed
  14. Roman Fatigue
 in stock $13.01
Siren Spine Sysex
Siren Spine Sysex (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: HDBLP 059. Rel: 05 Nov 21
  1. Anti Chessst (3:18)
  2. Convaerge Iana (3:54)
  3. Humancargoe Estt (3:55)
  4. Recall (Throate Achres) (2:40)
  5. Met Path Thoth (4:14)
  6. 8 Megapixel See Thru Phone (2:53)
  7. Thurs Jung Youtz (3:42)
  8. Her In (3:38)
  9. The Most Beautiful Irish Song (3:27)
  10. Leith Tornn Carnal (3:48)
  11. Auld Peop (4:02)
  12. Iosiphsean Powers (2:57)
  13. God Aed (0:42)
  14. Roman Fatigue (7:37)
 in stock $18.47
SNKR 020
SNKR 020 (12")
Cat: SNKR 020. Rel: 11 Jun 19
  1. Don't Wanna Know (3:10)
  2. Predator Vs Prey (Toxin) (4:12)
  3. Photosynthesis (feat Tranq Sinatra) (3:19)
Review: Etch and Nico Lindsay make good musical bedfellows; the former's spacious left-footed soundscapes providing plenty of room for Nico's narrative, evolving lyrical style, they're kindred spirits linked by a glacial sense of adventure and refusal to compromise. Opener "Don't Wanna Know" kicks the doors down with force. Rough and switchy, there's a pulsing 2002 feel to both the step and flow while "Predator Vs Prey (Toxin)" takes us on a much swampier, weirded out trip that buns everything but survival. Finally, Tranq Sinatra joins the fray for an urgent finale where fast-tongue tales from Nico are backed from Tranq harmonies and another iced riddim from Etch. Cold.
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 in stock $10.15
Fireworks (double 12")
Cat: HJP 53. Rel: 14 Feb 11
  1. Fireworks
  2. Fireworks (T++ Aussen Vor remix)
  3. Undeadman
  4. Undeadman (Mordant Music remix)
Review: Not content with dropping the delirious "Deadman", Sam Shackleton offers up another must-have release in the shape of this expansive double pack. Lead cut "Fireworks" is classic Shackleton - a skittering dubstep/dub techno fusion that makes delicious use of echo-laden congas, foreboding noises and distant, Middle Eastern melodies. It's utterly spellbinding. T++ remixes, delivering a ricocheting dub take. On the second disc, Shackleton reveals "Undeadman", a kind of bizzaro universe mix of "Deadman". It's pleasingly creepy, working odd samples and strange found sound around a solid, dancefloor-friendly rhythm. Flip for an excellent remix from Mordant Music, which makes brilliant use of a live dub bassline.
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 in stock $13.52
Rainy Dub
Rainy Dub (12")
Cat: HJP 61. Rel: 30 Nov 11
  1. Rainy Dub
  2. Faceless
Review: Honest Jon's present this sonically challenging but quite excellent twelve inch from Actress, allowing us the chance to indulge in his quite singular vision via some long overdue original material ahead of a forthcoming third album slated to appear in the spring of next year on the West London imprint. Always a musician who prefers to keep his captive audience guessing, it would be churlish to presume how that forthcoming album may sound on the basis of "Rainy Dub" and "Faceless", as neither will be present on it. However, there is plenty to admire here, with the lead track described quite presciently by the label as the "alien son of Sleng Teng". Just like that riddim pioneered a new wave of digital dancehall when Wayne Smith joined forces with King Jammy on "Under Me Sleng Teng", "Rainy Dub" seems to signify a concentrated shift in Cunningham's focus towards ever new jagged dissections through the fuzziest extremes of sub bass. Minute attention to detail such as the near indecipherable vocal gurgles trapped far beneath ensure you keep returning to the track, as new sonic elements come to light. "Faceless" creeps towards you like second album highlight "Purple Splazsh" regurgitated through a robotic variant of the human centipede, with the track's hazy melodic elements desperately trying to claw through the claustrophobic rhythms, creeping corroded textures and rising gurgles of stomach acid.
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 in stock $8.59
Pinch & Shackleton
Pinch & Shackleton (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: 827 67041. Rel: 11 Nov 11
  1. Cracks In The Pleasuredome
  2. Jellybones
  3. Torn & Submerged
  4. Rooms Within A Room
  5. Selfish Greedy Life
  6. Burning Blood
  7. Levitation
  8. Monks On The Rum
Review: Coming completely out of nowhere, this collaborative album between two of dubstep's most revered producers is not only one of this year's best examples of the genre, but some of the best dubstep to emerge since the demise of Shackleton and Appleblim's Skull Disco label in 2008. In a landscape increasingly dominated by the sounds of genre hopping post-dubstep, this album is a timely reminder of the dark spaces dubstep once inhabited; "Jellybones" for instance utilises eastern percussion manipulated to increasing degrees of mind-warping confusion, whilst "Levitation" weaves furious rhythms around radiophonic weirdness, while closer "Monks On The Rum" is a gripping exercise in tension, contrasting cut-glass percussion with a hesitant bass. But for all the structural complexity of these tracks, for example in "Rooms Within a Room", which weaves a brooding string intro and sampled choir around traditional dubstep atmospheres, the pair have never sounded so focused. Essential.
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 in stock $22.64
The Boxer
The Boxer (12")
Cat: TEC 040. Rel: 07 Sep 10
  1. The Boxer
  2. The Boxer (Darqwan remix)
Review: Rob Ellis aka Pinch drops one of the biggest dubstep tunes of 2010 in "The Boxer". It shows the Bristolian at his no holds barred, unyielding best U militant basslines, skittering tribal percussion and ethereal moans all combine for a tear out that stands above the pretenders. Flip over for a remix from fellow dubstep veteran Darqwan, who throws a cheeky vocal sample on top for added hands-up effect.

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Intérprete: TMSV, Jack Sparrow
 in stock $4.95
Variance (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: ZIQ 024LP. Rel: 17 Jul 09
  1. Soul Flute
  2. Antiphon
  3. Moment
  4. The Girl Who Fell To Earth
  5. Sakura
  6. Eva
  7. Dreams
  8. Aqueminae
  9. Zenith
  10. Tensor
  11. Shibuya
  12. Chromadynamic
  13. Cascade Decoherence
  14. Aerodynamic
  15. Latinhypercube
  16. Kyoto
  17. Hyperdynamic
  18. Reprise
Intérprete: Exium
 in stock $16.13
Power Grid
Power Grid (2xLP)
Cat: ZIQ 278. Rel: 10 Jul 10
  1. Space Traveller
  2. Menace
  3. Pulse
  4. Twisted
  5. Power Grid
  6. Uptown Lane
  7. Horror Story
  8. Ride 4 Me
 in stock $4.95
Hagakure (12")
Cat: ONEF 040. Rel: 22 Feb 22
  1. Lunar Eclipse (feat Strategy) (5:10)
  2. Hagakure (feat Drone) (5:06)
  3. Familiarity (with Monty) (5:00)
  4. Sunshine Mystery (4:07)
Review: Visages continue to defy and confound expectation with another adventurous EP that traverses a number of different moods, grooves and tempos on the 1985 Music label. 'Lunar Eclipse' features Strategy and races out of the blocks on a clean and stepping half time rhythm, with groaning asbs and slick bars. 'Hagakure' calls upon a guest feature from Drone and is a dark, go slow and creepy atmospheric cut before 'Familiarity' with Monty picks up the pace with nice and icy breakbeats and twisted bass. 'Sunshine Mystery' closes out with the most soulful sound of the lot, melancholic chords and soothing vocals.
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 in stock $14.05
Space Is King: From Dub To Dubstep
Cat: EB 087. Rel: 08 Mar 12
  1. Rise (feat Noiseshaper - Adrian Sherwood remix)
  2. Jah Dub (feat Noiseshaper - Adrian Sherwood remix)
  3. Waterhouse Rock (feat Big Youth - Groove Coporation remix)
  4. Waterhouse Dub (feat Ruts DC - RSD remix)
  5. Love & Fire (feat Ruts DC - Dreadzone remix)
  6. Jim Screetchy (feat Big Youth - Smith & Mighty remix)
  7. Babylon's Burning (feat The Ruts - Rob Smith Inna Rankin Dread mix)
  8. Kung Fu Fighting (feat Carl Douglas - Rob Smith dub cuts)
  9. Marijuana Dreams (feat Dubblestandart - Red Hands Common & Koe DNB remix)
  10. Gun Down (Jason DJ Shine Spanu remix - Dubmatix feat The Ragga Twin)
  11. Echo Beach (feat Martha & The Muffins - RSD remix)
  12. We All Have To Get High (feat Devon D & Dubblestandart - Tom Watson remix)
  13. Chase The Devil (feat Lee Scratch Perry & Dubblestandart - G Corp remix)
  14. Looked Away (feat Sara Lugo - El Wharton Dubstep remix)
Intérprete: Juno Recommends Dub
 in stock $13.27
Cat: NONPLUS 009. Rel: 06 Oct 10
  2. My Balance (Last Priority)
 in stock $4.95
LOL: Me Me Part 2
Cat: NONPLUSLP 002PART2. Rel: 31 May 11
  1. Trophy Wife
  2. VHS
  3. Quarter Life Crisis
  4. Degrade Me
Review: If you've yet to indulge in Me Me, the mildly mysterious debut album from LOL which surfaced via Non Plus earlier this year, then this second vinyl sampler is a perfect introduction. Formed around a sound that skitters between dubstep and finely crafted cinematic pop, LOL don't really have any contemporaries, though tracks such as "Trophy Wife" and "Quarter Life Crisis" bear positive comparisons with vintage Lamb or Moloko. Elsewhere "VHS" demonstrates their penchant for swirling and mournful instrumental introspection. Whilst the four tracks here will puzzle some fans of Non Plus, it's a credit to the label that they have the cojones to step this far outside of expectations.
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 in stock $3.11
Radar (12")
Cat: NONPLUS 015. Rel: 12 Sep 11
  1. Radar
  2. Vacuum States
Review: Having announced his new Jon Convex endeavour with two slices of formidable futurism for Martyn's 3024 imprint, Damon Kirkham returns to the familiarity of Non Plus with a double clutch of equally essential productions. Fans of cult TV might recognise the snatch of Badalamenti strings that announce "Radar" in such ominous fashion, though it's they way this element is weaved amidst ever groaning insect like bass and murderous strains of dystopian acid that truly impresses. And of course the brittle click clack of drums that always threatens to smash to pieces. In contrast, "Vacuum States" offers a more optimistic slant on the sci fi electro poise, gradually letting loose a succession of kaleidoscopic synth flutters over the stripped down kick thrust and glooping bass.
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 in stock $3.11
LOL: Me Me Part 1
Cat: NONPLUSLP 002PART1. Rel: 08 Feb 11
  1. Squeeze Me
  2. Face Me
  3. Dare Me
  4. White Noise
Review: Just when you thought you had Al Bleek and Damon Drama's Non Plus sorted, they go and make a sharp diversion and take you somewhere completely different. The destination? LOL. And no, that's not a joke. A teaser for their forthcoming album Me Me, the tracklist reads a little like an Alice In Wonderland list of instructions or perhaps a seductive dance; "Squeeze Me" kicks off with sinuous R&B style vocals and enticing synths with a slow, lolhloping half step rhythm, which inevitably drags you in deep like a tidal current of sound, while "Face Me" follows a languid 4/4 drum pattern drenched in late night synths. "Dare Me", up next, mirrors the sonic palette with shimmering, spaced out atmospherics and more glorious, syrup sweet lyrics. Visceral and rather enthralling, it bears the hallmarks of nocturnal dance music with throbbing b-line and infectious, enveloping synth-work, but with an underlying pop/R&B sensibility that shines through the darkness. Crackly, droning atmospherics sit beneath ice cold bleeps on finale "White Noise". A far cry from much of the recent Non Plus output for sure, but a remarkable release nonetheless which we urge you to get your teeth into.
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Intérprete: Be-1ne
 in stock $2.07
Kill Your Self Doubt
Cat: TERR 070. Rel: 18 Feb 20
  1. Graveyard Shift (feat Trim) (2:53)
  2. Intuition (3:18)
  3. Kill Your Self Doubt (3:41)
  4. Hallelujah (3:04)
  5. Beginners Mind Fuck (2:21)
  6. No Bad Notes (4:52)
 in stock $13.27
Climb Out Of Your Hiding Place
Climb Out Of Your Hiding Place (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: SYSTM 033. Rel: 05 Aug 20
  1. Climb Out Of Your Hiding Place (4:34)
  2. Your Shed's Too Big (5:06)
Review: Boofy on System; we're surprised this hasn't happened sooner... But the wait has been worth it as we've got two powerful lessons in suspense, tension and low end drama. "Climb Out Of Your Hiding Place" sets the admonishing tone. Paranoid, foreboding and stripped back to the bare elements, it's the perfect pace setter. Flip for another excellently titled track as "Your Shed's Too Big" flips the focus on the rolling steppy percussion and wandering pipe arpeggio that skitters around the cut like a spider on ice. Get shedded.
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 in stock $12.23
Feldspar (12")
Cat: LSR 002. Rel: 18 Nov 11
  1. Feldspar
  2. Psycho
Intérprete: Danny Drive Thru
 in stock $10.15
180 (red vinyl 12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: LM 039EPR. Rel: 08 Oct 21
  1. Burnt (3:30)
  2. All Clear (2:59)
  3. Nite Bells (3:35)
  4. Dial (3:45)
  5. Gasp (bonus track) (3:05)
  6. Weather Man Beats (bonus track) (3:09)
  7. Toolman (bonus track) (2:19)
  8. Ripple (bonus track) (2:48)
  9. All Clear (feat CJ Flemings - bonus track) (3:01)
 in stock $12.83
One Hunned
One Hunned (white vinyl 12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: LM 009EPR. Rel: 08 Oct 21
  1. Glow (2:48)
  2. I See U (4:20)
  3. Juice (3:56)
  4. Bricks (3:56)
  5. Guardian (4:35)
  6. And She Said (4:26)
  7. I See U (Blessing mix) (3:50)
  8. I See U (Girl Unit mix) (5:01)
Review: Celebrations abound at Lucky Me as the Scottish label look back over some of the key releases that defined the label and the era for so many of us. First up, Lunice's ground breaking 'One Hunned'. Hip-hop in form, cosmic in spirit, dance music in soul, this EP (like all of Lunice and the TNGHT material he did with Hudson Mohawke) still sounds about 50 years in the future and riddled with emotion. This 10 year anniversary edition features the full six originals plus the two remixes 'I See U' from the time from The Blessings and Girl Unit versions, which still slap on an equally futuristic level.
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 in stock $12.83
Stacker Upper
Stacker Upper (limited blue vinyl 12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: LM 006EPR. Rel: 08 Oct 21
  1. Hitmane's Anthem (4:15)
  2. Hip Pop (4:15)
  3. The Name Dunnit (feat Troy Dunnit) (3:33)
  4. Fancy Forty (4:18)
  5. Purp Walk (4:13)
  6. Fancy Forty (Rustie remix) (4:11)
  7. Geoid (3:26)
Review: Lucky Me celebrate 10 years of Lunice's game-changing EP 'Stacker Upper' with this exceptional deluxe anniversary release. Now complete with the previously unreleased track from the time 'Geoid', this features all the futuristic hip-hop mutations of the original (including Rustie's timeless remix of 'Fancy Forty') The vibe and energy still sound vibrant and essential a whole decade later and the message remains the same: keep away from the microwave popcorn!
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 in stock $15.09
Enro (limited LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: VSN 085. Rel: 15 Oct 21
  1. Smthingnew (2:55)
  2. Run (3:02)
  3. Abouttobegin (2:10)
  4. Bymyown (2:44)
  5. Needyou (3:07)
  6. Ultraboost (3:01)
  7. Sidewayzzz (2:42)
  8. Stepoff (2:53)
  9. Mymind (2:05)
  10. Whenu (2:40)
  11. Enro Scratch Tool (0:39)
 in stock $12.75
Not Modular
Not Modular (splattered vinyl 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: PRESH 009. Rel: 12 Jul 19
  1. Not Modular (6:30)
  2. Not Modular (The Bug 'Straight' remix) (3:28)
  3. Not Modular (The Bug ‘Raw’ remix) (3:28)
Intérprete: Juno Recommends Bass
 in stock $10.40
Touch (12")
Cat: WPR 047. Rel: 24 Nov 20
  1. Touch (4:12)
  2. Lotus (4:37)
  3. Track 3 (3:46)
  4. Static (3:22)
Intérprete: Taiko
 in stock $9.89
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