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Back Catalogue: Disco/Reediciones

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Cat: WAH7 049. Rel: 07 Nov 13
  1. The Hilo Bay Halfway (original)
  2. The Hilo Bay Halfway (Gene Dudley Disco dub mix)
Review: Emerging on Wah Wah 45s this year, the 27 year-old North London-based multi-instrumentalist known as Gene Dudley has been one of modern funk's most memorable recent discoveries with high praise coming from the likes of Kenny Dope and Daz-I-Kue for his debut Saturday Shifting. Wah Wah bossmen Servini, Goss and Scrimshire do the wise thing here and present an addendum 45 featuring album highlight "The Hilo Bay Halfway" whose uptempo tropical nature makes it a perfect fit for the more discerning 45 selectors out there. Dudley further demonstrates how talented he is with a self styled 'disco dub' on the flip that adds some squelchy bass and generous handclaps to proceedings.

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Cat: SMC 0001. Rel: 11 Nov 11
  1. Done Nothin' (Wonderdiscoboogie remix)
  2. Dance With (Bohafrolatin remix)
Review: **REPRESS** The debut release on new French label Soulitude Music comes from Toulouse-based DJ/Promoter GonesTheDJ. A side ''Done Nothin' is a funky rework of Stevie Wonder's ''You Haven't Done Nothin", taken from 1974's Fulfillingness' First Finale album. A dance-friendly fat disco groove is added to update the original. On the flipside an obscure afro beat dancer gets the Gonesthedj treatment. Essential.
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Lies (limited 7")
Cat: ATH 011. Rel: 21 May 15
  1. Lies (4:27)
  2. Is It Cool? (4:07)
Review: We've become accustomed to Athens of the North delivering 7" singles packed full of obscure gems. Interestingly, the two tracks here - as great as they are - are relatively easy to come by, both being featured on GQ's overlooked by readily available 1980 album GQ Two. Even so, they're more than worthy of the reissue treatment, with A-side "Lies" - previously re-edited by Theo Parrish for his Ugly Edits series - offering a particularly sweet dose of warm and fuzzy disco/soul fusion. Flispide "Is It Cool" is almost as essential, with soaring horns and a killer bassline combining perfectly with the band's urgent, attractive vocals.
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Cat: ICR 002. Rel: 24 May 18
  1. Come Together (ICR remix) (4:39)
  2. Come Together (4:38)
Review: The Icy City imprint comes roaring through with their second EP to date, an absolutely killer amalgamation of boogie sounds from the warmth and depth of analogue instruments. Reggie Grantham and The New Generation take it back to 1985, bubbling up the airwaves with nothing but raw percussion and steaming basslines, reminding us of the best electro output from the golden era. "Come Together" should surely be seen as a future classic and, of course, as the sort of killer that you keep in the DJ bag at all times! Sensational stuff.
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Cat: ATH 076. Rel: 21 Feb 19
  1. We Are Here To Party (4:33)
  2. Loving You (4:25)
Review: Athens Of The North return to the disco motherland by way of this scorching groove doublet from Canadian troupe Gratitude. "We Are Here To Party" lives up to its name with vibrant horns and a thumping deep funk focus. Flip for "Loving You", as the name suggests there's a smoother tone and message at play as the band ease us into something a little comfier. Less of a B, more of an AA. Show some gratitude for the tireless AOTN crew!
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The Funk Is On (limited 7")
Cat: FMG 2. Rel: 29 Sep 14
  1. Instant Funk - "The Funk Is On"
  2. Gaz - "Sing Sing" (Undercover Brother 7' edit)
Review: Two insane slices of disco funk from the late 70s/early 80s, Salsoul and Fraternity have collaborated to release this very special 45. Not only is this the first time either track has appeared on 7", but they're also massively influential in sample culture. Instant Funk's "Funk Is On" comes complete with a lavish swinging breakbeat that most will recognise in the work of Stetsasonic but it's Gaz's "Sing Sing" that wins the most-sampled trophy, having appeared everywhere from Wu-Tang's "It's Yourz" to Wamdue Project's "King Of My Castle" to Kylie Minogue's "Speakerphone"! Two legendary slices of history, one special "7... The funk is well and truly on!
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  1. Eddie Johns - "More Spell On You"
  2. George Duke - "I Love You More"
Review: New 45s label from France drops this tasty little funky disco/boogie 7 inch. ''More Spell On You'' was sampled and used in Daft Punk's legendary "One More Time" whilst George Duke's "I Love You More" intro was also used by the Tron scoring Robot duo on "Digital Love".
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Cat: RNT 45004. Rel: 03 May 17
  1. Icarus (4:24)
  2. Icarus (feat 80s Babies - Tall Black Guy remix) (4:57)
  3. Icarus (Moods remix) (5:22)
  4. Icarus (JKriv remix) (4:38)
Review: For Record Store Day 2017 Razor-N-Tape presents "Icarus", a slice of chilled out analogue soul by Lovebirds aka Sebastian Doering with remixes. The original is a deep soul jam reminiscent of Roy Ayers' Ramp project, while the Tall Black Guy's remix gets more of an R&B swagger on in style. We particularly enjoyed JKriv's lush little boogie down rendition, which really hit that sweet spot in all its neon lit glory. Each mix gets its own side in this double 7" pack, with stunning full color artwork, making it a truly special package perfect for both
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Afro Funk & Disco Gems Volume Nine (7" in juno exclusive hand-stamped kraft paper inner sleeve + branded card outer sleeve + sticker)
Cat: MUKAT 061. Rel: 04 Mar 19
  1. Eko - "M'Ongele M'Am"
  2. Georges Ouedraogo - "Deni"
Review: Mukatsuku's ongoing "Afro Series" continues with a fine limited edition 45 containing two funk-fuelled floor-fillers. In fact, you'll struggle to find a more celebratory and life-affirming workout than Eko's "M'Ongele M'Am" licensed from Nubiphone & Africa Seven, a Makossa-fired Afro-disco gem rich in punchy horns, driving Afro-boogie bass, lilting synthesizer lines, Mariachi style trumpet solos and the kind of chant-along vocals that should put a smile on the face of even the most miserable of dancers. Over on side B, Georges Ouedraogo's "Deni" is an essential Clavinet-happy killer chunk of Afro-funk/Afro-Disco fusion from Burkina Faso. As played by Floating Points,The Allergies,Faze Action,Antal ,Lego Edits & Red Greg so far...
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Rk#10 (7")
Cat: RK# 10. Rel: 03 May 16
  1. Glowing Palms & Ruf Dug - "Rachels Team"
  2. Benny Badge & Ruf Dug - "Passion Play"
Review: Ruf Kutz is back with a special 7inch of fresh collabs between Ruf Dug and his best buddies.
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Back Catalogue: Disco/Reediciones
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