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Back Catalogue: Disco/Reediciones

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  1. Beard In Dust & Arsenii - "Hey Hey" (6:45)
  2. Arsenii - "Commando" (5:22)
  3. Sputnik - "Bhangraman" (6:24)
  4. Guido Minisky - "The Villain Edit" (5:09)
Review: With the Russia 2018 World Cup hurtling towards a thrilling conclusion, Moscow-based re-edit crew That's A Steal joins the global party in fine style. To kick things off, Beard in Dust and Arsenii join forces on "Hey Hey", a thrilling scalpel revision of a barely known, turn-of-the-80s Bollywood disco gem. Arseeni continues the Indian flavour via the slo-mo, Balearic reggae flex of "Commando", before Sputnik takes our breath away via the surging, Italo-disco-goes-East brilliance of "Bhangraman" - all throbbing arpeggio-style bass, foreboding chords and exotic synthesizer lines. A fine package is completed by the bonkers brilliance of Guido Minisky's "The Villain Edit", which sounds like Mumbai's answer to Art of Noise jamming with Herbie Hancock (circa "Rockit").
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Cat: LZD 017. Rel: 21 Sep 10
  1. Lay It On The Line
  2. Broken Promises
  3. Lay It On The Line (Fred Everthing remix)
  4. Lay It On The Line (Fred Everthing instrumental)
out of stock $8.42
  1. Findlay Brown - "Losing The Will To Survive" (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve reanimation)
  2. Nick Nicely - "On The Beach"
  3. Glass Candy - "Rolling Down The Hills" (demo)
  4. Parker Lewis - "Coming Up For Air"
  5. Bostro Pesopeo - "Bisogna"
Review: "Permanent Vacation EP 2 Sampler" is a limited five track vinyl sampler with some of the highlights of Permanent Vacation's second mix CD compilation. The tracks have been handpicked by Benji Frohlich and Tom Bioly.
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out of stock $6.31
  1. Tony Chocoloney - "Less Groove" (6:52)
  2. Alex Zuiev - "Valentina" (7:28)
  3. Anthony Mansfield & DJ M3 - "It's Too Late" (5:36)
  4. Gledd - "When You Move" (6:21)
Review: Sleazy McQueen presents another wicked serving of Disco deviance on the always reliable Whiskey Disco. The North Carolina based imprint's 57th edition gives us four more surefire disco edits by the likes of Tony Chocoloney from Melbourne, Australia who gives us some funked-up soulpower on "Less Groove", Ukrainian Alex Zuiev gives us a loungey kinda something' on the tres chic "Valentina" and Anthony Mansfield delivers an unrepentant use of sleek filter sweeps throughout the slo-mo antics of "It's Too Late" featuring a bit of help from good buddy DJ M3.
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Sun Song (12")
Cat: SCEP 483. Rel: 08 Mar 18
  1. Sun Song (7:15)
  2. Nigeria (7:03)
Review: Nicola Conte and Gianluca Petrella follow up last year's beautiful "African Spirits / New World Shuffle" with two more lavish instrumentals. "Sun Song" lives up to its name with wave after wave of heated musicianship from the belting harmonies to the light-touch keys. "Nigeria" taps deep into the source too as it drives us through the heart of Lagos with full horns and sweeping keys. Spiritual, sun-splashed and vital.
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Cat: SC 486. Rel: 16 May 19
  1. Free Your Mind (5:51)
  2. Imani River (feat Bridgette Amofah) (4:58)
  3. Infinity (feat Bridgette Amofah) (7:28)
Review: Italian Latin jazz stalwart Nicola Conte first joined forces with trombonist Gianluca Petrella way back in 2001 on the nu-jazz era "New Standards" single. The pair started working on new material in 2014 and the "Free Your Mind EP" is their third joint release since. They're in a surprisingly up-beat, club-ready mood on EP opener "Free Your Mind", where Ebo Taylor style guitars, Africa 70 organs, tasty vocal samples and Afrobeat style horn lines are underpinned by a relaxed deep house groove. Vocalist Bridgette Amofah stars on the EP's other two cuts: the percussive tribal jazz of highlight "Imani River" and epic B-side "Infinity", a superb chunk of Afro-tinged deep house that sounds like it was inspired by Kai Alce and Ron Trent records.
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out of stock $11.58
Cat: SCEP 480. Rel: 29 Nov 17
  1. African Spirits (7:33)
  2. New World Shuffle (feat Bridgette Amofah) (7:50)
Review: Last spotted on wax together 16 years ago on New Standards, Italian kindred spirits and diggers Conte and Petrella collide once again. A culmination of many records savoured and ideas shared between the two friends, this 12" is long overdue and fizzes with fusion. "African Spirit" is focused on a rolling tribal MAW style house rhythm with Gianluca adding his signature trombone with staccato finesse while "New World Shuffle" is a much dreamier, smoky affair that sounds perfect any time between sunset and sunrise. Spiritual.
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  1. No One Belongs Here More Than You
  2. No One Belongs Here More Than You (Ewan Pearson's Maximos Balearos remix)
out of stock $8.42
  1. Easy Going - "Fear Medley" (Disconet remix)
  2. Devo - "That's Good" (Disconet remix)
  3. Giorgio Moroder - "Machines" (Disconet remix)
out of stock $6.85
  1. Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - "Moonlite" (6:27)
  2. Duff Disco - "Always On My Mind" (6:38)
  3. Buzz Compass - "U Deserve It" (6:01)
  4. Get Down Edits - "Hey (Whats Happening)" (5:46)
Review: On this latest must-have missive, the Editorial crew has assembled an all-star cast of re-editors and house-loving disco rework merchants. Thrillingly, it contains a now rare outing from slo-mo specialist Duff Disco, whose atmospheric, beatdown style chugger "Always on My Mind" is undoubtedly one of the best things he's released in years. Props, too, to Irish disco-house specialists Get Down Edits, who weigh in with the warm and summery grooves of "Hey (What's Happening)". Elsewhere, Buzz Compass subtly beefs up and filters out a sleazy disco favourite on the constantly rising "U Deserve It", while Ed Wizard and Disco Double Dee get the party started in their inimitable style via a touch of disco/hip-hop fusion ("Moonlite").
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  1. Ethyene - "Release Yourself" (7:32)
  2. LK - "Your Luv Is Mine" (6:32)
  3. Georgi Barrel - "Up The Hill" (6:40)
  4. David Moran - "Weak" (6:27)
Review: Roots For Bloom's consistently on-point SHAG Edits jams continue with typically steamy results. Ethyene takes the lead with a big swooning string sample and shuffling Buckethead style beats, LK brings up the rear slowly and smoulderingly with a delicious slo-mo cosmic chugger, Georgi Barrel's "Up The Hill" is another big sample groove with more than a whiff of Sneak's "Can't Hide From Your Bud" to it. Finally David Moran closes the show with the sexiest jam of the set; the boogie breaks badness of "Weak". Strong
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A18 (12")
Cat: APRON 18. Rel: 15 Jul 15
  1. F's Diss (4:34)
  2. B's Diss (7:52)
Review: Sir Funkineven's Apron label has been on the down low for the past few months, but it's a pure stealth move with this split 12" from the founder and the excellent Greg Beato the first of several killer records due over the coming months. In essence the pair take a side each with "F's Diss" from Funkineven channelling Soundstream levels of edit-shaped bliss whilst Miami's pocket dynamo Greg Beato slams through some blinding Hi NRG on "B's Diss". What exactly the originals are is quite secondary to how deadly they've become in the scalpels of this trans-Atlantic pair.
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Cat: NMH 013. Rel: 20 May 11
  1. Some Time
  2. Mustang
  3. Turned
out of stock $9.48
Cat: DBB 003. Rel: 12 Oct 12
  1. The Green Man
  2. The Green Man (Capracara remix)
  3. Dirk Bogarde
Review: Launched earlier this year after several successful years of East London parties, the Disco Bloodbath imprint are clearly set on a path to promote the musical talents that's been cultivating around them. This third release on the labels sees the lesser spotted G&S return with their first material since appearances on Dissident (RIP) and In Flagranti's Codek imprint back in 09. A collaborative project between Say Yes resident Nadia Ksaiba and Matt Waites of Call Super, Moscow and Nightmoves repute, the G&S sound is based around a weighty yet eminently danceable manipulation of analogue gear which is executed with aplomb on lead track "Green Man". The duo's predilection for disco is very much evident in the tonalities of this track, but it's blended with a tough 808 grit that will appeal to Dissident fans. Juno favourite Capracara appears on the B-Side with a flipping great remix of "Green Man" that expertly imbues some house buoyancy into proceedings without sacrificing any of the original's crystalline charms, while G&S finish off with the Bloodbath anthem in the making "Dirk Bogarde".
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Intérprete: Craig Bratley, Ali Renault
out of stock $7.11
Cat: PIN 12001. Rel: 15 Sep 10
  1. Highway
  2. Diskossa
out of stock $10.53
Cat: LIFES 003. Rel: 21 Oct 10
  1. Paiste (original version)
  2. Paiste (extended version)
out of stock $12.64
Cat: PIN 12002. Rel: 15 Sep 10
  1. Keinukaruselli
  2. Safari
out of stock $10.53
Disco Nightmare (limited hand-stamped 12")
Cat: BAPXX 1. Rel: 18 Sep 17
  1. Disco Nightmare (7:41)
  2. Flying Over The Island (5:45)
Review: G-Machine is having a nightmare and he wants you to have one, too. It's not your standard mare, mind. No naked in front of your school assembly business or suddenly realising you've still got exams to do, rather a deep cosmic dream galvanised by raw doses of funk thanks to a slippery slap bass that worms in and out of a hazy weave of synth and pads. "Flying Over The Island" on the B is no nightmare either; a breezy evocative slice of Balearica with infectious harmonic chimes, disco pops and dizzying layers of percussion... It's the perfect wake-up call from the sweetest of dreams. Once again the machine hits the G spot.
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Forbidden Love (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: R2P 012. Rel: 03 Feb 14
  1. Forbidden Love (original mix)
  2. Forbidden Love (Times Are Ruff remix)
  3. Forbidden Love (Edward remix)
out of stock $9.22
Cat: CHANNEL 061. Rel: 09 Dec 15
  1. Nova (Niagara mix) (6:04)
  2. Nova (Tiago remix) (5:13)
Review: Phil South's Golf Channel has developed a fine relationship with Portuguese band Gala Drop over the years with the 2014 LP II the highlight of this union. Before the year is out, band and label reunite for Nova, a killer 12" which sees the band reworked by some of their talented compatriots. First up are Niagara, delivering their first ever remix after a year in which they've excelled on records for Principe, FTD, and their own Ascender label. In the trio's hands, "Nova" is granted the big band disco treatment, Lisbon-style, and it's nice to see how different their vibe is to the subsequent remix from Tiago. The Lux legend veers off into soulful broken beat house territory, channelling the vibes of old Bugz in the Attic and Kaidi Tatham material and we're loving it!
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Intérprete: Dj soFa
out of stock $10.28
Cat: INT023GAL 2. Rel: 30 Jan 13
  1. Cero (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
  2. Cero (Prins Thomas Ambiens)
  3. Cero (Tuff City Kids mix 1)
  4. Cero (Tuff City Kids mix 2)
Review: Both Tough City Kids and Prins Thomas supply two mixes each for Galarude's "Cero", released through Prins Thomas and Kai Fraeger Internasjonal imprint, but originally on Japanese label Locarno Records almost 10 years ago. PT's trademark "Diskomiks" burrows down hard on a vamped bassline adding Balearic electronics to the fray, whereas his "Ambiens" mix, as the titles track suggests, is devoid of beats and the bassline from his "Diskomiks". The first mix by Tough City Kids (Gerd Jansen & Phillip Lauer) re-rubs the originals synths and simplifies the tracks busy drums, opting for a Human League kick-snare routine instead. Their second mix boils down things even further with a remix that could have easily been labelled "bonus beats".
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out of stock $10.28
Cat: ENV 038. Rel: 03 Jun 15
  1. Calling Card (5:22)
  2. Calling Card (Razor dub) (4:40)
  3. Mezzanine (3:56)
  4. Mezzanine (Up dub) (4:44)
Review: New music from Morgan Geist will always be celebrated thanks to his role in Metro Area, and more recently Storm Queen, and the New York producer is certainly on effervescent form with this debut 12" under his new project The Galleria. The four track Calling Card 12" finds Geist calling on the spirit of freestyle, club dubs, razor-edits and bubblegum-pop R&B there is something immediately satisfying to each one of them. Hyperdub artist Jessy Lanza provides some thrilling vocals to both original versions of "Calling Card" and "Mezzanine", the latter is a particularly sweet proposition, and Geist also contributes some superb '80s style dubs.
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out of stock $9.22
Cat: GDR 001. Rel: 01 Mar 17
  1. The Cool The Hip & The Square (5:26)
  2. Bring Them Back Together (6:38)
Review: For the first release on their Ghetto Disco imprint, Edinburgh-based daughter-and-father duo Natasha and Dennis Probert has turned to the cheekily named Serge Gamesbourg. Having already impressed via contributions to Rahaan's Street Edits series, monsieur Gamesbourg is sure to enhance his reputation further with these two reworks. "The Cool, The Hip & The Square" sees him reworking the track that initially inspired the label, extending, chopping and rearranging the killer disco original in all the right places. Arguably even better, though, is the B-side sensuality of "Bring Them Back Together", a glassy-eyed rework of a Philly soul gem that's as sultry as the come.
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out of stock $7.37
Redemption (12")
Cat: DDR 015. Rel: 12 Feb 07
  1. Redemption (original mix)
  2. Redemption (The Revolving Eyes Hi Energy remix)
  3. Redemption (Mister J remix)
Review: David Garcet (half of Pink Slow Motel) is returning with this ultimate beauty. "Redemption" is a sublime trance induced dancefloor rumbler, already causing quite a stir. Furthermore, "Redemption" has been tweaked to the maximum by The Revolving Eyes (aka Rob'n' Zoopsie), Belgian's prime Italo movers. Here they churn out an absolutely fantastic Italo monster, comprising Moroder basslines and eerie noises to maximum effect. On top of that there is a wicked dubbed out tech-house version by none other than Mister J (from Missive fame), who goes deep in this dub fest.
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out of stock $6.18
Cat: SNMV 011. Rel: 15 Jun 11
  1. After All (instrumental house mix)
  2. After All (Claro Intelecto remix)
  3. Dirty Black Dust
out of stock $8.42
Cat: WES 5011. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. When You Touch Me (Larry Levan 10:36 mix)
  2. When You Touch Me (Larry Levan 11:03 mix)
out of stock $9.48
  1. Taana Gardner - "Paradise Express" (unreleased version)
  2. Frequency - "Loosen Up /Home Cooking" (unreleased version)
  3. Dee Dee Sharp - "Hot Fun" (unreleased version)
Review: Arguably one of the first ever dubplate labels, Sunshine Sound was home to limited runs of DJ-friendly versions throughout the 70s and early 80s. Most are long gone, but the "Unreleased Version" series continues to unearth the existing gems. Having previously dusted off a very special version of Candido, they return with three more exclusive rubs; a super-slinky boogie take of Taana Gardner's 1979 "Paradise Express", a thriving, drum-heavy take on the lolloping bass jam "Loosen Up" and the piano-slapping strutting "Hot Fun" where Dee Dee Sharp's vocals provide the ultimate sensuous showdown. As limited as the original acetate presses, this needs urgent attention.
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out of stock $12.64
  1. Gary's Gang - "Keep On Dancing" (Todd Terje remix)
  2. Komiko - "Feel Alright" (Bonar Bradberry edit)
  3. Gary's Gang - "Let's Lovedance Tonight" (Jacques Renault edit)
  4. John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - "Stay With Me" (Andy Ash edit)
out of stock $8.42
Cat: FAK 004. Rel: 15 Nov 10
  1. Running On Empty
  2. Search For Pleasure
  3. Black Rain
  4. Emotional Disguise
  5. Happy Feeling Sad
  6. Graham's Number
  7. Life Cycle Of A Paranoid Man
out of stock $9.48
Giza (12")
Cat: ME034V. Rel: 06 Jan 11
  1. Chains
  2. Storm Column
  3. Serpent
  4. Giza
  5. Mirage
  6. Oracle
out of stock $6.31
Clem's Bounce (1-sided 12")
Cat: GATTOFRITTO 001. Rel: 26 Jul 07
  1. Clem's Bounce
Review: "Clem's Bounce" is a super vibey Balearic dancer from the mysterious Gatto Fritto. Don't miss this release.
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out of stock $7.37
Invisible College (1-sided 12")
Cat: GATTOFRITTO 2. Rel: 21 Sep 07
  1. Invisible College
Review: "Invisible College", by Gatto Fritto, is a perfect farewell to summer. It's all bouncy guitars and beautiful atmospherics coupled with a groovy understated bass and a generally upbeat attitude. This will send you into Autumn with a big smile on your face. "Invisible College" is limited to 200 copies, so don't sleep on it.
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out of stock $7.37
Hungry Ghosts (1-sided 12")
Cat: GATTOFRITTO 3. Rel: 08 Jan 08
  1. Hungry Ghosts
out of stock $7.37
Cat: EBO 004. Rel: 18 Sep 19
  1. Nite Dubbin' (2019 Remaster) (6:47)
  2. Interviews By The Pool (6:57)
  3. Last In The Bin (unreleased 12 Inch mix) (5:12)
Intérprete: Thomas wood
 in stock $10.01
Seaside Edits Volume 2 (10blue vinyl 12")
Cat: EBO 002. Rel: 04 Jun 14
  1. Fora Daqui
  2. Halle Luja
  3. Wannado
  4. Sempre La
out of stock $9.48
Les Dance (remixes) (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: HEARTDB 83. Rel: 01 Feb 17
  1. Les Dance (Jean Claude Gavri vocal remix) (7:09)
  2. Les Dance (Jean Claude Gavri 2017 dub edit) (6:35)
Review: Over the last few years, Israeli producer Jean-Claude Gavri has reworked all manner of vintage dancefloor treats, often delivering brilliantly percussive or subtly tooled-up reinterpretations. This time round, he's working his magic on David Bowie's 1983 classic "Let's Dance". Interestingly, it sounds like Gavri had access to the master tapes during the remixing process, because the A-side remix is a wonderfully dubbed-out, synth-laden interpretation that sounds like a cross between the work of The Reflex and the Idjut Boys. The flipside Dub Edit is pretty tasty, too, and naturally concentrates more on both the rolling percussion and killer synth bassline.
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 in stock $10.28
Cat: DFTEDITS 003. Rel: 12 Mar 15
  1. Jean Claude Gavri - "Share That Beat Of Love" (JCG vinyl mix) (5:21)
  2. Dimitri From Astoria - "Greece Is The Word" (4:06)
Review: Two golden edits with no chin stroking required thanks to the EBO label! Tel Aviv's Jean Claude Gavri does the business on Michael Jackson's "Rock With You", making lavish extensions in all the right places. Dimitri From Astoria (any relation to namesakes from Paris and Blackpool?) follows suit with an equally impressive twist on the Franki Valli classic from Greece. Both already tried and tested floor-jammers since the 70s, these updates do the originals some serious justice.
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out of stock $9.48
Cat: LOSTEDITS 001. Rel: 05 Nov 14
  1. Jean Claude Gavri - "The Lost Edit"
  2. Moplen - "The Riddum Slave"
Review: The EBO label returns with Seaside Edits don Jean Claude Gavri sharing sides on a 12" with Italian contemporary Moplen that's slightly too vitamin D-infused in tone for the Winter months but will nice up any left leaning discotheque. Any self respecting disco scholar should have no issues IDing the source material here, Gavri taking on the Carly Simon classic "Why" and adding subtle Caribbean disco vibes to proceedings and occasionally dipping into the filters on this extended groove rendition. On the flip "The Riddum Slave" sees Luca Locatelli work similar magic, filling the Grace Jones cut of the near same name with all manner of dub fx, neat loops and hot breaks.
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out of stock $9.48
Cat: C#CC 009. Rel: 20 Sep 07
  1. I Am A Vocoder (original vocal version)
  2. I Am A Vocoder (2007 version - vocal mix)
  3. I Am A Vocoder (2007 version - instrumental)
Review: "I'm A Vocoder", by Gay Cat Park, is a highly sought after Italo classic, originally released in 1982. This is one of the coolest and most wanted Italo disco/electro records ever, now on Clone Classic Cuts!
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out of stock $8.42
Cat: CODIS 0031. Rel: 26 Nov 10
  1. What Happened (vocal)
  2. Times Square Was Not Disney World (original)
  3. What Happened (instrumental)
out of stock $7.37
Lucky In Vichy (12" promo)
Cat: GOMMA 086. Rel: 09 Mar 07
  1. Lucky In Vichy (feat Doctor BM)
  2. Magic Touch (feat Doctor BM)
Review: GB's 'Lucky in Vichy', released on Gomma, is between tribal Cosmic Disco and early Trance-influenced electronica.
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out of stock $8.42
Cat: LMNKV 69. Rel: 12 May 11
  1. You Can't Own Me (Mudd 56 mix)
  2. You Can't Own Me (A 56 bonus)
  3. When I Woke Up (Natural Self remix)
  4. When I Woke Up (Natural Self instrumental version)
Review: Love Monk present a second round of remixes to accompany Gecko Turner's third album, Gone Down South, released last year to critical acclaim. First up is Claremont 56 boss Mudd who takes the pleasant Caribbean lilt of "You Can't Own Me" and transforms it into a slice of superb slomo house. Tingling chords, intricate drum programming and warm swathes of bass draw you in before Mudd fully unleashes the Turner vocal. On the flip, Tru Thoughts mainstay Natural Self adds more than a smidgen of dusted funk to the hip-hop leaning "When I Woke Up". Instrumental versions of both tracks are included for those wanting to fully appreciate the remixers art.
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out of stock $6.31
Cat: ENV 032. Rel: 26 Sep 08
  1. Detroit (Carl Craig C2 remix 2)
  2. Detroit (Carl Craig C2 remix 1)
  3. Detroit (album version)
out of stock $8.42
Super (12")
Cat: ENV 012. Rel: 07 Jul 01
  1. 24K
  2. Sleaze
  3. Lullaby
Review: In 2001, Environ boss Morgan Geist took a solo break from Metro Area with a hot new 12" and the Super EP. Inspired by classic techno and house with a heavy dose of dramatic disco, Geist melds the organic sounds of Metro Area with his own innovative style on this EP, incorporating live instrumentation with a funky, machine groove. The A-side cut "24K" melds an old-is-gold DMX house drum track with lush basslines and live string sugar from the Kelley Polar Quartet. On the flip, "Sleaze" takes the dancers into a sweaty mix of new wave chords and stabs (think New Order's Blue Monday or Prelude's more robotic releases) mixed with organic electric piano and dubs. The EP rounds out with "Lullaby" - a melancholy jam that melds Kraftwerk with Candido, jamming numbers beats under delicate chords and a sublime trumpet solo courtesy of jazz virtuoso and house producer James Duncan.
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out of stock $8.17
Cat: ENV 026. Rel: 01 Jun 06
  1. Most Of All (feat Jeremy Greenspan)
  2. Most Of All (instrumental)
  3. Skyblure Pink
Review: Morgan Geist with his first new cuts in a while on this latest 12 from his own Environ imprint. "Most Of All" sees Morgan aiming for the deeper end of the Italo disco scale, with Jeremy Greenspan's smooth vocal backed by great Italo keys, a bouncing analog bassline, and tight beats. Along with an instrumental take of "Most Of All" on the flip comes "Skyblue Pink", a slightly angular, atmospheric late night cut for the leftfield headz to get to grips with, combining sparse metallic beats and textured Italo keys.
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out of stock $11.07
Super (12")
Cat: ENV 012R. Rel: 08 Jun 16
  1. 24K (7:05)
  2. Sleaze (6:15)
  3. Lullaby (6:21)
Review: Originally issued back in 2001, Morgan Geist's classy solo 12" Super gets a timely reissue on his Environ label. Geist scholars will know Super dropped a few months before he and Darshan Jesrani put out the fourth Metro Area 12" featuring the seminal "Miura" and they'll also tell you the three tracks on this solo single from the New Jersey native sound just as fresh some 15 years on! Super is also notable for guest appearances from the Kelley Polar Quartet, who contributed live strings to "24k" and went on to release several records through Environ, whilst "Lullaby" features trumpet from New York's James Duncan, recently seen lighting up West Norwood Cassette Library. If you don't have this in your collection already it's time to remedy that!
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out of stock $9.22
Cat: SKINT 327LP. Rel: 14 Feb 17
  1. Thessali Noir (7:47)
  2. Thessali Noir (Justin Robertson Deadstock 33s remix) (6:07)
  3. Say It (8:04)
  4. Experienced (7:28)
Review: On previous outings for ISM, Night Noise and Boogie Boutique, the Gemini Brothers have shown an acute grasp of both contemporary nu-disco, and vintage electrofunk sounds. This 12" for Skint is something of a curveball, and sees them serve up a range of exotic, intoxicating concoctions. Lead track "Thessali Noir" layers haunting, Arabic style vocal samples and Persian instrumentation atop a druggy, post-disco groove (a fine, bleep-heavy, acid-flecked Justin Robertson Deadstock 33 remix is also included). On the B, you'll find the Acid Arab-inspired spookiness of "Experienced", and the trippy, dark Italo-disco workout "Say It".
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Intérprete: Jason Peters
out of stock $7.11
Cat: WAH7 049. Rel: 07 Nov 13
  1. The Hilo Bay Halfway (original)
  2. The Hilo Bay Halfway (Gene Dudley Disco dub mix)
Review: Emerging on Wah Wah 45s this year, the 27 year-old North London-based multi-instrumentalist known as Gene Dudley has been one of modern funk's most memorable recent discoveries with high praise coming from the likes of Kenny Dope and Daz-I-Kue for his debut Saturday Shifting. Wah Wah bossmen Servini, Goss and Scrimshire do the wise thing here and present an addendum 45 featuring album highlight "The Hilo Bay Halfway" whose uptempo tropical nature makes it a perfect fit for the more discerning 45 selectors out there. Dudley further demonstrates how talented he is with a self styled 'disco dub' on the flip that adds some squelchy bass and generous handclaps to proceedings.

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out of stock $5.80
Body To Body (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BSTX 012 . Rel: 30 Jan 17
  1. Body To Body (7:42)
  2. African Love Song (6:43)
Review: Italian singer and songwriter Giampiero Scalamonga had a successful run as a disco hitmaker through the 70s, and his crowning glory was surely the Body To Body LP released in 1979. Now Best Records have turned back the clock to disco's golden hour to reissue the Gepy & Gepy classic on pristine wax. While the A-side title track is a timeless gem on its own, it's the impassioned club burner "African Love Song" that will have the diggers rejoicing. From its days as a staple in Studio 54 it's been a sought after gem, and now it's back in circulation for those that know.
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